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    2018-06-09 quite a bit of vivid dreaming!

    by , 06-09-2018 at 07:04 AM (208 Views)
    Transcribed for the first time using smartphone voice to text:

    In the basement with Wife she's communicating with me through a paper in the deck

    to dream number to flying past the fire elemental in the evening he chases us we fly into my house asking for safety the thing tries to break down the door another dream

    observing people climbing very steep mountain side

    In the (work-N) cafeteria and someone is holding meeting some tables walking around observing looking at the tables

    Walking through food court I do a spin move and come back to account every think there are burgers but I look at them and they're basically their food is all run out I continued floating down further think I'm going to get probably some tacos

    Loading a short little go cart with multiple boxes on the childhood home on driveway

    The flying skiing teleporting kind of video game sequence room trying to double click on other Scears in the area and teleport to their position there was a magical key which involves 45 particular kinds of beer cans in order to get to that particular place

    There was a mess hall from eating homework or is the students had to eat in groups by time also in the snowing area and then went outside and was looking in through a window and there were like two girls there, topless, brief s-time with chest.

    A sequence where there is some kind of a conflict in a room with circuitboard is a an enemy arrives trying to blow up the place with the Bomb board and we deal with him forgotten most of the details there

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