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    Spring comp Night 9

    by , 03-11-2023 at 03:41 AM (150 Views)
    I was at my childhood home, though the arrangement of the house and general decor felt slightly off. I was being yelled at by my grandmother to clean out the fridge which was full of moldy food. The dream went on for awhile with some awkward faffing about, but I can't recall a play-by-play of events.


    The dream transitions to a seperate scene where I am riding my bike on the bike trail near my old high school. I am riding my bike carrying two lunchboxes and open both of them to find moldy food inside. When I go to empty them out, simply throwing the moldy food (but no packaging or plastic) by the side of the trail thinking some animal might be happy to find it, I get stung on my hand by something sharp in one of the moldy food items. This transitions into a bog standard dream of body horror as my finger turns red, then black and starts to warp in distusting ways.


    There may have been another scene of my mother and I visiting a convenience store and finding a freezer isle full of black moldy pizzas.


    Seperate dream of a stock dream plot I've been trying to catch (become lucid in). Back in high school, and theres some project or assignment that I need to turn in. This seems to be playing off a specific event.

    I cannot remember which teacher or class, but this was an actual IWL incident. I had a teacher who assigned us a lengthy essay in the first day of class. He mentioned it briefly during the first-day syllabus and never again ever that. He never formally passed out any assignment sheet that described in detail the assignment or even mentioned exactly when it was due. Then halfway through the school year one day he says "turn in your massive essay thats like 25% of your grade" only like one tryhard student had actually done the essay. Said teacher went on a half hour tyrade about how lazy we were and how this was a learning experience blah blah. Then the next day came to his senses and decided to just restructure the whole class otherwise everyone would fail out of it.

    This specific circumstance always seems to be the subject of dreams though. Only there is always an unconscious knowledge that I do know about the project but I was too apathetic to do it or specifically didn't want to do it out of rebellion. I think this might be a low level of lucidity making its way into the dream, but I'm not sure. I don't remember the specific permutation of this dream that I had (which class it was or which classroom in my highschool it took place in.


    Had another dream about riding my bike with my old Taekwondo instructor. I remember the scene taking place near my old junior high school, and then I taught class there.

    NLD x3

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