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    Alien School

    by , 09-28-2023 at 10:14 PM (199 Views)
    The dream takes place in an alternate future where there are multiple alien races meeting at the UN building on earth. They have formed a new organization called the UPO or United Polities of the Orion Arm. I am outside with some Eridians and we are preparing the eridian flag. Their flag is white with a black design. Its sort of a circular design with five rectangles radiating off of it and a dot in the middle. Eridians have prototyped cameras that are wired into their brains to give them limited eyesight but in order for them to 'see' the flag they want me to install this sort of foam that raises up the design in the surface of the flag and use various textured fabrics that they can perceive with their sonar. We want to be accommodating incase the "eridian eyesight" project testing goes poorly. I am working at a table with a sewing machine doing this. We finish and fly the flag. There are many flags that I don't recognize hanging outside the UN. There are three or four Eridians all with complicated looking life support devices on their bodies. Apparently able to handle earth atmosphere and pressure as long as they are wearing that equipment.

    One of the Eridians (there are about 3 or 4 of them with me) says something about spongebob and this prompts me to show them that I (in my Hade form) have some kind of gecko grip ability like spiderman. I climb on the concrete and they are very impressed by this.

    We go inside the UN conference hall. There are other alien species here. Wookies (Star Wars), Navi (james cameron avatar), Septicrabs (Woue), Heptapods (Arrival) and I think Vulcans and Klingons (Star Trek). I get confused about what is going on and a Septicrab shows me a powerpoint presentation. He says they came to earth in the year 2023 and after negotiations went badly with humans (this seems to be a reference to a previous dream, the one where the Septicrabs invaded and my cousin was transgender.) The presentation explains that diplomatic relations degraded so badly that the Septicrabs demanded all humans turn over all their children below an age threshold of 6 years. Then on top of that they demanded 15 billion human babies or they would exterminate humanity. This resulted in a program where governments forced women to have children and then seperated them to give them to the aliens to fulfill the aliens demands. When humankind delivered the last of the children, the Septicrabs then activated a Halo array in a focused blast to wipe out all humans on earth anyways.

    Wiht the ~16 billion human children the septicrabs raised them. They were taught to be accepting of alien cultures and about their own history. Human history generally being presented in a negative but truthful light (a lot of war, greed, propoganda, etc). But also taught about the old cultures and arts to preserve human culture and history as truthfully as they could. The Septicrabs had even been completely open about why they had done what they had done and said that humanity was so hopeless they represented a memetic hazard and could pollute the universe with their bad ideologies and twisted up morals. They believed was the only way to create a humanity that would be agreeable and trustworthy enough to exist on the galactic stage. I remember sitting down and talking with him explaining that I didn't think that was the right thing to do. While I agreed that it was true that humanity in the 21st century was... problematic, that they should not be forced into this state of artificial peace. Even if it took a thousand years they should try to teach the humans that are alive to be better people rather than kill everyone force a complete reset on their culture and ideology, even if it was for the better.

    The Septicrab then explains that they didn't have time. That they had to make a difficult decision. They say a nicoll-dyson beam was fired at earth from about 100 light years away, and that they knew about the beam because they had an FTL ship investigate it while the beam travels at light speed. The dyson beam was created from a clone of bob (Bobiverse) who went crazy and decided he had the right to pass divine judgement on earth. The evil bob is a universe-ending threat and the septicrabs are spearheading a coalition of alien races to stop him because he has stated an intention to wipe out all life for being imperfect. They asked doctor strange to find a possible future where they could win and doctor strange said the only future was in one where humanity was able to put aside their differences and cooperate. The evil bob was growing exponentially and they had to stop him now. They couldn't wait around for powerful advanced aliens to get involved or for their own technology to advance or it would be too late.

    I then travel through a time machine and am back in high school. The blue septicrab is there and he says that this was before the "reset" of humanity. He shows various aliens going to my high school and how they are getting bullied by humans for being different. One of them rips off the Eridians life support and he catches on fire and runs around in circles while all the kids point laugh. I see another one come up behind a female navi and grab her breasts. When she swats them away the kid pretends to be hurt. Then the teacher gets involved and takes the side of the human teenager even though she saw the whole thing happen. The septicrab tells me it is time to go to class. We go to a science class where he is showing how a fusion reactor works. He shows a working model of a stellarator style fusion reactor. It is maybe about a meter across sitting on the teacher desk. The septicrab is explaining different fuel types and fusion chains and the Q-factor of the fusion reactor.

    The various aliens are paying attention and taking notes while the human kids are not. He tells the aliens quiet study time while he pulls the human students aside and lectures them. He says their test scores are the lowest in the class and no human student got above a C+. While all the aliens got As and Bs. He says that if their species is not interested in learning about advanced technology then they will not keep up with other alien races. He emphasizes that they are not going deep into math and only taking about fusion on a basic conceptual level but the human are still not applying themselves. One of the human students argues that the alien brains "work different" and therefore they need less challenging classes and special accommodations. Another student then says the Septicrab is being "racist" because he is singling out the human students. The Septicrab is frustrated but says that if a human student got an A or a B he would not be lecturing them, and that if any of the aliens had been a problem they would be getting this lecture too. He then shows a scientific paper published by Harvard saying humans are proven to have just as capable of brains as all the other aliens. Another student in the back raises his hand. He says that he watches Fox News and Fox News said that Harvard was now run by aliens with a political agenda to kick humans off their own home planet and we shouldn't listen to them.

    I leave and go to the bathroom. I am in hade form but I see I have short hair. I say that this is bad because my hair allows me to do photosynthesis and provides energy. I concentrate on growing my hair and it gets a little longer to about shoulder length. I then see a Septicrab and the Navi girl come in (different one, this one is an adolescent student) and they plant a stink bomb on a timer and run away. I ignore them and walk out. The stink bomb goes off and starts filling the school with noxious green gas and all the students start running and panicking. The school hallway transitions to an outdoor residential street. I am casually walking and then start running and jumping. I notice gravity is very floaty and if I flap my arms I can stay in the air for several meters. I get to the end of the street. There is a lake, some large trees and a cafe area out on a big wooden deck. I jump off the wooden deck, and turn on my thrusters, now properly
    lucid. I see the stink bomb cloud coming for a bit but then will it to go away. A strong wind picks up and blows it away.

    I think about how I want to spar with Madmonkey again. I walk up to a random dream figure and ask where Madmonkey is with the expectation that he will know. The dream figure is Ned from Neds Declassified School Survival guide. He starts giving me tips on going to school with aliens saying. "Remember to have your school install extra-tall doors for Navi, and make sure to have have holographic displays shifted into the ultraviolet spectrum so that [some other alien species] can see them. I wake up.
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