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    7-26-13 Dream Journal

    by , 07-26-2013 at 05:26 PM (565 Views)
    I am standing infront of a large man made pond. The edge is concrete and there is a nice sidewalk going around the pond. There are no swimming signs all around though. Like a crazy amount of no swimming signs, it must be dangerous or something. I wonder why?

    It doesn't look dangerous. It is just a man made pond in the middle of a well groomed park.

    I decide to investigate closer and so I walk to the very edge of the concrete and stare down into the water.

    It is a clear blue water and I have very good visibility.

    Way down deep I start to see movement. Right now it just looks like flashes of light, like there are a school of fish swimming around or something.

    I see some of them notice me and the flashes of light start to head towards the surface. As they come up I see that they are not really fish but more like long eels with huge mouths and lots of teeth. They don't really seem evil to me or anything just large predators. I decide to try to catch some fish for dinner?

    I think that I can grab one of the smaller fishes that are now swimming around before one of the eels can respond and attack me. I grab a fish and it works.

    As I am pulling it out of the water my dog comes running by me and jumps out into the water. That's rights, I was playing fetch with my dog... right?

    I throw the now dead fish I caught back into the water to try and distract the eels, hopefully they will go for the dead easy prey.

    I see one start swimming towards my dog. I pull out my knife ...(love how the dream provides ) raise it above my head in two hands and prepare to jump in after my dog. As the eel swims near I time my jump so that I can leap into the water and stab him just before he gets to my dog. I do and it works, I stab him with my now huge bowie knife right in the forehead.

    I see that I have now attracted the attention of more eels that are now swimming towards us. I push the dead eel under the water and hope that they are cannibalistic and will again go after the dead prey rather than chase us.

    I swim towards the edge and manage to pull myself up. I have a moment of panic as I am pulling my last leg out of the water and I can't see what is happening, I feel like the eels are very close now. But I get out without incident and turn around to see whats going on and the dream transitions.

    I am now a little bow cleaning fish with my friend.
    Suddenly I start to become lucid. I turn to my friend and say

    "This is a dream. I think that I am lucid too!"

    He just stairs at me with a blank expression. I don't really know what I was expecting of him though. Then Bam! I am in the void.

    I am still asleep but I am beginning to feel my real body again and feel like I am waking up. I concentrate on relaxing and try to stabilize the dream.

    Very quickly I start to see very vivid black and white scrolling patterns start passing by my vision. This goes on for maybe 10 or 15 seconds. I definitely take notice of them because they are very cool, but I don't want to become distracted and wake up. Or lose focus and enter a non lucid dream so I continue to concentrate on relaxing and stabilizing the dream.

    Soon I transition very smoothly into another dream. Hey cool! I have been watching a bunch of the TV show Archer recently and I am so happy to see that they are influencing my dreams. I am in a nice apartment in a lab. Dr. Krieger is mixing some type of ingredients together, he doesn't have a shirt on and he looks supper high. He is trying to tell me something but I can't hear anything.

    Then Dr. Krieger transitions and the lab he was working on turns into a fully stocked bar and Archer is there mixing a drink! So cool, I am so glad I get to talk to Archer in my dreams!

    I start trying to talk to him. I was going to say

    "Archer code name Duchess. It is so nice to meet you! Your a secret agent right?"

    He starts talking at the same time, but it doesn't matter because I still can't hear anything. I realize I need to stabilize the dream so I start rubbing my hands and I really concentrate on hearing it and I say out loud

    "I am lucid. I can hear things now."

    It works and near the end of the statement my ears pop like a yawn coming down from altitude and I can hear things now.

    I realize that as I was stabilizing I saw Archer walk away down the hallway. I go after him because I really did want to talk to him.

    Damn! There are like a bajilion doors in the hallway. I realize that Archer is gone. Oh well.

    I figure now would be a good time to try to have some sexy time. I stare at one of the doors and imagine that there is a sexy and willing women on the other side. I open the door but before I can see or walk into the room the dream fades.

    I wake up and start rehearsing the dream so that I will be able to remember it later when I go to journal it. I realize I didn't really do anything amazing, but still it was a lucid so it is worth journaling.

    I am not going to go into to much detail but up until now even though I was awake I had not moved or anything. I realize that somebody is touching my junk. Am I getting sleep creeped!... Not that I hatted it or anything but seriously, so weird! Should I let them know I am awake or just let it happen?

    Then I wake up for real and realize I just got suckered by a crazy FA. And by the way I was alone in my room and not getting sleep creeped. Good... I guess? lol

    Got to remember to check for those stinking FA's!
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    1. Unbound's Avatar
      Sounds like a nice dream! Hehe, yeah gotta love how dreams provides!