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    1. Dream - Crazy Christmas Party

      by , Today at 11:19 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 15 JAN - 2019

      Dream No. 527 - Crazy Christmas Party

      I don’t remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, the dream seemed to start of with some sort of episode re-jig of the Scooby Doo series. All the characters were slightly distorted in some way; what was interesting was that Shaggy had somewhat resembled 18-Volt. I can’t remember what exactly happened in this scene.

      In the next scene, I was at my house and my mum and I were talking about how one of our family friends and his wife had invited us to a Christmas party at Apollo Bay. I was commenting about how his parties were always crazy and how something would always go wrong. The dream had actually made it so I was sick and had a phlegmy throat but I was glad to have it this time as I didn’t want to sing; because whenever I tried to sing, EW would try and sabotage my performance in some way (this would even happen in real life).

      Then dream then showed a projected electronic map of the area and all the dots on it represented people. There were a lot of yellow dots and a few green dots. There was mention that Dreamy WB had assigned some dream guides to attend the party, acting as safety officers; their main job was to mark a roll of the people that were allocated to them. There were three dream guides and they were 18-Volt, Murray and some random girl with blonde hair.

      I was now in some unknown area by myself, in this massive line. Apparently this was the line to be processed onto one of the dream guide’s rolls. A short, plumpish middle-aged lady with short brown hair had a device on her, in which the dream guide’s name would show up on the screen when you were successfully processed. I was very close to the front of the line when I had noticed my friend JO a few slots back. I called over for her desperately to come over to me as I wanted her to save her the trouble of waiting further in the queue. I told her that I would ask for both our names to be placed in one slot and that I would ask for us to be put with 18-Volt.

      JO accepted and so she left the line. When I was finally up to the lady, I told her every little detail and noticed that 18-Volt’s name had come up in green on the screen, so the combined process was successful. Previously, I was observing that anyone who was with Murray would have Murray’s name on the screen in red and the female guide had her name in yellow. So now I understood what the dots on the map in the previous scene had represented. At one point in the line, I saw my friend CF and JO’ friend RW, so I was hoping they’d get 18-Volt too.

      For the next scene, I found myself to be on a bus that was driving up the bendy hill near my old house. I was sitting next to a boy/young man, whom I don’t know in real life; I’ve forgotten his identity. We seemed to be talking with each other a lot, meaning that we seemed to be good friends in this dream, he also seemed to be down to Earth and very insightful at times. For the time being, I confidently anticipated that the bus was going to Apollo Bay.

      We had apparently been travelling for 4 hours we still weren’t their. I thought this was strange as it would usually take 2 and a half hours to get to, so something was definitely wrong. We were travelling down some windy road in a thick dense forest and some of the scenery included random railway tracks with with a series of these rusty pillars beside it. I spoke with the boy, asking him if he thought we were going on an endless trip to nowhere and he agreed. We both confirmed that something had to be done.

      I ended up sticking my head out the window and calling for 18-Volt. When we got into a denser, thicker part of the forest, the bus seemed to slow down and 18-Volt got on. He had a bit of a different appearance in this dream. His physical features were as if they were from the Warioware Twisted concept art but his colour palette was based on the cutscenes of Game and Wario; his jacket being a lime/wasabi colour rather than Warioware Gold’s capsicum colour; his hair was more of a cool-brown rather than a warm-brown. Also, his skin seemed to have somewhat of a realistic texture. He seemed to have more of a stern disposition in this dream but his genuine concern and kindness was still there.

      He walked down the aisle of the bus and stopped beside where I was sitting. He looked at me to ask me what was wrong and so I only just began telling him. I was in a window seat, so the boy moved to let me out and I was going to find somewhere so 18-Volt and I could sit together. When I found somewhere, 18-Volt let me in first so I could have the window seat and then he got in the seat next to me. I see JO a few seats down, sitting by herself, and so I signalled to her that I was just here with 18-Volt, she made a gesture in acceptance.

      In a more serious tone, he asked me what was wrong but at the same time, I could see the look of genuine concern he had, also putting his hand loosely on my back. I told him that the bus seems to be travelling into the middle of nowhere and asked him if he could take us to Apollo Bay. Just by energy, I could feel that 18-Volt was getting ready to act but just as that was about to happen, I woke up.

      Dream No. 527
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Dream - Elevator Panic & Looking For A Plush Toy

      by , Today at 06:01 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 13 JAN - 2019

      Dream No. 525 - Separated Sections

      Dream 525 A - Elevator Panic

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, the dream took place in an unknown park. Although this was an outdoor area, with nothing industrial in sight, my mum threatened that she was going to take me into an elevator and I became really uneasy about this. In-fact, I actually started to panic and fluster about everywhere, quietly hoping that this wasn’t going to be the case. It seemed like it was definitely going to happen… I was doomed.

      Just then, Dreamy WB appeared out of nowhere, with all these bed covers in her hands. She walked up to me and threw them over me, not just one, but a multitude of quilts, burying me under them so that I was now in some sort of burrow. I knew what Dreamy WB was doing; she threw the quilts over so I couldn’t see my surroundings, she was also trying to make it so I wouldn’t feel any sense of movement when I was in the elevator.

      I could still move around under the covers and so had this feeling like I still wasn’t going to be fully protected. That’s when 18-Volt appeared out of nowhere, now under the covers with me, in a slightly distorted version of his Warioware Gold appearance. His jacket was slightly lighter than usual and he also had 3D textures (mainly bodily curves and bumps) but still kept his cartoon look. I was lying on my back on some sort of mattress now and he was lying face down, squashing me in just a bodily hug without using his arms. On the other hand, I was using my arms to press him against me as hard as I could.

      By energy perception only, I could tell that Dreamy WB had taken over the lead role from my mum. She was still there, influencing the scene but Dreamy WB was the one wheeling me. I could also tell that I was now being taken into the elevator but my five senses perceived nothing. As energy perception suggested the elevator to now be moving down, I was holding onto 18-Volt for dear life. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 525 B - Looking For A Plush Toy

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my family were coming back from our holiday. On the way back, we all stopped at a petrol station which had a shop beside it. I went into this shop with the intention to look for a plush toy of 18-Volt. I knew the Warioware series wasn’t popular and so I most likely wouldn’t find anything. I ended up seeing a Lulu on one of the shelves though but was devastated as this was the only Warioware related plush toy.

      My mum and grandma went with me to another shop that seemed to be located at a bigger outdoor shopping complex. This store was huge and seemed to remind of a Spotlight from real life but didn’t seem to have many plush toys here. In-fact I don’t remember if there were any at all. Instead, I was looking at some sort of craft section when there was this guy in the shop that seemed a bit obnoxious in character. After a little while, I found out that he was the boss and the owner of the store. He was harping on about all these tactics about how to make his business successful when I really didn’t want to hear about them. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 525 A

      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB & 18-Volt
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 525 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Dream - Get Me Out Of Here

      by , Today at 05:55 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 11 JAN - 2019

      Dream No. 523 - Get Me Out Of Here

      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was in the front room of my house and there was this weird school event going on in there. There were all these strangers in there, acting as teachers and fellow students. We were also in a school uniform but it wasn’t the one I usually wear. This time, it was a red jumper with a white shirt and black tie and dark grey skirts. We were doing some kind of dance performance, ritual-like thing, I forgot what it was exactly though.

      At some point, I started to feel really uncomfortable and wanted out of this place and this seemingly formed cult of some sort. This time I went away from the group, waited until I was far away so they couldn’t hear me, and then proceeded to call out for me so called teddy bear guards. There were a lot of them and so I had a few options on who would help out. Firstly, I called “Selvian”. No response so then I called “Thomas!”. No response either and so then I called for someone called “Taneeshka!”.

      It was then actually that Selvian appeared. Rather than the expected green colour, he appeared to be white and almost ghost-like. He was wearing a thick colourful belt which indeed had a striking appearance, making him stand out. He reassured that he was here to help me escape the cult as we then hugged. During the time, he did ask me a few questions but I have forgotten what they were. I then told him that I was going to find Dreamy WB so she could help me get dressed out of this uniform.

      Once I was on my own again, finally out of the front room, I called for Dreamy WB but was not successful. For the rest of the dream, I just resorted to walking around and finding her myself. Before I could find her though, the dream ended.

      Dream No. 523
      Dream Guide: Selvian
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Having a secret house, playing with kids, meeting three GTA Thugs, then talking to Harry Potter.

      by , Today at 03:46 AM
      you know whats the most annoying thing ever?
      trying to run in dreams but when you run you run as fast as a 90 year old turtle walking.


      last night I dreamt that I had another house outside of the city, this house wasn't really special and I didn't do anything interesting in it. I walked out and I went to this little girls house, she looked around 5 - 6 so we played for awhile, she lived in a huge mansion but then she explained that the doors needed to be taken out, they looked super large and ingrained into the house... if that makes sense, but we continued out of the room and talked.

      I walked up the stairs and her mother was up there, then I got some green panties thrown at me, her mom screamed at me and told me to go away. her mum then walked down and said to me "I'm sorry but I can't allow you up here" a girl who looks around the age of 17 immerses in and the mother points to her "she's (the girl) on her period" and the girl goes to the bathroom.

      after such an encounter, I left the house and ran to my city, I literally sonic speed ran through that, then I saw my mum and went into the store she was in and just talked about her day like nothing happened.

      the dream skipped:
      I was at a child's Christmas party, but we all got to make our own living rooms, unfortunately for this part of the dream I was occupied with my old toxic friend. she continously annoyed me in it, anyways, while I was painting I asked for paint, and the guy who I think was my internet friend Nord (for appearance help: he's a short, African kid and somewhat underweight but not alot. he has no hair.)
      he was getting out he paints, but all the paints were dark blue so he would mix them with other colours to get a new colour, unfortunately for my toxic friend she didn't understand this and would scream at him for doing everything wrong when he would mix the paints together. Anyways, my room was finished, and I went to the lounge and replaced the lounge with my room. and we all got to showcase our rooms.

      after this, we went to a stage place. it was dark blue and we were all on stage, not sure what we were doing on it but we weren't performing, just messing around and stuff. then a ton of 40 - 60 year old overweight women pooling in, then the show started. no it wasn't us, it was two asian men and one English person in the middle, it was a question show.

      I think I was the Asian man on the left but viewing it in third person since I was thinking his answer. anyways, the question was: "Whats That Pikachu?" (literally.).

      the man on the right answered.. "it's an anime made in Japan about a creature named Pikachu" and got it right, I however answered "it's a TV show in Britain about people who are morbidly obese".. I got it right, yay 😁.

      then the show ended, and I went back to my house.

      It's not quite lucid yet but bare with me, I left my weird house that was far away from my actual home, and I tried running back to my normal house but this time I got lost, I almost got run over a ton, and my pants were lounge pants so they kept hanging over my feet, then I made it to a city, not my hometown city though.

      I saw an alleyway with red stairs on it, then I continued to walk up the red stairs/ladder. I saw a red cage at the top which was red aswell.

      it had two kittens in it, one yellow one white. while climbing up I heard a voice below me yell "YO DAWG WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU'RE GONNA KILL YOURSELF" I immediately walked down and I was greeted with three men sitting in front of me.

      one man was Completely naked, with his peepee out, and he was mildly hairy. the two guys behind him were just normal people sitting down.

      we talked for a bit, then one of the guys said "you see those kittens up there in the cage?, well that Yellow one theres named Nurse. Get it? Nurse?" as it was like some ultra funny pun or something.

      then in the windows behind us, someone pulled their apartment window up and looked at him angrily, she was a nurse. now I don't remember what happened next but I do remember that someone threw something, not sure if he threw something at her or if she threw somethin at him but something was thrown.


      we all got up, and ran in the city, I remember it was like GTA San Andreas cause I picked up an item whilst running and it made the GTA San Andreas noise. whilst running, for some reason we stopped and then I was on my own

      then they dissapeared. I was by myself, confused, I saw Harry Potter. we talked for awhile then we caught up with his friends, but he was running since they were running away from us, except, I couldn't run.

      I knew I was dreaming but I didn't have much control, I kept trying to run but I was just running at a less than average walking speed, I also tried changing stuff about the dream but it didn't work. it was so sad. once we all got there, we all turned into cute adorable hamsters then I woke up.

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      Tags: weird
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    5. Iadr's Lucid And Noteworthy Dreams

      by , 01-18-2019 at 10:09 PM
      This is the beginning of our new dream journal.
      memorable , lucid
    6. I'm a perverted Ghost

      , 01-17-2019 at 10:09 PM
      So in this NON-LUCID dream, I'm a ghost having fun in a shopping market leering and peering at women shopping. I'm floating and skimming around the building looking down shirts and up skirts while gloating to myself that they can't see me. Theirs one large ol' lady that I smirk at while I do a quick 'feel and grope' as I float on my back like a cloud, skimming on my back along the ground.

      Grinning to myself I then float upside down, feet up in the air while attempting to kiss this young women on the lips. Just as I was enjoying the phantom kiss...."Mm Mmm MMMMMM", I scream as she looks her lips on mine and kisses back. Kissing her seems to turn me from a Ghost into a human and I tumble to the ground from my ingenious floating position."mhmm yes", I moan as my surprise wanes and I enjoy a good solid kiss from this pretty young women.

      We then laugh, joke and chat about something while walking out of the shopping centre.
      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _____________________________________

      In real life, I am on a fairly well known program called "Nofap:Monkmode". It is abstinence from masturbation, pornography etc for the purposes of increasing ones health, energy levels, levels of self control/willpower/discipline, spiritual sensitivity etc etc etc. I aim to transmute the increasing levels of sexual energy I have into my productive day to day goals and activities. Sexual purity is important to me and is something that my ignorant 'dream self' is slow to learn.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. In the Museum - A harsh lesson on honesty

      , 01-16-2019 at 10:50 PM
      I dreamed that I was entering a museum to meet up with some family members who had arrived before me.

      As I entered, I saw another person talking to a staff member over the reception desk, however I walk past the reception and confidently stride past the reception down the hallway to the museum forgetting, that I had to get a ticket. Perhaps it was due to my quick confident stride but the reception lady didn't stop me.

      I know that I was at the museum a week earlier and I quickly pass through the exhibits briefly looking at one of them. One exhibit catches my eye, its what looks like to be artisticly created large protein molecules in 3d, beautifully coloured. I spend a minute to admire all the unique structures.

      finally, I catch up to my Dad who's reclining on a antique bed while reading his Kindle. On the other side of the room is a tourist information desk with a middle aged lady with neck length blonde hair, quite heavy set and strong looking. I sit down on a chair near her and chat to Dad about relationship stuff.

      "What do you think of 'this' and 'that' girl?" He throws out a couple names. "Dad, I'm happy being single, seriously, I'm at a point in life where I need to focus on other things". We debated back and forth a bit.

      At a gap in our conversation, the lady in the desk behind me speaks up. "Do you have your ticket on you?" My mind immediately races a hundred miles a hour as I realise I didn't get one. Feeling to scared, afraid and ashamed to say the truth I lie convincingly and declare, "Yeah" and wave her question off. "Oh, of course" she nods her head.

      Then, my Mother and Sister Han turn up. I look up at Hannah from where I sit and admire her strong white teeth. Her teeth are doing well all things considered, despite the small amounts of decay I notice between her two front teeth.

      I get tired of the family dialogue dramas of which I don't remember the minor details and decide to leave the museum.

      I walk up a near hall way and seem to wander into a construction zone. "No, don't go there, its a construction zone!" the staff lady who asked me about the ticket earlier was right behind me. "Ah, ok" I turn back and head up a different passageway. "Not there either, there's electrical hazards up that passageway" she says irritated now. "Oh, Right, sorry 'bout that". I look about with bleary confused dream eyes and see another passageway with I'm sure is the exit!

      This passageway takes me underneath a roll down garage door and suddenly, I realise that I'm in the loading zone for the library as theirs a truck ahead of me. "Confused and alarmed I turn around to see the garage roll down door closing. "STOoooop closing the dooor I'm in here!" I scream out as I dive at the closing door only to have it close off on me. A second later, it re-opens and the lady appears, not too happy to see me.

      I'm very apologetic now and apologise to her while walking past. She growls and says, "Not happening on my watch, I don't want that failure on the books" ( Not sure what she meant ) and proceeded to trap me between the garage roll down door and a plastic drape which helped seal the door. I struggle valiantly thinking, "No, I can't let her kill me like this". However, my dream body loses the struggle due to lack of 'air' and I lose consciousness in the dream and wake up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    8. Very strange dream. The mountain dream 1.13.19

      by , 01-13-2019 at 11:28 PM
      I had several dreams last night so and usually only one sticks out or I only remember one, but this time I remembered the majority of the first one and it was referenced and the same setting was used in the second one. So I must give a brief description of the first one before I get into the second one.

      I was part of this migration of people going through this land. It started in a port city which had a winding road in it that went up a mountain. The city had an unusual amount of children in it and from what I remember a good majority of them were androids pretending to be human. However, they were indiscernible from real humans. So brings me to the migration I was a part of. I was a female, more or less a child. I was following a man I didn’t know, but he was helping me through everything. I never knew whether or not I was an android and neither did he, but he was nice. I don’t know why he was migrating with us, maybe just an adult to help soothe the children on this journey? We were headed to a place that supposedly could determine who was human and who was android. I almost made it to the top of the mountain, but I woke up suddenly and was very confused about where I was. It only lasted for a brief moment before I just rolled over and went back to sleep.

      The second dream I had was several hours later. After I woke up to feed Jack and change her. I went back to sleep while she slept and that’s when I had the second dream.

      My dream panned over many big dinosaurs wearing clothes playing tabletop games. Things like card games, board games, that sort of thing. A few male dinosaurs looked over to their right and remarked in disgust at someone and moved toward them, looking like they wanted to cause trouble. The dream camera followed their path over to the last table in this row. It came to a stop over the table where I couldn’t see the people standing around it. One lone ship sat on this side of the oversized board of battleship. The male dinosaurs placed pegs on the last ship to mark it as “sunk” and laughed a nasty sneering laugh. The dream camera panned over to me. I was a very buff, very tall male. I wore a white t-shirt that was rather tight and jeans, with tennis shoes. I was pretty handsome and did not look at all like I do in real life. I had this stoney expression on my face as I tried to mask the irritation I was feeling. The camera moved so I was seeing through my eyes, instead of at myself, so finally I was really me. The dinosaurs mocked me as they shouted, “I won!” at me and made little crying gestures. I pushed past them and purposefully shoved one as I went past. He shouted at me to watch it and I rounded on him as grabbed my arm. I wound up and punched him right in the face. I knocked him out cold.
      I continued on my way to the other side of the park where the lacrosse field was, although I know what a lacrosse field looks like it was set up like a tennis court for some reason. I pulled on a jersey and grabbed a lacrosse stick and started to play by myself. I've played lacrosse in gym, I know how it is played. I started to play like it was tennis. And yes it was still a lacrosse stick not a tennis racket. Although I was like hitting the ball extra hard, like anime hard. It felt good, but I felt like I was going through jelly and even though I had extraordinary reaction times I wasn’t fast enough to hit the ball twice. Eventually my friend™ came and played lacrosse with me. It was very intense and I still felt like I was going through jelly, although I was able to hit the ball coming from him.
      One stray ball that I hit went all the way across the park and struck a lady in the head. I never saw her face, but I rushed over to her and people were screaming she was dead. She wore green flowing robes that made her look like royalty. She also had a headdress on in a sort of seafoam color in the same material. I scooped her up and booked it to the towns clinic. It was a small town so nothing was far away. I burst in their doors and realized I was suddenly wearing my t-shirt again and a my coat in rl which is oversized (like its a 3XL and I’m a M maybe a L at the biggest but on dream self with all my muscles and tallness I wish I had it looked way better fit way more), black, and has fur trim on the hood. I rushed over to the nearest doctor I could find and told him he needed to help this woman. I told him what happened and the doctor told me that they didn’t have the equipment that was needed to help her. I pleaded with him and told him that I needed to get her to the nearest hospital now. I told him that I’d run anywhere I needed to take her. He looked at me with this weird look I can only describe as disbelief. I told him that I owed it to her since I was the one who caused her injury.
      He gave a sigh and told me there was a hospital down the mountain in a port city. I asked him if there was a winding road and an overwhelming number of children. He said yes although he though the children weren’t really humans. I told him I knew what he meant. I told him that I had a dream about this city and my travel up the mountain. He said that it was very interesting and pondered this for a moment. He said he was going to accompany me since the walking way down is perilous. I welcomed him and started making my way to the path down. The mountain was steep and I could barely see the city. But I was full of adrenaline and determination to get this woman help. However she shrunk down to the size of a toddler, still in her robes, but it was weird and neither of us said anything. She was moving, so she was alive, but very unconscious. The doctor and I helped each other navigate the broken steps down and the occasional basically ladders the steps were so steep. I never once let go of the woman though. She was my burden to carry.
      Once we made it down the mountain and to the edge of the city the doctor told me I was on my own, he wasn’t able to enter the city for some reason. I just accepted this and pressed on. I ran through the city searching for this hospital but it was hard to find anything here in the dead of night. The city itself was also strange. Everything was like it was in the past. It was all wood and wrought iron and the signs were just painted boards. Even the people were dressed like it was freaking the 1800s. I stuck out like a sore thumb but I didn’t care I was desperate to find this woman help. I eventually asked some people on the street where the hospital was and they pointed to a mongolian BBQ and told me was in the basement. Just go down instead of up the stairs. I was very confused and somewhat concerned, but I raced across the street and immediately saw what they meant. A sign saying something to the effect of hospital was hung above the downward stairs. A long line formed down them.
      I ran past them and skidded to a stop when I was met with almost medieval technology spread across the room. The doctors were even dressed like the olden days doctors would be. I was horrified but they were my best option at this point. The woman didn’t have much time. A doctor approached me and I pleaded with him to help her and that she was dying. He took action and had me place her in this machine. He took her clothes off so they wouldn’t interfere with it and I was shocked to see that her skin was actually the seafoam green. The doctor bold me that he didn’t have the necessary material to help her. He looked frantic, I told him that I would help in any way I could. He thought for a moment and told me I would have to step into the other end of the machine where the material would be placed in. I didn’t hesitate, just tore off my jacket and stepped in. I could see through a small window in the door after he closed it. The doctor had a smile a mile wide. It took me a second to process all that I was seeing. Several teenagers lined a wall with seafoam tinted skin, all of them alive, but they seemed checked out and just really zombie like. Standing still and drooping. Next to them were vats with people that looked like the woman. I started to pound on the door, but it wasn’t enough. He turned it on and I blacked out.
      When I came to I stepped out of the machine. My brain was almost nothing. My skin was tinted that seafoam green. I felt heavy and droopy. I shuffled past the doctor who stared at me. I moved past the people on the stairs and out the door. I walked aimlessly on the streets. I only had one thing in my mind. I had to help someone. Everyone stared at me. I just wandered until some man came up to me, fantic, crazed, desperate, and flailing everywhere. I just looked at him while he was talking a mile a minute. I could barely understand what he was saying, but I understood one thing. He wanted me to follow him. He needed help. He took off and I followed him to the edge of town. He ran around a building and when I got there I didn’t see him. I just stood there, drooping, heavy, and blank. I turned to leave, but the doctor from the mountain seized me. He grabbed me by the shoulders and looked me in the face. When he saw my blank eyes he smiled. I recognized him.
      “I helped the woman. She got fixed,” I said in a monotone voice.
      “No you didn’t she’s at the top of the mountain. You’ve got to help her, it’s your fault she’s dying,” the doctor said. I looked up the sheer path we took and started up the mountain side. The doctor laughed and followed after me. I was walking, not rushing, but it didn’t seem to take long to get up the mountain. Maybe I blanked it out. I’m not sure. When we were almost at the top the doctor almost fell backwards off one of the ladder type portions. I caught him in one hand and helped him back on. He was shaking and froze where he was.
      “You have to keep going. We need to help,” I told him. He laughed a crazed laugh.
      “You’re pushing me onwards? I’m forcing you up this mountain and geez what a turn around,” he laughed. We continued on and came to the edge. We stood there panting. The doctor was visibly cold from the snow and wind. I felt nothing in my t-shirt. We went to the park where the accident happened and there were men sitting in chairs in a half circle. The doctor went to stand next to them and I stood in the middle.
      “You are back,” the men remarked. None commented on the color of my skin, my demeanor, or the fact that I wasn’t wearing a coat.
      I simply said, “I need to help the woman. It’s my fault. She’s dying.” The men looked among themselves, very confused.
      “But you helped her already, that’s where you’re coming from isn’t it?” they asked.
      “No, she is dying. It’s my fault. I need to bring her down the mountain to the hospital.” I spotted an axe in a chair in the corner. “That is the weapon that caused the injury.” I went over to it and took it out of the chair. “I must bring this with. I need to help her.” I turned around to go down the mountain, but the men stopped me.
      “But, you helped her. You brought her to the hospital. There was no axe involved,” they told me. I stared down at the axe. I was told that this was what I needed to help her. This was to help her. But then I had a flash in my mind of bringing the woman down the mountain and I fell to the ground in pain. I had the option like it was a video game to either believe them or believe the doctor. I chose to believe the men and they killed the doctor after I explained what he told me. But then I turned around anyway and started down the mountain with the axe, still blank, droopy, heavy, and slow. But then I woke up mid way down the mountain again.

      Jack woke me up with her babbling and she needed to be changed so I didn't go back to sleep as it was about noon.
    9. So I need some help with this one...

      by , 01-07-2019 at 09:38 PM
      Ok, so here's what happened. I was with the characters from Scooby-Doo about to leave the malt shop and get back into the mystery machine. This was a spontaneous lucid, because as soon as I entered the Mystery Machine, I began to have thoughts about my body in bed. Then I began messing with dream characters, interrupting Fred and Daphne mid-conversation by making her voice silent among other things. Then, Daphne turned into my sister and I suddenly had a thought: and I said to her, "I have a question about dreaming, can you help me out?" to which she replied, "sure, let me show you a dream I had". She took my hand, and we sort of phased out of the mystery machine and onto the sidewalk. We ran towards a tree and dove straight into it (there was no hole or anything, we just dove headfirst into a tree trunk, and suddenly the world began to stretch and contract like a giant accordion. After three or four contractions, it stopped, I turned around, and I was in a completely different place. It was a very modern building that looked like a fusion of my high school and university buildings, and I asked her where she had taken me. Daphne/my sister had changed again, to my surprise, this time taking the form of a classmate, and she said to me "this is a dream I had. I gave a great speech here" and we walked up the stairs towards a large crowd and a podium. She began cracking jokes, and I started seeing friends from high school in the crowd, so I was laughing and giving high-fives and hugs, and I thought once more about my body in bed, but I still didn't wake up. I climbed up the last of the stairs and thought to myself, "I can use that travel technique she taught me to go somewhere else" having somewhere in mind, I stopped the girl and said to her, "when you're done with your speech, can we go somewhere else?" to which she agreed, but sadly for me, the dream was about to end. I saw two more friends from high school, who told me an absolutely hysterical joke which made me completely lose focus, I high fived my friend, looked up, and BOOM. I woke up.

      So my questions are as follows: who is the girl (just a dream character, a guide, part of my subconscious, etc)
      What in the world (if anything) did I do to become lucid and how can I do it again
      How can I not wake myself up like I did in this instance to keep myself in the dreamscape?

      Thanks for reading and thanks for any feedback. Love to all!
    10. 5 Jan: LDs, flying through majestic surreal landscapes and making out with my teacher

      by , 01-05-2019 at 10:38 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      At some house, looking through clothes my mom found in trash, then also some toys which are to be donated to a kindergarten, checking if they are complete and playing a bit with some of the games.
      Then for no reason I see my teacher sitting at the end of this room, with it's back turned to me and I get lucid.
      I go towards him and surprise him by touching him softly in his back. He is wearing a light brown shirt and he looks to the side to see me. I move my hand down his arm and gently caress him. He shuts his eyes in total surrender. So I kiss him. I notice his lips a bit dry, but soon our salivas mix and our tongues intertwine, while I caress his shaved head. I enjoy every bit of it.
      Then I realize there is someone else in the room. We stop and I turn to this person. It looks like my dad, he doesn't seem to recognize me. He turns away quickly and heads to a door. As he opens the door, he looks back one more time and his physiognomy changed. He is taller, slimmer, more tanned and dresses like an Indian man. I follow him but lose him in the movement of people outside. My attention also gets drawn by the majestic landscape and I don't follow the man anymore. In front of me are some amazing mountains covered in luscious green vegetation. And there are people going up and down the mountains, apparently carrying things, picking up fruits, going about many different activities. Strangely, the mountains seem extremely tall ,but people have the same apparent dimension whether they are at the top of it or down at its base. I see a huge strange black bird flying over my head. It is the size of a big eagle, it has a beak like a toucan and strange wings that make a half-moon shape with the first two feathers on each side slightly round and color red. I follow its flight and to my left I see what seem like clouds made of liquid water, which give the impression that everything beneath it, is underwater. There is a type of tree whose top touches the liquid cloud and behaves like kelp in the ocean. Then I turn my attention again to the mountains. I realize the contours of the mountains, the hills and valleys, the rocky surfaces, are all fractal shaped. I decide to take off and fly to see it up close. I am mesmerized by these patterns, and the psychedelic colors they have and then I almost wake up,
      but instead I have a FA in a totally white empty house. I remember I left my teacher back in the other house and I go around this house calling out his name, hoping to summon him back. Going through some corridor I spot someone that looks like him and other people going after, but when I get closer, it isn't him. But he is also a teacher to these people, who admire him and are respectfully walking him out as he leaves. I am starting to feel the LD fading away, so I decide to get out of here and do my own hing. I find a window and jump to outside. It's again a beautiful landscape with green hills, but this house is right on the slope. I have to climb some moss covered rocks to reach the top of the hill. Some lady who had made some comment to me inside, followed me out the window and insists on asking me something about mind training. Something like, if I feel that realization is a consequence of how much time you practice. If it is an inevitable consequence of your time dedication to practice, because she is feeling frustrated for not seeing results. I don't remember exact words I said, it was very short answer, but it was something in the line of "no, it's not just time related, more about quality and merit."
      Then on the top of the hill I see a valley below, but really far below, like we are many kms of altitude up. I decide to jump and fly some more. I enjoy it for some time, once again absorbing the details of the majestic landscape. Until I start descending and land in some city below. I land in a town square between some classical buildings and there is a giant painting on the floor with a reproduction of some classical work of art. I dig my hands in the floor and have fun picking up elements from the painting and throwing them in the air to watch them slowly fall like confetti. Then I want the painting to become a giant trampoline and I have fun jumping and doing flips in the air.

      When I am done with it, I walk down a street. The LD is weaker and I don't remember exactly what happened but I end up in a TV studio, where a famous morning show is being recorded and I am sitting with the live audience. The show hostess is demonstrating some modern appliances and its uses and we are offered some bread cooked by a bread machine. I taste it and it is completely bland and tasteless. I feel this is boring and once again I aim for a window to change scenario At some corridor outside the recording area, I see a window. I look through it and down below I see a moat or a lake. I am about to jump to it, when I notice it is full of big animals swimming. First they look like crocs, but on a closer look, I see they are mainly big fish, turtles and some mutant creatures, like fish but with tiny arms and hands. I decide to go get the tasteless bread and feed it to the animals. The bread wasn't a lot but seems to multiply as I split it into bits, so I keep feeding the animals for quite a while. Then I wake up. .
    11. I died in a lucid dream / life flashing

      by , 01-04-2019 at 09:30 PM
      I was lucid, naturally lucid. I was outside on some pavement trying to build some momentum to fly. I normally fly with no problems at all, but occasionally, I can't. I feel too heavy to lift off the ground or I can't get up past a few feet for more than a few seconds.

      I accepted that this was one of those lucid dreams where I just don't have it in me to fly.

      Suddenly I was pulled FAST through time.

      I saw my entire life flash before my eyes until it was over and I was dead.
      It was like the entire timeline of my life was a tunnel and I was being pulled through faster than the speed of sound. I caught glimpses of everything: my kids growing up, my aging, the mundaneness of day to day life. It all happened so fast
      until I was old with white hair. 82 years old.
      In a hospital. And out the life tunnel I went, my life over. And I was floating in pure black nothingness. My entire life gone, far away. A mere dot of light where I once existed.

      It was the end.
      lucid , memorable
    12. A wealthy lesbian followed me around

      by , 01-04-2019 at 08:57 PM
      I had a dream that I was walking around with a woman who looked exactly like me in appearance but totally opposite in personality. She had a cooler sense of style than me, seemed to have a lot of money, and she gave off the impression that she could take care of me. She was a lesbian, but somehow had a kid the same age as mine.

      The woman and I went everywhere together. She was superior to me in a lot of ways, but I suspected her superiority was an act.
      I was deep into a relationship with her, but it wasn't a typical romantic relationship. It wasn't love or attraction, just that she was taking care of me in life, financially and socially.

      At a family gathering, she made sarcastic comments about the people I spoke to, and she groaned about my family. I tried to defend them to her. I even stopped talking to family members mid-conversation to defend them to her. My family didn't mind her comments, or even notice them. They were just confused about my sudden silence to them.
      That's when I realized: nobody could see her except me.
      I was struggling to maintain relationships because of her comments. Her whispers about how awful these people were paralyzed me from my normal life. Those same criticizing comments inflicted self doubt that prompted me to change a lot about my actions. From little things like how to dress, to big things like where to live.
      She tried to make me move into a big house she chose and mocked me when I expressed that I love my current home. I almost forgot about my own home in the whole process and I nearly moved in to hers.

      This woman was ruling my life and making it miserable, but I clung onto her because she was stronger than me and took care of me, and I needed that. I felt fragile and gullible. I felt I didn't know what was good for myself; she did. I felt safe with her. Even though I was miserable and isolated, I feared being without her. I viewed her criticism as honesty, something that's hard to come by.

      As I became more aware throughout this dream, I realized:
      She was me, and her kid was actually my kid.

      More accurately, was another me. One half of me or maybe an alternate version of me. She was strong and emotionless, got shit done, and kept things together. Without her, I'm sensitive, overflowing with emotion, and a mess.

      In waking life, I'm bisexual and a mix of all these things. It's as if I was split into two entire people in this dream.
    13. Dream - The End Of The Beginning

      by , 01-03-2019 at 01:01 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 28 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 516 - The End Of The Beginning

      The entire dream played out as a game, in first-person mode but I did or said nothing. It started off in this deep hole and the first character to be used was 18-Volt. He had a suitable and quite fascinating in-game appearance but nothing related to any of the WarioWare graphics, it’s like the dream had composed its own game graphics for him. There wasn’t much time with 18-Volt though and it seemed like you would only use him on the bottom floor.

      To get out the cave, it was now switched to Murray who was in his Sly 4 appearance. The dream played out his scene for a lengthy amount of time as it showed him jumping and moving his way across various platforms. It almost felt like 18-Volt was the initial basics tutorial character and Murray was the extended tutorial character. Murray’s scene ended when he was reaching the top of the giant hole and now blue sky was shown.

      The dream was now playing normally and from my perspective; I was the one moving around. It was this completely unknown area but from what I could see, it was a series of islands on high cliffs; the scenery was breathtaking. I ended up crossing over to another island by flying over some sort of white painted railway track. After that, I explored this other island for a little while and on it, I found this campus building that was claiming to be Deakin University.

      I went over into the main courtyard and I could see WB talking to her friend Becky as well as some other girls, I have forgotten WB’s appearance though. Before I could even reach them though, WB saw me and so she got up and quickly walked off in a huff, looking extremely pissed off. She was too far away for me to ask what was wrong, because I didn’t know, and so the only way I could seem to communicate was with a facial expression. The dream played a close up of her and she quietly said angrily, “We’ve stopped talking”, making a gesture like she was declaring me to stop something.

      I could actually feel my heart breaking in this dream as I tried to contain my external emotions. I felt that there was nothing else to do and so I left that island and went back to the island that I was previously on. When I got back there, I noticed the Sorceress from Spyro 3 flying around in her flying saucer and this dream added an extra creepy vibe to her as well, making her look super evil and menacing compared to her real life in-game portrayal. When I got close enough to the sorceress, the dream camera and the plot went back into game mode again.

      The graphics of the intro were extremely blocky to start off with like the game was supposed to have been from the 90s. This made the sorceress look even more scary and the same trembly feeling could be felt like when WB had previously hurt my feelings. All of a sudden, the graphics went to a neater version, and so I felt like this was now a remaster comparison. I stated to myself that I preferred these graphics better. But then the dream went back to the old graphics and this time, I was more creeped out. I was begging for the dream to change to the newer graphics and it did, but only towards the end of the current scene.

      I have forgotten the plot of this game intro but there was something else flying by the sorceress and she and this character were plotting their evil threat onto the land. I can then feel some energy radiating from somewhere else and so I find a while at the side of a hill. At first, there is nothing in the seemingly dark hole but it doesn’t take long before Murray and 18-Volt reveal themselves, having the same appearance as they did at the start of the dream. Both sticking their head out, Murray and 18-Volt are just staring at me, looking super concerned, their faces in some sort of grimacing position.

      Shortly after a few seconds though, Murray gives 18-Volt a look as if he’s prompting 18-Volt to do something and take action. I am still standing far away from the cave entrance and so 18-Volt leans out a bit more and beckons with his hand for me to come to them quickly. Once I came close enough to the entrance of the cave, 18-Volt extended his arm out and helped me into the cave. Once I was safely in the cave with Murray and 18-Volt, the dream ended.

      Dream 516: Results (Competition #9)
      Competition Night: 23
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Murray & 18-Volt
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 6.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Have A Dream Guide Automatically Appear: Murray (0.5)
      - Have A Dream Guide Automatically Appear: 18-Volt (0.5)
      - Fly (1.0)
      - 3-Day Recall Chain (3.0)

      + Previous Total: 121.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 127.5

      What's interesting is that at the end of the dream, it felt like it was actually going to loop! The fact that Murray and 18-Volt had gotten me into the cave and it was going to be those two as playable characters again.
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. Dream - The Real Sneaky Gamer

      by , 01-03-2019 at 11:39 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 21 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 512 - The Real Sneaky Gamer

      Lucid Dream 32

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, I was in a bedroom that seemed to actually be the realistic version of Sneaky Gamer from Warioware! In the first scene, there was supposedly something that was about to happen and Bentley was hiding under a table, shaking and tucked away into his shell. I forgot what else happened in this scene.

      The dream then decided to replay the scene but then the events in this scene were also different. The bedroom had the appearance half way between the Sneaky Gamer bedroom and my own bedroom. The walls of the room were green and it was a double panel window but the bed and window were in the same position as they would be in my own room. All furniture had the appearance of Sneaky Gamer but were in the positions like in my real life bedroom.

      I looked at the clock in there once and there was nothing odd, the time was 6:11. I looked back at the clock though and noticed that the time had changed without even a minute passing by, even if it was just a subtle time change to 6:14. I looked at the clock again and it kept variating slightly between all these 6:-- times. But after a looking a few times, some of the lights were not working and so the numbers weren’t whole anymore. I now realised that this was a dream.

      As I now had an extra awareness about me, the scene now felt real and like I was actually in Sneaky Gamer myself. Even the noises were playing like in the game with 5-Volt would be approaching. I felt extremely scared but felt I couldn’t call for 18-Volt or I may be heard by 5-Volt. It seems that just being really scared and showing the raw emotion was enough for 18-Volt to quietly come into the room (in his WarioWare Gold appearance). And as he sat on the foot of the bed, extending his arm out towards me, I woke up.

      Dream 512: Results (Competition #9)
      Competition Night: 16
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Lucid
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Emergency Team: Bentley
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 30.0
      Calculation Details:
      - First Lucid of The Night (10.0)
      - Was Introduced via DILD (5.0)
      - Old Personal Goal: Personally witness Sneaky Gamer yourself (10.0)
      - Have A Dream Guide Automatically Appear: 18-Volt (5.0)

      + Previous Total: 80.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 110.5

      Updated 01-16-2019 at 12:27 PM by 93119

      lucid , memorable
    15. 28th December 2018

      by , 12-29-2018 at 01:16 AM
      Today i took a nap and i dreamt i was on rocket but i wasn't in space, i was in some planet's stratosphere. I assume it was a large planet because we were travelling around it rather than out of it. It was also cloudy, so i could sense the rocket actually moving and travelling. I don't know at which speed we travelled but it was pretty fast. The rocket was also big. It was like a space station but in the shape of a rocket. Actually various rockets assembled to a big one.

      I noticed in our tripulation there was a weird guy that never slept. Then i spied his room when it was sleeping time and i saw he was frozen inside. He changed his appearence and that way i noticed. He was like a white walker from game of thrones. But to me in that context, he was a dangerous ALIEN. After that he changed into his 'original form': it was actually 4 big alien worms disguised into this person (they were bonded with magic i believe). After they separated they all went to the ventilation system. So we tried to isolate the parts of the rocket-ship we thought they were in. However this caused some failures. When we were doing this i was sitting in the captain's cabin driving the rocket, with a seatbelt and everything and i had a window to my right side where i could see other parts of the rocket. As the failures started i could hear like some engines stopping and then i could see things exploding. Those things were like 20-50 meters away from me, and the part of the rocket-ship where i was wasnt exploding yet, but i knew these were fatal failures and i would either explode or the ship would crash, and i also knew that there was no way out of it. I couldn't use a parachute or anything, because it was going so fast that i would die anyway. So i was sitting there thinking, "Omg, im going to die. I wish this was a dream and not reality. But i know this is reality and im done." I was scared and i didn't want to die, but i accepted it. I closed my eyes because there wasn't anything i could do to save myself, so i just waited till the moment i'd die. I was so nervous, because i didn't know how it'd happen, and i wondered what would happen after that. 'Would i still be thinking like i am now?', 'Would the impact (explosion or crash) affect my thoughts right in the moment of death?' 'Would i wake up to some other reality after i die?'. I had my eyes closed and i couldn't calm, thinking that my life was over and that it was my real life. A few moments after i woke up, still like a rock, with my eyes still closed, and no impact ever happened in the dream. Still i woke up scared, but also rested, and i knew it was a dream death and not a real one but i still take it as an experience because the fear was real.
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