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    1. i had lots and lots of dreams

      by , Yesterday at 06:51 PM
      This is my DJ entry in PDF. Its 31 pages but thats due to spacing/size/lots of images. I wanted to post it as PDF so all the images and formatting would be already embedded since I accidentally messed up the BBcode things.

      2018-04-25 - Dreams and Pictures.pdf

      If anyone wants to read it but wants something other than PDF please let me know.
    2. I caught a dream figure shape shifting! And had an "dream donut"

      by , 04-24-2018 at 07:23 PM
      Here is my DJ in pdf format. The illustrations are contained in this version:

      2018-04-24 - dreams.pdf

      Here it is in regular text (without my illustrations though... don't wanna miss those )

      Round 1 of Dreams

      I recorded these dreams on my voice recorder. I remember being in my room at my old house and then going out the window. I couldn’t get back in through the kitchen because I hadn’t removed the screen. There were two little kids on bikes across the road. They went to go somewhere.

      Then there was something about wanting to go to a pool. I was walking through a hallway eating tuna from a can. Then I wanted to go to a pool.

      The dream time jumped back to 2:45 P M or so and suddenly the pool was closed? Kind of hard to explain. So I was mad.

      Then I was at a cash register and trying to get into the pool still. Something about rolls of quarters. While I was still doing my transaction, a woman tried to get to the register. I was like wait I’m not done yet.

      There were a few more things on my voice recorder.

      Round 2 of Dreams
      I had RLS so I got up to bike and stretch in the dark. Then I went back to bed and had 3 REM cycles before I dream journaled again. I chose to stay still because I thought I’d remember it all. I didn’t remember every bit but by the end of the 3 REM cycles, I had a good percentage.

      REM cycle 2-a

      My memory of this one started with my friend. And he asked me to watch something as he went in the bathroom.

      Then there was a vitamin powder jar. I became lucid some how and asked a woman there if I could eat the last of the powder.

      I woke up and thought those through. One more dream flash of a building.

      Eventually got lucid in another dream which was with me and 3 friends in a study room. I was lucid again and telling everyone how I had won a game against my friend (S) in a previous lucid dream. (S) was the one next to me.

      As Looked at him, he shape shifted into ( C ). I almost didn’t notice!

      Then I was like… “Wait! (S) just shape shifted into ( C )! I caught you this time!” because usually people will shape shift and I will have no clue. I tried to will him to transform back to (S) but he just stared at me blankly. I started losing my voice. I tried to stay lucid but I woke up.

      There was one more dream flash of a man wading through a lake.

      REM Cycle 2-b

      I dreamed in this one. I initially remembered it. But by the time I went to record, it was gone from my mind. I regretted that.

      What had happened was I began to dream about an Asian woman. It was like we were dating or getting to know each other in the dream. I felt connected to her as time went on.

      I remember remembering it at the time. But not when I finally recorded.

      REM Cycle 2-c

      There was a bunch of earlier parts to this dream chain. Especially involving the Asian woman. But just vague memories by the time I got to record them. This dream chain went on and on.

      I remembered a Pokémon game where there was an elephant character (like Musshi) but he was a Pokémon trainer.

      Then I remember being on a computer with a big screen next to me. Not lucid yet. Going to look something up on the computer while the Asian woman was up. Then she came back. I wanted to hide what I had looked up but the screen froze.

      A blonde woman appeared and said something about how “I have to think about addiction in many different states of conciousness for it to finally sink in.” I understood what she meant.

      I woke from that hoping to dream chain and apologize to my “dream girlfriend”.

      I did a dream chain where I went out of body. I got up, not sure if I had gotten up physically. (It turned out I hadn’t.) I went to try using my computer. It was in the same place as my physical computer. Eventually I popped back into bed.

      That was one thing from the TV.

      I went out of body again. It looked like the sun was up. (I wasn’t in my physical body but thought I was again.) I popped back into bed suddenly.

      Up out of body again. This time a car appeared to the left of my bed. Now its more of a dream.

      I drove the car down a stair case and a hall way and out a door. Willing it to fit through the narrow space. Then I drove around the road. I was lucid. So I put out my hand and stopped cars at will. It was kind of fun.

      That dream ended but I hadn’t woke up yet. I was in a grocery store. “Oh, another dream,” I thought. “I have had enough. I will just close my eyes and be in my bed,” I thought, as I looked at a little cartoon thingy. An older woman walked by me.

      But JUST before I closed my eyes… To my right, on the counter… A TRAY OF DONUTS APPEARED. I was like, “WAIT!! DON’T WAKE UP YET!!!” And some how the dream lasted long enough for my to go grab a donut.

      I chose a tan colored one, thinking it was like a coffee or cinnamon flavor. There were all sorts of colors donuts with various sprinkles.

      A guy walked by me and grabbed a piece of donut. Ripped it right off the donut in my hand! He was like, “Wasn’t that weird? That I just did that?” But I was lucid. So I was like, “No, not at all, bro! Come on, let me buy you a coffee!”

      Another woman walked by. I was like, “Hey, let me buy you an ice cream shake!” And ice cream shakes appeared on the counter. She kept walking LOL.

      I totally forgot to apologize to my “dream girlfriend”.

      I woke up back in bed but still not done dreaming. Went out of body again. This time it was kind of dim. There was a creature there.

      At first it scared me. Bound to run into something that scares me when crossing dimensional barriers. But I decided to embrace it some how. I woke up before anything else happened.

      Then I was in my bed… but it was still a dream! (I didn’t know it then). There was light coming in, and the sound of rain drops. I stayed still and tried to remember the dream, not knowing I was still in a dream!

      When I woke up in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness it was not raining and I knew that the rain drops had been a dream.


      I didn’t really feel like typing these but I’m glad I did. Some days I don’t feel as motivated to type them. Other days it is effortless.
    3. Was That the Fourth Wall Back There?

      by , 04-24-2018 at 02:10 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      This dream was interesting: it was like I was playing out a role in a story, aware that it was a story (but not aware that it was a dream). It was being narrated—not by anybody present, but a voice that I could talk to and that seemed to be indicating what I should be doing as much as describing it.

      The setting was a building like an airport - at least, in the only part I can remember. But it only appeared that way from the standpoint of the people there: it was really two separate buildings, split by a wall they couldn’t see. Inside the wall were rooms where there were people—people who could see through the wall and observe what was happening on both sides, and people in offices who were presumably working to keep the place going. The camera—for lack of a better word—seemed to make a point of showing this area, even though nothing much was happening there. At one point, it slowly panned across it so that you could see all the people as well as a window showing an entire world outside that didn’t exist from the standpoint of the people in the building where I was.

      Right now, I’m concerned with getting into a special event that’s being held by people whose land borders mine. I approach a man I know—maybe in his late 30s, wearing some kind of complex, vaguely tribal outfit—and ask him if he can take me along. He’s happy to accept. He just seems to be a good-natured person who likes helping people get what they want. He probably thinks I just want to get in with a certain crowd, but I have other reasons for needing to be there (unfortunately, not ones I can remember after waking up).

      He’s going there now, and I’ll be coming along on a – well, I’m not entirely sure what it is. It has a special name (that I forgot) and seems to be a bit like a jet ski, but attached to a helicopter and with things like leather shields I’m supposed to hold onto. As I look it over, I’m glad this is going to be broadcast over the radio because that gives everyone in the audience a chance to imagine something less stupid-looking. But I get on it, and we head off.

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    4. Day 73: Dark Side of the Neighborhood

      by , 04-24-2018 at 03:39 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 7:20 AM

      Dream 77: Third Lucid This--Well, Not Year, But...

      I can now firmly say that careful attention to memory, recall, and presence basically guarantees you a lucid dream. After a three week period of pure, unadulterated laziness, I finally re-implemented my awareness practices.

      I got lucid in the area between my house and my neighbor's, where my sister lives. After looking around, I decided it was best if I visited my sister's apartment. Needless to say, it looked nothing like the real thing. It had an extended porch, the inside looked like it was three times the size of her apartment, and the layout was insanely obtuse.

      Frisky business occurred, because of course it did, but I was also becoming more and more annoyed by the dream character within it. Unlike previous lucids, they were all too keen on remembering the things I did to them to get them out of my way. I ended up feeling really bad about the whole thing. My sister, then on the couch, was reprimanding me further. I tried employing some dream control shenanigans including but not limited to:

      1: Snapping my fingers to make her disappear.

      2: Shooting imaginary guns from my fingers.

      3: Trying to turn her into an inverse-vortex/black hole.

      I had ended up in this lounge-like hallway with pillows strewn about. My sister came up and reprimanded me for how I had treated her. "How the hell do you remember this?" I thought. DCs had never had this level of coherence before.

      I was on the verge of tears after that confrontation. I found a door at the end of the hallway, and inside of it was a bald man wearing a brown suit, lime green tie, and glasses. I talked to him for a little bit and asked him how I could make it up to them (Even though I didn't, I just wanted the DCs to stop reprimanding me). He wrote something down on a notecard and gave it to me.

      It was in Spanish, and I forgot what it was.

      I decided I may as well be "nice" to these dream characters (Even if I thought it was a waste of my time). I told them I would make it up to them by getting them something from Stripes (A gas station). As I left, I told my brother that Nemo (My male puppy) was getting blood around his hind leg.

      Oh yeah, throughout the dream Nemo was getting progressively bloodier. I felt bad for the little guy. Turns out the only DC that'll earn my pathos are my puppies. But I knew it was a dream, so no worries. It would honestly pain me to see him like that in real life...

      It was dark outside, the absolute middle of the night. There was one kid walking in front of me on the sidewalk. I thought it would be funny to mess with him. I hunched forward, with my arms spread out, and trudged along as if I had a limp. I saw a family arguing about something to the left of me in the neighborhood.

      At the end of the sidewalk lied a black and metal electronic gate. The kids were talking about "he" was getting closer. I panicked and entered the other side of the gate as quickly as I could. On the other side of the gate (And a short walk away) lied Stripes.

      One problem: It was closed. The lights were completely turned off. Barren...quiet...I didn't like it one bit. Feeling defeated (And terrified) I went back from where I came from, taking an alternate path.

      Dream 78: A Sort Of Continuation

      My tía (Spanish for aunt, as she likes to be called) is talking to the rest of the family inside the apartment setting of the previous dream. Something about how her son (Who has sadly passed away, but that wasn't how it was in the dream) was getting into REM sleep because she saw him talk in his sleep.

      My puppies were fighting really violently in the back. One of the women yelled at them to get them to quiet down.

      Dream 79: Hick Kids In Cars

      My brother and I are in the backseat of this run-down red truck. There's a bald kid sitting in the driver's seat. He has the most annoying southern snotty-hick-kid accent you could ever imagine, and his attitude was even worse. It was still dead of night, and he was telling us these urban legends about shotgun-wielding maniacs that lived in our neighborhood.

      And what did he do? Drive by each and every single one of them just to get a reaction out of 'em.

      This all comes to a head when he crashes into a junk pile situated in the middle of the neighborhood. The upper half of a poor, shirtless guy flies by my brother's window. I know he's mortified by this, but he tries to internalize the fellings he's experiencing. A sick part of me wonders how that guy lost the lower half of his body.

      Dream 80: Yuck.

      I was standing in front of the mirror. One of my teeth was loose, and so I fiddled away at it to get it to come off. It was a sickly light brown color, and almost squishy. On the other side of my jaw was another loose tooth, so I wiggled it off and, again, it was brown and squishy.

      I don't brush my teeth often IRL. While my teeth are nowhere bad as that shown in the dream, my family has complained about it. If even the inner parts of my mind are telling me to brush them, then I should really get to doing it more.

      Dream 81: DKC Returns

      So, I had just bought DKC Returns not too long ago. It's a fun game, if a bit easier than the others, but one thing I really love doing is collecting all the Puzzle Pieces and KONG Letters. The dream I had is a natural side effect of what happens when I play a video game for too long.

      I'm playing on the level called Poppin' Planks when I reach the pirate ship part of the level. There's this hidden puzzle piece underneath all of this junk. I use the Ground Slam attack to lodge it out of there, and then a cutscene plays.

      DK and Diddy both pull out a HUGE chunk of earth, with the puzzle piece still on top of it. Suddenly Luigi shows up, with DK jokingly telling him, "Are you ready to fight for what's at stake?" Referring to the puzzle piece on top. Luigi is trying to balance himself on the large chunk of earth as DK and Diddy both mess with him in the process. They all disappear into the sunset, Luigi still dangling on the huge rock.

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    5. A Cute Hand Sized Creature

      by , 04-23-2018 at 06:54 PM
      A girl who seemed like DreamyWB was present.She was wearing shorts and a white shirt. Her hair was in a bun. So it was probably just a dream partly influenced by what i read of her and not her fully formed character. The scene she was in was pretty unexpected too.

      This dream got really weird but here goes. I was in a unknown house but it felt like mine. I was trying to change but my mom kept popping up. This annoyed me enough that I hid behind the shower curtains. When I got out and walked in the hall my dad came up the me and wanted to say something but there was water leaking from his head. Enough that it filled up the room a bit. I became lucid somewhat after observing his leaking head.”What could this mean?” I thought. When it stopped I asked if he was okay. He said he was fine so we walked to the living room.

      There I heard a commotion coming from the window and looked out to see a little girl and other dcs surrounded by light. They were talking to each other about how they were looking forward to coming inside. I told them they could but just when they came in there was a large rumble and an explosion occurred on the ceiling that caused broken glass to fly in all directions. I got cut a bit but disregarded it and looked towards the stairs to investigate what had occurred.

      There was an evil villain present,I heard his voice, but I couldn’t see him. As I searched for him I was handed a small orange mouse that than changed to a yellow hand size pikachu with blue cheeks and ears instead of black. It hopped off my hand and I began to follow it until It grew super large. It began attacking the house I was in, following the orders of the unseen villain. I didn’t think I would have to fight it so after getting across some obstacles I began to talk to the creature,telling it that it was being used but it didn’t have to be bound by selfish orders, that it could be free doing what deep inside it knew felt right.

      The creature/pikachu thing than shrunk back down to hand size but now it looked more like a bunny to me. I picked it up,kissed it and rubbed my cheek against its soft fur, telling it that it would be okay now. I opened a room door to see if I could find the villain after that but only saw count Olaf from a series of unfortunate events.He only seemed like a substitute for the villain though.

      The dream than shifted after that and I was watching a vivid scene unfold. A girl who I thought was DreamyWB was with her family doing the laundry outside on the house deck. Suddenly a large tall man came with a guy family member of hers and greeted them. He mentioned how the laundry they were carrying looked heavy and he offered to help her. She accepted the help but than the guy complimented her eyes. Almost like he was flirting with her without trying to get the attention of her family. She thanked him than complimented him back saying that he had beautiful eyes and teeth. (As they kept talking I noticed she had bits of almonds in her teeth though so I used dream control to keep it from getting awkward)This flirting moment stopped though when the other guy told him to carry the basket in and that they would go buy something together. This disappointed him so he admitted that he wanted to spend time with her while helping.
      They joked about this in a friendly manner than the scene shifted.

      It was now night time and I was in a apartment where a little girl stood next to a doll house. The girl who I thought was possibly DreamyWB was present as well. I was about to follow them(Didn’t recall to introduce myself, I wasn’t sure if it was her so perhaps that didn’t matter)but than we heard a subtle helicopter sound. When it got louder I felt it focus on me and than it began shooting lit up colorful buildings outside. Other buildings collapsed because the energy couldn’t travel to the buildings properly. Something about this dream felt wrong even though I could handle it so I tried to put intent to wake up.

      I ended up in what seemed like sleep paralysis cause I couldn’t move.What was even more odd was that I felt a hand on my head. After waiting a bit I took the hand gently and put it to the side. The hand had a pink purplish flower bracelet on its wrist but the rest of the form wasn’t visible.” Could this figure be symbolizing my fear of death?” I thought. The hand than vanished and I watched as the same type of flowers from the bracelet appeared as transparent images but with the stems. When it disappeared I woke up for real feeling kind of disturbed but It was still an okay dream.

      Notes:I also thought it could symbolize my fear of death because before i went to sleep i read something that scared me somewhat.

      (Pic Does Not Belong To Me)
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    6. Playing along with the dreams

      by , 04-23-2018 at 04:04 PM
      Here is a copy of my dreams with images in line (as a pdf)

      2018-04-23 - DJ with images.pdf

      Here is just the text from the dreams (without the drawlings)

      Round 1 of Dreams

      There was something with some people on a raft earlier in the dream.

      There was something really cool I couldn’t put into words about a powerful being.

      I remembered my sister drawing smiley faces in my Nana’s back yard.

      One had the top of the circle curled over like on the left. The others had different versions of a lowercase U like on the right.

      She also drew a lizard. It said, “My name is dinner.”

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I had a dream of being at the Arboretum.

      Then I left the arboretum. And drove kind of crazily. I pulled out across 4 lanes and in front of a truck going the other direction.

      Then I also backed into a building and it got smashed. But then I rewinded it somehow. I don’t think I was lucid. Eventually the dream shifted.

      Then I was with these people telling lucid dream stories. I didn’t know it was a dream. There was something about waiting for a shower.

      I had to solder something or do some kind of machine work that created a smell. When the other people got back they complained. We were out doors but I still put a fan on to blow the smell away.

      Then I was taking out the garbage too because I felt bad about the smell. I overhead one of the rich people talking about eating lint from the couch. Or licking it. I think they were trying to get me to lick the couch lint.

      Then I was at a mall. I had boxers on but not pants. I was holding my tan khaki pants and looking for a place to put them on.

      There was a thing about needing to consult with agents from the bank. They were waiting around on some couches for people to come do their appointments.

      I found a mall computer and started filling in the form. It seemed like it would be easier that way.

      I remember seeing that in my dream. I had to confirm my information. Then they detected I was at a computer and came to me.

      They wanted me to pay them 1500 dollars a year for my bank account. I was thinking how I will probably have to change banks. I really needed the bathroom so I had to desperately seek a bathroom before I could finish my form and have an appointment. I was afraid to leave my personal information up on the mall computer.

      I walked by these dog cages looking for a place to go to the bathroom. Then there was a hairy school bus outside.

      I said, “Nice hairy bus!” And a guy poked his head out of the window. “Thanks!” Said the guy.

      Then I went left and it seemed like I was in the back of a haunted house. My high school gym teacher was at the bottom of some steps. I passed through there, thinking he wouldn’t let me. But he was fine with it. Seeing high school teachers is a dream sign.

      Then I saw a woman who I went to college with. I asked her if she would go with me on a date. She said, “Give me a day, a date, a time, and a place!” But I didn’t have one. I thought, oops, was I supposed to?

      Then I woke up. I was thinking if I could ask for her number, and call her when I think of a “day, date, time and place”. Then I realized it was a dream and began recalling it.

      I drifted back to sleep one more time and had a dream of being by this house outside. To the left was a stream. I was on the phone with my friend, talking about some stuff. I was also walking around peeing.

      I woke up in my bed again and thought I had wet the bed for sure. However I didn’t want to move because then I might dislodge the dream. So I stayed still and thought it through. It turned out I hadn’t wet the bed. Thank FHQWHGADS!

      Round 3 of dreams

      I fell asleep pretty consciously this time. One dream flash was of a tan beverage and nutrition facts.

      Woke up briefly.

      dreamed I worked in a restaurant.

      Woke up briefly.

      Dreamed I was in college. And thinking of going to audit a class on dreams. Then I was in a class on dreams. The teacher was giving a lecture. Some guys next to me did something funny like hijacking the lecture.

      Then I was shuffling blue books with a woman from the class. She spoke very softly and I could barely hear her.

      Then I had a false awakening that it was around 7 A M. And there was tons of noise. I went to look if my Dad was home. He wasn’t but there was a big red truck out front. In the back yard they had all this equipment going. They were laying out sod. I got mad because it distracted me from my dream recall.

      Woke up briefly, glad it had just been a dream.

      Then I dreamed of being at my old house’s kitchen with some food. I sat on some pine needles outside. There was glass in the pine needles so I went to put my shoes on. There was food in my shoes. I ate the food and then realized that was probably not the cleanest. I felt kind of sick.

      Woke up briefly again, glad it was just a dream. I decided to hold all the dreams in my head and stay still, to keep dream chaining.

      This was where I started to get lucid in them. I dreamed of these cartoon characters. And I dreamed I had a camera that could take pictures from my dreams. And I would see them when I woke up. So I got really excited about that.

      Woke up briefly again…

      Then I was walking towards an empty playground. There was a retainer (for teeth) on a slide thing that reminded me of mine. I figured a kid had left it there. When I looked back it was in a blue case. I tried to move it somewhere safer for the time being.

      Then I looked out onto the neighborhood for some people to tell. A mom was at the door as her daughter left for school. I walked up to them.

      The daughter said, “You can’t punch me any more!” The mom had purple under her eyes. I was like, “Uh oh. Good thing I’m here to distract the mom a little.” I told them about the retainer.

      The Mom pulled the door knob and the whole door came off. She put the door to the side like it was weightless. That plus the dream chaining got me lucid. But I decided to finish what I had set out to do before I had become lucid.

      The daughter left and the mom went to look toward the empty playground. Then I woke up.

      Laid there recalling the dream until one more started.

      I was working in a Restaurant Again. My job was a bus boy but instead of a pitcher of water, I had a pitcher of tan bean soup stuff. One of the pitchers was made out of a taco shell.

      So I carried the beans out and poured them in people’s cups. One couple said “Charles, more beans please!” I gradually realized this was a dream, especially from having dreamed of it earlier.

      I decided to play along. I said, “Okay, so I just pour the beans in your cup, right?” They looked like almonds.

      Round 4 of dreams

      One vague dream

      Went back to sleep hoping for dream chain

      Woke up not remembering any other dreams


      My dream recall and lucidity are improving again. I thought they took a little dip for a few days.
    7. Random/Blue Emerald

      by , 04-23-2018 at 12:01 AM
      Splash of Pink

      I was inside a classroom feeling like i was 5. I had been put on timeout for some reason. As i looked in front of me a large picture book appeared and charlie brown began to read different objects on the book with a narrative to it. I didn't recall what he said though.

      Next I was normal again and looking at a dry eraser board in the classroom. Suddenly someone threw a splash of pink color at it. I was like "what the heck?". Than got up and picked up a pink lip stick that was on the board under the liquid and began to use it. After that i turned and left the classroom.

      Blue Rice

      I was walking with my dad in the street when he pointed out a bowl of rice on the floor. I picked it up and began to eat it because i was hungry but than i noticed blue paint was subtley in it. "Could it be poison?" I thought but in the end i disregarded it because i was hungry. Afterwards my dad pointed out sushi as well but i couldn't find it.

      Fast forward and I'm now in front of a house i thought was mine but it looked simple, stretched and the front was different. I wanted to go inside but my mom appeared and i forgot what happened next.

      Aggressive Dcs

      I was like 15 years old in this dream and was walking up a hill when i noticed the bus passing by. I wanted to take it but i decided to take my phone out to message someone. That's when a tall slender guy wearing a turtle neck passed me by telling his friend what the password to get into my internet network was.(It wasn't my real password or name)He said the name and the password was TrulyP. I got mad because i felt they were stalkers that could compromise the saftey of my family.

      His friend crossed the street in his orange sweater so i took the opportunity to try and take his phone away. "I can change my password but what if they try to do something bad before than. I can call 911 but than they'll get away"is what i thought until i shouted for him to delete my info. I was able to take away his phone but i hesitated cause i felt he could cause me harm.

      He wrestled with me for a bit till the dream changed to a fusion of my home and his home. I felt he had the upper hand here now and looked at his phone to see a icon called gunscopy. He tried programming the gun to shoot me so i fearfully ran behind the door like a idiot. I just wanted to go home now.

      When he shot me i became semi lucid cause i was unharmed and his form changed. I chopped his wrist angrily with my hand for attempting to hurt me for no reason and told him it would only make me stronger. He followed along in a non aggressive manner after that.


      I appeared in a big apartment building that had been hit by a hurricane. There were a lot of broken toys, mostly red outside. I walked inside unsure of what or who would appear. There was a lady and a little boy who entered. Than another little boy followed. I moved into the hall instead of staying at the entrance area.

      The walls were now gold instead of white and the carpet was red. A group of dream characters barged in crazily. I continued till i found a bedroom where a girl was mixing a bowl of cake batter. There was a tape on the bowl that said 1932. "What date is that?" I asked. She replied "1982". It switched to that number than i looked somewhere else and it ended there.

      Swift Portal To Dawn

      I was thinking of someone guiding me to Dawn. First I was in a white void than i was in what seemed like a cave where the wind blew heavily. I was pushed to a scene where small brown creatures popped up happyily but than i arrived at the end of the cave where a blue rectangular emerald necklace hung in the middle of the wall.

      After thinking of Dawn more i was whisked away to a room that looked like my current room but there was a mattress instead of my bed.
      Dawn was present and asked me what i wanted. I didn't really know what i wanted to do now so i asked for a hug. He hugged me tight and i thought about how it feels like a real hug. Than i woke up. I forgot about the palace at the time>. <

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    8. Jail sentence

      by , 04-22-2018 at 09:33 PM (Exterminate)
      I was convicted of a sex crime and dealt 3 weeks in prison based on flimsy charges and an unfair trial (Just a dream, nothing like this happened irl). The dream started right as I arrived at my cell. My mother was tearfully accompanying me to my cell and she lingered for a bit before the staff made her leave. It wasn't really a prison, and it wasn't really a jail. It looked and felt more like a mental institution to me. My cell was located right behind the front office of the building, behind a bulletproof glass and the front desk employee. The cell was fairly large, with an open door to the other cells, a bathtub, and a chair. Quite unusual indeed. The floors were carpet and the only wall was padded. The was a few children in the area, as well as a few elderly folk, and one or two people in their forties who seemed to be checked out of reality. The kids were playing, the old folk were chatting away as old friends, and I was sitting in a chair moping about how unfair the trial was, and how I didn't even get to change my clothes. I was only going to be here for 3 weeks, but I so didn't deserve to be here. I thought I'd focus on my dreams during this time and dream of the freedom that was soon to come.

      A few days passed, and a good friend of mine decided to visit. I don't know him in my waking life, but we sure knew each other in this dream. He was a black man with a goatee and dreadlocks. He was very kind and honest, and he had a passion for music. He agreed that the trial was not just, and he wanted me to know it by singing me a song he had written about me. He started with some beatboxing, and I tried to talk him out of it. His singing would surely get the two of us in trouble for disturbing the environment. As he started the song I stopped protesting. He sang a familiar tune, but it is not one I recognize whilst awake. However, he had the words changed to reflect my situation and used my name in the chorus, so that was neat. As expected though, he did get caught and was evicted by the staff. He was banned from the building for a total of 3 weeks plus fines for "damages" and "crimes."

      I reflected on what had happened, while sitting again in my chair moping about my life (how depressing..). Those aforementioned kids mentioned earlier started taking and playing with some toys I had sitting on a table in front of me. I protested at first, but then realized I really didn't need them anymore and I let them have the toys. Fast forward to an evening that I am not sure is that one or a later one. I was alone in my cell. Everyone else was asleep, nobody was near. I was soaking in the bathtub still in my clothes. The water was draining, and I looked to my right to see my dog lying next to the tub. I thought it quite peculiar that they let me have my dog with me in prison. The tub then changed appearance. The side of the tub became the back of a sofa. The dog had then gotten soaked by the draining water from the tub, and then made a scene that caused the staff to come check out what was going on. I was afraid my dog had caused me to get a longer sentence, but after some explaining they seemed to buy the idea that it wasn't my fault.

      Fast forward to the next morning, where my dogs were no longer present and a nurse brought me a small bowl. I first thought it was a bowl full of meds that was being passed to everyone, but before I could really question it the nurse stuck something in my mouth and pressed it against my gums. It had a very distinct taste. I asked the nurse what it was, and what purpose it served as I tried to keep it pressed against my gums. She said it was just a ginger lolipop to act as a breath mint since my breath really smelled...I knew the taste was familiar! I didn't protest to the bad breath and explained to her my poor dental hygiene is an issue that builds on itself. If you aren't in the habit, then your teeth start to rot, then it hurts to get in the habit until you get the teeth worked on, which in turn hurts and costs money, etc.

      The scene shifted to another evening. It shouldn't be long now before my sentence would be over I thought, as I sought out a bathroom to relieve myself. The other prisoners, or patients as it seemed, were all getting ready for a dinner that was being served in the other room. The thought came across my mind that maybe my sentence was not 3 weeks and maybe this wasn't a prison at all. Maybe it really was a psych ward and I would be trapped here for the foreseeable future. I quickly dismissed the thought until I heard a ruckus from the other room. There was a discussion on television between Billy Graham and another person of importance about my particular situation. It got quite heated and very political, and somehow it escalated all the way to the United Nations. I walked out of the bathroom and when I went outside it was a different building I was in. There was 3 stories and it was very open with many windows. I took a seat at a long conference table as I listened to those in the room discussing the situation. The original patients were all gone now, and I was surrounded by people in business suits. Someone had declared that this issue was to be taken seriously, and to defend against those who would argue in the negative. A group of assassins entered the building and I associated them with the group Talon from Overwatch. A fight broke out and I saw a massive Roadhog appear by me to protect me. He had to have been at least 8 feet in stature, and very wide. He was so realistic I was paralyzed in awe. He used his hook to grab hold of an enemy and I woke up.
    9. DJ & Drawings

      by , 04-22-2018 at 04:36 PM
      This is my PDF version with the drawings in-line. Otherwise the drawings will be at the end of the post.
      2018-04-22 dreams and drawings.pdf

      Round 1 of Dreams
      The first time I woke up I just remembered a little bit. One was something of a lucid dream cycle and they mentioned the Lucid Saint. It wasn’t refering to the podcast but it made me think of it. Also there was something in my sister’s
      room but I couldn’t remember any more.
      Round 2 of Dreams
      These got a little more dreams going on. I remember my friend had 4 hero sandwiches. He offered me some. I didn’t
      want one because I had already had dinner. Even though I felt hungry I would rather wait until breakfast.
      I remember talking to him about how he was going to teach foam rolling. He was wondering if he should speak in the “I” or “You”
      Position, something that always confuses me. When I put on my sun glasses, my vision got a lot clearer.
      I had an app on my phone. He told me the code was 1-2-2-2-2-2-… And more 2’s, to get a special app. So I typed that in but it was
      hard to press the touch screen.
      We had an audio book playing with a heavy bass instrumental. Some women upstairs wanted us to turn it down so we turned off the instrumental part. I’m not sure if there
      was anything else in that dream.
      Round 3 of dreams
      There was something with a bee type of thing that scared me.
      This was a long one. I dreamed that we had to go on a trip. But we were taking a short bus ride home. My friend was
      throwing a pill around and picking it up.
      I remember I was talking to someone about Astral Projecting. And to go if it feels safe but not to go if it doesn’t. Then I dreamed of my body going to sleep paralysis and being unsure if it was safe or not. But a
      light flickered in the loft that seemed paranormal. That was when I knew it was a dream. But I didn’t know it was a dream within a dream!
      So then a female fell or jumped down from the ceiling and onto my friend.
      At first this scared me. But it turned out okay.
      I woke up from that dream but it was still a dream when I woke up. Another friend was there and he had a girlfriend. She had black hair with a big red dyed part and wore denim.
      My friend went in the other room and she talked about how I don’t need to be some iron man. I kind of knew what she meant. Then we went out onto the roof. It overlooked water.
      I got the feeling she might be a smoker. So I hinted, “I give points to help people
      quit smoking.” I said this as a way to gauge her reaction as if she smoked or not. Worried that if she was a smoker, it would be a problem that she came around. I didn’t know it was a dream any more.
      It turned out she was a smoker. My friend came
      out. They were sitting together in a sky light. I started to tell my friend she smokes. He said that’s not okay. I felt relieved that he wouldn’t condone her smoking.
      Then she started to try to kiss him. I felt like this was a way of her trying to
      manipulate him to get him to change his mind. I felt threatened by this so I kept saying, “Don’t listen to her! She is an evil, manipulative addict! She is just trying to manipulate you!”
      Her eyes began to glow red. I didn’t know it was a dream, so I was so
      surprised at this. “Look! Her eyes are even turning red!” And they did. First just the pupils but then her whole eyes. I tried to draw a picture but it was too scary. Her teeth got sharp and her face morphed a little, like Monster Form of Frieza almost. Like a venus fly trap mouth.
      I was sure I had talked my friend out of having her over. But then she began to come towards me. She slowly inched towards me
      and I backed away. She was holding some writing utensils. It seemed like she was going to stab me with them. I thought of going to hide behind the door.
      It turned out to be such a fearful dream that I consider it my first official nightmare in a while. I have
      a high thresh hold for what I consider a night mare but this was truly one. In fact even while I was awake and recording the dream, I felt like I could see her face in my mind. I felt like if I opened my eyes, she would actually be there in my physical room.
      Round 4 of Dreams
      It took a little while to fall asleep. I had some sniffles developing. But I had a dream that ended with this green candle wax man holding a green candle. He lit the candle, and began to melt along with the candle.
      I couldn’t remember the parts of the dream before that.
      A dream flash happened where two kids in green
      coats were flying towards me. With their backs facing me. I got startled and woke up.
      Empty hoodie: I was at the mall. There was something about getting ice cream before they closed the metal gate thing. I got locked into a jail cell thing.
      I might have got lucid but I didn’t put this in my L D count because I’m not sure if I was. I saw myself in a mirror. I had on a brown hoodie. But where my head and hands should have been, I had only a black void.
      I squeezed out from between the jail cell bars and a friend carried me upstairs.
      Stop Smoking/ High fence arboretum: In this dream I was walking through the part of the arboretum near the mulch piles. I actually smelled smoke. I rarely have a sense of smell in dreams but in this one, I did. The fences were high picket fences, not there in waking life. I didn’t know it
      was a dream though. I looked around to see what trail it was coming from. Up around the bend? Behind me? To the left?
      I yelled out stop smoking twice and heard a cough. It was from behind me. A guy with a dog. He yelled back, “It’s a disease!” I tried to run away. Then I woke up with a startle. Lots of emotionally intense dreams tonight.
      Round 5 of Dreams
      My sister asked me to do the dishes. So I helped her out with those.
      There was a commercial of a guy in a foreign zoo. I felt a sense of dream de ja vu. I felt surprised at how long the commercial went. That’s what was funny
      about it. It took up so much time. The guy joked around with some animals. Then he stood on a log and put his arms overhead like a bear. And some bears imitated him.
      Baby commercial:
      There was a commercial with a woman and a baby.
      Then another woman sang a song about how other people can have their issues but you can be free of yours. In a nice yodely voice.
      I had a little false awakening after that. The commercial draems were
      funny because I felt like I saw them before.
      I got more details on my voice recorder but this was just off the top of my head. What I notice is more of the dreams from my final
      sleep cycles tend to be the ones that I remember easily the next day and can draw drawings from. The earlier dreams I don’t remember until I listen to them (more often).

      vitamin B-6-bee-thing.jpgvitamin B-6-dream-trail-map.jpgvitamin B-6-faceless-hoodie.jpgvitamin B-6-green-wax-man.jpg
    10. Day 66 --> Day 72: Bleh--er--Blah

      by , 04-22-2018 at 04:13 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Nothing much happened for the first three days (Day 66 to 68). Being suddenly woken up in the morning really screws with my recall.

      Day 69:

      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 6:40 AM

      Dream 72: Cut Finger

      For some reason I can't quite explain, I reached for the knife and cut myself on my finger. It was a searing, burning pain. God, I hated it.

      Dream 73: Falling Deeper Into Sleep

      In my bedroom, nighttime. The lamp is on and the TV has been turned off. I hop right into bed after turning the lamp off. A maelstrom of random and incoherent thoughts swirled around me when I was near sleep, but I can't really remember any of it.

      Dream 74: Chameleo-guin

      This one was a bit random.

      So, a penguin is trying to avoid capture by four robots (One of which is a walking trash can). First he hid in a filing cabinet, with the trash can bot walking by him, and then he hid inside of a picture frame, disguising himself as a dove. Once the robots went past, he decamouflaged himself and hopped out of the picture frame. One of the robots finds him and sets off an alarm letting the others know he's there.

      Then the dream ended.

      Day 70:

      Nothing much to report.

      Day 71:

      Fell asleep at: 11:40 PM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 75: Yer Me Best Mates

      The dream centered around me (A sort of omnipotent force in the dream) trying to save a pirate ship from a bundle of dynamite that was placed on the ship. I couldn't for the life of me find the explosive. And when I did, I discovered it wasn't a stick of dynamite after all, but a modern-day explosive, so splashing seawater onto it wasn't going to make it any better.

      I then switched to first person POV. The rest of the pirate crew was solemnly watching the night sky, almost in horrid anticipation of when the bomb was going to explode. One of the pirates was even playing music on a guitar. It was oddly relaxing, but we knew the end was coming.

      Day 72:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 76: Yet another failed RC

      I'm pacing around the parking lot in front of the band hall, trying to do reality checks. I do the nose plug RC and breathe in some air from it, but ultimately disregard it. I do the finger through palm RC, but that didn't work at all.

      I also remember stumbling into the locker room, but then immediately walking back out.

      After all that I end up in my sister's car along with my brother. He talks to her about some award he got, and I immediately tune him out.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Gyeongbokgung palace and hanbok

      by , 04-21-2018 at 03:04 PM
      Note for members of DawnEye11's shared dream experiment: I know that it is still Saturday morning over here and you may not have successfully attempted the experiment yet. Be warned that this dream contains accurate details about Gyeongbokgung palace, as well as other details such as the symbol I chose.

      Before this dream started, I woke up remembering that I had woke up in the middle of the night writing down an awesome dream in the notes on my phone, so I wouldn't forget. Apparently though, it was a false awakening because when I woke up this morning and checked my phone there was no such note. ㅜㅜ I had focused so much and tried so hard to participate in the shared dream experiment but I hadn't even remembered any of my dreams, except for the false awakening I suppose. I went back to sleep and did a WILD as a last ditch effort. Maybe I should try WILDs more often, they seem to work better for me than DILDs.

      I recognized my surroundings as I stood on the sidewalk of a busy 6-lane street in the midst of skyscrapers. I had been here before, and I was sure I was near to Gyeongbokgung palace as I had focused on it for my WILD and I was pretty sure I knew the way from the street I was on. It reminded me of how busy a city with ten million people can be. It was a nice sunny day, probably early fall. There were a lot of cars and a lot of people walking the sidewalks. As I made my way around the block I saw the main gate to Gyeongbokgung palace in the distance across the street. Before I got there I noticed a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) rental store on my left. It is common for tourists, especially women, to rent hanbok as they tour Gyeongbokrung palace. I had always wanted to try it on but had never done so. I walked into the store and said "한복 하나 입고 싶어요" (I want to try on a hanbok).

      A middle-aged Korean man behind the counter asked me, his hand lifted to a rack with several different colored dresses, "어떤 게 마음에 들어요?" (Which one do you like?). I chose a hanbok with a blue top and red bottom. He handed it to me, and without asking me for money simply let me leave with it on. I changed into the hanbok. It didn't come with shoes, so I was wearing sneakers underneath the dress. It didn't look too weird, though, since hanbok is a full-length dress.

      Quite a conspiracy...-.jpg
      This is a basic idea of what it looked like but the top was blue instead of green.

      So I crossed the street seeing several tourists and approached Gyeongbokgung palace. At this point the dream started to fade, but as I was lucid I held onto the dream and focused on the palace to root myself in the dream. I walked through the main gate and found myself in the front courtyard. In the middle of the front courtyard I found daises growing in the middle of the courtyard. That was strange since the ground of the courtyard is pretty boring looking uncultivated dirt. I walked through the gate to the left as I heard drums, because I knew that the guards did the march reenactment over there (although they do go through the main courtyard as well). The drum sounds were loud and perfectly synchronized, it was rather impressive. Usually the guards are all wearing different brightly colored uniforms, but in my dream they all wore purple for some reason.

      I started to lose lucidity at this point, and I don't remember much of the rest of the dream, but eventually I visited the museum and looked at exhibits such as the king's meal. I love Korean food so this made me hungry. There were many foods represented by the fake set up in the museum, but what I really craved was the king's rice and stew.

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    12. DJ&Drawings

      by , 04-21-2018 at 02:30 PM
      I already have everything on my voice recorder. But I decided I would try to write all the dreams I could off the top of my head in the morning too, just to test my memory.

      In my first round of dreams there was something about my Uncle mixing butter and Au Jus in a frying pan. Asking me if he was doing it right.

      The second round of dreams. Well, it is hard to remember at this point what was from each round of dreams. I recorded dreams 6 or 7 times. There were a few more micro awakenings than usual.

      In one set of dreams I was fighting my Uncle. Well, good thing I recorded everything on a voice recorder through the night. I guess by morning my memory isn't that great!

      I had a dream of being in a class. I drew something really cool on a chalk board that dissappeared from a certain angle. Also I colored all over my notes and got in trouble. I just put random words but tried to draw the way it looked when I colored all over my paper:

      (not the actual words from the dream)

      Quite a conspiracy...-color-words.jpg

      I had a few dreams at a pizzeria. I remember in one dream I gave some friends a ride to their house. Then my friend's older cousin was in the road and he got into my car. I gave him a ride too. He asked if I minded that he smoked. I said I couldn't smell it so I didn't care. He took a plastic bag of apples with him that he said were his. I looked on the seat and there was a cigarette butt. I felt really embarassed because it wasn't mine but I thought he thought it was mine. I didn't get lucid from the cigarette butt dream sign. THERE WOULD NEVER BE A CIGARETTE BUTT IN MY CAR!!! And there was also a bottle of pee in my car and I was embarassed about that too.

      Then I saw 3 females and offered them a ride. One's name, I remembered. The other, I actually didn't remember, and felt bad. She said it was something with an S. I think I gave them a ride somewhere, too. It was on the main road near where I live.

      Before that I think I was in a gym.

      In one of my dreams at a pizzeria, I went in there because my sister needed soap. My Nana and AUnt were there and I was surprised to see them. I started to walk out the other door and I saw cigarette smoke floating up from a guy's hand. I pushed the smoke at him and ran the other way. There was no smell but I didn't catch the dream sign. On the way out, I was still mad, so I yelled, STOP SMOKING. Then the guy chased me. Then it shifted to where there were lots of guys in camoflauge and neon yellow jump suits around. I guess protecting the place, from me, or from him, not sure.

      Quite a conspiracy...-security-guards.jpg

      Then I dreamed I was driving around doing my taxes. It was the sixteenth and they were due on the seventeeth. In waking life, I did my taxes earlier in April. In the dream the tax service wanted to charge me 29.99 and I declined.

      Then I got to a pizzeria again. This time I was writing a story on a big lap desk that was surprisingly light in weight.

      My Nana told me that she always thought I was negative for complaining about cigarette smoke. But now she understands how positive it is, to point out the negativity of the smoke. I was falling asleep, with my head down, but I said I was listening.

      Then I realized my Dad was leaving. I got up to go after him. He was making a burrito but all the rice and beans were falling out the other end. A giant pile of rice and beans had accumulate on the floor behind him. oops!

      Something with a production anomale creating spiky forks, and Santa claus appearing at the door.

      The pizzeria dreams were at R's Pizzeria.

      Oh yeah in an earlier dream I lived in an intentional community. There was a feeling that the people there were emotionally healthy and it was easy to talk to them about feelings. I was amazed at how I've tried to recover for so many years but being in a community of other people trying to recover at all times really made a difference.

      In my final dream, I got a lucid moment on a dock. I think I was looking at the sky, and something seemed dream like. So I flew up and tried to grab a branch. Then I realized I was really straining, and just relaxed. I closed my eyes and felt myself float down.

      Then I was in this place where they were doing an experiment with some people. It was pretty humane, not like some mad scientists or anything. It involved testing different stimuli on the body and it wasn't painful. I remember the blue lined graph with "W-1" next to one wave form and "W-4" next to another, on a black screen.

      Quite a conspiracy...-test-lab.jpg

      Then I dreamed I was in the lobby corridor thing, greeting everyone on their way out. At first I was confused why I was there. But then I became lucid and my reaction was to just blend in. So I acted like I worked there, and greeted everyone leaving.

      Then when they left I walked in and asked someone, "Hey, do I still work here?" They said yes. I preceded to have some work conversations with other dream figures. I looked down at my shirt and it was similar to theirs. One guy had a big blue hair net on his afro that seemed to grow as we spoke. His four front teeth were missing but I didn't point it out. We talked about the job. I tried to casually explain away how I could have been unsure that I worked there.

      Quite a conspiracy...-blue-afro-guy.jpg

      Then I had one more dream scene of these red guys in shoulder pads like Saiyan shoulder pads. With pony tails. Jumping 6 feet high to catch basket balls. And landing near a puddle. I think I still was vaguely lucid as a carry over from the previous dream.

      Quite a conspiracy...-red-guyz.jpg

      Drawing in MS Paint was a lot of fun. I have surrendered my drive to type EVERY DETAIL from my voice recorder because it just isn't humanly possible! But, this was very doable today, and I think it helps exercise my dream memory a little extra. The only thing is, I am motivated now, but I'm aware I could get frustrated again or lose motivation any time. So hopefully I can stay consistent this time instead.

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    13. Dream - A Disneyland Graduation & Aunty Knows All

      by , 04-21-2018 at 08:40 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 21 APR - 2018

      Dream No. 314 - Separated Sections

      Dream 314 A - A Disneyland Graduation
      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I can remember, it was night time and I was in this unknown but inviting accommodation park. I was walking around, even though the sky was pitch black at night, all the paths were lit up with wooden torches placed to the side in an even sequence. I didn't mind walking around for some time but soon, I was actually getting worried about where I was going and the feeling of being lost was growing. To me, this place now felt like a never ending maze.

      Eventually, I see WB in the distance and I get all excited. I yelled out, “WB!” and ran up to her as fast as I could. I hugged her really hard and I thought to myself, “why isn't she complaining?”. In-fact, she was actually pleasantly smiling as she hugged me tightly back for the same amount of time. It was when I felt her tight hug and saw the life in her that I realised I was fooled and that this was actually Dreamy WB... I have forgotten her complete appearance though. All I know is that her hair was out as a full afro and she was wearing some make-up.

      She then physically gestured for me to follow her and that's when the dream scene changed. I was now in the driveway of my house at dusk time, talking to my brother. He said something about when he finished his university degree; that he and his friends would have a party at Disneyland. I asked him if I was invited and he said yes. He said though that we would have a gathering at our house three months before going.

      I figured that this was the Disneyland over in America and what my brother said is that we were actually walking there! My brother told me he preferred walking rather than going on a plane because the walk was bound to have some amazing sights. As she said that, the dream projected two silhouettes walking in some sort of animated slideshow. The dream ended there.

      Dream 314 B - Aunty Knows All
      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was at my current house, in the front room. My mum was doing something to me which I forgot her exact actions at the start. What I do know is that we were expecting my aunty to come down for a visit and my mum and I were talking about it. I then start to recall that my mum was actually torturing me in some minor way but once again, the specifics are forgotten.

      I tried asking my mum to stop but she didn't do anything and so that's when I resorted to calling for Dreamy WB. I tried a few different methods in this dream. At first, I thought I shouldn't let my mum know who it is that I'm asking for but after a while, I didn't care what happened and so just went by the usual ways. So as I was looking out the window, waiting for my aunty, I call out “Dreamy WB! My mum's not letting me zap the belt in!”.

      For a while, I thought nothing was happening as there was no active response from Dreamy WB. Eventually though, my aunty did turn up in a silver car and hopped out of it. When my mum greeted her, she didn't look too pleased... It's like she knew what my mum was doing to me before. Then when heading up the stairs, my aunty looked even less pleased and somewhat angry; it felt like Dreamy WB was expressing her displeasure through my aunty. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - I Thought You Didn't Like Me (Confuse Dreamy WB for WB)

      Dream 314: Competition Results

      314 A
      Competition Night: 20
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Estimated Length of Dream (Lucid Only): N/A
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      314 B
      Competition Night: 20
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Estimated Length of Dream (Lucid Only): N/A
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 2.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 10.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 12.5
      non-lucid , memorable
    14. 3 years later -- updates, astral projection, perhaps

      by , 04-20-2018 at 04:56 PM
      Many of these previous entries have been big marking points of my first experiences with lucid dreaming, vibrations, and other important phenomenon whose name I do not know.


      Since then, I have had lucid dreams randomly throughout the years. I have randomly felt these strong vibrations during the night... I haven't had "nightmares" in which I've felt scared; though maaaybe a couple for ~2 seconds before waking up. Now that I can wake myself up or stop things, nightmares feel nearly impossible. That is, until recently.

      I am coming to the end of my semester abroad, but prior to leaving to come here, I talked to someone about astral projection and read a bit more about it. I tried a couple times before leaving and felt potential successes, so I downloaded a little "Guide to Hermetics" (perhaps one that was recommended) before I came. Busy for most of the semester and preoccupied with getting my shit together, I didn't think about any of this stuff much at all. But, once in a while I would.... Once or twice, I thought, maybe tonight I will try to astral project. Then, what previously seemed to be a random feeling of vibrations that would strike when I was least expecting it, would occur that night. (The only time it didn't was when I was incredibly tired and had no reason to say or think of it (imo).)

      Including last night, that makes ~3 times during this semester having some feeling of AP or whatever is happening (I have no idea, really).

      1. (after saying to myself, maybe try to AP tonight) Vibrations -> up-up --> feel like i am going upwards past this room. I make myself smile widely throughout it even though I am not feeling my best in general. I am excited, there is a doll, perhaps? Strange, wonder where I am and why I'm in this area. Windows, different house for sure, kind of fancy and large with high-ceilings and walls that I just keep going up and up in. I don't know if I stop on purpose or not, don't remember.

      was so funny that I could just do that! just like when I say to myself, I'm going to wake up at 7 tomorrow morning, and then I wake up at that time, hardly on purpose (just think it without imagining it would actually happen just from that).

      2. (recently). I am hardly trying. Vibrations, but I am almost pulled through them with no effort on my own. This is not good.... It feels like I'm being pulled up and things are moving fast. The energy feels negative, maybe completely or just partially because I'm paranoid because of some discord server stuff (joined a group which seems to be into a lot of this stuff + strange stuff I don't know about). In either case, I know I am not feeling trying to control anything or deal with this (not in mood) and I make myself wake up. First time hardly works (make myself wake up, close my eyes and I'm back, practically), so the next time I go from laying on my back to my side. This worked!

      3. Last night (though I forget quite a bit already). Not sure if I thought about it prior to it happening again, but I think I did a little bit. Later, during the night, I woke up from my dream slightly. I knew *this was it!* and closed my eyes immediately and thought to myself to lift up like before. I met the wall of vibrations and, after a bit, surpassed it. However, I thought this and made this decision in a split second of time - I did not consider it much. So was I really ready? Did I really want to do this now? I don't know.
      In any case, though....again, I went up. I don't remember how much control I had but it was definitely not a large amount. I was, however, more awake than the last time, and it didn't feel half as "negative".

      It did, however, feel a bit negative, though not right away.

      So as I went up, I was surprised to see that I was again inside a tall house with large windows, kind of fancy. This time it was not as dark and blue-tinted (like the first time with the doll), but it seemed like it was sunset-time-y. At one point I saw people sitting at round tables, I believe? Maybe a man (white man, balding, glasses, suit -- but this is probably just in my head, it was so vague and faint, everything, and he was not important at all; his description just helps describe the sort of vibe of the place).

      I passed more things, I think, or at least felt and saw more than just this, but I can't remember. This was definitely the longest I have been in this "place" in one complete, consistent bout of time, and I felt that I could remain in it for a long amount of time. I knew I wasn't in the correct mindset, however, and did not feel great about it all, so I began to feel like I should leave.

      Leaving to try to wake up felt similar to trying to wake up during sleep paralysis, though on the "other side" of things. That same barricade was there, it seemed, keeping me in that side as there is keeping me on the other side (that I must "go through" to get there). Part of me trying to wake up was likely propelled by some fear of negative things or not being able to make myself wake up, spurred by trying to move slightly (into my waking body's direction) and being met with such a strong barrier.
      It's all very interesting and I don't understand it, but I would like to!

      I really had to push myself awake (to this awake state, it felt like), and eventually did that. Then slept on my side as I had learned from the last time, and it was all fine. I wanted to write about it..since it was dark could only use my phone, but after I got ready to write (type) I must have closed my eyes for a second and fallen asleep again. I was exhausted. Woke up with my phone next to my head, and have been thinking about this entire event throughout the day today.

      There is definitely a lot to explore.
    15. Funny non-lucid flying school dream

      by , 04-20-2018 at 12:26 PM
      I had a funny dream about being at a big lucid dreaming party at a school.
      First I was in an auditorium. I said I don't write full names in my dream journal and someone got mad. I left and went into another room.
      It was a workshop on flying in lucid dreams. I told the person next to me this was so funny because I was just saying how I wanted a flight school in a dream. However, I thought I was in waking life! I didn't know it WAS a dream. There was a context of being late for lunch, so I couldn't stay for the whole class. Everyone had funny note packets.

      Then I left there and when I went back in, it was like a high school dance, only for lucid dreamers. I was excited to talk to other lucid dreamers. However, again, I didn't know it was a dream at the time! I thought it was waking life.

      I saw some friends from waking life and talked to them. Most people had punch.

      I dived into this giant hole in the ground to show everyone I could fly out. But I didn't know it was a dream. Then it showed Piccolo sliding down the hole after me. It had become a volcano.

      I put all my other dreams on a voice recorder. I got a good number of dreams on there. Maybe I will turn it into a daily dream pod cast one day.
      non-lucid , memorable
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