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    5-3-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-03-2013 at 08:13 PM (207 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 7.5 hours. I was woken up a couple times in the early morning by my sister leaving for school and my parents running around. These interruptions did affect my dream recall a little bit as when I get rudely awakened and get angry putting any effort towards trying to remember dreams goes right out the window lol.

    Maybe I'll give a small update on my WILD attempts. I am getting pretty good at relaxing and getting to the edge of sleep. I think I have managed to transition twice, but each time I immediately woke up and shocked myself out of the dream. I am terrible at transitioning and it is frustrating. Either I will really focus and so just lie awake unable to fall asleep. Or, I will focus on falling asleep, hoping that I will catch the transition and stay lucid, but I never do and I just fall asleep regularly. Twice now during the "try to fall asleep" technique I have managed to catch myself actually just entering the dream. It is my hope that as I keep experiencing this the "shock" will start to wear off and I will be able to successfully transition and be lucid.

    Results: Since I was interrupted this morning I only remember two dreams. They are both from early sleep cycles so they are not as long or vivid as usual. I am not going to bother recording them because really their not that interesting.

    Dream One: Not recorded

    Dream Two: Not recorded

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