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    1. In line to go to Disney Castle

      by , 08-14-2014 at 02:46 PM


      I was in line to go to a Disney park that looked like a castle. I saw my friend B. We talked about the castle. I remember talking about it being a great fortification if there were a bunch of machine guns on top of it. But also it would suck in an air attack. B didn't seem to care. I remember thinking about it in terms of Arma 2.

      Later, I got into the park and went on a roller coaster and that high tower chair ride.
      That's all.
    2. Fragments of my digital ruin

      by , 12-22-2010 at 02:33 PM (Struggle for Lucidity)
      This isn't as much of a dream journal as it is a document of an attempt to lucid dream. I was lying in bed, ready to DILD. I had performed the following RC's on the same day:

      • Pressing my tongue against my teeth
      • Counting my fingers
      • Looking at the clock
      • Pushing my finger against my palm

      When I was falling asleep, I noticed the darkness of my eyelids get darker with every few seconds that passed, darker than my surroundings (I was in a room with no lights. I started falling asleep at 1AM.) and it was like I was slowly blacking out. At some undiscernable point I had a picture form in my head (not a hypnogogic hallucination, it was...weird) where I was in the point of view of a soldier, holding that one rifle from ARMA 2 (I've been playing it for like a day straight, so that came as no surprise). My vision floated above the gun and the field of view went all botched and stretched and I felt like I was floating up. "I'm going lucid! I thought. But, I wasn't. After a little floating I realized I was still in bed, so desperate to dream that I'd somehow faked a lucid dream when falling asleep. Disappointed, I went to sleep, hoping to reality check and realize I was dreaming. I had Really's Ultimate MP3 on as well, hoping I'd do an RC by reminder if not by habit.

      I woke up in the morning disgruntled. It was 12:01, and I was trying to remember a slice of dream. But I couldn't. I couldn't remember anything which happened during my sleep. Now here I am, angry and irritated. If you can think of something which would help me to remember my dreams, go ahead and comment with that information. I'd love to hear it.