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    by , 10-01-2016 at 02:09 PM (199 Views)
    Last night i dreamt with Pedro, being friendly and with goodwill (i was goodwilled so i saw him with goodwill as well).

    This night i dreamt again with Pedro, but it was more of a selfish thing the interaction and a moment of true endurance in a friendship. Why selfish? Because we were playing a game in the dream world. I fell on a tower, and instead of dying i perceived it that i lost the game. So now it was his turn to play... But he chose a totally different game... Anyways i just stayed there impatiently. [For moments like this i should become lucid. Im not bound to stay there, im free to do whatever i want. But because of attachment to my friend or the activity we were doing i hanged on there]. Why endurance in a friendship? Because the moment of endurance happened while we were in friendship. His game was finishing and he wanted to culminate it (If i explained the game it wouldn't fit what a game is, but i perceived till the last of the clinging as a game), so i held a Mate and he held a hose and washed the Mate full with yerba. The water pressure was very strong and he kept holding it, then at the last moments he said that it was burning, but he didn't laid it down, and he kept holding it. Then the pressure was finished and he layed down the hose. He showed his hands as red and wanted to express the pain he had by showing them, but of course i knew i couldn't know the pain by just looking at the hands nor touching them. I had forgotted about this kind of things that happened when we were children. If i had a pain like that i would find the quickest way to stop it. But this is a good lesson that sometimes better to act wisely and/or maturely. This dream i wrote down fully in my personal dream journal, i just didn't want to copy it here because it is on the cellphone.

    However the other thing i dreamt was that i dreamt with my uncle Dario, and this i didn't took note because i didn't remember until late at day. Dario is the brother of my father. My father is the oldest in his generation, and then follows Dario. We were in a family gathering, in the garage of my grandparents house. Dario wasn't with his wife, and i thought that she might have passed away, although maybe that wasn't the case, maybe he was in her home village. Someone came up saying something about her wife, that she is old or something like that ... and Dario remained calm, but then noticed that something was said. However he acted differently as he tend to act/react, he acted with good intentions to my surprise, and said serenly "That actually offended me", but he sounded more like sad but at the same time equanimous. Sad because he trusted his family, he never thought before that there is such gossip, and also that people don't tell him about. He got up and went through the kitchen. My father also got up and walked with him with his left arm on his shoulder and back, supporting him, like an older brother would do.
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