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    The world of Lyseno

    There is a new beggining, and this time the new world I set myself at will have no more restrictions or duties.

    1. Day 10 comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:24 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday March 11th 2023
      I owe her, so will do layered playing.
      I am home with husband, become lucid and exit our room and thenÖ things change, I am still with husband but our room is now inside of a version of an older house where every member of our families live together.
      Quite annoying, since we are a lot and the house is small, meaning everyone lives in single rooms with their whole families except for my older sister that for some reason was able to get a house next to us.
      Mom comes by and I prepare to teleport away but remember today is her birthday in waking lifeÖ so I kind of donít want to leave her but also donít want to stay here, not sure on what to do decide to do layered adventuring.
      So then go sit in the bed inside of my room. Husband is pissed off and says he wants to do something about being here all day and since it seems nobody will bother me on my end besides him decide to make things right.
      Teleport as much money as possible on a small box below the bed that I just happened to create that moment and tell him we should be leaving this house, that he can take care of it however he likes.
      He asks me how he will do that, so tell him to check the box with our savings, he sees the money and gets out happily, in search for a new house. In the meantime, try to decide whether to use a phone, computer or TV for my stuff.
      Pick the phone that is on a small table next to the bed, unlock it and then start browsing online. Find something interesting and summon the guy from the ad onto the dream, but he will be annoying so while he is still confused banish him and keep browsing before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting in bed, get up and become lucid. What should I doÖ oh! There is a room next to mine, enter it and turn on the computer. Someone was watching an episode of R&M.
      Place my hand on the screen and teleport inside of it; once in that world see a bullet come my way, it just strikes me in the face and nothing happens which makes some people shot me even though nobody had realized I was there a second ago.
      I keep getting shot plasma that at the start makes my clothes melt away so fuse with them and end up being pissed because its blocking my vision. Use scan and find the guys shooting at me, then control the ground around me and spike them all to death.
      Once I am done start walking, move the rubber that fell around and start looking, it feels strange looking like my waking life self while everyone else looks like cartoons so transform myself into cartoon form when a portal open next to me.
      Teleport to another planet and watch from thereÖ and another portal opened up next to me, so teleported again. This kept going for a while and I kept teleporting between the two planets until Scan detected the guy was going through the portals in the locations I had been at to try and find me.
      So just teleported to another galaxy and watched using Scan, they got mad I couldnít be found and started screaming at each other that someone got what they needed, then the kid kicked some kind of crystal and realized that it was there all along, there was some suspicion but nothing too interesting going on so just ignored them for the time being.
      Back to sleep.
      I am inside the room, get told to leave by one of my brothers and do so. While walking out become lucid and once lucid prepare to go into the same world again, but now I need to investigate how to enter the world without the other computer.
      In the meantime, mom comes and I give her some gift, bide her out of the room and then she wants to talkÖ ok, split my consciousness and leave one here talking to her, and another one teleports to the place I was on before.
      Things did not go quite as planned as end up teleporting where I was at before and the same guy from before was thereÖ Rick, annoying fella.
      First thing he did was shoot me in the face which again did nothing, they panicked for a bit, he seemed to be a bit drunk and was going to watch his reaction but the other me got a bit annoyed and overwhelmed which made my reaction slow enough as to get hit with a rock.
      On the other me took care of things, went to wash my hands and came back alone, so now could go into only one consciousness.
      Once I am back remove the rock and then attacked one more time get attacked by Rick and then a portal opens and more rocks fall down on me. Teleport behind the guy and tell him to stop being so annoying and at least talk, the kid already left and the guy keeps attacking me with everything he has, nothing doing any damage and me just teleporting next to him instead.
      Once I am pissed off enough stop his movements with telekinesis then grab his shoulder and tell him he will regret making me angry.
      He says there is nothing I can do that will make him an angrier person than he already is, so use Scan to find both his loved ones in every part of the multiverse along with all of his enemies. Then transform my hair into tentacles and open portals and make them go through.
      Start killing and setting up infectious viruses that evolve and hunt down anything with a similar system, effectively destroying every single version of his enemies as well as his loved ones, make sure to let him know of this by sharing Scan with him.
      The guy starts tearing up first, then he goes into further rage. Oh, how wonderful. I erase his weapon and then erase any signal of me existing in this world besides this image he has of me, before letting him fall to the ground and teleporting back to my place.
      Since I was mad went over to the kitchen and grabbed some cake, as well as preparing some food and getting some more stuff for dream mom. Finished eating and went to the bathroom before waking up.
      Back to sleep.
      I am sitting on a chair, get up and become lucid. Once lucid start going outside, look at things fly a bit and then come back after I finish. Just went out to do Scan and check on dream husband, he is doing fine and is already looking into different houses around the place.
      It is still early, so probably he wonít be coming back until itís too late for me to talk to him again due to waking up for the day, which is fine really since that was the idea. Also get party like stuff for others so they stay outside and then go back inside.
      Try to search for another good place to be at, but nothing comes up.
      End up trying to search online, by connecting the analogue TV to the internet forcefully using powers, rearranging its system, but even though I do get online donít get anyone because family comes over and wants me outside. I refuse because I am not feeling ok and wake up before I can do anything interesting.
      Back to sleep.
      I am browsing on my phone, its heavier than normal for being mine and so I become lucid.
      Some family members are there watching me since I said I was feeling illÖ try to talk to them and while doing so turn on the TV.
      They donít seem to realize that I changed it to a smart TV before which is fine, until someone points out the series are not for normal TV antenna and see that it is online stuff.
      I prepare to say something but they just assume I purchased it; alright then. Most of them leave and while they do so we are watching an episode of Wednesday that has not come out yet.
      What they are trying to do is summon someone that was killed thousands of years ago, a super witch basically that can do basically anything that she wishes to do in terms of elemental magic and would help them to take out the anti monster people that are trying to use military level force to defeat those who are well, supernatural creatures.
      The plot is a bit interesting so I make my body speak while watching not to miss anything and decide to try something new. I want to affect that other world without being there so do just that.
      Expand scan through dimensions and multiverses until I reach the desired one, then make it so the TV show is connected to it directly and slowly give directions to the characters while making the connection in real time.
      They have to go through a few towns and arrive at a place that is in a well. That well is not a normal one either, as inside of it is the key to unlock the creature if done by a witch, which Wednesday is.
      She goes inside the well to avoid the gunshot now that she is alone and is trying to hide herself.
      The next thing she knows is that it is morning and she is in the middle of an open area.
      It seems like the military half knew about what she was going to do as they are already at the top of the location preparing to attack her, but she starts the chanting and I make it so she summons me instead.
      Since I am having my consciousness split up half mess up and they start summoning the previous original creature which is gigantic and also me, so I fuse with the creature, take over, kill it and then appear as a giant and then slowly take my normal size.
      As soon as I am back on my original body see that I spawned in the middle of a mountain instead of the plains and start slowly talking less in my other body.
      The military shot some tank shots at me, which I stop with my hand and drop the giant bullets. Also a missile comes my way which I just casually eat while looking around to see the plains with Wednesday.
      Jump over to her and make it so my landing is gentle and does not kill her. She says she needs help to kill, not for me to just block everything. I extend my arm back where the army is coming from while looking at her and crush everyone down with TK, including helicopters, jets and tanks as well.
      She says that was a pleasant sight and then thanks me before preparing to leave. I make her start singing instead and then summon a meteor at the other side of the planet to wipe out some of humanity while placing a protection shield around non humans, itís quite a sight and she seems both happy and afraid before I wake up.
    2. Day 9 comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:24 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday March 10th 2023
      Only slept for a few hours.
      The only lucid I remember, was with family members whom were trying to force me to stay. It started in the bathroom, it was disgustingly dirty so I teleported all of the poop out, controlled the water to forcefully flush through it by drilling the stuff that was still inside and then did my business, went out and saw some annoying people I dislike.
      I knew my dream wouldnít let me kill them easily but tried anyways, swiped my hand towards them and a huge explosion took out the city next to them, but they just came back.
      Crushed them under super gravity but they came backÖ just decided it was too much trouble and just flew faster than light outside of the planet and the solar system. They kept teleporting next to me and being a bother. GOSH!
      I was pissed now, so just teleported over to a new universe, but they were slowly appearing there too, so I took my time to wait for them and then ate them both, sealed them inside of me and waited for them to die inside of my stomach.
      Once that was done and to take away the bad aftertaste, went over to a random store in this planet and asked for some sweets before waking up.
    3. Day 8 comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:22 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Thursday March 9th 2023
      Donít actually remember.
    4. Day 7 Comp

      by , 03-13-2023 at 06:21 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Wednesday March 8th 2023
      I do like giving classes, itís fun.
      I am talking to myself. Just enjoying the day because itís such a good one. Also become lucid and decide I will just be watching today. End up flying over to the nearest mountain and findÖ quite a beautiful scenario with waterfalls and the like. Teleport on top of the waterfall and start playing with the water, as in making the waterfall split in two and the like. Donít actually get wet myself, but find it super fun.
      Back to sleep.
      I am with brother, become lucid while talking to him and tell him that I need to leave, teleport back to the mountain and then keep on playing with the water by making the waterfall go up.
      When I do that, something comes from within the forest we are on and strikes directly at me, I block with my hand and get sent flying back; nearly crashing onto a tree but stop myself in order not to destroy it.
      Some kind of white ramÖ no, it is white and fluffy like a ram but it is a different kind of creature. It comes straight at me again so this time tap its head and make it dive onto the ground a little bit, just enough to stop moving. I grab its head and rise it to match my height, it growls at me and then just runs away.
      Follow it by flying behind it and find myself crashing against a crystal wall, going through and activating an alarm so just repair the thing and teleport outside of the place.
      Back to sleep.
      I am with brother again, preparing something to eat. Start eating and become lucid; once I am done teleport back to where I was at before and then find the crystal wall.
      Touch it and then start using Scan to find why this thing is here.
      Apparently in this mountain range I am on there are a lot of different creatures that are dangerous for children, and someone had the super bright idea of create a school in here and protect it with this giant wall.
      Teleport to the entrance and quickly mind control everyone into thinking that I am a new teacher, because I want to see the inside of the place and why the school was built in this location.
      Some people greet me and tell me I have to fill in some paper since I am a new substitute teacher, did I min control them wrong? When checking everything is right, the issue is that I didnít take into account all teachers were in place and I was just thereÖ like an extra so it makes sense this is what everyone thought about would happen.
      End up going to the principals and talk to the guy, he says I can go and check some of the classes going on right now and see how it is going but wake up before being able to do so.
      Back to sleep.
      I am looking at some kind of bridge, become lucid while leaning to see better and once lucid realize this is the same school, the principal comes out and says I should really see some of the classes even if I am starting tomorrow helping some of the teachers and directs me to one of the rooms.
      They are doing a test, 9 or so year old children are doing a math test based on the creatures outside and they are trying to make a simple calculation of the speed these things move at; the teacher there reminds me a little bit of one of my sisters and I check the content.
      Learn it and once I have memorized the equations and the test start to go outside but get stopped by one of the kids, they want me to fully explain everything since they all just finished their test time and the other teacher agrees.
      I explain how the triangulation of the location and the movement of the creature can be calculated using some simple maths, given that it has moved linearly twice, and they can just divide the distance between the time it took the creature to get there, and using that, they can use the distance between themselves and the creature to know exactly how much it will take to get to where they are at if its moving at the same speed.
      One of the children says what if its slower due to the trees, if they can be lazy, I reply they need to hurry further then, in order to set up a trap and be able to get themselves to safety since they will have extra time besides their calculations. The teacher seems satisfied with my other explanations as well and I can finally go outside.
      Once outside, start watching through the wall and see all sort of creatures, some that can go in and out. Those are harmless though and one of the kids is trying to pursue it, did class end already? I also follow through and trap one of them, it attempts to teleport before I reach so teleport next to it and grab it, which causes a commotion and the kid is about to tell on me when a giant white creature like the one I stopped before shows by jumping, itís as big as the trees.
      The kid gets mesmerized by it so I can teleport on its head and see that adults have red and blue strips on their faces, they look so cute! It tries to take me off so I just make myself intangible and go through it several times as it tries to get me off and failing.