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    1. LD #9, tried to light the twilight but instead lost visuals

      by , 11-27-2013 at 08:17 PM
      00:00 Saturday 2013-11-23
      00:35 bedtime.
      1) In a car on a city street driving towards downtown O. Not sure how I got here, a bit surprised, did I take a wrong exit from the freeway? I see the tall buildings a mile or two directly ahead of me. I want to get to B, so I turn right on S. avenue, because S avenue after all is a cool street.
      I'm eating some stuff and getting full. I see a Jack in the Box up ahead on the left, and think "Oh man I have to get myself a monster taco, and maybe a strawberry milkshake" but I know it will be too much food. There's another fast food place right next door to the right of the JIB but I don't recognize it's name/sign.
      I pull up to the drive-through and there are a lot of people standing around, employees taking orders. There's young boy writhing on the ground in pain by the drive-through menu on the grass. Liquid is spurting high in the air out of his back. There's an EMT tech is rolling the boy on the ground, (like a rolling pin), not trying to treat him, until he dies. They put him in a body bag and take him away.
      There's a show with Sen. John McCain he's talking about this boy and how outraged he is, he says "you think your children are safe and they'll try to save them but they don't actually try to save you they'll do a million different things that could be wrong." He says "I saw that liquid spurting out of the boy and I didn't know what that stuff is, maybe it's some sauce I put on this piece of bread here (and eat it), or what?" The audience explodes in uproarious laughter to this. I'm outraged because it's a horrible thing to joke about.
      I'm walking with my wife, she asks what the laughter is all about, I say it's just John McCain making a terrible statement.
      Long time getting back to sleep. Eventually focus exclusively on relaxing, not "getting back to sleep." I let go of my frustration about distractions from sharing a bed with my wife, start spooning with her, and cultivate feelings of love, warmth, and comfort. I then fairly quickly fall to sleep and have the next LD while still holding her in my arms .
      07:39 LUCID #9 DILD
      2) TV park, old neighborhood. I'm standing on the middle level, with my back to the swings, near the foot of the hill. There's a low coffee table in front of me on the ground. I notice a cloaked figure at the top of the slide by the street, back facing to the park. "I'm dreaming," I realize immediately. I hop over the coffee table, facing towards the merry-go-round. It is half dark, twilight. I say "LET THERE BE LIGHT!" with my arms raised upwards. Visuals instantly vanish, and I'm left in a half-lit void, kind of like insides of the eyelids in a light area. I call to "NN" to pull me out of back into the dream but it doesn't work. I slowly wake up.
      12:30 BTB nap
      3) Golf
      Watching some guys play golf. We're on a hill, the players have to hike down a bit to the tee below us on the hill. He hits a ball and it flies towards the green in the distance. There are helpers on the green, they mark the landing place of the balls. This guy's ball lands just inside a small sand trap off of the green. A later shot goes to my mother who's in some water like a tub or pool in a different place, she's sitting in an innertube that also holds the hole for the golf ball, as the ball rolls towards the hole, some guys shake the inner tube and the ball misses the hole and my mother is upset about this, she says "if you're going to do that, (other stuff)".
      4) graffiti
      In the mountains, around my favorite lake (U), I notice graffiti on some rocks. I look at it closely, it is made up of unrecognizable glyphs in multiple colors and they morph shape as I look at them. There is a tag right in front of me, and another one way up a steep slope that is very dangerous to climb, a large promontory with a far drop all around the edges. I imagine we'll have to rig a rope somehow so that someone can climb up there and clean off the tag.
      F1) Video gaming console, it lets you play basketball, there's a special external attachment of a hoop and sensor, it measures the baskets you make. I imagine setting it up in a backyard, it would have to be set up securely with a wooden platform so you could shoot basketballs at it and it wouldn't fall over.
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    2. LD #8, void, nap

      by , 11-22-2013 at 05:28 PM
      22:29 1/2 cup cold sleep tea (Mother's Wort + rose hips)

      00:00 Friday 2013-11-22

      00:30 ?? bedtime.


      1) With DD, we had been fighting, we made up at the concert/graduation, it was a big thing that we were friendly & together again, we were being filmed. I saw my face DO and DD's face, my face wasn't my own, it was a generic young blonde face, with a dark spot under the right eye.

      2) Filling out paperwork trying to get the deposit returned on a set of skis, the guys asks about (some kind of) skiing, I answer "that's the kind of skiing where you go off the trails." He says "ah, nah, forget that, I just want to go on the main streets." I say "Yeah, I know, you can go one street to another street, and you can just say, 'Ah, F*ck this, gimme a beer.'" I'm filling out the form, I draw a strange W-like character (sort of like a greek omega) but with 3-4 loops instead of 2.


      F1) Young S1 and S2 are wearing University color shirts and waving flags as the train arrives.

      F2) A man hosting a show about lucid dreaming, "Be Who You Want To Be!"

      Crappy recall, I think that tea kills REM or something. Or maybe I'm just tired? Can't get back to sleep. AGAIN. SH!T. The night started out good with two dreams at about 2 hours, but then couldn't recall.

      09:30 BTB nap

      10:48 LD #8 DILD !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Long time getting to sleep, did incubation scene injection (not holding hard on to visualization) of TG and JQ, and sometimes the scene started changing, like a new DC entered from off-stage, or I noticed something else in the scene suddenly that I didn't put there myself. Happened several times. Turned from back to left side. LD happened on left side. Told myself "The next thing I see is a dream" several times. Told SC "OK time to get that next LD to move along the November goals!"

      3) I'm on my parent's deck it's twilight there's a beautiful view out over the city and the water, I immediately realize I'm dreaming! I get the lucid rush/feeling. I think "All RIGHT! Lucid right at the start!" I feel very aware, and I anticipate a long and awesome LD. But then vision goes black! I still feel lucid. I try prying open my dream eyes with my dream fingers, and I "feel" the dream eyes open but everything is still black. I try to imagine taking off and flying towards the water. Slowly fades to feeling my body in bed and I'm awake. Try to DEILD back in but too awake. Need to prepare strategy for the void (if that's what it was). Start rubbing hands RIGHT AWAY at lucidity!

      November goals progress: 3 LDs / goal of 8. Still have a week, let's GO!

      No more of that sleep tea, I get crappy recall after drinking it before bed.
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    3. LD #7, first FA, first summon, horrendous sleep night, but fun dreams!

      by , 11-17-2013 at 09:59 PM
      23:43 bedtime

      23:47 ate WAY too much too late for dinner, arg, stupid! Getting up to do some reading.

      00:00 Sunday 2013-11-17

      F1) In a group of people their attention is focused on something, something was trying to get in between them from the steps above.

      I get wild/wacky/random dreams a lot but this one takes the cake I think:

      1) In a huge open field late at night, I'm standing under a tower, I'm concerned that if I climb it I'll be hit by lightning, I start climbing up its stairway, I get blown off the stairs by wind, I'm barely hanging on by one hand to the railing over the edge, I imagine if I fall someone will come across my dead body. I get back up and climb to the top, I step on a certain place and the entire tower collapses and falls to the ground, I'm falling with the tower, I'm trying to find temporary footholds to lessen my fall on the parts of the structure that are still together, there's a brief vision (1/2 a second) of Dwight Schrute from the Office's face looking up at me from below with a scared expression, shouting "NOOO!"
      When I reach the ground I start running for my house. Still on giant wide open farmland. I have to reach my home before something reaches me. A voice says the mushroom bloodhounds are going to come from miles around. They're drawn to whatever happened. I'm running, I have a set of keys in my hand, there's a number written there, ("9988?"), I look around, during flashes of lightning I see that the entire horizon is filled with little creatures running towards me. The creatures are at my ankles, I reach a door with a number matching the key, I rush inside, some of these creatures (like cabbage-sized mushrooms with big bulging Mr. Potatohead huge bulging white eyes with big black pupils, the creatures are are squishy and juicy) are coming in through the door I try to pull the door closed, and get in through another door (the first door was to an internal porch).

      There's a woman there who's coming to visit, she's the one bringing all these creatures. I tell her I don't want these things, she says they're a gift, I say I don't want them get them out of here (I don't like their juiciness), she says ok she's taking them back. I look at her and she's absolutely beautiful young woman, shining and beaming and smiling at me. Very bummed to have missed lucidity that moment, she was a right proper "dream girl."

      2) in a group outside, a restaurant there's a big surprise coming. (famous actor?) coming up from behind he comes up behind the guy at the head fo the table and squeezes his shoulders, it's a big shock. There's a procession (DO), there's one very odd character / thing which has empty eye sockets the eyes are bobbing around outside of the face fo the thing, which is some kind of construct, built from wires/sticks. Its attention is moving around, kind of spooky.

      F2) Getting in to some kind of office, a woman says: "Will it be Asian, or Asian delight?"

      05:34 FA #1 LD #7!!!!!
      3) Wake up in my old bedroom in my parent's house, I'm in bed with my wife. Something's not right here, something about the sound (in WL there's a fan on in the room), I suspect a LD, nose pinch, I can breathe, YES, I am dreaming, this is a FA! I see a few things from my childhood room, it's dark, a Snoopy spelling trophy, went out into the hallway (always lit), down the stairs, as I pass the front door I think I should perhaps go outside and change to daytime. Instead I go into the living room, it's dark, just can barely see the outlines of the room, there is no furniture there! Did another nose pinch, I can breathe, my nose feels flimsy, like it's not even connected to my breathing apparatus. "OK," I think, "time to get down to business." I say "BE LIGHT!" to lighten the room. A weak light hovers around my face. I will it to be more light, and the room becomes about half-lit. I think nough of this 'no female entaglements stuff,' so I summon my first highschool girlfriend, I say, "K.S., BE *THERE*!" and point at the couch (which appeared at some point). And she is there! I move on the couch with her, straddling her, now the couch has reoriented so that it's back faces the room, and I can see the stairs. I think to myself, "this is a solid lucid dream, and it is going to last a long time" (WL intent). I felt like I could stay in for a long time. I initiate sex, the feeling is more like ND sex, kind of flimsy and things don't quite fit. My wife comes down stairs, I pull KS down lengthwise across the couch, kind of squishing her against the back of the couch, trying to hide her under me, cover her with a blanket. Wife comes right up to the back of the couch and looks down at me, "what are you doing here?" I say, "sleeping..." she moves away, back to the bottom of the stairs, then she turns towards me, and annoyed, says "I don't have time for this! I have to do (all kinds of things...)" I get mad, and command her to go upstairs: "BE UP THERE!" and I point upstairs, and ZOOM she disappears becomes a brown blur zipping up the stairs, like the cartoon character The Flash. I start kissing KS, but her face is dark, I say, "K, why can't I see you?", then she is lit well again. I see her, study her face, it's not a perfect version of K.S. but she is *totally realistic*, the color and pattern of her shirt, her hair, her face, all very life like. We kiss a few more times. I feel the beginnings of a climax, I will it to happen now, and I fade to awake in bed with a fast heartbeat. Try to DEILD back in but too awake.

      I think this was my longest LD to date, 3-4 minutes. Lucidity about the same as my other LDs, not very high, but succesful summon and environment control (half lit room), and DC control.

      Having no earplugs in may have helped: I think I noticed the difference in sound between the fan in my room in WL and in the dream room.


      4) battle with a guy on a bed it has grates with water in them, he's trying to lure me close to the grates to that his weapons will work, I'm trying to get him close to the grates and squirt water down into the grate because that will cause his weapons to explode onto him. Water grenades of some sort with different effects. There is an explosion.

      5) in an internal room, with lots of little sub-rooms off to the side with poles in them, it's like a porn store, there are little cone shaped (like trumpet mutes) devices which you're supposed to roll around with on the ground especially in a special powder which will greatly enhance the pleasure. I see big sweaty black guys pumping away with prostitutes in these little side rooms, really going at it, I think I don't want to go into these rooms, there's sweat and other stuff all over the floor and they're disgusting.

      F3) MR, childhood friend. Something about owing him money or getting money from him

      F4) Finding a teacher so that my kids will learn how to get into medical shcool.

      6) (earlier awakening). In a room below ground level in a house (I think my old house in CP). I open up a ground level window, it's painted white, there's a wooden set of bars/lattice on the window, in the lower left hand corner there's a white/pink sponge jammed into the lattice, at first I think this is a motion detector but then I think it's to prevent the rats from coming in. Look past the right side of the lattice at ground level in the backyard, there's a small wooden grating just past the window, in between this grating and the lattice hidden in some plants is a rat's nest with 3 or so rats jumping around, a mama and some babies.

      At the other end of the house. Standing right outside a window, looking down to the ground, there is a fairly large and deep hole that goes under the house, there is a family of ground owls (I see them, about 3) that live there. I'm showing this to a bunch of Chinese people. A teenage girl shrieks in fear at something up in a tree, I'm annoyed because it's just a white flower. There's an attractive woman and an annoying guy, the guy says "let's go off (somewhere),", I say "yeah, let's do that!" and he goes off and we ditch him, I"m pleased with myself. I take her hand and lead her behind me to show her the rats nest I found earlier. Her hand is a bit sweaty. The nest has been cleaned up it's not there any more. We're back in the room where I saw the nest to begin with, there's a big party going on, lots of tables are set all throughout the different rooms, all the tables have glasses of champagne and wine on them. I ask if she'd like a drink, she says yes, so I sit her down at a table and go off to find 2 fresh glasses of champagne. I find one but can't find another where the glass hasn't been used (I see lipstick markings), I'm walking all around to find a glass, I eventually enter a large area where a caterer is working preparing food, I ask the caterer for a clean glass, they say "no there are no clean glasses left." I think about getting a bowl and pouring a drink into the bowl, but I think "nooo, she doesn't want to drink from a bowl." I think about pouring a drink from one glass to another one, fooling her. I don't make it back to her.

      One of my worst sleep nights ever, probably was awake at least half the time from 00:00 to 11:00, but I don't care since I had a fun LD (first FA!), and lots of interesting NDs.
    4. 00:00 Tuesday November 5, 2013 DILD #5!

      by , 11-08-2013 at 07:00 PM
      00:00 Tuesday November 5, 2013 DILD #5!
      02:25 bedtime
      1) lying on ground eyes at ground level MFLd's path (to left to back yard) promising to get the sprinkers installed so all the plants will grow properly. I'm touching and looking at the plants and imagining the sprinkler heads going nearby. Lying with wife on the brick path, we're settling down for the night for sleep just down from the circle. We have to make room for the nuns to come down the path at night (imagine one walking down). S1 (current age) comes and asks me about a towel and what are my plans when I go to the gym. In the gym I give advice: calfs twice a week, it's the smallest muscle in the body. Then all the other muscles 3 times a week. A trainer is there agreeing with me. Return to the MFLds's porch. Talking to man who own's the Gs house now whom I later suspect of pulling down the chimney.
      On the circle by parent's house(DS), nighttime. Standing with LDiS (old gf), I start flying (levitating while vertical) with her, holding her so she flies with me she's facing me. I very slowly fly upwards, I see the pespective changing on the lights and stars, it's fascinating. I'm saying "I always like to fly like this it's my favorite way". We go up pretty high. It's awesome. I show how the perspective changes while we can altitude. I'm flying by will, can see the lights from city and the stars. We're going far above the power lines. I ask her if she's ever flown that high before. She says maybe once or twice. I say I'll tell you a secret: I didn't used to fly this high myself. We're flying away from where we started, dark trees below, we kiss a few times. Coming down. It's daytime back at parent's house. I see the entire chimney ripped off of the house leaving a gaping hole. I'm saying "holy crap what happened here?" Like the next door neighbor who lived at the G's house had pulled a wire that was attached to the chimney and pulled it down. Wife there very upset, trying to re-install the phone wire and other wires. In front yard, lots of people around (workmen/inspectors), sitting at table with workmen with a workplan on a brown piece of paper. I'm trying to read it. The worksheet shows the progress of the repairs. Front and back side. On the back side it 's about repairing the phone lines. It's blank, I ask what's the status. I see scribbled on the paper then "must fix first". We first must fix the bathtub to upgrade it to hold 45 gallons. Wife was trying to tie the cable and the phone lines back on the house so at least the alarm would work.
      Talking with some people on the G's side of the fence, they're from a TV show doing an interview. I don't want anyone to hear. We walk all the way to the bathroom window, some are following us from the group, I'm trying to tell this guy the story, I don't want to tell him that I was flying, I said I went for a walk with a lady, and ex-girlfriend whom I hadn't seen in 20 years, who is also the former girlfriend of the next-door neighbor. I'm trying to get close enough to this guy to tell him the story quietly, he keeps backing up when I step forwards to him maintaining our distance. I say "come closer", then put my hand up to my mouth so that only he can hear, that this ex GF shows up and went walking and came back then this happened. I think what they've done is disabled the alarm system and that they were casing the joint and planning to rob the house in the night. The guy agrees. Sitting at the table, a woman comments about an analogy about sex, what's the point of a little thing rubbing in another place, agreeing that the exGF showing up is suspicious.

      F1) something to do with the workplace

      Memories of dreams of flying over the G's house, but that's usually in the daytime and at low altitude. Decades old dreams.

      06:42 (WBTB long recording) MILD over previous dream's night flight.
      08:51 DILD #5

      2) driving towards the mountains on teh freeways. The freeways were covered and long. I was trying to get to my favorite lake UL. I was on a open topped train, like of nothing but flatcars with nothing on top of them. my feet were barely clearing the objects immediately to the right of the tracks by inches. Very slow moving train. I had a backpack on and shorts and a t shirt and I was going to UL. I thought "what will I do when I get there? I have no camping gear or more clothes, the clothes will get smelly." I guess I have a car and so I can leave and return. I'm standing on the edge of the car barely missing things on the right. I start running along the flatcars to the right, going up and down different levels, my body is light and I'm running very quickly and easily.

      3) arrived in a town with a water park. Bright daytime. Touristy looking location, tons of people. I say "oh I've arrived in XXXX" (some name of city). I didn't expect to be there so sono. I planned to enter the water park and check out the hot chicks in bikinis. Crowds of people were pushing all around me to make their way to the entrance. Some woman was annoyed and said "why are you all pushing!?". MEO. Walking up a short stairway. Go around building to the right then left. Enter the water park, my friend MR is with me. I'm annoyed by his presence that means I can't go girl watching. We enter a restaurant and look for a good table, the tables line the edges of the room only. Look all arond the room. There's a table/booth back to the right by the door. Not the best table but we go there. M sits down, my seat (on the left) is covered with chocolate syrup and a pile of melted ice cream, as is the seat in the next booth to the left. I say "my seat is covered with chocolate syrup!" They clean it. Look at seat, it's clean. I don't sit down.

      F2) a guy is kicking a ball, but he violated regulations by kicking it on protected red Indian ground, he should have started kicking it over the line on the allowed ground. Someone says "you got a XXX (some nonsense word) on your shoe" to the kicking guy.

      4) walking on a road, a tiny chinese girl is walking towards me and crying. Comes up and grabs my leg, I think she's lost. Almost doll sized. I pick her up and comfort her. Walk down road a bit more and find her family's house to the left. Give her back to the parents. Large family. They think that this is a nice man, not all strangers are bad. Continue walking, it's a dead end, I need to get down, trying to see how, have to walk through a garden. Looking at a park fence. I need to choose between the left playground and the right playground. They're both tiny. Bright and clean small park behind the fence. Evertying is made from shiny bright chrome, large chrome tubing. I enter park by unlatching fence, latch is strange plastic thing that pulls up off of the fence. Looking at gate mechanism for a second, it's weird. I go in and close/lock fence behind me. Walk through tiny park, basketball court big enough for 2-3 people to stand, some weird large headed chinese people are playing on this basketball court, I walk through to the road beyond.

      5) leaving a bathroom where I did #2, walking in an indoor hallway outside the bathroom, imagined the smell being in the hallway. Ahead of me where there should be an archway to an intersection of hallways is a solid yellow wall. It's not supposed to be there, it's supposed to be an archway, DC friend tries to walk though the wall but hits his head. I approach the wall and think to myself "There is no wall." And imagine my body parts moving right through the wall. Doesn't work at first, try again. I imagine I just need to keep moving my body parts as if there was no wall, like it's an illusion. I make it through but the resistance is immense, like walking through taffy. Another DC comes through the wall. I say "that wall was really sticky. Really sticky." We turn to right go down hallway to a door, I say "oh, thus must mean I'm dreaming." DC smiles knowingly and he opens the door and heads outside. I follow, I think "ok this guy knows about dreaming and he's going to tell me some things!" He knowingly nods again. I have so many questions I want to ask about so many different things. Daylight outside. Everything is bright and vivid. There were people around, but not too crowded, like an outdoor college campus walking between buildings. We walk slowly, and turn to the left. I think I should stabilize. I reach down to the ground, I look at the texture of the stone/pebbly concrete and run my fingers over it, feeling the bumps. The touch sensation is a bit muted, like 75% of WL. I touch a nearby fence/railing along the side and run my fingers over the fence and feel the shapes. I think OK it's time to look at my hands, I haven't done this in a LD yet. Did hand RC. Hands were BIZARRE. Fingers transforming and pulsing while I look, becoming stumpy and growing long. clumps of mini-hands with gnarled fingers in place of fingers that look like tree roots. I'm fascinated by my hands, and while walking keep looking at them again and again. I notice that everything around, especially DCs, are so bright. Turn to the left again, a building is to the left. "Godzilla hands", twisted a zillion of them I think of my hands. I ask the guy whom I'm following "why is that? Is it some sort of impression I have of myself?" People very bright, very clear. Female DCs around, I purposefully ignore them to concentrate on stability and a long dream. Walk a bit more, turn around and look back behind me. Still looking at hands some more. I feel embarassed about these hands. I wonder if DCs can see the hands the way I see them or if they look normal to them. A female DC is inspecting her hands. Someone asks her if they look weird to her, she at first says no then embarassed says yes.

      Fast transition to wake, "No!" I say. Lying on right side. Spent a minute trying to DEILD back in but decided to record. Length 2-3 minutes.

      09:20 temp 18C
    5. competition #15 night #6, DILD #4!!

      by , 10-23-2013 at 03:31 PM
      kiss induced lucid dream (I don't like the accompanying abbreviation, though!). Seem to be a technique I'm developing....

      00:00 Weds 2013-10-23

      01:28 bedtime, argh, way off schedule.
      1) Flying. I’m standing on a tall hill and I take a few quick steps and launch myself into the air, arms stretched out in front of me. Slow gliding. I see beautiful, vivid, high definition, golden sparkling grasses far below, amidst golden hills (WL, saw green grass sparkling unexpectedly in the sun, blown by the wind out the window at work). I look at the beauty below me and feel the magic of flying. I’m amazed. I say, “Oh, Yeah!”. I see two rotating golden disks (large) on the ground ahead, and I spiral down to meet them. The disks are like coins that were spun on their sides and now are rotating around about to flatten out against the ground. Someone’s sitting on the disks? Wife asks “why can’t the boy sambo?”

      2) Swiss army knife & chase. I’m in a place with a guy and on a counter/shelf are 3 swiss army knives. The one on the left has a special bumpy/shiny case, and had blades outside the case as well as inside. I ask “hey is that the one with the saw?” “What is the one with the two blades and the saw and the file? Is that the Mark-3, the Mark-5, or the Mark-7? I used one in boy scout camp with the file, the saw, and the two blades.” I see the guy who designed the Mark-7. I say “I love that knife, every time there was a branch in my way I would saw that thing right off.” The designer and another guy start chasing me, he’s chastising me for cutting off branches. I say “they were dead already! Only on dry, dead wood!” He’s trying to fight/bash/damage me.

      3) I’m flying DO high over a ski hill, flying up the hill. I look down and see a bunch of skiers, I know them. They are supposed to stop when they reached the bottom of the beginner’s hill. My view turns at the top and stops and looks at them skiing down the hill. One friend of younger son had only one foot properly fastened into a ski. I think we should have taught them how to stop hockey-style, feet parallel. But instead of stopping at the bottom of the baby hill they continued down the advanced big hill. I was concerned that they would crash.

      F1) I see Chinese guy sitting on ground against a wall his legs drawn up to his chest. I say “hey, didn’t you used to be in charge of all media?” He said he’s not any more.

      F2) walking through a city

      F3) a fight about a demonstration

      F4) something about my sister.

      There was way more leading up to F1, but it slipped away. Long sequence.

      06:30 – 07:30: WBTB
      09:05 DILD #4! First LD in city in shared bed! Woohoo!
      4) Sitting in a car, a Ford Fairmont (old family childhood car), red interior, I imagine the insignia on the car is a Cadillac logo. I’m thinking that the neighbors will not like that we’re bringing a second car into the shared parking area. Especially such an obviously American car. I was trying to put on my sweat pants while sitting in the car, my sneakers were on, I thought that will stretch the pants and get the pants insides dirty. I parked the car far away, on the other side of a large area from the house, I think “wait a minute, I’ll take this car into work today, because it’s a second car.” I plan to drive right up to our front door and park in the parking area there and get myself ready for work and go into work. I get back in the car and get ready to drive it. A couple of girls are standing just outside the driver’s window. They’re talking. Apparently they’re muslims. One has done something nasty and is going to be expelled because she has offended allah. One of them is in the driver’s seat and I’m in the back seat, and it’s time to back up, the car starts backing up. I think “this is not safe, I can’t reach the brake pedal from here.” I climb into the front seat together with the girl and reach for the brake pedal with my foot. We’re backing up. She’s enjoying it she thinks it’s a fun thing to drive. She’s smiling. We’re driving on the road in reverse, I think this is a bad idea, I look behind and turn the wheel of the car to the right, I look outside the back of the car and a man is standing on the road. There are boxes piled up around him. Then we’re driving forwards. Now we’re sitting in the back of the Ford Fairmont station wagon. She’s wearing “skinny jeans” and her feet are pulled up to the seat, I look at her legs. I lightly touch her leg. Then I look at her. She’s a beautiful young lady. She is sitting to my left, I’m turned facing her with my left arm around her neck, her head is resting at my elbow in the crook of my arm, it’s an intimate and tender pose. I look at her and think she is beautiful. Very vivid, totally life-like vivid, high definition and clear (“more real than RL”). I lean over and kiss her. Short, light, but more than a peck, about 2-3 seconds. I feel her lips on mine. I think “I’m dreaming,” and realize I AM dreaming! I pull back and with open eyes, I’m amazed, I’m a bit surprised, a quick moment of shock, it’s so life-like. Vision is bright and clear. I look back at the girl’s face, her eyes are closed, she has a bit of mascara on, her lashes are dark black. She is radiantly beautiful, shining practically, lit in the sun. Pure and beautiful. I glance out the front windshield of the car, we’re driving through a vague wooded area, the outside of the car is fuzzy: plants, trees go by. There is no driver. I am ecstatic, overwhelmed with that feeling of young love. I can’t think of what to do, I ponder for a moment and then say/think “take off your pants” and wake up, fairly fast transition, not much time to respond with a spin. I’m lying still in bed with closed eyes, think about attempting DEILDing back in but decide to record instead. Total lucid time: 10-15 seconds.

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      side notes , lucid
    6. competition #15 night #2, DILD #3!!!!!!!!!!!

      by , 10-19-2013 at 06:36 PM
      YES, LUCID! LucasPotter, thanks for passing some of that goodness my way just like I asked . Now this is more like it, dreams more bizarre / wild / wacky than last night. Got to bed 2 hours late, woke up for the final time 9 hours after bed. I went on a long fast jog/walk today to make sure I'm ready for lots of sleep tonight.

      legend: comments, normal dream, lucid dream

      00:00 Saturday 2013-10-19 (country)
      02:05 bedtime at last, way off schedule of 00:00, couldn't be helped, had to heat the place. With the long day including intense exercise Friday morning (swam 1km in 30 minutes), I'm falling unconscious on my feet.

      1) Whale friend, I'm holding on to him in the turbulent water, I don't want to get lost in the water. I'm scraping barnacles off of the whale with a knife, sometimes I mistake a tiny piece of the whale for a barnacle. The water is beautiful blue. The whale communicates to me a feeling of safety, he won't let me get lost in the ocean. I feel a great love for this whale. I'm looking all over the body for barnacles. I'm holding on to the whale's ear (!!).

      F1) I waited a long time for someone to arrive.

      F2) Playing guitar.

      2) Mother says "What's that red thing on your neck?" I look in mirror (face fuzzy), don't see anything at first, look again, then see a large red blue black swollen area under my right jaw. Some blue veins running through it. I'm looking in the mirror confused by this (DS). I look on my body and I see dozens of brown marks, and then snails, snails everywhere. I open my shirt and see more snails. They're arranged in lines on my body. I pluck each on of them off of me with a "pop" feeling and throw them to the ground. (WL, went to dermatologist).

      3) Video game in sister's old room in parent's house (DS) in liquid. JM (former work colleague) has constructed a video game system in my sister's room. The system contains liquid. It is not finished. He wants me to help him finish the system, to provide something. I don't want to do it, because I don't want him playing loud video games in my house. The system starts working and produces a deafening sound, everyone has to shout just to be heard. Some visitors arrive and are taking a tour of our house. They don't approve of the loud sounds. I take them into my old room where it's quiet to show them around. They like this much better. "That's much more like it" they say. There are two men and a women. One of the men is freakishly tall, like over 7 1/2 feet, his head is scraping the ceiling.

      F3) Toby (PR guy from West Wing) arriving to meeting another guy at a restaurant. I'm sitting in a table opposite. He says to the other guy "are we here to chat or to chit-chat?" He doesn't want smalltalk, it's an important meeting.

      F4) Say goodbye to STch (family friend), she doesn't even look at me or respond and just walks by with a disapproving look on her face. She doesn't approve that I think she's hot.

      F5) Playing a water-filled video game system (different than the above one) with a woman. She says how it's her favorite game and has great graphics. We're looking at it and seems like plain/cartoon graphics. I see them, it's like slowly animating cartoons. She says they're good, "they're enhanced."

      F6) Body parts in a mixer/blender.

      09:07 temperature 10C

      4) Consulting company (I work with them sometimes) is holding a seminar in how to make money as a freelancer (WL discussion). They recommend that one great way to make money is to sign up with the "Mr. Hensen" project. This is a man who is trying to map out every major league baseball (DS) stadium in the US so he can visit each one. They say we should use Google (calendar?) but unfortunately that doesn't integrate with Google maps so we have to do some work to provide the same functionality. Mr Hensen is standing in a baseball stadium, it's night and the lights are on. He's trying to visit each stadium in the country. Somehow he needs to pay a consulting company to make them out for him. I walk by him and he pats me on the shoulder and offers some sort of reassurance.

      F7) There's a woman whom I like but she doesn't like me so I'm going to be alone tonight.

      F8) I'm with people sitting in an open area. The people are out of focus to my right in my peripheral vision. I think "they're making a fire".

      11:09 DILD #3!!
      5) A group of people are dancing. One is a young lady, very attractive, short brown hair (DS) and brown eyes. All the people are doll (large) sized. Then I reach for the doll-lady, and I'm holding the lady/doll in between my hands, one hand on each side of her body on her ribs. (Her name is Allison?) I say "I understand that you're going to be dancing with this guy over here, but when you're done dancing with him, come find me ... " while I'm saying this she grows to be fully life-size, I continue, ".. and then we'll dance ...", I begin to pull her close to me, and say, "... or ... something! ..." and we start making out. As I'm kissing her my awareness slowly grows. and I become lucid. I know I'm dreaming. Continue kissing ...a few seconds later: "I'm dreaming," I think to myself. I'm calm, no running around for me this time. I have things to do, goals to achieve. But this is so nice... (continue making out)... I'm calm, I feel aware of my waking life, I know I should stop this to achieve some goals. I feel quite pleased with myself, I have achieved lucidity *and* I'm making out with a beautiful doll-lady. I have a feeling like I'm grinning/smirking (like the "Kirk Smirk" from Star Trek when Captain Kirk is especially pleased with himself at the end of an episode). Still making out, I think to myself "Do a reality check" and I become increasingly aware of my body in bed..., and my awareness slowly transitions from the dream into WL. I'm in bed with my eyes closed. I want to go back in to achieve some goals (yeah, that's the ticket, to achieve more goals...smirk...). I try to DEILD, I haven't moved and my eyes are still closed. My shoulder hurts from my position and my other hand has needles from numbness from the position. I try for about 2 minutes but I'm quite awake, I'm already in the 9th hour after bed, and I'm very uncomfortable so I figure I'm not going to make it and reach for my phone and journal the experience. I was making out the entire time of the LD up through waking up with lips still moving . Total elapsed time lucid, about 20 seconds.

      11:46 temp 9C
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