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    1. ccxxxiv. Ginger root, Drawing and Supernatural, Checking in and wedding

      by , Yesterday at 04:12 PM
      1st March 2021


      I'm in the kitchen with the intent of cutting up some ginger root. I do that, or chop it up, not sure. I want to feel its scent and get my nose right up to it, but I don't really get much of it.

      H is nearby and questions what I'm doing or something. I think H may be concerned, perhaps because I'm not using a chopping board. For some reason I'm doing this at the countertop area under where the microwave is.

      2nd March 2021


      Dream about drawing, but not sure what or what media. Another vague dream, about Supernatural; me and H were supposedly the Winchester brothers.


      I am at my old home, with H, in the staircase area of the apartment building. H goes up by lift and I was supposed to come with but I hesitate because I notice the neighbours' door to be open. I am concerned, wondering if they're dead or if something's happened, so I go in and have a brief look around. At this point I become aware that I don't have a mask on, so instead I pull my t-shirt (red?) over my face as a covering.

      Without going further than the hall, I look into the kitchen and see a lady there. She looks at me oddly at first, I explain why I came in and she is grateful for my intent; we then both say goodbye to one another politely and I leave; I think she or I close the door now. I now go to use the lift.

      (recall gap)

      I'm at some wedding now, H is by my side and some members of my family are here. H is disappointed they are using an electronic organ instead of a traditional one. I get the feeling this area is at the top of the building.


      - In waking reality we had left the ginger on that location after buying it and it just stayed there since then.
      - Oddly enough, later that day I ended up using a bit of it to make a curry, but until I actually came to doing it, I hadn't been expecting to do so. Perhaps it would have been a good time for a RC too, but I didn't realise the connections until later.
    2. ccxxxiii. Nature visit, soil lab

      by , Yesterday at 03:58 PM
      27th February 2021


      (was a long dream but only recalled bits and pieces)

      Me, H, J and S; we're all meeting up at some rocky place. They parked their car in a small rocky alcove, I think we go and see the car?

      As they found out, it was wet and the bottom part of their car is getting too wet. In this semi-flat rocky area there are some waves of pure and clear water, not more than an inch high. The area is slightly sloped down away from the rocky alcove bit but the small waves of water still climb with ease.

      I talked to J about it and we discuss the underground water tables. I don't remember getting wet or feeling wet from standing in the shallow water.

      Then something about us driving elsewhere. J was in their own car and we were in ours. H gives me his phone so I can text her if needed. But I suggest it may not be a good idea since she'll be driving too. (S was seemingly gone from the dream at this point?)

      During the drive, I think we discuss food and how we should maybe stop for lunch somewhere along the way. I think we were going to but then we don't? I know that we do go past a place and I mention this and H remarks with "well, too late now" as we drive past.

      We arrive at a lab of some sort. They do advanced soil analysis here? We get into a conflict with the personnel because they are apparently doing something evil.

      There's a mini turret that tries to shoot at us but me and H approach it covertly and work to disable it. I end up simply disconnecting the neutral cable, not fully expecting it to work, but it does.

      I think we then confront some of the personnel/research team.
    3. Yes

      by , 03-01-2021 at 07:22 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Had a brief dream with Jamie in it but can't remember what it was.


      Had a dream where I was telling Jamie something about These people in Didsbury who helped me out a lot back in 2012. A nice couple. Suddenly was transported to a dream with them. Jamie wasn't there. We were in a bus and stopped at some school. A dog was with me, maybe my dog. We went near the people by the school, but they also had a dog so I kept holding my dog by the collar since I had no leash... Decided to go back to the bus. Found my seat and noticed the bus was halfway merged with the rock of the hill it was sitting on. Strange....

      Fake Family

      Was in a house with people that seemed british. They look like the people from the Show I was watching on netflix, British crime shows and stuff. They claimed to be Jamie's family, but none of their looks, hair or eyes were even similar. They were asking me how I knew her I mentioned I used to work with her and what year, we were friends I said but now because of her BPD, She reached a point in her mind Where it's like I don't exist. A little girl in the family had gold locks in her hair and she said something like like, "yeah Jamie said it's like God pouring Darkness into her." That's no the God I know. He wouldn't do that. Not sure what happened after But that's all I recall.
    4. Alien Court

      by , 02-28-2021 at 12:01 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am in an ice cream place located in a gas station of sorts. There are many treats some infused with cannabis, I gather I am in colorado. While ordering I befriend some people and they offer to give me a ride to where I am going, I'm like 40 min from where I am staying. It is night time and I cannot see out of the car. We joke while he drives and is constantly turning around looking at me and the other girl in the passenger seat. He suddenly drives over an embankment and we plow through an angled corn field as we fall down, the stalks speedily crushing under the cars weight as it falls. We fall for a while as we all scream and feel mostly weightless in the vehicle. We hit the water with a sudden jolt. It is dark and murkey.

      Fast forward we are being called into a unique court room. The girl who was in the car with us died. The driver is being held responsible. I am just a witness because I rode in the back. The court seems to be a dual between two large creatures. They are controlled with your mind when you hook up to some alien looking umbilical cord. I have flashbacks of the accident while I sit in the courtroom and the session begins.

      I break through the windshield by kicking hard with my feet. The car/red suv is sinking in the murkey muddy water. I drag her and him out, her arm is missing just above the elbow, I can tell it's bad. He doesn't seem too injured so he helps. We all swim together trying to keep her above water. The cliff is high and flat walled. Straight flat segments of wall connect together as they meet the water. We must have fallen a couple hundred feet.

      I am sitting in the court room wearing a hospital gown. My family is in the audience. The room is blue and golden with accents along the ceiling. There is a case being made. The boy who drove is being charged with recklessness homicide. The girls family is there too, they are scornfully sad. I gather the only way to win is to have your large creature defeat the other creature. I am not being charged but I am in control of one of the creatures. They are sentient but are also slaved to the brain hookup. One is large and grey, with a long backwards sloping head to a point, no mouth but deep dark recessed eyes, it stands with a hunch almost gorilla like but is incredibly muscular, elegant looking and smooth. The other is colored like a hornet. It has a swollen head and insectoid body, with long dagger like appendages. It stands at the opposite side of the room facing it's companion. I still feel traumatized. The accident feels too recent. I have fresh wounds and bruises all over my body.
      I don't talk to anyone.

      Even though the water is murky it still feels like there are waves crashing against us. I am the only one who can barely touch the bottom as the three of us hobble to the rocky waters edge. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to climb up. A flat wall against the pounding water. It begins to look familiar to me. I remember seeing this before. Some of these sections of walls have hidden doorways in them I think. I see them open in my mind's eye. We approach the wall and she begins to faint, she is losing a lot of blood, I just can't tell because it is dark and I only barely see her injuries. I press on the side of the rock wall with my free hand, it becomes a sort of doorway and cracks open with dim light on the other side.

      I feel the device hook up to the back of my head. I swirl at the sensation. Someone in the room is trying to sell me a $400 pen. It doesn't look so special to me. My perception is now split in the room. I see out of both sets of eyes. One taller and standing where the larger creature is. One small and weak in the front where everyone is staring. We don't fight. Rather there is an internal dialogue now. There is an alien debate occuring in my head. They want to know what to do with us.
      We aren't supposed to be here.
    5. ccxxxii.

      by , 02-26-2021 at 03:22 PM
      26th February 2021


      (didn't make enough effort to recall after initial awakening)

      I'm in a town or city of some kind. I am trying to find presidents, from Russia and the USA.

      In a parking lot, I see a limousine and check there, but they're not there? Or maybe the Russian one is.


      Another dream, with H. I'm sitting at a desk and H is standing.

      H sort of slaps or flicks a mug that is on top of a speaker or a screen and it flies my way with a rotating motion and lands perfectly in my hands as I sort of try to catch it. I become upset in some way at H for doing this.

      - It's not the first time I've had a dream about politicians, though because of the vague recall I can't really say how they related to me in the dream.
      - The second fragment probably relates to one of those things I can imagine H doing on a whim, either for fun or as a prank of sorts.
    6. Dinosaur Park, The Magic Express

      by , 02-24-2021 at 09:13 PM (Oneironautic Escapades)

      I am in a dinosaur park with friends and family. While walking through a field we see what appears to be a dinosaur trap laid out on the ground, with weighted wires going into the trees, there are toy mini dinosaurs and torn up sheets in the bed of a larger metal frame. We hear kittens meowing from inside but cannot see anything.

      The park is very beautiful with large prehistoric trees and shrubbery all around. My cat is running around unleashed and I gather she has wandered too far. Suddenly a large trex with purple and orange colouring starts chasing us from across the field, it's roar echoing our innards. I call my cat loudly and she runs towards us just barely in front of the rex. She makes it to me while we are running and I scoop her up to run towards the treeline. I tell my family we need to get in the dense folliage to escape. We barely make it to safety as the rex tramples the trees behind us. We begin to walk down a path, we tell a worker about the rex we see, but they are also a dinosaur and smile with big teeth.

      We are now in a period based town. Everyone wears decorated corsets and top hats. But there is still a dark like and partially gothic tone. I opt for a train ride and leave my family behind in the town to look around and shop. The train is mainly populated by witches and druids. They are all dressed period, but with pagan garb and accessories.

      I befriend a girl who is quite short with almond eyes and brunette short hair. She is coy and playful while also being witty and fiercely forward. We get closer and she reminds me she has a boyfriend regularly, it doesn't phase me in the least as I can tell she doesn't care. He seems like some ringleader with small dreads and bright blue contact eyes who is never around her. I gather she is a vampire of sorts, pale skin, morose demeanour yet predatory in her desires. We venture around the train between the different ornate cars from time to time. Taking in the sights of the passing countryside, sharing meals, and playing games. We spend hours laying in bed remembering our lives and gently caressing each other, nothing sexual, just sensually emotive. She tells me she doesn't like what happens to her at night. Unphased at thinking she is a vampire I ask is it because her teeth get longer? I then tell her I always found the taste of blood to be unquenching. To let her know I am unbothered by her condition, and can relate to her. She hardly looks at me but I know she is sad for some reason. We form a strong bond on the trip, perhaps 2 days have elapsed and the journey is coming to a head.

      She sits in a booth table along one of the carriages. There is suddenly a great drama stirring the passengers. The people of the car are now united against me. They threaten me with dark magic. I tell them to do their worst as I am unafraid. At once a dozen of them put out their hands and begin making noises with their mouths like they are casting spells. Nothing happens and I shout they are all made up. The train has stopped at a gift shop town with many rooms to purchase trinkets and accessories. I step out on the platform as the witches are still trying to curse me. I outstretch my hand and shout with strong forward intention "Now That Is Enough!" A bright light flashes engulfing the entire area.

      As the senses return, it seems the dark gothic vibe of the people in the car has been lifted. Some people file out of the train with completely white eyes, they are pale and nude, almost stupified. The dozen or so who were dark are now stripped barren and pale. I ask someone on the platform what just happened. She tells me that they saw their real leader and were blinded by the truth of it. I ask who they saw. She points to the woman standing next to me. Who is middle aged and still wearing period dress. She smiles and looks at me knowingly. I tell her it is up to her to be good now. She nods in approval and promises to guide in positivity instead of darkness.

      I return to the train for the journey back and walk from car to car looking for my companion I spent the trip with. She is no longer in the booth she was sitting in before. I wonder if the darkness lifting has affected her at all. I see her 'boyfriend' sitting off in a corner with some friends. He speaks in normal modern dialect and I gather his curse has been lifted as well, he is no leader and remembers nothing of his previous dark personality. I talk to him briefly and he doesn't recognize me.

      I begin frantically going from carriage to carriage looking for her. She really is nowhere to be seen, I didn't see her get off the train and it doesn't make sense she wouldn't be traveling back. It begins to occur to me I may never see her again. A great grief overcomes me as I slump into the nearest chair, just staring into nothingness while I feel my eyes swell. It can't be I think. I knew she had feelings for me. I felt them. I remember the feeling of her skin. Her smile. The sweet smell of her hair. I sit in silence the entire return journey. People merrily chat around me as the mood is now lighter and people laugh while they tell stories of their adventure. I talk to no one.

      When we arrive at our destination back where we began, everyone unloads and files into a large brightly lit dining hall, it is period decorated and fancy with many carved fixtures in the walls and chandeliers. I see my family come through large ornate glass doors into the hall to join me. I am sullen and depressed from losing my companion. We all sit at a large round table with white linens and fancy gold place settings. They are still dressed in period clothes holding accessories they picked up in their own respective adventure. They ask me what's wrong. I tell them I am exhausted, it was a 2 day train journey and I just don't feel well. They are concerned but allow me my space as I seem disengaged. I sit calmly not facing the stage, my eyes still heavy and glistening as I fight the nostalgia of my time with her.

      Just then a worker walks onto the stage and gets everyone's attention. He thanks all of us for our participation and hopes we all enjoyed our journey on the express adventure. People cheer. He then says he'd like to introduce us to the one who made everything possible. Please give a round of applause everyone to our very own,
      Brand new Model 2 Android!
      People cheer louder and whistles can be heard.
      I turn around to look and see her.
      Out of period dress with a skin tight bodysuit and hair styled even shorter to her head.
      It was her.
      The truth of it hits me like a pile of bricks. I see her eyes avoiding me in the crowd as she glances around the room. Barely smiling she acknowledges the recognition in a sheepish manner. She won't even look at me. I am in complete disbelief. How could I not have known? I stare wantingly but realize everything I knew wasn't even real. The dream fades as I watch her face and the applause becomes quieter and quieter.
    7. Yes

      by , 02-22-2021 at 09:09 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Just a flash of a memory of her. Can't recall exactly what.


      Was walking with my brother and C into a haunted house attraction. Some guy was stalking behind us, one of the workers and said, "By the end of this walkthrough. You 2 will be broken up." Indicating to C and my brother. I said to c. "Yeah didn't he say that to us last year when he thought we were a couple.?"

      Slightly lucid

      I was walking around with my brother and went into some abandoned house. I was floating around previously and become lucid. This was low level. Didn't remember any goals. ?Just walked through the house trying to conjure up people. It wasn't working. There was a shadow man in a dark corner, I went into a different room but it was all black causing the dream to end.
    8. ccxxxi. A town fair

      by , 02-22-2021 at 01:57 PM
      22nd February 2021


      I'm in a hotel or apartment building. I'm on a floor above ground level but don't know which; I am walking towards a lobby-looking hall, with elevators and I want to go to the ground floor. There's this group of four black guys in their late teens, they seem to be shadowing me but I don't let it bother me even though they look like they could easily be trouble if they wanted to.

      I let them know I've seen them by looking at one of them in the eye, through a mirror showing us all. The mirror is between the elevator doors. None of us speak, that I can recall and they're just doing their own thing behind me at any rate, some kind of non-verbal communication.

      (recall gap)

      I'm outside, in the streets of a town. It's night time? I have awareness of Covid, but I'm not wearing a mask. It bothers me, but for some reason I make no effort to find one. Throughout most of the dream onwards this bothers me a bit on some level.

      At some point I meet up with M, whom I haven't seen in years in waking life. I remember he has a car? Like an SUV or something. There's something about my aunt B too.

      I walk around town, it's a bit like there's some kind of annual fair on. I am finding these little areas where there's some kind of more conventional role playing game involving furries in fursuits. But they look much more realistic, like they're actually their characters. One of them tells me they will actually pay me if I participate in the games wearing a fursuit myself. I think to myself I wouldn't mind, but I don't have one and would likely end up feeling embarrassed anyhow.

      (recall is vague for the following two paragraphs)

      At one point I'm climbing some stone stairs. It's sort of outdoors, but under some kind of natural rock formation? There's these two statues... I've seen them elsewhere in the dream. They look like they're flowing with some magical energy, it's a deep blue colour. The statues are damaged, incomplete. I remember thinking they're supposed to be in some museum somewhere, but this is actually their original location. This is a different place from the town? In Russia somewhere, I somehow understand. This is where they were first discovered.

      The statues are from ancient Greece, but from a more mythological period or something. They look like the lower bodies of some serpentine creatures, scaly. The heads are missing and one statue practically only has the very bottom of it left. I remember going past the statues while thinking about the whole thing, then I go up some more stone stairs. There's one of those role playing games again here, I forget what happens but it's some kind of murder mystery and I'm greeted by a furry who is dark and almost crawling at ground level, and he seems eager for me to take part in the game.

      Eventually I come across an attraction which takes place in a castle. I remember telling M I would try it out and that I'd let him know later all about it. You have to queue up for the attraction but initially there's just me and one other person.

      A heavy wooden door opens and allows us in. Inside, I immediately gain a HUD and there's some semblance to Legend of Zelda. I grab a knife, it looks toy-like and oversized somehow. I use it to attack some creatures. I then find a mace, in a similar style. My ally goes first through the next door. A stone armour golem tries to ambush him from behind but I hit it with the mace on the head, making enough noise my ally notices and doesn't get ambushed. We defeat the golem.

      We're now in a big room. It's church-like, cathedral-like, even. There's a Dark Souls feel to it. A boss is in the middle, we try fighting it but it deals a lot of damage.

      (memory intrusion?)

      Something about WoW, a group of players fighting a boss. One player is a monk tanking and rolling around and healing himself but not quickly enough.

      Then, we have eventually lost our battle with the boss in the church-like room. I am outside now and at the queue again? There's a lot more people here waiting this time. They're all younger than me and some look very impatient and like they'd be a bit rude.

      (recall gap)

      I'm on some castellated bit, across from the castle with the game attraction in it. There's other people here too, sat at rudimentary and makeshift artillery things that have a fantasy feel to them. I try one, but it's broken and does nothing. Sunset? I recall artillery from these guns going into the core of the other castle, I remember they were supposedly targetting the boss and providing support this way.

      I forget the rest but the dream ended soon after.

      - I feel the chronology of the dream is messed up versus what it actually was, but I didn't try to fix it.

      - There's something very personal to this dream about the dichotomy of me separating my life into separate organised areas of thought. Yesterday I had been thinking of consolidating some things.
    9. ccxxx. Kitchen nightclub, City of all, Stealth ops train

      by , 02-20-2021 at 01:19 PM
      20th February 2021


      Me and H are a nightclub which we own in the dream. It's like an expanded and stripped out version of our kitchen. It's a shady place. Though we don't allow drug dealing, it still happens, some people even talk openly about it in front of us. The lighting is moody; a mauve or red-like ambience. We have just recently installed some kind of small curtain things around these arcade console things lining the walls of the club.

      The place is very busy, packed pretty much. I recall seeing people were playing WoW in some form on these arcades, the curtains were supposed to provide a bit of extra privacy at a glance, but they didn't drape very far down, so someone standing up would mostly have the upper half of the screen blocked from their view.

      Eventually me and H cease to exist and it becomes more like I'm watching something I think. There are still two club owners, now they are a couple too, a tall and muscled man and a woman, somewhat Arabic in look. Both could be from my native country.

      Some person they talk to at one point who is using one of the arcades, reveals something important about gossip that's going around? This person asks the wife if she is wearing the new... whatever it's called in the dream, but it's slang for a skirt-type of clothing which is now considered to be sexy and naughtywear. More stuff happens at the club but I don't recall it.

      (recall gap)

      Then like I'm watching a dramatised documentary of some kind, there's an implicit feel of it being in some place like Jerusalem or Russia. I see backstreet, vacant type of places.

      Small bits of life for people of different religious backgrounds are shown. It's implied that in groups, sometimes people bully single individuals of other groups, despite the fact that this place is supposed to be a place for all to come together. I recall a scene where this Catholic boy is being chased away by some Orthodox teens or something.


      An earlier dream. In a subway, me and a large organised group of individuals, part of some stealth ops type of thing and with appropriate gear. We are boarding a train and I remember we go through tunnels. Recall is too vague for details though.
    10. ccxxix. Homes

      by , 02-20-2021 at 01:07 PM
      18th February 2021


      In a version of our home and street. The van is outside and it was open in order for me to do something?

      Our street looks like it's part of some city like Paris, I don't know. To the right and beyond where there's that intersecting road, there are much taller buildings. I recall something about having to wait. Maybe I have a backpack. Our front door is open. At several points throughout the dream I alter the colours of our house, both interior and exterior. I remember we have some kind of small tiled mosaic floor. I eventually become satisfied with a sandy colour scheme with red accents.

      I remember I see a dream neighbour down the street. He's walking a dog or something and I'm concerned about it pooping near our door, but in reality they are too far for it to matter.

      I don't remember what kind of day it is, maybe sunny but light looks overcast. At some point while I'm waiting I get into a random car across the street, it's red maybe? When I get in I'm suddenly on a first floor level, but I don't realise or care about this in the dream. I think at one point I see a man from one of the windows (right side of the car, I was looking out left initially) and we talk.

      (recall gap)

      The next thing I remember, I'm in a car with two people. I'm on the front passenger side, which is on the right (though I don't realise this in the dream). One person is a man and the other I can't recall. We're in a very busy area of a city like L but bigger, wider roads. We're on a four or five lane road approaching a very complicated and busy intersection.

      Me and the man are having a conversation. We're discussing building a computer while the lights are still red. He's apparently from the past and is asking me about how hardware prices have changed and I presume he means over the last twenty years.

      In the dream, I think I feel I was in a further future time than in reality. I tell him, some things like USB and other small accessory stuff are a bit cheaper, but not much. Otherwise most other things remain more or less the same but with very good specs.

      The lights at this intersection become green and we start going. On the right there's a diagonally intersecting road we're merging with, it has just as many lanes and it's busy too and then there's an ambulance trying to come across from the opposite direction. I am quiet for now to let the driver concentrate, but once we are out of the complex situation, we resume discussion.


      Bins and recycling are being collected. I forgot to put things out? And I try to do it then seeing as I still think they're about to collect it. But I don't see the collecting hi-vis people anymore by the time I get outside. Some other people are here, they are looking through bags. They tell me they are from some charity, they mention it by name. I forget what we talk about but I recall they were looking for clothes primarily.

      - Both sections of the longer dream relate to home in some way. Present home, past home and past-would-be home, I feel.
      - The apprehension about the neighbour walking the dog may stem from the fact that lately dogs seem to have taken a liking to our door for doing their needs.
      - Somewhat related, the part about re-decorating the house may
    11. Zombies. Island conqueror. Witch

      by , 02-18-2021 at 09:18 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I've dreamt about zombies hunting me the two last nights. I got eaten alive once which always hurts. A dark coulor theme in the city with survivors following me. I have a gun and shoot a zombie that is about to eat my shoulder from behind but my gun turns into a toy gun and doesn't have any effect.

      I'm on an island with some people. My family is there and we are about to explore. A man says that he claims this part of the island and that we have to go away. I feel bad because he is the boss and I can't oppose him.

      I'm hunted by a witch in my house but know it's a dream suddenly. I think about hugging her but then I think about how she could hurt me and I loose my confidence. I fly out but it's not that pleasant since I was hunted.
    12. Dream - Reconstructed Brands & Destiny Islands' Protectors & Flashbang Is Too Early & ShowerTroubles

      by , 02-16-2021 at 05:51 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 29 SEP - 2020

      All Dream Titles:
      Dream 752 A - Reconstructed Brands
      Dream 752 B - Destiny Islands' Protectors
      Dream 752 C - Flashbang Is Too Early
      Dream 752 D - Shower Troubles
      Dream 752 E - I've Never Seen You Cry Before

      Dream Title In Summary:
      Dream - Reconstructed Brands & Destiny Islands' Protectors & Flashbang Is Too Early & Shower Troubles & I've Never Seen You Cry Before

      Dream No. 752 - Separated Sections

      Dream 752 A - Reconstructed Brands

      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at a distorted version of Knox MYER, doing Christmas shopping although some sections looked they were stocking for Easter instead. At one point, while I was on the second floor, my grade four teacher was there, but she was twisted in this dream. I can’t remember anything that she said or did though, just that I felt very uncomfortable around her.

      Eventually, I was on my own again, as I went to the bottom floor to seek out my favourite clothing brands. However, in the dream, they were supposedly on an even lower floor, in which I had to walk a fair distance to reach the area. In the midst of the corridor to the new area, it felt like MYER and the rest of the distorted shopping centre were blended together, but it looked cool.

      I did end up reaching the basement, which the colour scheme of it was yellow and black like in real life. I ended up seeing the ‘Princess Highway’ brand of clothes as they were in real life, but wasn’t sure about what happened to any of the other brands. A young lady that worked there then approached me and told me that one of the other brands had been reconstructed, and then she showed me where those clothes were. With the ‘reconstructed’ brand, all the clothes seemed to have white collars on them, making them distinctly different from everything else. However, I can’t remember anything in the dream that happened after this.

      Dream 752 B - Destiny Islands' Protectors
      I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, it was a sunny day with blue skies and I was heading to my high school, apparently on a Saturday, for some parent volunteer event. Just outside the front gates, I was speaking to someone, but I have forgotten who exactly. I told them to call for Riku to come and protect them and as I said this, I could perceive Riku’s energy coming from the Destiny Islands; not only that, but Kairi’s as well. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 752 C - Flashbang Is Too Early

      The entire of this dream took place with me being on Discord. At first, I seemed to be watching this video of David Gallagher hosting some sort of convention panel by himself, as if he was directing it. He was saying some garble; something about how Buzz stayed and Riku went. Riku was seen in that video as well; this time, in his KH3 Shibuya graphics.

      I was then on another part of the Discord with the wrestling community I know in real life. Edward (Ed) B had posted that he was making a permanent change to the start time of his wrestling show; that he would be starting it three hours earlier than before. I shook my head as I realised this would be 7:00 AM for me… I was not happy. However, after a few short minutes of processing my frustration about the change, the dream had ended.

      Dream 752 D - Shower Troubles

      There wasn’t much that happened in this dream. I was in my mum’s bathroom of the old house, taking a shower in there. During the shower I was fine, but it was when I got out of the shower that I apparently needed help with something. As I called out for help, there was energy coming, and a feint sub-scene processing in the background of the dream, that Riku and Aqua were on their way to my parents’ bedroom, which was just outside the bathroom. The dream then ended.

      Dream 752 E - I've Never Seen You Cry Before

      The dream started with my in some unknown indoor area, which looked like a darkened version of my main school science lab, but with some other aspects as well. It felt like a blend of familiar environments, which in the dream turned unfamiliar. As for myself, I was standing on one of the benches in the room, and decided to throw a screwed up paper ball which ended up hitting Riku on the back (he was in his KH 2.8-Prologue appearance). As he turned around in startled manner to notice me, he didn’t look happy. However, as I didn’t intend for it to hit Riku, I repeatedly apologised; but it seemed like nothing I said was going to make things better.

      I then noticed the Wayfinder Trio on the left side of the room, and the Seasalt Trio on the right side of the room, each of them floating as ghosts. Even though they were expressionless, I could tell via energy that they were aware of Riku’s anger and they felt they had to do something to suppress it. They each flew into him, absorbing themselves to now be a part of him. And lo and behold, Riku’s demeanour now felt different, as if he now remembered who he was as my dream guide.

      As I kept constantly apologising and freaking out over Riku, he spoke and told me that it was okay. Even though I seemed fine in-dream, Riku seemed to take notice of the fact that I ‘wasn’t myself’ as he came right up to me and offered me a hug. Still flustered from the previous situation, I asked if that was okay. He said yes and also said ‘I’ll hold you for as long as you want’. That’s when a feeling of relief but also excitement washed over me. As Riku put his arms around me, this time holding me tightly against him, with my head tucked into his neck; he held me for about half a minute before I said he could release me.

      The dream then changed scenes to me being on my own in the front yard of my old house. As I was walking towards the carport, the circular poles in the corners of it seemed to morph into the large square poles that it had in real life. However, it gained circular poles in the middle of its borders, and as I was motioning towards the carport uncontrollably, I was afraid I was going to hit one of the poles.

      The dream however showed me in the entryway to the back gate all of a sudden, which was just outside the other side of the carport. I was seen moon-jumping across multiple steps in slow motion, which was also considered a back-flip at the same time. Apparently I was getting used to the features of my new powers that I gained from Riku holding me from a prolonged amount of time. Eventually, I managed to moon-jump from the very bottom step all the way up to the same level that the driveway.

      And then the dream had changed scenes again. I was now in my old bedroom, but with my current bed, and I was crying; apparently because of my dad who had done something in the dream. Riku was seen coming into my room, with the same appearance as before, like he picked up from where he was that I was crying and so came to see me. He looked shocked and confused as he said to me “I’ve never seen you cry before”, putting a hand on the shoulder of mine that was facing upwards (I was lying on my side). As I told him about my dad, he then went “did you want me to say anything to him?”. However, I was so angry at my dad that I told Riku “I’m calling security”. As Riku walked out of my room with the idea he wasn’t needed, the dream ended.

      Dream 752 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 752 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 752 C
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 752 D
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 752 E
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No

      Just acknowledging that during the last lockdown, my subconscious was doing some very shonky (rip-off, dodgy, scandalous) stuff to cause me to reject Riku in my dreams. When the lockdown lifted, he came back. But Day 1 of this new 2021 lockdown being imposed, my subconscious has reverted back to it's 'behaviour'. I'm just acknowledging this as a technique to my subconscious and to nip its issue in the bud this time. I am also making it accumulate 'debt' this lockdown for every time it does something shonky. So let's see how much it debt it accumulates this year!
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. Dream - Overgrown Market Shed & Riding A Light Cycle

      by , 02-16-2021 at 05:34 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 27 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 751 - Separated Sections

      Dream 751 A - Overgrown Market Shed

      I can’t remember much about what happened in this dream. The only thing I can remember is that I was walking around a huge version of what seemed to be Dandenong Market. There were many ridiculous looking stalls and their items under the tent but I can’t recall what it was that was actually being sold.

      Dream 751 B - Riding A Light Cycle

      I was attending a Killester alumni event when I noticed ShoW and her sister ShaW there. I ended up talking to ShoW, but unlike how she was in real life, she wasn’t nasty to me in this dream. I ended up taking ShoW and her sister out of the school grounds, and got onto a light-cycle bike that was waiting for me. Yes, there was a light-cycle bike from KH-DDD’s world of The Grid, waiting for me outside the school gates, and this is how I was going to take ShoW and ShaW home. ShoW ended up getting on the bike as I got on her back, and ShaW was bunched next to us.

      So therefore, I ended up controlling the bike but did so from on ShoW’s back. There was a point though, where I didn’t seem to know the directions of the road their house was on, and I ended up going a million kilometres down Springvale Road, apologising to them as I seemed to take them past The Glen Shopping Centre at the middle of the night. The dream then ended as I attempted to go past Brandon Park and back towards the right area.

      Dream 751 A
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
    14. Dream - TAFE Class Scandal

      by , 02-16-2021 at 05:31 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 26 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 750 - TAFE Class Scandal

      The dream started off at my house, with one of my old TAFE teachers Kevin coming to take corporate governance class which was to be held in my study room. We were supposed to cover three whole chapters in this class but Kevin never actually turned up. With that discovery being made, I asked if somebody else could take the class and my grandma seemed to oddly volunteer. It was near the end though the Riku ended up coming to take the class, but before anything could actually happened, I was made to wake up.

      Dream No. 750
      Dream Guide: Riku
      Lucid?: No
    15. Dream - We'll Find Kairi & Ballistic Sora & Murder Cave Creator

      by , 02-16-2021 at 05:29 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 25 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 749 - Separated Sections

      Dream 749 A - We'll Find Kairi

      I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was in some sort of corporate building, that looked like my university complex but wasn’t. Girls from all different schools came to gather at ‘our school’ and do activities with us. My RE teacher Mr. Bl took my group of mixed girls and we were going to learn a song to perform to the other groups.

      Later on in the dream, the school groups seemed to be leaving to go back their own schools. Sora was in one school group, and in this dream, we seemed to know each other, so I came to speak to him before he left, while the teachers were corralling his classmates outside, not knowing where he was yet. Sora seemed to be crying about something, and so I told him, “don’t worry, we’ll find Kairi”, as I hugged him and he returned a big hug back. And then he walked out to join the rest of his group as they walked through the distorted Dandenong to get back to his school. The dream then ended.

      Dream 749 B - Ballistic Sora

      I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, Two Rikus were affected by this ‘ballistic’ Sora going everywhere in what seemed to be the floor of a ballet practice room; the two Rikus were carbon copies of each other. In the dream, I could only save one Riku, and for some odd reason, I chose the cloned Riku over the real one, and so the real Riku was ‘wiped out’ by the ballistic Sora. I can’t remember anything else about this dream.

      Dream 749 C - Murder Cave Creator

      I don’t remember much about this dream at all. The only thing I can remember is that someone from my MNW community appeared this dream, one of the ‘murder cave creators’. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 749 A
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 749 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 749 C
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
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