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    1. Night of 7/9/24

      by , 07-11-2024 at 06:03 AM
      Lucid Dream:
      I used MILD, reviewed my dream signs, and what I was gonna do lucid in that dream. Song “Hiraeth” by Clemens Ruh from prior dream kept playing through my head. Took me a while to fall asleep so I tried SSILD, which turned into WILD and I slid into light sleep paralysis. I asked for lucid dream, but nothing seemed to happen. I was super tired and felt awake in my bed. I assumed it didn’t work, but I worked up the energy to do a RC by looking at my hands. It took a lot of energy to move my hands through the sheets and lift my head. Lo and behold I had extra fingers, making this one of the most convincing false awakenings.

      I immediately spring out of bed, and rub my hands to stabilize the dream. Everything is super vivid, however it feels like I have one eye closed so I spend a moment trying to regain depth vision. My first task is to control the elements. I’ve worked with water and wind before, and wanted to try fire for the first time. I lifted my hands in front of me and willed flames into being above my palms. It was really faint at first, but I imagined using my body heat/energy to ‘heat’ up the flames and they became more stable. Still fairly subdued, so I’d like to try again at some point. At that moment, a hyper-real, very physical/sensual man walked right up to me. I do not recognize him from waking life.

      It was hard to deny his physicality and I could feel the warmth of his body and pull of his attraction. We chatted for a while and he wanted to engage in "things". We chat briefly about how it feels so real and physical, and if because of that it counts as much as in real-life.

      At various points in our conversation I try to sneakily summon a wall that I can walk through since it is on my list as my second task, but unfortunately a wall doesn’t appear and the man is still a distraction haha. The scene shifts and I notice that the man now has the head of animal. This reminds me of my third intention which was to transform fully into an animal. I know it’s out of intended order, but seemed relevant for what was happening so I gave it a try.

      I think of the leopard from my prior dream and feel myself morph onto all fours. I look down and see bright orange leopard paws and claws. They are little deformed and too bright so I spend a moment dulling the color and getting the shape right. At that moment I notice there is a wall in front of me. It seems like there are blue stained glass windows in the upper half, and I immediately think now's my chance to practice phasing through. In leopard form, I leap through, but realize I closed my eyes at the last second passing through so it doesn't count. I turn around and try again, but this time the wall almost flips aside like it’s a made out of flimsy plastic. I try one more time and make sure to keep my eyes open and focus on phasing through the wall fully and it works.

      The whole time I’m doing this, the now animal-headed man is looking very confused and is trying to follow me back and forth through the wall. He ends up getting stuck on the other side after I phase through.

      I end up landing into another false awaking, and do another reality check, but didn’t catch it that time so ended up slipping into a non-lucid dream.

      NDL #1:
      A group of us are setting a trap for the “enemy” but something about our plan fails and they find out. However the entity we’re up against plays “dumb” for us and sends someone to trip the trap anyways. This person turns out the be a friend. The trap is elaborate and involves him interacting with many different parts. I’m watching him from underneath some furniture so he cannot see me. Once he finishes setting the trap knowingly something changes - There is a brief moment where he is shown as a leopard running (in a new scene). Behind the scene I hear the song “Hiraeth” by Clemens Ruh distinctly playing and I wake up.

      NDL #2:
      I’m playing fiddle on the promenade next to a beach. I’m playing a slow Irish Air and a middle eastern family comes up intrigued by the tune. The handsome adult son walks up to me and says sounds it sounds like Afghan 'prison' music (not trying to be rude…more it’s just a lament and prison is a sad place to be). A friend pops in to say it’s Irish but originally probably British. Scene shifts to riding in the back seat of a car with the middle eastern man. He wants to play music so he brings out his instrument, which looks like a hammered dulcimer, but played with a short bow. He also brought a violin he can play. A friend is also in the car, and ends up borrowing the violin. I start playing Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór, and both the middle eastern man and my friend join in beautifully. He says this song is brighter than the first one I played, and I reply that is because I never got to the higher octave play through when he first heard it. Scene shifts and we’re driving through random parking lots. My sister, is in front of me now.

      NDL fragments:
      In a reoccurring area where conflict happens. Usually there are wooden arenas and hills in the area. In this particular dream I’m escaping a pursuer in a rock garden with a lot of cacti and succulents. I try and hide in the shadows to escape from the bright sun.

      Advanced combat teams in circular looking submersibles are in a water combat course. They work their way up river firing projectiles from the submersible.

      My mom is doing some sort of performance art in her office at home. There is a large crowd in the room so it’s hard to see the end, but her final act in the performance is to feign death. The crowd applauses at her performance and afterwords she goes with me to the buffet to get her sandwich.

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    2. Locking the gates into missing car adventure (LD)

      by , 07-11-2024 at 02:52 AM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      **for clarification the below is a dream, I don't own a new property or house.**
      I'm in a newly acquired home and I go outside to lock the main gate. I own a huge yard and I look outside the gate and see a mother with two children. I attempt to lock the gate, but the lock is broken. I go inside to retrieve a new lock and when I go outside, I only see the mother now, thinking the kids could have walked into the property I decide to leave the gate unlocked to avoid problems. I go back inside and want to become lucid, so I lay down and close my eyes.

      I'm in the void floating around and the only thing I want to do is drive my car somewhere strange. "I want to find my car!" I shout into the void. Instantly the dream world begins to materialize and I'm in an unknown house. I have a normal dream body and decide to open the door to walk outside, the outside world bursts to life. I hear a really catchy retro video game music playing, it's nighttime but the streets and building are lit up with the orange shine of the streetlamps, there's probably 100 people walking around the sidewalks and cars everywhere.

      I see a waypoint and I know it's telling me my car is there somehow. I follow it around the corner of the parking lot and find a floating empty white dotted outside of where my car should be. A mysterious jingle straight out of a detective show plays and I see in my upper vision a quest appears with the text. "Find your missing car."

      At this point I'm in disbelief of how alive everything is, and I never imagined this scene playing out like this. I just wanted to get in my car and drive somewhere...I turn around and just take in the scene.

      I watch one car turning the corner and as if a glitch or hitting a speed bump the car flies into the air for a moment. The driver inside goes limp and dies from the bounce. "Well, I found my car!" I cross the street and just as I'm about to enter it two people come bursting out of the adjacent building. One is my boss, and the other is an owner of a company I know of. "Jeremy!" he demands my attention.


      "Do you have the prints to c4?"
      (c4 referring to section c on the 4th floor of the building he just exited)

      I've never seen this building before, and I don't even have a phone on me. I look in my hand and I'm holding a phone now.

      "I don't have them." I tell him and he looks disgusted.

      "Does my breath smell bad?" I cover my mouth. I catch myself drifting off and decide this isn't worth it so I turn back to the truck and to dismiss them I say out loud "I quit" When I turn back, they're both gone, I get into the car and start driving. There's some construction material in the way of the car but I don't care and just drive straightforward.

      After driving for a bit my mind begins wandering and I catch myself losing lucidity once again but it's too late, the dream visuals have now frozen, and I can't make anything out and I wake up.

      **I've been trying to direct my dreams and walking outside and driving was a scene I played out in my head a few times so i was really caught off guard when the dream turned into what it did.

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    3. Night of 7/7/24

      by , 07-09-2024 at 03:23 AM
      Dream #1
      Get dropped off at airport gate by van driver who’s doing individual rides. Get to security and realize I’m traveling with a bunch of paraphernalia that I need to sort. There are a bundle of wood wands from my childhood that had been cut at the ‘handles’ and separated. I also spent a long time anxiously trying to put out a variety of incense that wouldn’t stop burning. I was worried that security would catch the smoke.

      Dream #2
      At the Japan airport gate. My sister is trying to change her seat from Red 9 to the lounge because she missed her connection last time she sat in red 9. She points to confiscated items under the help desk, picking up a lighter, to show her ask is reasonable but it’s denied by old Russian man behind desk. We board the plane.

      Dream fragment #3
      I’m hiding under some slatted stairs and a friend is teasing me with realistic stuffed animals that he had made.

      Dream fragment #4
      On top of moving train. In some sort of hammock and trying not to lose my keys or other things out of my pocket through the hammock netting.

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    4. 7/3/24

      by , 07-08-2024 at 08:41 AM
      My dream begins in a home I vaguely remember from childhood, it's situated in my small hometown on a side street, corner lot. There are several people in the home when I enter, I'm following behind my soon-to-be ex-husband. The home is dark and closed off, it smells of old wood and mildewing books. I can hear a man and woman discussing family matters, referring to me as "the girl" As I look around and draw in my surroundings and try to acclimate to the dark, I notice 5 other people who I'm not familiar with, they're younger like me, early to mid 30's, we're all dressed in clothing that looks to be from the 30's maybe the 40's. The "parents" (referred to by others in the home as mother & father) are dressed in what I consider their best dress, what you would see at a gathering. My soon-to-be ex-husband has now come to sit next to me after having disappeared momentarily. He reaches over and places his hand on my knee, tells me "Mother will prove it to you, just wait, I promise". After a moment of garbled conversation among the other people in the home "Mother" calls for us to come to her, we stand and walk to her, I'm lagging behind him, I'm not feeling very safe and I don't want to go with him but I follow anyway. He leads me down a hall into what looks like a study, the man & woman at the front of the room are almost regal, there are 2 other people beside them who I don't know, they're only standing, never speaking. She begins to speak, I can see her face, her mouth is moving, but I can't hear her words, I feel myself nod my head in agreeance but I have no clue what is being discussed. Everything flashes and suddenly we're outside on the porch of the home my ex and I are sitting on the steps discussing our next choices, I tell him I'm leaving and he won't change my mind, fear and sadness come over his face and I remind him that this is what he chose. As I stand to walk away there's another flash and I'm down the road, nearly to the main road in our town and he is begging me to hear him out. But the scenery is different, there are more trees, fewer homes, and the roads are more narrow. I can still see the businesses in the distance, but the residential area is somehow more serene. I yell as loud as I can and tell him I don't want his excuses, that I love him and I'm terrified of what is going to happen, but I can't stay anymore. He is no longer there, time passes and I find myself back at that house, there are different people in the home now & Mother and Father aren't there, everyone is sad, crying, mourning and I can't figure out who they are mourning. Finally, a small black dog makes its way in the door and I reach down to pet it, he's friendly and loving, I call him by name, although I can't recall it, and the dog stands up and says "He's gone but that's ok, you can bring him back, all you need to do is love me". Suddenly I'm awake....

      This dream has eaten at my psyche since I woke up from it, I've racked my brain trying to interpret it to no avail...
    5. Night of 7/6/24

      by , 07-08-2024 at 05:39 AM
      Dream #1:
      It’s night and I’m in childhood valley near where I grew up. I’m invisible and sneaking into my “animal senses” in order to wake them up. This was done by entering a bush on the side of the valley road without the cars headlights noticing as they drive past. I would then change into different animals? I’m doing pretty well first in a big cat form, but get a premonition that something big is going to go wrong. A massive train made of beaten up blue retro vans bursts destructively from my best friend's old house and into the valley. It careens up the road, and towards the hill that leads to my childhood home. I know I need to stop it, so I turn into a wolf with “earth powers” to try and cut it off. Scene goes third person, and as the wolf runs it creates a trail of earthquakes/earth walls behind it to block the “train’s” path as it tries to go up the valley hill.

      Dream fragment #2:
      Cleaning a large empty pool. There are leaves strewn on the bottom. I find metal skewers in pool (one with blue and one with red handles), which seems kind of dangerous. There is some sort of substitute teacher trying to direct operations of our group, but she realizes she’s redundant and that we already know what we’re doing.

      Dream fragment #3:
      I’m with a couple others learning how to summon “curses” or “spells” of some sort using intention. I think we’re in some sort of Buddhist monastery. I’m walking up some stairs and focused on my intention when I feel a shift inside of me. A couple metal “skewers” begin to fly around me and into the open chamber at the top of the stairs. Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche is our teacher and I can see him smiling as he follows me up the stairs. He says I’ve started to figure it out.
    6. Omar Is Transmasc???????????

      by , 07-07-2024 at 04:18 PM (The Internal and Subconscious World of DropTherapy)
      Omar Rodriguez Lopez found himself in a dreamscape of a simulacrum of the San Francisco bay area and somewhere in south america. He was on a street on an incredibly high hill with a remarkable overlook into the woods below. The dreamscape shared a lot in common with his waking world, albeit certain businesses on the main street were open and some were closed of abandoned. In the background were discussions about hip replacement surgery and menstruation as he navigated this dreamscape and tried to look for something in particular. Whenever he wanted to wake up he would find a specific fenced corridor decorated with foliage to travel through. What started out as an empty street soon became full of kids playing and businesses operating. I forget what it was he was looking for. Perhaps it was some sort of personal truth. He drank some dirty water at one point and eventually woke up in a bathtub in one of these abandoned places. An old lady that ran one of the restaurants introduced him to some of the kids he saw in the dream.

      I'm unsure how to explain it but this dream evoked a type of liminal feeling introspective/retrospective feeling you can only get in dreams. It's an odd and fascinating feeling. Quite peaceful.

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    7. Hostage trying to run away

      by , 06-02-2024 at 05:47 PM
      It starts off with me being outside the drugstore and I'm on the phone.. I'm not sure whom I'm talking too but I know i'm calling for help. Either if its 911 they don't believe me, or I'm calling someone to have them call 911 and they don't believe me. I think someone else is beside me after I'm done my call I try to go back inside the drugstore and an employee there said the store's closed.. I say something to the effect of "we're are hostages" meaning me and whomever I'm with and we're back in the store. We go back to big guys aka the kidnappers but they have the attitude or at least they'll have later on the attitude of Elmer Fudd.

      Whenever they get a moment's distraction -I'm off like a shot trying to escape the drug store or whatever store I'm in and its like something from Looney Tunes I'm like Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck but I do go back to them eventually for some reason I don't know. And about 10-15 times of this little "game" of me running away and them trying to track me down again. I'm think the store might have c hanged from the drug store to a clothing store- and one of the kidnappers is asking "Why do we have to bring Ava in (my dream-self name) in? Maybe we should forget about them, we still have the other one". The other one says something along the lines of "the boss wants us to bring Ava in". So it seems like the unknown boss and my Dreamself Ava, had some history prior to the dream. And I had to wake up at that point.

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    8. Arthur (AAR-VDARK)+Alien or other R rated movie

      by , 06-02-2024 at 05:35 PM
      Over two weeks ago I had this dream. It started out in an Arthur kind of unviserse. I don't remember much about what happen. But at some point someone meets aliens. And then the alien kind of I think explodes and then it turns into a real-life setting and the alien leaves a bloody craddle with a lot of blood in it and a couple of layers of I want to say skin. And once I (?) uncover it I found a baby alien in a bath of blood and its tinny but then I woke up and had to go to the bathroom.
    9. 25-05-25 Telling Classroom of DCs they're DCs

      by , 05-26-2024 at 09:17 PM
      I'm in a narrow street of a major city. There are small restaurants everywhere. Sushi, pizza, street food generally. I think I already had a degree of lucidity because I remember seeing the foods advertised, thinking "that's a lot of calories", and also thinking I could eat it without consequence because this was a dream anyway. At one point I approached a place that sold candy. I decided to use mind control to force the DC shop owner to hand me a particular piece of candy from the counter. At first, he refused my command, incredulous that I would even make such a demand for free candy. I repeated the command, louder this time. I repeated it again and again like a mantra, until my voice became booming and deafening, and the DC was forced into obeying.

      In the next scene I found myself in what I think was a classroom. The scene had shifted without my input so clearly my lucidity and control weren't 100% and I was still mostly along for the ride. I think I was the teacher. The students, all sat in their seats facing me, were in their late teens. I started telling them that this was a dream. I went into detail. This was my dream, they were my DCs, figments/aspects of my subconscious, and if I were to wake up they would cease to exist. I told them that they were created in my image, just the way I was created in God's. Some demanded evidence. I demonstrated my powers by sticking my arm into a wall. Then, walking into a classroom wall (phasing), moving behind some of them, sticking my arm out of the wall, and tapping them on the shoulder. That surprised them! Their reactions to my "lesson" were interesting. Some went into denial. Some became visibly depressed, as they seemed to accept something they'd always known but chose to repress. Tragically, their fears of nonexistence came true as I eventually woke up, and their very existence became nothing more than a vague memory to me.
    10. RIP

      by , 05-24-2024 at 03:20 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      I don't know if any old-school dreamviews members are still around. But, I regret to inform you all that former DV member: Cacophony (Chloe Rose) has passed away from stage 4 cancer. I used to interact with her a lot on DV maybe 2009'ish? She leaves behind a young daughter. Kind of hit me hard today for an hour or so... anyone younger than me or in my age group when they pass... I count myself lucky. We attempted to share dreams for a short stint. She did tell me I actually dreamed of something she did in waking life, she said hoped my strange skill takes me places.

      Also, Possible Jamie sighting again. I was in olds, had to take a detour and while turning caught a girl in a maroon car beaming at me. Hair tied back or in braids. Face: familiar. It was hard to tell because it was only a split second. Hard to tell because when it comes to Jamie, The universe likes to fuck me in the ass... literally.

      Anyway dreams.

      New girlfriend

      I'm with Jamie at a highschool. She somehow convinces me to get a new girlfriend or something. It's some slightly chubby girl. later we are "going out." I kiss her goodbye at the end of the school day. The kiss doesn't feel right at all... but I say as I'm walking away. "Goodbye my girlfriend!". She just stares at me dumbfounded or something. I walk away with Jamie and say, "She didn't even respond." Jamie said, "She's not the right one then."


      I'm going from a top floor of a large building to downstairs through a series of rooms set up like an obstacle course. I breeze through most of it pretty easy. On one floor the memorable part was running into two cheetahs. They were really friendly though.


      some dream about a new job or something. can't remember.

      Almost lucid

      I was with Jamie somewhere... had a False Awakening. I was in a bedroom that felt like it was mine. There was some obscure music playing. it sounded like Classic rock, but with grunge. I remember thinking the song was annoying. Then it stopped and I heard a radio guy talking. It sounded like Gibbrish and then it ended. Saw a weird panting on the wall. It kept changing shape. I was about to be lucid but woke up.


      Me and Jamie are walking in a white area, By a wall there's a 3 foot high troll... it's female with blond hair but a wierd face. Jamie says, "Hey, I think that might be your girlfriend." I stop and ask the troll, "Who is your boyfriend?" The troll I think is going to point at me but it points to the floor between my feet. I took it as a Yes and picked up the troll to give her a hug.

      FA, The troll is on top of my in my bed. I jump up in shock and it makes me wake up for real.

      Why is Jamie trying to get me a new, "Girlfriend." in dreams. I already have Asuka, and Jamie... Is she testing telepathy again trying to make me say a key phrase? Well STOP it. I'm not an experimaent... Kinda miss the affecionate dreams.
    11. 24-05-19 Escape, Flying Away w. Soundtrack

      by , 05-19-2024 at 10:03 PM
      I was in a bizarre place. A series of rooms, hallways and stairways, but with an open ceiling so you could see the sky. I was with multiple other people, all trying to escape. I think we had to pass the same area multiple times, but in a different "cycle" so it would look slightly different every time, with traps in different places, obstacles moved slightly, etc. In the final cycle, entire parts of the floor turned to lava. I think one of the guys I was with was Ed Harris? We went up a stone spiral staircase, and reached the exit. By this point, I had gained a subconscious awareness that this was a dream, and that the plot had come to an end. But not full lucidity. I started flying, going straight up and looking down. From a respectable altitude, I could see all the landmarks we'd previously visited during our escape. There were strange, orb-shaped luminescent structures. I think it was a bit misty, too. There was a rousing, inspiring soundtrack playing as I ascended. I felt on a subconscious level that I was the one "generating" the music - again some degree of lucidity. I even caught myself marveling at the fact that this musical composition did not exist, and I completely made it up in real-time. I decided to go higher, into space, so I stretched out my arms to reach for the heavens, and with one extra burst of acceleration flew upwards until the sky got black and starry. While I did this, the soundtrack hammed it up even more, and got even more epic.
    12. Dream Journal Day 45: Night of Tuesday 23.04.2024

      by , 05-02-2024 at 10:33 PM
      I'm climbing a staircase - I quickly realise that I'm in my primary school. The steps are smooth, angular concrete, and so are the walls - I remember that in reality, they were brick walls painted white. There is no artwork on the walls as I climb; the stairwell is cold and empty and my footsteps echo off the walls. It rises up a great shaft through the square school building.

      I step onto a landing and turn to a set of grey double doors with small windows, to the nursery. They have no frame and are flush with the wall. I push open the doors and enter the nursery. Straight inside the door is a narrow hallway, the staff bend over tables on both sides of the wall. The space feels narrow, crowded and chaotic.
      I make my way through them and the hall opens into a much wider, clearer room, lit up brilliantly from all over. Half-height bookshelves double as partitions between different areas of the room, coloured beanbags are scattered about and children mill throughout the room. I'm not sure if I'm one of the children or not.

      At the back of the room is a wall of narrow cubbyholes. I search for mine; I know whereabouts it is, but someone has let their coat hang out of their cubby so that it covers mine. I fumble around for a bit before finding my cubbyhole, only to discover someone else's stuff inside. I pull it out: it's a black drawstring bag, almost empty so that the fabric sags when I pick it up. I'm wondering what to do with this when I feel a tap on my shoulder.

      I turn around. The girl standing behind me is someone who went to my school, but left before Sixth Form. We used to chat from time to time. "Sorry," she says, "that's mine - I'll take it. I just left it there for a moment." I hand her the bag and notice that her hair is darker and shorter than I remember it. "Did you get a haircut?" I ask. When she fully turns to face me I'm stunned to see that there's nothing left of her hair but sparse, thin and wispy curled strands; I can see clearly her near-bald scalp. I know she sees the shock in my eyes as she looks away with a regretful smile. She tells me that she was diagnosed with lymphoma ("lymphomatic") recently and is being treated. I don't know what to say. A crowd throngs around us of girls trying to collect their belongings.

      I leave the nursery. As the doors fall closed behind me, something compels me to open them and look inside once more. Every teacher in the hallway snaps their head towards me, terror in their eyes. Each wears a plain dress, a crisp white apron and a cloth bonnet, and they bend over to tend to babies wriggling and squirming on the tables. Left speechless by their reaction, I slowly close the doors again and leave.

      Then I am on the train, going home. It's cramped and I am squished against the wall of the carriage, arms clutched to my chest. The light down here is cold and dim, occasionally flickering. The train rattles as it rushes through the tunnel. I feel tired of the monotony, my eyelids flutter.

      Soon I am walking down the high street away from my station. I compulsively check my belongings; touch my backpack strap, check. Feel my coat over my arm, check. Then I feel around under the coat and on my shoulder, but I can't find the tote bag that I always carry.
      At the realisation adrenaline bolts through my body and I almost feel sick. Where is it? At school? Then I have to go back. My wallet, phone and keys are in there, not to mention library books. What a pain... I'm already dreading the thought of getting back on that train.

      As I'm figuring out what to do I clench my left hand and feel the resistance of something hard. It's my phone. That should be in my other bag, and it's here - but the bag isn't. All these different trains of thought and lines of reason swirl into a whirlwind of confusion. I stand stock-still in the middle of the pavement, mind racing as I begin to feel worse and worse.

      Ugh I am not having a great time on the site recently... Every time I visit I get to spend much more than a few seconds 'verifying you are human' which then repeats itself after a few minutes and in the process logs me out and deletes the DJ I am editing. Drives me mad!

      Long dream this time!
    13. Exploration (LD)

      by , 05-02-2024 at 12:11 PM (Book of Cursed Dreams)
      WILD sp

      I'm in bed and I notice something off. I open my eyes and see the distorted version of my room again; I can't move. I decide I don't want to explore directly out of SP because it tends to be very unstable. I close my eyes and begin playing a made-up song on the air guitar, paying the intense sensations no mind at all.

      DILD nose pinch

      I wake up in my parents' house and I'm now walking around. I attempt the nose pinch RC and I can still breathe through it. "Weird." I think as I continue walking around looking at the house. I do around two more nose pinch RCs and still don't realize I'm dreaming. I'm trying to reason with myself why it's not working. "I'm just not pinching hard enough." The 4th nose pinch I try to make sure that my fingers are actually closing my nose all the way and I'm pinching extra hard. I can still breathe.
      "This is a dream?" I think to myself. The house I'm walking around in looks identical to the one I grew up in. Everything starts to fade.
      I begin spinning. I notice the hallway leading to the bedrooms, then the living room, back to the kitchen. "Wow, I never thought it could be this real." I span a couple more times in awe about how everything was exactly where it should be.
      I get a bit excited and go down the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I throw open a door to see my brother J3. I turn the light on and that wakes him up, he looks kind of annoyed. "Don't worry J3, this is a dream!" He smiles and starts walking to me "Oh yeah?" He gives me a huge bear hug, picking me up. once he sets me back down, he tells me to follow him. He's walking down the hallway back to the kitchen when the dream fades completely to a brown/tan static, I think to myself I want to spin to stabilize but there's nothing to see, I must be waking up.


      I'm in bed again and my limbs feel weird, I think I'm awake and try the nose pinch, it works but I still feel off. I lick my finger and start tapping my nose. It all feels more or less how I would expect it to feel minus the strange vibrations. So, I close my eyes.

      Cat outside

      I wake up in my apartment to see my cat outside the window. *I've had the windows open because the AC isn't working* I run over and try to help her when I realize it's a random cat outside and it's trying to get inside the apartment. I'm not really sure what to do and I'm just watching the cat. Eventually the window screen comes loose, and the cat jumps inside, landing on the windowsill. My cat runs up to look at it and I get a bit worried and shoo the cat back outside. I close the window fully. The cat sees that and now has a human like scowl on its face, I find that hilarious and try to call for my brother J1 to come and look.

      I wake up.

      Note: Finally completed my goal of exploring a "real place" I really didn't want to believe I was dreaming because of how real it was, not just the house but my body as well.
    14. Another short lucid

      by , 05-02-2024 at 01:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      First night.


      I was walking at night in a sketchy area of a large city. I just remember walking past a bunch of people with hoodies on. I entered a gas station to get a coffee. I walked past a guy but couldn't find the coffee machine. So I grabbed some random things... Unleavened bread? Wtf. Someone must have fell asleep listening to a reading of Exodus, and it wasn't me. And I grabbed slushie and some bananas and put it all in a blender. The other customer in the store was looking at me funny. I couldn't turn the blender on.

      I went to the counter and Jamie was working the counter. She said something to me about this gorgeous guy she knew who used to have a PS2. Um okay. Was she pulling a jealousy move on me? Or was she talking about me. I'm not gorgeous, but I did own a PS2... Dream fades.

      Next night had no recall. Woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep.

      Last night:

      I was in a large castle like building with large windows. I kept looking out the windows and seeing many impossible things. Thing like: lots of tornadoes but not hurting anyone, many people walking down a path with colorful cone hats, and various horses.

      This made me lucid. I jumped up and floated to confirm lucidity. I landed by a doorway. I wanted to find Jamie again. Everything seemed really stable and solid so I decided to try Hukif's time dilation method again. As soon as I put my hand down on the ground, everything just faded to black... Damn. Maybe I should try something else.


      I was in a chicken barn with Jamie. She said to me, "I want you to put it in my ***, Robert." (I will not publicly post what is going in where.) Then she pulls out a chicken from behind her back and is pointing it's ass end at me like a gun. She then says, "Are you chicken?" When she says, "chicken." She squeezes the chicken and and egg flies at me. She then chases me around the barn repeating the question and shooting eggs at me.


      Just a flash of Jamie at a stove with a frying pan on one burner and boiling water on the other. We are just playfully talking while she cooks something.


      Audio only dream. I hear a demon accusing Jamie of something. But forget what...
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    15. Normal?

      by , 04-28-2024 at 11:29 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Finally a short but useless lucid.

      First night: just two flashes of Jamie's face. She was blond in both, not sure why. In the second she has 2 braids.


      I was flying around the top of a house with some man. He opened the top of the roof. I stopped and saw my hand in front of me. Became lucid because of it for some reason. In the back of my mind I wanted to look for Jamie. But first I wanted the dream to last long. I decided to try the Walms/hukif method for time dilation, ( which is impossible to execute). I got down on one knee and put my left hand one the ground. Closed one eye and began to count the spaces between my fingers left to right. I got to maybe 6 when my hand began distorting. Seeing more fingers and spaces to count. Began to feel that force wanting to push me from the dream. So I panicked and jumped high, but the dream ended while in the air.

      Next night:

      Jamie 1

      I'm in a living room sitting on the corner of a sectional couch. Jamie is to my left and an older overweight woman is to my right. The lights are dim and we are watching tv. Jamie has a remote or is eating something. She is not looking towards me. The other woman's leg brushes against mine. Not sure if that was intentional or not. Jamie notices and grabs my hand as I sit beside her.

      Jamie 2

      Another sex dream. I am on top and Jamie doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much. I guess she likes the other thing better.

      Last night:


      I'm at a fast food restaurant and some older lady is taking my order. She starts doing the funny faces from the unmentionable Tiktok video by Gina. I just start rolling my eyes...

      False break up

      I'm wandering through Didsbury downtown and keep finding extra alleyways. Me and some people break into places but I lose them. I suddenly come across Jamie, who starts adamantly saying we should break up. I just argue about it for a while. But she keeps insisting. I'm about to give up when hands reach through the Jamie I am talking to. Another Jamie's face comes out of the one in front of me. The real Jamie starts kissing me and says we are not breaking up. I forget what happens after.

      And yes I know how people like her might do a break up test. Please don't. That's abusive.
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