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    5-2-13 Dream Journal

    by , 05-02-2013 at 05:45 PM (270 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 9.5 hours. I didn't do any special techniques last night worth mentioning.

    Results: Color Code: RL/Comments [COLOR="#0000FF" - Non Lucid[/COLOR] - Lucid

    Dream One: Soul Trader

    I was like a stock broker except I dealt in souls. I would buy someones soul, who was already dead by the way, and give them life again. I would tell them about the time period they would be living in, and tell them to live a better life than they did last time.

    Dream Two: Supper Hero Zombies

    I was with a group of people in a basement. A couple get sick and start attacking the others. I start fighting them. As the dream progresses I awaken more and more supper powers until I am basically superman. Meanwhile more and more people are turning into super zombies and I am fighting them. At the end I go to do a Hulk thunder clap to knock everyone down, so I lunge... and yell... and CLAP as hard as a can... but nothing happens. It was like one of those moments when you clap wrong and so it sounds really weird and someone heard you do it so you feel like an idiot? I was confused about why it didn't work and felt foolish for trying.
    Anyway then I look up at the sky and realize someone has stolen the Earth and dragged us to a different galaxy to participate in World Arena Combat. Then I find some old friends (K.S) and the dream fades.

    Dream Three: Denver Friends

    I am with some of my Denver friends (C.H) and she is telling me that because she is pregnant no one pays attention to her anymore, like her opinions don't matter. In the dream it felt like she was working for me and felt like I wasn't respecting her enough.

    Dream Four: High School Fun

    I am back in High School and my mom is teaching the class. A couple of my college buddies are there (M.G). I take a painting on a whiteboard he has done and start erasing and re-doing it. I find a cool tool that you dip in paint and roll it on the paper and it makes flowers and vines and stuff for you, like a stencil.
    When I am done it is M.Gs turn to re-do it. So he calls J.S over and they start drawing a city and writing a rap song?

    Dream Five: Principles Office

    I am in High School again outside of the principles office. I am not in trouble but it feels like I am supposed to wait here for something. I am hanging out with my sister A.R, we are trying to learn the school rules or something because we are new here. I remember I need to check to see if I have homework due for next hour, but I can't find my binder (which I finally do) and I can't remember my teachers name? Why did I organize my binder by the teachers name and not the class?! I knew the class was English but I couldn't rind the syllabus to see if I had homework due. This was very frustrating because I didn't want to walk in without my homework done again (possible dream fragment of this happening). This whole time people have been streaming by us into the principles office to do something called Clip Tests to test their determination and intelligence? We are told that we won't have to worry about being called in, but I can't remember why.

    Dream Six: Frisbee With Gravity Control

    I am playing indoor frisbee when I realize that if I concentrate hard and point my palm at the disk I can manipulate gravity and pull the disk to me! It wasn't TK, I was actually changing gravity to make the disk "fall" towards me. I show a couple people, but they think it is a trick and I have a string attached to the disk... I try to convince them but oh well.

    Dream Transition:

    We walk to the car and are heading home. I start to notice that things aren't quite right, wasn't I just playing with gravity? I wanted to test if this was a dream, but I forgot about my RC checks . I wanted to do something crazy to see if this was a dream, but it felt so lifelike that I just couldn't be sure! Honestly I'm kind of ashamed to say my first thought was to whip out my junk and head towards some attractive girls across the street, but I just wasn't sure this was a dream and to do that in RL would be so embarrassing!

    Finally I decide that indeed this has to be a dream. Based kind of on the general fogginess but also on the fact that I figured that only in a dream would it be so hard to see if I was actually dreaming or not.

    So what should I do! I couldn't believe I was having a lucid, and so early in the month too! I figured now would be a good time to do the TOTM, Yay! Then I realize the most horrible thing. In RL I haven't looked at the TOTM for May yet, so I could only do one of April's!!!! I was so frustrated with myself that I just wanted to immediately wake up and check the TOTM. Kind of a disappointing lucid, but the stability was really bad now, and I was frustrated with my goals being blocked so I woke myself up.

    I could here noises, like music and talking, so I assumed they were from RL and headed towards those sounds to wake up...

    Dream Seven: False Awakening - Napping In A Van

    I wake up and I here the same sounds that I headed towards in my lucid. I am sleeping in the back seat of our van, kind of weird since I haven't done this since I was a kid. There is music playing and my sister and mom are talking about something.

    I realize that before I get to engaged I need to make some notes about last night's dreams. I reach for my DJ note pad and record some notes (Interesting that the logical part of my mind must have been very awake at this point. I can clearly remember the notes I made on the last three dreams, and they are they exact same that I had to redo when I actually woke up). Then the dream starts to fade?! What?

    Then I actually woke up and triple RC'ed to be sure. It was kind of deja vu making the dream notes again, really it felt unnecessary since I had already done it once before. I was kind of in shock at how realistic that FA felt, I was completely fooled!

    I don't normally have FA's, never had one until I started here on DV. I am going to need to start RCing whenever I wake up to check for FA's.

    This was a great start to May!
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