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    1. FPS Gaming

      by , 02-29-2024 at 05:30 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Notable substances: 1g Glycine

      I didn't get to try the biphasic/segmented sleep schedule I was going to experiment with, going to save that for another time. In the past two days I tried taking the amino acid Glycine after reading up on how it helps with sleep and increases dreaming for some people. Yesterday I tried 3 grams before bed. I kept waking up in the night with long dreams in mind, but it made me so groggy I didn't have the energy to write them down and forgot them in the morning. It appears to make sleep deeper for me and makes my body heavier feeling than usual after waking up.

      So tonight I tried 1g. This dream was unusually cohesive/tied together for me and vivid, though I had to interrupt my sleep and wake up for the day after only 5 hours of sleep. I'm going to experiment with it more after seeing how kava kava does tonight.

      Dream 1

      I’m using a computer that has two video cards. They’re extended from USB risers from the motherboard and are sitting on my desk to the right and in front of my keyboard. I mess around with finding the best place to put them, their fans are loud and they’re so clunky.

      There’s a guy in the room with me and he recommends that I remove the power supply unit off my desk, which also was extended to fit there by the left of my keyboard. I lower the PSU onto the ground and put the video card in its place which is a better setup, but not ideal.

      The guy with me wants me to play a game that he’s really into, it’s sort of like CS:GO. I try it out, in the first round I spawn with my team of about five people. I don’t like my assault gun out of the gate so I look around on the grassy ground for another one. The guy with me says just go, don’t worry about it. But I spot a bolt action sniper rifle, I go to pick it up but the usual hotkey isn’t working so I try others until one works.

      As I travel onward I see a great valley with my teammates far ahead of me, already almost across to the other side where the enemy is. I climb up a hill near me and begin sniping at the enemies that are engaged with teammates on the other side of the map. I think about the netcode as I lead my shots.
      The polls are now closed-1.jpg

      I injured a few enemies and right as I took one down I’m being fired on from my right side at a very close range. I turn and take out my assault rifle and begin pre-firing as I lock onto the enemy. We both die at the exact same time. The camera pulls out to third person and slowly rotates around our bodies.

      Our team ended up losing, on the scoreboard I played 3rd for my team.

      Round 2 began and now we spawn in a smaller building. I go ahead and just barely see an enemy run into the room in front of me, he hides beside the door. I toss a grenade into the room right as he begins to set up a claymore by the door. The grenade goes off and I get a hit-marker, but no kill. I go into the room and finish that guy off.

      In quick succession I run into a few of the other enemies and take them out. The last one runs by me, he has no shirt on and has a really hairy back. He’s armed with nothing but a crowbar, I think to myself that he’s probably trolling this match. He hides in a locker and shuts the door behind himself.
      The polls are now closed-2.jpg
      Okay so he wasn't quite this hairy!

      After chasing him around a bit I eventually take him down and the match is over. The score screen shows me in first place with 5 kills and all of my teammates have 0. The person that was in the room with me must’ve ran out for a sec as they’re not there, I wait for a moment and they show back up. I show them the score screen and he says “daaaamn!”

      He proceeds to show me that the better you do the better of a reward you get at the end of each day. You’re rewarded with a different color hospital bracelet, depending on how well you do. He then explains that they allow you to enter certain e-sport areas in the game. Most of them are sort of training videos with tips and tricks from famous e-sport players.
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    2. Soggy Structures to Samurai Ceremonies

      by , 02-26-2024 at 03:47 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Supplement update: I'm wrapping up my no-caffine experiment. I've noticed improved sleep and some slight improvements to dream vividness but I think that effect is marginal. What I didn't expect was how much calmer I am off of caffeine and how much less anxiety I have that I didn't even know was there before. Going forward I will probably have caffeine related drinks here and there but I think I'm largely going to stay off of it just from how nice it's been.

      I woke up at about 4:00am naturally after about 4 and a half hours of sleep. I decided I would stay up and sleep again in several hours. I went back to sleep for about an hour and a half at 11:00am but didn't recall any more dreams from this short sleep.

      I'm thinking starting tomorrow I may try waking up after ~4 hours of sleep and then stay up for ~4 hours before getting my last ~4 hours of sleep just to see what it's like with dreaming, a sort of biphasic/segmented sleep pattern. My schedule is flexible these days so why not!

      Dream 1

      I’m in the passenger seat of a truck, some farmer guy is in the driver seat. He’s driving around the fenced perimeter of the property. As we’re driving I daydream (night-daydream? dreamdream?) a vision of pills that I think are Alpha-GPC but they’re modified in some way. When you take them they replace your vision with lighting against a black background, but only for a few seconds then the effect resumes being Alpha-GPC.

      There is a loud compressor that is on. I ‘know’ that it doesn’t belong to us and that we shouldn’t be using it. A cop and some sort of addict show up, my companion stops driving and runs over to the compressor, shutting it off.

      The cop and his companion walk up to me and we exchange some words, not sure what was said but the mood went from tense to neutral.

      Dream 2

      I’m with James and my dad, we are approaching a house that we’re supposed to be inspecting. Dad has no shirt on and his skin is very deeply tanned, he has a mystery scar on his left shoulder blade.

      As we approach the building dad says something about the owner of the house is a 30-ish year nosy guy. I entered the house in a weird way, like the side paneling was peeled back and I ducked under and in.

      Upon entering the building it’s immediately apparent that it’s in bad shape. Everything is covered in a sheen of wetness, the walls are soggy and wooden beams are waterlogged. It’s like nobody has lived in here for a year and the humidity was 100% all the while. I say that it’s too gross in here and that I’m leaving.
      I'm through crying-3.jpg

      Now Dad James and I are approaching three mesh lawn chairs around a camp site on the small farm property from Dream 1. Dad takes the middle seat, James takes the seat on the left - the dream fades as I approach the last remaining seat.
      I'm through crying-1.jpg

      Dream 3

      I am wearing a kimono with a hakama, as are a group of maybe 20 other men. We’re all kneeling facing the same direction in several rows in an open grassy area. They are getting up and going in front of the group to present their swords, one at a time.

      I look down and I have what looks to be a regular katana, unsheathed in my lap. Now a man goes in front of the group and presents his insanely long sword - reminiscent of Sephiroth’s Masamune. He boasts about how none of us wouldn’t even be able to get near him in a fight. I think about how the sword is probably not an advantage at all.

      Updated 02-26-2024 at 03:51 AM by 106

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    3. Dashing through the bread

      by , 02-24-2024 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      I keep waking up around the time I would usually set my WBTB alarm for even when it's off now. It felt like it took a long time to get back to sleep after waking up.

      Dream 1

      I’m sprinting directly at a loaf of bread so fast that I somehow cleave it cleanly in half. I repeatedly do this but it seems I do best when I have someone standing about 20ft in front of the bread and then I sprint at them and sort of slingshot around them as if they have a strong gravitational force, which propels me even quicker into the bread.

      There is some sort of party going on as I’m doing this and I learn that this bread-cutting technique I’m doing is called the ‘herb werb’. After learning this I silently repeated under my breath ‘herb werb’, alternating between pronouncing it with and without a silent h.

      Dream 2

      I’m in a large apartment with a lot of my relatives, they were all frantically running around seemingly terrified. I’m in a bedroom, there are two closed doors to leave the room and I begin heading towards one of them.

      When I’m about to reach the door the ghost of my grandma passes through it. She looks grumpy and continues through the room and passes through the other door. I was startled at first but then after seeing her face I said “Oh.. Grandma!” and watched her go on her way.

      I open the door I was originally heading for and head out into a hallway to see everyone running around frantically. I ask Terry what’s going on and she exclaims “It’s grandma, she’s HaUnTiNg us!”.

      I sort of wander around the apartment a bit, it has multiple hallways. I eventually enter a large kitchen with an island table. On one side of the island ghost grandma is sitting on a chair, and all around the other side are the relatives.

      They are all sort of shouting at her things like “Why are you haunting us!”, “Just go back, why are you here?!”. I’m confident that I can at the very least deescalate the situation. As I walk over to the island I say “Hey everyone, let me talk to her for a moment”. They all back up and make room for me to sit across from grandma.

      I ask her “How have you been?”. She seems angry and confused but answers. We begin having a pleasant conversation and her mood is improving. She’s now speaking as if she’s still alive and had not passed away. Then one of the relatives interrupts and asks me very loudly “When are you going to tell her to stop haunting us??” - Which ruins the progress I was making and upsets grandma. Someone else also chimes in “Why are you asking her these questions, she’s dead!”

      The feelings of getting a handle on things but being set back was frustrating.

      Dream 3

      I’m with two annoying men dream characters that I wouldn’t normally associate myself with. They’re both parents and talking about parenting, let’s call them GuyA and GuyB.

      GuyA is talking about how recently he was out shopping and his kids asked him to buy them something. He goes on to say how he began losing his temper with them and was arguing about it but then had a moment of clarity that he was acting like GuyB, and stopped being so hostile with his kids. GuyB seems unphased by this.

      I look around and we’re standing by the doors of an apartment building, but there’s only a small ledge made out of stone that surrounds the building, which drops off to the ocean. I look out at the sea and it’s snowing lightly and dark out. The ocean is churning with huge swells, sometimes almost reaching our ledge.

      I feel dispassionate and flat, I walk around the ledge to one of the other sides of the building and I see a small stretch of highway in the ocean running parallel to the building, it’s supported by 8 or so metal pillars going down into the ocean. It’s probably only about 100 ft long and the road ends abruptly on both sides.

      I point to it and quietly say “Highway here, get your highway here” like one of those old times paper boys. I feel like I said something about ‘magic road’ as well.

      GuyA looks at me, then the ocean highway back and forth several times. As if competing for my attention he begins running towards the ocean and shouts “Oh yeah? Well watch this!” as he leaps into the frigid water.

      He begins comically doing an exaggerated butterfly stroke, every time he comes up for air he looks at me to check if I’m still watching. His clothing and coat seem to be slowing him down. I walk around to another side of the building.

      Dream 4

      I’m sitting on a large stone beach by the ocean, it’s very sunny and beautiful out. There are many little shelled creatures moving around me, about the size of golf balls. I consider how they look like the real life equivalent of enemies from a video game (Ninja Gaiden), even though the correlation didn’t actually make sense.

      Someone says something to me, I look up to see who it is. I feel interrupted.
    4. More dreams

      by , 02-24-2024 at 12:38 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Short dream with low detail about working in an office building. We were moving boxes around and stuff.

      Long dream

      Started out... I was flying up in some interesting caves. They were endless and bright multi colored. I went in a crevice where some people were. Apparently my dad was working in the cave and we were laying tapes out. Some foreman mentioned my dad was fast and did everything in the cave so quickly.

      I was wiping a tape that was by a damp spot with water flowing through it. I couldn't get it to stick and after several tries... I started yelling in frustration. The foreman told me to leave. I argued the work couldn't be done. The man said he had a guy that could do it, and a young guy took my spot. This sent me into a ranting rage. I started leaving.

      Now I was walking down a grassy hill and some guy from the construction group was following me. We kept talking and he was trying to calm me down. I remember saying something like I was "hangry."

      I went to the camp where I supposedly lived, tried to eat at a restaurant but the details are foggy. I also got kicked out of the restaurant.

      Next I was in some store with advanced clocks and watches. This girl with long brown hair and grey eyes helped me in the store. Her name tag said , "Jamie," and might have even said so. She didn't seem to know who I was. And I wasn't sure it was my Jamie., even though the height and look was the same. She showed me a tiny clock inside a glass pyramid that fit in the palm of your hand. I guess it WAS Jamie, just that we didn't recognize one another.

      I left the store and saw something like a sci Fi convention going on. People were walking from a door in Starfleet uniforms. For some reason I thought I had a pass to get in, so I walked right in. I walked past lines of people in similar uniforms. I tried to shake some actresses hand but she looked shocked. Security people kept scanning my forehead as I was walking through. Then security escorted me out

      The security guy took me to the lobby and was holding my wrist. I kept telling him to let me go . Eventually after some talking we were friends. He showed me a watch he had that was in the shape of a glass pyramid. I told him that the Jamie girl that works there, looked and acted exactly the same as some girl named Jamie that I knew in another town years ago. A guy piped up... It was PewDiePie. And he said, "whoa, that's a crazy coincidence." Or something. We started talking but I woke up.

      Jesus' message

      I fell into a brief HH dream. A scene like and oil painting of Jesus slid from the left and came before my eyes. He said, " After careful consideration of knowing Jamie's character, I have determined that the reason why you haven't heard from her yet, is because she feels very guilty about how she mishandled you in the past. She also is very fearful of the same result happening again." Wow, okay. All I can say is I'm not willing to reach out either, since I already have a few times and have been only met with silence. I'm not willing to message someone who isn't going to respond. I don't want to harass her in any way. I guess we're just gonna have to run into eachother more... Or she CAN do the drive bys more if that's what it takes for her to feel comfortable with me, she has my permission.

      neighbors house

      Brief dream about house sitting my neighbors house. I was on some landing. It was night time and I was talking to some girl on the main floor. I was doing some dream parkour stuff around the house while we we talking. She was saying how the previous owner had all these rock tiles for the driveway and how he was taking them all to his new house . I responded that the current owner of the house we were sitting said the previous owner left a lot of those tiles in the basement. That's all I remember.


      I was walking down a busy suburban street at night time. I was with some friends or something. I saw a girl I seemed to recognize with orange hair. I said to the guy I was with that a thought she was cute. The girl came up to me and seemed to know me. I'm not sure if it was Asuka, or Jamie. We sat down somewhere on a bench with a tarp over it. I was holding her hand. I rested my head on her shoulder and fell asleep.
    5. Lots of dreams

      by , 02-22-2024 at 02:28 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Dream recall increasing from journalling more. Yay!

      Dog wtf

      Dream of seeing my dog again. He was barking at me again. His mouth looked funny again. It reminded me of the previous dream when he looked like that, but I didn't think to do an RC.

      Jamie 1

      Flash of me and Jamie walking away from my house that I was in when I was renting the basement suite in 2011. We were arm in arm. My vision zoomed out in 3rd person perspective. It was night time, and we both looked semi anime. We also were smiling and looked kind of dazed.


      I was staring out of a window. I noticed my reflection. I was a girl though and I slightly resembled Jamie... I had spots on my face, like sick with the measles or something. My vision zoomed in and the spots were really sweat drops discoloring my skin. I looked away and looked back and now I was my normal self but still sweating. I was wondering how sick I was.

      Jamie 2

      I was in a large store like a Sears or something. Asuka was behind me and Jamie was beside me. We were walking on the tile path between the wall and a clothing section when a really short blond girl blocked my path. Some music started playing while we were talking and for some reason we started dancing. But I was confused about which hand should go where. I switched hand positions a couple of times. I then remembered that I was with Jamie, and I shouldn't be doing anything to make her jealous. ( only problem with my dream state I'm like a drunk guy and everything I do is impulsive). I leave the girl and find Jamie sitting on the floor on the edge of the clothing section. Asuka is just in the background watching. I sit down in front of Jamie, she still looks semi anime, she's staring into space and is smiling. I try talking to her but she hardly replies. I grab her hands and stand up. She stands up with me. I think asuka was using a song spell on Jamie or something when I was talking to the girl to trance her out from noticing, or being jealous. Maybe the song spell made me sober to think of Jamie as well.

      Next night


      I was in a town that reminded me of Red deer. I was walking into a store when I noticed a bunch of Arab looking guys in black bullet proof vests carrying large guns go into a bank across the street. I go into the store and warn everyone in there to quickly leave the store and that I seen people with guns. I hear a bunch of gunshots and I leave the store. The Arab guy keeping 6 makes direct eye contact with me. I pretend I don't notice and quickly enter a glass door leading into the hallway that goes to the other end of the shopping plaza..l I exit into a residential area and keep walking.

      Last night.

      Moving in together

      Jamie asks me to move in with her (her exact words). But when I move in it sucks. Jamie doesn't talk to me at all. I remember eating at a dinner table with her and her parents... Maybe siblings? I'm given my own room. I keep passing Jamie in the hallways but she never looks at me. This seems to go on for a day or two and I'm considering just moving out, since I feel like a complete stranger there.


      I'm in the backyard of a house by a garden. I see my dogs dad (who we put down years ago) he's a large and intimidating rottweiler. I think it's strange he should be around. He growls and runs past me, one of his hind paws is mangled. I noticed smoke by some plants and notice a small fire when I get there. I have to pee and consider putting it out that way. I try to but the my jeans get caught on some thorn bushes. I wake up.

      Semi lucid

      Prelude: I dream I am laying in bed. Jamie is talking to me as a voice in my head. I tell her I'm meeting up with Raven in a dream and we are going to see some cool dream place, I invite Jamie along. Jamie says in my head that she's going to put on something special for the occasion.


      I'm on a motorbike and stop at some hobby place. I go inside to reserve a table for the people coming (Raven, Jamie, maybe asuka). Inside the place people are playing cards and chess. I notice a piano in the corner and make a mental note to talk to the owner about tuning the piano and leaving some cards, since I just got certification in piano tuning and repair.

      I slap my jacket over the table to reserve it and leave. Outside is no longer a street, but a huge Campus. I walk through a few large buildings on the campus, I walk by a room with ridiculously large bleachers inside.

      Outside I meet up with my group. A hooded lady, who looks like she's going to a cosplay convention. Two golems, the clay made into man, kind. A lady wearing wearing a blue wig with a large braid hung over one shoulder she introduced herself as "Samantha." Or something (Asuka). I say I reserved a table in a game room where we can play cards or chess. The two golems shrug and agree that could be fun.

      I begin walking through the campus again with the group. After sometime, the two golems are walking ahead of me, and that's when I hear Jamie call my name. I looked behind me, and she's barely even dressed. She's wearing a golden bra with sparkles on it. She walks past me and she's only also wearing a g string of the same color. On her waist is a thin gold chain with a blue veil mesh which barely covers even the top of her.... Box. The tips of her hair are blond. She turns her head around and smiles at me, asking with her eyes if I like what I see, then walks beside the Two golems.

      It then clicks in. I remembered the conversation in my head with her, when she said she was going to wear something special . For the bedroom yes, but for chess club? I'm about to follow them through the door when " Samantha," distracts me and starts talking to me. Then I open the door but the hobby/game place is gone and it's the room with the strange bleachers.

      I run outside and look for my group. I give up after a while and fly atop some pole sign. I turn and see Samantha again with her blue hair. She seems to be trying to cheer me up from losing the group. I notice she's wearing stilts to reach the height of the pole sign. I say, "You know this is a dream right? You don't have to wear those, just fly up." But she vanishes. Then I notice her below on the grass waving at me. She teleported.

      I shrug it off and fly away. I notice people on one of the ledges of the campus building. They are waving at me and calling for help. But I keep flying. Then I notice more people need help. I fly to them to rescue them. They are no longer people. Just mouths stuck on the ledges, they are just lying there calling for help. I go to pick a mouth up then it vomits on my hand. I stare at the mouth and it seemingly dies like when a bee loses it's stinger. I go to grab another one but the same thing happens. The stench is getting to me. I almost begin to vomit myself when I wake up.
    6. Experimenting WBTB + LSD

      by , 02-16-2024 at 05:38 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      WBTB - 3:30am

      I've been curious what kind of efffect an extremely low dose of LSD would do after a WBTB on dreaming so I gave it a shot tonight. I woke up and took ~2.5 μg of LSD and immediately went back to bed without staying up for more than a few minutes. I quickly felt something in my mind 'turn on' and I realized that even though this was a micro-dose of a micro-dose that it was still going to be enough to probably interrupt my sleep based on what I was feeling.

      It did take a while to fall back asleep so I'm going to try this again in a few days but at one tenth of this dose at ~0.25 μg instead. These dreams were more vivid than usual but at the same time felt sort of interrupted.

      Dream 1

      I'm selling a white car that was previously a cop car. Some people are going to come by to look at it.

      A cop car parks in my driveway and two police get out. They have keys to open the car I'm selling, they get in and try to start it but fail. They don't seem happy and they say they'll be back, they want to take it or impound it or something.

      Then a family came by, a wife, husband and their son. The wife wanted the car so she paid for it and they drove off.

      She ends up texting me something about a bullet hole in the car and that it's not working.

      I drive out and find them, looks like she hit a tree. They're all okay and I ask her about this bullet hole that she mentioned. She says nevermind about that, I end up taking the car off their hands to scrap it.

      Dream 2

      A really emotionally charged dream, no doubt brought on by the LSD.
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    7. Liminal spaces and sleep paralysis

      by , 02-15-2024 at 04:23 AM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable substances: ALCAR/Phosphatidyl Choline in the AM, two alcoholic drinks ~7PM, Galantamine after WBTB 3:30am

      My recall finally felt decent tonight!

      Dream 1

      I’m watching Summit1G parachuting into a match of H1Z1. He’s falling in over a wilderness landscape, heading towards a massive bonfire with another ring of fire around it. As he descends a tracking rocket approaches him and he tries to dodge it as it circles back around over and over again trying to land a strike on him.
      I gotta try this!-4.jpg

      Now the view is of him on his PC in his room and he spawns pixelated grass around himself in the room. Someone outside the door says something.

      Dream 2

      I’m traveling on a very narrow dirt road going uphill (I think it’s on the same H1Z1 map, but this is a reality setting). It’s a single lane path and there are many people in front and behind me. The road curves around a large white object that resembles an airplane’s fuselage.

      When I’m at the halfway point of driving around this object the corner of my bumper collides with it and I’m comically launched into the air ~100ft. I end up landing way up ahead on the road in the way I was traveling. I reach the end point of this road which is some sort of base camp or small town. There’s another single lane dirt road that goes back the way I came from.
      I gotta try this!-3.jpg

      There’s a chain link fence separating the roads from the town with a bunch of protesters on the side of the town facing the two roads. The protestors are demanding the option to be able to use either single lane road to travel back on, that it’s their right to have the option to choose whichever road they want to use for travel. There were some officials trying to work this out with them.
      I gotta try this!-2.jpg

      I walk past this and enter a building. There is a long hall in front of me and the ground is tiled like a bathroom, it feels like a liminal space (backrooms). I’m wearing a backpack.
      I gotta try this!-1.jpg

      My right boot feels like it was struck, when I turn around I don’t see anyone or anything that could have struck me.

      I enter a doorway on the right and enter a bathroom, the same tiled floor continues. The first thing I see is a wall with a large mirror and three sinks in front of it. Beneath each sink is a waste bin which I interpret as makeshift urinals here. People are coming and going into the room as I observe this.

      I decide not to use the waste bins so I go deeper into the bathroom, it opens up into a large room. It sort of resembles an office, except the ‘cubicles’ are about half a ft tall and the tiling covers them as well. And where desks would be in these cubicles are toilets.

      I go up to one of these toilets to use and it looks ancient, almost steampunk-esque. I’m suddenly discombobulated and feel drunk. I stumble and my foot ends up in this toilet, which of course is full of crap.

      I take my boot out right away and it’s filthy. As I slowly put my foot back on the ground I notice there’s a lady right beside me kneeling, almost like a nun. She’s ready with a rag for this exact scenario and begins cleaning my boot but I instinctively yank my foot away from her because of how nasty the whole scenario is and how degrading her position feels to me.

      I say to her “Thanks but..” I look to my left and there’s this large, equally ancient looking rusty washing machine and continue “..I’ll just use this washing machine instead!”

      I put my boot inside the washing machine and press down the safety button so the machine thinks the door is closed and turn it on. Water pours over my boot and cleans it.

      Dream 3

      I’m in a bathroom that is the size of an average living room. On the far end there’s a shower, sink and toilet. The tiling on this end extends out to the size of a normal bathroom and then terminates where a wall normally would be.

      Tami’s taking a shower, I notice on the other far end of this room there is a showerhead near the wall, and some tiling around it. But between these two sides is grass. I pop into Tami’s shower and say “I’m gonna make a path so you can go to the other shower!”.

      I take a bunch of towels and make a path from her shower, across the grass and to the other shower. She runs across it and I turn on the shower head that she reached, it must have not been in use for a long time as nasty rusty water came sputtering out. She ran back to the other shower.

      Dream 4

      I’m playing on the original GameBoy. There’s some sort of save option that would normally be reserved for emulators, like a save state. I have to do some complicated menu options to pull this off.

      Dream 5

      I have a new apartment and I’m planning for something. James is jealous for some reason of whatever these plans are. He has the leg of a stool which is chrome metal. It has a piston-like function similar to how office chairs can be adjusted to be lower or higher and he’s making it go up and down.

      WBTB - 3:30am

      I wrote down these previous dreams and then took a Galantamine. It started working too quickly and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I tried to WILD.

      I had one hour of conscious sleep with no events. Then I began hearing sounds, I assumed Tami was waking up but I heard some doors opening and people talking and coming into the house. I took this as what was really happening but this was actually a dream forming.

      I tried to get up to see what was going on but instead was trapped in sleep paralysis. As I strained to get up my hands and feet began tingling really strangely.
      It took a lot of effort but I eventually pulled myself upright, when it dawned on me that Tami was still asleep and it was all just a dream that was beginning to form.
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    8. Training Psychological Fortitude With a Demon

      by , 02-12-2024 at 10:52 PM
      Disclaimer: This dream journal is about sleep paralysis/demon encounters. I want to clarify that sleep paralysis and intense nightmares like mine aren't normal, nothing about this is normal. I don't recommend that anyone attempt to do this. I've been dealing with SP and demon encounters for over 20 years. It's not something to take lightly or recommend, this is just my own very personal dream life that I'm sharing.

      I also want to point out that there's a lot of misinformation in the LD community about LDs causing sleep paralysis, despite how useful LDs are at combatting SP. lucid dreaming didn't cause my SP. Rather, lucidity is the way I've learned how to get out of SP/nightmares and this dream shows how.


      As I fell asleep consciously, I felt a demon's claws sinking into my back. Its nails brought an uncanny electrical sensation through my spine, as if a poison was being injected into my spinal cord directly, shooting straight through my nervous system to the rest of my body. This caused waves of pain with occassionally intense spikes, growing more and more intense by the moment. It was dreadful.

      The demon was standing behind me (I normally sleep on my side). I don't know if I was paralyzed because I didn't try to move. My goal was to combat this mentally through calm meditation, not physical struggling.

      I already know how to break SP with physical movement, and that's not what I wanted to do here. This was a planned encounter. I invited a demon to induce SP.

      "This is fine. Keep going." I thought in my mind, wanting the demon to continue as I practiced my mental fortitude to combat the feeling, mentally wrestling with it and pushing it out of my mind. It was overwhelming, but I kept going.

      The demon cranked the pain up a tenfold. I started getting severe spikes of pain going through my nervous system every few seconds, increasing in frequency. I stayed calm and still didn't react despite the pain.

      I've been inviting this demon to come visit me in my sleep for a few weeks now. Why? Because I'm stagnating, I've exhausted my the resources of my personal dreamwork and I can't figure out how to push myself any other way... I need to grow, I have to keep going. My life is a mess right now and I'm desperate to become stronger so I can deal with it.

      The demon stopped after a while, since it wasn't breaking me. I felt its energy fade, and I too was fading into a dreamed version of my bedroom. The color of the walls, lighting, and layout of the house slowly changed in the emergence of the dreamscape. I was still technically my house, just an altered version of it.

      I felt an uneasy presence in the room and knew the demon was still standing somewhere nearbby watching me, invisible and waiting.

      I decided to walk out into the livingroom. This part I'm not going to share because it's too personal, but one of my insecurities manifested in the next dream scene of loved ones yelling at me, and it quickly snowballed. My calm demeanor slipped as I felt my mind spiral out of control from the insecurities. I was upset. In that moment of clouded thinking, I actually lost my lucidity.

      This was not normal. It's rare for me to lose lucidity when I'm upset. This went on for a few minutes before I regained my lucidity. Being upset normally triggers lucidity for me, so I got it back pretty quickly.

      I felt the demon laughing at me, though, and realized it did that on purpose. Impressive, I thought, but I was still freaked out. I realized that this demon had found one of my weakness. It couldn't get me with sleep paralysis and pain, so it had (successfully) targeted a psychological weakness instead.

      Challenge accepted.

      I quickly walked into another room, intending to change the dream scene to get myself out of that negative emotional state. If I could calm down, I could regain control and prevent the demon from weakening me any further.
      This was kind of thrilling, I have to admit. I like playing these mental games, and learning from my mistakes.

      I suddenly woke up for seemingly no reason, which is unusual for me. I typically always have a reason for waking up, whether because of an alarm, the natural end of a dream, a nightmare, or my own intention to awake... I don't just 'randomly' wake up from my dreams.

      So I sat up in bed, unaware that this was a false awakening, which is AGAIN unusual for me. I haven't fallen for an FA in a while, yet this time, I really thought I was awake.

      Now nonlucid dreaming, I walked back out into the livingroom and ANOTHER one of my insecurities manifested. Some of my personal embarrassing text messages were revealed to people I didn't want to share them with! Thinking it was really happening, I was mortified. But then I became lucid again (since negative emotions normally trigger lucidity for me) and was incredibly relieved that this embarrassing moment wasn't actually happening.

      The demon was laughing at me pretty hard though. I knew it had tricked me into having an FA and being nonlucid.
      I suddenly woke up again. The demon was trying it's trick a second time.
      "No. Not this time~" I told myself, laughing maniacally.
      Fooled me once, shame on me...

      I was kind of unsure though, so I did a reality check and it failed. My hands were solid.
      Whatever. I don't trust reality checks anyway, so I wasn't nonlucid just yet.
      I tried to use dream control next, going to fly upwards towards the wall. Normally my dream control works, but this failed too.

      "Huh... " I thought, starting to believe I might actually be awake...
      Reality checks and dream control can fail, though, I thought, so I still wasn't fully sold on this being waking reality. I was really thinking hard on this one.
      Could still be a dream.
      I was determined to not be tricked again and I was pretty sure that my uncertainty meant this was for sure a dream.
      What a puzzle.
      I normally ALWAYS know when I'm dreaming, so this was... really weird.
      The weirdness of it alone made me even more suspicious.

      I proceeded to have several more false awakenings, over and over again. Sometimes I knew it was a dream, and other times I wasn't sure, but I felt like the demon was flipping a light switch back and fourth repeatedly trying to break my lucidity.

      "Mother-" I cursed and laughed.

      Normally I'd be fine continuing this game, it was fun, but I knew I had to get up early in the morning and didn't want my sleep quality to be obliterated tonight (lucidity doesn't affect my sleep quality, but nightmares like this can when they go on for too long).

      So I decided I was going to end this by waking myself up.

      First, I found an alter for the demon in the dreamscape (which had offerings on it). "Thank you, that was impressive. No hard feelings~" I said to the demon as I destroyed the alter, shoving the whole thing off the table and breaking the artifacts.

      Then I woke myself up (for real). I checked the physical reality clock and realized... That whole thing only lasted an hour?!

      It felt like 4+ hours had gone by, so I was shocked. This is also unusual of for me, since I've specifically trained myself to not experience time dilation (I don't like when my time perception in dreams doesn't match waking reality).

      I reached for the protective pendant I keep on my desk (which keeps demons away, but I had intentionally taken it off before bed as an invitation). It was shoved under my photography lightbox for some reason, kind of wedged under there (not where I put it, but ok). I was going to put it on when I realized the chain was torn off.

      This was in waking reality. I searched high and low for the necklace chain. I found the chain on the floor and put my pendant on, did some other protection stuff in the room, and went back to sleep.
      Had normal dreams for the rest of the night.

      Final note: this dream happened the night before last.

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    9. Night of Sunday 2/11/24 (DILD)

      by , 02-12-2024 at 05:18 PM (Dreamlog)
      How 'bout those Chiefs?:
      I'm in a hotel room, hiding off to the side by the entrance.
      Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are in bed together 'celebrating' the Superbowl win.
      I'm stressed out that I'm going to get caught.
      I decide to come out from behind the wall and admit that I don't know how I got here.
      There is a tall, regal looking red alien in front of me. There is another off to my left. That one seems to be observing Taylor and Travis.
      The aliens are wearing robes, and have mostly human features, minus their elongated heads and red skin color.
      They would have fit in with Marvel's depictions of green and blue aliens from Guardians of the Galaxy.
      The alien near me says in a deep feminine voice "When you became lucid in your world, you came to our world."
      This triggers me to do a nose reality check.

      I become lucid...but the dream fades.
      I false awake and tell my girlfriend about the red aliens.
      I've lost lucidity.

      The Red Alien.

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    10. RVs, DV bans, and birthday stares

      by , 02-07-2024 at 06:05 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)

      Notable day substances: No caffeine - was tempted today though.

      I woke up at 3:45 for WBTB, since I've done it many days in a row waking up at this time is really easy now. But I wanted to see how my dreams would differ if I had a full night of sleep tonight so I went right back to sleep (though it took maybe 10mins).

      Dream 1

      I can’t really recall this dream. I only remember that there was an RV that was full of movies. Also I was sitting on a couch with RacheL, I made a funny observation that fell flat.

      Dream 2

      I go to dreamviews, on the landing page it shows a list of recently banned users. I think 'Weird, I've never noticed this before' There's only one name on the list, 'Harlequin'. I think 'what?? What could've Harlequin even done to get banned?' I ponder about how the site has such little activity, over-protection as well doesn't help.

      Dream 3

      I'm in an old strange run down house sleeping against a window. There are glass window panels all around me and there are plants growing through the window, they’re all around me. I'm frustrated and hop off the window sill.

      Linda seems to be here. I leave the house and it's surrounded by sparse woods, mainly open untamed fields.

      Mayan comes by and begins guiding me somewhere. We travel through the woods until we're in a small neatly kept neighborhood.

      The front door to one of the buildings is open, and he takes us through it. We go to the living room, he sits me down on a couch and then he sort of wanders off.

      The furniture is organized in a circle facing inward and every seat is filled, maybe about 17 people or so. Before I sat down they were all laughing and having some sort of party or something. But now they all went silent and are just staring at me.

      I look at each person's face, and I don't recognize anyone*. From what I can tell this is a birthday party, most of them are a bit older - from early to late 40's.

      I apologize for dropping in so randomly and kind of jokingly point out how awkward this is but the tension remains. Very slowly people begin picking up their previous conversations but when I try to connect with the people closest to me everyone would stop again and stare.

      Eventually things were more relaxed. There were two guys off to my right speaking Russian, they were wearing very Russian jogging apparel. I ask them if they speak any German. One of them puts his index finger and thumb very close together and says "some". I responded "Ein bisschen?" (A little?) he responds affirmingly in German with a Russian accent - something I haven’t heard before.

      We have a short conversation in German where I mainly get across that I've been learning it for fun for the past few years.

      I hear tearing from my left, I look over to see one of the guys wearing a party crown opening a present. I ask him if it's his birthday, he says yeah. I say 'lemme guess you're turning.. ' I look at his features, I think 46 but maybe he's closer to 45' someone else says '46?' I respond with 'I was gonna say that too but my guess is 45'. Birthday guy says he's turning 43.

      This went on longer and eventually I got to know more people and it was alright. It was a very vivid dream. Besides feeling super awkward at first it ended up relaxed and boring even.

      * I can still recall most of the faces of the people there really well. Normally I forget the features of dream character's faces pretty quickly.
    11. WILD night

      by , 02-04-2024 at 08:34 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Notable day substances: No caffeine, Decaf, phosphatidyl choline, 5mg Benedryl 7:30pm
      WBTB substances: 6mg Galantamine ~4:00AM

      I wanted to have my first lucid this time around since my last break to be without Galantamine, but I'm impatient so I threw it into the mix tonight.

      WBTB with Galantamine and WILD

      I woke up at 3:45 am after 4 and a half hours of sleep. I read some Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming until I felt like my mind was awake, which took 10 minutes. Then I took 6mg of Galantamine and went back to bed.

      I normally try to fall asleep as fast as possible after taking Galantamine because it works pretty fast and it’s difficult to sleep after it starts working. After about half an hour with no luck of going back to sleep on my right side, and attempts of laying very still for WILD - I turn over to my left side to try to WILD there.

      Over 10 mins I made less and less movements until I was very comfortable and still. After a while I couldn’t really feel my body and that’s when the transition from waking into sleeping consciously began.

      I had no visuals but I felt like I was sitting on a rollercoaster. I could feel when I was traveling up the tracks and the momentum and speed when I was going downward, I could feel myself lifting out of my seat. This went on for a while and was really fun, it felt very realistic. I also started to get some slight visuals of the track which was going around a ski-lift over and over again.
      Typical "Need girl help"-1.jpg

      Then the visuals started. A colorful background appeared and there was some nonsense text in the middle that looked AI generated. The text made no sense but when I pretended to ‘read it’ it would transform into a new gibberish text. The text was only ever between 1 to 4 words long. Each time I ‘read’ one of these it felt like I was doing something right and getting deeper into something and the visuals got brighter.*

      Now a ‘loading screen’ appeared, it was 16-bit SNES graphics scrolling from right to left of a brick wall. It was very stable and I would pick a piece of grouting and watch it go from one side of my vision to the other - the clarity and detail in lucid dreams always amazes me.

      After maybe 10 seconds of this the loading is finished and I’m playing a SNES-style beat em’ up genre game**. It looked like Super Double-Dragon - the very basic track ‘Train Ride’ from this game was playing as well, which I haven’t heard in probably over 10 years.
      Typical "Need girl help"-2.jpg

      So now I’m playing this game, the graphics are very bright and vivid - enemies are coming at my character which I’m controlling. But I don’t have a real body, it’s like I’m looking at a screen with blackness all around it and that’s it.

      I told myself before going to bed that if I had a lucid I was going to go with whatever the dream was, for stability and practice sake. But I didn’t want the dream to be about playing some SNES game, I at least wanted it to be based in a reality-like setting.

      So I test out transforming one of the enemies I’m looking at, which begins to work but the contrast and brightness of the dream begins to dim. I figure I’ve only been in here for less than a minute so I should slow down, so I stop doing that and the contrast and brightness return.

      I still don’t want to be having this experience so I close my eyes and now I feel my body in bed. I decide to do a reality check and reach over and plug my nose - I can still breathe just fine! Also I’m seemingly on my back, but I know I’m on my left side in reality. So I decide to try to get out of bed to get out of this gaming situation.

      But as I start to move I feel like my left arm is still not totally asleep and that if I move it I will wake up, it feels really heavy compared to the rest of my body. So I close my eyes and enter the video game again, just to see a enemy hit my character and die. The game over screen says ‘YOU FAILED!’ with a big fat purple weasel laughing with a high pitched voice as the dream collapses and I return to feeling my actual body in bed laying on my left side, awake. (5:08am)

      I think I just tried too much too fast and needed to let the dream develop more and become more involved. I’ve had plenty of close call WILD’s but normally I get to a point where my body feels like it’s humming with electricity as the visuals begin and the dreams collapse very early. I’ll count this as my first successful WILD! Even though I used Galantamine and ruined it pretty fast.

      Dream 2

      I’m on the phone with JohnF, a guy I only met very briefly maybe 10 years ago. He’s severely depressed and I’m trying to make him feel better but it wasn’t working. I suddenly had the random thought that he hired a hitman to kill someone. I asked him if he had done something irreversible. He said ‘yeah…’

      I don’t know what he actually did but I said he should try to forgive himself and maybe do something that feels like he’s giving back to the world in some way.

      I heard super Mario RPG music coming through the phone and asked him if he was playing it. He lit up a bit and said he was, the remastered version. And that he had plans to swap if for another game when he was done.

      Then an unknown friend of mine comes by the room I'm in (PA house, bedroom at the end of the hall on the left). He says he got a purple coat and a mustache and he's really excited about it. He doesn't want to show me though because he doesn't know the guy I'm talking to, who is now in the room with me.

      JohnF and I both say we wanna see it so he shows us. 'It's not purple at all!' I say upon seeing it, it’s a deep mustard yellow. He says 'oh yeah? Well look at THIS!' He opens it up to reveal a mustache on the hanging loop/tag on the jacket. He takes it off and clips it to his nose, it's a really convincing mustache. We both applaud him.
      Typical "Need girl help"-3.jpg

      This dream started out serious and dark and ended feeling funny and relaxed.

      Dream 3

      I’m deep underground in some sort of mine. To demonstrate how extremely deep a hole is, a man/woman pair toss a raccoon down into it. Immediately it sounds like it hit pipes or something and there are lots of scrambling sounds. The man then throws a basketball down which hits something, and then it's silent.

      The woman explains that the raccoon was so relaxed when it fell with its limbs stretched out, that when it made contact with the only pipe exposed it quickly grabbed on. Then the basketball was thrown to hit the raccoon and send it all the way down..

      We spoke about something but I forget what. I vomited up a strange pufferfish looking like creature into a nearby basin with water in it, which freaked the lady out and she ran off.

      This dream just had all around gross vibes.

      Dream 4

      A gust of wind blows the front door open slightly, Mogmi makes a run for it! He gets outside and I chase after him. He goes right across the street into the backyard of the neighbors (which is unlike IWL).

      A man with a large beard is smoking a cigarette on his phone and there is another guy standing there with him.

      Mogmi is hopping up like a dog trying to smell the cigarette. I grab him and apologize, then take him back to the house.

      *I suspect this was REM starting, reading these short sentences were making my eyes dart back and forth a lot.

      **At this point I became aware of NPT (nocturnal erection), which happens during REM.

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    12. Spongebob and the purple Hulk

      by , 02-03-2024 at 09:40 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Notable day substances: No caffeine. 3.75mg dd @ 9:30am

      Dream 1

      I'm walking with a guy to go on some short trip with him in his truck. He mentions something about having done a burnout recently so the tires might not be that great.

      When we get to his truck the tires are all worn down, but not evenly - it was like just one side of each tire was ground way down.

      After one look at them I said I'm gonna pass on this trip and that the tires are about to blow (I also imagine how bumpy the ride would be).

      The guy says they're not that bad and that we should go. I say sorry but that's a hard pass for me.

      We both repeat where we stand and he starts getting angry. I'm slowly backing up and he reaches for me. I have a tac in my hand and jab it into his forearm, lol.

      He looks at the tiny hole in his arm, then back at me and says 'what's your problem!? '

      The view goes third person looking over the back of his shoulder at me. I'm SpongeBob SquarePants now, I turn around and walk off disappearing into a large coral reef that is on dry land.

      The view zooms into to the guy's face and he's furious, veins throbbing in his temples. He grabs a large canister that has a hose attached to it, he then grabs a friend that has been out of frame the whole time.

      Truck guy says 'let's do this!' He puts the end of the hose about an inch away from his friend's mouth and opens the valve on the canister.

      A thick cloud of heavy purple gas begins bellowing out and into his friend's mouth. He inhales it and it also looks like he's drinking and swallowing it at times.

      His skin begins to turn purple and he begins to grow and transform into a massive purple version of the hulk.
      Typical "Need girl help"-2.jpg

      The purple hulk looks toward the coral reef and the truck guy screams 'get him!!'

      As the purple hulk leaps towards the reef a female reporter begins speaking 'Although where SpongeBob's lives is not known, fans of the show have narrowed it down to an area in Bikini Bottom'

      Eventually the whole reef is stomped flat and the camera switches to a part of the destroyed reef. I (SpongeBob) sit up saying 'I'm fine, I'm a sponge'.
      Typical "Need girl help"-1.jpg

      Dream 2 - fragment

      Tami wanted to try giving me a Mohawk. She finishes and I look in the mirror and see that it's not symmetrical. I point it out and ask if she can fix the one side. She can't see the asymmetry of it.
    13. crazy

      by , 02-02-2024 at 11:02 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Jamie dreams.

      most of this was HH. Where I am awake, falling asleep, but briefly fall into a dream segment.
      1. It's birds eye view and I'm driving to Sundre, Vision zooms out and Jamie is in her vehicle waiting.
      2. Jamie is driving by the street I use to live on and she is kinda missing those times...
      Umm okay, so she's stalking me now? I don't know, but maybe try actually talking to me instead of driving by once every a couple of months and stealing glances at me, pretending that I don't notice. You know I once worked at a south wal mart in Lethbridge, where a Manager, who was a total Bi*** use to bully me and give me write ups if I retaliated. which, ultimately led to me quitting. Was she done after I quit? NO, I started working at a Mcdonalds, and a few times while cleaning up the parking lot she would drive right through the parking lot and not park or buy anything. She started showing up at the 711 I use to go to on the north side even though she lived on the south. Even tried to say hi to me, in the lineup. She thankfully stopped after a few months of me not giving her an in.
      3. I'm hearing a song I know, It's that annoying 80's song that can get stuck in your head for weeks. "It must have been love." by Roxette (RIP). Jamie is tonelessly singing it and making the lyrics about me. the only line I can articulate is "Touch me now," but she sings it ."Robert now.". Kind of makes me laugh and cringe at the same time. If she were to construct a parody of this song about me, I have an idea for some of the chorus, "It must of been Rob, But he's older now. I said he was good, But I lost him somehow. It must of been Rob, but I'm older now. We didn't even touch, 'Cause the time had run out." and I swear If Jamie doesn't sing this to me with full passion, we aint a thing

      Other dreams.

      1. I get lost in a house, that has another house secretly inside it. Some guy is leading me through a very specific set of doors. We wind up at this landing with a strange latter. I climb down the ladder and find myself outside around some interesting houses and a highway.
      2. Im with a bunch of people in a mall. I'm building minecraft blocks for some reason, even though I never play the game. later we are in a strange cafeteria but the lights aren't on. Me and some people hide in some strange cubicles. and my old friend from mcdonald's (Who I had one confirmed shared dream with) David jumps out and goes "Bah," to scare us, he manages to stay on one foot in a comical almost about to grab you pose. And then darts away. I go to look for him but he is gone...
    14. Mechanical gateways, icebergs, and climbing melancholy hill

      by , 02-02-2024 at 07:51 PM (Lucid-Wannabe's Dream Journal)
      Notable day substances: No caffeine (decaf coffee, blech)

      I woke up for WBTB after about 4 hrs of sleep and then stayed up for about 25m. Getting back to sleep was a little slow.

      Dream 1 - Recalled when waking up to WBTB

      Tami and Zoë are studying for upcoming finals or something. Zoë is really struggling with something so I offer her some programming to help. It’s just one line of python code that is totally irrelevant to what she’s doing, something similar to:

      Study = pd.read_csv(‘data/finals.csv’)

      She doesn’t really understand, so I mention that she doesn’t really have to know what it does but just to apply it whenever she’s stuck

      Dream 2 - Recalled when waking up to WBTB

      I’m in an area that can be best described as where the orcs were working underground in Lord of the Rings. Where there’s lots of fire and mud, gears and machines and scaffolding.

      I’m on one of the scaffolds and there is a huge machine in front of me, gears whirring - it’s covered in a thick black oil lubricant which is being splattered everywhere from the mechanical parts moving.

      The center of the largest gear is eye level to me, it has a rectangular aperture that begins to slowly open - revealing its interior.

      But instead of gears and fire and whatever would be expected to be going on inside, it revealed a view of the inside of a Target/Walmart sort of store. The contrast from my dirty, glowing environment to the clean fluorescent lit view of the store was shocking. The rectangular aperture grew until it was just large enough for me to climb through, which I did.
      A quick communist poll-1.jpg

      I was now inside the store and it wasn’t the same as a normal superstore. There were cubicles here and there with people working in them and there were no shoppers. I ‘knew’ that this wasn’t a store for customers but for employees to work, even though there was merchandise everywhere.
      A quick communist poll-2.jpg

      So now I’m sneaking through this place, feeling like I don’t belong here. I run into RacheL and Kevin who are casually walking through one of the main paths. RacheL is happy and in a carefree mood while Kevin seems kind of moody, we seem to talk for a moment.

      I run into RacheL and Kevin who are walking through the store. RacheL is happy and in a carefree mood but Kevin is reserved and broody. We are talking and walking together now.

      We end up finding this long winding 'road' that transcends the store in an upward spiral*. There is no more ceiling, it's night time and the stars speckle the sky. We continue to walk up it.

      I feel kind of happy and free, though I feel nostalgic towards RacheL. I felt melancholy. **

      Dream 3 - Recalled when waking up to WBTB

      Possibly a continuation of the last dream, I'm now in a Jeep with either Bugsy or Bill driving. I feel like Tami/Zoë/RacheL may be there too.

      I'm simultaneously in this car yet also have full vision of a game I'm playing with James. It's like a top down sort of 2D shooter style game.

      The game is high stakes, something bad would happen to us if we lost and something good if we won.

      At one point there are so many enemies around us I mention to James we should switch to area of effect attacks. We seem to be doing pretty well.

      Simultaneously, in the Jeep Bugsy/Bill is drifting around corners and has no clue what he's doing.
      A quick communist poll-3.jpg

      Dream 4

      James, Elisabeth and I are standing on small floating icebergs in the ocean. The beach is nearby behind us and it looks like we hopped from tiny iceberg to iceberg to where we are now.

      Elisabeth is out the farthest on a massive iceberg, James is hopping his way over to her and I'm behind him.

      I'm thinking just how bad it would be if he slipped and fell in the water, which happens on his next jump.

      He swims over to Elisabeth and she pulls him out. I shout over to him saying we have to get out of here ASAP, the exposure is going to kill him. James tried to jump back onto the previous spot he was on but his coordination is all messed up from how cold he is and he ends up back in the water.

      I'm thinking he's almost certainly going to die here. I look around for options and notice there's somehow a chain link fence behind me. It goes all the way back to the shore.

      I grab it and shake it to feel how sturdy it is, feels pretty firm. Then I see a really long wooden rod leaning against it. It's very long and one end is resting on the seafloor.

      James is still trying to get out of the water, I tell him to just swim to me instead which he does.

      I get him to hold onto the iceberg I'm on somehow and then use the rod to push us back to shore pretty fast.

      Elisabeth hopped back and was with us rather quick and then we all went to my car.

      I asked James just how cold the ocean felt when he fell in but he was shaking too violently to answer, I guess that answers that!

      *Reminiscent of my upward spiral platform dream in the void recently.
      **This is all most likely from some news I heard from RacheL the other day.

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    15. Night of Monday 1/29/24

      by , 01-30-2024 at 09:28 PM (Dreamlog)
      Jungle Flight:
      I'm driving my car up a steep hill.
      The car fails and I start to fall backward.
      I'm at a sort of car agency.
      A man in a suit is selling me not a car, but a type of hover-bike.
      I'm pretty excited about the hover-bike.
      I'm in a jungle environment, but the hover-bike has changed into a hand-held flight device.
      The area is beautiful, almost euphoric.
      I can't recall the exact mechanism, but the device is similar to one-handed flight devices from previous dreams.
      I carefully pilot myself into a tiki-bar looking area with a bar and restaurant, but don't land.
      I may have been on a tour of the area with others.

      My friend AG is admiring some wood polish on a chair and table at my Grandma P's house.

      Flying through the jungle using a handheld device.

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