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    1. April 10th, 2024 8:?? pm (NSFW)

      by , 04-10-2024 at 07:54 PM
      A beat making channel I watch on YouTube was in a city around Central / South America to meet up with a friend there for a beat video. The friend's girlfriend mysteriously disappeared and they did a video on YouTube where they friend dates another girl in order to find out where she disappeared off to and they go to this sauna that is in a weird beige, backrooms-esque setting. The friend appears to be possessed by something and walks off with his girlfriend in the furthest room in the back. We then notice all guys and girls in the spa wearing their swim suits grab their towel and follow them in the room.

      As we enter the big room in the back, everyone is kneeling on the floor as the friend is laying on a massage chair, getting his privates licked by his missing girlfriend and the date.
      The beatmaker's beat start playing in the background and surprise, unbeknownst what's happening until he enters the room in silence, looks at me, who has the role of camera man. The guy who owns the spa asks what the hell is going on, ignoring the situation in the room and referring to the beat playing instead. Before any response, goes back to watching football in his office next to the room. The beatmaker, completely in shock runs out of the building as I follow him, initially outrunning the beatmaker and running out of the dark night street before noticing the beatmaker across the street by the subway entrance, signaling to follow me. I run across the street after him, as we enter the subway station, the metro drives off, leaving us behind. We sit by the platform as I say "At least that creepy owner didn't follow us" as we look at the apartment buildings across the platform and notice a guy looking exactly like the owner entering his balcony, telling us to quiet down. We then turn around to the TV screen behind is on the station looking at a news report where they're looking for a suspect who looks like the owner, reported by a newsreader who too looks like that owner.

      I then woke up from my nap.

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    2. Night of Sunday 4/7/24 (Comp Night 10)

      by , 04-10-2024 at 04:27 AM (Dreamlog)
      I have a vague recollection of a chase sequence. It may have been on an expressway.
      Similar to the battle scene in the second Matrix movie.
      dream fragment
    3. Voices

      by , 04-09-2024 at 04:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I had a strange coincidence I forgot to add concerning the Jamie voice. Well I Don't know if Jamie has come to know Jesus as saviour yet, or if she understands the gospel. (I have a strong suspicion she does read my DJ on here since I stopped seeing her drive by me after I called her out on it on this Dj) So... I was out having a smoke late one night and her voice popped in my head, " We're born again Christians!" Her voice said boastfully Right after I heard that I looked into the sky and saw a shooting star. Always nice to get a wink from the old man upstairs!

      No title

      I was in a large parking lot during the day and sitting on a large bench or divider with Jamie. She had red hair like a ginger. I must have looked different as well because she didn't recognize me. I also didn't know who she was. But she seemed familiar. She was telling me about a guy she knows, hasn't talked to him for years, but she keeps hearing his voice in her head, and also other strange things happen concerning him. I mentioned to Jamie that it sounds like a soul tie. Jamie seemed mad at that statement and stormed off.

      I got up and went my way Some guy went past me on a hover board and was also drinking a blue juice. I realized I was in a Fortnite dream. Well that explains us not looking like ourselves... I was gonna shoot at him but he didn't notice me. I decided to just go on my way.

      Regarding soul ties. Popular Christian theories state soul ties are created from sex, . The Bible says sex creates a bond. Everyone you sleep with you give them a piece of your soul and you get a piece of theirs, including generational curses and demon possession. Well... Me and Jamie never did the deed. However I believe us having a strong emotional bond created it. Or possibly a sex dream, which I do remember one from that era. One giveaway that it could have been shared was how she went silent on me for an entire week. I noticed after we would hang out she would freeze me out for days as if in reaction to the emotional intensity of spending time with me. After that dream ( wether she dreamed it as well or somehow read it on my dj) and the way she went quiet for so long, I'm positive she was aware of that dream.

      Regarding voices again. Her voice seemed to reflect her feelings from the dream. In my head she said it seemed like I'm too good to be true. To that I say the only way to know for sure is to talk with me in person, or messenger ( god forbid), or through DV, and we can compare notes on all this crazy stuff. The worst that could happen is I might give her a big hug if she asks me.
    4. Fragments-Night of 4/5/2024

      by , 04-07-2024 at 12:50 AM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Mind conditioning- a real lucid dreaming pill?-screenshot_20240406_184423_samsung-health.jpg Mind conditioning- a real lucid dreaming pill?-screenshot_20240406_184428_samsung-health.jpg

      Sleep was good but I still feel a bit tired from the poor sleep from before, didn't attempt lucid dreaming for sake of sleep.
      My problem is I know how to get lucid but the way I get lucid needs to be refined.

      *This was a very long dream, all I can remember was seeing a toilet full of poop. :/*

      My ring and middle fingers were stuck together and they got separated somehow. From where they met there was now a red fleshy area left over, I could see three mirrored splinters on each finger.
      *a lot of stuff happened that I can't remember.*
      My injured fingers began glowing with blue sparkles as I walked in a dark area.

      I was playing an online game with C and B. We were under attack non-stop by a cross-dimensional bug, it was way too strong for us to be fighting at the level we were at, it would send us to different areas of the game we couldn't handle and eventually we all died. We decided to start a new game, but we had concerns about the bug. "Don't worry we won't be seeing it again" C said. Confused by his answer I asked him how he knew. "The bug was because I forgot to change my armor, last week there was a contest to see who could die in the stupidest way." he takes his satanic helmet off, it was contrasting his priest outfit.
      *the contrasting armor set was an easter egg that spawned the bug.*
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    5. More demons.

      by , 04-05-2024 at 12:55 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      well, After that great stretch of Jamie dreams she seemingly turned on me again. But, I know better, just the usual obvious dream demon attacks. This time the culprit may have been in the gift box in the dream (Seemingly from Asuks.) I had to ask for Raven's help again, really she's doing The Lord's work. bless her.


      I was in some apartment building with some guy and Jamie. Jamie was being distant. Came to this construction area in a stairwell or something. She started talking to some older than me guy, but wasn't talking to me. Gave her the benefit of the doubt and walked of with the other guy. We went to his apartment and I forget what happened. Then we looked for Jamie because it was time to leave. Found her in the stairwell talking to that guy again. She made herself look like an older woman - more to the guys age. Me and the guy just stood there watching her and we had a short conversation about it. He said something like, "It looks like she's being real tender with him."

      Woke up and said to the Jamie voice, "Jamie, Your cheating on me in the dreams again, better pray about it or something." and I heard (in my head), her praying about it. Too funny. Do I qualify for anti psychotics yet?


      Jamie was talking to me in that arrogant and superior voice again. She said something really odd like, "before we can talk, you have to have sex with me." and I was shown an image of us doing it, but the visual was like in those anatomy books. That made it look kind of gross. The logic of that statement though... how do you have sex with someone without talking about it first? As a guy who won't even hug or hold hands with a girl without verbal consent, gl with that.

      Next night. Asked for raven's help but seemingly no effect. Had a rough time trying to sleep. Had one dream, still not good.


      Jamie is something like an ancient goddess. Has the old fancy dress. She's by an Egyptian pyramid with a writing clay tablet. And she's inscribing stuff in cuneiform. She's seated at a booth. Apparently it's a kissing booth, with thousands of men lined up for a kiss from Jamie. They give her old style coins and she marks it down on the tablet.

      Last night.


      I'm by Jamie's house, which in dreams seems to be consistenly a farmhouse area. I'm walking with some guy with glowing eyes, he has hair down to his chin and his face is similar to that actor who played "Jacob," The island protector in LOST (Also he played the drug addict ex boyfriend to Rita in Dexter, and also "Lucifer," in Supernatural). I know it's Raven's dream boyfriend or something. We are looking around at the scenery and he says, "It's nice isn't it."

      Flash two

      I'm walking with Raven through a rip in the fabric of a dream. On the other side is a nice grassy area Raven is lying a woman down on the grass who seems to be asleep or delirious. It's Jamie. That's all I remember.
    6. Spring Competition 2024 Night 5

      by , 04-03-2024 at 05:39 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Spring Competition 2024 Night 5 (DILD) 04.01.2024

      I am in a lucid dream where I am at some sort of amusement park and there is a bad lady mind controlling the workers. I go and use mind control to free some workers minds and then we spread out to free the other workers. It changes from an amusement park into a convenience store.

      After that I laid in bed for like an hour which is why I remember so few details of the lucid.
    7. Night of Tuesday 4/2/24 (Comp Night 5)

      by , 04-03-2024 at 04:53 PM (Dreamlog)
      Something about a bully.

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      dream fragment
    8. Weight lifter/brief lucid-night of 4/1/2024

      by , 04-02-2024 at 11:55 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Color Code


      nub-screenshot_20240402_055129_samsung-health.jpg nub-screenshot_20240402_055123_samsung-health.jpg
      -woke up at 1:20am
      -poor sleep, way too excited about lucid dreaming to fall back to sleep on time.
      -fell back asleep around 5am woke around 5:40am

      I was trying to pee at a urinal when someone walks right up the urinal next to mine and starts peeing, mind you this is a very small restroom and there's no dividers. After a few seconds of awkwardly standing there, I start to pee as-well.

      I see three brothers, one skinny, one skinnier, and one skinniest.
      Skinny pats skinnier on the back and says "I'm skinny all thanks to my bro!" Skinnier says the same thing to Skinniest and pats him on the back too.

      Weight Lifter
      There's a large exercise room where there's probably around 25 women and they just got done with an intense exercise. One of the women who completed the exercise no problem was approached by a slightly chubbier women who was struggling a bit. "You had such as easy time, you've been lifting since you were ten right?" The chubbier women asks. "You have no idea how hard it was! You've never tripped!" the fit women says as a cut scene plays showing her as a child tripping.
      *I think to myself, what does that have to do with anything?*

      Smooth Lucid *It's around 5:30am*
      I hear faint smooth jazz playing, I'm floating in a void, I'm lucid.
      Everything is black but attempting to control the music proves fruitful. I'm in full control of it, it's hard to explain but, I feel like I'm in total control of every beat of the drum, the saxophone, lyrics, guitar and other melodical instruments. It kind of sounded like smooth operator. I'm the most relaxed I've ever felt before, I wish I could float here forever. I spend about 2-5 minutes playing with the music and lyrics, which I can't remember because it was highly improvisational. I get a bit exited and start adding energy to the music, I decide it's time to start tunneling,
      *Tunneling is what I like to do to transition out of lingering voids, it involves me flying forward as fast as I can while imagining traveling through a worm hole to an unspecified location, I let my brain come up with where I end up*.
      I can feel my body accelerating extremely fast as lines begin to shoot past my vision.


      Suddenly I hear a cat meowing, It's Arthur begging for food. As I'm going down the tunnel I become aware of my body lying in bed and wake up.

      Note: I stopped letting my cats sleep with me and Arthur, the big baby, meows under the door constantly. Maybe that's why I had a hard time falling asleep. Time to wear ear plugs!

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    9. Punks on the Bus

      by , 04-02-2024 at 05:38 AM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Fragment 1:
      I found myself on one of the new light rail trains, perhaps by mistake. It felt like a spaceship.

      Fragment 2:
      I was in my fiance's room and got surprised by the presence of the vocalist of Love Spiral, a screamo band from Oakland. We talked about various things and overall it was a good time. I believe someone else was there too.

      Fragment 3:
      I was in San Francisco trying to head back to my hotel on a bus. A black haired girl in baggy clothing was telling me about something starting that she's organizing where here and a bunch of other people are going to be tagging everywhere they can find throughout the city. We look out the window and she says "oh huh, looks like it's already started". Somehow I end up talking about COVID safety and one lady with blonde hair and a blue shirt and dress is upset about mask restrictions, saying that the pandemic is over. I get extremely argumentive to start with but then dial it back and talk about a friend of mine who has long covid and can't walk. Her mind appeared to have been changed. A friend of the other girl was acting quite rowdy and a Wikipedia page plays in my head about how she's the drummer of the band that the other girl is in, and that they're known for being this wild on the bus. I get off at a stop closer to the protesters with the black haired girl and she gets in her car to drive the rest of the way while I walk. San Francisco looks quite a bit more suburban and expansive in the dream, as if it isn't on a peninsula.

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    10. recall down

      by , 04-01-2024 at 10:12 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Last night and two nights ago I didn't remember anything... Did have one night full of dreams though.

      Trying to sleep

      Kept having False awakenings in what appeared to be a living room right by a kitchen like the one house I lived in in Lethbridge. I walked by a girl sleeping on a couch. I went to the other couch to go to sleep. I started having sleep paralysis, I remembered something like trying to spin vibrations really fast so I could enter a lucid dream (Not realizing I was already dreaming.) . FA, I'm on the couch but the girl in the room is playing loud music. FA, again and the girl is asleep I forget what happened after.


      I was in a living room during the daytime and a small little box floated right past me. I was curious, so I grabbed it in mid ar. I opened it and two small toys wrapped in some paper fell out. Someone (Maybe Asuka) instructed me to put everything back inside. They kept handing me papers and chocolates.

      Next part of the dream I knock on Jamie's door. She comes out and I give her the box. She smiles and seems happy. I'm just watching her pull everything out from the box.


      Flash of me and Jamie on a bed. She is holding me tightly and she's on top of me. We are both clothed though, We are looking into eachother's eyes and getting lost in them and smiling. I really feel like she loves me in that moment.


      I'm on a farm and trying to leave. A couple dogs keep following me around, and barking loudly. A young girl comes out of one of the barns and takes the dog away.


      Just a flash last night of a girl crawling in a strange way down a hallway...
    11. Spring Competition 2024

      by , 04-01-2024 at 07:42 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Night 3

      Fragment 1:

      Ö/Thereís something about a game thatís taking place that look like football-soccer although with different rules. Thereís no ball. Iím not sure if Iím taking part of it or just expecting on the side. Iím immerse into collecting stuff or looking for it. Thereís something about a shaving foam bottle/Ö

      I shortly wake up to dictate the notes to the voice recorder. I pressed pause for short periods as I try to recall more details. The last pause was too long and I was already falling asleep. I had to look for the recorder that got lost between the blankets. After that one last note I went back to sleep while trying to remember more details of the previous dream


      NL fragments:

      Ö/Iím setting up a game board. Now the soccer-like game looks more like a game board and the players now are only action figures. Now I see thereís stuff arranged on different points of the field. Thereís some military vehicles as well. Some of the players sit in an office on one side of the board like it was a special feature/Ö

      Ö/I see R working around with his writing board on his hand. The place is gray and he moves slow. I feel uncomfortable seeing his expression. He acts like something is not right and goes somewhere else. Heís wearing a pale light brown pullover/Ö

      I was about to ignore this detail because of R is a recurrent DC that shows up every now and then at my dream work place

      Ö/I see the shadows of trees falling down against the sunlight. Itís like a machine is cutting them down while I move along the highway. Iím heading to the sunset with the sun slightly to the right side of the horizon/Ö

      Ö/There's something about meeting a girl Iím just looking for/Ö
    12. Night of Sunday 3/31/24 (Comp Night 3)

      by , 04-01-2024 at 05:48 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm intimate with a woman with long curly black hair.
      I false awake into my bed and see the bedroom door slowly creek open.
      A little girl who looks straight out of a horror movie quietly slides into the room.
      She approaches the bed. Her mouth isn't moving but I hear crying.

      My girlfriend wakes me up. The crying I heard was my mouth making noise through sleep paralysis.

      North Korea:
      I’m driving with my brother on an expressway.
      I miss a turn and he starts to berate me.
      I get upset and leave the car.
      I'm in a sort of parking structure.
      I have some basketball gear and am now looking for somewhere to change into my shorts.
      I see a security woman and she approaches me.
      She tells me I shouldn't be here, but I communicate that I'm looking for the Basketball room.
      She begrudgingly lets me go, and directs me to an elevator off to the left. It’s a big furniture-moving elevator.
      I get in the elevator, and notice there are a bunch of Asian-looking teens.
      When the elevator gets to the bottom, off to the side, there is an exit for a “breast reduction center”.
      The main entrance up ahead though, is into a hotel with red carpeting. It seems like a lobby.
      The teens are speaking another language and are interested in me, getting all up in my face to the point where I am worried for my safety.
      I realize that I am in North Korea.
      We exit the elevator together, and I start trying to communicate.
      I bounce the basketball, hoping that we could play a game and maybe form a bond of sorts.
      The ball bounces far too high (but I accept this).
      The teens seem friendly. I go to grab my phone and try to find a translator, but all I can find is text to text translation.

      North Korea is Best Korea.

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    13. Spring Competition 2024

      by , 03-31-2024 at 10:50 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Night 2


      Ö/weíre sitting on the table, possibly having dinner or some. Itís night and itís a very narrow place. The table looks like theirs but smaller. Iím sitting in front of J, E sits to her right. Iím telling some story about somebody else who I think itís J. I get confused because if that personís name was J. I donít remember whatís Jís name then. Itís an embarrassing situation. I feel very confused/Ö


      NL fragments

      Ö/itís a known dreamscape inside a sort of school. To this side, the rooms are connected to each other with a door on the corner. Every room has only two doors except for the last one that has only one. Itís more than five rooms in a row. We get to the last one with a group of friends from school. I see JG, W and O among others. Weíre sitting on the places. The classroom is dark. Somebody comes to tell us we must leave for some reason. Possibly the same reparations that are taking place at home in WL. Maybe itís was just the time to close the school because itís late. Not sure about it. This dreamland has a lot of branches around and inside this school. Everybody starts picking their jackets hanging on the chairs and stuff put all around. We are in a hurry/Ö

      Ö/weíre traveling around the city like we were on a roller coaster. We make a big open turn to the left. I start talking using a friendís particular voice accent, making fun of it. I realize I donít know much about him since long ago. I turn to my right to ask E what happened with CH. He clarifies CH has gone to sleep. He couldnít go along with his illnesses, operations and stuff. I get uncomfortable knowing many people from that time of my life is gone. It feels weird to know heís gone/Ö

      Ö/the same works that are taking place at my place in WL and get more complicated. I see one of the guys carrying a Tupperware that I specially interacted with the day before, filled with electronics or some similar stuff/Ö

      There were some other details of this last fragment that I was recalling before I noticed I wasnít using the voice recorder. Lost them :/
    14. Night of Saturday 3/30/24 (Comp Night 2)

      by , 03-31-2024 at 09:27 PM (Dreamlog)
      Iím staying somewhere in a swamp-like area. Like a hotel.
      There is a patio type spot with a bed so low to the ground that it is nearly level to the water.
      I tell my girlfriend that we should have stayed in this room, but I know she wouldn't have wanted to deal with the water.

      Swampland Hotel.

      Firelord Putin:
      Two Fire Nation brothers are coming towards me, leaping over tall buildings to get to me.
      They want me to come see something.
      They've invented something to find the Avatar.
      Itís a big ATM-like machine. It beeps and boops and makes a confirmation sound, printing out a receipt.
      Then another group of guys appears and questions what we are doing. We try to keep the info secret, but they know.
      The Fire Lord and Zuko are giving a speech to the Fire Nation on a stage in front of a large crowd.
      Iím in a large group including people from every nation. Tenzin from Legend of Korra is part of it.
      The Fire Lord is talking about loyalty and exceptional individuals.
      My group slowly sidles onto the stage and fills in behind the Fire Lord, catching him off guard.
      I notice the Avatar is with us too.
      When we come into the crowdís view, the speech stops abruptly.
      The adults are sent off to a room with the Fire Lord to discuss a treaty.
      Iím now back in a regular hotel room, with J from high-school. I notice she has a small mustache.
      We are sharing a bed, but more like a field trip way than a romantic one.
      I start to unpack and setup the bed. There are about six people in the room.
      Some of the group returns from the war room, and the situation has instead changed into us being the United Nations, and the Fire Lord being Vladimir Putin.
      Somebody is telling us how the UN was grilling him about things like Area 51 and similar, and how he danced around the questions.

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    15. many scenes/fragments_night of 3/30/2024

      by , 03-31-2024 at 03:15 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      Ambulance brain fart
      I was with two people, and they were my friends, I can't remember who they were. One of them got severely injured and we called for an ambulance. Sitting in our vehicle waiting I realized that we were in an ambulance and could just take him to the hospital ourselves. Our injured friend was now in a bucket, and we took him around to the back of the ambulance to see if we could treat him there or something. I had no idea what we were looking at as the ambulance we called for arrived. "How are we going to explain this..."

      Mom and Dad's pistachios and debt
      *This was a scene from a longer dream and before this point I remember eating some pistachios from an enormous bag*

      Walking down the hallway to the kitchen for some more pistachios I notice a bag of Stacy's salt (This is a recurring imaginary product from Stacy's pita chips) I turn it around and see they used shitake mushrooms. "yuck" I put it back down, continuing to walk to the kitchen.

      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-stacyssalt.jpg

      As I arrive in the kitchen I find the pistachios, but there's even more gigantic bags of them and they're a different flavor than the ones I was eating before.

      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-bigbags2.jpg

      Instead of eating them I started thinking about how expensive this must be.
      A cut scene of my mom and dad's bank statements and purchase history started to play. There was a narrator explaining that the reason they were spending so much is because they were going to die soon.

      I started wondering how credit card companies deal with this.

      Dark YouTube video
      I remember seeing many thumbnails of a man wearing a plague doctors mask, I clicked on one of his videos to watch.
      The Youtuber started to explain how he captured another Youtuber, the scene cuts to him and the other Youtuber fighting, the plague doctor guy bashes the other guy in the head, knocking him out.
      It cuts back to the plague doctor guy and I can now see the other youtuber in the video, suddenly I'm in a first person perspective of the plague doctor guy and I can see him wondering his house looking for a container large enough to hold some type of chemical to dissolve the other Youtuber.
      "This is insane, how is this on Youtube." I think
      Most of the containers he found are too small or have holes on the bottom of them. He grabs a small container with the intent to dissolve the other youtubers body parts one by one.
      "This is torcher, just kill him!" I think as the dream ends.

      *The guy I was dreaming about was probably PlagueDocPlays, he does skits where he pretends to be a serial killer sometimes*

      *I'm going to bed with the intent to watch a YouTube video in a lucid dream, but it seems to be leaking into my regular dreams. This wasn't too disturbing to me, but this was the first time I had a dream that dark.*

      Nether escape
      *This is also just a scene from a larger dream, before this point I remember going to the nether and building across a large lava lake.*
      I was travelling around the nether with a friend when suddenly we began to levitate.
      "There's no way we can make it back to the portal!" my friend said floating to the ceiling of the small cave we were in. I hit the ceiling soon after, I was trying to brainstorm how to get across when it hit me, I could grab the floor and crawl my way down to the bridge I made earlier, and if I can get below the bridge I can use it to stop me from floating all the way up and travel across.
      "That will never work!" a disembodied voice shouted, it wasn't from my friend, but it was a third person from outside the game."
      Unbothered I continue with the plan and make it all the way down to the bridge I made. I destroy a few blocks, clearing the pathway to the bottom of the bridge when suddenly many of the blocks I'm standing on turn into entities, much like an activated TNT block, allowing lava to flow into them. "I have to hurry." I begin floating under the bridge as fast as I can, it now looks like I'm in a long hallway, lava is to my left and right getting ready to flow but I don't hesitate and continue onward. I see the end of the hallway and there's a water elevator, I get inside the elevator and when I look up the water looks super realistic compared to the blocks, it forms a whirlpool, and it pulls me all the way back up.

      *This is a water elevator*
      Who wrote on the toilet walls?-elevator.jpg

      I make it to the top and I'm now in control of the levitation. "I knew it would work" I was telling my friend who was Infront of me now. I began flying up and down in a circle to show off and landed straight on my neck, I was okay and started doing better circles.

      Note: It seems that Minecraft is taking over my dreams, maybe it's because I'm writing about them.
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