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    2018-06-04 several dreams over different wakings

    by , 06-04-2018 at 06:28 PM (116 Views)
    + in a kitchen, visuals vague, some guy is there, I'm handling and observing a clear plastic package of foot. It is like Orzo or rice crispies (small eliptical shapes) packed in a two-part clear plastic container. I'm wondering if it's spoiled. I pry the two plastic sides apart and some of the pieces of food are a different color. I try one and I think it has indeed spoiled.

    + walking the path / ducks. On a (covered?) slightly curving dark path with family. Come across a duck pond, there are new ducklings there. I point them out to my kids. My son S1 is about 9 years old or younger and is gushing over the ducks, "Thank you so much, Dad, for taking us to see the ducks!" he's saying over and over. The duck pond area is dark and on a tight curve of the path.

    + tennis inside a court surrounded by a high nets all around (all 6 sides), I'm encouraging my deceased wife and I to just hit the ball as hard and high as we can


    + in CH garage, look up the driveway, a girl (or 2) are driving away in a small car, I call out to them not to do, but to wait for me. Up on the street I'm looking at the L's house modifications, trying to understand the changes they made, it's like they made the house longer. Around the side on F street, I feel like I could fly to look more closely around the side, the back side of the house seems entirely open now

    + Cousin Sus and her card of all her cards and gifts for me, showing kids how to nail and screw wood, Sus again shows me her kid's electronic experiment kits and I observe them and talk with (unseen) kid about (TTL?) chips, input/output signals, power & ground, I'm looking at the sets and see a bread/patch-board full of wire connections, I think these are not 5V circuits but might be full-power line voltage circuits and I doubt that I know how to work with them.

    + I'm talking to a guy who I'm going to prank, he's a complainer (about safety?) so I tease him about all the stations that are set up around the place. I jump with him from the 2nd-floor deck down to the ground below and some famous guy is there and I'm still pranking this guy with the help of the famous guy, I'm saying how he's not hurt we didn't jump down from too high up

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