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    6-7-13 Dream Journal

    by , 06-07-2013 at 07:48 PM (489 Views)
    Technique: Total sleep time = 8 hours.

    Last night I did one serious WBTB attempt and woke myself up with alarms 3 other times. I went to bed to late though so I was pretty tired and that put me in a deep sleep. I wasn't able to become lucid, though I was close a couple times.


    Dream One: Doctor Who Eureka Shenanigans

    This was just a crazy dream series. It was weird because it was a vivid dream, and my recall is good but still I have almost no idea what was going on. It was like time was all shifting around, some flowing regular, some flowing to fast, and some flowing backwards. Things would happen, only to be reversed (which would happen in slow motion reversing until it would pause and start flowing forward again) and then happen again but slightly differently. You can see how that would be confusing...

    It was set in the Doctor Who universe, I saw the TARDIS! But all the DC's were from the show Eureka.

    Also I was merely an observer in this dream. I didn't even have a dream body and I couldn't effect events in any way.

    What a weird dream.

    Dream Two: Baby Sitting and Counseling

    I was at a strangers house, what am I doing here?

    I see one of my co-workers S.K. There is an old man sitting across from her giving her life coaching? Why the crap am I here?

    Then I realize I am here to do babysitting, and a bunch of kids show up. We play with some cool toys, and make a craft. Then we find a huge game room with five huge TVs and tons of games.

    Dream Three: Reunion Football Game

    I am back at high school in my football locker room.

    I know that it was a long time ago that I was in high school and I think it's weird that I am here now. And why are all my friends here, and dressed to play football?

    They tell me it is a reunion football game and all graduates who played football are welcome to play. I think it's weird, plus I don't really want to play football...

    Dream Four: Conference on Islam

    I am at a weird hotel conference room. I don't recognize anyone in the room and I don't know why I am here or why I should stay so I turn around to leave.

    I figure before I leave I may as well find out what the conference is about though so I go back in to ask someone.

    They tell me it is a conference on Islam and abortion. They are analyzing the two and seeing how Islam will work with current US abortion laws.

    It sounds mildly interesting to me so I decide to stay.

    Dream Transition.

    I am with the people from the conference but we are in a restaurant now.

    While we are waiting for our food to arrive we entertain ourselves by playing with our ice.

    I take some out of my glass and start juggling it. Then I start playing with it like it is a hacky sack.

    Dream Five: Ice Skating

    I am at an ice skating rink with a group from my church.

    I am late and so they have already started without me, in fact there is only 1 hour left to skate before the place closes.

    I go to get my skates but their is a real B***H working the skate checkout counter. She doesn't believe I am with the church group so she wants to charge me for my skates.

    I just want to be done with her and start skating so I take out my wallet and just pay for the stinking skates.

    Then She gives me skates that don't have any blades on them! So I ask for different ones... SERIOUSLY!

    She says she will get me more but a large group has just arrived behind me and she is going to help them first! No Way!

    I get in her way and make her give me the skates!

    Finally I am done with her.

    I put on my skates and head out to the rink and the dream fades.

    Dream Six: Castle Pool

    This was a really cool dream that just doesn't sound that cool written down.

    I was with my sister A.G swimming in a large pool.

    We were staying at some castle resort up on a mountain, everything was a really old kind of mossy stone. It was so cool.

    Then I get to the edge of the pool and notice that the castle has started floating up into the air!

    At first I am terrified and start hanging onto the pool wall for dear life!

    Then A.G comes over and she thinks it is so cool! She starts running along the pool walls risking death and even jumping out over the edge sometimes!

    I figure what the heck and stand up on one of the walls. I am really shaky. I take a moment to look down and it is just unbelievable. The castle is floating up and spinning around, I can see for miles all around. We go up through the clouds.

    I don't feel comfortable enough to run along the walls like A.G is so I just stand still and take it all in while she prances around the place.

    Dream Seven: Sexy Time

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    1. Unbound's Avatar
      Sounds like a lot of "what the hell am I doing here" dreams, which is good thing I guess for lucidity!

      Also, reversing dreams? That is the first time I hear about something like that, interesting!