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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Ground Slam (LD) 2. Invisibility Snap (LD) 3. The Yellow Screen (LD) 4. Screen Phase (LD) 5. TCLD

      by , 08-11-2023 at 10:02 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Ground Slam (LD)
      I’m laying down on my stomach taking a nap and my lucidity starts to rise. I guy wants to cut into my shoulder blade and I feel drowsy so I simply think it doesn’t matter since it’s a dream. He starts to cut in and my back starts to hurt, although one sore area feels relieved. I find the pain very strange, and I'm fully lucid. I feel I need to do something and get defensive. I get up and my dream body transforms into a giant form and power starts to surge through me. The dream is very dim, but I continue slamming him literally into the ground by pounding with my fists. I then follow up by casting a fireball at him when in the hole. I see the fireball get cast through the dim fogginess of the dream. The dream fades.

      2. Invisibility Snap (LD)
      I’m walking next to a group of people, along with one of my friends, outside of a building which resembles a school. I suddenly realize I’m dreaming and decide to simply phase right through the door near me to get into the building. I start thinking about where I want to go. I turn to my right. I enter into a bathroom and realize I need to pee. I realize it’s kind of silly peeing in the dream, but I feel I need to, so why not? I then, by habit, go to wash my hands realizing that washing and drying is silly as well. I see myself in the mirror to my left and begin to think about casting frost or fire. I remember back to imagining a spell tome attached to me. I imagine the tome quickly in my mind’s eye, but don’t actually check to see if it’s in my left hand. I go to cast fire, yet visuals don’t quite appear. I leave the bathroom and think about what else I can practice. I suddenly think of invisibility, and snap my fingers on my right hand, imagining it’ll begin then. I see a couple characters gathered in the hallway and I simply walk past them without them seeing me. I continue to make my way outside simply by phasing through the door. A group of people gathered outside doesn’t see me either. I fly a bit farther, and reach a chain link fence. I begin scaling it, but the top bends as I do so, the group of people behind me watching. I begin making my way over, but the dream begins fading. I engage my senses, feeling and visualizing myself climbing the gate, and the dream persists a bit. The dream eventually fades.

      3. The Yellow Screen (LD)
      I’m lucid as a screen yellow screen with a woman displayed on it. I’m trying to hold onto the dream and begin walking through the dim environment, the screen continuing to follow me as I walk into the dream scene. I appear to be in the hallway of the main house in The Meadow. I begin heading down the stairs and the dream fades.

      4. Screen Phase (LD)
      I’m in a bedroom watching a really funny commercial of a guy showing how people are misinformed with information. He’s going through various rooms in his home. I think it would be cool to simply phase into the scene, and I suddenly realize I’m dreaming. I turn to B behind me, telling him I’m going to phase, but he’s restricting me. I break free and begin to phase into the screen, but wake up.

      5. The Child (LD)
      I’m in a dark area and B tells me that there’s a child in danger, yet no one will be able to help. I go with the plot and pick him up, flying him over to the entrance of the dark building. I leave him for a moment and go outside into the daylight to look for assistance. I hear from the group inside that they’re going to call for a doctor, but feel I’ll be able to do a better job. I fly back in by phasing through the door, grab him, and head back out by phasing through the door with him. The dream begins fading, yet my lucidity rises a bit. I imagine myself on a small island and have slight visuals of myself within the scene. The dream fades.

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