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    7-5-13 Dream Journal

    by , 07-05-2013 at 04:21 PM (220 Views)
    Just a real quick update here. I have not had time to spend on DJing so I have really let my journal go. I have not lost my interest in dreaming at all though. I have been practicing the SSILD technique every night now for almost a month and I really like it.

    My recall is getting really good. I would say on average that on an 8 hour night I can remember 5 or 6 good dreams. Which is awesome! I love reviewing them and running them over in my head as a get ready for the day.

    I am updating here now because last night I had a huge breakthrough. I was able to straight up WILD 4 times in a row. I was using the SSILD technique, which isn't really supposed to give you straight up WILDs but, hey, whatever works right?

    I would wake up in between cycles and with very little intentionality just say to myself "start cycling". The technique has really taught me how to "see through my dream eyes" without giving to much concentration to what I am seeing. Something about focusing on my body and what I am feeling moves most of my consciousness away from what my eyes are seeing but allows me to still be aware of them.

    Anyway I would cycle once or twice and then see a dream form in front of me more naturally and more vividly than I have ever experienced before! It was seriously like staring a picture in real life. I would say that I can remember the scenes even better than if I was studying a video in real life.

    It was just incredible. I was fully "awake" with my complete conscious mind active, no fogginess at all. I would think "this is just amazing, I can't believe how realistic this is!".

    Though at some point in each dream I would engage the dream to closely and just become a DC again. Without letting that bother me at all when I would wake up I would just roll over again and say "start cycling" and it would all happen again.

    I guess what set the experience apart from lucids I have had before is that the transition into the dream was just so natural and easy. Also, that my conscious mind was so active and not groggy allowed me to really engage and remember the dreams very vividly.

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