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    Lucid Time!


    by , 10-14-2023 at 08:44 PM (265 Views)
    I am having a dream about driving my car and it runs out of gas in the middle of the road. I become semi lucid and change the dream scene. I am with my mother. We are moving into a small oriental styled village.

    There is hilly terrain and a large cliff to one side of the village. It drops off about a hundred meters of twisted igneous rock strata down to a beach. A long windy staircase zigzags down the cliff to the beach. I remember the dream figures there are speaking a language that I don't recognize.

    My mother is trying to find our new house but her phone's GPS isn't working. We find a building. It's sort of like a gym or dojo but has a really low ceiling, maybe 1.6 meters. We meet an older man there, he is the only one who speaks english decently well and shows us to a side room of the gym which is our new home. It mercifully has a higher ceiling than the other main room and has two very small bedrooms, one bathroom and a central sort of living room. I think it is nice accommodations but a little cramped. The older man explains that the reason I dont recognize the language is I time traveled forward several hundred years and the language is a mixture of mostly chinese, laotian and spanish. However he was a linguist and anthropologist who studied old earth languages and knows english.

    My mother then tells me that we could have a problem because I am allergic to tree nuts but all of the food in this culture uses genetically modified tree nuts as a staple food source. I say that it is not a problem and I need to change my form.
    I go in the bathroom and say "fourth dimensional shift transition" and switch from a waking self to my dream self. I then open my backpack and find several bottles of pills, though they're more like a chewy gummy candy. Its sort of like eating a salty taffy with sugar/salt crystals. I intuitively know what they are. Marcus modified my dream avatar body to not need to eat traditional food that much because apparently when getting it constructed I told him "having to eat is annoying". I can photosynthesize light. But there are certain vitamins and proteins that I can't make normally so these are vitamin supplements that make up for that. Ideally I take one at least once a week but I can ration them to once a month though I might feel weak or fatigued. I see that I have three or four bottles each with 144 pills though one is partially empty and think I am set for a long time.

    I go walking around looking for something. I walk down the long stone staircase to the beach barefoot, I think I am looking for Manei and know she is usually found on the beach. I am semi lucid and I am focusing on dream stabilization looking at my feet and feeling the texture of the cold stone. The sky is grayish/overcast and it is raining slightly. I try to envision her being there, but I get doubts in my mind. Marcus appears as one of his little robots and tells me that I am not on earth but a human colony on a planet called Kailejia'tura. He explains that it orbits a binary star and the two stars are 1.51 solar masses at 3.33 solar luminosities and 1.48 solar masses at 2.99 solar luminosities and the stars orbit about 42,000,000km apart.

    The system is about halfway between Woue and Earth. He says that humans are hear with several alien civilizations planning to build a dyson sphere that englobes both stars but because of the two stars masses on orbits they create a lot of stress and make it hard to build a rigid dyson sphere with their current technology but they need to do that because the computer will be built into the skin of the sphere and use physical wires of exotic matter that can transfer signals at faster faster than light. This will allow them to build the computer as big as they need without internal latency from the speed of light slowing down its thinking, since the sphere would be a few AU in radius singals could take half an hour to get from one side of the sphere to the other.

    The sphere is supposed to power a supercomputer that will tell humans and the various alien races how they can live together peacefully in spite of their differences and prevent cultural schisms of wars between the coalition. I ask him why they dont use a different star system and he says this one is important because it has large planets rich with resources they can deconstruct, is centrally located and also has the habitable planet with a population already on it.

    I get down to the beach and look in the water. I want to summon Manei and keep telling myself she is in there swimming or on a boogey board and I will see her any second. Marcus tells me that she isn't present in this timeline and I say that I feel lonely without her.

    "HEY!" Someone shouts. The jump-scare nearly makes me wake up. I turn and intuitively know who it is, MadMonkey. He is wearing a blue and orange Gi like goku and his hair is spiked out ridiculously like a dragonball character. But he has the facial hair and the little pentacle symbol in the place of the emblem on gokus outfit. His tulpas Juliana and Elminster are also present, with Juliana wearing a scandalously revealing purple swimsuit. I intuitively know this is a reference to her old first appearance as Blair.

    "I'm back for a rematch, and I brought the whole system with me! I want a 3v3! And I want you to go all out, no holding back!"

    "Manei doesn't like to fight for sport so it will just be me and Marcus."

    "Alright bring it on!"

    "Barrier On! Origin point: Monkey! Set Radius twelve." I shout.

    Monkey shoots laser vision. Elminster shoots a bolt of lightning from his staff and Juliana shoots the cruciatus curse at me from her wand. But all three attacks hit the barrier now centered on them. Though the laser vision is still blindingly bright as the barrier hex is 'translucent', but all the light is still coming at me. The dream shows the three attacks hitting from several different angles.

    "Set Radius decimal zero one."

    The barrier snaps to a much smaller size. There is a gorey snapping sound of bones being crushed as everyone is compressed to the size of a marble. I turn the barrier off and this little dark reddish marble drops in the sand. I walk over and pick it up, though it is heavy and seems to vibrate and swing around in my hand. Marcus explains that the compression made stable white dwarf matter. I ask him if he can make Monkey and his system respawn. He flies over and puts down a sort of holographic ring. Its a spawn point like in Halo forge mode. (His little ball form always reminded me of the monitors) Once he puts down three it makes 3 beeps and they respawn.

    "How did that not work?! We had such a good strategy! Jay would distract you and Elminster would hold you in place then I would land the finishing move."

    "You see I learned to lucid dream using schema and the expectation effect. I used the same powers over and over to the point that they are second nature. First I learned the fire jets, then the ametyst bow and now I am mastering the barrier. Once I learn the power and the expectation that it will work I can modif I do not think I can really beat you and I only win because this is my dream and I have the home field advantage. But the first time I used this barrier power I was not expecting it to hold up against that giant warhammer but it did. It also killed Azula and I used one to trap Jonathan. So the barrier exceeds expectations even when I consciously think I am in a situation that I cannot win. When I saw a similar situation that I felt like I could not win, I invoked the barrier again since it worked in a difficult before. Its kind of a paradox but I won by expecting I would not win because there was a previous situation that I expected I would not win and wound up winning. Most of what happens in a dream fight is just an aesthetic thing its about winning the mental game like that. I kind of got bored of having dream fights because they are cool but it would be cool if you got to win one, though I don't care who has the dream."

    I start to feel weak and tired in the dream. Marcus cuts in and explains that manipulating the barrier to create that type of crush force actually drained a lot of my energy and I should go take another vitamin. I lose the dream and wake up.
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    1. MadMonkey's Avatar
      Nice moves! Another win for you. You are at 3/0. Next time you try to crush a barrier on me I'm going to use super strength to hold it big enough to not crush me and then phase through it.
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    2. JadeGreen's Avatar
      Nice moves! Another win for you. You are at 3/0. Next time you try to crush a barrier on me I'm going to use super strength to hold it big enough to not crush me and then phase through it.

      The barrier seems to have a schema of being absurdly busted in terms of brute durability, at least in my dreams. But when I trapped Jonathan I had to manually add the properties to make it safe against phasing/teleports, which takes time I might not have in a fight. I know you cracked teleportation and ofc in your dreams I don't have the "home field advantage". If you have the next LD on this little experiment that would be a good strategy...
    3. MadMonkey's Avatar
      In my dreams your barrier is more like the force fields in Dune and they shape to fit your body. It blocks strong attacks but maybe if I can grab you through it I can wake you up with electrokinesis.
    4. MadMonkey's Avatar
      As for teleportation, I dont know how to travel short distances and even long distance teleporting doesn't seem to work 100%.
    5. JadeGreen's Avatar
      In my dreams it does seem to be locked into the geodesic sphere (probably because when I was doing wonderland construction that was the shape of the barrier around the solar system), then it later wound up being repurposed in a dream. You weren't directly involved in the wonderland construction so you don't have all the context and your brain fills it in in a way that I see as "incorrect" but that fits more with your imagined rules or expectations. I think we had a conversation about this how even in shared dreams or visualizations with lots of background context on the supposed 'rules' of each others dreams, nothing is ever completely set person to person. Everyone has their own sort of conception about things, and I think thats what makes experiments like this interesting.

      Where as the fire jets and amethyst bow are very 'magical', I use them by pushing energy out of my limbs and its all done by feet, the barrier feels very parametric and almost technological in nature, given how 'stats' appear next to it. I manipulate it either verbally or with my hands giving concise instructions. "Be this radius" "Have this property." "Center on this person/place". And this type dream control responds very well because its giving very clear instructions to the dream. And it lets me use it in other ways as seen here. If it was just armor I couldn't have as easily offset it onto Jonathan and trapped him.