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    Sensei's Competition Day 3

    by , 08-20-2015 at 08:20 PM (518 Views)
    August 20, 2015

    They have SOLD THEIR SOULS to Corporate America!

    I was in a three-week intensive final training for my Elementary-Ed master's degree. We were completing an internship at a summer camp, and in the last week of the program we were to do a collaborative piece with McDonald's. Because of this collaboration, we had a half day at the camp and the kids all roamed free for this half-day.

    One of my classmates was pissed about this, though. She boycotted the McDonald's collaboration and got a whole bunch of big bags of chips and lines them up to read "*insert my university* has SOLD THEIR SOULS to Corporate America!" I was a little confused but admired her activism and stood with her.

    That night, we all stayed in a hotel and it was so confusing and extremely haunted.

    Minecraft Woes

    I was in the Evil version of Yubaba's Bathhouse, and I had a sword and armor. My hunger bar was at zero, and I only had the half-heart left, which can't be taken away because of hunger. Apparently, in this reality, in that state monsters wouldn't be aggressive toward you. Which was good, because I was in the basement and surrounded by skeletons, creepers, spiders and zombies. I made it all the way to the door of the building but there was a creeper blocking the way and for some reason this one monster wasn't ignoring me. It blew me up and I awoke

    Wow, SubC. Smooth.

    I was in Colorado for some reason and was going to go to a Japanese summer festival with Adam (a guy I've lately been seeing casually)... The festival was held at the old dude-ranch I went to as a kid there, and I was going to be meeting him there. I parked in a parking lot wayyyyy up high in the sky with a rope ladder type obstacle to get up and down. Getting down it was fine! I got to the festival location and realized I'd forgotten something in my car, though. I started climbing and was so proud of myself for not getting tired or out of breath! but as I got within like 20-ish feet of the parking lot where I left my car, the rope ladder thing got a lot narrower and harder to navigate. I had to like squeeze myself through a solid part and pull myself up. There was a family of 4 at the top who were cheering me on as I finally made it up.

    I looked back at the thing I'd just climbed and suddenly decided I needed to move my car because I was NOT doing that again. It was then that I spotted a brown creature hopping/flying below us. I wasn't sure exactly what it was but then I suddenly realized; it was a unicorn! Except this unicorn wasn't at all what you think of when you think Unicorn. It was a shaggy, brown miniature horse with a horn that looked like it could have just been a pointy tuft of hair sticking out of its forehead. It was the derpiest little thing ever and was making squeaking/grunting noises as it plodded along giving zero fucks about how shabby it looked.

    I pointed it out to the family, and they were all fascinated and I was like "You go little Unicorn!"

    I got in my car and started to back out of the parking spot. I spotted Adam nearby and pulled up next to him, telling him to get in so I could find a new place to park. He got into my car freezing cold and with a raging boner... so I offered him my sleeping bag to warm up.

    (WTF SubC... I thought I was way dirtier than that!)

    We drove for a little bit and I saw the derpy unicorn again. And then I realized it had gone the complete other direction so how could it be here... and did a quick RC. I became lucid and stopped the car. I was in the mountains of Colorado again and looked around for more detail and ideas. I looked to the ground for something I might be able to eat for my first 3-steo task for the competition... I saw a mushroom, and figured, why not? I stuck it in my mouth and it tasted like a whole mountain. If that makes sense. I liked it somehow!

    I looked around again and spotted Adam still sitting in my car. I was disappointed to see his boner was gone (lol) but remembered I wanted to ask DCs what they do to RC. So I asked him: "What do you do to reality check?"

    He looked at me for a while and then smiled. "I always close my eyes. If I'm dreaming I see things when my eyes are closed." Interesting :O

    I decided to try for the black hole task of the month while getting my second 3-step task checked off; I jumped off, imagining myself shooting off at the speed of a rocket. It was dusk (a lot of my dreams have been dusk-time lately. It's really pretty but on the edge of bad news, as getting dark is usually a bad thing in my dreams) and I looked down to see the ground quickly moving away from me. Soon I was in space, and searched for a black hole to jump into, but I couldn't find one before I woke up
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    1. ExothermReacton's Avatar
      Don't call the unicorn shabby, it helped you to get lucid!
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    2. KestrelKat's Avatar
      No no no. It WAS shabby. but it was awesome. That was the whole point! It was shabby and it was awesome <3