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    20 Oct: Mission on a foreign planet

    by , 10-31-2010 at 05:32 PM (479 Views)

    0:00 GMT+9 – sleep

    Mission on a foreign planet
    Part of a team of explorers. There was me, a geeky tech-expert and some chunkier guys and a hot girl with long hair obsessed about her looks, even when surrounded by enemies. We were on some mission, doing separate jobs in some foreign planet.
    I was near a forest, close to the ship which was hidden, when I saw a little girl being chased by a huge guy. I’m hiding out so I just watch without interfering, but then the guy grabbed her and threw her violently against a wall of an abandoned house that was there. She knocked her head and looked in bad shape. I couldn’t just do nothing so I jumped in to save her, but the guy was really chunky and I couldn’t beat him up, so I just tried to pick her up on a moment of distraction of the guy and run away with her.
    Behind me, hidden under some holographic cloak, was our ship, so I took her there and just had time to close the doors behind me. I immediately started the launch procedure. But the guy was trying to break in and causing major damage to the doors, so we had to enter an escape pod in the center of the ship, to garantee our safety. I was trying to reach the others on the radio but they weren’t replying. The pod entrance had to be zipped up (WTF?) but I was having trouble zipping it up. I was getting really stressed out and yelled “f*****ck!”.

    5:00 GMT+9 – wake up

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