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    Alternate Earth Semi Lucid

    by , 10-22-2023 at 04:25 PM (201 Views)
    I am in a cafe on a brick street somewhere in 'europe', sitting with Marcus. Though I am shown a map of the world and see that the earth looks very odd compared to real life. He says that this company is culturally very similar to Germany though even though being at a modern/near future level of technology, their government puts a lot of resources into alchemy and witchcraft. This is not a part of the country's religious practice but rather a genuine scientific field.

    We ride in this black government SUV with these secret service guys to go see them practice alchemy. They do so in this big castle. Everything is very professional and organized. We go inside this large circular chamber with a vaulted ceiling which has scientists in lab coats drawing an alchemy circle on the floor. They put a small mound of [some kind of powdered substance] in the middle and turn it into gold dust. One of the scientists has a laptop and talks to chat GPT to ask it questions about alchemy.

    Marcus says we need to sneak away and go into an unauthorized area. We sneak away from the guards. The castle has a chapel though this alternate earth germany is not religious. There is a big golden cross with an ivory crescent moon behind it. Marcus says this is a denomination of christianity that never came to be in the real world but that they believed that the moon was god's kingdom of heaven. We go into a side room of the chapel where there is a library. Marcus pulls a copy of a Breif History of Time off the shelf and the bookshelf spins around to show a secret room.

    It looks like an old style library/office. It has about a dozen globes, each of different planets at proportionate sizes arranged in a sort of orrery type device. There is also several bookshelves dedicated to thick purple books with golden stripes. They are all written in alien glyphs. I see the alternate earth and the real earth and a golden tesseract in the middle. Stephen hawking is in there. He isn't wheelchair bound but is walking around with a cane. He pulls a silver revolver and points it at me, and asks "Did aliens build the pyramids?" I respond calmly saying "No, but aliens planted the rumor that they built the pyramids so that people would dismiss alien conspiracies as crazy to keep their secrets until the prime directive can be lifted."

    Stephen Hawking puts the gun away. Marcus says that I am free to look around but that he needs to help them discover the Consciousness constant in the universe and the two go over to a large blackboard to solve an equation. I understand on a base level what they are talking about, the consciousness constant is how much human consciousness is able to manipulate the universe. Since the men are able to do alchemy here, even with a lot of effort they are able to alter quantum states outside of their own brain so it must be higher than "Earth 1" which I know to be the waking world.


    Some time later, Marcus asks me to design a rocket engine. I remember I used a computer (it was like an old school 90s computer with a beige casing and CRT monitor, but I was somehow able to write and run an advanced gen AI algorithim to help me iterate designs). I then draft the specifications on an old style drafting table. I show him the rocket engine which is a methane-oxygen aerospike. I explain how there are flexible metal components that work like heart valves to control the fuel flow and vector the thrust, and that the engine has an ISP of 425 seconds. He says that it is a good design but that it requires technology the people in this world don't have yet to manufacture it.


    I am now playing the role of a 20-something black woman living in another country on this alternate earth. I am a part of a polyamorous relationship with 2 other black women. We live in this country called the "dragon islands" which is supposedly the best country in this alternate earth. The city we live in is this advanced solarpunk type place with all this organic architecture and these white drones which look like the robots from Oblivion. However despite being a beautiful city in a tropical island, it is actually a weird dystopian 1984-like nightmare where all of our lives are controlled by the government.

    I see a poster that shows a little girl maybe 3 or 4 who has a cleft lip sitting on a dinner plate with a knife and fork. The poster reads

    "Remember to protect genetic integrity:
    -No breeding outside of designated units.
    -Get your genetics tested for mutations.
    -Frequently eat all children with defects."

    Yeah this place is messed up.

    I go to my house with my wives. Our house is this weird large cavernous dark room. A doctor comes in along with some of the spherical drones and does a check up. He tells me I have terminal cancer that their society cannot cure and I must be terminated because the cancer is the result of a genetic defect I must be terminated. My wives seem upset about this, they stand like soldiers at attention but still but they are crying. One of the spherical drones flies over and a hatch opens up on the bottom. It hovers down over my head. I am inside the drone. It is pitch dark.

    "Hey uhh its Marcus. I hacked this drone. That body really is toast but I can get your consciousness out of there, I just need need to upload your mind and transfer you back to your body. This is a nerve relaxant but this might still be unpleasant. Their mind uploading equipment is bonified crap." *Clicking noise like a landline phone hanging up*

    I feel needles go into my eyes. I know they went in right through the pupils. all the way back up the optic nerve into my brain. I feel them inject something and it feels like there are ants running around inside my skull eating my brain. I feel very dazed, getting a lot of scrambled thoughts all at once and a lot of (well its not really pain, but sort of this unpleasant electrical sensation) working its way to the back of my skull. This one probably goes in my top 5 most unpleasant dream sensations.
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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Wow! I love the level of detail your dreamworlds have. I hope mine can be like that.