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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Ancient Dragon's Lair (LD) 2. Djinn's Lightning (LD)

      by , 08-26-2023 at 09:11 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Ancient Dragon's Lair (LD)
      I'm in the center of the first floor of the main house in Meadow. H makes a funny comment regarding the person winning an award on TV and the character repeats what she says almost verbatim. That's strange.., Nose plug did...i just breathe a bit?...let me make sure... nose plugwait a secondnose plugthis is a dream!! I'm amazed as the whole scene feels so real. H is standing in front of me with a large smile, emanating appreciative joy. I approach, take her hand, and walk with her to the front of the house. We make our way into the living room and I feel that it's special that she'd in one of my lucids. I hug and kiss her, yet the dream begins to feel unstable; the visuals start to go dark. I explain to her that I want to stay, yet I'm risking the dream collapsing. I know I need to move on. I make my way to the front of the house, shout "Clarity Now!" and the dream come back into focus. H follow me to the front of the house as I phase through the front door and float up toward the street in front of the house. I decide to engage narration to stabilize and prolong the dream . I state something very similar to:
      "Now I'm heading down the road and the dream is going to last a long time", I see a group of young kids, probably teenagers, playing some kind of game in the night. I float a bit above them, seeing if I'll catch their attention, coaxing them to engage with me - they don't and simply keep playing. I float farther down the street and find another group of young males playing. I try to get their attention as well, yet they seem to just ignore me. I see a third group ahead as I head down farther and decide to just let the idea of engaging them go; no need to instigate something with them for entertainment. I continue toward the end of the street and decide to head to a section of The Meadow which I've never explored: the street to the left. I reflect that the area with the Gargoyle Mansion and Greek Temple is situated behind the street, yet I'm curious what's actually on that street in the dreamworld. I make my way down the curving road to the left. As I wind to the right, I notice a green mist hanging over the street. I head down the street and the mist sits heavy over the area - toward the top it seems a miasma of sorts, seeming dangerous if I approach to close. As I look at the street I'm heading down, I notice small plants growing from the path, void of leaves and containing several shoots of light gray wood. I try to multiply them as I make my way down. My first attempt doesn't work. I walk a bit farther and try to multiply another plants in a group, yet the attempt doesn't work once again. I look up and notice massive green creatures, which appear to be petrified, are situated in intervals down the street, roughly 30 meters apart. They seem ancient in nature, appearing like green dragons, yet somewhat resembling dinosaurs. I continue floating down, amazed at the creatures and noticing how their size increases as I travel farther. I consider floating into the woods to my left toward the Greek Temple, but figure I'll keep exploring where I am. I'm curious what's above the top layer of the miasma and fly up above. Once I break the surface, expecting find sky, I find a very hot, humid, dense air which feels essentially inhospitable. It's seems totally barren. I decide to re-enter the area below. I continue down the road and spot in the distance a small blue portal. I decide this would be a great place to phase through to find Glenna. I keep making my way toward it and soon see the head of an enormous gold dragon who appears to be quite ancient. I approach even close and see that he's situated within a wooden temple of sorts, seemingly to have usurped the ruler of the temple. He's speaking in a deep ominous voice and I can sense that he may be hostile. As I get closer, I snap my finger, turning invisible. The massive dragon turns his head toward me, and I see his large eyes glance right past me; he doesn't notice I'm there at first glance. I move forward and to the right, entering small chambers constructed of posts of dark brown wood. I see a shrine room situated in the back with a portal. I decide I can float into this area and phase through to Glenna. As I begin making my way toward it, I draw the dragon's attention. I gain an instinctual understanding that his name is Joraggu. He swings his head toward me abruptly, seemingly gaining awareness of my presence, with rage.
      He shouts in a deep menacing voice:
      referring to my attempts to evade him via invisibility. He raises his massive right claw and smashes through all of the beams of wood constructing the small elevated rooms in which I'm situated. I evade the blow by gliding toward the shrine room with the portal.
      I wake up.

      2. Djinn's Lightning (LD)
      I continue to walk up the ramp to a lounge area which seems as though it's run by Native Americans. I get a feeling that the area seems...dreamlike. My awareness increases a bit and my memory begins to stir. I say intuitively:
      "I'm lucid in this place"
      My awareness raises drastically over the next two seconds or so, and I'm lucid. I begin to make my way farther into the lodge and their are many people milling about, seemingly tourists. The area is adorned heavily with dark wood and the ceiling are vaulted, creating a lobby area which is several stories tall. I head toward the lobby area, considering leaving the building and into the light. The appear to be small shops situated in small rooms on either side of the main walkway - gift shops of sorts. The dream however appears very fragmented. It appears as thought it's running at four frames per second or so. I shout "Stabilize!" and the dream imagery shows more continuity, coming into focus. I turn to my right and decide to pursue some dream goals, possibly transformation and conjuration. I first set my mind to transforming into Djinn form. My body begins to enlarge dramatically and my shoulder expand to the size of boulders. I primal roar emanates from me as my body expands, echoing into the distance. I drift father into the scene and decide to dilate time. I image pulling an hour glass out in front of me, yet the image is faint as I move my arm up. I decide to try to find want simply via expectations by exploring into the adjacent rooms. I don't find one in the vacant, dark, small room to my left. I enter into a small shop to my right and find a very faint one on the table on the left side. I raise it up and imagine the sand slowing, willing the dream time to slow down. I float farther down the hall and conjure purple lighting. It's moderately vivid, so I try to create dense sparks of blue lightning in front of my palms, and see the blue lightning for with intensity. I make my way in toward a crowd and created streaks of purple lightning once again, the crowd evading.
      I wake up.

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