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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Syrano Lounge (LD) 2. The Cliffs of Syrano (LD) 3. Blur (LD)

      by , 08-23-2023 at 11:19 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Syrano Lounge (LD)
      I’m aware I’m dreaming in the middle of the first floor main room in the main house in Syrano. I see the glass doors toward the back and consider exploring farther into that area. For a moment I consider teleporting somewhere else, but I decide this will be a good place to explore more. I wonder if I’ll re-encounter the swamp area, or if I can imagine The Village to be connected beyond. I phase through the glass and end directly in another large first floor area connected to the main room. It appears to be a large lounge area of sorts with a kitchen toward the back right. I see black and grayish couches to my left formed in a partial square configuration in a living room type setup with a central focal point. I continue toward the kitchen area and think that grabbing a hot cocoa would be a good idea. I look on the counter tops, and set my expectations to find it after not spotting it right away. I find a pink mug with a small amount of dark liquid, yet it’s a bit bland – like decaf coffee that’s been sitting. I imagine a hot cocoa dispenser, stick it under, and have a full mug. I have a bit, but the flavor isn’t too strong. I walk around the lounge a bit more, heading toward the left. The dream begins to fade a slight bit, so I shout “Clarity Now!” I slowly wake up.
      *Back to bed – decide to try to re-enter dream rather than record.

      2. The Cliffs of Syrano (LD)
      I feel that I’m waking up on the couch in Syrano and look at my hand. I realize that I have ….six or seven finger…I’m dreaming! I get up from the couch and begin to head toward the back area of the main house. I want to explore beyond the sliding glass and phase through. I end up in the same area as the previous dream: the lounge area. The couch to my left, however, looks a bit different. Rather than the black and gray hues, the couches are a sand color and appear a bit fluffier. There is a door open beyond them as well which appears to be leading to a conference room type area, with a large dark wooden table in the center and black business style chairs all around. I don’t want to head in that area, yet want to continue heading in the direction of the kitchen area and beyond. I make my way past the central island and sink areas in the kitchen, which are upscale, and continue toward a door in the back of the house. I make my way through and end up within a nature scene on a dirt pathway leading downhill. There’s a sharp slope to my left and a large cliff beyond with structure on the top. I’m excited that the dream may last a while, and I begin to narrate. I state something similar to “This dream will last a long time”. I continue to make my way downward and look beyond to a massive cliff with dense, dark green foliage covering the entire cliff face with accents of red leaves within. As the scene is revealed, a short, musical crescendo is created, in a revelatory fashion. The experience feels mystical. I want to explore the cliff area a bit more to see if I can find a dream sanctuary type area in a cave in the cliff face. As I approach, the dream feels a bit unstable, and I feel I risk losing it. I quickly descend and the dream begins to darken. I shout, “Visuals! Visuals!” and the nature scene snaps back into focus. I turn to my right and see a long tree line nearby, with woodland continuing beyond. I’m curious to see if I can find The Mountain Temple within, and make my way into the woods. I meander down a small slope into the woods, feelings excited to explore and happy with how long the lucid is feeling. I look to my left, yet don’t see the temple. I begin to approach a wide river and begin floating across toward the opposite shore. It’s quite wide – about fifty meters or so – and several large paleolithic looking gray fish are partially exposed above the surface. They appear dangerous, and I try to float above them, however the dream feels as though it’s tugging me toward the water. My feet skim into the water a bit, and I feel the sensation of wetness, yet I make it safely to the other shore. I find myself on a dirt path extending parallel to the river. I turn to my right to continue exploring that area. After walking about thirty meters, I see a long single story brick structure and decide to explore inside. I make my way inside and it’s essentially vacant and feels like a storage type area. I make my way through a door toward the back right, and notice a rectangular metal structure to my left which seems to be generating power. It’s glowing both green and red around the edges and has a light on it. Once I exit through the side door, I see a pink VW van parked in a parking spot and get the thought that it seems like a vehicle used by people doing drugs. That’s probably a strange experience doing drugs in a dream…. I turn to my left and see a sketchy, tall guy in a black shirt with a white logo and begin talking to him about dreams.
      “Who would do drugs when you can just lucid dream? It’s like you’re a timewalker.... or a dreamwalker I should say.”
      He looks at me with amusement and interest.
      “I’m going to go look for my dream guide, Glenna…want to come”
      He seems interested and begins to follow me. I make my way into an upper level through a entryway in the ceiling above where we are. The path is obstructed by massive curving cylindrical pieces of white concrete. I feel pressed against the entryway by them.
      “Now I’m going to use super strength”
      I begin smashing the pieces of concrete with my fists, blowing chunks off into the space beyond the entanglement. I continue to smash, but and make progress, but it seems as though a slight bit more encroaches. I begin to wake up.

      3. Blur (LD)
      I’m aware I’m dreaming in the main house in Syrano, and the room is very dim. I walk a bit farther into the room, but the dream fades. I end up in a non-lucid. (1)

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