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    by , 12-01-2010 at 11:25 PM (482 Views)
    Nomad weird

    I was on Lonewolf's forum or something. and saw a bunch of posts where Nomad was talking to the people from there. I found it rather odd.

    Asuka Forgets.

    I vaguely remember walking back to some sort of new agey store where Asuka didn't recognize me. I was a bit worried she would think I am a creep or something. Anyway I walk in and notice free coffee so I take some free coffee and start talking to her. She has a child at the store. She seems to be trying to be nice but she doesn't recognize who I am.

    A present from Dumbledore

    I'm in my bedroom when a strange package flies in through my window. It says out loud, "A present from Dumbledore." and then plops on the bed. I think "Why would dumbledore send me a present?" I look on the package and it reads "To Robert's Double."

    My double? I then conclude that Dumbledore must know that I am a dream body in his world... hence my : double. and I must be my double because Dumbledore sent it specifically to me. I open it and fine a note that reads, "Wear this when you participate in the Tri-Wizard Martial arts competition."

    I unravel the outfit and it's a fighting Kimono with a dragon on the back. It looks cool.

    Lucid 1

    I was walking around in some city after some things happened. I became lucid when crossing a street. I couldn't remember any goals... only that I wanted to change the dreaming location. I walked along a busy street toward some industrial buildings. I decided to enter the building and find a door to use as a portal.

    I walked into the building and came to a staircase. I began walking up flights of stairs. on the first flight the stairs and walls got smaller. I walked up another flight and now at the top of this flight everything was getting even smaller. I ran up a few more flights, each time the stairs, walls, and doorways got smaller. I ran up until it was impossible for me to continue. i looked behind me and saw that the stairs had become a sort of circular slide. I decided to slide down it and leave the place. After sliding down about 16 ft The slide got smaller until I entered a closed off spherical room. I wanted to go up but it was as if I had come from nowhere. I decided just to sleep and leave the dream. I was just trapped now.

    Lucid 2

    I was on the same intersection as before with my dad and brother and became lucid. I flew up using my feet flapping as wings. i flew over to where the industrial buildings were and landed. Ok so I wasn't going to try that again. I wonder if me and Raven had Saved Asuka by now and restored her memory. So i decided to just walk along the dream and let the dreamscape gradually change until I found asuka. I called out her name loudly a couple of times.

    As I walked... I ran into a barrier of cars that were wrecked piled so high that I couldn't continue.I turned around and saw some houses. I wanted to use a door as a portal now to find asuka. so I walked towards the houses, but then the doors vanished. I went around to the back of the house but found a pile of chairs blocking my path... Dammit. i turned around and found myself in someone's house. I have memories of hanging with 2 children here. I went into their living room and transformed into a flying snake. I flew above the children as they watched me transform. I coiled myself above the fireplace. They were both in awe... but I woke up.


    I was writing a letter to the children explaining that even though their world is solid. Since I am a dream body, that I can do magic. that's why I was able to transform.


    I was in a place with a bunch of evil dogs... I had to do something with them to get asuka back or something.


    I was walking away with Asuka and she was covered in black stuff. I told her we had to change the dream and when we would do that she would be fully healed. I somehow persuaded her. We went through a portal and wound up in an old town. Asuka looked bright and shiny again. She was a japanese girl with a cute round face. I put my arm around her as we walked and I commented on how much better she looked... everything would be ok now

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