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    3-20-13 Dream Journal, Nap WILD

    by , 03-20-2013 at 06:04 PM (216 Views)
    Technique: I woke up really early this morning, probably because I went to bed so early last night. Around 10:00 a.m I realized that I was probably tired enough to try a nap WILD :-) I did start to feel a little guilty about trying to nap at 10 in the morning... but I don't have anything to do this afternoon so meh whatever.

    I picked a spot in bed and got comfortable. I chose to use my fan as an auditory anchor to keep my mind awake, and I tried to passively observe any visual hypnagogia as they came.

    Results: This worked really well! Normally my mind is kind of racing and wonders around from day dream to day dream. But the auditory anchor really helped to calm me down and focus.

    Normally with visual hypnagogia a try to take whatever it gives me and then force a vision onto it and forcefully enter a dream. This time I decided to passively observe whatever was going on, and see if I would naturally eventually be pulled into a dream. And it worked! I had three short visions from the hypnagogia, I didn't have to force anything, it happened really naturally if I just waited and passively observed.

    I new that I was supposed to wait until the vision felt really vivid before I tried to "transition" into a dream. I was just a little bit to patient, I should have jumped on the third vision but I didn't really know what to expect. I think that if I would have engaged the third vision I could of had a successful WILD!

    Vision One: I observe some kid handing his grade report to his parents. He knows that it is bad and is expecting them to get angry with him. The mom takes it, but before she can respond the kid starts trying to explain himself and justify why the grades are so bad. I remember thinking this was funny because he was trying to blame some fruit for his bad grades?

    Vision Two: This vision was really funny, I was laughing so hard that I nearly woke myself up.

    I observe a mob boss trying to teach his goons how to fight. Today they are working on what he calls

    "A supper effective, supper awesome, supper sneaky... SNEAK ATTACK!"

    At this point he punches one of them in the gut and they congratulate him on a successful sneak attack. He goes on to explain that an effective sneak attack is all about miss direction,

    "You got to draw their attention somewhere else! like say "hey, look at that!" then sucker punch em in the mouth!"

    Now it was the goons turn to practice. They are in my kitchen. One goon looks around and points at my fridge,

    "uhhh, something to distract em.... uhhh. "Hey look at that (pointing at a picture on my fridge)""

    He then tries to sucker punch the other goon but his distraction technique was so bad that the other goon clearly sees it coming, and uses the opportunity to sucker punch goon1 in the face!

    At this point I am laughing so hard I almost wake myself up.

    Vision Three: I am at Quik Shop with my Grandpa. I fill up a 32oz Diet Coke and go to see if they have any good hot dogs cooking. They have a jalepeno cheese dog cooking that looks pretty tasty. I reach to get a plastic container to put it in, but the sticker says they cost 99$? What?

    I think that I kind of realized this was a dream. I remembered that I wasn't trying to engage a dream, just passively observe the visual hypnagogia. So I "pulled back"

    Analysis: I had it! That third vision was so realistic, I should have engaged it. I had been keeping track at this point and knew that this was the third vision I had from the hypnagogia. I didn't know how many I should expect before I tried to engage, so I let it pass. It looks like three was the magic number this time.

    When I "pulled back" from the third one my body became completely awake. I knew that I had missed my opportunity, and gone right through a sleep cycle. Next time I will choose to engage the third vision, or maybe even the second if it feels realistic.

    Has anyone else experienced anything like this? I would love to hear some feedback to see if I am on the right track towards lucid dreams!

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