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    by , 06-13-2017 at 04:39 AM (298 Views)
    Kicked out

    I'm standing in the doorway to my dream home with someone. Asuka is mad at me and telling me to get out because I'm drunk. I explain I'm not drunk and try to prove it in very long and coherent sentences.

    Raven's explanation.

    I'm on Facebook chatting with Raven Knight. She sends me a message that reads: Read the signs. and has a link with it. I click it and I'm standing inside of her post. I see four dream journals scrolling down. I seen mine with the purple title's Raven's, Noad's and someone else's maybe viatorem's... There's text above the four journals... but then I notice another dimension to the text. The words hich I can't read are arranged to form other words. Read the signs she said I remember.

    I'm inside the supposed dream she wants to show me. In it I am Bjork and Raven has me by the hand and we are flying through the forest. "This is how you died." she is saying. Then I see myself as a woman standing in front of a train. "No" I say... "It can't be." I'm frightened by it. I see myself get run over by the train. Then I see myself as an angry spirit chasing after the train. Then I realize that I never was Bjork... but a spirit who thought she was bjork when asleep.

    Fun with vehicles

    I'm flying over a world map. I go past Israel and over by Saudi Arabia and wind up in some muddy place. I find a humvee jeep and steal it. People are chasing after me.

    Looking for a place

    I wind up at Cousin K's looking for a place to stay. She has three houses all over town. I find one where she is currently and it's night time. The house is filled with friends of hers. I am smoking a cigarette. I am in the living room and I ask if I can rent a room in one of her houses, I tell her I am working overnights so money isn't a problem. She kind of nods. I get up and walk around, one of her friends follows me and asks me for a smoke. I notice sets of stairs everywhere I go exploring until I wake up.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I feel bad whenever I hear someone gets hit by a train. That's a horrible way to go. But on the positive side you were watching and not getting hit by it in the dream.
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