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    3-18-13 Dream Journal

    by , 03-19-2013 at 06:38 AM (235 Views)
    Technique: I have been performing RC checks throughout the day. I have been incubating a dream so that if I do manage to become lucid in a dream I will have somewhere to go, or who knows, I may even get lucky and transition into the dream I have incubated :-) I am going to try to DILD as I fall asleep, and I have set an alarm to wake me up after 5 hours of sleep for a WBTB WILD attempt.

    Results: Dream Notes - Non Lucid - LucidI had five non-lucid dreams. Even though I did not manage to become lucid in them I still found them very enjoyable :-) I am not going to elaborate on them because that would be way to much work. But for the sake of improving dream recall I have spent a fair amount of time going over the content of each.

    One: I am in a mansion with my buddy MC. It is built on a bluff and has a very nice stone fire pit area built out over the bluff. There is no railing or anything to protect me from falling over the edge, and while this would terrify me in real life it somehow makes me feel very connected to nature in the dream, and very relaxed. I have a nice long conversation with MC, we aren't talking about anything really meaningful but it feels good to connect again and just share about whatever comes to mind. This was a very relaxing and enjoyable dream.

    Two: My recall of this dream is very poor. I am on a pirate ship that looks just like the Black pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean. We are sailing through very heavy ice flows. I am not the captain of the ship but I have control of the ruder and I am finding it very amusing to use the ship as an ice breaker which of course does not work very well. I think a sank the ship... Whoever the captain was sucks at his job, should have never given me control of the rudder :-)

    Three: I am in Colorado with my old time college buddy AV and his wife KV. I tell them that I know of a great restaurant in Denver and we should all go have a nice meal and catch up. I have never been to Denver... Somehow my dream self knows this and even though I feel like I should know the restaurant we just keep driving in circles looking for it. AV and KV are starting to get frustrated. The dream ends. This was a very frustrating dream!

    Four & Five: Dang. Should have written this down right when I woke up. I can't remember either of these dreams at all, even though I know that I could when I woke up.

    Analysis: Well I learned an important lesson in dream journalism. Even though it is inconvenient I am going to make an effort to journal right when I wake up. Even though I did not become lucid by remembering to RC or recognizing any dream signs I am loving remembering my dreams again! I haven't been able to remember them at all recently, and it doesn't do me any good to lucid dream without any recall! I was reading some posts by WakingNomad and he was saying that recall is the most important skill to develop when attempting to lucid dream. In the off chance that he checks this out, I hope that I am quoting him correctly :-)

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