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    2017-01-16 ship game, driving, people

    by , 01-17-2017 at 08:54 AM (692 Views)
    Starting to recall some longer dreams again

    + ship game: FP view, "full-screen" graphics. View out of the cockpit of a plane/ship, taking off and landing on bases amongst hills. Getting a large team together, flying in formation, approaching and trying to figure out how to use the refueling mother ship. Reading directions, come back to body, there are switches that must be thrown in a particular combination in order for the refueling/resupplying to work, I'm carrying the cheat-sheet with me and looking at it and adjusting the settings.

    + driving downtown medium-sized city like B in daytime. Trying to determine the correct routes/allowed turns, making turns at green lights

    +(f) there is a guy who is older and a great runner, it's unexpected how good he is

    +(f) walking up the sidewalk my friend is going to the (disco?), I walk past it and look to the right inside but there are only a few (large?) women in there. I see my friend just up the street at a (pizza?) place, he's laughing

    + reunion at WFP (college house w/friends), there is a guy down where DB lived I talk to him on the phone, I think of offering him a ride but he's coming on his own. As I float DO towards the reunion house I look down the long snowy street and try to see his little body in the distance walking but don't see it

    + I'm hooking up TVs which are hanging down from the ceiling and trying to figure out the wiring. There is B and S university TVs. They have different connectors. Someone comes and is listening to the report on the S TV.

    + I'm sitting on a bench in an alcove and thinking about having some "quality me time." I'm covering myself with a blanket. A guy comes and hangs around that that puts a damper on the whole thing.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      It's great to see you dreaming and posting friend. The ship game sounds cool, full screen view sounded VR-like.
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    2. FryingMan's Avatar
      Sleep schedule is all over the map (mostly very very late to bed which always is bad for my dreaming), and just not finding any enthusiasm for it. I have recall most nights, it's just a few short scenes though. Two nights ago I had a "duel" with a (human-faced) dragon and did some force powers against the stormtroopers it sent after me, though, that was interesting. yes the ship game was VR-like.
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    3. fogelbise's Avatar
      Very understandable. How many active members on here have gone through that?..very few I bet.

      You definitely have more fantasy dreams than me. Most of mine are so waking world like and quite a few are rather mundane. It's interesting how much variety of experience there is between dreamers. I was reading one dreamer saying most all of their dreams were in 3rd person.
    4. FryingMan's Avatar
      The great majority of mine are also mundane situations. Mostly me just hanging out with various people (mostly unknown to me). Last night it was: being at/seeing a gas station, looking at a piece of equipment at the gym, and looking at and thinking about a large cream-colored bean bag chair on a porch at our former (adult) home. Not much fantastic about that...!

      I made particular note about the dragon one and the flying ship one because they stood out from the standard ones.