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    1. Crocodiles

      by , Yesterday at 11:40 PM
      Dreams today


      I dreamt about the ghost hound, and about a spear. It's a web novel series that I started reading recently.
      Girl +girlfriends

      I am still recalling the dream. But I had an exact same dream note from yesterday so it could be the same thing. I wanted to recall the dream from yesterday and I guess thinking about it made me dream it.
      Mom reno house

      My mom was working on renovating a house for someone. I was inside a nicely decorated house with a modern feel. I explored around the house before leaving. I forgot to turn off the lights and heard the person's positive review on the job done as I was still in the house. I was worried about forgetting to turn off other lights abs tried my best to turn them all off.
      Touching knee

      I was on bed and my thoughts reached out and touched or vibrated the edge of my knee. It was close to the onset of wild but needed one more push to wild.
      Level 30

      Related to first dream, i was level 30 or so.
      Class girl math

      I was inside a classroom trying to learn advanced algebra or so. I was honestly frustrated and thought about giving up and dropping the class. One of the girl there who had the cloth on her head, is it called burka? She calmed me down and stuff as I pushed our desks together to her group.

      -had a memory about this girl earlier in the day, resulting in this dream likely.
      Alligator race

      It was like a hotel room but a bit different. A resting spot for pro gamers in China apparently. There was a well known guy there and he wanted to play the slots beside the computer to the left. He put about 99 tokens in but it didn't work properly. The ppl there said they'll reimburse him later. I watched him load up the game client and he put about 4.75$ on his account. I was curious about how the interface worked here in China compared to here since it seemed to work much better. He explained something.

      I take a look to the right and there was a TV on the wall. There was a live event going on and alligators were released on celebs. They were running away from the gators. It was an overhead view of somewhere outdoors, and there were partitions that separated the race tracks from outside. Perhaps not really a race but a survival thing,it merely looked like a race track.

      The camera switches to look at another part of the event. It was a narrow hallways indoors and a girl who was a celeb was there. There was a gator approaching from far to the left and I was a bit worried about her as she appeared to be sort of stuck.

      My consciousness was transferred to her body then and I realized that I had to act fast. I found a tiny storage closet right in front and barely enough to fit me. I closed the door behind me and felt the gators tackling against the solid wood door as I pressed back against it. Worried if the door would even last.

      I remembered that I could do the impossible and decided to summon a chocolate gun - it would turn whatever I shot into chocolate. So I got out and shot the mouth of the gator to the right and its mouth turned chocolate.

      -I remembered a memory about a lady who was feeding gators in a farm earlier in the day and I think this was the source of the dream.
    2. lxxxviii.

      by , Yesterday at 02:27 PM
      Only some small fragments. Didn't make notes on getting up and the DJ wasn't the first priority after getting up.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was helping or teaching a small boy. He was from a village called Fargoth? It was South-East from wherever I was, somewhere in the North of England. I remember seeing it on a map, a mix of an online map and a city-building game map. I remember we looked at maps together too, he talked about Spain for some reason and I remember zooming in on the deserts and seeing farmland.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was helping a North American general, he wanted to take me and a group to battle somewhere specific. In the dream I had already been in battle at that place before. The general must have been in his fifties but had white hair for the most part. I remember he had a typical US soldier's helmet from decades past, not a modern one.

      We went to the place and we were under fire from pretty much all directions. I remember it was dark and atmospheric, the sky was a certain mix of red and black and smoke. The general wanted to go after a certain Zen-Chi and so I lead him up a hill where I knew he was firing from or something. This entire location had small houses and maybe was a small fort or old castle? I remember a little market thing, in ruins.

      At the top of this climb, mostly stone steps, there was a wooden shed. There were loads of woodworking tools on the outside, and other sharp implements that had nothing to do with woodworking.

      The general wanted to go head in, I stopped him physically. I told him he couldn't, that was exactly how I'd lost a friend to Zen-Chi myself and so I decided we'd taunt him a little first. We shouted at him from outside to try and unsettle him; then we opened the creaky wooden door. It was brighter inside, there were some tungsten bulbs lighting the place. There were physical separations or curtains all over the inside, but before I went in, from the tool rack, I grabbed a long and heavy metal rod that had a perfect point at one end. It was like a cast aluminium javelin, it was odd.

      Despite it's length I managed to manoeuvre inside with it. I motioned for the general to stay back and I crouched, seeing under the separators inside the shed. I could see Zen-Chi's feet. I approached slowly and heard him taunt back at us now, I can't remember what he said.

      Then, when I was close enough, I struck his foot with the sharp point of the javelin, quickly pulling it back and then I think I got up and opened the barrier, which was a curtain after all, and struck Zen-Chi in the head with the sharp point, then his chest.

      In that moment it was somewhat unsettling to strike him on the head, which made me feel as though I'd hesitated, but I wanted to be sure he'd die, hence the second strike on the chest.

      - The hesitation and unsettling feeling of striking someone in the head so brutally like I did against this dream character reflects well how I feel about certain situations in fighting. I feel it's somewhat foul to destroy someone's face and head, not to mention it paints a very gruesome picture in my imagination.

      - The plot of that dream was pretty generic, as I have no special reason to have been on either side of the dream's conflict.

      - In waking life, H pointed out that Zen-Chi seems like a pretty generic name, which may even not be a name at all, since it's just two oriental words relating to the spiritual and meditative worlds.

      - When Zen-Chi was dying, he had an expression of surprise on his face. I'm remembering now that one of the taunts that me or the general shouted at him was that we'd take all his woodworking tools once we were done with him.

      - The dream where I was helping the boy was much longer, but because I didn't make any notes and had it very early on in the morning, very few details were retained through sleeping again and having the second dream.

      - The red, black and smoke of the second dream reminded me of Stratholme in World of Warcraft. It sort of seemed to imply that the atmosphere itself was practically on fire, but during that dream I remember seeing tracer bullets and shells flying above us, very similar to a tank game I've played recently.

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    3. Q&A explained

      , Yesterday at 05:00 AM
      So I was cautiously avoiding a flood when a mysterious girl confronted me saying I must have cheated. But thatís obviously not the case. Regardless she still claims she has all the answers. I ask and She basically responds, trivially p doesnít equal np, Abby was a free spirit who had a different route from me, Fhanz is fueled by revenge and Virsieras is my perfect model.

      The first could be an answer to real life. The second is obvious. For the third, it could be said that Iíd given up on revenge for Abby and he resolves the conflict between my rational and emotional sides by connecting together and ďavengeĒ instead by having better relations especially with family. And finally Virsieras could be modeled after my friend Liz who has only appeared in one dream herself. This means I should be more ambitious.

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    4. lxxxvii.

      by , 02-19-2020 at 02:06 PM
      Just one continuous long dream, that I can remember.


      In the earliest part I remember, I was wandering around some city streets. It was dark, but there were street lights, orange/yellow hues. For whatever reason I was about two to three times the normal size and as I turned around a corner I ran into an equally sized character at some sort of dead end. There was a "temporary" concrete wall blocking a street.

      Not sure what the character looked like exactly, but was female and some kind of taur. Part woman, part something else, maybe scorpion or sphynx. I used some kind of metal club, like a baseball bat maybe, and attacked her. As we were fighting, I knocked her away with the bat and she got hurled down an adjacent street. Then something with the dream changes and she's gone. I'm normal sized and in the street where she was hurled into was a car, damaged I think.

      I got some sort of passing thought about how I was dreaming before, when I was bigger and fighting, but this obvious irony was somehow lost on me during this moment. I approached the car and inside I see a man. The car's inner lights make him quite clear but I don't remember what he looked like exactly. Chiseled, but skinny? He is doing some kind of drug or smoking something. Police and paramedics arrive all of a sudden, but nobody tells me to clear out or move away.

      The guy is then dead. I could see him lying back in a weird position, sort of slumped down but contorted between the two front seats of his car. One of the paramedics uses a syringe of some sort, squirting some liquid into the dead guy's nose. It fizzes and bubbles. They conclude from this reaction that he'd used some sort of toxin to kill himself.

      Nearby, from about six or so yards away, a man is taking some photos with a camera. I remember the camera had a band that went around his neck. In that moment I think that he's taking some photos for the local news and he catches me on some of the shots, hoping he'll blur my face. I think of speaking to him but end up walking away, not actually too bothered about it.

      Then at some point, I realised I didn't have my phone anymore. I couldn't feel it on me and I believe I must have left it in the car from before. I realised the police will have the car by now and so I go to a street where the police station is located. It's a plain concrete building with several small alcove-like bits. Each of them is effectively an entrance, with a ladder and some sort of shutter? Or garage door.

      I ring a doorbell thing or buzzer, but an image immediately lights up on a large screen next to the ladder and the buzzer. It looks like a poster but it says on it something like: "We're sorry, we're closed. The police needs rest too." This doesn't bother me, I accept that it makes sense, with only a slight feeling of being annoyed by not having made any progress in finding the phone. I somehow realise that it's 2AM or past that and that they won't be opening for another few hours, at least. I go back to the crime scene with the car hoping to find it there, maybe I'd just left it on the ground.

      Indeed, when I get there, I do find the phone on the floor. I remember walking around the streets for quite a while, I'm not sure how it all fits in terms of timeline but details are too vague now. Then there's some kind of transition? The dream shifts somehow anyway. I'm then in a town or city. Rome, I hear someone or myself saying. It's day time now and I'm walking around sort of in circles on these streets, around a central square area.

      There are people singing and greeting tourists and foreigners. I join up with some group of tourists? We walk up to this little altar thing in the middle of the square. The buildings I can remember around us are short, some might even be ruins. We are at a high point, there are no hills or taller buildings in sight. This altar thing is considered to be a mosque? But it looks more like a right-angled dried up fountain of some sort. I sit there with the group of tourists. I relax for a moment and look around.

      Then randomly, these two black teens walk up to me and throw or spray some green paint at me. I get up and show some sort of indignation at what they did but then end up just ignoring them since I knew they just wanted to provoke. They leave with cheeky smiles on their faces, I feel some sense of amusement myself? Then a man in the group, an older black guy, engages in conversation with me about what just happened. We agree on how people do these provocative things and we talk about something else; meanwhile the dream starts to change around us and sort of becomes like a fancy bar or lodge hall. It's not day time anymore, I remember lights being on in this building.

      At this point my memory of the rest of the dream is very vague since I couldn't manage to make notes of it. I remember being in my parents old room and then something about mom being in bed and giving me and this older guy advice? Some sort of construction modules. I remember words labeled on them. "Industrial (?)", "Research (?)" and other similar things.

      No notes for now.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    5. Mr Playfairs new extension

      by , 02-18-2020 at 05:59 PM
      Went to bed at 3AM.
      got out of bed at 11:30AM
      Dream 1:
      I was outside right in front of mr playfairs house and it was summertime. His home home had a whole new exterior. I looked in the front window to see mrs playfair and another old fellow I didnt recognize. I looked around a bit and saw mr playfair outside near his garage. I told him it was a nice new extension and he told me it was a theater, he could show me too. I obliged and we went inside. It didnt look very new and modern from inside. We went downstairs and he brought me to a room which looked like someones room, not a theater. There was this little man, literally. He was like a few feet tall. He was watching TV as I entered but he had a blanket over his face, I thought he was embarrassed. He got up, turned around and looked at the floor. He didnt look at me, I awkwardly tried to wave to him to say hi because I was going into his room after all. It was a bit messy with clothes strewn about on the floor.
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    6. lxxxvi.

      by , 02-18-2020 at 03:22 PM
      Yesterday the same as usual lately, wasn't able to make notes in the morning and then forgot too much. Managed to make some notes this morning.


      World of Warcraft dream. I was a dwarf paladin and I remember being teleported to the Scarlet Monastery. I was next to the instance entrance doors and from there I went across the halls, down to the stairs at the other end. I don't remember seeing any scarlet troops.

      I had a two-handed weapon, and directly to my right after coming down from the stairs was the meeting stone (which I think isn't the correct location for it). Across the way, where the meeting stone should probably be was an orc hunter, around level 90, sitting. I don't remember seeing or knowing what my own level was.

      I walked for a bit but then decided to get on a mount. In the dream, I remembered or realised I had just bought the 100% riding skill, and then summoned a worg-looking mount. The worg looked thin and sort of rough, which seemed a bit odd, but I didn't really care at the time.

      Starting to ride away, I could see with my camera rotated that the orc was getting up and then he started using his auto-shot attack. He didn't use any special abilities but each of the arrows was hitting for about 900 damage, which seemed to be about 10% of my health each time. I took about three shots in total, managing to ride away far enough but the last shot had hit me from what I thought was an unreasonable distance in the game, over 90 or so yards.

      I rode the worg through the plagued and sombre woods of Tirisfal and toward the Western Plaguelands. I remember the atmosphere clearly, with its slightly dead blue-green tinge. I remember seeing something in the sky, but not sure if it was the moon or the sun. As I rode the mount through the woods, I went past a ruined human or scarlet tower, but I didn't see any enemies or creatures anywhere.

      When I got to the area of Tirisfal that is closest to the Western Plaguelands, it was more like a volcanic area, more like something I'd expect from Cataclysm than a classic area. At first this bit was sandy with shrubs here and there, somewhat desert-like, but there were burnt trees and courses of lava. I remember it was day time but as I went further into this zone it got darker. It felt like it had been an extremely long ride from Tirisfal and I can't recall all the details of the journey. I do remember a number of different passing thoughts, mostly about potentially being attacked, but very vaguely.

      Going along a road in this zone, I headed towards some tunnel I saw before on my map interface. To the north of the tunnel entrance was a ruined building. It looked like an Alliance fort or barracks, but it was supposed to be a hospital in the dream? Someone, I can't remember who, suggested I go there, but I said I'd already been there or something.

      As I entered the tunnel, which had a car-tunnel feel to it, I noticed another player riding their mount come up behind me. I think it was an undead but he didn't seem hostile and he had this orange hat that I remember from early quests in TBC. He had a strange blue mount that I can't really remember very well. I checked my character panel and it said my mount speed was 140% with all my bonuses, but this guy still managed to slightly faster, probably at about 160%. He overtook me and eventually I lost sight of him.

      On the other side of the tunnel I explored a little rock island surrounded by lava courses and I heard the distinct sound of a character in stealth nearby. I dismounted and tried to find the player; it was a tauren druid prowling in cat form. I attacked and used kidney shot, a rogue ability; and before the stun ended, I used a cat form ability too and used a different stun, not really giving the druid a chance to fight back. He took a ton of damage, or what felt like it but eventually died. Oddly enough, the form effect should have ended for him at that point, but didn't, so the corpse looked like the cat form and not the tauren form. I realised while attacking that he was level 137 or something, which then made me realise I was 19 levels below that, and that was why it took so long to kill him.

      Other stuff happened, not sure what. I think I used some other druid forms but the next thing I remember I'm at my old home, as "myself", in the downstairs part. Mom and other people are there, but I'm not sure who. There was this man with no top on, a dream character and I think he was injured? This part of the dream went on for a while but I've forgotten most of the details.

      Dream Fragment:

      Something about power going off, but in a weird way, where only a few things went off. I think I was in the kitchen?

      - In the dream, my character level didnít seem to be well defined but the mixed usage of abilities could have been a clear dream sign, as well as the dream-created volcanic landscapes.

      - Like with my other dreams that involve old known locations, this was also one of those dreams where the dream mind is starting to take more liberties with how the places look. This is interesting because recently I was thinking that the reason those old places were being so altered in dreams was a result of not visiting them for a long time, but I have played WoW recently enough that this theory doesnít really seem to make as much sense anymore.

      - Plenty of somewhat obvious dream signs in the last few months, but not being obvious enough for me to pick up on them yet I guess. But that and some other general things about dreams through these last few months have been giving me a sense that something is progressing in a positive way.

      - The topless and injured man may have simply been a figment brought about by a show I watched for the first time the previous night, but his presence really was completely out of place in that dream, there was nothing else to tie the two contexts together.

      - Iím remembering now that in that part of the dream it was a bright morning daytime, though only a small bit of it came through into the living room, where I was.

      - The WoW dream was typical for a game dream, I didnít have the sense of sitting at a desk or anything, just completely existing in the game, even despite the use of third person camera. In a way this is not too different from how I feel when playing games Iím immersed in anyway; usually it just feels like an extension of self, more than anything else. But it does make me feel that Iím almost too used to the sense of altered reality, which is maybe why I normally donít pick up on dream signs that when Iím awake I consider to be pretty obvious.

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    7. Puppy with a Hill BB+WBTB+DILD

      by , 02-18-2020 at 03:54 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I'm not exactly sure how or why, but after spending time with my brother at the old apartment I became lucid. I told him that I knew this was a dream and that I was leaving soon. He told me I can go ahead and do what I want. I smile and began to phase through the door. As I did I had some trouble getting through it and decided to rip the entire door with my two hands.
      After that I began walking on the grassy fields of the night and found this little corner filled with antics.

      I wanted to create a person as I saw no one in my lucid dream. I tried to look for someone but still found no one. I then place my hand on one of the objects and try to see if I could form a human being from it. I concentrated but it was to no avail. I then tried multiple techniques to imagine a person was behind me or cause them to magically appear before me. Still nothing happen. I then began climbing up some of the higher things in the corner to my surprise I found a puppy on the very top.

      It look very cute and friendly, so I made my way towards it as I wanted to pet him or her. However the puppy began to move away from me and landed to the grass. I then notice the dream beginning to change and I made it my focus to hold on. Once it change I knew I was still lucid but at some point just how I gained it I had lost it.

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    8. Climbing again

      by , 02-17-2020 at 09:16 PM
      Went to bed at 4:30AM.
      got out of bed at 1:30.
      Dream 1:
      I was at the climbing gym with my friend tim. I started up a climb thinking I was toproping. I got past the first carabiner and near the second when I looked down and he was on the wall too! He was confident and he told me he was going to belay from the wall. We were clipped into the lead carabiners now instead of toproping. He told me all you need to do is stand on the end of the rope on a couple holds and then you can belay from there. He got the the height of the first carabiner and did so. I climbed up, reached the top and met him back there. I took the role of belay and I decided to go on the other side of him where the wall was more horizontal and easier to stand on. Suddenly there was a huge gap between where we were and the wall we were climbing, and we were now clipped in on toprope. He swung like a clipped in tarzan to the other wall to get to it. A staff member came over to tell him something so I got closer and it turns out she wasnt there to tell him to not swing, she was just warning him of something and he told he had already thought of it, he was experienced. She was even slightly embarrassed or apologetic in her body language after he told her
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    9. meh

      by , 02-17-2020 at 09:01 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      recall was terrible as usual this week.

      Jamie 1

      Just a flash of Jamie crying really hard. Like face in hands. Been there... The night before she left, ouch. Hope my dreams aren't too psychic about this and hope she's okay. I also hope I didn't cause that somehow...

      Jamie 2

      Can't remember what happened just that her presence was there.


      I just remember being lost on a road, I hitched a ride from a lady driving a bus. I said we had to pick up my backpack or something, and suddenly we were in a city looking for it.


      Dreamed that a manager pulled a gun on me at work when i didn't want to do what he said. I ran out screaming and went to another place from the same franchise. I wanted to get him fired. Why didn't I just call the police.

      Netflix commendation: Horse Girl.

      If Jamie reads these, keep sending good vibes. I appreciate them.
    10. February 17th 2020

      by , 02-17-2020 at 03:17 PM
      I went to a cinema. When i got out the police/government was trying to set up an arrest trap as i was going to my car. My family was there, but this warrant would have been for all of us. More people were there and i thought that if we all acted as a social mass perhaps we'd overcome this.
      Anyways nothing happened, and we were able to get away in peace. We had two or more cars because we were many, we were on holidays. As we got into the cars we each got in to different cars, but that was okay. We were going to a river. It was a dirt road and it was very narrow. Ahead of us there was a cart stuck apparently. The driver noticed it and just pushed it slightly. Then the road was downfall until the river. The horses of the cart started galloping and they were two. It seemed like the cart was going to crash but each horse took a side when they reached the river, and the cart just went through the middle and stationed. It was a nice show.
      We found a nice spot to settle in and then i went to see where i could jump into the water and start swimming. My uncle jumped somewhere and he hurt his legs. Then i see where he jumped at and it seemed to be actually a mosaics floor with a little bit of water... I didnt understand... Then i was no longer on the top of some great rocks, but instead i was like up a ladder in what it seemed like a treehouse but inside the garage of a house... I was quite confused.
    11. Vivid dream

      by , 02-16-2020 at 07:08 PM
      Went to bed at 4:30AM.
      got out of bed at 12:45.
      I drank last night so I'm surprised I had dreams. I woke up with no recall but then when adjusting my shoulders int eh kitchen I remembered doing pullups with magnus and everything came back from there.
      Dream 1:
      I went to the gym with my friends Evan and Matthew. We put our stuff in a locker without locking it. We worked out for a bit and then I remember training pullups with Magnus Mitdbo. There was suddenly some climbing routes at the gym and I hopped on one to try to get to a super high pullup bar but it was too high it scared me. He climbed the wall on the other side and from the top dropped down onto 2 big protruding volumes and I thought he couldve really hurt himself. Matthew told us to go to the locker room cuz he went and couldnt find our stuff. We went and looked through a bunch of lockers then realized someone just emptied the locker and dropped our shit on the ground. We took our shit and left. I wanted to go climbing so I went to the climbing gym but ended up rollerskating instead because I didnt have enough time. I was doing really tight circles by doing crossovers for a while, I saw naftalia and heaven on the court. Some people were taking wedding photos on the court too. It started getting wet on the court so I stopped.When I got off, I got involved in some crazy kidnapping operation. I had a gun and was about to kidnap this little girl when a military man come off the court. I pointed my gun at him, he was scared then didnt shoot and he went on to shoot the other bad guy. I dropped my gun and started leaving. the military man was still looking for bad guys and there was this dude coming at me. He saw the military man and he really was innocent so he decided to run but then he knew how that would look so he ran back towards me. At this point he was a zombie. He got shot and then I got put into a video game-like selection screen where I can choose the color of the zombies eyes. I chose green and then I was placed in a dark building with that 1 zombie and I took his head off.
    12. lxxxv.

      by , 02-16-2020 at 02:09 PM
      Not been able to keep recall very well or make notes in the morning for the last few days because of pain issues.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was at some sort of zen gathering, for a dream-imagined relative. She was going to have this ceremony that was supposed to strengthen the bond between her and this baby brother of hers or something.

      I remember the area was on a green and grassy rolling hill. It had a fair bit of an angle on it. There were some small trees, not much bigger than a person and there were some sort of carpets or rugs laid out in a few places.

      It was night time? But it was bright, I think from a full moon. I remember looking at the sky and seeing it in the night and then lower to the right I saw a tower. It looked like a Japanese hill castle tower.

      There were some people up there on its walls, some kind of avians, like from Starbound.

      Next thing I remember, Iím up there and planning a sneak attack with some other people against the avians to take some treasure they had up there.

      Transition? Maybe a different dream but it felt to be in sequence and similar context.

      I remember L and his childhood friend J. We were walking around a lower area, possibly next to that hill from before. It was night. We came up to some metal grated stone structure. Beyond the metal bars I could see a wooden treasure chest and a tunnel that led into that area.

      I looked to the left and saw another similar stone structure, also with metal bars but not all along itís opening. There were two minotaurs in there and I attacked them but I donít remember how I dealt with them exactly.

      The rest of the details are missing but I vaguely remember being in a 3 seat van with J and L at some point.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was using my tablet. I was painting, trying to replicate an effect I saw in waking life of a painting that was just in the background of a tv show.

      I was trying to paint waves in the water in the same detailed way as that painting. It wasnít going very well though and even in the dream I realised I was going about it the wrong way.

      No notes for now, might edit later.
    13. flood

      by , 02-15-2020 at 06:49 PM
      Went to bed at 3:45AM.
      got out of bed at 12:45.
      Dream 1:
      It was a heavy winter day. I was at my home with my cousin maegan. She had a new BF with her and they were going sledding. They left and I went outside with them through the front window. After they left for the mountain I went back inside through the front window and the house was suddenly flooded. Surprisingly, my parents were very calm. There was at least and inch and a half of water on the main floor. I saw the water coming in through the floorboards. I went upstairs and it was just as flooded. I hung up my sweater in my room and saw my dog lying down in the water. She usually hates the water. She got up and followed me to the bathroom where my parents were. I then went downstairs and it actually wasnt as flooded down there. Some water right where the stairs end but when I checked the storage closet which was even lower, there was no water accumulation there. The basement Tv room was also dry, and my dog was there now also dry.

      I wrote a couple tags in a DJ in my dream

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    14. February 14th and 15th

      by , 02-15-2020 at 03:05 PM
      Yesterday i dreamt that i was in a facility that looked like my highschool. I was outside of some classrooms that werent used that much. Outside there were a few pet plushies who had life. They didn't seem cute from the start, they vibed this feeling they were evil. Their eyes looked like they had bad intentions XD. Some came to me like being friendly, but they got attached to me and after a while they began to get hostile. I realized this was happening and that this could be a dream, but i was realizing this as i was waking up. I tried to DEILD but after a couple of minutes of not being able to reenter the dream i turned around and continued sleeping as usual. [I didnt know what i should be aiming for tbh, but i noticed that even though i was in a state where i notice that it's the state just before falling asleep, like my body usually feels like this just before i fall asleep, but
      i also felt my mind was kinda very active].

      Today at 4 am i dreamt i was in the streets with my younger sister. She was wondering where the supermarket was, and it was just behind here. It even had her name I see a friend pass by with beers. And i decide to go in to buy some croissants.
      Then i am in a hostel or something. There were a lot of women in a room, changing and showering. From outside the door was a bit open but i didnt even dare to look but some of them say come and look. Since i had nothing do i got up and went there. I still felt kinda ashamed to enter their room XD but i said "you said come and look". Anyways there were some topless women but i didnt really care, and i went outside. Then all the women i've just seen became enclosed in a building with no doors, just walls. A witch has put a spell on them somewhen... I went around the building trying to observe this witchcraft and perhaps gain some insight. My dad also asked me to get insight on this because he dealt with a similar problem.
      Then i was on a pirate island or something. There were a lot of expensive grown up entertainment things, like bike tracks, etc. I got into the top of a mountain where there was like a sort of roller coaster but... with a bicycle. The rollercoaster was the bicycle, and at first you had to go slide with your hands and gravity did all the rest, it was strange, looked risky but also looked interesting. My uncle defied me if i had ever tried it. I told him i mastered it a long ago, but i knew i was rusty. I even forgot how to get into it. I begin to slide on it, and then i fall. The bicycle was in the sky so it was a long fall. Again i find myself waking up and decide that i should try DEILD, but after a few minutes i don't see anything happening so i go back to sleeping normally. This time i tried to WILD from that position but i didnt succeed.

      Then i dream about renting an apartment to a student. She was going to live with us but she was going to leave the things in the apartment next door. I just warned her that she shouldnt go at night alone, she should go at least with someone else or in group of 3 because it was haunted.

      Then i decide i wanted to go out and run. I didnt change clothes or anything, just like i was i went outside and started running. I pass by a friend's house. I see her washing her car. I say hi to her. Then i continue. I go to my dad's office at the center of the city. The office was in a house. I sit in a meeting. A friend from highschool was also there and my grandfather too. When the meeting is concluded it was time for lunch and i had to go back home running. And since i was being hired i had to print some copies and also take some dubious pills (if they all take pills it must be because the house has radiation or something, i dont think im up for this).
    15. The Cipher Tower

      by , 02-15-2020 at 12:24 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I seem to be visiting my parents, who live on an island. Iím busy for most of the day cleaning out a cabinet or wardrobe. In only another hour or so, there are going to be guests over for dinner.

      Weíre out of the house now for some reason. Mother is concerned that Iíve been exerting myself so much, and I should drink some water. Iím not particularly thirsty but say I will. My father and I go off to a sort of convenience store-like shop nearby to buy a bottle, but the water is very expensive Ė almost 10 dollars for a water bottle (though I canít swear it wasn't some other currency). Thatís right, I remember Ė there isnít any fresh water on the island, so it all has to be shipped here, and that makes it so expensive. My father asks if itís OK if I donít get the water, and I say Iím fine with it. Again, I donít particularly care either way Ė I just want to keep them happy.

      Not long after that, I step onto what unexpectedly turns out to be an elevator Ė a floating glass elevator, ŗ la Willy Wonka. It rises up and flies partway across the island to a large building, then down several stories into its basement. I briefly see the various underground floors on the way down. I consider getting off and heading back Ė I donít want to be late for dinner Ė but rumor has it that the headquarters of the secret police is on one of those floors, and I have a history with them. Just walking through their headquarters would be asking for trouble.

      So I wait as some other people get on the elevator and it continues to the third major hub on the island Ė it isnít very large, and so there are only the three. This one is on the other end, farther away Ė a place Iíve never been before. The elevator flies over lawns dotted with groves of trees. Itís dusk now, and we approach and pass a blue light Ė some sort of decorative sculpture marking the approach. This whole area is like an estate, or a place that was one at some previous time.

      Once weíre there, I get off. Thereís a tower there Ė perhaps I have to climb down the side to get to the ground, but one way or another, I wind up climbing on it. Itís a fairly small building, though tall, made of square, grey stones, each of which has a shape cut through it large enough to make a foothold or handhold Ė circles, squares, stars, etc. Each stone is also marked with two sets of letters, one a capital letter, the others one or more lowercase ones. As I grab hold of one hollow stone, I feel a switch flip on the inside edge, causing the opening to light up. The whole thing is a giant cipher key, I realize. I donít have any messages in need of decoding Ė but if I happen to find any, I now know exactly where to bring them.

      I climb around for a bit, playing around with it to make sure I know how it works. But once Iím back on the ground, a woman starts yelling at me for climbing on the tower. Guess I wasnít supposed to be doing that. I stay calm. What sheís saying doesnít make much sense Ė really not a coherent accusation against me at all, just anger. I ask a couple reasonable questions. She answers, still in an angry tone. But then, having lost her momentum, the absurdity of it seems to dawn on her, and she starts laughing. I laugh, too. It seems like everything is OK now.

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