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    1. Rhinoceros Healing

      by , 12-25-2013 at 04:11 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2013. Wednesday.

      My dream (or dreams, as it seems to repeat at least once, possibly twice) has at least two sections that are nearly identical or possibly “resets”. I go into a large room from the north entrance, apparently in the early afternoon, that is somewhat like the buildings at the showgrounds near here. A large rhinoceros is lying on his right side and seems slightly injured. He is on a seemingly concrete circular platform about four inches up from the floor and about six or seven feet in diameter. I pet him and move my hand over his wounds and he seems to get healthier and healthier until he is able to stand up and move about on his legs a bit. I almost sense a sort of human-like gratitude from the animal. My dream repeats at least once from here, but with a longer gap of no dreams between, it seems. There are a few other people in the background (mostly female, likely veterinarians and park attendants) that seem to be happy about my presence and my apparent special abilities to help the rhinoceros. I have a good feeling and my dream is unusually clear in imagery and orientation considering I have not seen many rhinoceroses in real life, especially up close.

      (There is ambiguity in one version of my dream; it is possible it is a pregnant female, though this is not at all certain.)

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    2. Chat Room Tulpa? Oh, C’mon Now. FAIL…

      by , 12-23-2013 at 06:23 PM
      Morning of December 23, 2013. Monday.

      I have decided to place this dream into the “I have no brain” category, along with a much older one I have already written on where I used a digital sampling keyboard to play a special affirmation - and when it worked and I went into an extremely vivid, lucid dream, I spent the entire dream trying to find the source of the real-life sound to turn it off so that I could continue with my dream… It takes a very “special” level of futility regarding such experiences. However, I do now use certain types of audio with self-spoken special affirmations (when I choose to - I still prefer trying to hold mental states without any aid or “tools” of any kind to get ever stronger in that department - tens of thousands of times more powerful than what appears to be mostly a nonsensical placebo effect with so-called i-dosing and binaural beats, which is basically fraud for the amazingly gullible) that produce extremely precise visual and physical patterns within hypnagogic states (what people fail to understand is that it is about specific word phrasing - not a particular sound, frequency, or “beat”, which is rather absurd as the brain does not work that way - if it did, most of humanity would be controlled by random birdsong and other sounds) - something which mostly no other person (relative to commercial products), that I know of, knows anything about (other than my wife and a few select friends from my past) - which can only be a good thing.

      One of my last dreams (“Agates and holograms”) had an additional layer of composite precognition (in addition to my wife actually having looked at new holograms at the mall without my knowledge), as most do at one level or another - and is so common, it often goes unnoticed or “unremarkable” and thus not written about even in summary (although I am trying to break that lifelong habit) - as precognition and highly detailed prophetic consciousness has been a continuous day to day driving force in my life since just prior to birth. In this case, the additional precognitive element of that dream involved my brother actually posting a series of photographs on Facebook, on my own timeline (as in my dream), for the first time ever, even though we have both been on Facebook for years. One of the images was me at around age five playing with a husky (supposed wolf-hybrid, apparently) - and another, a bit older, sitting at a table with a large open stamp album. When the real-life event unfolded much as in my dream, the link did not even come to mind until later - which should be a hint as to how common and “normal” precognition is for me. It is much like breathing or food digestion in my opinion.

      Anyway, on to this dream. I appear to be at a computer in some sort of chat room (which I have hardly ever been on in real life in my lifetime), but the overall look is similar to a group-type page as on Facebook and the messages from the sender (account-holder) appear as stylized windows with various fancy writing in as opposed to just straight lines of text - although the one responding (in this case, me) sees their own messages appear as mostly just lines of text. I appear to be engaged in conversation with a younger female tulpa (I do not actually see her at any point even on the screen) regarding potential healing sessions, musical ideas, gags about “normal” humans, mental development, and so on.

      In a short time, I notice that a large thinner section of skin has separated from the back of my hand; fully, evenly, and perfectly. The back of my hand has a large and perfectly circular wound that looks much like watermelon (without the seeds). However, it does not hurt much. The tulpa tells me that if I hold the skin that came off over the wound that my hand will go back to normal in a short time. This does not seem to work, though. I have a thin white square piece of cloth by which the circular section of skin sticks to the cloth and will not stay attached to where it was separated from. I am not quite sure how she knows about my problem and do not remember actually typing such a message, and what comes next is rather futile. (In real life, only after waking, not prior to sleep, I did notice how a very small circular wound on the left side on my right pinkie was causing that small area to be a bit sore).

      A seemingly second message (after the coherent one regarding what to do about the wound - which may have come about as a result of weeding) appears onscreen that is mostly made up of “baby words” - that is - the kinds of nonsensical phrases that an adult says to a baby to “entertain” them or get their attention. I make out some of the pattern, which appears in a highly stylized window with a floral theme, as something like “coo coo fizzle fitz coo coo gooey fitz oh my goo goo foo foo fitz fizzle” or very similar. I am not quite sure what to make of this. I try to type a response, but all that comes out is random letters, apparently because my hand is wounded.

      I send about half the messages I type, but give up on half because there are too many random letters interspersed with the intended words. Most sentences, I attempt to type correctly several times over. After about ten minutes of not being able to focus enough to get any words correct, I receive the message, “Are you still there? I am waiting. "I simply cannot type because of my "injured” hand, it seems.

      So, using the ever futile “dream logic”, I try to type “I cannot type because the sore on my hand prevents me from typing”. That makes no sense, does it? I end up giving up because I cannot even get the first few words to come out correctly.

      I then spend the next ten minutes or so trying to type “I cannot type”…(oh brother)…assuming the “conversation” will still continue in a coherent or productive, possibly enriching manner. There are a few other messages onscreen that relate to wondering if I am still there or needing anything. The tulpa seems extraordinarily patient (long after most people would have went on to do something else), but then, they have to be, to serve the dreamer unconditionally.

      Finally, I decide that attempting to type and send “my hand” (hoping that somehow that message will be fully understood) might be doable. I type something close to “mjyjo hkajndjp” and send it, growing weary of the events after a seeming half-hour, at least.

      As a result, the tulpa finally starts solely typing equally indiscernible gibberish and sends a small banner-like horizontally-scrolling, somewhat sketchy cartoon of the old-style Kewpie dolls having some sort of co-operative can-can dance across the screen amidst randomly falling flower and snowflake patterns.

      The failure, overall, seems more related to my distorted in-dream hand-eye coordination rather than having a hurt hand. However, it is also as if certain keys change their letter values at times as soon as I type them.

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    3. The Freakies Brigade (Lucid)

      by , 12-09-2013 at 06:09 PM
      Morning of December 9, 2013. Monday.

      In my dream, it seems to be the last day of middle school, possibly not the last day of the grade but prior to a supposed spring break, involving only sixth to eighth grade classes though I seem to be the oldest and with the highest level of authority in some sort of “commander” role. The part of the “school” we are in (which I perceive as probably being only about a quarter of the size of my real school in conscious afterthought) seems more like a slightly familiar grocery store in some areas, as the larger room is set out with mostly empty aisles similar to a grocery store (and running east to west with us in the west area of the building) but also with sections within the shelf areas that have tables or chairs or openings depending on the section. The northernmost shelf, behind the end section, has a table with my computer set up and with a (fictional) 3-D printer closer to the end section.

      Instead of trying to manipulate my dream in my full lucidity, I feel confident enough to remain mentally passive and see what happens (as I already had full control of my martial arts dream that came before this one). The group of students within my dream, mostly male, seems to be of a pretend paramilitary group involved in war games. However, there are no replica weapons, maps, or other aspects at my dream’s beginning point. Our teachers have apparently already left for the day earlier this morning. I continue to have the most authority though am still just another student it seems.

      A seemingly familiar classmate in shabby greenish-gray loose-fitting clothing and of a dull-witted visage hands me a (I assume) replica Beretta M1934 (very dark matte blue), apparently from the tall narrow locker in a room through a doorway to the northwest corner. The trigger on the Beretta M1934 seems to be facing the wrong way (the crescent shape pointing towards the user), but I am uncertain of the implications - it would probably still work the same way, as everything else seems correct. (This event may have been influenced by thoughts on the new humidifier we bought in real life, in it having two buttons switched around relative to their functions though it still works). In being annoyed that a dream character had the audacity to try to get the “war games” started on terms other than mine, I mentally transform the pistol into a construct of nougat of the exact same shape and immediately proceed to eat the sweet, wonderful-tasting bluish-colored nougat - at least about twenty-five percent of it. I place it on my table and say “irrelevant” and tell him to go home, which he does a bit reluctantly.

      Soon, I start to pull out maps from near the table and place them on the ends of the aisles. The one farthest to the south (all focus here is on the western ends of the aisles and there are at least four) is quite large, with at least six creases and is vertically narrower. It looks the most complex and colorful yet also seems to relate to some sort of Celtic legend or fantasy, possibly relevant to a recently released computer RPG, the implications of which start to bore me. Many of the students (including at least two unknown females) seem more interested in this than the other maps and supposed plans. It seems, though, the majority would still prefer a World War II scenario in the war games, although there are different opinions expressed from time to time, including from a couple students continuously contradicting themselves relative to their interests.

      I try to get things going a little better, as there are only a few hours left on this last day before spring break, yet no one is really in costume yet either, so engaging in war games with only the person (with no uniform) and nothing else seems a bit pointless. I ask one person what they would like and they tell me “a blue machine gun”. I go over to my computer and start to type “blue machine gun” so that my 3-D printer will create one. This seems to be going fine as I type b, l, u - but then the keyboard blows up in my face in flame and smoke. There seems to be a clever but unexpected play on “blew” and “blue”, and I am really annoyed by this pun altering my intent. However, I keep going without wanting any of the other dream characters to notice my frustration. There is not much left of my computer keyboard and most of its keys are now missing (but mostly only as if removed for cleaning as there does not appear to be much fire damage), leaving mostly only a hollow space in its center area. The keys that are still on my keyboard and possibly usable are the ones with the least frequency, such as Z, Q, X, J, K, and a few others. I stoically pretend to type “blue machine gun” on the missing keys and mentally force the 3-D printer to come on and create the blue machine gun anyway. I test it and it is one of those toy machine guns that makes a sort of repetitive clacking sound. As I hand the toy weapon to the student, the barrel support turns black. “No, all blue, you imbecile,” I say to the toy weapon, and it changes back, but only for a few seconds, then returns to being all blue except for the barrel support area. Still, the fellow student seems very happy with it and runs off.

      I go back to make more items that may be put to use but there is a small isolated adapter on the table related to the monitor and which seems to be open and exposing capacitors and wiring. It soon starts to sizzle, catch on fire, and make a lot of black smoke. I unplug everything. A few people notice my mishaps. Still - I mentally will everything to work without being plugged in while not even pretending to use the computer keyboard at that point. No one comments on (or even seems to care or notice much) me using my equipment without electricity.

      I then consider if vehicles will be needed for our war games. I ask another student what sort of vehicle he wants and after seeming to think awhile on it, he says “a road”. I am annoyed and tell him that a road is not a vehicle and am not sure if anything will ever get started before this day ends.

      Soon, many of the other students start singing the old Freakies Cereal song (from 1974), which for some reason, has been stuck in my head lately (relative to research for another dream). Apparently, I am now “Boss Moss”. “Make sure you spell it right!” I yell as the real-life song response phrase as they are all singing and leaving via the eastern doorway and then wandering about on the streets in random pursuit of each other. “Wait!” I yell, “that’s not very bright to say spell it right” (doing a dancing rhyme) “it should be ‘make sure you spell it CORRECTLY!’" No one cares, and most are still using “invisible” (imaginary) weapons - and falling over pretending to die and quickly getting up again and zigzagging north up the streets and sidewalks as my dream begins to break up and lose focus with the song still ringing in my head yet with a sense of the beginning of summer (which contradicts the implied season in the first part of my dream).

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    4. Slower Motion Within Slow Motion

      by , 12-09-2013 at 10:06 AM
      Morning of December 9, 2013. Monday.

      My dream, mostly with lucid focus, begins as a sort of practice in martial arts in a building that has a long hallway (south to north). It seems to be on the second floor and seems vaguely modeled after the King Street boarding house though with partial layouts reminiscent of my high school in Florida. Over time, I deliberately do all of my movements in slow motion, which seems kind of hilarious. I run down the hallway (in a sort of leaping run) and it feels very “real” in the sense of the slow motion aspects.

      Another person comes up to me, but I just punch him in the jaw. It seems that he also has the ability to move in slow motion on his own and it is also hilarious as he starts to fall backwards in slow motion but is able to stabilize himself and stay standing somehow - which is good, as he was smaller and weaker and I did not want to actually hurt him. (I actually wait for seemingly a long time to see if he recovers as such as he is falling - or seems to be falling - in slow motion.) Another person decides to make an annoying comment (I can tell this by some sort of telepathic awareness), but (just as he approaches and before he opens his mouth to speak) I deliberately place them into a much slower slow motion than the present ongoing slow motion speed. I figure that by the time others and I leave the martial arts school, he will only just then start to form his mouth into the first word of what he was originally going to say and no one will be there to hear him. That also seems hilarious.

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    5. Red rays and trident, DOOM misadventure, hybrid creatures

      by , 12-08-2013 at 06:08 PM
      Morning of December 8, 2013. Sunday.

      I had intricate weird dreams today. I expected as much due to the fact we have a new type of air conditioner to help us sleep much better, as the warmer climate has finally gotten to be too much to deal with. I never understood how people could enjoy overly warm weather; as even with larger floor fans it is sometimes too hard to either focus or sleep. (Personally, I do not mind the colder regions, but that is not feasible - and even so my mouth had a tendency to stick to cans of soda when walking, which made consumption of a beverage a bit problematic. Napping in a bathtub full of ice cubes every other hour is not really productive either.)

      In one dream, I seem to be in some sort of large, posh public theater with a very high ceiling. I am not quite sure what the performance or movie is on the stage - which seems to be at about forty-five degrees to my left. Apparently, then, the seats are not directly facing the implied stage or screen for whatever reason in architectural design (recurring). To my right is some sort of highly annoying and unwashed hippie character (almost Charles-Manson-like) making rude comments about everything and anything in the area, the performance/movie (or whatever is being shown), my clothes, his clothes, the seats, where the door is (which is fairly close and to my right - the hippie is the last character in the row to my right), how my “race” (my heritage is mixed anyway) has been treated by the dominant culture, and so on. Perhaps he is some sort of famous (or infamous) “architectural activist”(?)

      To my left, there is another male, and the next person over to my left from there, his (unknown) female companion. He makes a remark (in a sort of friendly but albeit patronizing way) about me having crumbs in my hair (apparently near my left ear), which is somewhat annoying, as there does not seem to be any there when I check - or perhaps he has brushed them off. It turns out to be David Bowie - but at a fairly young age (around thirty or so). Interesting, as I have not listened to his music in a long time (and am not really a big fan - but I do like some of his songs). He is shouting out now and then, slightly lifting up in his seat (but not standing) about the performance (in a positive sense) and also perhaps to someone he knows in rows closer to the stage or screen. His shout-outs seem a little like the vocal essence of Iggy Pop. I am amazed at how vivid this part is, as I can feel the warmth from his body, the energy of his movements and the clarity and unusual “shaky” rhythm of his vocalizations. I am intrigued. He actually seems to like me, but his female companion does not and makes rude remarks about my hair and acts like she would rather be anywhere than in the theater.

      After time passes, a very large red trident, glowing with a bright flame-like but internal lighting, appears directly in front of the spectators (perhaps on an otherwise unseen additional main stage that is oriented more logically than the forty-five degree one) and the round recessed ceiling lights are then much dimmer. The oversized trident (being at least ten feet high) has a bit of smaller external sparks and flames then seems to be somewhat more like a Hanukkah menorah (nine-branched candelabrum), but then made up of three tridents chained together, the outer two crossed over each other. It then seems more like some sort of construct that opens through the middle like a gate of some kind, for a live dancing performance (of the old-style kaleidoscopic-when-viewed-from above type) with red rays making “x” shapes. It gets darker and darker, and I feel movement (as if the seat is on a railroad-track-like structure) - and it seems I am instigating a lucid dream state from there. (In real life, we do have a large toy red trident, which stands upright in the living room presently - I guess a throwback to my early Harvey “Hot Stuff” days as a boy.)

      I end up, oddly enough, in an ancient-looking stone-walled halls environment, somewhat maze-like, which reminds me of an enhanced and far more texturally realistic map of the original DOS “Doom” game, one of the only computer games I have ever played much, from years ago (and by which I designed a full “world” of very complex structure for its time and hopefully still have a copy of somewhere). I find the atmosphere and vividness (and growing lucidity) very pleasing. I walk around for awhile. A German Shepherd dog, with the black fur a bit more dominant mostly around the head and shoulders, appears from out of an alcove to my right (only out to his middle section from my perspective) without incident. He seems very passive and potentially friendly, but I walk on past the area. Finally, it starts to dawn on me, after walking around for a fair amount of time admiring the various types of stone textures, hanging overgrown vines sticking out from some sections, and so on, that if I am in the “game of Doom” that there should be monsters, demons, whatever around. I try to focus and let myself “enter” the concept. No good. Most “monsters” and “aliens” were banished from my dreams years ago. I try to lucidly manifest a zombie, ogre, minotaur, giant spongy eyeball, whatever. Nothing. I do a jig and wave my fists around doing a silly song something like “C'mon monsters, come and get me, come on zombies, ogres, demons, aliens come and get me!” Nothing. I guess because of twenty years of non-practice of such juvenile concepts and more viable tulpas I do not have that ability - which is no great loss, really - I just wanted to see what it was like to be “inside” a computer game to its fullest extent. After a time, I actually use the pulsing method within my dream (which is technically not wholly feasible in the dream state as you then have to use your assumed dream-body neck muscles and such and diaphragm muscles). I feel a strong almost electrical energy and subtle vibration, almost like a cross between “buck fever” and a winter chill. What is missing, however, is the quivering above the navel representing enforced will (manifestation/expectation together as one).

      Finally, I see something in the T-section of the hallway ahead of me, on the right side of the adjoining hallway, some sort of movement. It appears to be a minotaur, but I am only aware of parts of the arm and legs at times. I force, as consciously and lucidly as I can within this point of my dream, an inverted pulsing much like sleep paralysis when in a semi-awake state. I say patiently…“Aliens, zombies, monsters, come and start the game…” Nothing. Perhaps there is some sort of button somewhere that begins the game but I do not see any.

      Finally, my patience runs out. I decide that if I run, perhaps I will then be chased by the “Doom brigade”. It seems logical enough. I remember instigating countless chases when younger. I turn and run down the hallway at a fair speed. However, as I run, I get a different idea. I decide to see what will happen if I run straight into the solid stone wall at the end of the opposite T-section. I “smash” right into the stone wall and wake up, my body moving slightly to the side as I wake. Oh well.

      Another dream involves watching strange scorpion-like arachnids on the ground in an area with no grass in our backyard. There are also crustacean-like crab creatures (which are also a bit spider-like) that seem connected to other odd variations. Over time, I notice a few scorpions that have two horn-like protrusions in the back, much like an earwig rather than scorpion-like at the “tail”. All in all, most of the creatures seem to be a scorpion in front and an earwig in back (even though arachnids and insects are not compatible at all - which I seem vaguely aware of). Later, however, my wife and children are in the backyard and the creatures seem a bit less threatening (only by assumed association - I am not concerned about them at all regarding my own safety). Now, they are actually “earwig-cane-toads”. Small cane toads for the most part, with earwig features. What next? Still, they may be a pest, but my dream is mostly uneventful.

      In another dream, I am with my sister Marilyn but in my Cubitis home, which appears correct rather than as a facet of a composite as is often the case. She is only about thirty at the most (but much older than me in real life) and is sitting at the living room table to the west of the room. A daughter of Evelyn W (Evelyn W being a relative and more of a friend to my mother - and where I got the “Little Red Feather” figure from as a young child) - NW, also only about thirty, is on the south end of the same table. From there, nothing makes much sense. Supposedly, she has “driven from Chicago (Illinois)” or from (Dearborn) Michigan(?) - this seems like part of some sort of practiced self-correction (which my dreams sometimes seem to do, as if they are “building and rebuilding themselves” before becoming more coherent at a later stage) - when in real life she lived in Wisconsin for the most part. At the same time, I am aware that this, my “Florida home” is somehow presently in Australia and it seems unusual that she has “driven here” as how could anyone drive from America to Australia? Over time, she seems rather obnoxious (I heard only recently that she was disowned by family when she was alive because of taking her mother’s house and not letting anyone else have or see anything in it anymore). She has a daughter about two years of age in my dream who is sitting on the floor, and the only other character in my dream at this point is my youngest son. Nothing really adds up here. It seems like some sort of very sparse composite from a “higher dimension” with mismatched connections and self-correction at the “lower” levels.

      UPDATE: I have changed this entry’s status to precognitive (though it is more correctly described as dream journal synchronicity mostly) due to the fact that a post right after mine ironically had a main aspect I did not directly mention here, that is, “red lasers” and the idea of a show: http://www.dreamjournal.net/journal/...ream_id=189818

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    6. - On being an idiot in lucid dreams -

      by , 12-04-2013 at 06:30 PM
      Afternoon of December 4, 2013. Wednesday.

      Although I have already done fairly short summaries regarding some of the dream content found here, I am putting it together under a new concept - “how to be an idiot in lucid dreams”, which seems to fit well with some of the material.

      Perhaps the most ridiculous example of sheer futility was when I set up a Casio digital sampling keyboard - with the electrical cord holding the key down (by being pulled under the adjoining keys) and listening through my sleeping period in 1989 to an affirmation regarding “I am aware now, within my dream”. The samples could not be very long, and the same one (sole sample) was assigned across the keyboard of various “artificial pitches” with no formant option (the pitch solely being altered by the length of the sample/sound-wave, a much simpler but entirely useless way to get different pitches - people with authentic perception can easily tell that they are slowed down or sped-up sounds, primarily because the formant is as well - unlike the advanced grain stretching and frequency band with formant manipulation which I find very easy to do these days - I am still agonizing when I hear older recordings that used this older method as well as the ever-irritating and horribly “anyone-can-do-it mentality” stutter and “play any song with any sound” nonsense).

      As stated before in an older summary, this did indeed “open” a lucid dream. Throughout my life, it has been a “habit” to have at least one lucid dream every day ever since I can remember (even as a baby) - which is usually the first one upon entering sleep via a hypnagogic portal. However, I have experimented with everything and anything. In this case, I had a dream where…as said before…I spent the entire lucid dream trying to find the source of the sound to stop it! How idiotic is that? Indeed, that is like listening to a hypnotist and then telling him to shut up half-way through because you are trying to be hypnotized.

      In this particular dream I was trying to open doors in a long hallway, trying to determine where the sound was coming from, some of the doors being locked. I did not even make the obvious connection that the sound source was outside of my dream environment and in the real world at the time. When I woke, I felt ridiculous in being “tricked” that way.

      In the “Knife Nose” dream from early 1970 (which I did not give full references to before, even in title), I was entering my lucid dream awareness. I was in the backyard in Cubitis and it seemed to be late morning. I was facing the south and sitting in an unfinished area of the larger rabbit shed near the concrete block columns. From the carport, a dog was approaching as soon as I started to get an idea on how to dream what I wanted. I got very annoyed, as dogs appearing in my dreams was always bad news in that they would soon attack or try to chase me (which is rather odd, as I do not recall any traumatic events with dogs prior to that stage of my life). I shouted out “You dogs are always ruining my dreams!” From there, the “back spasm” unfolded as the dog immediately growled and ran to me and pressed his nose into the small of my back, causing great pain and an “electrical sensation”. I have had this all my life (actually fairly common now, but not associated with dreaming - it usually occurs before hypnagogic visions kick in more fully). It seems to be some sort of strange threshold between conscious thought and expectation that triggers some sort of muscle spasm in the lower back (but now sometimes also occurs in other areas near the ribs). It is also some sort of strange combination of extreme pleasure and extreme pain. I used to think it was associated with so-called Kundilini energy.

      A very similar dream resulted from yelling at a buzzard being in my lucid dream (and being tired of non-lucid dreams where buzzards sometimes posed a threat). A similar response resulted, the buzzard flew down into the carport (as I ran into it) and just as I was sitting down (as in, not making it to the front door of the actual house in time I decided to try to sit down to protect my back), it landed on my back and stabbed me with its beak, causing the exact same “back spasm” event. This seems to be some sort of both causal and premonition-like event in medical science related to “seizure premonitions” related to epilepsy, although I do not have any diagnosed medical condition of this nature. It is very perplexing, though. Which comes first? If I had not responded that way to the “characters” in my dream, would the “back spasm” still have occurred? Again, I am left with a bit of doubt over the threshold or line between premonition and manifestation. What instigates what?

      A fairly common event throughout my life (perhaps because I do a lot more walking than many people) regarding the entering of hypnagogic portals each night is that, regarding certain environments that form, I am sometimes rudely kicked out of it. A fairly common event is entering the portal and walking along the streets of a city and developing full lucidity. Sometimes I have a companion, sometimes I am on my own. As I walk I become more and more integrated into my dream. However, there is sometimes the sudden tripping and falling into “nothing” and waking suddenly. There seem to be variations on this. I am already fully in the lucid dream, yet this happens. (Supposedly it only happens to some people AS they are falling asleep, not after - some say the cause is exhaustion, but this is not the case with my experiences, one name for it seems to be “hypnic jerk” although there is something called myoclonus in more extreme cases(?) - it is hard to say with all the weirdness in completely different beliefs about such things, even medically - public credibility failure as usual.)

      Finally, getting to the real idiocy. What could be more idiotic and futile (and yes, this has happened to me a few times) then manifesting a lucid dream, and then trying to shut it down over concern of what various characters might think? In a few cases, I have gone around the dream environment, deliberately, yes…deliberately - trying to remove portals and “seeds” (including tulpa templates at the lucid dream level). I mean really, does a movie producer experiencing his greatest potential then decide to say - whoops, I had better change it to conform to what other characters would expect…idiocy at its finest, I would say. I am still not sure why this happens - perhaps some sort of transient state or “phasing” with the minds of other people. I have had a few dreams like this over the years. Sometimes, in my dream, I try to find any book with a reference or particular phrasing to open a portal (sometimes even a supposed talisman) and deliberately destroy it or put it somewhere else (as it is often located with someone else’s belongings somehow). In a recent example, I went through the dream environment to make sure that there were no portals or potential for such, or any evidence on dream manipulation or tulpa manifestation…I did it a few times in the same environment. This is utter idiocy at its most ridiculous extreme. It is like building a great house and then closing off half the rooms because you do not want people to know your house is bigger. Whatever. I am sure will find a “cure” one day. It is like when I “pulsed” the word “girls” many years back - and other phrases for nearly an entire day, and what did I get in-dream? A night-long adventure featuring…squirrels.

      Although it certainly is not always the case, I have also held that “I had better be wary of what my real (sleeping) body is doing in real life right now”. Where is the logic of this? I am fully aware I am dreaming and the dream is as vivid as real life - and by all logic, my real physical body would be motionless in bed. Yet I have this concern in the back of my mind that my real physical body could be wandering around in the middle of the street in reality (undressed, yet), perhaps being endangered or some such or perhaps the pillow covering my mouth or perhaps there are visitors in real life and they will see me undressed or whatever. It almost seems logical in a way. There are technically “two different mes” and it seems to be by instinct that concern should be sharply focused for “both”. I have also already stated how “the shadow” seems to be the conscious self in a lucid dream (and perhaps many other types of dreams). I have tested this, and it seems to be true. I have actually caused my physical body to move by getting my shadow to do something while I - as the dreamer - remained still (a different sort of “shadow play”). This is not the rule for lucid dreams in general; in lucid dreams that otherwise had a lot of physical activity AS the dreamer, I was told that I did not move at all during my sleep - during the time period involved (which was sometimes in the daytime or during naps).

      The “great adventure” continues…

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    7. Cute Little Animals

      by , 12-02-2013 at 06:02 PM
      Morning of December 2, 2013. Monday.

      In my dream, there are two scenarios, the first one involving the refurbishing of an old wooden house in a rural area. It is high up on stumps (high enough to freely walk around under) and I look closely at the underside of the floor, noting the way the floorboards appear. This unknown house, as with our house in real life, has very thin floorboards with gaps between them. I start to wonder about how it is possible to actually walk in the house, let alone have any sort of furniture anywhere in it. I notice areas where there are smaller clusters of thicker, harder pieces of wood stuck or nailed into the bottom, somewhat equidistant in a grid pattern across the underside of the house, apparently for a bit of extra support, with additional areas of some sort of resin sloping away from the sections. The main idea here is that there are two men who disagree about what to do with the house and I am supposedly there to help, but I am not sure what to do about their predicament. It seems they have equal say in its fate. One wants to fix it up a lot better by redoing parts of it, the other does not want to bother and just wants to add a bit of patchwork, which would possibly result in a house that no one will be able to live in. Meanwhile, an unknown rural sheriff or game warden sits on a porch telling me about all the misadventures of the two men. He seems very cheerful, loud, and excited in his speech, repeating the highlights of their more recent misadventures and continuing redundant-in-theme encounters, laughing as if sharing a great comedic yet predictable legend.

      Later, I am with a few unknown people and we discover two young animals that are about the size of a large cat. I hold them the most as a few other people come and go. The first one; I tell someone that it is a baby bear. However, I then notice that it has long ears and see that it is actually an arctic hare. I correct my error and talk about what it actually is as I stroke the soft long ears. The other animal turns out to be a young arctic fox. It is beautiful and calm. I pet it and stroke the bushy, soft tail. The two animals need a bit of care for now and we keep them close by. There is almost a mystical feeling as I enjoy the natural surroundings within my dream even though it is now a snowy landscape (unlike the first dream segment). The vividly rendered detail of the setting is quite precise and emotionally soothing. The hare is almost completely pure white except for a bit of darker gray around the top of the ears and the fox is the same way, but with a bit of lighter gray on the tip of its tail. They act in a very calm and passive manner instead of trying to run away.

      I would not think it to be difficult to see that the second segment is closely related to the first, as in the first, two men are in conflict regarding what they want. This is autosymbolism for the transient subconscious band being dynamic and unintelligent with false memories, while the unconscious maintains real memory and real knowledge. Additionally, the rabbit being a symbol of the unconscious while the fox is a symbol of the emergent consciousness is naturally more harmonious in this specific transition. (Additionally, only the conscious self in waking life can access the unconscious, while the non-lucid subconscious self cannot viably access either pure unconscious knowledge or memory or the conscious self identity.) The sheriff is the preconscious, atypically passive in the liminal space setting of the porch (most common autosymbolism for being between sleeping and waking). The snowy landscape is my semi-lucid attempt to sustain the dream state, an absentminded auto-scripting thread of “freezing” the dream state, and it becomes very blissful and timeless.

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    8. Grand Upheaval

      by , 11-27-2013 at 07:23 PM
      Night of November 27, 2013. Wednesday.

      Beautiful visions of rocks and stones rising up from the ground, from under layers of sand, changing the surface of the world many times over. It is a very clear perception, and I also feel seeming changes in my body towards a more “uniform” energy, a more relaxed state, far less muscle tension. The sand flows through the large rising rocks in the manner of a beautiful waterfall. Entire continents come and go throughout time. The falling sands seem to “sing”. At one point, a rhinoceros stands over me, nodding “her” head and snorting (I seem to be lying on my back at that point). She seems to be “angry” that I am not a rhinoceros and yet somehow found my way into the “rhinoceros collective consciousness”(?) into “her dream”. I do not feel threatened at all and start laughing uncontrollably, as I am the only male she can “contact” at that point and find the situation hilarious. She “scolds” me a bit by grunting in a friendly manner and waddles off, seemingly frustrated.

      Later, I am near a lake where the banks are filled with organic debris. It is a very peaceful awareness even though my environment seems to be continuously changing (recurring), often seemingly related to time going by swiftly or perhaps “alternate universe” shifts. For a time, it looks like a covered (roofed) picnic area with room for about four picnic tables, but time seems to be moving fairly rapidly. I am aware of a man talking to a group of people for a very short time; perhaps a family reunion or perhaps a seminar, but then they are all gone and mostly all I see is old, rotting wood and detritus, which has “equal importance” as the meeting of people, perhaps more. (Around this time, there are also suggestions of a possible scene aboard Noah’s Ark.) I see various “people” having weddings in elaborate boats or just enjoying a trip over the water, but they seem more like higher archetypes or composite beings of higher human qualities. I see one moving towards me from the other side of the lake. The canoe-like boat also has some sort of unusual structure somewhat like a trellis.

      The location seems to shift slightly. I am looking at a very large cauldron over a large fire. It is untended and fairly close to the lake. There are no other signs of man-made aspects of any kind on the land at this point. The cauldron, over time, goes through several unusual changes. Firstly, it is changing more into something like some sort of large round boulder that is continuously going through changes with vein-like patterns rapidly growing over it, somewhat like rust (and at one point - it almost looks like a “perfect” combination of rust and ash over the surface - again, moving like “live, growing veins” and then dissipating), but I am aware that it is mostly some sort of localized rock-cycle event. At one point, it looks like “pseudo-circuitry”; that is, a pattern of minerals and form that coincidentally looks much like wiring or a circuit-board but is wholly coincidental (I can randomly make various types of images that are similar). There is then a sort of moss-snowflake-crystal-grain-small-stone texture that grows and dissolves on the large stone in vein patterns and overall fractal-like form. (It is at least four-feet high or more.)

      Eventually, I see that it is actually the planet Earth in miniature, or within a different dimension of observation. I see Gondwanaland and other protocontinents (but none of the ones people like to promote so often in New Age propaganda). Over time, I actually become aware that the appearance is Earth as it is now. Soon, I carefully watch as continents move back into each other over many thousands of years. Civilizations rise and fall. It happens a few more times before everything grows dark, yet glowing-ember-like, very beautiful.

      A sense of appreciation and beauty continues throughout even though billions of living beings just blink into existence and out again, the energy recycling and splitting up into various forms, no reincarnation (which certainly could not explain the seven billion people on Earth and the exponential population increase anyway), just energy forms transforming endlessly in the same manner as the water cycle, the rock cycle, the nitrogen cycle, and many others. Even the embers eventually move on into another state, perhaps within a “protouniverse” or being the origin of such.
    9. Flying Zsuzsanna Down From a Bridge in Winter

      by , 11-24-2013 at 05:24 PM
      Morning of November 24, 2013. Sunday.

      My wife and I are on a large, old brick bridge with arches, seemingly running north and south and likely in Wisconsin. It is very cold and in the middle of winter (although in real life here, it is unbearably warm). I make it so that the large winter jacket I am wearing goes around her so that she is able to put her right arm through the right sleeve while my right hand holds her left hand (my left arm still being in the left sleeve). We are then “wearing the same jacket” and also embrace so that we are fully inside the jacket after zipping it up effortlessly. After a short time, we slowly float down from the bridge onto the iced-over surface of a lake or river. There is a feeling of great love and joy. There seems to be a vague plan to eventually see my best friend Toby T as we go north into the city and we sort of half-walk, half-float to get there.
    10. Chasing a Freaky Around in my Cubitis Front Yard

      by , 11-20-2013 at 05:20 PM
      Morning of November 20, 2013. Wednesday.

      Once again, I am back in my childhood home in Cubitis in the large front yard. It seems to be just before dawn. This is a little like my recurring dreams where I watch inexplicable events in the sky at dawn with a feeling of nostalgia and bliss. I am semi-lucid, but my dream only becomes more vivid in the last segment.

      Some of the presumed alien spaceships I see overhead are v-shaped. A few others are different. I even see an X-wing fighter as in “Star Wars”. Some classmates are walking about in the area. We are all much younger.

      After a short time, I notice a weird blue somewhat spherical creature running around in circles in the yard. I am not sure if it came from one of the spaceships. It is only about waist-high. It is apparently a dangerous alien (by the seeming mood implied by the others), but then I see it is actually one of the Freakies from the old Freakies Cereal (which I had not seen in about thirty years or more though I had collected all seven plastic figures with several duplicates). It is the blue one, Snorkledorf, which looks like male genitalia with legs. Before I realize it is a Freaky though, I do go after it to protect the others from a possible alien attack. I sort of grab it and press down on its head and discover that it is much like a balloon (reminding me of those old child-sized upright dinosaur balloons my parents and relatives got from gas stations, I think either as a giveaway or from trading stamps, which could be used as punching bags).

      As in many other dreams where I have chased monsters around, there is no fear or concern, just a sense of curiosity or mild frustration if it is not caught. I hold my body weight down over his head and try not to hurt him, eventually worrying that the pressure might kill him and I do not want to become infamous for killing the Freaky Snorkledorf.

      In afterthought, this may be an association with my childhood “pachydermophobia” rendered now as a playful game as an adult as elephants are obviously no longer a “threat” (though it may also be a play on exaggerated sexuality). It is interesting how dreams can feature mostly forgotten television commercials (and the small related toys) from over thirty years ago.

      The “dream journal synchronicity” tag has been added due to another poster having a very similar dream (regarding the dream journal site only).

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    11. Radio Towers? Interdimensional Perceptions…

      by , 11-18-2013 at 07:11 PM
      Morning of November 18, 2013. Monday.

      I am within a lucid dream but I do not get the impression that it is anywhere familiar. I am outside in a larger city and perhaps floating “two-people high” from the sidewalk, my attention somewhat upwards at a slight angle. There is a boy filming some sort of amateur documentary from his single bedroom window, from I believe the fourth floor of a large, tall, old-brick apartment building. He seems mournful after a time, his rather large video camera mounted on a tripod about a foot from the window (which is only open by about one-fifth). He has the camera aimed at the street, near an intersection. There are stores in the area, including a larger shopping mall (with a large parking lot) kitty-corner from the building. Suddenly, I hear him cry out, “Are we all just ignorant?” in a somewhat frustrating way but with a tone of sadness. I see no people walking on the streets, but there are a few cars that go by.

      Simultaneously as I hear him yell the phrase, he is instantly sitting on the ledge (with the window now open) in pajamas with a blanket around him with no sign of the video camera in the room behind him - although I get an impression he is now holding a small Kodak Instamatic camera. For less than a second, I think he might be ready to fall forward and off the ledge to his death (although there is no feeling that he may be suicidal) with a vague and quickly passing moment of panic (although I have no idea who he is). There is a strange “glittering” in my dream (recurring) that I cannot quite describe, a vivid feeling of all molecules shifting (or somehow turning inside-out or flipping topsy-turvey) everywhere in the universe or within the construct of my perception.

      After time passes, I experience the “twinkling” again (like thousands of miniature “black holes” flipping over to “expose” a higher dimension - somewhat like countless diamonds spinning on the horizontal access) - it is everywhere within the city and alters my physical awareness, mood, and perception. It has something to do with a higher dimension being visible or “pictured” in example form within this dimension, the reversal of representing a three-dimensional (Necker) cube on a sheet of paper with lines and implied planes or drawing a two-dimensional line within one plane.

      Some sort of inter-dimensional “radio-tower” is responsible. The “twinkling” is not actually twinkling but some sort of event that can be described with a more complex understanding of “Hilbert Space” and spherical harmonics. Of this higher dimension, the construct is of some sort of quantum cylinders (representing the “atoms” of that domain) with a third quantum polarity (in addition to positive and negative) which means that magnetism or even gravity must work in a completely different fashion (however, neutrons ARE of neutral charge after all - an addition to the binary concept of positive and negative, but not viable in the “perfect” digital world where every bit has to be either on or off or one or zero). The “cylinders” (which are not actually cylinders - they only look as such in this dimension as it would be impossible to visualize them clearly in a human perspective) work as the “atoms” of that dimension whereby there are TWO “complimentary” nuclei that converge and separate along an internal section (relative to the implied radius of the “cylinder”) of what would look like a linear course but actually integrates with two additional orbiting “electron constructs” (but are not electrons) in a seeming (but illusory from this dimension’s viewpoint) X-shaped rotating and revolving “orbit” (meaning that the orbit itself goes “around” in an additional orbit of its own - “rotating” of course meaning on its own axis and “revolving” meaning going around another source - many uneducated people get these terms confused). This is as hard to visualize as trying to draw a square using only separate dots and focusing only on the dots themselves rather than the implied square - whereby you would then be showing a two-dimensional construct using variations of only one dimension or one repeated - displaying in the form of the two-dimensional image, which would imply a “theoretical multiverse” or meta-universe (theoretical ONLY within that one-dimensional existence but actual fact in the higher third-dimension).

      There is a (fictional) book on quantum geometry dynamics (with inter-dimensional phasing that reminds me of polarity differentiation in digitized sound waves, whereby the sound goes from “ghosting” frequencies to absolute silence with exact positive and negative polarity layering of the same sound source over itself, rather than gaining or doubling volume as the “average” person would likely believe and likely refuse to believe the truth about unless directly shown in a DAW session) with information on specialized integrated “radio towers” (or what look like radio towers).

      I almost understand it. It seems to explain many facets of seemingly paranormal events in the physical world. The “higher selves” of human beings are, in analogy, to this limited physical world “represented” in the same way as we in the physical world here are associated to a flat drawing of a (Necker) cube on a piece of paper, yet we can still see the “cube” as a cube even though it is only represented by lines and planes - however, the presentation being potentially ILLUSORY or misleading (which is very important) - due to the fact that the cube may seem to invert or flip, appearing completely differently to different people at the same time - or perceptually becoming a “hollow” rather than a projection, similar to the inverted mask effect with tulpa sessions (especially when rotating on the vertical axis), whereby the image seems to become seen from inside the mask (hollow-like) rather than from the outside look of it (often to the point where a person cannot tell the difference or can even will it to appear as they want by mental focus alone) - also similar to how “emboss” and “engrave” represent implied dimensional reversals in graphics programs such as PolyView. The fictional book which is a play on “Radio Towers” (but I am not certain of the name) is by a (assumed fictional) name that is so clear that I am able to immediately jerk myself out of my dream state and write it “automatically” (as I was lying in a way where I could reach pen and paper easily). The name turns out to be: “Won Kim Po Hep”.

      Looking at it consciously, it almost looks like the second two words could be a play on “Poor help”, but in my dream it is supposedly a complete name. It could possibly be my dream being sarcastic in “saying” that “Won Kim is not much help” regarding incomplete or possibly even fringe science.

      The strange energies I felt in my dream carried over into waking life and I still feel them slightly (it is a very pleasant body-wide sensation), with a very subtle sound-shifting (from a nearly inaudible buzzing to more of a white-noise effect) - which I think is mostly only due to how certain muscles are either tensed or relaxed as this has always been the case with me physically. Turning my head to either fully left or fully right and flexing my neck muscles a little bit immediately causes me to hear loud high-frequency ringing in either ear (the ear of the direction I turn to). I assume that is normal for most people as I did not question it even when little (but my hearing was tested as being unusually better than average when I was young - even had to do the test a couple more times as they did not seem to believe the results - my wife had the exact same experience, so I guess it happens a lot - it is simply when you wear headphones and raise your hand when you hear a particular tone). This was likely also related to how I was sleeping, as the tension and relaxation levels of all muscles in the body always seems to change the background “white noise” frequencies in my hearing (even moving and tensing my feet and toes).

      Important Wikipedia LINKS for the curious:

      Necker Cube

      Hilbert Space

      Spherical harmonics

      Quantum geometry (general)
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    12. Plane of old boards, dirt, and holes

      by , 11-11-2013 at 07:26 PM
      Night of November 11, 2013. Monday.

      I am wandering around on a fully-stabilized plane, having moved into the first manifestation that formed, becoming integrated into the new environment to more closely examine the domain. I soon notice it is mostly old boards, somewhat scattered at different angles, lying about on the mostly bare ground everywhere as far as the eye can see, although my vision is mostly oriented towards the ground, not to the horizon. Many of the old boards appear to be partially covering holes of various depths, but I never look down directly into them, and there is no concern at all about falling into one. Most boards are brown, with a gray one here and there. Many of the boards are of similar lengths, about arm-length or longer. I mentally will them to move about along the ground to see a slight glow coming from some of the holes. With subtle thoughts now and then, I mentally will the loose dirt to fly away from particular areas. The soil and particulates are not so loose as to bother my breathing, though, and it seems that the area is not as old as it would logically seem. At the time, I do not perceive that they are related to any type of closed mine, and there are no buildings or land features anywhere. I reach the highest state possible into pure vividness, looking around. No one else is around anywhere. At times, a gentle breeze also blows a bit of the loose soil about. There is a slight essence of yellow above other earthly colors. At one point, I do get a very vague impression that I am in the future and looking at the remains of the house we are presently living in. However, there would be additional features if this were actually the case unless the other materials were removed, leaving only the wooden pieces.

      I do not presently or immediately recall having been on this plane before. I mostly only focus on the local regions of where I am and do not move that far beyond. The only association I seem to make in afterthought is that perhaps (and it is only perhaps) someone had fallen down a well or a mineshaft somewhere and needs my help. However, that is only one lesser association. There did not appear to be any negative energy on the particular plane, and I found it very attractive and interesting.
    13. Great Fun Flying Over the Ocean

      by , 11-11-2013 at 09:47 AM
      Morning of November 11, 2013. Monday.

      This fairly long dream is of a nature I experience very frequently. I enter a fully lucid state and decide I will visit a relative in the USA, in this case the only living sister on my mother’s side (Marilyn). I will do this with a continuous combination of teleporting and flying (from my present home in Queensland, Australia). I fly over the ocean enjoying the feelings of the wind on my face and the sound of the waves. It is very clear and beautiful. Later on, after what seems about fifteen minutes or more, I notice an area with Spanish moss and cypress trees, making it seem as if I am now over a river, possibly in Florida.

      Eventually, continuing to fly over water, and in several cases teleporting a fair distance ahead, I see a building which I recognize to be in La Crosse, Wisconsin after having an awareness of having moved over the Black River for a considerable distance. I land near the building and then continue, walking, in a northeasterly direction. Much of the area is very different but I am still somewhat familiar with where I should go. (The Rose Street area where I used to live and walk a few blocks to school, although the school is still there, has been built up and industrialized considerably, almost beyond recognition.)

      In one area, there is a group of young violent males with knives, near what is like a larger culvert and an area that reflects a lower level of urban decay. I tell them that I am not actually there (physically) but in my dream form, so they can just go on with whatever they are doing. Only one of them seems somewhat threatening. I reach into my right pants pocket to find a large, already-open switchblade and throw it with the blade end as it goes perfectly into the other person’s sternum and he is fallen/easily defeated. I walk on, continuing northeast and notice that a new switchblade has materialized in the same pocket in the same way as if there is an endless supply.

      I eventually end up at my sister’s house. She is much older and there is a mention by her of how she smelled Guinea pigs and cigarette smoke upon my arrival. This makes no sense, as she was a heavy smoker in the family (not quite as much as her husband, though) but has apparently quit as of several years ago. She seems slightly tired and ill (as she often was in real life over the years - she is still alive as of this writing). (In real life, we do have two Guinea pigs though they are mostly only handled by the children.)

      I mention how my next-youngest son Lorenzo is a regular character on a (fictional) television western series on Monday nights, wanting to know if she had seen it. In fact, for some unknown reason, some scenes are then suddenly being shot at the location I am in presently, though I wonder how they will integrate the scenes filmed inside the house into the actual show to reflect the show’s intended background environment - perhaps the commonly used green-screen compositing or chroma key compositing. I am happy that Lorenzo is there for my sister to finally see him in “real life” (although it is a dream).

      A little later, we (my wife and a couple others) seem to have a setup there. There is one point where my brother J’s cheerful spirit walks in through the front porch out of a radiant white light and to an additional room to the south where we engage in conversation for quite some time (although I do not remember much of it). For a short time after he leaves, I think about going onto the porch to look more closely (through the implied portal) at what is beyond but decide not to. The house is not anything like the one I last saw my sister living at (I am not at all familiar with the one she lives in now in real life). In the background is still a feeling of awe and contemplation based on the discovery of how a childhood dream seemed to involve actual time travel over many years - the “Patches” one, where I actually saw (without the slightest clue it could ever be as such, especially as two areas of the wall had to be sealed up and the middle window replaced by the smaller twelve-paned one) that area of the house as it would be in the distant future in a real-life event. It feels very familiar and deeply personal to me now (I actually thought I would not experience anymore newer childhood-based paranormal connections or new unfolding of such) as if it has something to do with having access to eternity when in certain dream states, made more such by the three bats being a symbol of messages from the future (or “eternity”) as well. This has taught me that many childhood dreams I have not fully resolved (precognitive-wise, as all dreams seem to have very literal and precise precognitive features at one point or another) could still have repercussions on the now and the (even distant from here) future. I think this is related to what brother Jim was saying to me. He seems to be in the same form of when I knew him as a boy, but less overweight.

      In the last section of my dream, we seem to have a setup for a cheap, quick, and “lowest common denominator” form of public entertainment (with only one slightly askew TV camera on the porch thus far) involving one of those so-called talent or idol shows which I have never watched any of fully. In this case, it is also a type of a hidden camera show involving a practical joke (although by the implied studio rather than a friend), where a person with no acting, writing, or other ability is filmed in a way similar to “The Truman Show”. The young man is possibly from the group of the people with knives and is told he will be famous and in several movie rolls (as a gag, to be part of some silly shots only rather than a real movie). It seems slightly cruel.

      I later notice that there is a collection (belonging to me and my wife) of nine black horses (in somewhat of a three by three arrangement), each either from an old carousel or a rare antique rocking horse, most oriented towards the south, but at different angles and within a group of other smaller items and smaller furniture. This may relate to traveling back into some of the mysteries of childhood that I have not focused on in quite some time.

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    14. A very long flying dream - around the world

      by , 11-02-2013 at 01:01 PM
      Morning of November 2, 2013. Saturday.

      This is my long flying dream, which becomes vivider in La Crosse at sister Marilyn’s house, having flown around after leaving the King Street boarding house. I had been homeless, living on Goose Island, having lived in treetops and now and then a rooftop. I had not done much walking but my shoes are worn out though I end up refreshing myself at one point as well as getting new shoes from my wife (wife-to-be in my dream).

      This younger version of my wife had been going to the first year of a university course (University of Wisconsin in La Crosse). We embrace and kiss a few times, but she is apparently not ready to enter into marriage. We fly together under my power. I tell her that I can teach her to fly on her own with her own cloak and explain how my cloak works. My cloak is used for steering while flying. I explain how a certain part should gather and be tied about a foot or more up from the feet to prevent it from billowing out more. It seems to look and work similar to the wings of a flying fox. At one point, I demonstrate how to sleep while hanging upside-down like a bat. In the majority of my recent flying dreams, I have flown in a black cloak or in some cases a blue bed sheet that moves around me in various ribbon-like ways (similar to the Cloak comic book character from Marvel), more to protect my skin from twigs and such rather than a modesty issue.

      Several events transpire. At one point, another person does not understand how I am able to fly and I explain that everyone has this ability. I try to teach them in steps, starting by saying that you just need to let yourself rise and hover while ignoring the force of gravity (as if one could), thus allowing yourself to float upwards. They try but fail. In the first part of my dream, I mostly fly about in either a standing or forty-five degree position. Horizontal flying (as with Superman) does not seem to feel right.

      At one point, someone has a set of weapons and another joins him near the corner of a house (Gillette street; perhaps a play on getting cut or a “close shave”). (The weapon looks like the throwing star from “Krull” from 1983, a movie I saw in-dream prior to seeing it in reality without having known a thing about it and unexpectedly having someone else take me to see it on the same evening). Each star has either six or eight arms instead of the five, though. The two other people first seem to be playing around, yet do not like my flying. I get very angry, as the weapons are deadly, yet they play around with them like toys. Still, I dodge each one thrown at me but get more and more annoyed. As a result, I develop the concept that in order for a person to be allowed to use a weapon, he should be injured with it at least a few times before being allowed to use it. Taking this faux rule or law into consideration (without realizing my act is hypocritical as I had not been injured by them), I catch, over a short time as I am flying at about thirty degrees, three of the throwing stars (about three-fourths the size of a lawn-mower blade) and swing them back to the closest male while I am in mid-flight while doing a fancy maneuver. Two slice through each side of his body to the opposite side, one about a foot lower than the other, another going right through his abdomen (above the other two) expanding the cut to each side. I “explain” the upholding of the “rule”, which does not matter anyway, as the person falls apart into four pieces. I casually explain (to someone who appears and mourns the sudden loss of their husband) why that was the right thing to do. The other male stands there in a daze.

      I eventually find myself flying around Southern Rhodesia in an isolated (or earlier in time?) area of Salisbury. (Possibly, it is an association with Salisbury steak which I ate in my youth in TV dinners; quite possibly the least palatable meal I have ever eaten.) I go to an even more isolated area after a few people seem either annoyed or frightened by my flying above them. I go into a herb shop (that is more like a rickety “house”) and an African male wants to learn how to fly with me. However, he then decides he will give me a lot of money if I bring back a small amount of Entada rheedii (African Dream Herb, of which I have never seen in real life to my knowledge) to sell for retail at his small shop. I go off on an adventure flying fairly low, deep in jungles, gliding over tall grasses and between trees. I am soon annoyed by large mosquitoes now and then and first worry about getting chikungunya. I clearly hear the loud, annoying buzzing in only my right ear at times. (This was specifically precognitive as I had not seen or heard anything on this for a long time. I thought it was a reference to a much older time period within my dream). I finish my task and move on, as I silently worked out in my mind that there was some sort of invisible barrier so the mosquitoes could not actually bite me. At this point, there are Blue Pearl events where the sphere seems to be almost external and moving at about my speed at a close distance. It seems to communicate with me and move ahead out of my range of vision.

      I am, for some reason later on, near the main inlet of Rio de Janeiro. I also fly close to some hotels near Ipanema though a few people become angry at my act and wave their fists. There is talk of a new law to restrict my flying space. I adjust my dark cloak to steer through more populated areas and those areas with more potentially hazardous architecture. Although many people seem annoyed, some seem friendly and cheerfully wave. A short and fat mostly bald businessman in a dark suit waves at me and motions for me to land. A very gentle bossa nova (with a lot of higher string riffs) plays on the breeze (from several cheap outdoor radios at once, including from hotel balconies) with a gentle female chorus with amazing harmonies, which is like “The Girl From Ipanema”, but is like a parody of the song I saw many years ago. The gentle “Garota de Ipanema” song carries on the breeze (with different lyrics):

      “Short and fat and bald and ug-a-ly,
      the guy from Ipanema needs to fly with me,
      to get back to his hotel across the bay…”

      I am able to lift the heavy man and he smells of cheap cigar. He “flies” closely to my left, hanging on tightly, which annoys me, but I do not say anything. Still, it is very refreshing to look down over the water and boats from high above. Now and then, over the seemingly long journey (I guess I am flying more slowly at this point - it almost seems we are not moving at times - but this is likely how it would appear in real life from a small plane going at a reasonable speed) I have vague thoughts a couple times of dropping him into the water far below (by which he probably would not survive). There is also a slight concern that I will not get him across and I will instead end up dropping him midway anyway. Still, I feel I need to do this task so as to have “larger, friendlier energies more on my side”(?) After the long flight, I finally see the opportunity to land softly and he is grateful that he had not been late for the convention. I have apparently made a “new friend”.



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    15. From Buzzing to Lucidity to Transparency

      by , 11-01-2013 at 05:01 PM
      Morning of November 1, 2013. Friday.

      I am in a non-lucid dream and near the Cubitis kitchenette, where I have not been (in real life) since 1978. I start to wonder about what I had been doing or was going to do, as my memory is not viable. I decide to lie down in bed to relax, becoming somewhat aware of where I really am (at our present address) but I am soon annoyed by a sound I have never heard before; a mix of high-pitched buzzing and squealing with fuzzy dynamics. I hear it three times, about four feet away from our bed but at slightly different heights each time. It is apparently not a noise from our fan, as it is on the other side. I feel I am nearing sleep, so I assume I am hearing hypnagogic sounds.

      Several minutes pass. I am near an oversized snowmobile that is covered in snow and unlikely to go anywhere, as the skis and tracks seem frozen below ground level. I start to move the snow away. It seems to be a reasonable task as if I am somehow engaged in some sort of advanced photo projection and instead of just feeling and examining all of the environment, I am actually more immersed in it and mentally manipulating it. I move a lot of snow away but wonder how I will get the snowmobile out. I see that it is not a snowmobile at all but John’s Martian tank (from the Cowsills Harvey comic book). After a time I start to wonder why I am bothering as it will probably never run again anyway, and had been abandoned by the owner.

      I “wake up” but I am still in the dream state, though it is not like a typical false awakening. I am sitting at a computer in the living room, near the kitchenette, in Cubitis. My computer is displaying an error window that moves across the screen. I try to read it, as I become semi-lucid and I want to see what my dream is “saying”, so I study the imagery as closely as possible. However, the letters keep changing as I watch (as is usually the case in dreams) and the error window still moves about in random ways, although I almost think I see all the letters of the pattern, “You can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man!” from a book from my childhood (and get an image from another window that appears to be on an Internet recipe page for cakes and cookies).

      The size of the error window changes a few times. I get an illogical idea that I should fix the problem in my dream and it will change the real-life situation (though my computer was not on in real life and never displayed such an error). I look around the room, amazed at the clearness of my perception and how alive I feel. I start to question if I am still dreaming or somehow woke up and went to my computer without realizing it (yet illogically without the understanding that I could not possibly be back in Cubitis).

      I walk down a hall, realizing I am now at our old address on Barolin Street. Knowing I am dreaming, I decide to have a sensual interlude with Zsuzsanna. It is afternoon and a few random dream characters are present in the house. Zsuzsanna and I are soon together and I turn around, mentally willing the door to close.

      I loudly say “Lock!” and hear a loud metallic sound from exactly where I expect it within the doorknob, and so our door is locked. I could have done it manually, but my dream obeyed me and I get the sense that not only did the door lock, but created an impenetrable seal along the door frame itself.

      Later, my dream begins to lose cohesion as I focus on the illogical thought of where my real body is or what it may be doing. In some lucid dream types I have a concern about where my sleeping body is and what position my head is in, and whether or not a pillow is too close to my mouth or even if I am absentmindedly wandering around in the middle of the street while in my lucid dream.

      I “wake up” into another lucid dream (which is only a continuation of the same dream sequence, though at another level of unconsciousness, closer to waking consciousness), thinking about how real it seems. However, I see that I am back near the Cubitis kitchenette again as in the first part of this sequence. I cannot believe how real it feels, with augmented physicality.

      I decide to go and see my beautiful wife for the second time, ending up at our present address. However, Earl (an older half-brother on my mother’s side who had died in real life in 2007) seems concerned about me when I say how my dream seems so real. I consider that it is “too real” to be a dream, but then I notice that our widescreen television looks different and is sitting on the wrong furniture. Curiously, Earl being alive does not convince me it is a dream. I wonder if he has something interesting or intelligent to say, but he continues to watch television. I see another widescreen television sitting atop a tall narrow bookcase, and curiously, this is what confirms for me that it has to be a dream.

      I decide to be with Zsuzsanna again. This time though, Zsuzsanna and parts of the environment become somewhat transparent, so I decide to let it go and wake.

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