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    3-16-13 Dream Journal - Nap WILD Attempt

    by , 03-17-2013 at 12:12 AM (235 Views)
    Technique: After reading about "the holy grail of lucid dreaming" techniques I just had to try it. I have tried to WILD 4 times now, this is what I did and these are my experiences. My first two attempts were like grasping at the wind. I was trying to WILD before bed which I have since learned is a big no no. I would lie still counting my breaths and trying to induce sleep paralysis (SP). I lied perfectly still for at least 400 breath counts. My body got tingly but I did not experience any real sleep paralysis nor did I have any auditory or visual hallucinations. I then tried a WBTB WILD but had similar experiences. I think my problem is that my mind is way to active. I just get way to excited! whenever I do feel a hint of body vibrations or any other hallucination I think "Holy crap here we go!" which of course wakes me right back up.

    Results: While attempting to fall asleep I did meet someone that I found very interesting in one of my pre-sleep daydreams.

    I am walking trying to engage each of my senses in a daydream trying to "transition" into a dream. I must have fallen asleep for a moment because the following has a type of dream fog in my memory

    As I am walking a women appears about twenty feet in front of me, she is cute and she is smiling at me. I wave to her but she ignores me and continues to smile at me. I approach her and am going to ask what her name is. All I get out is "Hi wha...." because as I get within range she b**ch slaps me really hard! I look at her with accusatory eyes as if to say

    "what the heck!!"

    She apparently finds this hilarious and begins to laugh! She says,

    Hello I am your sense of humor :-)

    "What the heck!"

    I am your sense of humor. I am trying to help you transition into a dream. When I slapped you this dream felt more real right? Hmmmm?

    I found her very amusing (of course lol). I really wanted to know her name so that I could find her in the future! So I asked her again

    "What is your name?"

    She looked at me and her lips started to move like she was going to answer my question but I couldn't hear anything. The dream started to fade and as I was becoming more aware of my body I realized that she wasn't trying to answer my question at all! She new that the dream was going to fade and was just taunting me... she found it very amusing!! Dang her if she wasn't so funny I would be really angry!

    Analysis:I am going to stick with it and am hoping that with experience I will find a method that works for me. I am especially going to focus on WBTB techniques. To try and keep my mind still I am going to need to develop great dream exit awareness. When I feel myself coming out of a dream I am going to remind myself to lie still and not open my eyes. I am hoping that this will quite my mind and help me to "transition" into a dream.

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