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    1. More LD!

      by , Yesterday at 10:47 AM
      Yesterday like 2 days ago I played asrm during WBTB but nothing happened. I just didn’t drift off. But today I had exactly the same circumstances like 2 days ago:
      - I went sleep at 0200 local time
      - I woke up circa at 0730
      -Before nap I drunk 1 cup of coffee
      - At 0945 I went back to bed with prepared asrm
      As in previous attempts I had problem with falling asleep so the fact is this ASRM is working as anchor. Good enough because even if I must wait 40-50 minutes to drift off still I’m relaxed so I don’t feel anger, mad or other negative waiting-related emotions.
      Btw I never had so low "cooldown" between lucid dreams. Usually I must wait 2-3 weeks for next LD, so 2 days it is very quickly!

      Dream 1 (lucid)
      I had sleep paralyze when I realize fact I’m sleeping. I tried move my left hand but it was blocked. Alse I felt very unpleasant feeling on right side of my chest. I felt my body is bending I direction of that feeling but I tried to let my hair down (this is my first time when I’m using this idiom so I don’t know if this is understandable – I’m tried to be relaxed). And I woke up.
      I went to toilet. When I looked into mirror I saw my face have some kind of offset. I don’t know how to describe this – it was a little bit moved. Then I saw my head in mirror is rotating slowly. “Oh c’mon. What the fuck. Of course this is dream” I though. I went outside of toilet and my grandfather went inside. I recognize that everything are light (I’m – in almost every dream, especially in LD, I have night. Sometimes I’m almost blind so dark my dreams are) “This is not night time, weird. Maybe this isn’t a dream?” I used nose plug RC and I check my hand shape – It’s dream. And in this moment I woke up.

      Dream 2 (non lucid)
      I spend more minutes in bed so I drift off again. But this time I had short non lucid dream. I was onboard as 3rd officer. I was repairing valve from firefighting system.
    2. Nice LD chaining

      by , 03-28-2023 at 03:51 PM
      Yesterday I got an idea that I can play ASRM from Pornhub on earphones during WBTB so even if I fail then still I have chance for nice dream. And I done this.
      First, in morning (0630 am) I set up alarm clock and I woke up. According with the plan I played prepared looped ASRM and I went back to sleep. I had problem with falling to sleep and max what I got it was deep relax. Not bad but it wasn’t my goal. I spend 1 hour in bed and I woke up.
      Next, because of cancelled 2h of e-learning I had some time for nap so I repeated my procedure. At 0950 I went to bed and I played prepared looped ASRM. First about 20 minutes was the same – just regular relax but I decided to stay in bed anyway. After few more minutes I fell asleep.

      Dream 1 (lucid)
      I restored my awareness in late pre-dream state. Right before the dream started. I felt like my eyes was trying to open by itself so I was focused on keeping my eyes closed. But they opened anyway. “Fuck it” - I thought and woke up. Habitually I grabbed my phone for time checking and before I even looked at my phone I recognized fact I’m in dream. I felt sleepy and dizzy and I hardly stand on my feet. Anyway I reminded that I wish to talk with my subconscious so I went to my door with intention with that intention. When I opened the door I saw nothing. Next room was much more darker and the only thing what I saw (exclude empty corridor) shadow (and only shadow) of unspecified person. I went to next door with same intention – I want summon my subconscious behind door but next room was empty. After that I woke up.

      I still had 1 more hour of free time so I stayed in bed and I drifted off almost instantly.

      Dream 2 (lucid)
      I don’t remember that dream very well. And to be honest that lucid dream was more like half lucid but still this is success for me.
      I was in my bed. I saw via my opened door that my mother and grandfather come back to home so I decided to do nothing. For some reasons I didn’t recognized them as NPC although I was aware that I’m in dream.

      I woke up and again instantly drifted off.

      Dream 3 (non lucid)
      This dream wasn’t lucid BUT… BUT it was about I was making entry in DJ on this forum. And in this dream I made well accurate description of 2 previouse lucid dreams. Even somebody replayed to me but I don’t remember what about it was.

      I’m not sure if I woke up after that dream or not

      Dream 4 (lucid)
      Same like in dream no. 2 that dream was more like half lucid and my memory from this dream isn’t perfect. Anyway, I remember much more than in dream 2.
      Because I was still hearing ASRM so I decided to make some fun. But for some reason I didn’t even tried to summon someone to play with me and I spent that time alone :/

      Dream 5 (non lucid)
      I was playing in video game. Something between simcity and city skyline. Nothing special, BUT… sometimes in that dream I was thinking about lucid dreaming

      Summary: That nap was awesome! It’s my record in LD chaining. And even non lucid dreams were related with lucidity. Tomorow I have free day, so I will do the same thing
      I'm wondering on one thing. What exactly helped me with lucidity? It passed almost one month when I started with ADA and in this period of time this is 4th "lucid-related event" (I'm counting failed WILD during competition when I was close to enter into dream), so my theory is: That asrm probably is working as anchor for me and because I'm training ADA so maybe my WILD skill is boosted?
    3. March 26, 2023 ?:?? pm

      by , 03-26-2023 at 07:53 PM
      Hypnagogic Sunday afternoon nap, I don't remember what time I woke up or fell asleep.

      Basically, I walked into some sort of city council museum type of building. The interior was made out of large sand coloured stone bricks, but not necessarily in a brutalist architecture type of way, more like those museum interiors. Kinda like the backrooms, but in larger rooms made out of stone.
      As I was walking through the hallway, I walked past an indoor playground which had no children playing. I then walked up this stairway, a black woman wearing a light salmon-crimson coloured tracksuit caught up to me and walked up the big stairway. The weird part was that the stairs just led up to the ceiling, like it ended into the ceiling you couldn't go up. The woman in front me had walked up the stairs, and when I looked away she was suddenly on the ground again besides the stairs. As if she jumped off or simply walked through them.

      At this point it clicked for me: I was dreaming! I quickly remembered this hand movement that the YouTuber IamLucid always does to check if he's dreaming and my hand went through my other hand!
      Using this rare opportunity of being aware that I was, in fact, dreaming but had not yet awaken I finally tried use this opportunity to explore the dream world. I'm pretty sure this isn't officially a lucid dream, but I was definitely concious.

      This is kinda cringe, but when I was younger, I had this imaginary friend called Elise. Now that I was able to control my dream, I tried to use this opportunity to get in touch with her and meet her physically.
      I walked back to the entrance of the "museum" and there she was! For whatever reason she was taller than me, but it was her! She walked to the washing line that was hanging behind her on the entrance and I even saw people walking by in the street outside. She grabbed a white bedsheet and wrapped it around me, then hugged me from behind before pressing me against the floor. Feeling her apply pressure to my head and back as she pressed me deeper into the floor I could physically feel the floor against my face as welll as her body against my back. I then slowly felt myself waking up.

      I refused to wake up, though which led me to keep my eyes closed in the same position hoping I could return to dreaming, it didn't work unfortunately.
      Just laid there for maybe ten minutes just visualising dreamlike images but I was too awake to dream again.

      Funny thing was that when I was pressed into the ground lying on my stomach, I woke up in the exact position, but lying on my back.

      It was nice to experience, though.
    4. Night of Friday 3/24/23 [WILD Success!]

      by , 03-25-2023 at 05:28 PM (Dreamlog)
      My girlfriend SB shows me a new type of thread she is working with. It is layered type of thing. There is red material inside a main branch of thread and it can be stretched. I'm playing with it and she asks me to stop so I don't ruin it. She is working on new home project.

      I get up and take the Yuschak primary trigger. I stay awake about 10 minutes and prepare my DJ. I re-read some old dreams, go to the bathroom, and then head back to bed. I lay for awhile and the vibrations come pretty quick. I get through one cycle of them, no images. I get a second one, and then I see a white flash, then more vibrations. I think about how last time I "missed the bus" at the end. This time, I imagined a first person view of my hands in front of me, similar to a FPS game. This visual formed at the end of the tunnel. Next thing I knew, I was standing hands outstretched exactly how I visualized. My first full WILD. Nice!

      I'm lucid in a place that looks like my Grandma P's bedroom. My girlfriend SB is there. I stabilize by rubbing my hands together and touching things around the room. I talk to SB for a bit but I forgot the conversation. Also, spicy content occurs but I forget the details. I lose lucidity for a bit. Later, I'm lucid in a place that looks like my friends AG and HS' old apartment. There was some conflict here but I lost the details.

      Some time later I've lost lucidity and my brother A and I are in my car. We are outside a house on a sunny day. I'm yelling at him about something. I recall feeling how hoarse my throat felt. He broke something near the drink holder on my car, and is still arguing with me and trying to give me a stack of bills. I'm frustrated cause I'm trying to fix the drink holder and my hands are busy. He doesn't care.

      I probably should have gotten up to record the lucids sooner. I know I lost a lot of details here, but happy I got another lucid. Seems like the supplements work for me. It's also possible that weekend extra sleep time might be doing the trick. Might be worth it to isolate those conditions and find out. I also woke up after 5 hours this time instead of the usual 6. I may have WILD'd into the end of a sleep cycle instead of the beginning, which could have contributed to the instability. Next time, 5.5 hours before waking might be better. I think the 10 minutes awake seems to be good though.

      1hr Cycling
      5hr/10m WBTB
      4th Yuschak Primary Trigger Attempt (8Mg Galantamine, 250Mg Choline Bitartrate)

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    5. Wish I Could Wake Up

      by , 03-20-2023 at 03:01 PM
      I was at a convention, about to make a sale, and was in a bit of a hurry. I was nonlucid.

      Suddenly out of nowhere, my grandpa walked by, as though just passing through. It didn’t fit with the scene and was a noticeable interruption from my current state of mind, but not because he was trying to be noticed. I got the feeling he wouldn’t have even looked at me, had I not initiated eye contact.

      He smiled with genuine happiness, the way he used to smile at me. It was real, I thought. Something I hadn’t seen in a very long time, and never thought would happen again. I was instantly lucid.

      There was something peaceful about him. He was ready to just walk by without interrupting the show, but I greeted him and we walked away from the convention into what appeared to be a Denny’s booth (with dark gray carpet on the floor, the wooden table and bench, and the red fake leather seatbacks).

      “How are you doing?!” I asked, addressing him by his first name.

      “Doing good! Its so nice to see you!” he said with a jovial lift in his voice like he used to have. I’ll never forget the joy he had.

      “I’m glad to hear it.” I answered. “How is the real one doing?” I asked, referring to his physical self.

      He frowned and seemed more dubious on the subject. “I just wish I could wake up…” he said with a sort of frustration and disappointment that was dwarfed by his happiness to be here. It seemed like he had been dealing with something lately.

      That was about it for this one. I purposely woke up to write it down.

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    6. After Competition Lucid Dream

      by , 03-19-2023 at 08:05 PM

      Before I fell asleep…
      I woke up at 0930am LT. I began to wonder that it will be good time for WBTB bc I woke up by myself directly after dream so in theory I’am in REM phase. So I started WILD. During this I recognised that I’m too rested and propably WILD isn’t a good tech for this moment so I resigned. „I will stay i my bed one minute more and I will stand up. I don’t want mess with my bio clock one day before monday” – I thought. Aaaandd…. After this one minute I just fell asleep…

      Non-lucid section
      I was passing near some kind of restaurant. I stopped to look what is inside and the old woman accosted me. She had white board on her chest with written sign „Good beef – 1pln per 100g” (pln is my country currency and it is circa 0.23 usd). She recommended me her beef but I said
      - Sorry ma’am I’m looking inside that restaurant, not on you
      - Just try it. It’s super cheap!
      I checked my pocket but I left my wallet in my home
      - Wait, I’ll go for my wallet
      Dream scenerio has changed and now I had wallet. I paid that woman 3.50 pln (circa 0.80 usd) and I entered inside that restaurant. After ordering fries I sit down on chair.
      After moment somebody seat near to me. This guy was from my company from crew recruitment department. „Oh shit. I’m sure he will start inportune me”. But no – he wasn’t inportune me. He just took a seat near me and he was waiting for his food. I thought it’s great oportunity to make „job conections” so I started convartation with him
      -Do you have some news from sea world? - I asked
      -Excuse me?
      -Do you have some rumors or news about our job. Especially from shore department. You know – we seafarers like such topics… it’s good to keep conversations onboard.
      -Ah.. not really
      I was looking on city view by window. It’s was a little bit strange because I wasn’t in my home city but I can see characteristic skyscraper.
      -That is weird… I didn’t knew we have office in this city – I said
      -What do you mean?
      -Look – I point on the skyscraper – It’s our office. Literally, I can see name of our company on top of this building.
      He didn’t even looks in this direction.

      Lucid section
      I made RC using nose plug technique. Person ahead of me saw that.
      -What are you doing with you nose?
      -Nothing important. I have runny nose, don’t mind that. Anyway, I’m going to toilet wash my hands. Wait for me.
      I left that place and my „friend”. When I passed the door I was teleported into my home (not intentionally). I entered to second room, I was trying to remind my three-step goals from competition and my personal goals (ofc I know the competition is ended. I wanted to recive some of these goals just for fun). After that I summoned assault rifle. It looks like combinations of Scorpion Evo SMG and AR15 rifle. Next I checked magazine – it’s was full. I smilled. I come back and kicked closed door saying „I’M BACK!”. I just shot him. 3-5 shots in chest and 2-3 shots in head. After, I went to next room in my home and I shot my grandfather in the same way.
      I felt a little bit sorry bc I killed member of my family, but this was my personal goal – do something crazy so I can breake my in-dream fears

      If it was during the competition I should got:
      DILD = 10p
      WBTB = 2p
      RC = 1p
      Using object (I mean making sure my weapon is operational) = 5p

      three-step task:
      Basic summoning = 5p

      Personal goals:
      Kill someone with a rifle = 15p

      Total: 38p
      That's much more than I got in entire competition (33p) XDD
    7. Falling right back into dream land

      by , 03-17-2023 at 11:26 AM
      So this morning my girlfriend called me around 5 am and woke me up. After talking for a few minutes she hung up and I went back to sleep. About 20 minutes later I had a natural awakening from a pretty vivid dream. I shifted in my bed some and began to fall back asleep. I could feel myself falling asleep very quickly so I decided to try to stay conscious while doing so. I could feel myself slowly losing touch with reality, I could no longer feel myself lying in my bed or hear my fan running. I repeated my mantra "this dream stabilizes" over and over and a dream scene began to form.

      I was in my bedroom lying in my bed. I looked over and for some reason there was a mirror on my door and when I looked in the mirror I could see myself and it looked like there was a TV on the wall behind me. I looked over to the wall but there was no TV there and when I looked back at the door the mirror was gone. I tried to push my finger through my palm but it didn't work so I then tried to pinch my nose and breathe which I could. I got out of bed and went to my bedroom door and opened it. I was hoping it would open into something cool but it was just my normal hallway. I then walked over to my garage door and could see the light was on out there so I knew someone was out there. I opened the door and my dad was in the garage. I went out and said good morning or something similar to him and went up behind him. He began to turn around and I thought that he would probably look weird when he did since this was a dream and I was right. When he turned around he had a really thin long neck that hooked into a very tiny head. It was a little freaky but I knew I was dreaming so I wasn't really scared; in fact I found it kind of funny. Then I decided to go outside. It was morning and the sun was just beginning to rise so there were still stars in the sky. I tried to fly but couldn't get too far off the ground (just like the last time I tried), so I tried the superman method and was able to fly high into the sky. I flew for a few seconds before I woke up.

      I'm not really sure if this technically counts as a WILD or not but this was the first time I've ever entered a dream directly. I have had to stabilize dreams before which brought on a new dream scene, but this was a little different. Also it was pretty weird feeling myself lose touch with reality as I fell asleep, but I'm glad I had this experience so I know (partially at least) what a WILD feels like.
    8. Spring 2023 Comp Night 14: Yeet

      by , 03-15-2023 at 02:24 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was at my friend K's house, sitting in the living room where we used to hang out. Her dog had died (it died years ago IRL) and she was mourning that she wasn't able to be with her in her last moments. I was crying with her as we put her dog into a small wooden coffin with a bronze cross on it.


      Later, the dog plot is over and we are just sitting and talking. The dream is semi-lucid and we are talking in the pretense that we are in a shared dream.

      "You know I always liked you and dropped lots of hints but you never took our relationship to the next level." (Huh boy here we go with THIS plot again.)

      "Because I only liked you as a friend." I responded. "And I don't like this game playing dropping hints and making moves game. Love is love and if you feel something you should openly tell someone and not subscribe to societal conventions. Life is short..." I gestured outside to where we buried the dog. "Too short to be playing games with other peoples feelings."

      She kind of bounces in her seat like an impatient toddler and clenches her fists. Kind of acting immature in that manner where you are self aware that you are acting immature and could actually be more mature about the subject if you wanted to.

      "But thats not FAIIRRRR!!!" During this time the dream scene changes to the park in front of my current home, though the sofa she is sitting on remains as-is. She fades into the background. There is a large wooden open pavilion with a concrete floor and picnic tables under it. Some DCs are in there. There are about ten of them, all late teens/YA. One of them is a boy with wavy hair not wearing a shirt. I stop and have an interaction with them. The shirtless boy is kind of a jerk. Some of the other DCs feel like combinations or reinterpretations of kids from the neighborhood I grew up in.

      K comes back into the scene though she now seems like a combination of K and C. "You're such a hypocritical ass." She says ass in a really vitriolic way like she wants it to hurt my feelings though it doesn't affect me. "You don't think about what I want. You won't be the person I want you to be and you won't be with me because you'd rather be with-" She says the word like a bug flew into her mouth. "Manei."

      "HEY!" Manei shouts from over my shoulder very loud.
      I think to myself, 'wow she almost scared me awake. Wait... if I can be scared awake, that means I am dreaming.'

      "Hade is this girl bothering you?"


      She walks over to the K/C hybrid DC and is maybe a head and a half taller than her. The K/C hybrid charges at her and starts punching manei in the chest and stomach but she doesn't even flinch or respond. She picks up the DC, who is wearing a white tank top, by the sort of front collar/chest area and lifts her up with one arm fully extended (the K/C hybrid is still flailing around like a rabid animal) and looks at her like she is something she scraped off the bottom of her shoe for a second, then her expression mellows.

      "No Violencia aqui, por favor. Es un tiempo wake up."

      Then overhand throws her so hard she goes flying off in the sky. The physics don't really work out as she floats away rather slowly at first, tumbling through the air upwards at about a 45 degree angle at maybe 20-30kph and then starts to gradually speed up as she gets further away. She disappears in the sky with a 'ding' and a shimmer of light like when team rocket blasts off.

      "That was in-appropriate. Nobody else do that or I will 'yeet' you also." She says to the other DCs who all scatter and run away. One of them climbs over a picnic table and his leg gets stuck causing him to faceplant on the concrete in a quite comical way. Manei says something else about the lucid dreaming competition being pointless and that it is time for me to wake up.

      DILD x1 10pt


      I took a nap and woke up with abou one hour and 45 minutes left on the clock for the comp in my timezone. Wasn't trying to get a miracle but might as well log the extra points (the dreams were funny).

      Spoiler for cw: masturbation:


      I am with Manei, semi lucid. We are shopping at an old-style grocery store because we are going to prepare a meal together. I note it is a smaller store not like a superstore in america and the product brands are all weird ones I've never seen before. I am looking through wooden bins of fruit and find a large orange. I comment to Manei how "In most parts of the world, people cannot ever get an orange, or its very rare because it has to be imported. It's important to appreciate how amazing it is we can try foods from all over the world." She seems to agree.

      The scene changes when we leave the grocery store. It is late in the evening, the sun is going down but there is still some twilight and we are walking in the parking lot. It is very similar to the parking lot of the store in my old hometown but feels smaller and many of the buildings and streets are different. I specifically remember the five-lane stroad intersection being replaced with a two lane intersection. We get to Manei's car (which pretty consistently has been some kind of black sports car convertible for years, but I think she also has a green sort of offroad jeep type thing.) Someone has keyed her car all the way down the driver's side.

      "It was probably the angry DC you yeeted last night-

      I remember waking up and being in limbo for a second. I was going to mention to her that she could "look at the scratch, look away and look back" and if she expected it to be gone, it would go away.

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    9. The Fall - Spring Competition Night 13

      by , 03-15-2023 at 12:04 AM
      At my grandmother's house. Thinking about how it is always summer in my dreams but a cold March in reality. I want to go out to check the garden. There is a guarding girl who doesn't want to let me out, I tell her that I have to go to school in half an hour anyway and she lets me go.
      I am in car with R. or maybe someone else, he takes a wrong turn and I am mad at him. I end up next to a mall with a group of schoolmates and I don't like it because I actually wanted to go to school. They want to go drinking. We argue in a small snack bar, right next to a railing of a mall atrium, several floors high. I say something bad to one of my schoolmates, Honza, a strong guy who weighs much more than I do. He gets mad and attempts to push me over the railing. We're struggling and the railing collapses. Seeing that I can't prevent the fall, I cling to him and take him with me. The dreams end before the fall actually happens, with us floating in the air.

      Waking up disliking the ending because earlier this night, I was thinking that I would like to fly again or jump from a height. I reimagine the feeling of floating in the air and successfully DEILD back.

      Falling. I slow the fall to levitation and land elegantly in a pirouette-like pose. I look for Honza and he's falling separately from me (and later than me, how convenient). I sent a rough burst of energy his way (this is like unaimed telekinesis, I am not counting it as a separate dream control because it works the same way), he bounces off it before reaching the ground like falling in an invisible trampoline, which gains me time and I catch him in more precise telekinesis and lower him slowly to the ground.
      Together with my schoolmates again, I want to eat something and there is a supermarket with cash registers right next to us. There is a woman paying for her shopping and putting it in her bag. I see a truss of tomatoes there, take them (she ignores me) and put one in my mouth. I give the rest of the truss to my friends.
      The tomato is awesome. Not really summer levels awesome but tasty and juicy. The sensation of eating it, including the juices bursting in my mouth and the texture of the seeds is so vivid and realistic that it makes me extremely happy. I want to share my happiness with one of my friends but she goes away and I quickly lose sight of her.
      I decide to move on the 3-step tasks. The plan is to summon a potion and drink it. I check my pockets and find a bunch of thread spools but no potion.
      I walk up stairs of a road overpass that should take me back to the higher floors of the mall because I am in the mood for more flying. On the way there, I also check the pockets of my cardigan and find two bottles there but they are lip gloss, not potions. I try to put it on my lips and it is extremely slimy. The bottle also leaks and the stuff spills everywhere.
      I wake up, consider another DEILD attempt but decide to journal the dream instead.
    10. Spring Competition 2023 Night 11

      by , 03-12-2023 at 07:40 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I went to bed early and woke up from dreams early in the night.

      I am another person, a missionary in another country. The character reminds me a lot of Jodie Foster. She is attracted to a man in the town and she/I tells him how she/I feel.

      The next dream I am in an open world video game and I steal a truck and drive it to the beach. There is a party going on and everyone is smoking the thinest joints ever. A woman passes me one and I take a puff. I spend some time there and start to become lucid but not all the way yet.

      Later I am in some hallway where the party is still going on. I spontaneously become fully lucid because I slways do RCs when in hallways. I go around a corner and yhere are three doors. I open the one on my right and there are to girls on a bed wearing sexy Christmas outfits. I go in and here is where my description of the dream is going to have to fade to black...

      This dream is from this morning. I am playing Dwarf Fortress. I rolrplay that my character had their son kidnapped. I am choosing an adventure mode starting situation and I get one where I'm starting as a princess. Ive never seen that before. Usually you are a hearthperson for a princess. I start the game and see I start with a ton of money in a walled keep.
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    11. Comp week 2, almost done already

      by , 03-12-2023 at 03:51 PM
      First time updating in 4 days.

      Day 8: Just WBTB
      Day 9: Just WBTB

      Day 10:

      Non lucid -
      First thing I remember is that I was in my room and my brother was on the edge of the bed. Was trying to use my laptop, but for some reason it was buggy and my mouse kept moving too much. I thought it was a computer virus that I forgot the name of.
      Turns out he was moving my mouse around and there was no virus.

      Memory gap. I'm heading out of an auditorium. it's actually just my old school. I head to the grade 6 science room. While I'm headed there, I hear rumors that there's an 'animation studio' in the school now.
      Inside the room, my old computer teacher was there. He didn't seem to know what he was doing. I could probably do better than him, I think.

      Memory gap again. I'm playing Minecraft now at a void base. A warden spawns, notices me through glass, and kills me with a laser.
      A chicken falls down into the void after I respawn.
      Then a new warden spawns somewhere else and kills me again.

      Day 11 (today):

      Frag -
      I was having a non-lucid but something was a little off: The sound and vision of the dream had little to do with each other. I was hearing people talking about lucid dreaming, while I was trying to do something else I forgot.

      Frag 2 -
      ELD changed his profile picture, and the thumbnails of all his videos. He also renamed the channel to something else.

      Lucid -
      I don’t remember how I got lucid. But as soon as I did, I just flew. No crazy stuff happened, I just flew through a wintery valley for what felt like half an hour. It was kind of fun to just do that.

      Counting up the points

      Full non-lucid: +1
      2 dream frags: +1
      DILD: +10
      4 WBTB (nightly, not subsequent): +8
      Fly: +5

      Total: 25

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    12. My Job is to Scrape Ice off the Edge of a Concrete Platform

      by , 03-12-2023 at 08:53 AM

      Sunday morning, 12 March 2023.

      Dream #: 20,537-01.

      2 minutes and 30 seconds to read.

      Somatosensory Foundation:

      This dream, originating from typical REM sleep dynamics, results in a narrative enforcing my somatosensory response (imagining purposeful tactility) and potential real-world hand mobility because of my current status of REM atonia, a causality factor for dreams in the fourth quarter of my sleep cycle. It is so specific the physiological pattern and timing match tens of thousands of previous dreaming experiences over nearly 60 years.

      The presence of ice has a double meaning here. Ice corresponds with my intuitive perception of REM atonia nuances (while ice melting anticipates achieving wakefulness and real-world mobility), while I also sometimes imagine ice when there is too much real-world heat while sleeping.

      The setting is a parking lot on Copeland Avenue in La Crosse (a city I have not lived in since 1994). It is late morning. My job is to scrape ice off the edge of an elevated curb. The ice is only on the vertex of the top edge of one side of the low-set platform. The vividness is astounding, beautiful, and peaceful. For about 20 minutes, I happily scrape all the ice off, feeling satisfied, but I wonder if any of it will form again before I receive my payment.

      More Correspondence with the Usual Sleep Dynamics: A parking lot is what I imagine, define, and create to enhance a mode of liminality, a specific level of dream state awareness. As in real-world correlation, it represents temporary immobility but with a potential transition from one place to another (here, from the dream state to viable wakefulness). This fundamental dream motif has remained a regular feature since early childhood, typically as the final scene of a sleep cycle.

      The concrete platform is about the size and height of a bed - with the vertex of the curb being the top edge of one side of the “concrete bed.” I sometimes shift a blanket remaining atop it, recognizing its role in my sleep navigation.

      Protoconsciousness Personified as a Celebrity: After I finish my work, I watch George C. Scott, the actor, approaching a nearby building (walking from the road). The building is farther from the avenue than I am. It seems to be his office for the management of a nearby warehouse. He sees me but does not mention my payment and enters the building.

      I am unconcerned about my payment or even if I receive it. I “walk with intent” to the road. However, George C. Scott comes out to give me a check when he sees I am leaving.

      Proto-Cognizant Staging: I look at the check and read its details as I walk. It is for 20 dollars. There is handwriting featuring “20 Copeland Avenue,” “La Crosse,” and “G. Scott” as a signature. I plan on asking Zsuzsanna if George C. Scott owns a business here. (Zsuzsanna has never been to America, as I often remind readers.) I am intrigued but consider it may have been someone who only looked like him.

      Inexplicable Transpersonal Link to Zsuzsanna:

      Zsuzsanna was awake and reading about Emmet Brown’s “Great Scott” exclamations. There was no way I could have known this other than a typical transpersonal link - which is how I learned she was a real-world person (on the other side of the planet from me long before we met in waking life).

      These links (NOT because of the dream state, as some people pretend - as dreams distort the link as they do everything else) regularly occur when one of us is awake and the other asleep. However, it also happens (with different dynamics) when we are both awake or asleep.

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    13. 1st Lucid of Comp! WBTB Night of Friday 3/10/23

      by , 03-11-2023 at 04:44 PM (Dreamlog)
      Pre WBTB - Winter Neighborhood

      There is some muggy jungle scene but I can't recall much else.

      I'm at a neighborhood street in the winter time. It reminds me of one I used to run as part of a route in college. Unlike how I remember, there are homeless people struggling to stay warm all across the street. The group I'm with don't have anything to give them so we feel bad.

      Post WBTB - Zoomin' Through Space and Fun at the Sand Shrine

      I take the Yuschak primary trigger supplement combo and get back to bed within about 10 minutes after reviewing WILD entry techniques. I lay down for sometime and wait for the vibrations. They eventually come and are fairly intense. I feel two waves of them, but no images ever form. I eventually slip off into normal sleep.

      I'm back at the same neighborhood but this time it is a warm summer scene with a thriving community. I'm living with some friends of S and I. Three couples. SP is sort of the mom of the group and we're following her. We are coming home from driving somewhere and get into the house. The inside reminds me of my Grandma M's house. Specifically the bar we sit down at is reminiscent. We start unloading bags and everybody gets something. I get a giant jelly candy brick. I get up to look around the house and use the bathroom. SP or one of the other girls nearly walks in on me while I'm using the toilet, but luckily I'm standing and facing away from the door. When I go back into the hallway, I do a nose reality check out of habit. I'm lucid now.

      Since a house isn't the most exciting place in the world, I decide to go outside. I leave the front door and the green grass is super vivid. I decide I should stabilize, so I rub my barefeet on the grass and the dirt. I lick the dirt for good measure and rub my hands. I do a few more nose RCs just in case. Well, if that check failed I would have looked really stupid. Oh well. Good thing I can breathe through my nose. I decided I want to fly, so I took off superman style. I hit a set of tree branches above me like a total chump immediately but it didn't hurt too bad.

      Flyin' high. Made with a combination of Bing and Nightcafe image generator AIs.

      I rose up into the sky and enjoyed the view of the neighborhood. I wanted to go explore more, but the world started to zoom out. Oh shit. It feels like I'm moving super fast. The world zooms out so far that I'm now in space looking at Earth. I think about the Outer Wilds Travelers' Theme song and laugh while saying the first few notes of acoustic guitar out loud. Naturally, the song starts to play. Zooming through space with music.

      Outer Wilds Travelers' Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR_wIb_n4ZU

      The vacuum of space. Made with Nightcafe AI.

      Into the universe I say "So, where are we goin'?" like Pippen at the council of Elrond from Lord of the Rings.

      As if in answer, a pale blue cloudy planet comes into view on the space horizon. I remark that this definitely isn't earth. It doesn't have any green on it. At this point I'm just super happy I have been lucid this long. As I'm sent closer to the planet I confirm it isn't Earth. This is a desert planet.

      My feet lithely (not a hint of my waking knee pain) land at the top of a shrine in a desert. There is a book with golden pages atop a pedestal. I see an attractive purple haired woman across the way near the top of the stairs leading down to the sand. She's wearing skimpy clothes, black leather with her chest showing. Her legwear isn't covering much either. No complaints. I get the sense that she is an experienced traveler, or she can guide me in some way.

      The purple-haired guide. Made with Nightcafe AI.

      "Woah! This place is so vivid!" I say.

      "Yeah, it's pretty much always like that," she replies over the desert wind.

      I start to follow her down the stairs and then try to pull her closer to me. She doesn't seem into it so I back off. We continue walking down the shrine area. I look at her clothes again.

      Spoiler for spicy content:

      The dream gets unstable after that and I go into a false awakening. My body feels heavy. I try to rollover but still feel something like sleep paralysis. I have a few more false awakenings, but I eventually decide I really want to write down dreams, so I wiggle my toes and rollover. I wake up for real this time.

      Supplements: Yuschak Primary Trigger Combination (3rd Attempt)
      Galantamine: 8mg
      Choline Bitartrate: 250mg

      Default = Commentary
      Blue = Dream
      Dark Orange = Lucid

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    14. Comp Night 10 W

      by , 03-11-2023 at 04:18 PM
      I'm back at nightly from the looks of it. Sweet timing.

      Someone on the discord server suggested I turned The Ink Cult (A modding community I built for a game) into an open source Unity Project. From this project we rebuilt the entire game from scratch. However, Everyone was strangely egotistical and self centered along the way, Not helping the team which was exactly what led to the failure of the original devs. Finally we were done. Some guy was porting detailed textures to the levels. That’s when someone else joined. Who was it? Death. From Puss in Boots. He walked over to the texturing guy (who was personified in the unity project) and sucked his soul out like a dementor. Dude collapsed. He looked at everyone else and they ran for it. Only me and a couple other people stayed. Death said that the Cult had a curse that would kill us all one by one. While everyone else panicked (another was killed in the process) I decided to stay calm and wise. I went down and all the bathroom doors were locked and it was dark out. Spending a bit of time, I went back to Unity and summoned Death. Had a calm talk with him about the afterlife and honestly he was chill and respectful. He was talking while killing one of the devs. My goal was to convince him not to kill me, but I was left ambiguous to whether it worked. With everything happening I couldn’t help but RC. What did I find? Completely normal hands. But, I was still convinced. I went and tried fusing into the wall to teleport, but that didn’t work. So I tried my classic PR method: “Jolt Energy Bars”. I asked a parent if they had any and they said yes. I was happy to hear that but they stalled giving it to me for conversation. In that time, I woke up.
      memorable , lucid
    15. Dream control practice

      by , 03-11-2023 at 01:06 AM (Mika's Dreams)
      I'm in darkness when I begin to sense myself becoming aware. I'm beginning to enter a dream. I start feeling a slight dropping sensation in my stomach, which my subconsciousness instantly connects to what else than - falling. Oh man... here we go. The falling sensation grows greater and I begin to see faint clouds and an ocean floor through the black mist thats covering everything. Oh fffuuuu- I begin to prepare myself with heavy breaths, the lucid would begin from the sky. I pull my hands forward into a flying position, but then everything becomes near psychedelic, wobbly and extremely unstable. I can feel myself flying but I can barely see anything and my other hand is stretching 30 meters forward. Snap. I'm suddenly in a small orange-greenish hostel-looking room. The dream has almost completely finished forming, now I just need to form myself into the room. I pinch my nose and breath. "Okay I'm here! I'm here now, focus! Stabilize" I say out loud trying to command myself to not slip from the moment. I begin rubbing my hands together fiercely while repeating "Here now!" I switch to rubbing the walls. I'm beginning to become grounded in the room with a proper physical body. Finally, this time it should be better. I finish the stabilization and open the door leading out of the room.

      I enter a corridor with a red carpet. There are rows of doors on each side. Time to do stuff. I re-try my failed attempt from the previous competition and command: "Sensei!" to appear. One of the doors opens from the left side of the corridor. A man peeks out, but quickly goes back inside after taking a look at me. Knowing what Sensei looks like from his Discord avatar I realize it wasn't him. Alright, into the next task. I push my hand forward like a fire-bender, and without any effort a stream of fire launches from my open palm going atleast 8 meters. Hah! Easy as ever! I take foot and walk the corridor until I get to a small reception lounge. There's a stool in the middle of the lounge, perfectly out of place for more dream control practice and catching up in points. I point my right hand towards the stool like a mystic and it begins to levitate. I see a fire extinguisher on the wall. I let go of the stool and pick the red syringe of the wall with telekinesis, throwing it to the other side of the corridor where I came from. The extinguisher explodes and begins whirling wildly all around the place. I realize I could try one more thing. I stand still and let the metal tube hit me square in the face and it bounces off. Hah, that's what I thought. I then head to a small staircase leading outside.

      I get outside and realize I'm at the front-yard of a hostel where I used to work as a trainee for five months back in college. Can't believe I missed it from all the fun I was having, must have been absolutely too focused on the tasks. The ground is all green and plants are spurting out of it and there seems to be what looks like a small, mold-ridden and abandoned greenhouse on the corner of the main building. I re-focus on the tasks, and this time into my main task; my last Three Step Task. I turn around to face the other way towards the street and say: "Door." I turn back, and there's a white-greyish door sticking out of the ground in the middle of the yard. Yes! But, as most of the time doing this, the door begins to fall backwards (as doors are not meant to be standing without a wall around it. Maybe I should come up with a new way to teleport in the future.) I grab the door and shove it back into the ground with force. The door remains slightly tilted backwards, but I ignore it and begin forming a "story" in my head to help creating another scenery behind the door. I think that...Sensei must be behind the door... as a medieval man... in a... MEDIEVAL CASTLE! A sense of continuity fills the moment and I open the door into a brick-laden hallway of a castle. I enter, but as soon as I do everything begins to unfocus.

      The normal front yard of the hostel, with the tele-door
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