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    1. 00:00 Saturday 2014-04-19 LDs #31, #32

      by , 04-19-2014 at 11:27 AM
      23:00 bedtime

      00:00 Saturday 2014-04-19


      + LD #31 I find myself suddenly standing within a huge empty stone rectangular empty quarry like a huge pool, I knew this location was not possible to be in, and that just before I was somewhere else, and I could not be here now so I must be dreaming. No memory after that point, probably woke up. Didn't record at first, probably from earlier waking, remembered this at this (05:07) waking.

      + with wife in a rich neighbourhood talking about all the rich ladies, and how they played tennis so I told her she'd have to play tennis now, too. I make a comment with some numerical statistics (rate of higher education degrees of the lades in the neighborhood?) and a group of neighborhood rich women are walking by, my wife immediately goes up to one and says "my husband says <some numerical statistic> about you" I feel really embarrassed, but the woman thoughtfully stops and says something like "yes that's about right."

      + on a grassy hillside in the sunshine with rich people they're parting and drinking. There are picnic blankets spread out here and there. Suddenly it's like a movie fade/transition to the same scene some time later, my vision is all blurry and I think this is because I'm seeing the scene being drunk after having drunk for a while. Someone makes a comment about people's dirty butt cheeks wiping on the picnic blankets that explains why the blankets have become all crusty.

      + Introduction of a sidekick for a famous TV talk show host. He shows up and he's auditioning. He's standing right in front of me (inside a room in front of a window?), I see his face clearly and his hair he's kind of funny looking. He starts talking immediately and makes an improvised funny statement about some (rock band?) and some guy, I'm impressed by his cleverness. This is what he does on the show, me makes clever off-hand improvised remarks before the cut to commercial.

      Then I see the "show" live. It's outside on a city street. A film crew is on my side of the street the "show" is on the other side, the sidekick guy is in his "place," which is standing out the ledge outside a first story window (his feet are about 5-6 feet above street level) with his back against the two-pane (upper/lower) window. I think that's a pretty uncomfortable spot to have to stand for the whole show and think it's pretty funny. He's been the good friend and partner of the talk show host ever since, for a long time.

      The sidekick's name is something like "Ralph Michaels."

      Looking through another window where the "show" sidekick is standing, I see people inside working like at a software company, a woman is standing and (facing the window and thus me) writing something on a transparent "white board," I see the marks she's making and I hear the sqeauk squeak squeak of the marker on the board. The a big fat guy come forward and starts talking and it's like a commercial for the company,

      Was very awake at this point. Was awake in bed for a while, decided might as well WBTB properly. Got up for water/bathroom, sat on the edge of the bed for a while, thinking about the dreams, deciding I should go back to bed and resolve to recognize my dreams. Ended up thinking for a while about some of the correspondence chess games I'm playing. Bad idea, kept me awake. Decided to completely let go and aim for sleep, as I only had about 1.5 hours left in the night before the alarms would be going off.


      + at work, I had a huge desk (2 meters wide by 1 meter deep at least), I had two desk phones on the left side of the desk otherwise it was mostly empty on top. I could see beneath the top covering of the desk some pattern like computer printed circuit cards. I receive a call on my phone I see the name on the caller ID I don't answer it but realize it was a guy I wanted to talk to. I make a call? I receive another call which I answer and there is a deep male voice there asking who it was just called him, I'm a bit confused I say it might have been me but it must have been a wrong number, sorry. I stand up and recognize a (real memory) former colleague walking by me, he does a slow big walking circle (counter clockwise) around my desk without stopping. I say "wow this company must be really big because I haven't run in to you for a long time. What are you working on these days?" His answer, something like "the graph system is close to working."

      I enter the area behind my desk (to my back when I'm facing my desk) it is unlit and dark but it's not too hard to see. The area is filled with many rows of desks with computers and lots and lots of people, mostly kids and families, at the computers, they're all full, I'm frustrated because I need to use one of those computer systems the laptop on my desk isn't powerful enough for what I need to do, I say to my manager who's standing right there "with all the kids around I can't use any system."

      There's a group standing there, I notice one older woman looks topless, she's stretching her arms up over her head and I notice an odd large nipple, it's not a pretty sight. I keep looking and she seems to be dressed the more I look.

      There are girls around I notice, I grab one from behind with both my arms around her I think she's slightly trying to pull away at first. I turn her around hoping to see a pretty face and when she's facing me and I see her eyes I kiss her, I feel the familiar "zing" (adrenaline?) and fade quickly to awake.


      Lying in bed dozing after the alarms have gone off (I went back to sleep I realized while my wife went in to the shower), I felt very relaxed and saw jumbles of dark color blobs flashing before my eyes, which usually only happens when extremely fatigued and at bed time not waking time. I saw lots of HI / forming dreams. And one of them fully formed:

      + (lucid #32) I realize I'm in a formed dream. It looks like a hospital/medical room. I say "If this is a hospital then a cute nurse will come through that door right now". Right on cue, the door opens and a female nurse comes throutgh the door, and turns to the right and moves on. I get excited from my "wish" coming true and I wake up.

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    2. 00:00 Thursday 2014-04-17

      by , 04-18-2014 at 06:42 AM
      23:34 pre-bedtime


      + shocked awake after plugged something in and there was a huge electrical POP like the power in the apartment shorted out and all the lights go out.


      + playing a board game(?) with young people, they're setting it up so that I lose, a fantasy game of some sort

      + looking out over a huge deep valley spreading out before me I'm standing in a high place, I think this would be a great place to fly, but I don't because I think I wouldn't have enough energy to fly back up

      + being in an outdoor/nature area (like a camp), there are people and a counselor, counselor is saying we'll go on a trip/hike, I'm concerned about getting out of the camp area since we have a car he says it could be hours and hours of traffic because there's only one road out of this area, I'm trying to figure out exactly when I need to leave so I can get out at the right time.

      + I have some new property, there's an area in the corner where people come inside and shoot off guns. I go to that area and look for bullets on the ground, and see two holes shaped like baseball bats with something brass colored and shiny at the bottom, I think they're bullets. I imagine I'll come out to this area with a shotgun if anybody tresspasses and I'll noisily cock the shotgun to scare the trespassers away.

      + in a gas station with (parents?) there's a shelf of cleaning supplies, I'm going off on the road, and the parents will continue on their own? I look up into the hills and see a wooded mountain and a road winding its way along and think this is the road I need to go on.
    3. 00:00 Friday 2014-04-18

      by , 04-18-2014 at 06:34 AM
      Pretty crappy recall night. Late to-bed probably the reason. Also did Nailler's pre-bed PM routine again. Coincedence?

      00:00 Friday 2014-04-18

      01:15 bedtime. Wow terrible super late

      + I'm buying a bunch of little cheap things (stamps? coins?) and my dad says the bank called him to verify these transactions

      + I create an eye splice in a piece of rope (?) and my wife re-does it?

      + I'm playing with a suction cup wheel (more of a cylinder, very wide) trying to get it to walk down a glass wall, it doesn't stick at first then it starts working

      08:20 get up
    4. 00:00 Wednesday 2014-04-16 light sleep, many wakings, lots of short, bizarre dreams

      by , 04-16-2014 at 07:54 AM
      23:30 bedtime

      00:00 Wednesday 2014-04-16

      I tried RILD (rhythmic WILD) with swimming motion a few times through the night but either I'm not tired enough or don't do it long enough, or too many distractions so it doesn't seem to work. Set alarms for every hour starting from 04:00, I notice two of them, turn them off entirely at 06:00 since I'm feeling really tired and not well rested. Alarm includes a buzz which with the phone under my pillow is quite jarring. I don't like alarms! Have to get intention to wake up working again.

      Very low awareness with the exception of the mask/mirror/kitchen scene where I feel like "me" but with no memory at all.


      (dreamtime around 01:30)

      + in hotel/motel with wife, she says let's go home for two days, I wonder about keeping our reservation while we're away. Pulling out onto the road in the car (I'm driving), there's a sign across the street about it being disallowed to pick the flowers.

      (dreamtime not sure? 03:00 - 04:00?)

      + break up a fight between kids, outdoors suburban environment lots of trees around. One kid is sitting down with his back against (a tree/wall). It is the young face of a boy scout from my old troop. I study his face, I see it entirely very very clearly. He is wrinkling his face up a bit then stops. Thinking about (someone says?) how faces change during adolescence, he has that funny "adolescent" nose, somewhat out of scale with his face. I focus closely on his face skin, it becomes textured and crusty like tree bark, I see the crust fairly closely, including the edge of the crust, like it's a layer on top of his normal face.

      Inside the house there are groups of kids we're detaining for some reason.

      I get into a shower with one athletic shoe on (right foot) to wash it. I have clothes on, I notice my t-shirt The shoe is very uncomfortable once it's wet, I'm looking at that wet shoe on my foot and flexing my foot/toes within the wet shoe.

      Outside in the garden we're talking about the car -- should it go for maintenance service to the shop or should we try to fix it ourselves?

      + playing basketball with black kids on a professional / college court in a stadium

      + Outdoors/daytime/tree-lined city streets. I have my dog (as a puppy) in my hands and I put him in a basket in my "car" (which is like a child's wagon or toy pedal car) to take him home. Across the street to the left I see a small young girl alone/crying walking on the sidewalk like she's lost. I get out of the car and go to her, I pick her up and walk back along the sidewalk, find her mother, give the child to her, the child is like a doll, and seems to be made from two slices of steak.

      I return to my car, and my dog is gone. I look through the basket I put him in several times and confirm he's gone. I walk through the neighborhood looking for him I see lots of other dogs. Look for dog in apartment complex on hill, find girl in apartment with her dog, girl and I connect? I get the idea she will not commit.

      + I'm holding a large complex tall rubber mask. There are fitted eye slits in the mask, I pull off the covers of the eye slits they're covered by a thin filmy squishy sort of wet gel, I put down the wrinkled gel covers on the counter and look at them for a while. I put the mask on my face and look in the mirror. I adjust the mask so my eyes show out through the eye slits, it looks fairly creepy with my "staring" eyes looking out of the mask. There is a tall green rubber part of the mask that must be put on over your head. My dad didn't want to put on the mask.

      I'm standing behind parent's stove (not possible as in WL it's against the wall), my mom wants me to cook the french fries I'm very confused about what she wants me to do, I see little bins of spices and ingredients right under my face next to me on the back of the stove, I see strange shaped and sized cooking pans and a container of about 20 french fries, doesn't seem like there's much to cook.

      + in car with folks in downtown B near U I drive off the curve onto the street but the car does not bounce too strongly, I miss the last right turn and the remaining streets are all left one way only so I'm going to have to go way around the blocks to the left to get where we need to go

      + fight against transformers (low quality cartoon visual of opponent robots), my team wants to run when they see them, I am confident and run into battle, I jab a power staff into the ground strongly and this blasts all the enemies. I enter a room right there through a glass wall, I know the pillow cat we're looking for is there, I ignore it, the people are abstract and made out of inflatable pillow/cushions on a bed, I grab a "girl" being, turn her over, and run my tongue in a circle around where it's "mouth" should be, and around its "girl parts."
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    5. 00:00 Tuesday 2014-04-15

      by , 04-15-2014 at 06:33 AM
      23:12 bedtime

      00:00 Tuesday 2014-04-15


      + superhero flying/gliding/"spider" man. Flying/gliding down from parent's house. Some awesome high speed flying as approaching the city below, flying right through power lines I think I might hit some but know I'll make it through, land and ask about finding some place, there's a field of sand down the road.

      Back at the house we're preparing the spider. My "power" is holding a very poisonous big (about the size of a fist) spider in a bag with me. I'm teaching my apprentice how to catch/lead the spider from their lair (in a bottle?) into the bag, leading it with some lure. The spider jumps on my right shoulder/face I feel it's claws digging in, I say get it in the bag! The apprentice grabs it using the bag and then squeezes/squishes the bag hard I say "No, you've killed it!" and the spider poison leaks out onto the ground forming a black pool.

      Our cat comes up and starts licking/drinking the poison. I say "you've killed our cat!" the cat starts going into noisy convulsions and dying, it does this for a while, I say "well call the <emergency?> and find out how to ease its suffering."

      I'm shaking the big sack/bag because I think the spider is just inside at the top, I keep shaking it and looking to see if I shook it down to the bottom, I'm doing this for a while until I realize it must have gotten out of the bag. I see it scurrying away on the floor and hiding underneath furniture, etc, I'm going after it pulling the house items out of the way to expose it and trying to catch it.

      I'm outside on the deck talking with a woman discussing flying strategy/plans what's the best route to take to fly down to the city.

      + See friend DD I'm very happy to see him, he sort of drifts away, he smiles I see his teeth, they're distorted and long with brown roots like horse teeth, I think "he's gone long in the tooth," I see TZ with a distorted weird head on a tiny body.

      + MS from work, we're in car, all of a sudden in a casino, I hear the "ching ching ching ching ching!" of a slot machine, he's asking me what game is best to make his money last the longest, I'm trying to clarify what his gaming goals are.

      + wine bottles in restaurant/winery, I'm talking to representative there, they already have an exclusive bottling deal, I say how about I buy barrels of wine from them and bottle it myself, I see, touch, hold, look at bottles of wine from the shelf of the place, reading the labels, some dry red, some dessert red, imaginary grape names? I think a bottle may hold white wine but it turns out is also red.

      + sailing, see mansion garden in the distance with two sailboats, each circling around in their own pond, one (both?) have red sails. I'm talking about sailing with someone, trying to get another person interested in sailing, I say just take them out and get the experience of running into the wind, it's very exciting, I imagine it, then "hoisting the main jib?" (was thinking of spinnaker but not all ships have those) and just relaxing and going with the wind (and eating a sandwich?).

      + falling asleep in morning: thinking about levels of chess ability, see hillside of mixed green and brown grasses, something about needing to get/see the green grass.
    6. 00:00 Monday 2014-04-014

      by , 04-14-2014 at 07:05 AM
      22:40 initial bedtime, churning stomach (ate too much too close to bedtime)
      23:00 ? took 1mg melatonin

      00:00 Monday 2014-04-014


      + lots and lots of sharks and shark attacks, and action on boats

      On a boat with crew, (hunting sharks? Not actively...), some guy comes on criticizing us for hunting sharks, I say to him would you love the sharks if they were biting your baby? I see a scene of a baby sort of bouncing in an out of a shark's jaws.

      + On the river with boats

      + jogging on the deck of a cruise ship

      + see sharks just below the surface in the rough (shaped) water.

      + clever sharks: they only leave bite marks (I see various bite marks on parts of the ship) then disappear.

      Weak memory probably earlier awakening.


      + playing volleyball in a room with kids but we're using a bathrobe instead of a ball, it keeps getting hung up on the net, it's hard to push over the net. I see my opponent's arms (a girl?) come over the net to my side and I call foul. A bunch of kids come to my side to help, they're lined up in row.

      + walking through a mall, we walk by an open store that used to be something else I think. We arrive at the TV place, my wife is singing to get someone's attention, she goes up to a worker and grabs her arm and shakes her to get her to serve us (she's already serving someone else), I'm really embarrassed by this The woman does not want to deal with my wife, she says we should have read the information she sent us ahead of time before coming in. The TV woman says when we switch to digital they will remove the pixelated duplicated channels (to be replaced by the true digital versions).

      + looking outside a window, I think I'm being observed from people behind windows across the street, I can't see anybody at first but then I see people behind the windows holding up mobile phones and tablets pointing them at me. I'm crouching down behind some girders trying to avoid being seen.

      + in a room with students writing tests, one guy is writing with his pencil in his mouth I think that means he's disabled, but I see his hands work. I get a pencil and paper, I drop my pencil, I'm looking over a counter at a girl I think I dropped my pencil on her side but she says "there it is," and I look on the ground and see my pencil near my feet.
    7. 00:00 Saturday 2014-04-12

      by , 04-13-2014 at 03:21 PM
      22:19 bedtime (super super tired)

      00:00 Saturday 2014-04-12

      01:00 <<- first early waking recall in a while!

      + outdoors picnic? People are saying do you remember this picture? I do remember it. A scene with (LH, B mayor?)? There's a storm coming


      + skiing down very steep snowy hills, I'm thinking a lot about skiing technique. Bright sunny outside. I'm jump turning my skis keeping them parallel, go down very steep, I jump out at one point to make a turn and instead of landing on the snow again I'm floating straight down for a long distance hovering above the (very steep) hill. Slide on butt down to the bottom of the hill amidst trees, notice I'm wearing plastic shower sandals as bindings, I walk back up the hill, I see a small strange thing (like a hornet's nest) at the top, I see inside it with its holes and chambers. I see a bear foot track in the snow. I think the nest belongs to GG (boy scout).

      + (Long detailed dream) dance party, dance with sister she says B.O. Want to slow dance with the high school short girl with the weird squished eyes, but I think she's too short for me. My mother, dad's cousin GL, and sister are on the dance floor, I dance with my sister, she says I have two kinds of B.O.? I look down at my chest and stomach (no shirt on) and imagine washing it. There's a girl in a public tub she's topless it turns out. I'm in room with other kids I jump/fly all the way across the room and force pull a toy lightsaber off of the ground into my hands and swing it around a while. I'm chased for a while by a girl brandishing a pool cue I think she wants to stick it up my butt.

      + wine on bus I'm chaperone. I'm pouring the glasses for the students, it's red wine, I"m being careful not to give too much.

      + in group bedroom with other young people, someone mentioned windows OS and I make a joke and say "windows is as excellent as it is an operating system." I mean to imply it is not excellent and is not areal OS, I plug earphones into clock by my bedside, I flick the switch on the clock on and off and look for the difference in lighting on the clock and barely notice the difference between on and off.

      + veterinarian's office, some guy twirling guinea pigs around inside a towel/cloth, I say poor guinea pigs, you shouldn't do that, he lets them out they climb over my back, I find out I really stink, I find I have very dirty underwear, I'm freaked out by this I realize it must have been when the guinea pigs climbed over me they peed right onto my pants at my butt

      + contest, in a group (kids + teacher?) in a driveway a few houses down FL from HC, how far can I throw the apple, at bus stop near S & FL, throwing down the back side of FL, there are trees overhead there are a few openings I'm trying to aim for the openings and really throw far, but the apple only goes about as far as the last thing before it splats on the ground, I think my throwing arm really has deteriorated.
    8. 00:00 Friday 2014-04-11

      by , 04-13-2014 at 02:48 PM
      23:03 bedtime

      00:00 Friday 2014-04-11


      + beer & alcohol with (boy scout buddies?), some party? Ordered and picked it up, was drinking bottles from the refridgerator but everything was warm. I was opening container after container, beer, vodka, some guy was there, (JC?).

      + basketball, I'm at an outdoor court and make a layup approach dribbling the ball, I jump to make a dunk and I jump really high, my head goes higher than the top of the backboard, and I make the dunk.

      + fans in the orphanage place. In a building (orphanage?) I see many large hair-dryer-type fans embedded into the walls and ceiling. Something about forming football teams from the people there.

      + racquetball with Christmas trees, playing, huge groups, I see tiny marble sized RQB dribble by me at a "corner" on the right rear of the court, I position my racquet to return it as soon as it clears the wall but by the time it does it's already on the ground, I say "aw, man!". I play several points against a guy, I'm serving from around a "corner" the "right rear corner" of the court, I'm thinking it must be really hard to serve from here as a right-handed player. I make a soft lob serve which fools my opponent, and the other time he gets it. A big bunch of people arrive for a team game, they're in two different uniform styles, one is blue&red, the other different colors (which I think is my team). I'm giving instruction, I think they're normally tennis players, because I emphasize that you must use your wrist with the RQB racquet, I demonstrate, and say don't try to use the power from your elbow/shoulder like you normally do in tennis. I show the write technique several times. I show them the wrist tethers, I say "these are useful..." and a DC says "...so that your racquet doesn't go flying across the room", I say "that's right," I put it on and twist the racquet and demonstrate. I'm wondering how we can play a decent game with all these people, it will be very crowded.

      There's a Christmas tree (or two?) in the court. I say "we should clear out these trees." They're in Christmas tree stands, I'm trying to move one, and when I lift it the tree lifts right up out of the stand. While I'm trying to put it back in I notice that the trunk of the tree was not previously set into the center of the stand, it went off to the sides, the reason for that is that there were lots of little branches still attached to the bottom trunk. I'm trying to put the tree back in to the stand and I think perhaps I should first pour out the water.

      + car parking car is turning from busy traffic into a parking lot to the right, another car skidded to a top almost hitting us going by on the right hand side. Driver of our car is an older man we go into a parking lot trying to find a parking place
    9. 00:00 Thursday 2014-04-10 (#2)

      by , 04-13-2014 at 02:33 PM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-04-10 (#2) (not sure of the first one dated the same day these records seem to be the correct one for this date)


      + cat inspection: parent's house standing at sliding glass door looking out onto deck. 1 cat is there on deck, second cat comes around. Either I or 1st cat ask the 2nd cat to lift up its arms so we can inspect it the 2nd one refuses it thinks that is demeaning, we see curly fur on the belly of the 2nd cat.

      + music famous musical guy off parent's deck looking down at the fruit tree there's a procession around the tree, people carrying laundry detergent. Famous old black jazz musician is down there too, I have a plastic greenish clear cup, I'm trying to get the musician's attention, I have a question about music

      + TZ is playing a musical conclusion, she's playing arpeggios on the piano, C major then a B, she's complaining that of course she made a mistake.

      + In parent's kitchen, I'm concerned about some guys, I'm looking for special water, I pull a bottle down from the spice cabinet and pour myself a glass.

      + maps, flyover map
    10. 00:00 Sunday 2014-04-13

      by , 04-13-2014 at 10:40 AM
      + My good friend MR broke up with his hot Italian girlfriend (fake memory), who ran an apartment complex, and had a circular lounge with chairs arranged in a circle outside the rooms, I think of pulling her up from a chair and hugging/kissing her

      + I'm walking down the street with grass clippings (like blown from a power mower) all over my clothing (I can also see my back!), I brush it off, a man offers to help brush them off of me

      + I'm assembling my instrument, I'm talking with others who play the same instrument, we compare the funny parts of our instruments, mine has a part that is partially made from a plastic straw

      + I'm arriving to childhood home (didn't recognize it in the dream) into the back porch, and a very short many is leading away a woman (my customer?) from the house giving her a sales pitch ("... <something> 3500 <something>..."), he's looking at me knowing he's stealing a customer of mine

      + In a rich house, people are eating, I see a tray of food with a transparent cover, at first I think it's dessert, then I lift the cover and see odd little pizzas, and a few strands of spaghetti

      + (in same party?) there's a woman with a fox-like face, we (almost?) connect...
    11. 00:00 Thursday 2014-04-10

      by , 04-09-2014 at 07:22 AM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-04-10

      00:27 bedtime

      09:20 out of bed

      + swimming in the foggy ocean with John Kerry and friends JT and DT -- John Kerry makes a daring head-first dive into the water missing a (barely) submerged boulder by inches. I'm changing into my swimsuit but don't want DT to see me, I tell her to look away for 5 seconds, I'm pulling up my suit counting to 5 but it gets caught on my feet and I tell DT not to look. I was trying to find a place to change but the shallow water (amongst boulders) was full of crayfish/lobsters.

      + in Church with JT and DT. There is a counter in the middle of the room with tall stools around it as I approach people fill the stools I'm looking for a place to sit. There is singing that is like but unlike what I know, I hear it and sing along with the familiar parts. I talk to the pastor and explain my different behavior because I'm part of another church. Lots of people/families are there

      + walking outside in nature with DT, looking at leaves on the trees.

      + playing video game asteroids-like, I see my ship and the controls I don't have perfect control but do a decent job. The screen fills my vision. The upper half of the screen are a couple of giant unmoving asteroids, the bottom half has my ship maneuvering around to avoid the moving smaller asteroids I think I should shoot some of them.

      + playing 3-d pacman style game, I fly in 3d as DO following game ship, it becomes lifelike 3d scene, I'm doing pretty well

      + wife & kids come home, report car accident nearby, I see car accident in the distance, flying colored sparks, I also see hills in the distance which seem to be lit a bit by the light of the accident area, it's dark/night outside.

      + pull large leafed herbs from inside car and will prepare a soothing tea using a french press after washing them. I wasn't sure at first how to get the leaves to my kitchen. I'm standing outside the front passenger window of the car.

      + observe daylight results of deadly car accident, bodies lying on the street, standing on the crowded sidewalk a tobacco chewer talks to my kids, I get in his face and chase him away by threatening to call the nearby police who will find his illegal chewing tobacco and get him for offering it to children, I think I'm quite a good man for standing up to this guy.

      + parking a car in a self-serve parking garage where you push your car manually on to a lift/elevator and then push it into its assigned stall, can't find my stall, lots of people there in cafes. People are thinking that "aw man that guy put his car in front of mine". I think my stall is number 21 (?), and I keep walking back and forth looking for it but can't find it, there are a lot of cars and motorcycles behind the glass walled little cubbies/stalls for the cars.

      + going out with family from room to swimming pool area with lifeguard there (black female?) we're looking our door with a stange key / lock with shaped hollow regions, we lock the door then I want to check that the key will open it again, there were lots of people around, my vision zooms to the key and the lock.

      Slept fairly deeply, don't recall any significant wakings. Also had 2 hour nap from 14:30 until 16:44, not recall
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    12. 00:00 Monday 2014-04-07

      by , 04-07-2014 at 11:47 AM
      @ My (country) lucid hideout

      01:30 Bedtime. Was (re)watching Firefly, cand ouldn't help "just one more episode...just one more...". Room temp: +21C


      (definitely some from earlier wakings)

      + helping police catch crazy redneck drivers who are speeding

      + at work I finally figure out the strange little device in the kitchen is a refrigerator for personalized water cups and that the group assistant had prepared my personal water cup with my name on it loooong ago, I feel foolish that I'm only now figuring this out. The device holds the cups, about 4-5 in a row, on a slightly inclined shelf.

      + go into a meeting room with a bunch of coworkers where a guy is the keeper of the cupcakes, they're everywhere, some are tall and irregular looking like dripped sand castles, a guy says he's working on the last generation of product that we'll have to support for 3 years but will make the company a lot of money, I agree with him on this. Walking by my cube on the way to the meeting I think I see a large strange sign over my cube.

      + some indoor space there's an irregular hole in the foundation, I see another one further on, some guy asks me what kind of animals(s) make that whole (he knows), I don't know he tells me it's two animals (I forgot them) then I see a 1/2 meter diameter tortoise it's on my leg I kick at it I'm so sorry I didn't want to hurt it then it lunges at another guy's leg and he kicks it away, too.

      + I'm walking outside in bright daylight, walk by a van, I'm on some empty street , blue sky, green grass, bright daylight, I'm thinking this would be a good place to live with this much sunlight but it might not be good for my skin.

      + I see my face as if looking in a mirror (but I don't have the sense of looking in a mirror), I'm about half my age and clean-shaved, I say to my wife "oh I must have shaved without knowing it" (I had no memory of shaving), I'm amazed at how young and bright I look after shaving, I see myself very very clearly, I think I don't see any jowls like my wife says I would have if I shaved.

      + At MR's restaurant he's preparing me a margarita, I'm going to have chips with guacamole I realize later I never ate it, at the time Im not sure if I can pay for it

      + sitting at a table with other people I look at one woman and realize she's former colleague Pa Wo and her husband, I say to her "I didn't realize it was you!"

      + on a phone call with the orchestra conductor, he wants to go over the music with me, I'm singing my instrument's part. I see the notes, read the rhythms, and hear myself singing and making harmony. Later on I realize I'm not on the phone with the conductor any more but I don't recall hanging up, I think he's probably pretty angry about that. When singing I'm thinking about B-flats.

      + Before rehersal I see my instrument disassembled into many parts I'm gathering them up to get ready

      + Pull a huuuuuge book: tall, wide, think, from a bookshelf, the title is "Dogs of War: Dachshunds" written by the Nazi party. I'm looking through the book which my sons, it looks like a giant Yellow Pages directory with nothing but advertisements in it, I wonder where all the articles were and if Nazis read all of these ads.

      Room temp morning: +17C
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    13. 00:00 Thursday 2014-04-03 increased vividness, lifelike-scenes.

      by , 04-03-2014 at 10:10 AM
      00:00 Thursday 2014-04-03

      00:30 bedtime, bad, let family skype call go late and interefere with bedtime

      Felt very alert, wife to bed at same time, started snoring a bit, felt alert, took 1mg melatonin, fell asleep


      + climb in the pipe where the monsters are. Lions were not hungry? Night time, dark outside, there is a large long rusty pipe (big enough for people to crouch down in) I'm thinking about finding the entrance to it, it's farther on, I know there are monsters in the pipe. Encounter several lions farther on, they don't attack, they're walking around regally emerging from their stalls.

      + I'm outside and see a large branch/log I think of breaking it off and using it. On a path outdoors in daylight

      + Kind of lucid moment last night, not really worth counting perhaps, at some strange moment where I was looking at some device that had broken open and a voice/being was telling me that our entire purpose of being was now ruined. Then my older son leans his head into the room and asks me what I'm doing. I think this is just like a FA I had the other day where my son leans his head into the room after I know he'd left for an overnight trip, think I may be dreaming and do a nose pinch and it indicates dream but the feeling is weird, like I'm already half awake, I'm hovering between sleep and dream and trying to do another nose pinch with dream hands and think if I get back to sleep I'll lucid dream.

      + grocery store. Starting at the check out, something's not right at the check out stand, I'm wondering where my dental bridge is. Further into the store I see a men's shirt department, the shirts are striped boldly, mostly blue white and purple, there are other men in there also looking at the shirts, I notice an open shirt I think I see the size is "48". I'm not sure that will fit me.

      + (lucid maybe?) I'm contemplating a broken strange glowing device, a voice says this ruins our reason for existence. My older son leans his face into the room and asks me what I'm doing. I think this is strange and seems familiar to the FA I had last week with him doing the same thing, I think I may be dreaming, do a noise pinch it seems to indicate dream, I'm fading between dream and waking, thinking if I get back to sleep I'll be in a lucid dream.

      07:46 alarm

      + returning to grocery store (where I was in earlier dream I think) with wife. I've recently discovered this store in a mall. I say "it's like Whole Food Store," we're approaching the store from outside, there are displays outside the front door under a roof. Through the glass wall (dreamsign) I see the inside of the store with lots of large flower displays. We enter the store, I'm carrying a tray with the remains of some lunch on it, there are glass plates and a crystal bud vase, I don't want to just toss the tray down and break things, I'm asking store workers where I should put it, one guy is standing next to a bowl full of a tasty looking salad I realize I still have some of this salad on my plate I should finish it, can't find where to put my tray down. Lot of people in the store.

      + At the top of a tall waterslide, I'm standing up there a long time, I start going down and they turn off the water when I'm part way down so I don't slide very easily. I think they didn't know I was up there and they must turn off the water if nobody uses the slide for a while to save energy. I make a connection with another slide that involves sort of jumping from one slide to another slide tube that runs just below it at a right angle, I hold on and make the transition successfully and reach the bottom. Emerging from the slide some DC makes a comment on something I did wrong on the slide, I say "what? " he walks away, I'm angry at him. Walking back across the slide exit and farther along there is a billboard? And an access panel where one must enter an access code, I see English letters and am surprised a bit by this, I see them clearly, the letters "r", "e", and "n", they're serifs are highly stylised/fancy. I think you have to type "render."

      + I'm looking at a form, either electronic or paper bill where Mastercard is offering your credit, I'm trying to clearly see that part, the words are written all on top of each other and hard to read, I know there's an offer for a Mastercard in there and I want to find it I think of doing a search on the page to find the link.

      + I'm trying to use a paper (electronic?) catalog and I'm pressing on parts of the page expecting it to react like a web page. I'm interesting in how the electronics know where you're pressing on the page.

      + Outside the store there's a large truck that pulls up, I'm sitting down my wife approaches and starts talking about our family finances, I say "shhhhh! People could be on the other side of that truck listening to us" i keep motioning for her to come closer and closer so she doesn't need to shout there may be somebody we know on the other side of the truck. She tells me I must go myself to the judge to explain our situation with the credit cards, I ask what time, she says 7:30pm. She's telling me I must plea guilty before I can offer explanation. I have to say "I didn't know I was going over the limit," make myself sound like an idiot I don't want to, I'm trying to think about what exactly happened with the credit cards, how I was using one card to pay off another and that's not allowed, I wonder how we got so deeply in debt, we had to pay the rent, I talk about this with my wife we discuss how we were kicked out of our rental on M lane by the owners right when our second child was born, my wife said that happened on "March 6th". I'm not looking forward to see the judge to make myself sound like an idiot I have no idea how I'll get away with this.

      + Sitting at a table in a cafeteria area in the grocery store (large, open, widely spaced tables), some men sitting at the table in front of me are talking about tea. Mostly about how there is no good tea in America. I want to tell them about the little gourmet tea shops you can find in some small cities. I maybe tell them. Again I wonder where my dental bridge is I feel the gap in my teeth where it should be.

      + sitting at a table in a kitchen, wife sets the table with food, it looks like large white curds of cottage cheese, there's a funny little baby laughing on my wife's plate, I was playing with it a bit, there are some pink juices in the food and I think it's actually lamb, and I think how the food you're fed as a baby is the food you'll like later in life. I'm wondering if the food is completely cooked, I'm eating it, close up view of the food in the plate.

      10:00 trying a BTB

      tried breathing synchronized with heartbeat, sort of worked to get relaxed but not WILD
      turned to my back eventualy side was very sore

      woke on my back, first time I've slept on my back in a while.

      + testing the hearing of a little baby. I'm in a dark room lying on a bed with a small creepy faced baby. I'm lying close and have a close up of its face. It turns to face me when I make a sound, I think that it's good that it responds to sound at least it can her. I straddle it on top it's lying on its back on the bed and I zoom my face from left to right to left and its head turns to follow me and the sound and it laughs at this fast movement. I think of trying something else with the baby but my wife comes in and says that you shouldn't do that with a baby.

      + close up of a guitar fret, I'm playing an awesome tune with hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends, glissandos, I hear the music it sounds really good I see my fingers on the strings.

      + leaving a restaurant with a group of people including a very large woman.
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    14. 00:00 Wednesday 2014-04-02 a night of nightmares, real and dreamed, some good recall though finally

      by , 04-02-2014 at 12:28 PM
      23:00 peppermint + some weird new herbal tea. Supposed to be good for the heart. Hah wired me awake with heart-pounding-strain instead I think. Or all the dark chocolate before bed perhaps.

      23:52 bedtime

      00:00 Wednesday 2014-04-02

      Takes a while to get to sleep, 45 minutes at least.

      01:15 wife shocks me awake coming late to bed. She gets mad that I'm mad that she woke me up. Her getting mad makes me mad and I don't sleep for 2-3 more hours while she snores away.

      02:55 still awake up to kitchen for milk, shaking my head at the night's scenario

      03? on the computer. Wife wakes for bathroom and asks me to get up at 07:30 for breakfast duty. I'm pissed. Go to bed and manage to sleep somehow using my relaxation technique.

      07:30 alarm. I was tightly asleep.

      + vague memory of long dreams with lots of activity of lots of people in/around a house. Definitely the sense of long continuous memory of the action. High school friends? Food?

      08:07 BTB
      08:30? sleep

      several wakings, only record at final waking


      + in ocean with wife lose sight of her I look around back to the beach and into the water again then see her big waves are coming I see her in the water we're close to the wall I go over to get her so she won't be smacked into the wall from the waves, I notice the wave has pulled back and stopped leaving the dry ground around us, I think oh that's nice that the wave has paused, we exit the surf.

      + dictators running camps for kids. Walking high on a hill overlooking the beach I notice holes in the ground with corpses of people buried vertically alive. In some cases the bloody bodies are there, in some cases not, I'm kicking the dirt in to fill up the holes. I see one hole with a torture chamber iron-maiden wire cage I see the place for the head at first I think there are spikes in there but look closer and don't see them but you can't move your head in that thing.

      There's a procession walk, going up a hill, they say "follow the red point path" that's the path of our walk. In the distance I see a guy do something that the path up the hill is cleared of dirt it shoots to the left and the right of the path leaving it clean, and a red spot appears at the top. I see him do this twice.

      A voice says "if anybody has kept a log of camp we'll want to review them" I think I've kept a log but I don't want them to see it. I see what I think is a large memorial stone. I take a picture of it as proof. KS walks by she was selected to be married to a camper who did a good job, I think she's a virgin as she walks by but as she returns she will already have been married.

      + in a big rich house. A bunch of workmen come into the house through a hole in the ground of a back room. They're workmen for the mob. I'm annoyed by them. A bunch of mafia leaders are there and I'm complaining about the workmen they indicate that only mob members matter, they look up in the rulebooks to see if I can join it takes a large donation and I have to be sure I want to live that sort of lifestyle I'm pretty sure I do not want to so I'll just have to put up with the workmen. Later on I see a grate with screws has been placed over the hole.

      There's a fight down below in the hole. I'm present with others, me and my (evil mafia monster partner?) are the only ones who make it out alive. I'm walking down a row of people the evil guys are looking for someone who made a sound to kill them, people are standing close to one another in pairs, bodies and faces pressed up agianst one another, I think I see myself 3rd person at one point. I see everybody close up.

      + in an ice cream shop. The main counter is busy I go around to the left to place my order. I place my order with the clerk for two different flavors, they don't have one of them I see "Oh this isn't Baskin Robbins?" There were super fruity flavors. I walk back around to the right main long counter. I see a pumpkin pie flavored one and indicate that for my second flavor, some DC says he knew I would chose that one and sort of snorts, I'm annoyed by his condescension. I see the clerk serving it up, there is a meter long high chocolate cake bottom to the ice cream that gets served out of a long tube and the whole thing becomes compacted down to fit into your cup. I think they bake the cakes especially this way so that they can be compacted. The clerk spills a part of my cake on the counter and scoops it up and back in to my serving I think that's gross because people's fingers are all over the edge of the counter, it's going to be full of germs, but I don't say anything.

      (IWL I got lunch at a place where they put the trays of orders being prepared right out on the sales counter right directly where people stand and can breath/sneeze into the food. I saw a very colorful donut/coffee place after lunch).
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    15. 00:00 Monday 2014-03-31

      by , 03-31-2014 at 07:31 AM
      00:00 Monday 2014-03-31

      00:30 bedtime a bit late


      only vague impressions of dreaming about dreaming, not even a fragment, disappointed in this.


      Well, I got back to sleep pretty quickly, yay

      + running down a hill (Cn. Blvd.) it is a dirt road. Wife as narrator says "the people here are only here for exercise" (I think as opposed to a spiritual purpose), I'm running fast, I pass a group of several men, I'm going high speed, I think they're chasing me, I skid around the big corner and almost fly off but keep to the road. I want to look behind me but don't because I'm going so fast I can't risk a look. Later I sneak up on the group with their leader, think about taking him out with super powers, maybe flying away

      + in a rest stop, trying to get a bottle of water from a little closet area lots of other people, I say "I'm just trying to get my bottle of water" so is everybody else. There are lots of people reaching, I see lots of bottles, I look for the one with my initials on it, I think I find it but I'm not sure. I see the letters but they're not 100% clear. Then there are two ice machines. I'm getting ice and water in my cup, they're up above my head.

      I'm returning to sit at a table with some teen boys, I hear a comment they make as I'm approaching the table and they comment on it, saying I have super hearing, I say that's every parent's job.

      + Standing in line with family, next to some woman. My fingers keep getting entangled in her hair, over and over again. I'm apologetic. We're bumping up against each other. I don't engage since my wife is right there. The woman gives up and lies down next to her friends and says something about "missed opportunities."

      + FAs in room. First FA there's a woman there and lots and lots of garbage that needs to be cleaned up. Sleep again, FA and the room is clean, I'm glad I slept again as I didn't have to do the cleaning. Black guy is there I feel warmth and friendship with him, I reach to shake hands it turns into a hand-clasp, and we hold it for a long time, should I bring him in for a hug? I think we do.

      Try to get back to sleep, distracted by noise, light, movements, daydreaming. Gathered my will and relaxed, got some images, alllllllllmost made it back to sleep, dozed lightly perhaps, but no dreams, checked time, 09:30, time to get up.

      9 days dry now. Need to somehow change attitude.
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