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    1. 484 Words--Terrible Rage

      by , 06-20-2018 at 04:28 PM
      Dream 1: I am in the basement of the log house and I have a seven-segment-display in my hand, and I shine a light on it and maybe something about water. Then I go into the dark storage room and open my hand and the display sends out bright light like a flashlight, even though there isn't anything in my hand. I then repeat the process a few time and show Wynd.

      Dream 2: I am skating around with the others on a sidewalk, and see a boy riding his bike around where the cars park on the side of the road, except they have spaces and white lines like in a parking lot. After skating around a little, I notice the boy again, and we kind of say something to each other, and maybe play a speck, and then we all follow him. He goes across the road and to a big street where half way across I notice that the light is red and we shouldn't be going but we just finish crossing the big street.

      Dream 3: My desk and stuff is outside on the north part of the driveway at the log house just before where the archery target used to be. Mom and Dad and the others are in the east meadow. FSH I get angry and start to trash and throw stuff. I throw my desk down the hill into a bush, hit the suburban which is red and parked in the upper meadow with a poker, and throw flat, black, weights at the others down the hill. I continue for a little in a rage and trash stuff, and then stop and realize I will be in so, so, so much trouble. I go inside the house for my correction, and am envisioning millions of lines, but hear Mom & Dad talking about calling the police and me going to jail.

      I then realize that I did a bunch of damage that would cost a lot of money, and I don't want to go to jail, so I run away, (though I am really just walking). I walk down the driveway, and about halfway down, I think about going back to get my skates, but decide not to. When I get the road between the gate and logging road, a van comes roaring up behind me and the doors are open and I know bad men are inside who want to kidnap me. I am then glad that I hadn't gotten my skates, as I couldn't skate down the road faster than they could drive. Instead, I plunge off the side of the road, smash through some bushes, and race through the woods. I know the words perfectly, while my pursuers do not so I make it home safely and they don't find me.

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    2. Sleeping in my car - dream fragment

      , 06-20-2018 at 02:18 AM
      I dream that I'm in my car looking for a place to park and sleep in this town. Up and down the streets I go until I find someplace and pull over.

      The car is a toyota landcruiser troop carrier. I first sleep crossways and then lengthwise. Seemed very comfortable!
      dream fragment
    3. Log 1147 - Gods, Airport Rush, Gengineered Giants, Supermarket Awkwardness [...] Scraps

      by , 06-20-2018 at 02:09 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 19 June 2018

      Just scraps today.

      Scrap Group 1

      Speaking with mom and my brother, Jordan, about the Olympian gods.

      Wandering in an airport. Almost got late for a northbound flight.

      Watching a Hispanic thriller TV show. A secret government agency was in charge of stopping the experiments of a shadowy group of high-tech terrorists. The latest mission involved stopping the prototypes of homocidal giants, of which were sealed in vats. But, just as the agent on field was pulling the plug, the giants were released. These monsters looked just like the Griffins from Family Guy.

      At a supermarket parking lot. My brother, Gideon, and Bala (a friend's mom) was there. Some cringeworthy conversation took place. Later on, I start flying around. This unwittingly brought confusion with some traffic controllers in the area.

      In a buffet with family. I hurry to the serving counters to grab some pastries. Hoped there were still some left. Things warped. Frieza from Dragon Ball Z was an attendant, as were some of his henchmen. The tyrant loses his patience with an annoying patron. Unsurprisingly, he responded by trying to blow the whole place up. I slowly fly upwards, hoping no one would notice. But, a random grunt did indeed spot me, and blasted me away. Luckily, Goku arrived, and rescued me before the energy detonated.

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      dream fragment
    4. 384 Words--Store Troubles

      by , 06-19-2018 at 04:22 PM
      Dream 1: FSH Something about tar and plugging giant black Arduino pins into my Arduino board. FSH

      Dream 2:
      FSH I am in mom's room outside the bathroom door, and my desk is there too, and I am doing stuff on it on my laptop, maybe playing computer games? FSH

      Dream 3: I am inside a store and with mom and some others in the lotion section. I wander around, and the little girls say this other girl was mean to them, and I see her kicking Ceri. I then pass by the family of the mean girl and make up a rhyme, "little girls who are mean to other people, will fall off God's steeple", as well as a few more, but I forgot them. I am then in another section still by the family of the mean girl, and this man comes over, introduces himself, and shakes my hand. At the time, I think it is some sort of prank to try and annoy me for making up that rhyme. I then look around the corner and see that mom is already leaving the store, so i get on a cart and get it going fast and hop on. As I pass the checkout stand, I see the family of the mean girl but the man who shook my hand is not there, so I realize it wasn't a prank by them after all. Mom and the others are far across the parking lot, so I push the cart at a run and then hop on, and it keeps going all the way across the parking lot to the car, kind of like the carts in ​Janitors. I put my foot down and slow the car to a stop so I don't hit a black car behind the suburban. Then, for some reason, we have to go around the black car to get in, and there is this weird dirt path we have to walk on. Saxon meets us there and says he could smell the bees and the trashcan is open. We then get in the car, and I see that Saxon had tried to get on my Amazon Fire, and had done this weird blue, radio button, Bluetooth, thingy on it.

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    5. On a train with too many backpacks

      by , 06-18-2018 at 07:37 PM
      So I'm on this train. It's like an old western cowboy train..and I got all these backpacks..full of god knows what. For some reason they were important. The train stops and it is time for me to get off, it's in a big city in modern times...with a steam engine train..go figure..So I got like 12 backpacks and they are too heavy to carry, I get like 3 of them off the train before it starts moving. I'm hauling ass and throwing the backpacks out the windows.. then the train gets too far and I realize I just ditched all my backpacks in the city and homeless people think it's a U.N. supply air drop and they are stealing all my shit. Last thing I remember was screaming "Fuck! My backpacks!" Never knew what was even in them.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    6. Log 1144 - Shadow Trial and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 06-17-2018 at 01:35 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 16 June 2018

      Got two DILDs to note, plus some fragments.

      Scrap Group 1
      A clip from a sci-fi movie, I think? An experiment going horribly wrong?

      False awakening. I overheard the others up and about in the middle of the night. A few of them said highly unlikely things (namely, conversations about non-Hebrew deities). Although I identified as much, I was too tired to get anything done.

      Dream 1 - Shadow Trial

      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was entering a highschool. Reasoned there must've been some fundraiser event occurring inside. A noticeboard in front gave a curious indication of Eddie (from Guilty Gear) making an appearance, giving me all the more reason to proceed.

      I spent a good while floating through the hallways. Along the way, I passed by the lunchroom, where a massive queue had formed. Whatever was inside must've been good, though I wasn't up for keeping still. And yet, somehow, I stumbled into the food prep area. Seemed there was a good variety of baked goods. The workfolk got wary of my presence, so I hurried out.

      A while later, I ended up in a poorly lit open area in the upper floor (an empty storage room or attic, perhaps?). Got spontaneously lucid. So, from the shadows, I summoned Eddie, who first appeared in the likeness of Zato-1 (his host in the above-mentioned game) before taking his monstrous form. I wanted the creature to follow, only, he required my doing something for him first. Namely, that I endure a trial of survival. To start, the Forbidden Beast conjured a field of giant shadowy drills from the ground. Some lucky maneuvering let me avoid them all. After that, the hazards melted into black liquid. Wherever I turned, geysers erupted in sequence to bar my path. I rushed past these to higher ground.

      The dream collapsed soon after. Made a DEILD attemtpt, though I lost consciousness two minutes later.

      Dream 2 - Telekinetic Reprisal and Orange Metal Plated Vest

      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was in a condo suite during daytime, the place appearing well furnished and organized. On a desk in one of the corners was a decades old computer system. The tenants there, two retired women in casual wear, had hired me as an electronics repair man. These weren't kindly old ladies, but rather, a pair of overbearing bitter shrews, caustic sarcasm spewed out with little provocation. It wouldn't have been too terrible, had they not placed obstructive (if not impossible) mandates towards when, where, and how I worked. Any screwups (inevitable, given the conditions) were met with increasingly disparaging remarks ("I could do better than that" was common), and, I'm sure, pay cuts.

      Once at wit's end, I finally got aware. I promptly made my way out, thinking and blurting out that the above task wasn't at all fun. Woulda left things as it was, had not one of those hags made some smartass comment (don't remember, but it really got under my skin). In retaliation, I severed a few of their belongings with telekinesis, then used the same power to (harmlessly) hurl the two old bats at the ceiling.

      Next, I ran off to a nearby stairway. I shrunk myself to bug sized, and hid out for a while. Figured the women would call the cops, and indeed, I did hear commotion relating to such, though I never saw it. When the coast was clear, I (literally) climbed up the stairway. As I did, a woman and her daughter passed by. I kept behind the railing, and though the girl noticed, her attempts to convey as much were met with disbelief from her mother.

      After that, I walked through a balcony-hallway, my size concurrently restored to normal. There, I met up with various family members, of whom I identified mom, my brother Arthur, and nephew Hussein. The group commented about a man in a "metal plated orange vest", who they claimed was very dangerous. When asked, they indicated that he was just further down the balcony across us. I flew towards there, but got lost in thought. Things destabilized, and the dream collapsed.

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    7. 791 Words--Very Low Awearness Lucid

      by , 06-16-2018 at 03:14 PM
      Dream 1: I am in the big office building, where Dad is supposedly working. FSH However, I need to get to the Blazer, which is in the parking lot, but there are some bad people trying to get me. FSH I go towards an exit that is west, and get out of the door. I am now in the south west parking lot, and I suddenly have my skates on. I skate over to the other edge of the parking lot, and I can see the bad guys on the sidewalk on the office side of the road.

      I need to get past them, so I cross the road and go down the other sidewalk, hoping the dark night will help counteract the street lamp. However, as I zoom down the sidewalk, I can see I have been spotted. Then, as usual, when I am being chased, I am no longer able to skate very well, and I accidentally run onto the ground. I quickly dash behind a large tree, but now a gang of about 10 kids are surrounding me, and threatening to throw stones at me.

      One of them comes around the edge of the tree, so I spring into him, knocking him to the ground, and dash off. A few stones come whistling by, but I don't get hit. I am still having trouble skating properly, but am able to navigate the parking lot at about the speed of a run. The boys follow and as I skate by, I try to pick up on of the stones that was thrown at me, but it is somehow a giant stone now that is too heavy. I skate across the parking lot, heading around the corner into the front/north parking lot where the Blazer is. I cast a glance behind me and see about four boys following me, so I throw a stone at them, catching the middle boy right in the face.

      I then seem to be protecting a younger girl and boy who have appeared and lead them towards the Blazer. Then, we are at the Blazer, but Dad hasn't come out yet, so we are still locked out. Not wanting the boys to trash the Blazer, I tell the boy and girl that the white truck next to the Blazer is my car, and we just have to wait for Dad to come. Just then, the ringleader steps around the corner and tries to intimidate me, (the boy and girl are kind of out of the picture now), but I grab him around the throat and choke him.

      Just then, Dad appears, and I, no longer wearing my skates, drop the boy who lies motionless on the ground and get into the car. Then, we drive away, but can hear police sirens, and we pass a bunch of police cars and stuff with lights.

      Then we come to this police gate, but it is closed. Dad says how we are too close to the scene. I ask Dad if I will be in trouble for smashing one of the kid's face in with a rock, and he says I might. But, suddenly the scene shifts and we are driving down the road, having gotten through the police gate, and I am not in trouble.

      Dream 2: FSH I am tickling Ceri in the living room of strange house. She laughs lots, but then Mom comes by and tells me that I have to go do something. I tell her just a sec, and give Ceri one last tickle. FSH Canyon squirts me with water so I pick her up, and then hold her under the water spigot on the west side of the log house. FSH Canyon gets me wet again, so I get her wet under the spigot again. FSH Milena gets me wet, so I hold her under the spigot as well. However, I then briefly wonder, I am so wet, will I be wet when I wake up and get out of bed, because it has happened before. I then imagine getting out of bed soaking wet. However, it doesn't bloom into nice very aware lucidity, and a moment later I am firmly back in the dream, getting Milena wet under the spigot. FSH I am in the bathroom and Dad is leaning against the far wall. There is some strange space between the shower and the toilet where there are mops and other janitorial equipment. I ask Milena something about where something goes, but at first she doesn't hear me. FSH

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    8. Logs 1142 and 1143

      by , 06-16-2018 at 03:23 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Just a bunch of fragments and a brief DILD in between.

      Log 1142 - Flooded Ruins Simulation, Fleas, Demon Competition, Tiny DILD, New Jersey, Internet Jumble, and Mad Engineer Scraps
      Created Thursday 14 June 2018

      Scrap Group 1
      False awakening. I was floating in a flooded room within the ruins of an ancient stone structure. While trying to sleep again, a whirlpool began dragging me to the depths. I clung on to loose stones, and pulled myself back to the surface. Later, various other figures appeared. One man in particular claimed this was all a video game simulation of his making. He made note of various rules, down to even the amount of points a player could get for cannibalism.

      False awakening in bed. I'm all itchy. I find that I was infested with fleas, much to my frustration.

      At home in the dead of night. Two dark-grey skinned demons arrived, a male and female. They speak of a less-than-friendly competition between each other, something about helping as many people as possible within a span of time. I flew after one of them, though I'm not sure if I was following or pursuing them.

      At a restaurant with a lady. Got aware. I shrunk myself, which somehow got me on her shoulder. Some unlikely mishap resulted in my getting eaten by her. The dream collapsed.

      Riding around in New Jersey with family, passing through on our way further north. We decide to visit some relatives there, even if it was a bit of a detour. Had some trouble filling up gas?

      At home. Noticed the router was in the downstairs bedroom. What's more, a LAN line was connected directly to the computer there. None of this affected my own connection whatsoever.

      I was given first person perspective of a recently graduated engineer. It seemed his connections (especially his former professors) were unwilling to give a good word for him during his job searches. Driven to vengeful mania, he jimmies up some chemical bomb drones, which he sends out to assault and outright murder some of said professors (plus collateral). The madman then fled to the border, and hides out for the rest of his life in rural Mexico. Goddamn, son...

      Log 1143 - False Awakening and Supermarket Browsing and Fight Scraps
      Created Friday 15 June 2018

      Scrap Group 1
      False awakening in a different bedroom

      Shopping in a supermarket at night. There's an aisle for TTRPGs, which included new D&D material. One of said books had a mount-focused Paladin subclass, the summoned creature taking the form of a giant walking head. Furthermore, this feature allowed both rider and mount to become gargantuan sized. Later, in the parking lot, a ripped shirtless dude picks a fight with me. The match ends in a standstill. As a reward, the guy teaches me how to do a proper German Suplex, which he demonstrated first on a teddy bear, then (harmlessly) with some hapless kid.

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    9. 576 Words--Camping

      by , 06-15-2018 at 04:16 PM
      Dream 1:FSH I am camping with the others, but somehow needed to go back for something? FSH I arrived at the camping spot near dark, in a red truck. I then attach this little tent thing to the back of the truck, stuff a giant bean bag under, add my blanket, and tuck in. FSH

      Dream 1: I am camping with Dad, Slade, Wynd, and Milena. We have just arrived at our destination, a tropical like lake, high in the mountains. Milena wades into the shallow part of the lack, and picks up a rock, intending to throw it onto this giant, half-finished dam, but Dad yells at her to put it down. Then, we are all in wading in the water, and Dad wants us to pick up all the rocks and throw them out on the shore, but Wynd picks up a rock, zips over to the dam at supersonic speed, adds her rock to the dam, and is back. All us kids then decide that yes, we should help build the dam, not just throw them out to the side.

      Then, I am by Dad and I feel something by the back of my knee. What's on my leg, I ask? What's on my foot, Dad asks? Dad guesses it is a spider, so we hop out onto the bank and dad pulls a spider off him. I don't find a spider, though I do find several gnats flying around. I then spot a little 3 foot dock, and on the boards, is an eye.

      Even as I watch, another eye appears, and there is a small turtle like creature with giant eyes looking at me. It creeps me out and I want to smash it, but Dad says to check underneath it, in case it is really a giant animal I might make angry. He also tells me to make sure that the hole I make in the wood is covered. I select a somewhat heavy flat rock, and take it over to the eyeball animal. I stand up unto some cobwebs though, and hurriedly brush them off myself, realizing that this is a dangerous tropical place with bad things all over the place.

      Then I throw the rock at the eyeball animal as hard as I can, but it just bounces off. FSH I am have these cobwebs on me and slash at them to get free. FSH I run from the eyeball animal but it follows after me, now a kind of rabbit creature that is shooting a high-tech, gun with blue energy bullets. I run around the lake on this trail, and doge the energy beams.

      Around the corner, I go through some bushes to try and not get hit, though I know that I really should have been shot. Then, I am on the long stretch, and try to jump in the water to escape, but it is only a few inches deep. I then beg the animal thing not to hurt me, as I walk back towards the others, it shoots me with the gun on low, and I get these red bump things all over my back. The others are drinking orange juice, and sitting in camping chairs and I flop into the dust on their feet, a little hurt, but alive.

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    10. 375 Words--Second FA Ever!

      by , 06-14-2018 at 03:25 PM
      Dream 1: FSH Something about the lettering on the LCD screen of my LDA being are garbled and messed up so that it didn't work. FSH

      Dream 2:
      (Continued through other dreams) I am fighting a lot, and for like hours I just fight, though there is other stuff mixed in with other people. FSH But I remember the whole fight was tainted by Janitors, and some of the people in the book were there, especially Daisy. There was too much action for me to remember what happened, and the only part I remember clearly, is being at the tip top of a snowy mountain and this agent guy reading a list out of stuff we have to pay for cuz we bought or trashed during the giant fight. I read the first three lines and remembered they said: Alaska, AK-198, Grandpa is a doctor and you shouldn't be having these hospital bills.

      Dream 3: RBFA There are all these people sitting on bleachers and I feel that something is wrong, so I get up and walk over to this machine that looks kinda like my 3D Printer, but checks how much trash you are. I looked at the readings, and I was like 98% trash, so I ran to a machine at the other end which checked how trustable you are and it started to go, the bar filled up about 68% and had a list of how many wolves trusted me, and finished up, I think I was like 68 or 88 percent trustable. I knew then that there was something wrong, so I ran and got First Officer Riker and we went to the machine area which was right outside a bathroom. We went into the bathroom, and looked for a hole or something not right. Riker went to the end wall and I saw some funny bricks I thought might be it, but was distracted when Ricker started swinging back and forth on this metal sheet that was attached to the wall. I then realized he must have fond the hole, and my vision zoomed in onto a small hill, and then I awoke.

      Dream 4: RBFA FSH I had an FA about writing my dreams I think. FSH

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    11. Log 1141 - Disappointing Crossover and New Settlement Scraps

      by , 06-14-2018 at 02:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 13 June 2018

      Just got two fragments today.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching TV. There was a DC animated show on screen. This turned out to be a crossover with a disappointing work of media.

      Driving around a semi-rural highway during late dusk. Several unknown companions (made up for the sake of the dream, I'm sure) were there. We stopped to build a new settlement for our own.
      dream fragment
    12. 12 Words--My First FA

      by , 06-13-2018 at 05:52 PM
      Dream 1: I wake up FSH Canyon's document files are deleted FSH.

      I woke up 2.4 hours after bed as usual, wacked my LDAC to stop the alarm, and then lay in bed recalling my dream. I then, had and FA about getting up and writing down my dream, because when I woke up in the morning, I saw my notebooks was blank! Unfortunately, I forgot what I wrote down, but was still very surprised not to see my notes from last night. From now on, I need to always do an RC when I write my dreams down.

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    13. 611 Words--Continued Great Recall

      by , 06-12-2018 at 03:42 PM
      Dream 1: I am in M&D's room in the log house, and Slade and I are rough housing, FSH he chases me into the bathroom, and when I try to escape, I accidentally hit him hard in the face with a board or something. He stops moving and I say I am sorry, but I know he will want to punch me or something, so I run. I follows me but slowly. I come to the garage where Wynd is sweeping, and decided to hide outside. I go down the path Slade made through the giant thorn bushes, but I have trouble going quickly, and Slade catches up.

      Knowing I won't be able to run fast enough to escape him, I dive into the bushes and try to worm through them, but he catches me. FSH Slade and I are at this tree near the end of his trail, and we watch as about 15 wolf cubs play around us. I see some wolf cubs compressed to the size of a mouse, flattened against the bottom of the tree's trunk. When I investigate, all but two expand to the size of a wolf and run away. I really want to kick one of the mice/wolf cubs, and ask Slade if I should. FSH I end up kicking the higher up one, and I runs of growling/squealing.

      Suddenly, I seem to realize that one doesn't normally be around wolf especially cubs who have parents. I get afraid and tell everyone they should go back, but no one does, so I walk back on the trail to the house alone. Near the other end of it, I meet Wynd, and tell her how I kicked the mouse/wolf cub, and we look back and see the whole pack of wolves turn like horses and go running down the meadow. Then I go inside and make sure all the doors and windows are locked. FSH

      Dream 2: I am in the living room of the Colorado house, and all the kids are there, and Mom & Dad are lecturing us. I have a stomach ache? I am weary of the talk, and walk downstairs as if to go to the bathroom, but instead go outside, through the garage, following Ceri with the intent to help her our here. First I pick up the trashcan, which had fallen over, and put it inside the garage. Then Ceri comes in and asks why I put the trashcan in the garage, and I realize it isn't supposed to be there, so I take it back outside, noticing that I have skates on, and pick up stuff and put it in it.

      FSH Dad come out with some other kids to help clean up. I know he wants to do something with a big piece of cardboard that has some blue glue bits on it (from when Dad and I in real life fixed a broken piece of PVC pipe in the sprinkler system). So I pull the stuff off the top of the cardboard, just before Dad asks me to. Then, he tells me how he is thinking about mopping up a giant paint mess with the cardboard, but then decides to use some special vacuum thing, which I don't' like.

      Dream 3: OTTOTT FSH Something about skating around the church parking lot.

      Dream 4: FSH Something about waking up, perhaps on a bench, and dejavu.

      Dream 5: FSH Something about not being able to see very well because I don't have my contacts in.

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    14. Almost Lucid.

      by , 06-12-2018 at 02:12 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      I was walking in a town like the one I grew up in which is chilliwack b.c. I discovered gravity was light and I began flapping my arms. I went up and down a street towards downtown. When I was nearing downtown everything became cartoonish. Suddenly I was flying inside a very large building. It was like downtown outside became inside?

      Happy Birthday Jamie

      Had a dream I ran into her but she was all different. At first she was asking me a real absurd favour... Can't remember what it was. But I had a strong "no," reaction and she dropped it. I then asked if it was her birthday today (June 11)? And she said she was trying to distance herself from her birthday and she no longer identified with it? At first I thought she was joking but she seemed pretty serious about it. LOL
      Tags: flying, jamie
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    15. 320 Words--War! Again!

      by , 06-11-2018 at 03:33 PM
      Dream 1: /(1:48 am) FSH Sitting on a bench with another guy, having a contest for waking up and remembering your dream. FSH I think that I win, but also sense some dejavu like it has happened lots before. Also remembered something hazy about an earlier part with Jen FSH, obviously induced by the book, Janitors I was reading last night. I think the first scene might have been my body wanting me to get up cuz it had been 2.4 hours.

      Dream 2: RBFA-3 FSH I am taking notes on Janitor stuff. FSH

      Dream 3: I am with some people, maybe Saxon and Milena, and we are on one side in a war. There was this guy who was supposed to be in a cabin, but something Saxon and Milena did made him leave, though he still wanted to help our side. FSH We see that he soldered some flags with ducks on the end to the sidewalk around hte house in the woods, and I am tempted to stop and unsolder them for all the soldering metal he used. We continued on around, and I see my bike with the flashlight and GPS still on it and I think I had parked it there in another dream, except now I am on the wrong side of the fence.

      There's only one more spot the guy could be in the tall grass and that's were we find him. Except he is kind of like a rabbit. So that I can get my bike, we then go the fence, which's horizontal wires are alternated with posts. I stand on a post and the rabbit guy does some pump maneuver that raises me up and I get to the top with no trouble. There is also something around here where Milena says how children shouldn't be doing this, but I ignore her.

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