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    One Hell of an LD...7/12/11(Mid Morning)

    by , 07-13-2011 at 04:44 PM (2944 Views)
    Goals: Gone With the Wind TOTY, visit the Dream World Academy.

    I dreamed that Cedar Point had been moved to a nearby city to mine. So, my Dad takes me and my brothers to Cedar Point. We are now at Cedar Point. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
    We go in. The place is awesome. My older brother and I go over to a newly installed ride. We get on. It is an orangish-colored coaster. We ride the coaster, and there is some sort of mission we have to do. We end unfailing the mission(I can't recall what it was). But we still had fun on the coaster. We get off and go to play a real life game of Super Smash Bros. Brawl. I forget exactly what happened, but I do recall kicking some major ass. So now, I believe I saw a dream sign. So I became
    lucid! Oh hell yeah! Time to do some serious business! I recall having to do the Gone With the Wind TOTY. Time to do it! I now ki speedily my way to a house that looks fancy. It's a brick house.
    I see Rhett walk out very fast with a black suit case. Scarlett follows close behind.
    "Wherever shall I go? Whatever shall I do?" Scarlett asks Rhett.
    "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Rhett harshly replies to Scarlett. He stops when he sees me.
    "You don't give a damn, huh?" I say. Rhett knows I mean business. He brakes into a sprint, and Scarlett tries to chase him. I break into a sprint too. I'll give that bastard a piece of my mind. I begin chasing him. I easily pass Scarlett. After about running a whole block, I reach Rhett. I grab him by the shoulder and turn him to face me. I punch him square in the face!
    "Just take Scarlett back or you'll be a worthless piece of shit for the rest of your life Rhett!" I snap(not my exact words, I can't recall them exactly). Rhett recovers. We're now under a brick bridge. A lot of people notice the scene happening. Now, Rhett gives Scarlett a super romantic speech(I sadly can't recall any of it). I realize that we're near a church. What a place to make a romance scene, eh? So, now he's done, after a literal three minute speech. The two kiss. Yucky! LOL. Anyway...I must have put some damn good power into that punch. If Rhett was able to forgive and forget that easily. Oh well. Yay! My eighth TOTY is completed! Four more to go! Now, I need to go visit the Dream World Academy. I start to fly over the church, when I see George Lopez sitting with the Priest at a white table with a white umbrella.
    I land by them.
    "What's up George?" I say. I notice he's making something. "Making pot? Haha. Just kidding." George laughs too. The priest doesn't notice me. I walk past him, then ki speed fly away. I fly past some trees, and then there's the Dream World academy. It's set up is like what insideout drew in his DWA dream. Two bed post towers, castle in the back, village up front. I land and there's a gate the reads "Dream World Academy." the castle looks cool.
    I proceed through the gate, and like twenty armed Templars come at me. Oh shit! I pull put two Westar-33 Blaster Pistols and aim.
    "It's okay! I'm a lucid dreamer!" I say, rest to fire. They stop.
    "You may go in." One guard says in a deep voice. They have cool armor. All black, with spikes and stuff. The helmets had two black horns bent like an L. They had giant-ass black swords too. You could see there eyes in the visor, which were just blue circles. I proceed into the castle. The castle is all black on both in the inside and outside. I walk in, a man walks up to me. He looks a lot like George Washington.
    "Are you worthy enough to wander in Dream World Academy?" he asks. I quickly beat him down and put one blaster pistol to the back of his head, and the other to his chin.
    "Is this worthy enough for you?" I ask, applying pressure with the blasters.
    "Yes. Please let me give you the tour." he replies. I let him go.
    "One second, I need to carefully observe the castle." I say. I look around. A hallway on both sides of me, and one in front of me. A red carpet leads from the door to the first room in front of me. Down the left hall, I see another hallway going both ways, and a set of stairs going up is at the start of the hall. The right hallway also has two more halls going each way. This place is pretty awesome. We now go the the room in front of us. The red carpet leads down about a fifteen foot hallway. There are lit torches about every three feet on both sides. At the end of the hall, the carpet ends. We proceed into the kitchen. The first room. It has white-tiled walls and floor. On the left are stairs going down. On the left, is a gas stove and oven. Then past that is a countertop and sink. I notice another exit on the parallel side of where I am. It leads into a dark room. The guide now leads me down stairs. The room is semi dark. A few windows are here. There are multiple shelves, and tables all over here. There everything you could ask for here. The ground is solid grey brick. As well as the walls. The guide now stands in a far corner of the room. I notice a vintage drum kit, and go over and sit down and I play a blues beat.
    They literally have everything down here. I go over to a table with hand guns on it. There's a price tag that said something around $9.00. I'm surprised by the low price. It's a real hand gun! I now go back to the drums. A girl comes down the stairs. She has an old Revolutionary War pistol. She shoots me in my left shoulder with it. And it actually hurt! What the fuck, bitch?! I jump over the drums as she runs into a corner.
    "Kamehame...HA!" I blast her with a large blue ki blast. There's nothing left of her. Oops. Shit. I didn't mean to go THAT far. I go behind the drums now. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Herminie Granger all come downstairs now. [SPOILER][/SPOILER]
    Harry fires the death spell at me!
    "Avada Kedavra!" he shouts. What the fuck? I easily deflect it with my hand though. Wow, I stopped an "unstoppable" spell! Haha! Mike Dirnt now comes down with his bass guitar. Holy shit! Mike Dirnt!
    He now throws his bass at me. I dodge it. Hey! I feel betrayed by my favorite bassist now! Now, Billie Joe Armstrong comes down with his guitar.
    I run over an hug him. He's my idle! Now, everyone is grabbing weapons and getting ready to kill me. I better go. I run outside the castle now, and the Templars are coming in fast now. What the hell did I do to deserve this? It was that bitchy girl who started it! I keep running and I get away. I land in the village, where I'll be safe for now. I soon
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    1. littledreamer's Avatar
      Very nice.
    2. KingYoshi's Avatar
      Sweet! Congrats on getting to the Academy !
    3. Torthane's Avatar
      You must have been late for class. The hall monitors take their job seriously I hear. XD
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    4. INeverWakeUp's Avatar
    5. Novise's Avatar
      This dream is great! But especially the Rhett Butler part. "Oh you don't give a damn do you?" Haven't laughed so hard in a long time