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    Oneirin's Dreamworld

    Lucid: Blue
    Approaching Lucidity: Gold
    Non-Lucid: Black
    *Color Coding hasn't worked in my DJ since mid June 2023, so LDs are simply marked with: (LD) from that point on.

    1. 1. Stable Numbers (LD) 2. Wall In Syrano (LD) 3. Meditation In Syrano (LD)

      by , 08-22-2023 at 10:51 PM (Oneirin's Dreamworld)
      1. Stable Numbers (LD)
      I’m gazing into a mirror in the front of the main house in Serrano.
      “This is a dream…this is a dream”
      I look at my reflection and notice how smooth the skin is. I also notice that the front of my hair is down a bit rather than up. My face looks a bit ethereal…almost like…
      wait…this really is a dream! I turn away from the mirror and head into the center section of the house which is very dim. I begin shouting “Clarity now!” with intensity. The dream becomes a bit more stable and vivid, yet it’s not super clear as of yet. I phase through the sliding glass and want to head farther into where I imagine The Village to be. I end up on the lenai and make my way a bit farther, yet there’s thick blackness ahead and what appears to be a swamp. I don’t want to destabilize the dream in the blackness, so I turn to my right and fly a bit higher to where there appear to be buildings. As I rise up, I gain a view beyond where a tall brick wall is situated. There’s a two to three story building which appears to have a gym on the top level; I see a couple rows of black treadmills set up. There’s another a brick structure to the left of this gym structure, and the main structure continues a bit to the right. I fly into the top story where the gym is and a head a bit farther inside. There’s a screen on in what appears to be a sports bar area. It seems like a football game is on and one of the coaches is getting interviewed. The screen appears to say something similar to “Bronx”, and the scores 4 and 4 on the bottom of the screen. The person interviewed is speaking about his battle with, and “overcoming of, some type of illness. I look away from the screen and back out of curiosity to see if the text or numbers will respond. Interestingly enough, they remain in the same spot, displaying the same thing. The person in the interview continues to speak as I look back and forth. I’m a bit puzzled and intrigued, but decide to explore farther. I head to the far wall of the sports bar area and jump through the window down to the street below. I then decide to simply phase into the asphalt ground. I phase in and the dream goes dark for a moment. I wake up.

      2. Wall In Syrano (LD)
      I’m lucid in the back of the main house in Serrano. I’m staring toward through the back sliding glass doors and the dream is very dim. I consider heading out briefly, but don’t want to head back into the swamp area. I instead turn to my right and simply phase into the wall to teleport. My vision goes black for a short moment and I wake up.
      *I decide to try to enter a lucid once again rather than record LD right away

      3. Meditation In Syrano (LD)
      I look up from the couch in the main house in Serrano, from a supine position, in order to check the time. I see two digital clocks ahead of me, one situated on a small square wooden table and one beyond. I look at the first one and it reads some time after 6:00. I look at the second at it reads some time after 4:00…wait…that doesn’t make sense…I’m dreaming! I stand up fully from the couch and walk into the central area of Serrano. I consider where I want to go and don’t want to head back to the back portion of the house. I decide instead to head for one of the window on the wall to the right. I head toward the window and phase out. I quickly make a drop into an area below which looks somewhat like a wooden porch. There’s a small square floor directly below me with various colorful items in the corners as well as another small square room, exposed to the outside beyond with couches on either side and a mat in the center which appears to be for meditation. I turn around to view the window that I came from and see various small adornments on the wooden section of the wall which appears to be made of metal – souvenirs of sorts. There are rooms in an alternate section of the house in the area to the left of the area with the mat as well as a section of the porch exposed to the outside to the left. I decide this would be an interesting place to meditate and sit down on the gray cushion in the center. Once in zazen posture, I think about teleporting somewhere else, but realize I’m getting distracted. I return my concentration to the present moment. I hold my awareness for a moment but feel as though I risk losing the dream. I stand up to begin engaging the dream and begin walking toward the porch area. I feel the dream slipping a bit, so I engage my tactile sense which extends the dream a short bit, but I wake up.

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