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    Shit Dreams

    by , 09-17-2022 at 06:24 AM (284 Views)
    Jamie 1

    Don't Remember what happened Just that Jamie was in it.

    Jamie 2

    We were both walking around a street. Eating something really gross... Won't say what. but we musta been under some awful spell for us to do that...


    Fell asleep listening to the Audiobook of the Dark Tower. Dreamed I saw The Tower from far away. I saw all the beams and the edges of the earth and the Turtle. Outsaide all that was Jesus with his arms open encircling the world. As if he was gesteruring, "Behold I have made this too!" So, He created The Ideas in Stephen King's head? Crazy. I know King is a hardcore athiest.


    Dreamed I was working in Canmore again but at a different place.

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