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    Losing Zukin, Field Force-Fields

    by , 02-04-2015 at 01:03 AM (290 Views)
    February 03, 2015

    Zukin Got Shot D:

    Zukin and I were living with a psychopathic killer, apparently... One day he 3D-printed a gun, and used it to kill Zukin and three other people... right in front of me. Then he laid them all out over a long table, on their backs. This whole time I was numb and couldn't really move. I didn't even fully take in what had happened until the killer left through the front door. I tried to wake Zukin and the others up, but they wouldn't move...

    Then I heard the sirens from outside. I looked through the peep-hole in the front door, and saw a cop standing at the other side of a fairly long tunnel. I naturally let the cop in, because I was innocent and wanted the killer to be caught. The cop came in and asked a few questions, then inspected the bodies... I couldn't look at Zukin.

    I went a little crazy then. I invited some random chick into the house, made her wear a green cloth over her head, and mentally green-screened Zukin's face onto the green cloth... I was trying to make it so Zukin was still alive, but it wasn't working. she was still dead, and I was lost. I called the cop who had come before and asked him to come over so I could ask him something. It had finally hit me that she was gone, and because the psychopath was still at large, I had to keep this all a secret. But I wanted to be able to call Zukin's mom and tell her what had happened. I didn't think it was fair that her mom had no idea she was dead. So this cop finally comes back, and I ask him if I am allowed to call Zukin's mom, and the cop said absolutely not. It would compromise the whole investigation, he said...

    Then I woke up and it took me a few minutes to realize where I was and the rush of relief when I realized it had all been a dream was tangible.

    Field Force-Fields

    I am part of a group who was walking along a bunch of crops and checking force-fields. Like, each crop had a force-field around it to keep bugs and animals and robber out. We were in pairs, and had to walk or bike around the edges of each field to check that the force-fields were all intact. My partner and I spotted an anomaly in our field, and used this contraption to seal it up again. It turned out a piece of something had gotten stuck in the force-field which made it bowl out, or something.

    Our field was edged by a river on one side, and we had to cross a bridge to get to our next field. I had super vision, apparently, because when I looked in any direction I could see the other pairs making their way along their own fields, which were far away. It was as if each pair was only about 20 feet from my partner and I. It looked like all the other pairs were having issues; either one of them was injured or otherwise slowing things down, or the pairs were bickering, which also slowed them down. It seemed like my partner and I were the only ones running full throttle.

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