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    Spring Comp Night 12

    by , 03-13-2023 at 06:21 PM (167 Views)
    I was running through a black void, transitioning between first person views of myself and third person. The dream had a very strong emotional charge to it, I was incredibly angry and upset about something and running because of it. The ground is a dull grayish brown stone material with very little detail for the most part, and the area around me illuminated dimly.

    Occasionally I come across ancient ruins made of the same dirty brown stone at times, lines of columns, arches and incomplete pyramids. They are of a very unusual architecture with square columns and an engraving of a sort of diamond knotwork design seems to be repeated a lot.


    I am in my dream wonderland, though I am not properly lucid, so I can't claim points for it. (It seemed like a layer 0 lucidity, but I am not taking the points for it.) I am on the beach at night talking with Madmonkey's dream guide, Juliana. She is sitting on a palm tree that has grown out horizontal over the water producing some kind of light, either holding a torch or using a fire spell. It seems inconsistent when I try to remember it. At some point it was a big flood light like from a construction site.

    I have set a large heavy stainless steel metal prism which is maybe six centimeters across and fifteen centimeters long, half buried in the sand. It is decagonal or dodectagonal (has 10 or 12 sides). The corners are beveled slightly as to not be sharp. It is half buried in the sand and am somehow using it to chart/draw a complex rune pattern in the sand. I have tied a string to it and used it to draw a large circle maybe five meters across. now I am filling in the details. The cylinder has small white two digit numbers printed on the sides (11,20,22,17) but they don't seem to have any meaning. I get frustrated and wipe away part of the rune I am drawing and try to smooth out the sand. I then remember that "Manei's dreamcatcher earring has nine-fold symmetry, but I don't have a nine-fold guide so I can't make it."

    We have been talking for some time while I have been working, but I do not remember the entire conversation. The only section I remember was saying:

    "Manei asked me to quit my job so that I could focus on personal development. The place was poisoning me physically and spiritually. But now that I am here, It seems like I can't get lucid anymore."

    NLD x2

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