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    1. Taller DILD

      by , 06-30-2022 at 04:41 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Was in a basketball court inside a school. I ended up growing from my original height to above 7 feet tall and had trouble as I left the court with my head touching the roof of the hallways. I went around looking for help until I saw my mother sitting on a chair taking a phone call. As I am rushing to her I become lucid and wanted to tell her that I'm in a dream and that for some reason I still needed her help to return back to my original height.

      She kept ignoring me on her phone so I grabbed it and told her that I am in a dream and that I need help. She looked at me with a confused and irritated expression before telling me to go away. I lost my lucidity afterwards.
      Tags: mother, school
    2. Kidnapping & Illness

      by , 06-13-2022 at 08:41 PM
      I was at my bayside home with the animals and dogs, running through the grass and over the dirt driveway. I looked up over the hills, past the trees, and noticed that the blue sky had a red patch in it.

      It was growing. Something was coming.

      I told everyone to go inside as it spread. We called in the animals and family rushed up the spiraling staircase into the upper story of the house. The sky quickly darkened, blotting out the sun.

      I suspected it could be environmental, or the aliens encountered from a previous dream I had the same night (same location).

      I told everyone to stay away from the windows and hide. There was a bright light outside, like searchlights. Everyone found hiding places behind furniture and in closets, but there was barely any time.

      After a moment though, I decided to stop hiding. This was my home, they were probably looking for me and I didn’t want my family hurt. I got up from behind the bed and walked to the front door to stand in the doorway under the searchlights. “What do you want?” I asked.

      “You.” they told me, and grabbed me. Multiple people shoved me into the back of a van and locked it shut. There were bars separating me from the driver and front passenger seat.

      As I inspected the front of the van, I saw that there was a woman in the passenger seat with smooth black hair, tan skin. I asked what she wanted as the driver started driving. “Money. A lot of it.” she said in a cold manner without looking at me. They were taking me somewhere to get money.

      “Okay.” I said and then reached forward through the bars. I spawned money from my hands, manifesting it in wads of $100s right into her lap.

      She was stunned, not expecting to be showered with money, and even doubted what she just saw. I just asked “Is that enough?” as she counted it.

      “No…” she said and proceeded to tell me it would cover multiple medical procedures.

      She was dying. Her whole body was falling apart and she couldn’t afford the operations. I nodded and gave her more money, though I paused after a bit, feeling like if was pretty early in morning.

      My body couldn’t keep sleeping forever and was more than ready to wake up, but I wanted to stay a bit longer. “What’s your name?” I asked.

      “Why?” she questioned with suspicion. They had just kidnapped me. She assumed I planned to retaliate if I knew her identity.

      “It’s just that… I have to go soon.” I told her with honesty. Time was running out. “To me, this is a dream and I might wake up.”

      Upon saying this, she looked horrified. She had just seen a person spawn money out of their hands, and was now being told her existence was just a dream?

      “You’re still real,” I reassured her. I didn’t want her to be scared. That’s not why I was telling her this. “…No, this is all real. But from my perspective, it’s my dream. That’s just the nature of reality… I’ll wake up soon, and I want to remember your name so I can help you.” I explained as much as I could. I guess I don’t really need her name, but it makes things easier.

      “Ether. It’s Ether.” she told me after hesitation, a name pronounced like aether… like the celestial aether, I thought as I took a moment to commit her name to memory.

      I wondered if it was easier to memorize things from inside dreams compared with waking. Beats me, though.

      She then suddenly told me that the money was enough and she didn’t want anymore. She was horrified and distressed by what I told her.

      “How about I give you a new body instead?” I offered, knowing it wasn’t about the money. Even with all these expensive operations, she might not make it.

      She was shocked and in awe that I could do that, but she just witnessed me sprout money out of nowhere, so nodded.

      I smiled. “Let’s start with your hair. What kind of hair have you always wanted?”

      “Curls?” she said and I waved my hands over her hair, changing the shape and structure so that it curled naturally. She turned around so I could get to every spot. This also made it frizzy. “Yeah, that’s the bane of curly hair! It gets all frizzy.” I laughed and she looked it over in amazement with a laugh, too.

      “Oh my god…” she said as she ran a hand through her new curls, looking at them in the van’s mirror.

      I wanted to do more for her in that moment, but I couldn’t sleep anymore and woke up. It was 10:40 AM and I went to bed at around midnight. Also, my last WBTB was around 9 AM.
      lucid , memorable
    3. The Anesthesia Experiment

      by , 06-11-2022 at 02:16 PM
      Date: 11/06/2022
      Bedtime: 2.40am
      Awakening: 7am
      Return to bed: 7.20am
      Method of entry: indirect
      Attempt: successful
      Awakening: 8.55am
      DEILD: The Anesthesia Experiment


      I'm a doctor with my own private clinic and patients are happy to see me save but one who proves to be very difficult and tests my patience to its limits. I end up battering him till he's unconscious and worry that I might have killed him. I check him with my stethoscope. Scene shift: I'm watching the British soap opera EastEnders and it feels like I'm in the scene as an observer. The setting is a pub, which is radically different from The Vic, and I witness Zack Hudson (played by James Farrar) losing the plot. The actor produces a broom and uses it to smash up the bottles of booze on display across the bar. The bartender, who happens to be the actor Peter Stormare, dashes around the wooden counter to hit Zack but this one is quite agile and ends up beating the former to a pulp. I am happy that Zack wins the fight because I remember Peter Stormare playing a wife beater in the film Chocolat.


      I scribble what I remember and note the identity anomaly (I'm not a doctor in real life), the inexplicable scene shift, the strong emotions of worry and excitement, the close-ups of celebrities and the impossibility of being inside a soap opera. After using the loo, I return to bed with a strong intention to enter the phase.


      I believe I wake up to an empty bed and figure that my wife is already up and pottering about. I can hear crying coming from my youngest son's bedroom and find a strange tot there. I take it the little girl before me belongs to the neighbours who live above us and assume that my wife must have agreed to babysit for them but now she must be busy with chores. I pick up the child and tap her on the back. She stops crying after I hand her a teddy bear and carry her back to my bedroom to keep her entertained. After a short while she cries for her mum and I take her to see the view from my balcony but I have trouble opening its door. I hear noises outside and music followed by a propagandistic voice, making me think that the Labour Party have gone bonkers in trying to persuade people to vote for them. Scene shift: My eyes are shut and I feel rested on a mattress under a thick cover.


      I'm in bed and it occurs to me that I could be dreaming of waking up. As I get up and start rubbing my hands for clarity (realism: 90%), I find that I am not wrong when I glance at the curtains covering the balcony door; they are chartreuse instead of a greyish colour as is the case in the real world. As I move around the bed, sight declines to a blurrier state and my eyes feel crusty. (Realism: 50%) Rubbing them whilst wishing for clarity restores realism to an even greater decree than previously and the inaccurate bedroom replica becomes clear. (Realism: 100%) I exit the room into the hallway and look at my reflection in the mirror on the wall at the top of the staircase. I'm wearing a grey hoodie and shorts and my face is quite realistic. I feel slightly excited at the colourful detail of my surroundings and start dancing in front of my reflection, which mimicks my movements. An apt, funky beat comes on—as though someone turned up the volume on a stereo—and then I hear a voice behind me: 'What are you doing, dad?' I turn to see another bedroom adjacent to mine, which doesn't exist in real life, and a perplexed eldest son is standing in the doorway. I smile at him and say as a means to reinforce to myself the nature of what's happening to me: 'I'm having a lucid dream!' He turns around and mutters, 'Okay, dad!' I pat him on the back and tell him I love him, apparently causing him to shrink back to his pre-teen phase, before he utters in a childlike voice: 'Love you too, dad!'

      I run downstairs and find that all the lights in the house appear to be on. I enter the loo expecting to find an astronomy-themed mural on black walls but instead encounter a comical poster depicting cartooned police officers resembling Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons having gay sex. I find it hilarious but at the same time disappointed that my mind did not produce what I was looking for. I remember the anesthesia experiment and think of getting a syringe from my right pocket. As I reach to check the pocket, I feel a pinprick on my leg as though the object is already there and piercing my skin. I pull out an empty syringe with a long needle and go to the kitchen in order to find an anaesthetic to fill it with. I approach the fridge-freezer's water dispenser and imagine that it might produce a numbing drug in liquid form but quickly change my mind and instead open the refrigerator to find a plastic bottle filled with a colourless analgesic. I pierce the bottle with the needle inside the fridge and draw the fluid into the tube, subsequently stabbing my right leg with the syringe, noticing that the pinprick is not as painful as the one I experienced earlier. I inject the fluid into my leg, believing its anaesthetic properties to be immediately effective. The leg goes numb as I wished and there is no sensation when I pinch it. I immediately force myself to wake up.


      Now awake, I quickly pinch my right leg but find that there is feeling there as normal in the real world, contrary to what was experienced (not felt) in the phase state. Also, I made the mistake of not performing the experiment as the first task of my plan of action. If required, I shall execute this task again.
    4. No Murals

      by , 06-05-2022 at 02:55 AM
      Date: 04/06/2022
      Bedtime: 3.30am
      Awakening: 8am
      Return to bed: 8.30am
      Method: dream consciousness
      Attempt: successful
      Final awakening: 11.30am
      Phase experience: No Murals To Be Found


      I'm a member of a boarding school and meet up with a group of boffins in the woods at night in order to converse with them. It's our secret rendezvous to eat what we are reputedly not allowed: chocolate muffins. Suddenly, our indulgence is interrupted by a lorry driving through the forest towards our social circle, causing my uniformed friends to disperse. Subsequently, I explain to someone that I had been given the opportunity to devour a delicious chocolate muffin and that one of the other lads had a caramel one which I tasted vicariously, an amazingly advantageous ability which is deemed to be completely normal.

      Scene shift: I'm on a small island which is the stage for a reality TV show, having somehow landed there and immediately regarded as a mystery guest by eminent contestants. Ulrika Jonsson asks me why I'm so short, making me feel inadequate and a little self-conscious. I do my best to speak graciously and politely—partly to make up for a perceived, physical shortcoming. However, no matter what I do, I feel like an alien or an outsider. I spot Xavier Bardem aboard a luxury boat sailing on a moat surrounding the villa and, feeling starstruck, I tell the others I'm quite fond of the actor. I am ushered into their residence and Ulrika shows me around. I clock a screen displaying a picture of me as a new contestant and notice that my face resembles that of Christopher Hitchens'—making me think that I am unconsciously emulating the public intellectual's expressions due to having watched him debate Robert Wright on YouTube.

      Scene shift: I meet up with Anne-Marie as it's her birthday and she gives me a lift in a convertible from the close to a strange underground workshop. She is dressed up like a dog's dinner, all in leather and curiously a lot shorter than in real life. I give her a big hug, a kiss and wish her a happy birthday.


      I realise that Anne-Marie does not drive and her height was inconsistent with reality (the impossibility of my former neighbour being considerably shorter than I remember is dismissed by a focus on, and delight in, an inflated ego towering over her when we embrace). The uncritical assumption that it was her birthday betrays a mnemonic failure because her birthday has already been and I messaged her on Facebook wishing her a happy one. Then there is an ID anomaly that also makes me considerably younger than I am in real life: I thought I was part of a coterie of boarding school boffins; on a separate oneiric occasion, my countenance resembles that of Christopher Hitchens' beyond just an emotional expression.

      Unusual situations to look out for are exemplified in the dream scene where a lorry interrupts a 'muffin rendezvous'. Flawed logic that tasting a muffin vicariously through another boffin's taste buds is perfectly natural, when it is an impossibility, was present in the dream state. Scene shifts are common, too: I was on a reality TV show and suddenly, it is Anne-Marie's birthday. I have also been dreaming about celebrities every night: Xavier Bardem and Ulrika Jonsson. After using the loo, I return to bed with the intention to induce a lucid dream. I try the wake-initiated approach but fail to relax sufficiently on my back for about ten minutes, deciding afterwards to turn on my side and fall asleep.


      During the day, a mustachioed food vendor is offering quiche to my family through the kitchen window of a radically different house. Inconsistently, he regales us with cheese sandwiches and charges after his so-called samples. I point out to my family that what we are getting is not quiche, but they say it's good and worth buying. Scene shift: at night, in my bedroom with Alfie and he tells me someone is outside. I open the balcony door to discover an architectural anomaly—there is no balcony; instead, a porch with two approaching teenagers wielding toy guns, and playfully pretending to be burglars, is manifestly before me. To my right, a staircase leads to the street below and next to it I make out strange neighbours arriving before entering the house next door. Dwelling on the structural inaccuracy, I conclude that I'm dreaming.


      I rub my hands to stabilise the dream world. Returning to the bedroom replica, I decide to glide downstairs—encountering strange globular objects floating in the air at the bottom of the staircase—and head towards the loo whilst expecting to encounter a mural displayed on black walls for artistic inspiration but never reach my goal. I believe I wake up but still test the bedroom environment just to make sure. At the foot of the bed my fist goes through the carpeted floor and I know for sure that my surroundings are oneiric in nature. I sink into the floor in order to land in the loo imagined to be directly below so that I may find a mural in another attempt to seek artistic inspiration, but I descend into a dark space filled with some kind of pressure that almost feels like gelatine restricting my movements. Spinning causes the surrounding darkness to be replaced by an upstairs environment more congruous with my former address at Lea Close than the current one at Gardner House. Jumping out of one of the windows of an oneiric version of my former abode lands me on a fire engine parked right outside the front door. Upon seeing a party taking place in the opposite house with some people outside beckoning to me, I descend from the large vehicle to take a gander. Amongst the dream characters inviting me in are Poca and Andy Waters, who call out my name. Inside the house I find a lot of confusing but colourful decorations but no murals to be found. I lose lucidity at the party.


      The party is characterised by debauchery and overall hedonism, including a butch lesbian pursuing me whilst declaring her lust for 'little boys'. Scene shift: I walk away from Lea Close with my mum, who complains incessantly about my former neighbour from hell, Helen, pointing out how conniving the woman can be. My mother wants me to go with her to confront our awful neighbours who are apparently near the local shops. I look back at my former house and see Stacey's silhouette behind a glazed front door and can tell she is wearing colourful summer clothes.


      I'm back in bed and my head is hissing—a clear indication that I am in the hybrid phase state that makes lucid dreaming possible., I get up to what I recognise to be an inaccurate bedroom replica and therefore an oneiric environment. I search the house for murals, gliding faster than anybody could run, but find nothing, eventually flying out of the window of Melody's room to encounter a rustic vista radically different from Crane Park in the real world. The grassy field is missing and I'm flying over a muddy, tree-lined track with houses on either side (instead of a block of flats on the left as viewed from Mel's room in the real world). The houses are beautiful—some of them wooden and reminding me of the Old West—and curiosity gets the better of me. Descending to check out these properties, I expect that they also hide murals. I find empty rooms everywhere, finally coming upon a room with two beds ostensibly hiding sleeping people under their covers. The first bed I uncover is empty; the other turns out to hide a soft toy resembling a little dog that gradually morphs into a teddy bear. I wake up.


      Scene shifts are quite frequent from daytime to nighttime scenes. The abodes are never quite right and there is a sense of traveling back in time to old addresses or neighbours that don't exist (nobody lives to our left). Unusual situations also come in the form of hedonistic parties and social contradictions, such as Poca and Andy Waters in the same room, often occur. It is a shame I couldn't find oneiric inspiration for a mural—I guess I must be more insistent in the dream world next time.
    5. Clara

      by , 06-01-2022 at 01:41 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Some fragment about eating Thai chili peppers but they taste sweet even when dipped in salsa.

      I am with my son at a football game. There is some younger woman annoyingly close to me on the other side. It's awkward but I remain polite and try to ignore it.
      There is somehow a commercial playing on the field and we get bored. We can see the night sky. There is a meteor shower happening at an incredible rate. I point it out to my son. Then the sky lights up like daytime. I say something about how it was dark just a moment ago. The sun must have been blocked somehow. Then I see the sun moving way to fast and it's dark again within seconds. I say wait a minute something is very wrong. I ask if this is a dream. I think about doing a RC but no I say out loud. THIS IS A DREAM (very old dream sign).

      I float up in the air. I see the woman below and think about doing something to her but I decide to leave it alone. I am now in a version of a bedroom from our previous house. I float to the next room. I see baby Clara in a high chair. Not knowing what else to do I play along. Hey Clara do you want out. She speaks very well and "says yes I do". I laugh at bit... she's only one year old in waking life. I ask her to say her name. It come out as Twara. I laugh some more. I ask her if she wants some breakfast and what she wants but she's becomes less and less responsive. I wonder into the kitchen but I get to wrapped up in finding food that I lose the dream and wake up.
    6. 2021-05-31 LUCIDD #265, organ extension, several nights of dreams

      by , 05-31-2022 at 11:01 AM
      mishmash from the last several nights:

      + tried out a (male organ) extension kit that involved tubes and splicing in "extra segments," it really worked, wanted to try out "the new me" with the wife, thought that all the extra tubing though would get in the way and be cold on her skin if it touched her. Definitely longer and wider with this kit, I'm impressed with the results.

      + [LD #265 DILDD] observing demonstration, I'm standing at the railing of a high balcony area overlooking a lower (15 feet) large open paved area, looking down, there are people walking around waving a flag, they call a question to me but I'm not sure how to answer. I feel a tugging at my pocket and immediately grab my pocket where my wallet is, in doing so I grab the han of a kid which is reaching in to my pocket I think to steal my wallet. I back away from the railing still grasping my wallet through my pants, I can't open my hand to get a better grip because I'm afraid I'll lose my wallet, and call out "HELP!".

      I walk through some rooms, fairly richly furnished, wood paneled walls, look out the window to see the people in the parade/festival, look to see if there are any hot chicks there, see some, wish I had more privacy.

      Walking through the people outside, there is a bunch of them gathered at one point, I try to move through the group but a man shifts his position blocking my path, so I have to go around. I notice a woman prostate on the ground with (her daughter?) riding her on her back. I move forwards.

      For no particular reason (I feel completely awake) I do a nose pinch, and do a double take because some air leaked out. It wasn't the usually completely free flowing of air, but I know that any air at all is a dream sign, I try again with a similar non-definitive "stuffy nose" result. I decide to test gravity by jumping up, and indeed I am a bit slow in returning to the ground so immediately determine that I'm dreaming. I turn around and head back along the path I was walking, as aI wanted some "fun" encounters with the ladies I had passed earlier. I soon come across one dressed all in green [?], engage a bit with her, her face/body are distorted. I jump up to phase through the ceiling, get a little bit stuck but make it through, and I'm in a large sterile corridor of some large building. I look into one of the rooms I find and it is a sort of staff break room with vending machines and billiards tables. I decide to try out some elemental control so try to shoot out lightning from my hands against a wall, the effect is weak but definitely something is there. I will it to be more lightning-shaped (it was more like straight grey line segments), then I say "be yellow" and a tinge of yellow worked its way into the coloring.

      There is a DC enemy that I need to fight, so I belt-summon my lightsaber and turn it on, I'm a bit surprised that the blade comes out a jet flat black color. I swing it through the DC imagining that it's slicing him to bits but as usually I seem to meet absolutely no resistance and it seems not to be doing him any damage. We go back and forth (he's on a flying Green Goblin-like scooter/board?) for a while, then I turn to make a run for it along a roadway over a fence, frequently looking backwards to see if he's still following, I think he probably still is...

      + (dark/night) checking out the smashed wing windows of some cars, there were small, sometimes triangular shaped breakage patterns on the glass

      + riding elevator in large building, someone else is in there with me, the elevator tilts fairly steeply to the left (30 degrees) for a moment and I feel us moving sideways. I explain this to the other passenger as being the horizontal movement of the elevator from side vertical shafts into the cental main vertical shafts, and think / say that this is a very efficient way to manage the limited space of the vertical shafts. It's fairly dark in the elevator. This happens a couple more times, then with a large jerk we're ejected from the building backwards into the air high above the ground, and begin orbiting the building. We're being swung around wildly like an amusement park attraction. I'm fairly nervous about this. I can hear the yells from the car near to us, they're enjoying the ride, hooting and hollering things like Oh, Yeah!" and "Woohoo!". I wonder what is holding us in the air, at first I think it's nothing, but I look outside the window and see a very thin and weak-looking wire attached to the elevator car running back in the direction of the building. The whole thing is like one of those "multiple wheel ferrous wheel" like this:

      Suddenly I'm on the ground, looking at some scraggly cats with someone else. (I see a stack of old line printer printout?). I walk back to the base of the tower, to an elevator, this elevator is to the (apple? oak?) area which is not where I want to go, a young couple gets on, I go around to the other side of the building, and there's another young couple that jusut wants to make out and they move back around a corner for privacy.

      + a priest is using a holy hammer (large, like a maul) to stamp symbols onto some (famous) blessed mushrooms growing miraculously between boulders

      + walking along the shore of a clear-watered lake, looking into the rocky shallows and see crayfish scuttling around [dreamsign]

      + [f] need to ride an airplane home, visiting someone in a large industrial workshop
    7. Deliberate False Awakening Experiments with V-WILD

      by , 05-30-2022 at 03:19 AM
      I saw someone needed help with V-WILD this morning, so I tried messing with the technique it to see if I could find a way to help them and also played around with false awakenings.

      V-WILD (to my understanding) is WILD but with a visual anchor.

      So I did V-WILD at 7 AM. Rather than choosing a visual, I watched the inside of my eyelids until a visual started to form (like cloudgazing). Unlike cloudgazing, the visual became more vivid as I progressed through WILD.
      The dream formed into the same bedroom I fell asleep in, and could’ve been a false awakening if I didn't know it was a dream.

      I experimented trying to speak in real life signifant other from the dream, since I've been wanting to experiment more with that lately. I did it once before and have been fascinated by the idea of controlling waking body while asleep ever since.

      My SO was asleep IRL so the experiment wouldn't have worked. I figured that would happen, am thinking of using a recorder next time.

      After that, I climbed out the window in my dream room. Thought to myself: "I wonder if I should make anything I really want to do more often be right next to the dreamed version of my house—this is a good way to develop PRs with more fun stuff in them."—but couldn’t think of anything I really wanted. Can always incubate this while awake.

      I noticed how a lot of things were different in my dream neighborhood like lighting and rearranged buildings. I could change them and make a replica, but don’t really need to. I kind of like having the dream versions of RL locations to be different, makes the dream state easier to distinguish.

      I then tested out waking myself up in a way where it’s more dream body instead of waking body sensation to help me get a feel for the difference. If I wake myself up for real, then that could help me pinpoint waking sensation. If dream wake-up, that's dreamed sensation.
      idk I was coming up with this on the spot, so it may not be a great idea for an experiment.

      So I woke up back in my bedroom.
      I assumed this was either a dream or I woke myself for real. I suspected dream, but wasn't totally sure. Tested reality check with finger through palm and it didn’t work. My hands were so solid and realistic! I was pretty sure it was a dream anyway though, so I plugged my nose and breathed. It worked.

      I practiced the false awakenings a few times and was able to tell I was in a dream more and more every time I did it.

      All the while, the dreamed version of my significant other was there watching this nonsense! I told her it was a dream, and she acted mock-concerned, half-heartedly gasping with poorly acted worry.
      I responded to her playfully "Yeah, I know if you were the real one, you would be rightly concerned about me thinking everything is a dream, but since we both know it’s a dream, you’re fine~"

      I eventually woke myself up for real when it felt it had been an hour because I had to get ready for a thing. Was about 8AM.

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      lucid , false awakening , memorable , side notes
    8. Bringing Dream Characters Out of Dream

      by , 05-28-2022 at 11:21 PM
      Example of bringing a dream character out of a lucid dream into waking hallucination.
      This is one of my older dreams I titled 'The End' that was memorable enough to post here.


      At the end of the universe, everything was being engulfed by a white void. It dissolved buildings and entire mountain ranges into dust, encroaching from all sides as it narrowed in on the remains of one of the last cities.
      I watched the void tear through the earth, leaving behind fragmented strips of road—like something out of a Dr. Seus book.
      There were bits of road and houses scattered into floating islands, and some mountains in the distance still being slowly dissolved.

      I wandered around (flying) searching for people, wondering if there were any survivors still around, and found a woman standing on the edge of one of the roads. I descended down onto the road and stood next to her.
      "This is the end, isn't?" she asked as she watched the mountains being eaten by the void.
      I told her yes.

      The white void was getting close now and I could feel its unsettling energy. I also felt like it was getting early in the morning (my body was ready to wake up naturally) and this dream was coming to an end. I didn't have much time left, so I told her. "I have to go now, though. Do you want to come with?"
      She seemed surprised and confused at first, but agreed. So I turned into my dragon and picked her up. We flew past the mountains towards the void. At the thresshold where the mountains ended and the void began, as soon as I touched it, I left the dream state.
      I woke up in my room and could see a shadowy figure standing at the end of my bed. I heard the woman's voice say "Thank you." and she faded out of my perception.

      Then I got out of bed and proceeded with my day.

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    9. Failed dream stabilisation in DILD | [26.05.2022]

      by , 05-28-2022 at 02:23 AM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Failed dream stabilization in DILD
      I am on my way home, carrying groceries on the sidewalk of the quiet street passing by the house I live in on a cloudy day with a darker lighting of the environment suggesting that the time of day is soon to be or already is dusk. I'm not sure if my mother is with me, but she could be. Suddenly, I become lucid. It might have been a random thought about lucidity which triggered this. But I immediately start slipping out of the dream but try to rub my hands and to look at them to stabilize the dream, but I am already on the threshold of waking up, strangely controlling both my dream and real body at once, but apparently my stabilization attempt soon failed and I find myself having waken up.

      I got too stressed to journal again. I'll probably continue for real once summer holidays come around in nearly exactly a month.

      I actually chanted a mantra and used a special thought technique I can't really explain to kind of bypass the way you'd usually have this only incubate a fake lucid dream instead of actually causing awareness, and I guess it worked. It's like I went "behind" the normal thought? Only I really know what I'm talking about with that, I guess, at least I hope at least I will if I rediscover this some time. Nobody ever understood the way I explained how my brain worked. People tend to think these are metaphors, but I feel like I physically navigate my thoughts. While that's not what happens, of course, that's the input I'm getting and doing the same "movement" produces consistent results. It's weird like that. Also, I'm tired so I'm rambling about this, probably mostly as a big note to self so that I can reproduce this, since this is the first time a technique just straight up worked first try to that extent.

      I do wonder why the stabilization didn't work, though. And I tend to always find myself kind of "blind" in dreams, I've noticed that here as well. It's like my whole vision is covered by a blind spot, like how your thumb disappears if you move it into the right location, it makes it hard to stay in a dream. I feel like I only know some of the visual information because I just kind of know without seeing it, and that's annoying me. But I can't say reality is a whole lot different, honestly. My perception is always weirdly "blind" like that, like a very insidious form of tunnel vision. Enough rambling now. I still think this was probably the closest I've ever gotten to stabilize a lucid dream, so overall, this was a success. Good.
    10. Cursed Future Arthur

      by , 05-22-2022 at 06:53 PM
      Spent a lot of time in my PR home last night. It’s frozen in time and I love it.

      I then traveled to the future, before an apocalypse that was coming I noticed Arthur was still on the air. That kids show from the 90s was like the longest running TV show. So, I turned on an episode and… it was bad.
      It was unbelievably bad... Instead of having a round head, Arthur had like the chipmunk shaped head. Instead of human eyes, the characters all had animal eyes, but they were enlarged to fit the cartoon animal face.
      Picture large beady black orbs slightly jutting out of the face with flimsy tacked-on human eyebrows.
      But they had human mouths…. And teeth.
      It was hyper realistic, but 2D not 3D. You could see every hair, but smooth areas like the teeth had no detail.

      Back to business though. I waited through the apocalypse, which wiped out most of humanity. The few people still surviving didn’t know what happened, which is why I was there. I told them what caused the world to end—so that history can be recorded. I warned them to remember and pass it along so their descendants don’t make the same mistakes generations down the line.
    11. Possible lucid dream with a discovery about stabilizing

      by , 05-20-2022 at 04:52 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      It all started with me doing something that I knew I couldn't do in real life
      or so the sense of limitlessness was the main hint for me

      So when I came to, I tried my usual routine of trying to stabilize
      I was at home ofc, and it didn't work, the dream started to fall apart, the usual "fog" started to take over
      That's when it randomly came, Instead of tactile I focused on visuals, the colors and the detail around me
      And it all came back
      and for the first time in my dream-life , I left my house
      And it tried to fall apart 2 or 3 times until I got to the streets but I did the same again, and it worked
      after that things got blurry for me for a minute or a half, and somehow I was at a meat factory that was supposedly in the next street
      I met my old friend there, he was working there, and he was younger now, looked totally different than irl, more like when we were in high school
      I was like "man , this is a dream ,this is not real, stop for a moment look at me, this is a dream", he was kinda suprised and a bit annoyed, as if I'm hallucinating or something
      then we went out, I observed the streets , it was night, the sun was about to rise, but the stars were still shining bright, I looked at the cars passing by, it was kind of vivid.
      That's when I woke up, after 4-5 minutes of time I bought with this trick, the fog now took over, and I felt that I have to wake up now.

      note: potential discovery is that focusing on the visuals around you might stabilize dreams or bring it,and yourself back from the waking process
      although I can't tell if that was a full dream or a very late morning hypnagogic session, it was over 10 am so I can't tell if it would work in a mid REM dream the same way
      also somehow I just can't seem to find the ideal time to try lucid dreaming, in teh morning, whether I wake up at 4-5-6 am, I'm just always unable to go back to sleep if I dont completely let go of myself
    12. Low level Lucid

      by , 05-19-2022 at 06:54 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a dream where jamie is saying, " I'll always be there for you." Can't tell if she was telling me this or someone else... no context.


      I was lucid in a strange room. There was a circular walkway with glass like windows. Decided to teleport through the windows. I pushed my hands on the glass until it flt wstery and i kind of pushed myself through. On he other side I ws walking down a road. Lots of Elk And Moose were in this area. Two blonde women I seemed to know were behind me.
      Tags: jamie, lucid
    13. 2022-05-16 dild ld #264

      by , 05-17-2022 at 07:43 AM
      Sense of lots of dreaming, one lucid!

      + in partially mirrored bunker/room outdoors among wild animals (bears?), thought I was safe, but aggressive (horses? donkeys) open the doors with their mouths and swarm me

      + walking through museum exhibition of large electronic components, these are systems I worked on I think, I want to take my picture with one huge one, colleagues think it's not a good idea(?). The one I want to take a picture of is a standing rectangle: I see lots of computer boards, it's about 5 feet high and two tables in length.


      + arrive to parking spot, see a young man in a boy scout uniform and think I recognize my old patrol's shoulder patch, think about my son

      + [f] driving on freeway, a red car crowds me out of my lane from my right and I swerve left, thinking I'll probably spin out and crash, and wake up with an out loud verbal exclamation, "oh #$%^%!!"

      + DILD LUCIDD #264 try to get into hotel room with crumpled room key, there's a hotel employee there, I'm saying "do I need a new key?" I head to reception via the stair well, I see deceased EW coming the other way up the stairs, not strong emotion, just a thought of "what are you doing here?", at the next landing I see that there is no wall in front of me but I'm very high (100 feet or higher) above the lobby, it is a very large open volume, with people mulling around walking to and fro. I just know I can fly so I step off the platform and float, get lucid, very happy that I'm lucid, did a nose pinch and could breathe, hover there a bit, stand for a while on a wall (90 degrees to the wall), then I float down to the lobby floor
    14. Family Gathering DILD

      by , 05-16-2022 at 12:22 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was walking in to a restaurant and walk up to the counter. The cashier asked me what I would like and I told her I needed to use the restroom and to know where it was located. She pointed to my right and I thanked her. As I am making my way to the restroom I overhear two employees in a conversation. One had said she was in a terrible accident and said if it were okay to receive extra money on her paycheck to help pay it off.

      The manager told her it would be fine and that she was hope things will get better for her. This made me smile as I open the door to use it. The dream scene then change with me waking up in my father room back in my old townhouse home. I got up and notice my father walking. He ask me what was wrong and I told him I want to check on my other family members. I began walking to the living room and making my way upstairs.

      As I did I started to realize I shouldn't be here and that it's strange that I have awoken here. This feeling, I knew now I was lucid dreaming and made my way fully up the stairs to see my family. I open my brother's room and observe all the stuff inside. I had pick an item off his desk and said looks like my brother has done a lot in this dream. I look outside through the window and could see it was night time with a cartoon looking sky with stars.

      It was a nice view as I turn my attention to seeing who else was here. Once I turned around, I saw my half brother and my grandma standing in the corner. I high five both of them and greeted them. I then saw my brother and an unknown woman next to him and greeted both of them with a double high five with our hands. That's when i went to my mother room and check on her. I could see she was resting and notice I came in.

      I told her hello and that it was great to see her. She ask me how I was doing and I made brief conversation while reminding myself at times it's a dream. She ask me what did I mean by that but I would only tell that I have to leave soon. As I said my goodbye I went down the stairs to speak out my intention to speak to a friend who had passed away not too long ago.

      I told him I don't know much but if it's possible you can always visit me here and that we could talk about anything. Wished him well and while walking outside to see that it had become daylight. I woke up not too long afterwards.
    15. My successfull WILD attempt

      by , 05-16-2022 at 12:10 AM
      Hi, guys!

      I've been out for some while, but I still practicing my lucid nap dreams[1] and had some little progress at the meanwhile.
      And today I'm gonna tell you my best WILD attempt!

      As a Sunday, I realized I could sleep more. So after I Woke up at the 9am to drink water, I got Back To Bed

      My body was really relaxed and after about 10min I wasn't feeling my body anymore, but just my head. My mind was awake and I was not having any other hallucination.

      I stayed in the position for more 10min to relax my mind, but I wasn't getting nowhere, so I moved without opening my eyes and slowly turned my belly down.

      At this position I could feel my mind relax easily. My body was out again and suddenly I started hearing a typical noise that I hear always I start to feel asleep. It's like a TV out of signal and this noise start to get louder and louder then I just heard a plunger on my ears. This repeated for 3 times in about 5min. Just don't know what is this, but it was funny hehe.

      Then, after the third plunger sound I was on my kitchen with a know Brazilian nun on my side. Her name is Coen nun, I'm leaving a video link from her at the bottom of this post[2]. She was guiding me on my dream and talking things like: "Calm down, you need to move slowly to not wake you up! Move only your legs first." And I moved just my legs up and down. I moved really slow because I could feel my body both on the kitchen standing and lying on my bed.

      So I blinked and I was lying in my bed, but I realized I was still dreaming because I saw I was with a blurry vision. I was still hearing the nun talking to me to move slowly then I did it. I was with my belly down then I just moved up my left arm, then slowly my right arm. At this time I was confident to get out of bed really slow. Then I did it!

      Now I'm sitting on my bed and looked out my window. I saw the green from the trees and it was really beautiful. Then my vision started to blurry very hard, but I forced I talked loudly that I wanted to continue in the dream and after some attempts I did it again and my vision was back again.

      So I opened my window and just exited my room by it and started to climbing the wall like the spider man!

      At this time I heard the sound of my door opening then I thought somebody was about to wake me up and I woke up myself.

      When I woke up, my heart beating really fast I don't know why. I was feeling I was breathless, but it normalized soon.

      That's it!

      [1] https://www.dreamviews.com/general-lucid-discussion/166207-lucid-dream-naps.html
      [2] https://youtu.be/e3HHw9Tem_A
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