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    2023-01-02 Quite a lot of scenes throughout the night, multiple wakings

    by , 01-02-2023 at 04:44 PM (76 Views)
    + fairly long scene, there are teams of people, some have big guy knocking on doors and forcing entrance. There is a meeting, the leader is (testing?) me, I answer that I am "a reporter," he signifies his approval.

    + observing and playing weird pool/billiards, it is a really ancient table, small and rectangular (and white?), with a zig-zag lightning-shaped divider in the middle of the table, I think this is for when stripes/solids are chosen (like 8 ball) one side must put all their balls on one side, and the other team on the other. Then I'm playing at the table. I have the cue in hand, it has a very small tip, I look at it, very narrow like a snooker cue, but even narrower, I'm looking for chalk, I find it the chalk is beige colored and there's not much left, I chalk the tip and then set up a draw shot, I am the cue very low on the cueball, there is some professional observing, I'm imagining the cue ball spinning backwards, and know that one can use a striped ball to practice drawing as you can see the stripes spinning backwards. The rules of the old game involve not having the cue ball touch the sides of the table, or at least the sides of the central area (which when I'm thinking this is a square-ish area in the centre of the table, not just a vertical divider)

    + MEO 2023-01-02

    + in a bowling alley. Watching the ball go down the lanes. It's very wide like a US alley. I think that kids when they play will get a lot of gutter balls. Watch some shots being made. See a small area of lanes off to the left of the main lanes, arranged perpendicularly to the main lanes, I think this is a kids bowling area and that this is a good idea.

    + outside, observing a tall (10-12 story) apartment/office building, there has been a fire or some other major issue, the walls/windows of about 25% of the side facing me on the upper stories have been blown out. People are hanging out of the windows/standing in the blown out area, a lot of them. Water is pouring down the face of the building (from the fire extinguishers?) I think this will wreak havoc on IT inside those rooms.

    + In an laundromat, fairly large square room full of laundry machines lining the walls, and some in a row in front of those along the walls, I'm observing a guy starting a load in a machine in front of me, he has to make a call to a central dispatch, relaying the settings on the washer, and get back a code that he has to enter in order for the washer to start. I say that why doesn't he just remember the code in order to use it again and again without having to call the center every time, he shakes his head, I realize "ah, the code is probably tied to the individual machine?" and he nods yes.

    + sitting in some large open area, like a transit terminal, people are sitting at benches, there are some people near me with a small very shallow wide curved (in the up/down axis) table, it looks like they're not using it, I think of taking it or asking if I can, because I could use it, it would make it easy to work on the forms (?) I need to fill out/write on.

    + In a car, driving, I'm barefoot, I wonder if this is dangerous?
    Outside in a urban area, daytime, walking through groups of people, I enter an indoor market area, there are lines at food counters/cafes, I want some food, but the lines are long, I go around the outside area and find a food window with no line, I go there and ask about what's to order, it's a Mexican place [DS], the guy there is really pushing this deal on me, where you pay a (lifetime? year-long?) up-front very expensive fee then you get to order there as much as you want (?) I don't want this "deal", the guy is showing his dishes, lots of different meat dishes, one of which has a number of bright red hot peppers.

    In a future moment, I return to this Mexican place (which is inside a grocery store?)

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