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    1. Comp Night 1

      by , Yesterday at 06:14 PM
      Dream 1: I was playing Isaac in the other room, the mobile port which I forgot existed. It had micro transactions and stuff do become the room I beat ??? the room was super strange with reverted gravity. I almost died, but beat the game. I also started watching youtube videos, and kept seeing this documentary about LeBron James which I got tired of. Upon clicking the video though I realized that the guy voice acting it was this big time music guy that made several songs from famous games

      Dream 2: I was in a labyrinth in a dystopian sci-fi world, similar to blade runner. I was travelling the halls constantly, later on I found this apology letter from some girl in the middle of nowhere. I kept searching and woke up

      Dream 3: I was disappointed that I wasn’t getting lucid. I got up and took a shower in the dream. It went on till 8:00 PM Identical to real life
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    2. Su23Comp01: Through the Lighthouse

      by , Yesterday at 02:03 PM

      • Sleep quality: pretty good. It was nice and cool and breezy. I woke up earlier than I wanted, getting less than 6 hours sleep total, but didn't feel I could fall asleep again (maybe because I was used to getting this little sleep over the trip? I think I kind of psyched myself out not wanting to forget details of my dream, and knowing my alarm was coming in less than an hour too). I just laid in bed for an hour and let thoughts run through my head. So I'm kind of tired now and hope to go to bed earlier tonight. But also thankful to wake up and go to sleep somewhere peaceful.
      • Sleep time(s): 11:30PM-(?)-3:45AM, 4:15AM-5:45AM [Sleep was interrupted some time in there by unusually loud sirens.]
      • Before bed activity: took a shower, checked DreamViews to remind myself of the Summer Competition tasks, did some stretches and tried to calm my thoughts.
      • Goals or intentions: My main goal was to remember a full dream, since I hadn't really done so while away. I thought it would be nice to try and become lucid for the Competition but I was careful not to emphasize this to myself too much, since it might mess with my main goal if I got too excited or fixated.

      Through the Lighthouse
      • Awakening time: 5:45AM
      • Before the dream: When I woke at 3:45AM, I didn't remember any dreams, but I made a note in my phone to keep up the habit. As I went to the bathroom and got some water, I tried to keep redirecting my thoughts from "oh shit I don't even remember anything and it's already almost 4" to "I have plenty of time to sleep and I don't HAVE to remember anything anyway." When I laid down, I focused on //why// I should remember my dreams rather than just telling myself to remember them - that dreams are important to me for my emotions and memories, that I can easily remember my dreams (and know when I'm dreaming) as long as I am grounded and active in them. When I started thinking about other waking life stuff, I kind of "retreated" from it (like I'm in my head and I'm stepping back away from my eyeballs, is how I can describe it) and went back to those thoughts to fall asleep.
      • Level of detail: #detailed
      • Lucidity: #lucid (DILD)
      • General mood: many strong emotions, mainly fear and admiration

      False non-awakening with broccoli

      I'm eating Chinese broccoli at a table with some other people, and I drop some on a red blanket that I have on my lap. (There are conversations that I don't remember now). I curl up on a couch with the blanket to get some sleep, and I want to throw it to the side and take a clean one (the white cat blanket that we have), I'm too tired to wash it now and I'll deal with it later, but it feels like an irresponsible thing to do.

      Dad comes in - this is his house (does not resemble his waking-life house at all). He asks if I want to watch a movie with him and T. I check the clock and it's 9:30AM. I tell him no thanks, "I've been awake since 3:45AM and got really bad sleep all week, I really just want to rest in a quiet place." I start to tell him //why// I want so much to rest in a quiet place instead of with a movie on (because of all the people talking in the house on the trip last week non-stop), but then I see L. behind him in a kitchen and I don't want to seem ungrateful to her so I cut myself short.

      False awakening & public bathroom

      I wake up and start to write down my dream with the broccoli and dad. I check the time and it's 11:33AM. I close my eyes and think "No way, that's too late to have slept" then ask out loud "Is it really 11:33?" (I'm sure it's not and I'm dreaming). A dream-character confirms the time. When I open my eyes I'm in a public bathroom, laying down on a formica counter. Even though I'm sure I'm dreaming, I figure it's good practice to do a reality check so I push my feet against the metal bathroom stall wall next to me, expecting it to bend, but it stays firm. Oh well. I didn't really need the RC.

      My vision kind of fades and I almost see the back of my eyelids but my vision returns (this happens throughout the dream, I lost track of how many times. At some points I feel my body in bed but push through until I can only feel the sensations from my dream-body). [1]

      Lighthouse room

      Now I'm in a dim room with reddish walls and a high ceiling. In the center, there is a round table, and on top of the table there is a black and white lighthouse that is maybe 6 or 7 feet tall. I keep returning to this room as a central point throughout the dream.

      I can't decide what to work on as far as goals, so I try summoning a guide (with thoughts). Instead, I feel a negative presence in the room, at least two people who want to chase me. They also won't leave throughout the dream, I'll call them the (corrupt) dream-police.


      There is a bit of a chase - I always have trouble remembering these kind of scenes since they flash through so many things and are high stress. I feel things are turning bad, though, and I want a reset.

      So, I call out KALI, kind of like a petition to tear everything down and start over.[3]

      I see myself sitting up in bed, with my face lit up. Except I have my hair in two braids rather than one as usual. The scene is in a cartoony or graphic style. I'm scared, especially scared to look into my own eyes, it seems like a dangerous thing to do.

      I call KALI again and my "self" changes to a black dragon with eighteen heads.[4] The light becomes stronger until I can't see.

      Then it's the back of my eyelids, then when I float back into the dream it's the lighthouse room again.

      Pigs in a barn

      The dream police are still in the room. So I float myself over the top of the lighthouse,[2] ask to go SOMEWHERE SAFE and drop down through the lighthouse.

      I am now in a barn with sawdust on the floor. Tiny figurines of pigs wearing clothing sit in rows of chairs in the center of the room, and around all four walls. I laugh because they're adorable. As I look around more, I see humans mixed in as well, wearing similar outfits to the pigs.

      One dream character is speaking to another, criticizing his choice of outfit - "If I'm dressing up as a pig, I need to have pink curly hair."

      The longer I stay the less cozy it feels, the lighting seems to become colder and I'm bothered by barely anyone or anything moving.* I start to float up and out of the lighthouse again. Then halfway through, I wonder if I should have maybe tried to interact with one of the dream characters. I go back down and see Brian, a guy from some of my Russian literature classes at college. I try and go talk to him but he doesn't move at all. Then I remember and say out loud, "Oh right, you're just here because I saw you when I was cleaning out my contact book before" (I was doing that the evening before while awake). I leave again.

      Final chase

      When I get back to the lighthouse room, I try summoning a guide again. I kind of feel him with me, behind me and to my right, but can't see him. The dream police are there and chasing us again.

      Again, the flash of scenes is unclear. At one point I try bringing us into the woods to crawl into the hollow of a tree. However, I can't find a break in the tree-bark. Then we are in a garage, and one of the dream-police has weapons. I try to shield myself by bringing a forcefield out from the center of my body, but I can't tell whether it works or not - the guy is not deterred, at the same time I'm not hurt, just vexed. I try to make him disappear by turning away from him, but he stays.

      I let go of lucidity a bit, and watch as some people pack into a car into the garage and have a conversation. I feel I will be waking up soon, and just roll with it, getting back a bit of lucidity but stopping trying to control things.

      Forest and stream

      I feel myself falling through darkness. Then a shift and I am floating horizontally, backwards, under a cover of beautiful trees away from the bright yellow sun setting over a field. It is beautiful and I want to stay, but I keep floating away. Back behind the trees I see just blackness, and I'm scared again, but go through it.

      I come to a stream, one bank on a green grassy field and the other covered in trees. I feel a presence with me, again a person that I don't see.

      I see people wading in the stream, with friends and with dogs, and one group has a boombox playing an acoustic country (old style, not like country pop) version of the Christmas carol "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," despite it being clearly summertime. I don't mind the music. I start wading up the stream myself, and I'm just sobbing like a maniac because it's so beautiful. The water is very shallow, flowing over gray and gold pebbles, and throughout the stream I see fallen cut flowers - red, yellow, and other colors.

      I notice the bottoms of my pant legs are getting wet - I briefly think, it's ok, this is a dream, they aren't really getting wet at all, then I remember/decide that I do like splashing around and getting wet, whether it's awake or dreaming. I'm enjoying the feeling of the cool water on my feet and legs.

      Near the top of the stream, I see another dream. It starts to go past a building, then there is a beach boardwalk, and three dream characters hanging out there - they are young country musicians, one looking like a 1960s Dolly Parton, the others are a woman named Arlo and a man named Frog. But I feel I've been dreaming for hours (not really the case I found out) and it's time to wake up instead of going into another, so I float up and back into bed. My eyes are actually wet when I wake up.

      Side Notes

      *My sleeping mind being based and redpilled, safety is overrated and only for pigs.

      This dream seemed more difficult to remember than my previous lucid dreams (not that I've had many. Maybe because I'm still pretty disoriented from traveling?

      Summer Competition 2023

      First DILD of the Night - 10 points
      [1] Reality Check / Stabilization - 1 point
      [2] Fly / Telekinesis / Change Gravity, should count for one of those depending on your definition - 5 points
      [3] Basic Summoning or maybe just Unspecified Dream Control - 5 points
      [4] Theme: Dragons - 5 points

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    3. Competition Day 0

      by , 06-01-2023 at 04:20 PM
      Dream 1: I was out shopping with this girl following me, being super rude and obnoxious. Pissed me off to the point where I just couldn’t be there. Taking the a taxi home, the driver kept insulting me constantly for about 5 minutes until I had enough and jumped out of the moving car. Then I went to Delfino Plaza from Mario Sunshine and relaxed a lot. Killed Mario for some reason which was honestly fun

      Dream 2: My life was basically like Koschei in the PR. I ran my business selling lucid pills to all kinds of people, and they all liked it. Eventually though a physicist realized that I put addictive substances in my product and then everything turned upside down. I lost my reputation and nobody bought product. Not legally. I still sold it with the help of Jesse Pinkman and made Money.

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    4. The Robes of Anorak

      by , 06-01-2023 at 02:35 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I haven't been dream journaling much but I do have a series of dreams that are worth sharing in preperation for The Summer Competition! In the dream tilted Oasis Master, link here: https://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/mad...-master-92719/, I found myself wearing The Robes of Anorak which helped me beat the game, so to speek. I have been learning to use them with my latest lucids.

      Some background, a year and a half ago my dreams underwent a period where they were all appocalyptic in nature. That made me start to look back at my journals and realize that the dream world is actually persistant and moves through time at a much quicker speed than waking life does. When I was finding Juliana it was the middle ages and the appocalypses started happening when the timeline finally caught up with present day.

      After a while , my dreams started always taking place in the Oasis from Ready Player One. The society had survived and used the Oasis to escape from their bleak reality. In some dreams I could even feel the headset on my face while the simulation felt totally real. Then I suddenly had the robes and my partner and I went on an adventure and speedran the Lord of the Rings quest. In the dream the robes gave me perfect teleportation which I had never experienced before. I have done all sorts of practice with teleportation and portals and it never worked for me before.

      Sometime last year I started experience the world outside the oasis. The world is a baren wasteland and humanity lives as a few small walled cities. There is a rebelion against the governments of the cities because they have been taken control of by Shayna, Juliana's arch nemisis. I would find myself playing characters in the rebellion in most of my non lucid dreams.

      Robes Summoning Attempt One (DILD) 03.30.2023

      I am in a classroom setting in a dream during a nap and then I do a reality check and became lucid. I stood up from my desk and went outside. It looked like my highschool.

      I tried summoning my robes of anorak but nothing appeared in my hand behind me. I tried opening the first locker i could find by wishing it was unlocked and it was. Inside was a robe but a ragity one, not like my robes of anorak. I tried them on anyways and snapped my fingers. I didn't teleport to Julianas house.

      I saw a reflection in the lockers of someone tall standing behind me. I thought they must be Manei but when i turned around it was Juliana and she was short like normal.

      I was so stable at this point. Her eyes were fantastic green color and it matched her robes.

      We talked for some time but I forgot the dialogue.

      I woke up into a false awakening and didnt get back to being fully lucid for the rest of the nap

      Robes Summoning Attempt Two (DILD) 04.09.2023

      I am at my highschool in the same spot as the end of the previous lucid so I became lucid instantly. I summoned the Robes of Anorak from behind me with my right hand. I swong them around and put them on in one fell swoop. (This is something I had practiced in meditation the night before.) I snapped my fingers and instead of teleporting I woke up.

      Robes Summoning Attempt Three (DILD) 05.14.2023

      I am in a town square when I wonder if I'm dreaming. My nose plug confirms it so I summon the robes. This time I swipe up from my left arm with my right hand which opens up a heads up display like in the movie. It is a blue hologram coming from my rist. There are many buttons and charts. I select the button that says "Teleport". I choose a location too hastly and it brings me to Diagon Alley instead of Juliana's cottage, the I wonder why I didn't try searching for "Juliana's Cottage but I follor dream logic that I should fly around and look for her instead.
    5. Night of Sunday 5/28/23

      by , 05-31-2023 at 09:43 PM (Dreamlog)
      I'm coming off of about 2 months break from journaling to record this dream and more moving forward, since Summer Comp is about to begin

      Cold Visit
      I'm at my sister's apartment, but I'm not welcome. There is a party happening with video games on the main living room TV. There are a lot of people there easily crowding the tiny apartment. Nobody explicitly tells me so, but I know that I've shown up uninvited. Some time later I'm walking outside to see N. It's night and winter-time. The scene reminds me of my brother's college campus from years ago. Snow is falling and it looks pretty against the street lamps. I don't feel cold, though. He's upset with me which reminds me of the last time we spoke in waking life. He seems to have cooled a bit since that discussion, but the result of the discussion is the same as before. Progress isn't made.

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    6. WILD Transition and Teleportation!

      by , 05-27-2023 at 02:00 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      I was complaining yesterday, but today I rejoice, for I had an EPIC lucid dream! I reached the 30-minute mark of this podcast, right in the middle of their teleportation discussion. Slept at 11:30.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I wanted to refresh myself on the major and minor chords of piano for a summer program I'm enrolled in. I searched it up and found a forum similar to Dreamviews. Someone had posted a YouTube video explaining the chords, and other people were sharing their own specialties below.


      The way I woke up was very interesting. I was mostly unconscious, in a half-dream state, when I thought, No wait, I need to wake up! and my eyes flew open. Not sure if I checked the time before or after writing down this fragment, but it was 4:58. I lay back down and after 5-10 minutes of getting comfortable, I started a WILD transition.

      Now, I am not sure when it went from lucid daydreaming to actually being in the dream. Luckily I use the same green for both LDDing and semi-lucids, so it works out. But up until the blue, I really thought I was just daydreaming! (I now believe I was fully dreaming the majority of the time.)


      Dream #2 (Lucid Daydream/Semi-Lucid; Lucid):
      This is a dream.

      That is the mantra I repeated each time I caught myself daydreaming. The first concrete scene I remember is someone explaining how every time Kagome from Inuyasha returns to the modern era, the feudal era ends! Rather than them existing simultaneously, she travels through time to the future, where everyone from the feudal era is long dead. As proof, they mentioned the episode where a Shikon Jewel shard was embedded in a tree in the modern era. The jewel only shattered into shards after Kagome's first visit, so clearly what happens there is the direct past of the modern era.

      The scenery came into focus. Kagome was standing in the yard of her shrine-house, and a boy was explaining the above to her. He proposed that there might even be evidence of her from that time in this world. She quickly shot that idea down, but then he brought out a life-sized cardboard cutout of herself (apparently from the Feudal Era) and propped it in front of her.

      Kagome's jaw dropped to the floor in shock, and she circled around the cutout, holding its hands and straightening up so she would be taller than it. Then they forgot about it and went to a restaurant.

      I sat with them in a booth, thinking about telling someone how I distinguish between lucid daydreams and actual dreams. In a lucid daydream, I'm still aware of my WL body and can't see or feel anything clearly, but the plot is as random and elaborate as a proper dream... [Kind of ironic now that I can't tell.]

      Kagome was telling the boy that gakuran uniforms were required for everyone in her old middle school. (She was a high schooler in this dream, wearing her usual seifuku.) I had never heard of that before, and the guy was confused as well. "Required?" he asked.

      "Yeah," she confirmed, then stood up and left, presumably to get food.

      "Guess she likes wearing a skirt now, though," he said to me.

      "Yeah, well, it makes sense." I spoke with the affectionate tone one uses when they know a friend well. "I can just hear her voice in my head: 'I don't want to wear pants! A sailor uniform is way cuter!'"

      He asked what I would choose, and I replied, "Gakuran, obviously."

      "Huh," he said. I wasn't sure what to make of that, but then the "daydream" ended and moved on to the next.

      My brother Z, best friend S, and I were in a hotel room S had booked for us. I didn't question it because I was still repeating the "this is a dream" mantra in my head. It was a nice, expensive-looking room. A bunk bed was pressed against the wall, and although S and a bunch of bags were on the top bunk, it was apparently mine. Z got the bottom bunk (which was concealed by an intricately designed blanket-curtain), and S got the regular bed next to us.

      Eventually my brother and S left and I was alone in the room. I'm not sure about the order of events after this, but I'll try to arrange them in a way that makes sense.

      I went to the bathroom and did my business, for some reason deciding to throw my dirty toilet paper in the trash can. [IWL I find that disgusting.] For a moment I got confused over whether it was really a trash can, since there was soap(?) in it as well. But then I saw a pile of TP and pushed it aside to dispose of mine, revolted that I had to touch it. I hurried to the sink, wondering why they had to make it so confusing.

      Still, this place is so nice, I thought as I washed my hands. The faucet handles were the indented, circular type, and underneath the clear surface of the left knob was a casual pink color. Everything was so homey and comfortable, from the lighting to the furniture. There was even a couch in there! I wondered how S could possibly afford this, then reminded myself it was a dream.

      Suddenly Shippo, Miroku, and Inuyasha appeared. Shippo was talking about how weird it was when Inuyasha flirted with him (he was possessed by a flea in that episode), but the reason he found it weird was either because he was a fox or a boy. Both Miroku and I were thinking, It's weirder because you're a child...

      I told them it was okay because Inuyasha was brainwashed by a flea at the time and wasn't actually addressing Shippo. Some other stuff happened that I don't remember clearly; I think I touched Inuyasha's face and clothes to immerse myself/stabilize.

      I somehow ended up in a place that looked like my living room but was still part of the hotel. There was a really muscular guy sitting in my chair. When he leaned forward I sat down behind him, though I wasn't sure why. He got offended and grabbed me, body-slamming me on the couch. I struggled to escape, but it was hopeless.

      Luckily he transformed into a giant cob of corn. The weight on my chest reminded me of how some people describe sleep paralysis, and since I still thought I was daydreaming, I assumed the feeling originated from my physical body. I couldn't figure out why though, as I have been sleeping on my back for years and long gotten used to it. Nonetheless I tried to ignore it; I didn't want to give up the WILD.

      I managed to roll the corn off of me and fell to my knees on the floor. Everything had become dark and unclear, so I stared at the coffee table, the couch, and a tissue box to re-stabilize. I wanted to hurry and transition into a full-fledged lucid dream, so I held the tissue box in my hands and tried to make it three-dimensional. It only worked a little.

      Next thing I remember is sitting in the hotel lobby, clarity no longer an issue. There was a TV fixtured to the wall, displaying previews of Pinocchio-P songs. One of them was a creepy vampire-person bearing their fangs, and I worried it would seep into my dreams and give me my first nightmare in years. I turned away from the screen.

      Then I had a false awakening in my bed, the same painful pressure from before weighing on my chest. Actually, it was worse this time—I could hardly breathe.

      I struggled to sit up, telling myself without much hope, It's okay, this is a dream, this is still a dream.
      I did a nose-plug reality check and it worked effortlessly! It was so unambiguous that there was no question about it: I was (properly) dreaming!

      Wasting no time, I climbed down from my bed and left the room, glancing at N on my way out. I tried to immerse myself in the scene but my vision became patchy, so I focused instead on my destination. I had run through my goals very quickly in my head and settled on snowboarding. I went down the stairs and headed for the front door, gravity so light that I might as well have been walking on the moon! I grinned from ear to ear 'cause it felt so cool.

      I wrapped my hand around the handle and thought, Beyond this door is a snowy mountain, the same one I went snowboarding at in middle school. I remembered CanisLucidus's words and tried to imagine it in as much detail as possible. When I opened the door, though, it was only my neighborhood... except blanketed in snow and decorated with Christmas lights! Pretty awesome, but not what I wanted. (I wondered briefly if it would be cold but didn't want to waste time finding a jacket or boots.) I closed the door, intending to try again, but the wood had become glass. I doubted the technique would work if I could see what was outside, so I accepted my fate and exited the house.

      After walking a short distance, barefoot yet not cold at all, I looked to my left and saw the snowy mountain right there! Complete with a ski-lift and everything! I sprinted to the top oddly quickly and saw that there were a bunch of kids snowboarding already. It appeared to be a competition, and reminded me of the LDing comp in less than a week.

      The kids' stuff was scattered around in the snow, so I stole a snowboard out of a bag labeled "Olivia." It was light blue and on the small side but whatever. I looked around for socks and shoes, since I didn't think it was a good idea to strap myself in barefoot. I spotted a fuzzy pink pair of socks, but they were a bit thin and, frankly, ugly...

      A little blond girl ran up to me, eyes sparking with excitement. "We're making some awesome socks over there! Wanna see?"

      How useful, I thought. I smiled at her and said sure. She took me to her parents and I kind of forgot about the socks. The dad pointed to two other children and said, "This is her brother, and this is her identical twin sister."

      The twin was a lot darker-skinned than the first girl, I guess because the mom was white and the dad was black. [I know that's not how identical twins work… 99.9% of the time.]
      Without warning, I woke up.


      The clock read 5:28, so taking into account my time spent getting comfortable, I was only asleep for 20-ish minutes, same as yesterday. I was shocked because it felt like at least an hour! But I couldn't go back to sleep because I spent the rest of my time writing. (Wish I could use my phone... sigh.)

      Anyway, this does count as teleportation, right? It's similar to the closet method, after all. Either way, IT WAS SO COOL!!!

      Some sketches of the dream scenes:
      Why do you believe in God?-img_20230526_205130150.jpg
      (P.S. I have noticed when hovering over pics on my DJ, that they are named after random threads like "What is the nature of will?" and "The Unknown Dreamer" and "HALLOWE'EN". Does it appear that way for anyone else? I wonder what this one will be called.)
      (Edit: It's "Why do you believe in God?" LMAO)

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    7. Florida-hell, lucid teleportation and telekinesis

      by , 05-26-2023 at 02:03 PM

      • Sleep quality: good, not too much difficulty falling asleep, only noticed one awakening
      • Sleep time(s): 10:30PM - 4:45AM, 5:30AM - 6:30AM
      • Before bed activity: drawing and listening to Trecento music... then I listened to part of the new Deathstars album in bed because it was stuck in my head.
      • Goals or intentions: again my main goal was just to get a solid rest because we're traveling today and I probably will not sleep well at all while away next week.

      Florida, lucid mazes and room-building
      • Awakening time: 6:30AM
      • Before the dream: I could barely remember my previous dream (one of those where when I "looked at it" it seemed to distintegrate). I was feeling a little down and also starting to get pessimistic about falling asleep as I heard the birds and saw it getting lighter. Then I thought "that's not worth getting upset about, I'm not a performing monkey to perform this same trick every night, I should just rest, and if I happen to have a dream and be aware of it that will be nice, but I don't need it." I fell asleep imagining A. and I going back to Florence and going to the San Marco monastery, and making up paintings that we might see on the walls.
      • Level of detail:detailed
      • Lucidity: about half #nonlucid and half #lucid (DILD)
      • General mood: nonlucid part was kind of confused and annoyed, lucid part was fun/funny


      X. and I are kids, we're on a trip with dad and coming back from being out somewhere to a tiny house with white walls where we are staying. I'm trying to figure out where I'm supposed to sleep. The back door is open, and I see little X. sitting out in a yard, wearing a coat, and laughing. Snow is blowing from outside into the room, I see it floating and dancing over the rug. I feel a chill. I tell X. snow is getting in the house, but he just keeps laughing, so I go over to close the door.

      House party

      After I turn around from closing the door, the situation has changed. I'm an adult now, and I'm in this house with A. and two others. I have a brief moment of thinking it's strange, but then I find that A. and I are sharing a full-size bed, so I get the sense that I found out what I was looking for.

      Something happens in between in the day, but I forget. At night, the house gets bigger, and there's a party. Not the house itself, but the location, looks like our family friends M. & S.'s.

      I'm walking on the sidewalk, up the hill and away from the party. I see pale yellow coral fungus with orange tips growing in a hole in a tree, but upside down. I call A. over to look. Then we walk back towards the house.

      In a side yard, behind trash cans, two women are standing by a covered hot tub, talking about opening up. I notice someone scrawled REVOLTING COCKS in permanent marker on the hot tub cover, and I ask them "Did someone seriously do RevCo graffiti or am I hallucinating?" They tell me it's real and go back to their discussion. During the conversation, A. has slipped inside, so I go in to find him again.

      When I get inside, I realize dad's extended family is there for a party, and I'm wondering why I haven't been in yet - I don't remember greeting any of them, so I feel awkward and wonder if I should say hello now. I see my aunt dancing - she has the same glasses as me, and I walk quickly to not talk to her. I get a bit held up in the kitchen with dad and his brother talking, and I wash my hands in the sink.

      I find A. in the bathroom, which is in the center of the house with multiple doors and no windows. He seems upset about something but I can't tell what about. I think he's cold, and wonder why I'm not. I run hot water over my hands in the sink.

      Map of the world

      When I leave the bathoom, the situation changes again. Now I'm married to a woman I don't recognize. She's really into traveling, and she's sitting at a table with a few other people, showing them a world map with highlights on all the places we are going to travel on a very long journey. She's putting stickers on the map for each country. I tear up some stickers to use as tape to attach some different paper country silhouettes to the map.

      I get scared, because I don't remember agreeing or planning to go on this trip (I know that as in waking life, I don't like traveling). As she's pointing to an island in Oceania (whose silhouette I don't remember from waking life), I tell her I'll definitely get seasick going there. She gives me a look, as if to say, "Why are you acting so strange?"

      I know that she and her parents own a freemium map app for travelers. In reviews, people complain because the free version has many mistakes in the maps, and you have to subscribe for at least 5 dollars a month in order to get maps that are not misleading.

      Scooter boys

      I somehow get to leave, and I'm driving north toward home on the usual street. There are two guys on electric scooters in front of me, blocking off the entire lane. I slow down and shout, "Really?!" When they turn, I see they're just teenagers, so I figure I should be nicer. I just say, "I would be too scared to drive one of those on this street."

      Lucidity on Florida Island

      I blink, and I realize now I'm rocking back and forth. I'm laying on my stomach on a boat. I see B., her family, and A.M. We are approaching a barge covered in metal shipping containers of different colors. I ask them where we're going. They say, "Florida Island, have you ever been there?" I ask if A. is with us, and they tell me, "No, he had to stay behind."

      The "island" is in the shipping containers. It's a multi-level maze-like construction, with flourescent lighting and almost no windows. It's also a kind of Christian retreat. I think we go to see a Christian performance, which I (thankfully) don't remember well. As we're leaving, walking up stairs, I'm distressed. I wonder what I'm doing here - how did A. get out of it but I have to go? How did I even get here? Then I remember that just before this I was driving home, and realizing I'm dreaming!

      To confirm, I lean to reach a small stained glass window over the stairs. It's set deep in a recess, but I can just reach it with my fingertips. I drum my fingers on it, and realize the sound is not matching up with the feeling in my fingers, so I'm now certain this is a dream.

      Once I'm certain and turn back around, people become fuzzy, and I have some trouble speaking as I say "This is a dream," but the scene stays and somehow resolves.

      Search for phone service

      Now that I'm lucid, I think it could be interesting to go to the monastery as I was thinking when I fell asleep. But I have to escape this hell-scape somehow, so I decide the best way would be to call A. Of course, I have no phone service, so I start walking quickly to find any place with a signal.

      I realize that was rude, so I go back briefly to try and say "goodbye and nice to see you" to B., but when I go back her face has changed into a different dream character. Oh well. I continue wandering through the island.

      I come into a library with blue walls and low shelves, where people are studying at tables. This place seems to be in a basement. I unlock my phone and I can't find the phone or contact apps, so I use the voice assistant instead. She and I have a whole conversation.

      "Call A."

      "Some advice: don't try anything that goes too against your experience of reality."

      "Okay, so that means I can't make phone calls in this room" (I'm thinking about how it's both underground and a library - bad place for cell phones)


      So I ask her to just open up A. in my contact list to use later when I find a signal. I continue wandering.


      I come into a place like a lecture hall or theather, with tiers of seats facing a whiteboard. There's a college-age white guy in a staff t-shirt standing up near the top, shuffling some papers around on a table. I ask him, "Do you know how I can get outside, or somewhere with cell service? I need to call my husband."

      "Sorry, the auditions just ended! I just finished up the documents."

      "I'm not auditioning for anything. I'm just trying to call my husband."

      But he doesn't get it, and thinks I'm putting on a great performance. "You know what, go out to our main garden. Find Retreatmaster Bonnie. You tell her, 'We're revival singers, we're folk singers,' all that, then you launch into your thing. She'll love it."

      I give up on him. I somehow have internet, and I search for Retreatmaster Bonnie - I find reviews of her "services" on some S&M website so I give up on her as a helpful source.

      Salmon settlement

      I continue walking. I'm a bit torn between hurrying to my "goal" and looking around more. I stop and look briefly - the place seems more like a school. I see a poster on the wall that says something like "Hey kids! Get FUCKED UP with STEM!" in cheery blue letters. I even get outside briefly, but no service still.

      I step into a small room with rows of chairs. I come in behind a woman standing at the front of the room, writing with a red marker on a tall and narrow blackboard. She looks like my high school guidance counselor L. She is assembling the meeting for the SALMON SETTLEMENT - something about people who didn't get enough fish. The first two names on the list are both my cat, and I see my cat in the front row. When L. calls out her name, she gives an annoying smug meow, and L. instantly says "Settled! For 55 dollars" and crosses her name off the list. I think it's hilarious, and as a result I start to lose lucidity as L. continues through the list of names, whose demands become increasingly nonsensical. I finally snap out of it and leave the room.

      Phone teleportation

      I continue walking with my phone unlocked. For a second, I see two bars and 5G in the top corner and think YES! Finally! The contact is still open, but the letters are scrambling, so I just tell the voice assistant to call A.

      When he picks up, he sounds exactly like T. I ask, "A. is that you?" He says yes, and laughing I tell him "you sound like T." He replies, "I look like T. too, but that's okay." So I reached the wrong person. Oh well, at least I got a phone call. I close my eyes and ask, "Can you help me get out of here? Can you bring me to where you are?" and he says, "I already did."

      I have the sense of being somewhere else. I open my eyes and I'm falling through a tall room with wood-paneled walls. I close them again, and open them when I feel that I'm on ground.

      Telekinetic redecoration

      I'm in an empty house, alone. I know I've been dreaming for a while, so I figure I won't waste more time trying to get to a different location again, instead I think it will be fun to try and change the room by speaking commands.

      Some things are easy to change. I say, "there should be bookshelves on these walls" and I see planks of wood sliding over and forming themselves into shelves.

      Some things are not possible to change. I want a window in the wall, but it's like my brain can't decide what should be outside the window, even if it's day or night. So again, I don't want to waste time going down that rabbit hole, I turn around and go through a door behind me into a different room.

      This room has vaulted ceilings and is decorated in a French rococo style with lots of blue and gold. I decide to try and make the style of this room overall simpler and more modern. I say the walls will be white, and it happens, but with some difficulty - it's like things in the room keep their shape but get repainted. The walls are white but there are still plaster decorations, the furniture keeps the same silhouettes but turns into neon-colored plastic, rearranging and swirling through the room.

      I feel myself waking up, and just let it happen since I know this dream has gone on for a while and I think it will be pointless to struggle.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    8. May 23, 2023 8:25 am

      by , 05-23-2023 at 01:49 PM
      I was at primary school when we went to gymclass where we were all strapped onto some chair like those swing carousels had, I was at the front and was the first to leave, it was some sort of underground rollercoaster. When I was done, I didn't bother waiting for the rest of the class and snuck off to the classroom, grabbed my stuff and saw this kid from my primary/middle school who used to be a class clown back in the day and now does nothing but smoke weed all day, he suggested we ditch the class and he snuck out, I was about to follow him but my high school sociology teacher stopped me, he sent me back to the classroom and I was waiting for him to leave so I could sneak out but woke up instead
    9. Yesterday's Dreams

      by , 05-21-2023 at 09:14 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      I've been super busy this week 'cause for some dumb reason every single important exam and project is packed into May. Therefore I haven't been able to be on dreamviews much, or even to spend much time on daytime techniques... but I had these LDs anyway! I decided to try out present tense with 'em.

      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      Actually this isn't a dream, because I can't remember anything about it. I woke up at 1:40, opened my DJ to a random page, and wrote "book," "reddit," "water," "dad," "crazy," and something illegible. Then I went back to sleep.

      Dream #2 (Semi-Lucid):
      First thing I remember is me and my brothers getting locked in the basement. There is a long backstory as to why, but I can't remember. All I know is that we're in a very oppressive environment and will likely be punished severely, even killed, when we're let out. We want to escape before that happens.

      Z asks if there's any way to break the glass of the sliding doors. I press my hands to it and shake my head. "Are you kidding? This thing is like ten inches thick."

      "True," N says.

      Z grabs a crowbar from somewhere and is about to try anyway, but I stop him because it will make too much noise. I fiddle with something complicated and half-unlock the doors. (Two out of four unlocked.) My brain isn't functioning properly, but I figure out that I have to move this giant black printer off the desk. At first I carelessly slide it off the edge, but at the last second I catch it and quietly lower it to the ground.

      With it out of the way, two switches on the wall have been revealed. I press one of them and the third lock clicks, the second one causing the same reaction in the fourth. I go to the door and, after undoing both locks, open it. Z blows raspberries to cover up the noise.

      "Why are you farting?" I ask loudly, playing along. Then the door is open and we run out. I tell them we have to keep running till we get to the lake, then we can take a break. But I forget about that plan and eventually we are just running in no particular direction. I'm worn out already, and it's hard to move my legs in that typical dream way.

      "Why are you tired? We've only ran 50 (something), that's not a lot," Z says, turning around to see me hunched over and catching my breath.

      "I'm out of shape," I say defensively. "Also, I'm having a lot of trouble moving."

      Then I have a "flashback" to the facility we were apparently stored in, the one we just escaped from. I am in a white hallway with glass windows, teenage subjects filing past me on both sides. A "professor" is talking to some girl, and I walk up to him, saying I can't run properly.

      He gives me some semi-useful advice, and the girl next to him says, "What helps for me is focusing on lowering my left arm at the same time my right foot goes down."

      That seems like a wise suggestion, so I try it, but her opposite leg-arm thing feels weird. I align them instead, but I can't focus on my feet planting.
      I vaguely think, Because this is a dream. Then I forget about it and return to the present.

      I'm a little better at running now, but it's still weird. Z and N turn into a mix of Avery and S, 90% Avery though. I take her to a restaurant and we buy food. I somehow end up with boba even though I don't like it. The boba is cube-shaped and green like the drink, and my straw sucks it up automatically.

      At first they are sweet and pretty tasty, and I think, Boba might not be so bad after all. But then a sour aftertaste kicks in, and when I drink more it tastes like coffee (which I dislike). I figure they must not have separated it from the cacao beans because it's "normally" served in lattes. I also have a ziplock bag filled with them, but I don't want it and neither does Avery. I feel bad for the waiter, who's standing next to our table, watching.

      At some point a group of college students come in, our in-dream classmates and part of the same facility we escaped from. I pray that they won't tell on us, but they don't seem to care much. I have an interesting conversation with one of them that I don't remember, and then Avery and I leave. We hear slow police sirens in the distance, which apparently means they're carefully searching and sifting through each neighborhood.

      Eventually we end up at a boardwalk-carnival place, where another Avery is sitting on a bench. She spots us, goes "aha!" and types something on her flip-phone. I know she's reporting us.

      "No!" I yell and fly into the air, out of her reach. Despite my distress, I think it would be funny to introduce the two to each other. [I must have been slightly lucid because I remember believing there were two Averys in real life as well, and technically, there are—my childhood friend, and the current stranger.]

      They seem acquainted though, as My Avery stomps up to Evil Avery, shouting with fury, "Avery!"

      Evil Avery smirks, ignoring her doppelganger and saying to me, "I got you last time, too."

      It's true, I do have the sense I've dreamed this before. [Even now.] I don't respond and keep trying to fly away, half Superman-style and half Flappybird-style. I feel a little hesitant about leaving My Avery behind, so I yell at her to run.

      We both flee, her on foot, me by air, but we don't get far. I don't know why, but I just keep flying in elaborate circles around the rides and tents. When my mom comes though, I stop that and actually try to get away. There is a grove of trees in front of a large concrete wall, and on top of the wall is an even larger spiky chainlink fence. I scale it and My Avery leaps over the trees to do the same, somehow having gained super-jumping powers. She vaults the fence and drops down to what looks like the roof of my school.

      I am a little scared even though I "know" it's a dream and I should stay confident. [I think I might've been semi-semi-semi-lucid this whole dream, it just shined through in flashes like these.] A random narrator says, "Good thing (Evil) Avery wasn't able to use either the chain links nor the spikes to climb the fence!"

      I turn around and sure enough, Evil Avery has fallen into the grove of trees, her eyes impaled by a couple branches. Her appearance has transformed into that of Kalluto Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter, but I don't notice. I cry out her name and rush to her. In the back of my mind I'm thinking, So the plot calls for me to still care about my childhood friend, evil or not. How touching.

      She is alive but badly hurt. I pick her up and take her to a nearby hospital, which means getting captured again but that doesn't matter now. My Avery follows, and as we're screened into the building, we have to classify ourselves with a number stating our danger/rarity level. She says "8v6"—apparently she has been here before and her rank is higher than before. I say "10v4."

      I tell the guy in charge (who looks like Milluki from HxH except with white hair) to help Evil Avery, but he is apathetic, which surprises me more than it should. I think about leaving or destroying stuff, and over the intercom he says I can destroy whatever I want, since nothing matters. Maybe he is testing my abilities.

      I "know" this is a dream, and this time I hold on to that knowledge. I look up to a spiraling arrangement of pipes and try to telepathically slash through them, but I can't. There are some lightbulbs tied together on the wall like big Christmas lights, so I break them, but it's weird. I focus on one, and the one next to it breaks. Then when I try to fix it by zeroing in on a black bulb with gold decor, I hear a shattering sound, but it only appears broken when I look away and look back.

      After a while of this I get worried about my vision and the half-blind thing happening, so I step through a doorway into a warehouse area. My mom is there. I feel like any minute now my vision will go out, and I wonder what I should do. I remember a convo I had with Harlequin that day and decide to try out a command.

      "Clarity now!" I shout, and for a split second I don't expect much because I didn't direct it toward the dream. But then the scenery pulses and ripples and at the same time I feel it the effects within my body. When it stops, my surroundings are clearer than before.

      "Wow..." I say. My mom asks what happened, and I tell her, "I just experienced something amazing."

      "What?" She's kind of smiling, and I'm surprised she's not mad at me for running away. I don't want to tell her it's a dream in case I jinx it, but I also don't want to ignore her.

      "Next time you're dreaming, realize it," I explain, well-aware I'm oversimplifying it. "Then say 'clarity now,' and you'll see."

      She just keeps smiling as if she understands.

      I lose lucidity and the plot returns to Evil Avery. I carry her out of the building, pressing down the feeling that it shouldn't be this easy. I say that if Milluki won't help her, I will go to every other hospital in the area, even the "community center" if I have to. He seems more hesitant now and maybe agrees.

      He tells me that Cinderella's parents died when she was young and that's why her kids and grandkids and great-grandkids are so messed up. Her great-grandkid is apparently my "mom" and works at the facility. I am able to watch the story in a thought-bubble like screen, and this Cinderella looks more like Kyouko from Irisu Syndrome.

      "Wow," I say. "I'll break that chain, then."

      Even though I say that, I have the sense that I just isekai'd into the body of Cinderella's great-great-grandchild and am actually someone else entirely.
      Then I wake up.


      I woke up at 6:07, and it took me until 7:30 to finish writing down this dream Well, that was mostly because I kept spacing out in between each sentence. Then I set an alarm for 8:45 and went back to sleep.


      Dream #3 (Lucid; DEID; Non-Lucid):
      Me and someone else are watching a video of some pink-haired livestreamer, and I notice the background is almost exactly the same as my room. I point each matching detail out, particularly the photographs, and become lucid.

      My vision immediately blacks out, but I say, "Clarity now! Clarity now!" and it comes back. I do a finger-through-palm RC and it makes the back of my hand extend an abnormal amount, though it doesn't go all the way through. I head downstairs and as I'm thinking about what to do,
      I wake up. Just for a second! I am 85% sure it wasn't an FA.

      I close my eyes again and do an unintentional DEID, not DEILD because I'm not lucid when I re-enter. I check the time and it says 8:37, then Nile runs out of the house. I catch him and bring him back inside, only for my mom to yell at me about not making sure N ate his 30 rice cakes.

      I'm confused and walk into the living room to find N sitting at the dinner table, a miserable look on his face. In front of him is a bowl filled to the brim with rectangular, reddish mochi.


      I woke up soon after at 8:43, two minutes before my alarm was set to go off. Interesting that the dream time aligned so well with reality. I rushed the notes for this one because I had to leave the house at 9:30, that's why it's not very detailed.

      Additionally, the reason I say this dream was lucid while the other was semi-lucid is because the other felt more like roleplaying, whereas in this one I had more awareness that I was actually asleep somewhere in real life. Even though I didn't remember my goals in either

      And here are some pics of the dream scenes:
      What is the nature of the will?-unnamed-9-.jpg

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      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    10. Dolphins, diners, and DILD (first succesful lucid)

      by , 05-19-2023 at 03:41 PM

      • Sleep quality: fair
      • Sleep time(s): 11:00PM - 1:30AM, 2:00AM - 5:00AM, 5:30AM - 6:40AM
      • Before bed activity: yoga, pretty energetic
      • Goals or intentions: none, one of those nights when I just couldn't stop circling back to personal and work issues

      Birds and dolphins*
      • Awakening time: 5:00AM
      • Before the dream: When I woke around 1:30AM, I couldn't remember any dream but Neil Young "Dance Dance Dance" was running through my head. I tried to let go of my thoughts about life problems and the next day ahead and focus more, and I felt a bit better that it was pretty early in the night.
      • Level of detail: #detailed
      • Lucidity: #nonlucid
      • General mood: strange

      Drinking water

      I'm in a dark house with high school friends. There is a long kitchen counter and a bathroom with low countertops and a shower. There is a strange mood, almost like one of our group died in this house.

      We're getting ready for a hiking trip. I have a belt with two holsters for bottles. There is a bottle of hot tea in one, but I decide it will be better to have two bottles of cold water. I'm very thirsty. Filling the bottles is difficult though - there's no cold water in the fridge so I try the bathroom sink, the water keeps spilling from the bottles, and so on.

      Sparrows and dove

      I'm in my bedroom at dad's house. There are two sparrows and one mourning dove, sitting on my bed and then fluttering around. I think they shouldn't be in here and I want them out. I call for dad to come help me corral them to get them to fly out the window (the one over the radiator). It's taking him a while to come.

      I'm on a video call with T. and his mother, and they want to see us get the birds out. I set my laptop up in a very precarious place, leaning on the shelves over the desk, so they can get a view of the window. The window in question has a kind of pinked stained glass on it, and they admire it as we wait for my father to come.

      There's a door near the head of the bed into a bright yellowy room with tiled floor. Birds are strutting around and fluttering in this room, all different kinds. Eventually, the birds in my room flutter away of their own accord, some into the bird room and some into the hall. I am a bit relieved, shutting the doors behind them.

      Dolphin congregation

      I'm driving with a bunch of people, including Mom, R., and X. We're driving, yet we're not inside a car.

      R. and X. and talking about local lakes. R. is in disbelief that X. has never visited some famous local lakes. Then they start talking about which lakes in the area are considered large, some examples are "Beehive" and "Bear Lake." I'm skeptical and asking them if they're sure these are real lakes, because I've never even heard of any of the names they're mentioning. I see memories of R. with his children (not his children from waking life) hiking in a mountain park that I recognize from another dream.

      We go on a curve in the road with water on both sides. To our left is open sea, to our right is an enclosed area with rocks arranged almost in tiers, going up from the level of the road to a hill, all submerged in water though.

      Looking toward the enclosed area, I see four, then six, then eight, then more black dolphins cresting, moving away from us toward the rocks. I start taking pictures and filming.

      Looking at the videos (or the real thing?) and zooming in on their faces, the dolphins begin to look more like seals/sea lions, then humans. They are still dolphins, but people at the same time, standing on two legs. They stand in rows on the tiered rocks and all clap in rhythm, like a ceremony.

      There are two important dolphins, one in a "sun" costume and another in a "moon" costume. The sun and moon are headdresses, around their faces. They also wear puffy black dresses. The entire costumes are made of the same puffy black material, almost like a winter coat. They have an adult child who is a "star," with thin black points radiating around his face. They are all androgynous, and their skin is completely jet black, the same as their clothing.

      The star says he is leaving the tribe for "girl-love" (he says this strangely, like it is a foreign or ancient word). He fell in love with a mermaid, he has a doll of her that he shows to the others - she has lilac skin and a seafoam green tail. The dolphin congregation is scandalized at this declaration.

      More mundane matters

      We arrive back at a house. R.'s birthday is coming up, and Mom wanted me to make him a card, but I see she already bought a card, so I'm trying to politely get out of making my own.

      I'm emptying a dishwasher, and I see Robert Downey Junior doing an ad on TV. He's promoting university in Switzerland to Americans. It's a really awkward ad, like he's obviously reading from a teleprompter and has no idea what he's saying, and he just kind of stops at the end. I'm laughing at it and mention it to mom and R. They say he's been doing these for years, always for some new scam. A famous one was a hack medicine that he supposedly used to cure his Grandma. R. and I are talking about what a sleazy guy he is, and mom jumps in to kind of defend him, saying "if he's so bad then stop working with him!" and we just laugh and say "we're not working with him!"

      Delaware and dream diner
      • Awakening time: 6:40AM
      • Before the dream: I moved my alarm a bit later, but not too late since I had a doctor's appointment early this morning. I thought I would try WILD, and started getting to a dream-like state lying on my back, but then the sun started coming through the window and hitting my one idea, and I figured this would not be ideal so I rolled to my side which set me back. Then I thought screw it, I just need to sleep before this appointment and rolled onto my front, and just used autosuggestion about noticing I was dreaming.
      • Level of detail: #detailed
      • Lucidity: #nonlucid then #lucid (DILD)
      • General mood: joyful

      False awakening with tarot

      I wake up and see it's 8:37AM. I go out into the hall and call out "I MISSED MY APPOINTMENT."* I am disproportionately annoyed and trying to figure out how I would explain it to the office. But then I realize I'd just misread the clock, it is 7:37AM and I still have time. I go back to my room.

      I go downstairs into the living room at dad's house. X. is there watching TV, and I have a big backpack that is mostly empty, that I am unpacking to re-pack. Outside it seems to be the size of my usual backpack, but the inside is bigger. I find unfamiliar tarot decks at the bottom of the center pocket. There is a mass-market Florentine minchiate that has been opened, and I'm relieved to see it's not too beat up from being at the bottom of the backpack. There's also a new Marseille tarot that's still shrink-wrapped. Both are cleaned up versions with bright, flat colors. I want to look through them, but I don't want to explain to dad and X., since I have the feeling I should be getting ready to do something else. So I find a little bag to hide them in and take them to my room. Unsure how this scene ends.

      Christmas DILD

      I arrive in Delaware with X. and mom for a family reunion - I drove us in my own car. We park in a lot outside a restaurant. As we get close to the building, X. and I realize we need to get something else from the car, so we start back in that direction while Mom goes in.

      When we get back to the car, I think "wow, I did a terrible job of parking straight and leaving room to get in the trunk." As I'm thinking this, it's like the car moves by itself to be parked perfectly.

      I'm looking through the trunk, and Max is leaning into the front passenger seat. I see J. coming out of the restaurant, wearing just an undershirt like he's at home. We share a look, and I know he wants to sneak up on X. for fun. He hugs X. from behind, and then comes around and gives me a hug too, lifting me up from the ground a bit.***

      He has been traveling in the American Southwest and got a game as a gift for us (mostly for X.). For some reason, the game is in the trunk of my car. It's a little stuffed animal, connected to some real-world high-stakes puzzle game. He and X. are talking excitedly about the game, and I'm asking questions but the rules go a bit over my head.****

      We go into the restaurant, which has dim orange-y lighting. Mom is showing people a huge photo taken of her department at work. It's black and white with some red accents, like one lady's statement necklace. The colors are so crisp that the people almost look alive. I can look and almost walk through the background of the picture, like it's three-dimensional. I'm confused because I see washing machines in the background, but then I see two coffee machines, and the window, and I think "oh, they're just in the kitchen at the office."

      I go into a side room with X. and J. There is a wooden floor and dark walls, and no tables set up. As I'm talking with them, I notice that there are Christmas lights and decorated Christmas trees all around the room. I say, "Seriously guys, they have Christmas stuff out?! It's summer." Then I get a funny feeling all through my body, a sense of déjà vu or dreaming this before, and realize I'm dreaming. To confirm, I run over to a mirror on the wall. My face looks very dim and far away, like looking at your reflection in a window not a mirror. This confirms it!

      While I'm doing this, X. and J. have started returning to the party. I run to catch up with them, saying "J., I'm dreaming!" But he doesn't respond.

      Interlude in darkness

      The image cuts out, everything is black. I move my hands, and in a familiar way I just see "outlines" of them. I feel a cold wind whistling and whipping around me, and see flickering on one side like my eye is opening. I start spinning around uncontrollably.

      Out loud, I say STOP SPINNING, and it works.† Then I saw SHOW ME THE HOUSE. I want to get out of the wind. It's still black, but I start moving my legs, pretending to walk up to A.'s and my home. It takes a while, but an image comes. First I think I see the ground, then some warm light higher up. I get excited and think it will disappear, but manage to relax and the image comes fully.

      Dream guide at the diner

      It's dark, with the sense of early morning rather than late night (deep blue sky). There's snow on the ground. Ahead of me there is a little one-level yellow house. As I look, large glass windows open in the front, with a neon OPEN sign - it's a tiny roadside diner. Through the windows I see people inside talking and eating.

      This isn't the place I wanted, and for a second I think I should try changing the scene. Then I think it would be better to just go in and find out why my mind wanted to bring me to this place.

      I'm nervous walking in, not knowing what to expect. Coming through the door and to my left, I go up to a table where and older black man with a kind face sits with a woman, both facing the door and windows. I'm not sure what to say to them, but the man talks first. He kind of winks at me and says, "Is anything here real, [Harlequin]?" I'm elated that he knows it's a dream! He and the woman say something about exercising, but I miss it in my excitement. Then the man tells me, "Not only can you eat in dreams, but the food here can taste different and better than in waking life. In fact, one of the things here was actually invented in a dream. See if you can find it!"

      With a smile, he gets up and goes behind the counter, to my right. I start looking around, to meet his challenge. It's warm and warmly lit in the diner. There's upbeat city pop kind of music playing at a medium volume, and it's pleasant.

      When the man was sitting, I noticed an orange foil packet of Brown Toasted Bread on the table next to his arm. I wanted to take that, because it looked very official and I thought that was a good candidate for the dream-invented food.†† But it's gone now. I start walking clockwise around the diner. There are things like croissants with sprinkles on tables, baskets of rolls and bread, and so on. I want something less dry, because I'm still thirsty.

      There is a little supporting wall in the middle of the diner directly across from the door, I guess also serving to block off the kitchen/bathrooms a bit. Behind this wall, I see a table with a basket of chocolate macarons. I go toward them, because macarons do give "invented in a dream" vibes. Before I take one, I mentally run through the previous parts of the dream, to make sure I have them in mind when I wake up.

      Then I hesitate - can a little roadside diner really make good macarons? When I think this, I see they're not really macarons. They're tiny yeasted buns, topped with diced almonds, and stuck together with an apricot jam. The texture is not what I expect, but it's one of those foods that's weird at first then grows on you.††† A group of little old ladies comes into the diner, and they're discussing the different foods, especially these buns. I notice I'm waking up and just let it happen, figuring this is a good note to end on.††††

      Side Notes

      *Oddly enough, I thought I remembered nothing of this dream when I first woke up. But I remembered seeing advice on DreamViews to still write in the dream journal even if you remember nothing, and when I rolled over and opened my phone to type "don't remember anything," that was when I remembered the dream!

      **Really, this should have been an indicator I was dreaming, how rude is that?

      ***Also very strange behavior, in the dream I was writing it off that he had been drinking.

      ****Originally I wanted to practice LD for visualization purposes, but now I'm thinking another LD goal should be to learn the rules of a dream game. Because I dream about games every so often but can't remember the rules when I wake up, I think that would be interesting!

      †I read this advice, to speak commands, on DreamViews forums. At the time, I thought it sounded silly. I was wrong! If I try to WILD again, maybe I'll remember to do something like this to get out of the black period.

      ††I honestly thought this was as real brand of crackers, even when I woke up. I was internet searching in disbelief. I think I may have been thinking of Toast-Chee crackers with the orange, but I imagined Brown Toasted Bread was like rye chips except flat and rectangular.

      †††I want to try making these in waking life now, thanks dream man!

      ††††A bit embarrassingly, I was salivating when I woke up. That's what I get for dream-eating!

      I count this as my first "succesful" lucid dream! In the past lucid dreams since starting this journal, there's been loss of control and panic, difficulty with vision, or just losing lucidity. I was definitely fully lucid and stayed that way, with access to my memory as well. Sure nothing amazing happened, but I was very happy when I woke up. I now feel like I have a better and definite handle on the "dream feeling" to recognize it next time!

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    11. May 18, 2023 10:15 am

      by , 05-18-2023 at 10:17 AM
      I fell asleep after work yesterday and been taking weird short naps throughout the night as my sleep schedule is once again screwed but saved by having a day off today meaning I didn't have to set an alarm. I fell asleep shortly after messaging Adobe's customer care team who said I have to pay a cancellation fee but told me they could waive it once

      In my dream I'm in an industrial area which is apparently the headquarters of Adobe and I misread the message from the customer support saying they're gonna force me to have a vasectomy/castration and take one of my testicles in exchange for getting my Adobe subscription cancelled. I spent the entire dream running away from them and my fellow Dutch colleague from my job was also there for some reason.

      Second half of the dream consisted of standing in a large, acoustic, cardboard coloured box with a bunch of friends who resembled the travel buddies I made when stranded at the Bad Bentheim station in Germany. My high school friend was there as well and we made a song of which the drums consisted of my high school friend getting hit in the head by a bag of nuts.

      I woke up laughing, I recorded that drum loop in my voice notes and will open my music software later to recreate it hahahaha
    12. Realizations in Bardo

      by , 05-16-2023 at 06:52 PM
      Was spending time with my dad and he said "It just occurred to me in bardo that, this whole time, you wanted to spend time with me..." and he and stared straight ahead in shock as the realization hit him.

      I nodded. I wanted that more than anything, but gave up because he was cold towards me. I tried for years and he always shot me down.
      One time I asked if he wanted to go to this festival we went to once when I was a kid, one of the few memories I have of him, and he said "No, that's for young people. I don't do that anymore." with bitterness as though he thought I cared about the festival.
      That was when I realized he didn't cherish those memories. I don't know if he ever thought twice about me and the more I tried to spend time with him, the more it seemed he didn't.

      "...No one ever wanted to spend time with me. Why?" he asked me, looking so shocked, confused, and heartbroken.

      I lifted my hands struggling to come up with the words, but gave up. "I don't know. Your my dad. I love you. And... I thought you seemed fun to be around, anyway." I said but couldn't hold it together and started crying. I had to leave, so I walked away.

      I saw it on his face that he finally understood.
      If only it wasn't a dream. I cried for a bit as I put away the dream ice cream I was going to eat—but no longer felt like eating—and then woke myself up because I was only dreaming to avoid waking reality. It's like 10 AM...

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    13. May 14, 2023 9:34 am

      by , 05-14-2023 at 08:59 AM
      My roommate and I went clubbing last night, dope venue but the DJs sucked ass playing the most slow, random, and rhythm lacking music and there was no door policy so everyone was allowed into the club leaving the place crowded with some occasional indoor smokers and zero vibes.

      I dreamed about working as a Junior Software Engineer at this company in Luxembourg with my friend there.
      In our spare time, we would pull out 3D software similar to Bryce 3D and create some 3D environments for future animations. I tried to design the indoor of a church-like mansion with statues of a man and woman that took the role of special church bells clocks as a hammer would hit them on the head and they would chase each other before going back into their "stereotypical gender pose" (I can't remember what it was, they just stood like a "typical woman and man")
      The whole "scene felt like a Point and Click game cutscene.

      This company reportedly in Luxembourg was in the middle of a tropical forest on a hill, covered in fences and reminded me of a hospital for some reason. I sat in a regular city bus home with this girl I met at an art gig a few weeks ago. She apparently had a boyfriend for some reason who had blonde hair and a mustache, resembling an actor I've seen in a theatre play a few years ago. I fell asleep on the girl's lap. The guy woke us up a while later saying we were getting kicked out of the bus because the bus was covered in what looked like feces you'd find at the farm meadows. We left the bus through the back and even though we were still at that forest during daytime, I suddenly was at Rotterdam at nighttime while protests were taking place there.

      Male and female television reporters covered in pink and white Frutiger Metro like shirts and sparkly face paint were being harassed by protesters who asked them for glitter in a mocking way before trying to assault them. I punch this one punk guy in his face and accidentally break one of his teeth. He tries to kick me but I dodged it and woke up.

      Dream was in English up until Rotterdam when it turned to Dutch.
    14. May 13, 2023, 8:00 pm

      by , 05-13-2023 at 07:33 PM
      Nap dream after 3 hours of sleep followed by work and watching videos about the SEGA Dreamcast.

      I was with a group of friends, allegedly my roommates/high school best friends, but the people looked very different and cannot recall whom they actually looked like, but the friendship was clearly there.
      We got tickets for the Beyoncé concert in a small Y2K chrome blue looking discotheque and entered the club (I couldn't actually see Queen B, but the vibe and crowd were there and I could recall single ladies playing vaguely.

      My friends were all dressed in their "coolest" clothes (the clothes didn't match with eachother, things like black cap with a green spencer and white tennis blouse sweater, Osiris type of shoes and there was this huge 2010 vibe going, they generally looked like they were around 13 years old)

      They all entered the venue which was in the middle of this suburban neighborhood in what could be both my hometown as well as Berlin.

      Halfway through the show, they changed outfits (like legit went home and back to put on different quotes) and we returned to the club where Beyoncé and her fans had now moved into the basement stage, which was accessible through a hidden trapdoor and staircase on the stage she was performing earlier. This whole club, even the staircase and basement had this dark blue/Indigo and black colour scheme.

      My friends sat there chilling with girls, meanwhile I was thinking about cutting my dreadlocks, something I have been occasionally thinking about as well in real life, especially after seeing people I know as well as this musician/YouTube channel I've been watching regularly called Ocean did the same.

      There was also this older woman from Tumblr who briefly appeared in my dream because she knew about the SEGA Dreamcast of which I was talking about on Tumblr. And apparently I had once again posted work info on my Tumblr which made me search through hashtags in a state of small panic despite my workplace not knowing about my Tumblr blog.

      Dream was in English I think, maybe briefly in Dutch.

      Thanks Beyoncé for guest starring, my subconscious couldn't afford you but it was cool thinking I was in the club where you played.
    15. May 11, 2023 8:04 am

      by , 05-11-2023 at 07:24 AM
      Was my birthday yesterday, fell asleep in a good mood

      I dreamed that I was at my workplace, but it was a different workplace and this old man accused me of filling the printer with goo or something despite the fact that I hadn't been to the office in a while.

      I then sit in an express bus driven by no one other than Tyler The Creator, who gets into a fist fight with an old man, different one from before, before telling the man to return to his place as we've almost reached our destination. Tyler then proudly shows us a pet bird he just adopted. We get dropped off in South East Amsterdam where everyone leaves into an apartment while an angry looking cat walks into my direction.
      I get into the apartment quick wondering how I'm getting to work tomorrow.

      I then woke up.
      Dream was in English, Tyler's part at least, and also in Dutch I think.

      The express bus was probably influenced by the fact I travelled to the Netherlands this weekend and on my way back someone got stabbed in the train and all other trains were cancelled because of it, after being stranded for three hours, an express bus picked us up snd brought us to a connecting station.
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