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    19 Oct: Quake, volcano and dangerous clouds

    by , 10-27-2010 at 10:32 PM (569 Views)

    23:30 GMT+9 Ė sleep

    Again an earthquake. There are two smaller warning quakes. Cracks appear on the roads. I am inside a car which is being driven by some unknown guy. He speeds up, maybe trying to reach a safer place but we just get stuck in traffic.

    02:30 GMT+9

    Iím with my mom at her home when a volcano erupts just behind the house. We hardly have time to escape and then I get this light feeling that I am dreaming. I lift off and the whole scenario goes from scary to looking like an amusement park. The volcano is part of it and I fly with my mom over the lava flow. Then in the park thereís a kind of sci-fi London scenario and other weird stuff I canít recall.

    My mom holds some test results and the report says I need a massive surgery to live. I have some kind of crystals on some nasty wound in my bladder and the surgery either might kill me or leave me incapacitated for the rest of my life. I really donít wanna do it so I refuse to accept the diagnosis. Iím convinced I can undo it if I simply reject that reality.

    Chemically-filled clouds
    At my friend Alfredoís property and strange clouds are hovering us. My boyfriend ask me if I agree that they look totally unnatural. I then remember my friend had said he suspected someone was sabotaging his crops and maybe this was the way to do it. The clouds become really low and look like an algae bloom in the sky. I try to spread them away by blowing some wind to them but they collapse and on the ground falls a thin plastic-like film with a name of a company and a list of nasty chemicals and even Anthrax printed on it. Although I find it is very dangerous to touch it, I fold it and keep it as proof that someone is seeding poisonous and deadly clouds over his farm.
    Then a gipsy lady comes out of nowhere begging. I say I really donít have anything to offer her right now but she claims we have land and we are rich and surely can offer something. I feel surprised with her attitude and say the land is not ours and she is assuming a lot. She says thatís not what she heard around and I get really upset and send her away.

    05:40 GMT+9 Ė wake up

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