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    2015-03-08 LDs #102, #103, amazing vivid building, stunning garden

    by , 03-08-2015 at 06:39 PM (737 Views)


    + CS got fired because he broke the build with a one-character change (an exclamation point) during a critical demo; I'm making myself breakfast in the open kitchen (ice cream/Cheerios, tall guys)

    I'm walking through an open area/office, I encounter CS. He asks me if I've heard that he got fired (by the CEO) after he made a one-character change (adding an exclamation point to the code) (I'm thinking about this a long time after waking up, about how CS should have done proper testing before submitting his change!).

    I'm in a kitchen, looking for breakfast. I open the freezer and see a number of open ("freezer burn, yuck") very colorful ice cream containers. Across the room a very tall [DS] guy drops a box of Cheerios on the ground. I pick it up(?), pour myself a bowl.

    (Awake until around 08:00?, just can't sleep, take 1mg melatonin around 6am)


    + (LD #102) dazzlingly vivid/bright huge (5-6 stories, 100 meters long) memorial structure: trying to read the huge inscription so I can remember it when I wake up; fly up to top of structure, cement french fries; sex with giggling/slightly objecting girl "there are not nice people here"

    I'm outside, daylight, the visual quality is astounding and my memory begins already lucid. There are lots of people milling around. To the left is an enormous open area, and I see there a Huuuuuuge memorial structure, about 5-6 stories high, 100 meters long, with Huuuuge lettering on it. I try to read it and pronounce it and really really study the lettering so I can remember it after waking: it is stable, but it doesn't seem to be recognizable words. There is a larger first line and a smaller-font second line below it. I'm astounded at the clarity of the structure, it is perhaps slightly orange and made of stone.

    I fly up to the edge of the roof of this structure. I want to summon a girl(?), I get in my hands instead a cup of what seem to be cement french fries. I start sucking them a little bit. I see a girl to my right a bit, I go to her/bring her to me, and
    Spoiler for explicit:

    + (LD #103) (long, lucid at end) See "people I know" in family room [false memory], trying to decide whether to take a shower with a girl upstairs, go downstairs and leave (think about threatening to kill the guys who will tell on me) to garden, at end of garden start flying & get lucid, magical blue sky, green grass, apple tree, return through neighbor's garden to original garden, it's raining hard now, wake up.

    I'm walking through (my?) family room, a downstairs room, and see leaning against the wall a man whom I recognize [false memory] as a friend of mine, I walk a bit farther and see a woman I know to be his wife also sitting down against the wall, "Relax, guys, rest!" I say. I walk back the other way to the start of the room and see a third man whom I recognize as a colleague (of the first man?) and also greet him.

    I walk up a (spiral?) staircase and I'm on an upper floor. There is a glass shower stall there and there's a girl taking a shower who wants me to join her. I see a young man lying in a bed near the shower and sort of recognize his fall (its distorted). All of a sudden there are about 20 guys milling around and I want to get them all the heck out of here so I can join the girl in the shower. I manage to shoo them all down the stairs. I then take off my shirt and slacks (I'm in dress clothing), and am about to enter the shower (the girl in there is clothed?) and realize that at any second my wife could walk in, this is way too risky, so I get dressed again. I go up to the shower and say "well I can wash your back I guess," (I'm concerned I may get wet), and she says "buuuut I waaaaant to *seeeee* yoouuuuu!" (so I think about getting undressed again?) at some point she's out of the shower and we kiss briefly and there's some sudden transition/shock.

    I'm walking down the spiral staircase, at the bottom I hear the guy I saw on the bed by the shower gossiping to another guy that he saw me with the shower girl, and I think about going up and telling them I'll kill them if they talk. I say "Let's go!" (I want to get out of there fast).

    I'm walking through the garden, there are lots of objects there, I must walk over them. At the far end of the garden is a lovely place, green grass, a small barn/large shed, trees, blue sky, and I decide I want to try flying just a bit, and I put out my arms and to my amazement I glide/hover above the ground and realize I'm dreaming. I do a nose pinch and I can breathe. The garden area is *beautiful* the colors are vibrant. I see a stunning apple tree with green green leaves and red red apples, amazing against a blue sky.

    I start returning to the original garden. There is now a large neighbor's yard in the way. I'm thinking of girls. I see that there is a celebration in the garden, there is a line of "hoops" on my side and a guy is making a running/sommersaulting dunk (basketball) move. I see that the women are middle-aged/portly/unattractive (in the distance). I decide I should just go back to the original garden because there are a lot of people there. I walk through this neighbor garden and apologize for the disturbance, and say it's too far to go around, they say that's fine. There's a guy swinging a bat at a ball and he says careful or he may hit my head.

    I move through a fence into the original garden and someone from the neighbor group comes with me on my right. There are tents here in a covered area, and he puts his foot through a canvas tent, ripping a small hole in it. I say "be careful of their tents!". I see that it is raining very hard now, and say in a foreign language "this started suddenly", and I am lifting up tents to get through
    and the dream ends.


    I think I slept again, but no recall
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    1. Dodge631's Avatar
      awesome having two LD in one night/morning!
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    2. ThreeCat's Avatar
      Awesome, FM--your awareness practice seems to really be paying off. Keep up the momentum!
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    3. FryingMan's Avatar
      Thanks! Check tomorrow's (today's) entry once it's up, had a really nice epic semi-lucid with flying and fighting powers. Incubated some sleep-continuation weird sexy-times after waking from the epic, haha.