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    1. 00:00 Friday 2014-08-01 Competition #18, Night #5

      by , 08-01-2014 at 05:13 AM
      Started as a one dream night, WTF? Dreams are supposed to *build* in a competition, not vanish! Boo hoo.

      2mg melatonin at bedtime, it's hot, I want to make sure I sleep.

      I think there were some fairly awesome earlier dreams but they vanished.


      1) in a coffee shop, talking to dude across from me, soccer girl.

      At a large table in a coffee shop, about 8 in our group, the waitress is pouring water into our instant (if this is such a nice coffee shop why are we drinking instant?), the guy across from me is gone for a long while then he returns, he's gotten another cup of "K3", I say "you're probably all set for a night long work session!" I ask him the longest he's been awake, he answers 2 days. He starts talking about the soccer video game he likes to play, how the game creators are very careful about security so the game can't be cheated.

      He starts talking about girl on a team(?), I see a series of still photographs arranged in a grid about her and her progress?

      WBTB -- up a long time, can't sleep

      09:30 BTB, eventually sleep


      wake up with some fairly detailed recall, yay happy for the day again.

      2) sister tag tower. I'm in some bridge tower, darkly lit, my sister is there we're playing tag (as adults) she runs up several landings up the stairs and hides in the darkness. There's no way I'm going to get here without her seeing/hearing me she'll just run away farther so I play it cool and just hang out, more people arrive. I think my moment is here so I signal my father to start playing music (singing?), this will cover the sound of my steps so I stealthily climb up to the next landing and I see my "sister" wearing a colorful dress in a crowd of women wearing dresses like dancers and I surge forward and tag here before she can get away, the other women think I cheated, I go and stand in a large platform below where they're standing.

      3) football catch punt. I"m watching a (US) football game DO high over the field and a bit to the side. There's a kickoff but the kick goes out of bounds so it won't count, but somehow the play keeps continuing and I see the ball rolling in the center of the field rolling towards the end-zone, I expect the kicking team player (wearing a white uniform) will down the ball on the goal line but at the last second he just stands up and lets the ball roll into the end-zone. Instead of bringing the ball out the kicking team takes the side of the receiving team and without uniforms starts playing a "fake" play of football all to themselves, then one of the big guys runs up the field and the referee declares they can punt (back towards the original receiving team). I see the punt, it looks like a bad kick it is very high but not very far. HEY, the ball is coming RIGHT FOR ME, I see the football spinning rapidly and getting closer, and I *catch* it with two arms! I'm ecstatic, I hold the ball up like a trophy among my group on the balcony. I'm looking for a referee to hand the ball back to and toss it to someone on the balcony level below mine. I think, "crap I should have had someone take a picture of me first before I did that." Then there's a scene of some football players doing a celebration dance, they're right in front of me, and I (unfortunately) see the foot-long schlong and big nutsack of one of the players who's directly facing me, swinging back and forth with his dance, I really wish I hadn't seen that.

      4) in store bags of food. I'm walking through a upscale grocery store, I'm looking for some good snack food. I see packages hanging up on the wall, I'm expecting they'll be potato chips, but I see instead it's full of weird things like marinated salisbury steak chunks, I move on through the store where I have to push through some young people coming the other way. I head up a ramp towards the check-out and I notice my legs -- I'm wearing black thermal underwear but the pants are so old and thin that when I lift my legs and the overhead light strikes it you can clearly see my skin, I'm embarassed a bit about that. I'm now approaching a register but the area is like dark casino gambling pit, it's carpeted. There are some "bad guys" also approaching, I wonder how they'll get through. I bring my stuff and unload it onto the circular check out counter, I see I have forgotten to put some of the vegetable items, including a small clump of some short greens, into bags. I count that I need 4 bags and tell that to the clerk who echoes it back to me.

      F1) drive past church with missile statues. Driving in a car with my wife, she points out another Church where we used to stop and the kids used to play, I sort of recognize it, I look out the window as we drive by and see a war memorial with about a dozen large sized missiles pointing towards the center of the square.

      F2) watching TV in my childhood room

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    2. 00:00 Wednesday 2014-07-30 Competition #18 night #3, recall recoil, pizza parties, angry lesbian

      by , 07-30-2014 at 08:04 AM
      00:00 Wednesday 2014-07-30

      ugh "recall recoil" night, poor recall tonight, only 4 short dreams, no recording during night, so mucho detail lost, must have been tired, feel actually fairly well rested today.

      01:00 pre-bedtime

      01:15 (?) bedtime

      Wife IWL keeps coming to me (3 times!), turning on the light, and insists I look at the toothbrushes and identity which toothbrush is mine, and after pointing mine out, each time I say "I'm trying to sleep I don't care about the toothbrushes, I'll go buy a new one tomorrow, let me sleep!"

      No recording at night so I have no idea about dream times, but in rough order:

      + I have an old white car, it's like a Dodge Dart, some old crap car. It's parked on a moderately steep hill pointing front downwards. I open the hood and there's some sort of metal cover over the engine with the vague impression of engine parts underneath. I start it up. I return to my car and there's another car parked near it. I start driving and turn around and head uphill pressing the accelerator but it doesn't go very fast.

      + I'm walking down CB it's a very steep hill I see entranceways on both this and the other side of the street to underground pathways. My wife tells me about the hidden blueberry fields, I decide to find them, I imagine picking the blueberries off of the bushes.

      + pizza parties everywhere. I'm in a pizza restaurant, I see college housemate MH (for some reason this guy keeps popping up in my dreams even though we were not really close friends...I do see his posts on FB occasionally though) approaching our table, I see his face clearly, I'm really happy to see him, I offer a double high-5, then I turn around and stick my butt in the air for him to spank (!!?), he does and his pizza slides off his plate onto my plate, it's all gooey and mixed up, I don't want to use my hands to separate the pieces, I think mine is the pepperoni one. I then see college housemate NI, and I talk for a while about how NI managed the relationship with the pizza companies and how our house won the competition for most pizza ordered in a year and got a free pizza party as a result.

      Heading out to an elevator going down, 2 girls are trying to get position to get next to a guy. Riding up an elevator getting off, the apartment we're going to is open. All the people we know are supposed to be here but there are just two families of people we barely know, they're looking at us as we enter, I see a few cute daughters/wives with beautiful brown eyes, I take the pizza we've brought to the refrigerator and try to put it inside but the shelves are all overflowing with ground meat.

      + selling a small box of my old junk to an aggressive lesbian for over $100. I'm holding a small box of my old junk, old tapes, random crap, I can't believe she will pay me $100 for this junk, she tries to hit me but I avoid it, I start looking at the stuff and decide hey there's some good stuff in here after all, there's the tape to the famous football play, I think I'll just take out and keep the stuff and give the rest of the junk to the lesbian, I'm keeping my eye on her to see if she's noticing me, she tries to hit me again this time she does.

      I leave now I'm driving a horse and cart, I have the reins in each hand, I start by "whoa"ing / stopping the horse, then I pull the reins to the left and the horse goes left, then I pull to the right and it goes right, then we approach an narrow metallic stairway/escalator, I wonder if we can get down it, I just keep going and we somehow get down.

      While riding I "play" the tape and hear a portion of the famous football play.
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    3. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-07-29 Competition #18 night #2: epic space movie/alien planet, almost lucid

      by , 07-29-2014 at 08:21 PM
      00:00 Tuesday 2014-07-29 Competition #18 night #2

      00:20 pre-bedtime setting intention

      00:37 bedtime


      1) prayer meeting in (my?) living room, multi-level, some people leave the front door is on the upper level, they are offended, some new people arrive, they are very enthusiastic. I listen to the priest speaking, it sounds like gibberish. Then we're giving a presentation of my database coding project, the code is up on a projector. There are some people there from my job, I wonder what they'll think of me working on this side project on my own.



      2) epic long multi-scene dream

      ski hill:

      ski resort terror attack. I am flying DO high above the ground I see a bomb go off and little people fly far in every direction: up, down, left, right, in the air. I watch this replay several times trying to get a good view.

      High DO view of people skiing fast down steep rocky slopes. I see little skiers skilfully navigating the slopes among the rocks. I then see some skiers not so skilfully navigating, they fall and their bodies scrape along the rocks. There is a hill shining in the sun the skiers try to get to the top of the hill at a precise time so that they get the special reflection from the sun as they ski down.

      There is another path down the mountain to see the reflection, it is a narrow path along a steep crevice. I am there with a group, including Spock and Bones from Star Trek. The track is only one ski wide and I'm saying "oh there's no WAY I'm going to go on that." I can't imagine how when wearing long skis one can even pick up the back ski to place it in front of the front ski to make progress. There is a sharp turn coming up ahead.

      lightsaber lab:

      I'm observing some light-saber fight between two Darth-Vader like beings, I imagine their lightsabers clashing and the handles getting fused and stuck together. I imagine jumping in to the battle then with my own lightsaber, slicing the bottom of the two stuck lightsabers in half to destroy it, while then taking the top one and using it.

      We're approaching a big door, we have to open it somehow, we're then inside but we're still trying to figure out how to open something, I go further into the huge low-lit room and find a workbench with some aspect of the code/security system. I activate it and feel my cell phone ringing/vibrating in my pocket. Of course! I set up this system to call me to ask for the code phrase! I open my phone (it's a flip phone) and try to read the code phrase which is written on a piece of paper tacked to a wall of this work area. Some sort of small cage has been dragged across the code sentence leaving a word in the middle unreadable. The letters in the other words are kind of washed out too but recognizable as words.

      I walk by another tall lab bench and see several early models of lightsabers that we were working on, I "recognize" them. One of them is like a toy with a plastic blade, I turn it on and swing it around and it makes some faintly recognizable lightsaber "bzzing" sounds.

      A young woman appears and is telling me that she remembers me as the guy who was always falling over slowly to the ground. I'm really embarrassed/angry about this, I tell her angrily that that was only before I was 12 years old and had yet to develop a sense of balance!

      My college roomate CL appears and starts packing up some large rectangular plates. I think these were the things he was working on in the lab. Will he bring them back?

      A group of people are gathered together sitting closely. One guy is sitting on a horse who is sitting on the ground. The horse has no skin and I see the fibrous muscles, dark and tough, though, like horse jerky, not bloody. "Them's are good eats!" I say, hoping the horse guy will share, I think he will.

      star trek:

      We're on the bridge of a Star Trek ship, there are various captains chairs. Some communication is received there is a dangerous situation. I see two people sitting on chairs, one has super long dreadlocks/tentacles for hair and is encased in a clear protective bubble. The crew must abandon ship.

      I'm in an escape pod, I see a view of the ship as the escape pod detaches: it looks sort of like concentric round rings of various rocket boosters. I see this several times, I feel a jerk as the escape pod finally gets moving.

      Down on the surface of an alien planet, with the group from our ship, I have a high DO view as a more experienced crew member tells about this planet, it's (something like) the "Ice Ceiling" planet. Instead of a sky there is a high ceiling and large chunks of ice can fall from it. As he says this I see a large chunk of ice fall down and cover the group.

      The group is standing on top of a hill and the experienced crew member brings out the instruction manual for this planet. He reads how one should target (the aliens?"). You draw a line along each of the (triangular?) feet, then draw a line between these two and you have the sensitive spot.

      In a city (on the planet?) there are large buildings. Instead of numbers for addresses they use large books of famous literature nailed to the buildings.

      Back in the Star Trek ship:

      Someone is speaking with Scotty, he will be leading the new Star Trek shows. I (or somebody?) asks "is that the New New shows or the Old New shows?"


      long back to sleep...yet another back to sleep success. It's hot, bed is uncomfortable, but I persevere and fall asleep.

      almost WILD/start-of-dream DILD? A dream starts and I realize it's a dream and I wake up. Perhaps vivid HI. I was in some sort of building/prison, building/inspecting a fence.


      3) I'm interacting with two girls from the yearbook club. Then I'm in with the entire yearbook club and there's a big song-and-dance number.

      I'm observing a spy who's in disguise talking to a spy target of his. The spy has a terrible disguise: an entire set of false teeth that start falling out as he's speaking, so the row of false teeth is clearly visible in between the two rows of his real teeth.
      Then there's a view of an all-white cart/truck that falls down from the sky to appear, the "fence" of the truck are like large false teeth, rectangles rounded on top.

      I'm trying to stop/work a tape recorder, there is important information on the tape, I see the tape playing past the end and the tape entirely unravelling from one reel. I eventually find the stop button but it's too late. I wonder how I'm going to get the tape put back together.

      I'm entering a small room and closing the door. I have my ipad with me and I'm planning a session of "personal entertainment." Then in a semi-lucid flash of inspiration I realize, "Hey, I could go get a real girl!" I leave the room start walking out ready to start the search but I wake up.

      It felt like waking up from a lucid dream, but I don't think I thought I was dreaming fully so I won't count it as lucid.
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    4. 00:00 Monday 2014-07-28 Competition #18 night #1 Giant drink, band room trap, stages and parties

      by , 07-28-2014 at 11:29 AM
      Dreams vague, hazy mostly. Most clear #1 at the conclusion (waking moment).

      22:30 read self-hypnosis for lucid dreaming script

      23:33 bedtime
      00:00 Monday 2014-07-28 Competition #18 night #1


      1) I'm driving some vehicle with others in it, there is a stand/road with people leading up a twisty narrow road that I need to go on, there's not room, the seated people lining the path all stand up (to honor a king?), I direct the vehicle and go up. At the top I start jumping through holes and moving through maze-like paths and tunnels, picking up keys and tags that are associated with people. At one point I think I've chosen "Pam"'s tag, I look at her and see her seated in an orchestra, she's a clarinet player, dark-ish skinned almost middle aged sort of skinny not really my type, I'm continuing searching and see some more tags on a sign for a (chinese restaurant?).

      The guy I've been paired with asks me to take him to the DMV. I do not want to and think about blowing him off, but decide that would be rude.

      I'm sitting at a long table with friends starting a party, one guy pours his homemade alcohol (I called it "airplane fuel") into my jar-cup. I'm getting drunk and commiserate my bad luck in the pairings with my friend DC:

      Me: "I got paired with a guy instead of a girl."
      DC: "I know."
      Me: "He asked me to take him to the DMV!"
      DC: "I know!"
      DC: "I KNOW!"

      I say the drink is not half-bad with the added flavoring. Friend-DC says "oh no that's the wrong way you have to drink it straight!" He prepares a new drink for me and plops it down in front of me. It's a massively giant clear mug the size of a beer keg, about 2-3 feet tall and 1 foot in diameter. It is full of the clear liquor and ice. I think if I drink this thing I'll surely die of alcohol poisoning. Everybody at the table is laughing and clapping. I'm staring at this massive mug and say "WTF?!" and do a nose pinch,.... but I'm already awake in bed and moving my physical body to do the nose pinch (and so can't breathe).

      2) I'm on on stage at a rich kid's party (saw a rich kid's fancy party IWL at a park a few days ago), I'm carrying a present from stage right to stag e left in front of the crowd. It's just the top empty carcass of a wrapped present there is no present inside, and so I call out "false alarm, false alarm, false alarm" as I move to where the rich kid is sitting. I reach there and put down the box. The spoiled rich kid opens a present, it's a board game "The Game of Life," the kid complains that she already has this game and throws it into the air and and all the play money from the game goes flying like confetti through the air. I think about this game and how (false memory) there are all these little loop-dee-loop paths that you can get trapped on unless you make a proper roll of the dice to escape.

      3) I'm at a party that's still preparing for guests. A big group of partiers arrive just as the hors d'oeuvres are brought out of the oven on baking sheets. They're mostly round dumplings, each sheet with its own color. The newcomers start gobbling down the hors d'oeuvres before they're even put onto plates, I think that's rude. I want to eat some too, but resist. I see a platter of roasted and sliced steak the middle slightly reddish/pink.

      4) it's late evening twilight I"m outside in a huge garden at a friend's house (large party?) There's nobody around I'm only in my underwear, I start running trying to get to my clothing before people come out. While running I realize there's a small girl also running right beside me she's also only in her underwear, she's sort of getting in my way. Then people come out from everywhere and get in my way.

      F1) I'm approaching sitting in theater seats on an incline. I sit down one seat away from the guy already there my explanation is that I want the aisle. He puts his feat down onto the open seat in front of him.

      F2) In a work bar looking for ChL?

      06:40 WBTB -- awake for a long time, slow getting back to sleep. Should I just get up? No, practice relaxation. I eventually sleep again. Remee goes off somewhere in here a few times? I turn it off.


      5) I'm meeting with friends/acquaintences, there's a conference going on, arranging a meeting later. I or someone is folding a piece of white paper. Reading a sign posted outside about the celebration schedule, it turns out that it started a week ago but the meeting for the night is still on. We arrange to meet on this corner. I say "this is the north west corner" and I'm thinking about compass directions and how the streets are aligned with them, that's how I come up with "north west." Later I"m driving a car on my way to this meeting, I enter an intersection on a green light turning left but cars still cross left/right as if they have a green, I'm confused by this but yield to them and make the left turn, up ahead the traffic turns right it's gridlock that's where I need to go.

      6) I'm kissing a pretty girl and sort of sucking on her upper lip (signature technique), I realize the girl is not really into it maybe I'm forcing myself on her, she's leading me to a meeting I realize this meeting is in a subterranean band room and they may trap me there for all eternity because there's no way for me to get out. Even though this event was staged in my honor, I'm concerned it's a trap so I do not attend. I'm talking to people on the ground outside and some cloth translucent fences appear around me, I'm not too concerned because I could always fly out if I have to.

      Pretty sure there were more dream scenes during the night but forgot them.
    5. 00:00 Saturday 2014-07-27 Another Gift from the Subconscious (missed!): aurora, iwinks, remee

      by , 07-27-2014 at 09:51 AM
      00:45 bedtime


      + the judge on the train car is distracted by the girl walking outside, people are paying for things at their places at the cafe

      + getting into a helicopter, thinking about altitude


      + (major face palm, swore out loud at this recall) spend time with a guy working on the aurora iwinks talking about ld count, remee settings, see his circuit boards. I'm lying in a bed in a room, I'm watching the progress of a woman outside I'm watching her through curtains, maybe she'll get into the tent. I pull the curtains aside and look outside and I see a ring of people wearing white crowns in a circle it's some religious ceremony. I'm standing in a circle of people normally dressed we're doing some sort of routine/dance, going left, going right, then "bumping" together in the center.

      Sitting down in a row of chairs I notice another guy sitting close by in another row perpendicular to mine -- his clothing is highly bright and patterned, and I see the words "Aurora" and "iWinks" on his clothing, like an advertisement. I'm excited to see this and talk to him, telling him "I've just had my 46th!" (meaning lucid dream, I'm sure he'll understand he must be into lucid dreaming, too). I take my remee off my head? My wife comes by and kisses me on the cheek, I give the guy the "ssssshhh!" signal so he won't tell my secret. My wife leaves playing / dancing with a young man.

      I'm sitting in a dark corner talking to the Aurora guy, I'm saying I'm waiting for the iWinks because it has (and we say in unison) "REM detection." I start talking about my remee settingg. We're now lying in bed (mattress on the floor) in his apartment side by side still talking about remee, I think this is a bit strange and gay, I wonder what he thinks of it. He's now with a friend on the side of the room hunched over something working on it, I "recognize" the other guy (false memory) and think I know both these two guys. I'm talking about my remee settings and he interrupts me and says that some famous guy ("Steve"?) says that 3 hours is the best interval. He offers to program my remee there's an unknown setting he has a circuit board he designed to do it. I see the circuit board it's about 3 inches by 3 inches, I wonder if he built just one or if he bought a bunch of them in bulk. I see his remee (a portion of it) strapped to his board, I see another one and pick it up to look at the label to see if it's mine.

      + kids are sliding down a snowy hill decorated with colorful lights

      + college housemate reunion I don't know anyone think about posting my years there a former housemate disagrees with me about when I was there he's only half right I calculate the years. There are young men and young women, they don't recognize me, I look at them and seem to recognize one name. I ask if they knew NI, the physics student, a good friend of mine. I think I should post the years of my attendance on the doorway to help people place when I was in the house, I think the full 4 years of college, CL (who was a housemate) says no, I realize right only the 2nd 2 years since 1st year I was in the dorms and 2 year we all lived somewhere else, he says no and gives another date range but I know I"m right this time.
    6. 00:00 Friday 2014-07-25, LDs #45, #46, Gifts from the Subconscious

      by , 07-25-2014 at 11:12 AM
      Did "everything wrong" last night: ate a big meal late, had wine fairly late, went to bed late and really full, but had some excellent dreams. Thanked my SC ala gab many times during the day yesterday for my dreaming experiences and "put in my order" for the kinds of dreams I wanted. Started asking myself "what's odd about this?" during the day after reading Patricia Keelan's bio on LaBerge's Hawaii retreat web page.

      Things I did right: ate dream-friendly lunch (almonds, turkey, cheese, tart cherries, milk, flax seed powder), exercised, day practice, added back in some PM targets (hit some, missed some).

      02:00 bedtime (argh!)

      08:42 (wake time 08:23)

      + plane hijack/crash, they're trying to knock everyone unconscious on board by the G-forces of sudden turns. I feel the turns and every time one happens people on board say "whooooooa!", I feel the blackout coming close but it never overcomes me, I think middle-aged women have taken over the plane. The plane crash lands in Southern California and I think this is a joke because it's not really an abandoned location. I walked by the plane outside now looks more like a large ocean ship I pass it by on the left, I see ahead of me there's a mirage that looks like water, there's someone else with me experiencing the mirage, but I know it's a mirage that will change as we approach closer, we step forwards and the pools of "water" resolve into the large eyes of a big moose sitting on the ground. There's a tree nearby with a well of water inside it, and the moose allows us to drink from it.

      + I see old friend DD and her mother and infant "daughter" standing at a garden fence outside a garden, I feel strong affection towards them and go to join them and say hello. DD and her old mother (a crone with a large witch nose) are walking swiftly through the aisles in the garden which has rows of tall trees laid out in a rectangular pattern. D ignores me. I hear a voice narrating a story that the nearby house (two houses joined together sharing a wall) is haunted/cursed because people used to come there for affairs. I get close to D finally and say a hearty hello but she just says "yeah, hi" sarcastically and keeps moving. I'm really hurt and angry by this rejection, I leave the garden, walking over/slamming the "gate" which is a large colourful bunch of folded paper like Christmas wrapping paper and it falls over behind me on to the ground as I stomp away, I hear D say sarcastically "good job, <my name>". I feel a bit bad because I think this was D's daughter's toy. I hear my sister's voice behind me saying "where has this happened before?", she's trying to chastise me, I'm mad and shout at her over my shoulder
      Spoiler for profanity:

      I see an advertisement for quarters (the coins) being an important part of Thanksgiving dinner (!), the quarters are rolling around on dark streets, I have a close up view, some announcer talks of the important in choosing good quarters (so that the turkey will be good?)

      + My wife and I are talking in my childhood home garage (only realize location after waking), her eyes change from brown to blue and back several times and I'm frickin astonished by this and keep trying to manoeuvre her eyes into better light to see better (SC Gift #1! I missed this one! argh! LD on a silver platter!). She walks from my left to my right and back to my left, to stand by the door, where her eyes seem to settle back to brown, she says "yeah that happens sometimes."

      + (lucid) I'm seated in a very large (outdoor?) bright theatre. I have a friend seated next to me on my left. A few rows down and to the right on a landing, only about 10 feet away, I notice 2 guys have appeared (they weren't there before) and they're singing. These guys are goofy/geeky/weird looking, wearing a lot of odd jewelry/clothing, each one is holding a microphone and singing, they have good voices and harmony, I see them very vividly. I'm thinking about how goofy they look but they probably get girls because they're in a band. An aide(s) starts walking by us up the stairs in the aisle, they're holding prizes, one of them is a large drawing (1m by 2/3m about) colorful (crayon) drawing of something (ship/balloon?) with the word "Dream" or "Dreamer" clearly written (printed) on it (SC Gift #2!), some of the letters are reversed (the "d" and/or the "r"). I think "really? I've been seeing so many t-shirts recently with "dream" written on it, might as well RC," I do a nose pinch and some air leaks through but it seems mostly closed. Hmm, I'm a bit confused, I try pinching harder and breathe again, the air is mostly blocked but some still gets through. I decided to try gravity, I jump a bit into the air and float slowly down, Aha! Yes this is a dream! I run up the steps to the aides who are a few rows above us now, and tear off the poster from the easel and bring it back to my seat, I want to save it for later when I wake up . I then climb up some steps looking about the theatre (more of an amphitheatre), it's filled with people. I'm looking for a CG for a smooch. I settle on one and give her a quick kiss I do not want to engage for too long though. I keep walking, and see a CG blonde with a cream dress, maybe late 20's early 30's. I sit with her and put my hands up her shirt. There are multiple layers and I go under about 3 before I feel the skin of her back. I'm concerned my hands are cold and I don't want to shock her so I put my hands back on top of one layer of clothing. After a bit I put my hands back to the skin and move them around to the front. Her clothing is really tight on top of my hands.
      Spoiler for 18+:

      I wake up. Argh! I'm sleeping on my stomach so I think that explains the unclear/partially blocked nose pinch. Try to relax and go back in but too excited/awake.

      Probably 2 hours awake at least, drifting/snoozing, doing counting breaths, SSILD, relaxation, trying to get back to sleep, get the "I WILL LD if I can fall asleep again" feeling, I think about getting up for the day but I don't give up, keep relaxing, and eventually sleep...


      + (lucid) Indoors in some random house, well-lit. I'm rubbing my left hand in circles on my son's right shoulder, he's intently watching a TV/microwave, I realize I'm dreaming but feel my awareness is at the bottom of a well, very unstable, just keep rubbing and rubbing his shoulder and eventually feel substantial enough to move, and start walking a bit into the scene. I find myself standing at a white square small ceramic sink with no faucet in a non-descript room , and I'm running my hands around the back corners of the sink (left hand on left side/corner, right hand on right/back corner) back and forth, to stabilize. I decide I will do sivason simultaneous focus and try to maintain focus on both my dream body and the dream environment and walk towards a door but immediately feel very dizzy/unstable. Stand still, more hand rubs. Things stabilize a bit. I start walking down the hallway, it is my current IWL home. I think about going out the front door, decide to jump out the kitchen window. Walk down the corridor, turn left into the kitchen, the window is there (wrong kind of window), through the lower panes I see the bright sunlit outside, I don't hesitate and immediately run towards the left window pane and dive headfirst through it, don't feel any glass, the world orientation sort of rotates and swirls a bit to simulate my dive then I'm on the ground outdoors, "COOL!" I think. The ground is made of the same floor / ceiling tiles as the kitchen, then things start fading, I think just a moment and the scene will clarify to a proper street scene, then I wake up.

      This was a notable LD because it probably was just a waking moment and I was able to hold on to it and turn it into a proper multiple-scene (if short) LD with a cool dive out the window.

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    7. 00:00 Thursday 2014-07-24 murder mystery, toy store, automatic cheese slicer, crazy racquetball

      by , 07-24-2014 at 07:44 AM
      23:53 3mg melatonin
      00:02 pre-bedtime
      00:15 (?) bedtime
      many interruptions family coming home late
      trying desperately to get to an earlier, regular sleep schedule

      01:00 (?) asleep?

      remee on, same settings (4.5 hr / 5 minutes / 100% brightness)
      I notice remee I think in a dream, color is grey/white, it wakes me up eventually I may have been in the dream the first time but in the void

      dreams all night long, but no recording until final waking: a fair bit of recall survived:


      + murder mystery my partner double crosses me with another partner but we double-double cross him, my gun only shoots red currant berries. I'm in a low-lit apartment with my male partner looking for clues in a murder case. I see two oatmeal cookies on a table wrapped in plastic, I pick them up, the package is opened, I think it's OK to eat them and offer one to my partner. Walking down a hallway I'm trying to shoot my partner with my gun but the only thing that happens is that red current berries appear on his body. My back is up against the door and he says "we two have killed you!" and a woman (another partner?) appears behind him and he intends to kill me. I say "No, John, *we* two have killed *you*" and the woman shoots him in the head.

      + entering a science museum, I think we may get in without having to pay

      + the toy/model/hobby store has moved to smaller quarters at the end of the row, they only have pre-fab construction toys no models, lots of lego battery holding pieces. I'm standing in the store, it's very small with high counters, there are a number of sales people in the store and other people. All around the walls up high are mounted the example toy kits they sell. I think that they no longer sell any models, only pre-made construction kits like erector sets, lego, etc. The store has moved to smaller quarters so they don't have room for everything. The floor is uneven, there is a large uneven "pothole" in the middle of the floor (emerging dreamsign) that you have to step into to move from one side of the store to another. I'm fascinated and look closely at weird lego pieces that hold batteries: C battery sized, CR2032 (round) sized, some tiny batteries. I think these are cool lego pieces.

      + in an open kitchen, the appliances are making funny noises, I watch the automatic cheese slicer in action in the refrigerator. I see the cheese slicer in action, the refrigerator is small a little larger than a dorm refrigerator, the cheese slicer is in the upper left area, you put in a chunk of cheese and it repeatedly cuts it into perfectly even slices, then once finished it plops the stack of sliced cheese down to the next level. I think that only a machine can cut such perfectly level pieces, by hand and knife a person wouldn't do such a good job.

      + I cry face to face with the creepy girl doll/fairy thing that there will be no more of her kind for all eternity. She has teeny tiny teeth like a small animals. She has white/blonde hair.

      + talking about paper vs. plastic in the grocery store, waiting in line for a free cashier. There are 3 lines and I'm standing in one of them, but when another cashier comes free the person in line offers me their spot.

      + crazy racquetball: doubles with older women: sesame seeds on the floor, multiple service lines, the old woman serves raw meat instead of the ball. I'm in the right rear corner thinking about how I'll warm up: backhand shots hitting high to the front wall in the corner so that the ball will return to me. On one straight shot where the ball is returning to me it takes a funny bounce: I get down on the floor to look and I see there are a number of white and black sesame seeds, and point these out to the people in the court. The court is mostly normal (white walls, rectangular) except there are 4 service areas painted on the floor back to back. The women are choosing which one to serve from, I say that I'm used to playing on courts with only one or two such areas (false, real courts only have one service area). Standing behind the women waiting for them to serve the woman tosses me a large chunk of raw pink meat (like turkey meat), I hit/toss it and it sticks to the front wall, the woman cackles "thanks for the points!"

      + I attack incoming (zombie orcs?) with my elven sword, my partner wants their pants, I see 3 pairs of my jeans on hangers. I feel bad about chopping and stabbing at these pitiful creatures, my shiny silver sword doesn't seem to be doing much damage. Their paints are all torn up in shreds so my friend won't get any pants from them. My jeans are hanging on hangers/bars, two pairs look dirty/older, one pair looks newer, I wonder what size I bought.
    8. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-07-22 epic long multi-sleep-cycle recall

      by , 07-22-2014 at 08:40 AM
      Another awesome multi-sleep-cycle dreaming night with good retention, woohoo just need to start converting these to lucids somehow.

      Will fill in details later when I have a real keyboard

      16 minutes of voice recorder notes. Remee on, first waking came just about exactly at remee signal interval (4.5 hours)

      + escape from the bad boys to the golf course (near-epic)

      + signing a contract to take care of the doctors baby for 2 weeks for free

      + my kids catch me with NSFW content on the laptop and unclothed lying on the living room floor, very embarrassing

      + KS's father allows me in the club, luxurious and crazy tennis, exchanging gifts with Arnold Schwarzenegger

      + attack on our club I am a newbie with a shotgun getting advice from a veteran I shoot an opponent starting the war

      + playing chess he's really pushing his pawns my pieces are not yet on the board put them there use queen to back up my pawn break

      + tennis test I pass with faster and faster and more and more accurate volleys I may play Ivan Lendl I go lok for my shoes and socks to get ready to play

      + elevator in the hardware store they're evacuating go outside it's cold/rainy need to get back to the other section of the store which is far away
      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    9. 00:00 Thursday 2014-07-17 LD #44, elevator mansion, bricks, tank, plane, CG musician/hooker

      by , 07-17-2014 at 09:15 AM
      + I've learned how to control the super tank weapon: I can shoot it without the tank recoiling hundreds of yards, this will lead to massive advantage in battle. The secret is that you must drive the tank forwards while firing the weapon, then you will maintain your position. I see a field of tanks in the distance firing the weapon (sort of orangeish beams of energy) and all the tanks suffer huge recoil, zipping backwards far distances.

      + Cars are going off the road and through the curtain, I'm waving them back on to the road

      + I see industrial buildings in the distance: half-constructed, or abandoned

      + The bricked yard is dirty (later realize this is IWL parent's house front yard), I see dirt along the edge of the ground/house, and in the corner, I think I should at first vacuum it but who uses a vaccum cleaner in the yard? I think a leaf blower is another good option, you can gently pulse it (otherwise the dirt will just fly all over the place), making neat piles of dirt that you can then sweep up easily, the ground will be really clean.

      I move to the brick porch and brush some dirt away from the bricks with my hands. I notice that there is a HOLE in the brick patio, like several layers of bricks have fallen out, there is sort of a construction skeleton showing where the bricks used to be, below the patio there is only air going far below.

      I'm looking up above me now at the ceiling, thinking how to fill in the bricks that have fallen out. There is a rectangular section needing to be filled in, it looks like 1 1/2 bricks are needed in a repeating pattern, , I'll need to form 1/2 bricks somehow, then use mortar and fill them all in. I'm pushing bricks and chunks of dried mortar in to place but they're not holding, a single brick falls down, I watch it fall far into the air below me, where it strikes a massive brick castle/building, which starts then to collapse. I mean, come on, just one brick? The building slowly, entirely collapses in on itself into rubble, Uh Oh! Well, that couldn't have been a very safe building to begin with, if just hitting it with a single brick can destroy it, the same thing could happen just by walking around inside it, it was a very unsafe building! Also, the building was only recently excavated/discovered, and the sponsor of the excavation can't be mad because it was only just discovered.

      + I'm writing a message on paper, my lines are not horizontal, I see that they are sloping down and to the right. I move to the next line and try to aim to be horizontal but it's still slanting to the right. I write the letter "a" in script, look at it, think it doesn't look much like an "a" and try again. I then think I should continue writing down and to the right so that the rest of the line can be level at least, I think about drawing an arrow from the spot where I stopped to the where I'm going to start to show the flow of reading.

      + I'm sitting in a booth across from a beautiful blonde wearing blue jeans, I think we're parting, I want her contact information because she will probably become a very famous musician, I love her music and want to stay in touch with her. Is she a hooker? I don't want her to think me asking her information means I want to call her like a hooker. I think I'd better just go, I feel very poignant at this parting, she's sitting besides me now, I reach over with my right hand and gently touch her knee/leg (on her blue jeans), say "goodbye", stand up and go, I go forwards, turn around the end of a low barrier and walk back the other way, looking at her one last time, wondering if she'll be looking at me, and I see she is, but she's wearing really big Elton-John style sunglasses.

      I now think I'm on an airplane, I'm walking by aisles of people sitting down. Look at some of the women, hey that's not just cleavage, that's a fully exposed boob! See several of these, move on, I need to get off the airplane, I can feel it moving, starting to taxi to takeoff. I need to get off, I'm not going to fly to the destination. How can I contact the captain? I speak to a flight attendant, can I get off? I think so and I anticipate going to my favorite Thai restaurant (I think I'm in Seattle) and getting pad thai, that will be awesome.

      There is a line of people arranged in two rows standing facing each other, there is some sort of force field protecting the aisle between them (this is the way off?) children will go first. I see someone touch the field and see a big electrical flash and hear a ZZZZZZap!

      + I'm on a huge voice controlled elevator, like a massive freight elevator but in a really big fancy mansion in the contemporary/modern style. My son has directed the elevator to go to the showers. He asks me how I know it's moving, I can feel the gravity effects changing and say that's how you know. I catch a glimpse of outside (elevator has clear/glass walls?), like a canyon. I turn towards the door of the elevator and say "<Son>'s room", then exit into a large hallway with modern/tall/glass doors. I expect to see an indicator of some sort and indeed to the left down the hallway there is a large square indicator blinking. I walk there and enter the room.

      The room is huge decorated in modern/contemporary style, low lighting but not too dark, I see very many things spread out through the open space, walk through, see a huge captain's chair raised up off the floor and think this must be the media/movie chair the screen must be in the wall across from it, turn around a corner into another huge area, my son points out the "spikey ball pit" which I see in the distance barely, I think we're going to see his bed, I get lucid and am still here in this same room, I wonder at the solidity, the clarity, it's completely stable, but I feel compelled to retrace my steps, I leave the room and walk past the elevator (not noticing it) into a large outdoor open area where there are people moving around doing things, kicking a soccer ball, I want the to go away so I can (summon a girl?), I wave my hand across the scene willing them to vanish, and when I put my hand down I feel satisfied, the scene is empty of DCs now. I continue walking forwards, and reach behind me and summon the musician/hooker/blue-jeans/blonde and vaguely note that she's holding my hand as I continue walking forwards. I reach a corner and sit down on a sort of bench, all decoaration is gone, walls/floors are white and featureless. I start taking a dump, things are a bit loose. A woman approaches and picks up a laptop case located right next to me and walks away, hey is that my laptop? I'm not sure. If it is, what will I do, I'm here for a job and I'll need my laptop to get work done. I notice two CGs seated right in front of me, I start to appreciate their features and think I should get down to business but then the dream ends.

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    10. 00:00 Wednesday 2014-07-16 lots of fun dreams, some nice kisses

      by , 07-16-2014 at 07:48 AM
      + sliding down a super steep sandy hill to an ocean beach where I walk out to catch a glimpse of the special lobsters and get attacked by gangsters. I'm standing at the top of the hill observing the beach/ocean and wondering if I can get down this hill. I run/slide down and decide it's not so hard. I see the water and the shore and wonder if I should swim diagonally from the point near me to the far side of the shore, or just walk along the shore, which is faster, I see a diagonal path through the water. Out on the rocks in the water on the far side of the beach I see two special/prized old lobsters. Some thugs get angry and jump me.

      + jumping through windows in a restaurant avoiding/fighting thugs. I'm indoors and looking for a way out, I see a window with a screen door over a sink, I hop up open the window push out the screen and do a front flip out of the window.

      + the sterling silver tea set is on the ground outside the garage door where anybody could steal it, I move it inside the garage and make space for it. What was it doing outside, anyway?

      + a girl has the remote control for the satellite launch, it takes a few circles overhead before it's pointing the right direction and heads for space. It's about 1 meter square and full of tubes and space-y looking things.

      + (movie?) a guy is talking about the alien raining-fire attack, he hid under a low platform but his friends were only two wet spots left on the ground because they didn't make it in in time

      + The movie theatre interrupts the movie before the end to announce someone lost a watch, everyone in the theater has to help, I find it, I see a patron dressed up as an alien with boobs on her neck. It's a fairly normal looking and sized movie theater, it's still fairly dark inside when they interrupt the movie it's not entirely clear if it's finished yet, we're looking for the watch, I bend down and peer between various rows of seats, against the left wall of the theater I see a watch on the ground, it's a ladies watch with diamonds in the face and a diamond studded band, I hold it in my hand and look for an usher, I find one and give it to him. I see people sitting in the theather, including a woman with an alien costume which is a strange neck attachment making her neck look very tall and impossibly thin in places, she pulls this down to reveal two magnificent breasts, one on each side of her neck, I look at her a few times.

      + Standing in an outdoor area, I walk right up to the tall, beautiful star, who is standing to the side by herself, she is one of three beautiful stars (of some program?) and boldly kiss her for a while. I take her upper lip between mine and just feel it there for a while sort of moaning in pleasure, it feels absolutely fantastic, I wake up with my pillow between my lips I want to DEILD and just relax and re-enter the dream but non-lucid:

      + re-enter dream and now she's furious with me, she walks into an outdoor restaurant and complains about me to her friend, I see her yelling and pointing/gesturing towards me, when her friend glances back at me I give her a cocky wave, maybe I can get with her friend instead, they stay inside and sit down. I float through to the front observing a strange woman served on white cushions, she demands that everything served to hear is super sterile and clean. She is sitting / lying on a white couch to the right of a round table, there is a mirror image of her or another woman to the left of the table, a round white cushion with beige circumference appears and she moves to sit on top of that, I'm hovering above her looking down she stretches out on the couch with her feet towards the top and some pills appear on the couch in a pattern, she sweeps them up and swallows them.

      I'm back in the outdoor area and encounter the tall beautiful star again, she's wearing different clothes (a nice tight clingy sweater?) she's not angry with me, I kiss her again lightly a few times and decide to move on before she gets angry again, and say "I'll see you later," I'm going to look for one of the 2 other stars, I see one with another guy she seems crazy/mad so I decide to move on.

      + I'm walking in what seems like a lobby of a movie theater or a casino-carnival, I wander into a room with tables of clear plastic-topped packages of food like caviar (orange and black, on bread), I pick a package up and keep looking around, I realize this is a corporate party and it's not my company, I'm concerned someone will notice I don't belong and kick me out but nobody does, there aren't very many people, I see a woman at the front seated at the table preparing some of the dishes, some of them look like big pans of beans and I say "mmmm". I eat the caviar. I'm walking around the lobby and see an advertisement for a "bourbon bar" and think that sounds good but I can't drink because I'm driving. Farther along I see a huge open carnival area with people playing games and making lots of noise in the distance (sort of like a Circus-Circus play area with lots of game booths). I hear/imagine a booth is a girl booth where you can win some girls to take back to your room.

      Walking back I pass a booth with two pale naked Japanese ladies writing around and touching themselves, there is a totally white/pale man there he's the game organizer, I see long hair on the body of the girl to the right but realize it's just hair that has come loose from her hairdo and is lying loose on top of her body, I see the girl on the left is "wide open" and apparently using her fingers.
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    11. 00:00 Wednesday 2014-07-09 long bizarre early morning dream: "AED": fAtalistic Eternal Determinants

      by , 07-09-2014 at 10:35 AM
      22:00 3mg melatonin to help reset sleep schedule

      23:00 pre-bedtime (intention)

      23:20 bedtime (woohoo before midnight, an improvement)

      00:00 Wednesday 2014-07-09


      + long early morning dream:"AED": fAtalistic Eternal Determinants: bizarre interactions with freaky super powered beings, including being required to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the clarinet (and I don't play clarinet), and a creepy vampire baby/doll offering to make me into a vampire.

      I'm in a deep valley looking up at a very high steep cliff where there is a straight-up-and-down-vertical stairway. I'm thinking that noble/royal people travel this stairway (on some sort of a beast like a camel) on their journeys outside of the castle.

      Perspective shifts and I see more of the valley, rocks, trees, and this stairway from a different perspective.

      Perspective shifts again and I'm hovering DO, I see a huge rocky mountain lake basin in between mountains, there is not much water in the lake, a narrator tells of the water shortage, and I see this is because of a massive artificial drain in the bottom of the lake basin. This basin is a very dangerous evil aware place, anybody venturing there is killed, for example by landslides.

      I appear in a large room before 3 beings in white, 2 of them are Tony Randall, one is Jack Klugman, from the TV series The Odd Couple. These are super powered beings. A few others have been summoned with me, and we are required to play Mary Had a Little Lamb on the clarinet. I feel the instrument in my mouth and my fingers on the keys, I imagine playing the piece correctly with my fingers making patterns according to another instrument which I play. Sound does not come out correctly, I remove the instrument from my mouth almost all the way just the tip of the mouthpiece remains and I finally get a sound out of it.

      I'm summoned again and one of the beings in white is now in two parts before me on the ground, slowly moving/wiggling, mostly like two large lumps of meat with some hair but is sort of recognizable as a body, I know that the boundary between the two pieces (the axis of the division) constantly changes/rotates, so that the two pieces are made up of different body parts all the time.

      Moving in to the next room it is like a locker room but the lockers are screens looking into the world. The beings in white are commenting on something: a procession of some aspect of reality that moves from screen to screen, each time slightly changing and transforming according to their desires, they voice their approval of this process, I'm amazed at their power.

      At some point I see a screen/sign with words against a white background, I think it's describing this place/experience, (is it a TV show or reality?), 3 main words like Fatalistic Eternal Determinants, and I think the abbreviation for this is A.E.D.

      Back to the valley, there is a fight, a large military naval vessel is in the lake, I have a high hovering DO view, something attacks it and decimates it, most of the ship falls apart like it's been sliced in half, and a black thick stream made up of sailors and machines flows strongly and thickly out of the ship like blood.

      Up close scene of one of the sailors, he's on his stomach with his legs crushed underneath a massive stone cube (20-30 feet on each edge), narrator says something like "it's better to be dead than crippled because when you're crippled they'll catch up to you and kill you." The stone block then grinds along the floor over the sailor and his head pops as it covers him, crushing him entirely.

      I see clumps of thousands of huge long purple tendrils writhing (and pulling the ship apart?), this is the evil power in the valley. At one point I think you can battle this thing, but them millions more purple tendrils in multiple bunches pour out of the earth and I know it's hopeless.

      I'm crawling along some sort of outdoor walkway alongside a large building, it's dark/twilight, I'm paralyzed and don't have the use of my legs. A small baby/doll/creepy vampire being with scary eyes walks by me and offers to make me into a vampire. I'm concerned that this is a bad deal, like it's trying to trick me into a horrible fate, and I ask it several questions like "if I am not happy with this transformation, will you put me back exactly the way I was before?" Each time the thing says yes, so in the end I agree, and I feel the fangs grow in my mouth, I run my tongue over them, and (as I was secretly hoping) I can stand and walk now. I ask the vampire thing if this means I must drink blood now, and I wonder if the white super beings allow the eating of meat.

      I'm in an indoor small room with a smaller chamber in the middle of the room, I'm trying to walk through and around this to avoid all the white-clothed beings, because I know they like to cause trouble/mischief on lesser beings, but there are too many of them I can't avoid them so I just walk through, I have the thought that at these higher levels it's very perilous because there are so many of these troublemaking beings. At the other side of the room is a tray with beakers on it, one of the beings is doing something there, I go over and take control, mixing substances together in a small ornate beaker, creating some potion or something, the contents/beaker starts burning/cooking and gets a dark burned look to it, a being is standing right next to me reminding me not to forget something, I study the outside of the beaker and see a flakey/flimsy thing made out of a material like insect wings, I peel it off the beaker (and put it in?). These little things are of critical importance to levelling up, and I think the more advanced beings are blocked from progressing if the things they leave behind are not found, so they make it easy to find them.

      05:30 out of bed, can't sleep

      08:00 (?) back to bed



      + Chasing and destroying vampires, jabbing syringes of adrenaline into their eyes, the characters were from Friday Night Lights (Tim Riggins). A dog was helping us track them, we were chasing several of them and catching up to them on a hill.

      (waking 12:03)
      + I'm ready to test some equipment in the lab with (Coach Eric Taylor?), my scripts are ready, but I haven't moved them into the proper directory yet. I'm typing at the keyboard and watching the command line on the screen change, I vaguely see the letters.

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    12. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-07-08 long dreaming night, back to sleep for more

      by , 07-08-2014 at 10:27 AM
      Long dreaming night, to bed late, slept late, got back to sleep, should have gotten lucid but too tired after trip.

      + skiing downhill at night in a group, at the top of the hill was a campaign sign reading "Americans: we're not as stupid as you think we are!" it's from a candidate whom I think I know

      + playing "hide the USB wireless mouse interface in your ear!" game in a swimming pool with a large group

      + I work hard to recapture our ball in the swimming pool, tons of kids are playing, later it is a flag, I finally get it and victoriously return

      + up close view of a spices stored in a store, mostly hot crushed red pepper, some strange individual slice packing I think is really clever (one of those "you mean *that* was a dream?" dreams, felt very real)

      + The origins of Captain America: at first he's (me) a guy who just likes the suit, I try the helmet/mask on and check myself out in a mirror

      + water is building up in a diamond-shaped cabinet, I rush to get some stainless-steel cook-pots to capture and reach it just as it begins to pour out, it fills up all the pots quickly, I think about siphoning it through a green garden house down to an in-ground water storage area, but there's a guy in there held prisoner

      + in a team of young people/heroes trying to trick the evil witch into appearing, I think she does but the team just stands around

      + I'm on a 3-wheeled motorcycle slipping and sliding on a snowy road, I run into a fence, I try to figure out the best position of the front wheel to counteract the sliding (turned 90 degrees sideways seems best!)

      + arrive on an extremely urgent mission to an important adult figure who just doesn't want to hear it, we should all calm down and eat our dinner first, we start singing in harmony

      + I'm in a small movie theatre as a movie ends, I'm surprised to see about 5 other people scattered around the theatre, we all start doing "raise the roof"

      + something about my parents and lots of food

      ...and much more that forgot
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    13. 00:00 Thursday 2014-07-03

      by , 07-03-2014 at 07:44 AM
      00:00 Tbursday 2014-07-03

      01:48 bedtime, egads I'm out of control. Watching too much Friday Night Lights


      + playing my instrument in orchestra rehearsal, the conductor called out my group to play our part alone, I lost my best reed in a big container of them all looking the same

      + meet my former accountant (true IWL) RC on a street corner

      + I'm discussing with a guy who's digging out more room in his house, but the space goes under a city street, I ask about what would happen if a really heavy truck drives over the room on the street, I see a hole appear and dirt being shoveled out from the excavation.

      + I've been given access to a computer lab, where I'm not going to waste time, I'm going to write a family planning application, then WL friend MO is doing the same thing

      + two groups of people (2 guys, 2 girls) trying to stay anonymous realize the've recognized each other, it's embarrassing, one is named Marcy.
    14. light recall night, too tired?

      by , 07-02-2014 at 06:51 AM
      lost early recall, darn, it was pretty interesting:

      + swinging around athletically in some strange place with large vats with coach Eric Taylor from Friday Night Lights (one of my all-time favorite shows BTW)


      + breakfast beer with ex-gf LD. I'm sitting at the dining table with LD on my left and my mom somewhere else. LD gives me a little bottle of beer as a gift. I open it and pour 3/4 of a small juice glass for me and for LD, saying I have to drive soon so don't want too much. LD says she doesn't want any because she has to drive, so I take her glass and since I don't want more either, pour the beer from her glass back into the bottle, with my fist around the opening, it's a bit of a messy job. My mom seems really critical of LD, which annoys me. I go into the kitchen and see there are lots of rotting vegetables and rice and generally nasty pile of food garbage stuck to a spot on the dishwasher, I'm picking up piles of it with my hands and also pick up a bunch of forks and knives and throw the utensils down somewhere.

      + CD is driving the wrong way, see cats/dogs, crazy mountain baseball in a large, high rocky bowl. It's night-time and I'm in the front passenger seat of a car driven by former colleague CD. We need to be heading to downtown B, we're in the hills at the top of the street that goes by LL park. He heads higher up the hills instead, I say no we should just turn around and head down, we'll be at school in just 10-15 minutes that way, he starts turning but instead heads higher into the hills, I say "ok whatever." I see 2 cats and make some cute comment about them, also about some (imaginary?) dogs. We're driving on a dirt/grass narrow road curving to the right around some big mound to the right.

      Out of car it's daytime and playing baseball, the mound to the right is a high rocky bowl with tall steep rocky sides, the ball has been hit out of the field, I'm scrambling up the hill to retrieve it and throw it to my fielder waiting at the rim of the hills. I think/hear that you can get up to 12 points for hitting the ball out of the stadium, I wonder if we can catch the running on one of his 12 attempts at running around the bases. I reach the top of the hill and look down into the bowl, about 20 young men are arranged in an arc around the field. I'm holding on to a rock standing just on the outside of the bowl and a guy comes up behind me and tells me to "move my ass" so he can get it but I'm barely hanging on there's nowhere to move and I see other guys in less precarious situations and tell him "why don't you go tell one of them to move their ass."
    15. 00:00 Monday 2014-06-23 Epic LD sequence: teleport, fly out of void, false memory house

      by , 07-01-2014 at 07:55 PM
      00:08 bedtime

      04:11 alarm

      + burning bush, water device phone booth, walking through room a guy is trying to find a musical major triad, I hear this and think about it, E-G#-B, I wake up with these notes in my head for a long time

      2x 4mg Galantamind, 300mg Alpha GPC
      can't sleep

      07:00 (?) get up, chat with Sensei, browse DV

      08:47 BTB try for nap

      10:06 voice comments: "(hearty chuckle) Best f^&*in' lucid dream I've ever had"

      + I'm lucid, I'm slowing turning in a circle to stabilize, the faster I turn the less stable the scene is, the slower I spin the more stable, I start rubbing my hands and I wake up in bed rubbing my hands. FA? Perhaps, I don't know, back to sleep.

      + I'm lucid and doing stuff for a while, I have no idea how long, I forgot all this part, then I decide "Hey I'll teleport!" I choose my destination and will myself to be there, and the dream goes dark. Crap the void. No problem, I instantly decide to fly. I take a running start, and take off superman-style with my arms and fists stretched out before me. I expect to see moving landscape beneath me, and it soon appears! I'm flying through a cityscape, enjoying the view, it's really nice. Then I get stuck turning left! I can only turn left for a while. I think I should contact DreamViews for advice to see if anybody else gets stuck like this. Eventually I'm able to turn around (sort of like turning around at the wall when swimming, pivoting my body around) and fly off in another direction for a while...

      Then the next thing I know I'm in "my house" (false memory! Imaginary house!) I stand up and look out the window. I feel lucid right away. The view out the window is off a portion of my childhood neighborhood park. I see some pillows/cushions on the ground and these seem out of place confirming the dream state, but I'm not 100% sure. I nose pinch, about 4-5 times, each time indicating dream, and I can hardly believe, it, I can't understand how I got here. I feel so strongly that this is my house and that I'm awake. I eventually think that I must have fallen asleep while working at "my desk" and had a FA in the house and now I'm LDing. it's incredibly vivid, I really think I'm in my house. I encounter my wife and my kids, I walk around this floor a bit, see stairways, doors, it's a large open atrium area.

      I hear my wife and one of my sons arguing. Great, I think, they must be arguing in waking life and the argument is leaking over into my dream. I wonder if they come in to the place where I'm sleeping, if I see them in the dream, if I tell them to be quiet because I'm sleeping, will my sleeping body also tell them and so they'll be quiet?

      I'm downstairs in a family room/bathroom. This seems to be below street level. I'm looking out a window across a street to buildings across the street. I enter a large glass-walled shower and start taking a shower.
      Spoiler for body parts check:

      This gets me thinking....girl time! I do a behind-the-back summon for a CG, doesn't work. I hear my wife coming down the stairs, I try to get to the door first to lock it, but she comes in. She says I'm not helping to clean up the mess in the house, and leaves back out the door

      A girl comes in from a side door, blonde, built, wearing jeans and a sweater. I think I may know her. I make up a name for her and say "Hey, Lindsey!". She's bending over and I enjoy the view. Then she's right up next to me and I see her face close up. I see some acne, which when she turns her head a bit so that I can see the left side of her face, gets really really bad. I will the acne to vanish, and right before my eyes it fades out, back in for a split second, then out again and it's gone, her skin is totally clear!

      Spoiler for 18+:

      ...I wake up.


      + see AR coming down a steep driveway, I have my iphone and my ipad and I think I should lock their screens.

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