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    1. Three by Six Rubik’s Cube

      by , Today at 08:34 AM
      Morning of April 21, 2018. Saturday.

      In my dream, I am in the lounge room of the Stadcor Street house in Wavell Heights. It seems to be morning. I am near where the faux fireplace was in reality, though a two-tiered wooden shelf that covers this area of the wall replaces it. Additionally, it vaguely has an association with the chest in the lounge room of our present address, though does not physically resemble it.

      I notice some VHS tapes on one shelf, but I soon notice an original (three by three) Rubik’s Cube. To its right is a smaller one. I pick up the smaller one to look at it. Even though it was also a three by three, it is now a three by six.

      At this point, the preconscious is rendered to my right (the usual waking autosymbolism orientation). He is an unfamiliar light-haired male of about twenty. He seems cheerful and I do not see him as an intruder.

      From here, I start to move parts of the Rubik’s Cube. The rendering is not physically possible. That is, there are mostly one by six rows that turn about fully without causing the cube to fall apart. Additionally, I impossibly turn the three by one rows and it all stays together. I make about four turns prior to waking.

      To explain this dream, a common RAS mediation factor of the dream state is: Thinking Skills Correlation (Consciousness Initiation), which is what this dream is. I am focused on a Rubik’s Cube (which relates to the thinking skills that the non-lucid dream self cannot possess, as unconscious access is not viable in the non-lucid dream state).

      The preconscious is cheerful as I am subliminally aware of the dreaming and waking process and I do not contest it. The emergent consciousness factor, not fully correlated while still in the dream state, is the illusory (impossible) Rubik’s Cube.

    2. Dream - Anticipating The Athletics Carnival

      by , Today at 08:33 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 20 APR - 2018

      Dream No. 313 - Anticipating The Athletics Carnival

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was planning to visit my high-school at their athletics carnival... This is both true for real life as well as in this dream. Based on the dream plot; I was flying to the event rather than driving. The athletics carnival was at this sporting complex which was surrounded by all this wire-cage fencing like that you would see surrounding tennis courts.

      The entrance was difficult to find because it was surrounded by so many of these fences but I eventually found a way in and spoke to a few of the teachers. Some teachers I remember speaking to in the dream were Mr. H and Ms. Au. All the girls were not in casual but were rather in plain-coloured polo t-shirts and the colour they wore depended on what house they were in, out of red, blue, yellow and green.

      I tried to find my own way around the premises a bit and I eventually came across LB but I forgot specifically where I met her; I think it was outside the complex. Where we were now looked more like the grounds of inside a school and their undercover walkways. I remember that I was going to get LB back to the rest of the school at the athletics complex. Once again, I flew, and this time, I strapped her onto me with my arms, securing her to the front of my body.

      In dreams, I always see her as vulnerable and so I made sure to protect her from harms way as I flew her back; although she was secured, she was also raised forward slightly and so her head was exposed. This part of the dream played like some obstacle course level in a game. Sometimes, the dream would make us go up towards the roof of the walkway and so I would hover my hand over LB's head so it would provide a barrier between her skull and the roof, protecting her skull from potentially being cracked open due to a nasty impact.

      The second obstacle was if the dream forced us to the ground; then I would have to quickly put my hand under LB's chin to prevent it from being severely grazed by the rough concrete. This section of the dream lasted for a while, with alternating heights to test us. After that, I woke up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      Dream 313: Competition Results

      Competition Night: 19
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Estimated Length of Dream (Lucid Only): N/A
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 1.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 9.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 10.5
    3. Holiday hell

      by , Yesterday at 07:06 PM
      On holiday, the travel rep offers us three trips with accommodation for the nights included. We find out that they are charging us 1000 Euro more than if we booked it independently. Also that the night accommodation is in fact that they hang ropes from trees for us to dangle from barely safe from the local wildlife.
      We find this out the first night when as dusk descends we are swarmed by mosquitoes.
      Back at our hotel, a large guy tells us how you can avoid being affected from mosquito bites if you have the right mindset and that it is only if you get annoyed/react that your body will then respond giving you swellings.

      At a house I am deciding where to move walls/reposition doors to make more space. This dream is calm and peaceful compared with the previous one
    4. 3 years later -- updates, astral projection, perhaps

      by , Yesterday at 04:56 PM
      Many of these previous entries have been big marking points of my first experiences with lucid dreaming, vibrations, and other important phenomenon whose name I do not know.


      Since then, I have had lucid dreams randomly throughout the years. I have randomly felt these strong vibrations during the night... I haven't had "nightmares" in which I've felt scared; though maaaybe a couple for ~2 seconds before waking up. Now that I can wake myself up or stop things, nightmares feel nearly impossible. That is, until recently.

      I am coming to the end of my semester abroad, but prior to leaving to come here, I talked to someone about astral projection and read a bit more about it. I tried a couple times before leaving and felt potential successes, so I downloaded a little "Guide to Hermetics" (perhaps one that was recommended) before I came. Busy for most of the semester and preoccupied with getting my shit together, I didn't think about any of this stuff much at all. But, once in a while I would.... Once or twice, I thought, maybe tonight I will try to astral project. Then, what previously seemed to be a random feeling of vibrations that would strike when I was least expecting it, would occur that night. (The only time it didn't was when I was incredibly tired and had no reason to say or think of it (imo).)

      Including last night, that makes ~3 times during this semester having some feeling of AP or whatever is happening (I have no idea, really).

      1. (after saying to myself, maybe try to AP tonight) Vibrations -> up-up --> feel like i am going upwards past this room. I make myself smile widely throughout it even though I am not feeling my best in general. I am excited, there is a doll, perhaps? Strange, wonder where I am and why I'm in this area. Windows, different house for sure, kind of fancy and large with high-ceilings and walls that I just keep going up and up in. I don't know if I stop on purpose or not, don't remember.

      was so funny that I could just do that! just like when I say to myself, I'm going to wake up at 7 tomorrow morning, and then I wake up at that time, hardly on purpose (just think it without imagining it would actually happen just from that).

      2. (recently). I am hardly trying. Vibrations, but I am almost pulled through them with no effort on my own. This is not good.... It feels like I'm being pulled up and things are moving fast. The energy feels negative, maybe completely or just partially because I'm paranoid because of some discord server stuff (joined a group which seems to be into a lot of this stuff + strange stuff I don't know about). In either case, I know I am not feeling trying to control anything or deal with this (not in mood) and I make myself wake up. First time hardly works (make myself wake up, close my eyes and I'm back, practically), so the next time I go from laying on my back to my side. This worked!

      3. Last night (though I forget quite a bit already). Not sure if I thought about it prior to it happening again, but I think I did a little bit. Later, during the night, I woke up from my dream slightly. I knew *this was it!* and closed my eyes immediately and thought to myself to lift up like before. I met the wall of vibrations and, after a bit, surpassed it. However, I thought this and made this decision in a split second of time - I did not consider it much. So was I really ready? Did I really want to do this now? I don't know.
      In any case, though....again, I went up. I don't remember how much control I had but it was definitely not a large amount. I was, however, more awake than the last time, and it didn't feel half as "negative".

      It did, however, feel a bit negative, though not right away.

      So as I went up, I was surprised to see that I was again inside a tall house with large windows, kind of fancy. This time it was not as dark and blue-tinted (like the first time with the doll), but it seemed like it was sunset-time-y. At one point I saw people sitting at round tables, I believe? Maybe a man (white man, balding, glasses, suit -- but this is probably just in my head, it was so vague and faint, everything, and he was not important at all; his description just helps describe the sort of vibe of the place).

      I passed more things, I think, or at least felt and saw more than just this, but I can't remember. This was definitely the longest I have been in this "place" in one complete, consistent bout of time, and I felt that I could remain in it for a long amount of time. I knew I wasn't in the correct mindset, however, and did not feel great about it all, so I began to feel like I should leave.

      Leaving to try to wake up felt similar to trying to wake up during sleep paralysis, though on the "other side" of things. That same barricade was there, it seemed, keeping me in that side as there is keeping me on the other side (that I must "go through" to get there). Part of me trying to wake up was likely propelled by some fear of negative things or not being able to make myself wake up, spurred by trying to move slightly (into my waking body's direction) and being met with such a strong barrier.
      It's all very interesting and I don't understand it, but I would like to!

      I really had to push myself awake (to this awake state, it felt like), and eventually did that. Then slept on my side as I had learned from the last time, and it was all fine. I wanted to write about it..since it was dark could only use my phone, but after I got ready to write (type) I must have closed my eyes for a second and fallen asleep again. I was exhausted. Woke up with my phone next to my head, and have been thinking about this entire event throughout the day today.

      There is definitely a lot to explore.
    5. Funny non-lucid flying school dream

      by , Yesterday at 12:26 PM
      I had a funny dream about being at a big lucid dreaming party at a school.
      First I was in an auditorium. I said I don't write full names in my dream journal and someone got mad. I left and went into another room.
      It was a workshop on flying in lucid dreams. I told the person next to me this was so funny because I was just saying how I wanted a flight school in a dream. However, I thought I was in waking life! I didn't know it WAS a dream. There was a context of being late for lunch, so I couldn't stay for the whole class. Everyone had funny note packets.

      Then I left there and when I went back in, it was like a high school dance, only for lucid dreamers. I was excited to talk to other lucid dreamers. However, again, I didn't know it was a dream at the time! I thought it was waking life.

      I saw some friends from waking life and talked to them. Most people had punch.

      I dived into this giant hole in the ground to show everyone I could fly out. But I didn't know it was a dream. Then it showed Piccolo sliding down the hole after me. It had become a volcano.

      I put all my other dreams on a voice recorder. I got a good number of dreams on there. Maybe I will turn it into a daily dream pod cast one day.
      memorable , non-lucid
    6. Log 1085 - X and the Demon Hospital

      by , Yesterday at 03:23 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 19 April 2018

      Dream 1 - X and the Demon Hospital

      The visuals were dim and blurred, but clarify over time. I falsely awaken in bed. Somehow, I was already aware. I roll off the bed, only to awaken. DEILD back in. This repeats three times before I'm fully anchored to the dream.

      I float outside the house to a much different environment. In place of my neighborhood was the wide cement courtyard and walkways of a building complex. Circular steps lead to a ditch below, of which contained a large fountain. It was a somewhat busy night, given the number of passerby's around.

      On a whim, I charged energy as per Megaman X, from which I could shoot out X-Busters through right-handed punches. Then, I tried imagining my being clad in his upgraded armor, but only got his base equipment. Still, not bad. In any case, I could now shoot projectiles with each of my hands, and with far more explosive charges to boot. This trial run was soon cut short by a swarm of hostile bystanders, no doubt angry over my recklessness. I wasn't planning on hurting anyone (purposefully, anyway), so I fled to a nearby building.

      Now, I was in a hospital, rushing from the lobby and into the furthest room in the most apparent hallway. On a desk, I found reports of a nefarious plot. Turned out the people there were in pursuit of something called a 'death formula'. This research partially involved binding demons as unwilling subjects. The "Big Pharma Conspiracy" ain't got nothin' on this!

      Suddenly, a number of guards burst into the scene. I managed to hide under the table in the nick of time. Just as quickly as they arrived, they'd left. From what I gathered, some other (non-medical) alert had the staff preoccupied, forcing a lockdown to the facility. Curious, I snuck around to find out more.

      Eventually, while searching a conference room, I was forced to hide under a table, lest some passing guards spotted me. That's when I saw one of the demons, or rather, a demoness, a statuesque woman with gleaming obsidian skin. It seemed these demons were invisible to most people, given the lack of reaction from the guards at the present one. The spirit approached one of the men, then literally paralyzed him through an an affectionate kiss. That was a good time as any to run.

      Lost lucidity after that. Things get unclear. There was something about playing an RTS with a supposedly underpowered cave-man faction. Then, something of my getting in a dialogue with an unnaturally intelligent little girl on the topic of hereditary traits, and their effects on an individual's place in society. Don't recall anything else until the dream ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching a Halloween episode of the Simpsons. Homer, Carl, and Moe were being chased around by a pack of ghouls, one of which looked very similar to Moe himself. When cornered, the ghouls revealed that they were simply going to offer some gourmet food. After everyone ate, the monsters noted having fattening the men up for a real meal. Cue horrified screams while fading to black.

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    7. Rhino Snake

      by , 04-19-2018 at 11:56 PM
      I had some cool dreams. One was of a snake or serpent with a rhinocerous nose who came up to me and then looked at me and swam away. It was black and had thick rhino skin and a rhino horn.

      your movie-rhino-snake.jpg

      I also dreamed of someone sky diving on a skate board holding a nerf gun for a really long drop.

      And filling a 500 story elevator shaft with water and trying to swim up it. But then in the middle I starter running out of air (not lucid) and tried to swim back down. Then I went out the wrong door and got in trouble. They said I would have to do community service next time I was in town.

      Bunch of other dreams on my voice recorder. Oh I had one LD where I had the sense of being back in my previous dream with a chance to "do it over" but when I woke up I thought about it and it wasn't the same dream.

      And Android 17 was going to be my coach but then I let his bird get away by mistake and he put on a helmet and said he would have to charge me 15 dollars now.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    8. Little to none DILD

      by , 04-19-2018 at 03:09 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      A dream ends and I am lying in my bed looking towards the ceiling, it is night with no lights. My eyes feel heavy and tired and I feel like I have little energy to get up. I am already lucid despite the fact that my room looks completely intact. I decided should I just stay in this bed and wake up eventually. Or should I get up and see what I could find. I eventually decide to get up because of curiosity. As I am up from the bed I notice a few things wrong that confirm my lucidity.

      My body feels deformed in some way as if I have a broken arm or one of my legs can not move so well. As I am walking in a sluggish manner I try to phase through my front door since opening the knob would be too difficult of a task. I am unsuccessful. I walk my way to the window and tried to phase through it but it smacks me like a solid rock. I look around and figure I should just go back to my bed.

      That's when my body started moving on it's own. I tried to resist the the uncontrollable movements my body was doing this but it's like it had a mind of it's own. That's when something made me lift up and thrown towards one of the walls in my room. I could feel a lot of pain as my body began to merge with the wall. My bones felt like they were being ripped out of my skin once in contact with the concrete of my room.

      I don't know if I had fully merge with the wall as I had woken up from the experience.
    9. My Father and the Band-Aid Incident

      by , 04-19-2018 at 10:45 AM
      Morning of April 19, 2018. Thursday.

      In my dream, I find myself standing near the center of the southwest bedroom of the Loomis Street house, facing north (toward the kitchen). It seems to be morning. My father, appearing as he was in the 1960s, comes into the room. I seem to be in the process of moving a few things around. I am also facing “my” bed, which is oriented along the north wall, west (head) to east. His presence annoys me, so I rudely ask, “What do you want?” He does not become angry or visibly annoyed but walks off into another room. I eventually see that he is going down the hallway into the bathroom.

      It turns out that he had wanted to know where a band-aid was, as his right upper lip was injured. However, when I see him walking around in the kitchen, I do not discern any blood. It seems my mother might know where a band-aid is (though I do not see her at any point), so I go back to “my” room. My dream fades without incident.

      Rule: Beds and other obvious first-level dream state indicators occur in at least one dream per sleep cycle. I do not technically typify this as autosymbolism, as it is a literal subliminal awareness of being asleep.

      Detail: I find myself standing on the right side of a single bed in a fictitious location at the beginning of my dream.

      Rule: A dream’s setting, either lucid or non-lucid, cannot match a real setting. The obvious neurological reason is to prevent false memories and erroneous associations with current waking life.

      Detail: The main setting of this dream is the Loomis Street southwest bedroom (Wisconsin), where I have not lived since February 1994. The secondary setting, rendered in my dream as southeast of the main setting, is an erroneous link to the Cubitis house’s hallway and bathroom at the end of the hallway (Florida), where I have not lived since the summer of 1978. The final location is the kitchen of our present home (Australia) rather than the Loomis Street kitchen that would otherwise be immediately north and adjacent to the main setting. This is a new unique composite, continuing the rule of no two settings ever being the same in my dreams. My subconscious self does not notice this error at all.

      Rule: A non-lucid dream cannot correctly model the current conscious self for a number of reasons. One reason is to prevent false memories and erroneous associations with current waking life. Autosymbolism that represents liminal space (the dream state and precursory waking space itself) and more so, liminal space dividers (the metaphorical barrier between fictitious dream self and current conscious self identity), confirms this factor. Preconscious access to threads of the unconscious mind is not of the nature most people claim. My dream self (subconscious self) is without viable memory of either the unconscious or the conscious self, and additionally, has no viable discernment of time, space, or sustained coherency in language. Otherwise, synaptic gating would build false memories and false associations.

      Detail: My (non-lucid) subconscious self (which is always unique in each dream, just as settings are) has no memory that my father died in 1979. It has no realization of the erroneous setting or its typical hodgepodge nature. There are no threads of my current conscious self status. My perceived age in my dream seems around thirty years younger than I am. Additionally, there was never a bed in the southwest Loomis Street bedroom.

      Rule: The main event in a dream is the waking alert factor (WAF), autosymbolism based on RAS mediation (or modulation depending on the dream state depth), a biological factor of the dream state itself. This is for reestablishing conscious self identity in the waking transition. RAS mediation will utilize everything from a present association or conflict to features or events long since forgotten and irrelevant, and the dynamic‘s foundation is always literal despite being borrowed as waking alert factor autosymbolism.

      Detail: My father in present dreams is typically an emergent consciousness factor that represents my conscious self identity. One, I have mild soreness in the upper right area of my mouth from the loss of a tooth (though with no bleeding). However, there is also a very old association utilized as the waking alert autosymbolism. Many years ago, when I was twelve years old, this was the only occasion when I felt annoyed by my father’s presence. He was grinning and looking through my open jalousie windows into my room. I walked over and was ready to pull the curtains down (without saying anything) when I realized there were two very large new illustrated dictionaries on my desk, which he had bought for me and placed in my room earlier that morning.

      So how does this relate to RAS mediation borrowing the event? Books and reading are a conscious self factor, as only the conscious self in waking life is intelligent enough to sustain reading while understanding written language (as text in dreams typically changes when looking back at it and often becomes gibberish), thus this was a trigger to begin consciousness activation despite the association being from childhood.

      Rule: Typically, there is at least one thread in a dream in each sleep cycle that originates in Zsuzsanna’s mind, but most often based on thoughts she had elsewhere, not when at home. (Do not ask me how this is possible, it just is.)

      Detail: While out shopping, Zsuzsanna was thinking of buying band-aids yesterday, but she did not (and she did not tell me about it, either).

      Rule: Waking autosymbolism usually initiates on my dream self’s right (when I sleep on my left side, which is less exposed to my real environment).

      Detail: In this dream, my father approaches me on my right and later goes into the kitchen, which relays subliminal awareness of mild hunger. Additionally, my dream begins with me standing near the right side of the bed (the side I sleep on in reality), although this dream is certainly not a false awakening.

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    10. Alien fishing

      by , 04-18-2018 at 09:56 PM
      So my family and I were all together fishing in the mountains. It was a cool temperature, probably 50°F or 10°C. It was a lake that we used to visit often when I was little in the mountains near my hometown. I was wearing jeans, sneakers, and a dark blue hoodie.

      We were fishing for alien fish. I don't know how we knew they were alien but they definitely looked strange. They had huge black eyes and dark green scales, and they made this weird squaking sound when they came out of the water. I was sitting on a rock next to my dad. Toward the end of the dream he looked at me and said, "You know, some people think that it is wrong to fish for aliens when you don't need food, and they think that it is just killing the animals for pleasure. But really that's not true at all. Since they are visiting our mountains they don't understand what is safe to eat, and catching and releasing actually helps them to survive longer."

      The way he presented his train of thought was very typical of my dad, but the situation and the specific words were really strange
    11. April 18, 2018

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:19 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The idea was I was a child of Chris Brown and I was taking an exam. I must've been 3 or 4 years old. In this suburban house was a room on the first floor with a bunch of other kids taking the exam except they were cheating. We were afraid the teacher would come in and catch us. I went to the third floor and went to the back of the room to cheat on the test by using my phone. I remember someone telling me to use quizlet to cheat but I never brought my phone up to look up answers. The test was about 50 questions but I only managed to get through 15 or so. On the top floor Chris and a bunch of other adults came up and a lot was going on.
    12. A Very Unlikely Airplane Crash

      by , 04-18-2018 at 10:09 AM
      Morning of April 18, 2018. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am once again back in a version of Cubitis (where I have not lived in real life since 1978). There is little that correlates with my conscious self identity, even in the last segment (other than remembering I am married to Zsuzsanna). However, I do not feel like a teenager (as I left Cubitis when I was 17). My implied age is probably at least thirty.

      It is night and dark out, though I can still make out some detail. I mostly focus on the setting oriented southerly.

      The surrounding area of the Cubitis house is similar to how it was in waking life, but changes in the last Cubitis-related scenario, before shifting into an unrelated offset dream.

      There is a Cessna that flies south, above the house on at least two occasions. My dream self maintains the usual (since childhood) unemotional anticipation that the airplane will probably crash. (This is a result of the dream state itself, that is, the natural vestibular system ambiguity that occurs as a result of not viably discerning the physical body in REM sleep, and as a result, this common factor projects into autosymbolism relating to flying and falling and so on.)

      Not to my surprise at all, the Cessna crashes in the distance, just past several houses to the south. From here, I and a few other people, all unfamiliar and unknown, walk southerly to investigate.

      After seeing some vague distorted imagery of the airplane crash site that was originally beyond at least five or six houses from “my” house, RAS mediation kicks in more viably, and I and the others are suddenly now in the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house (dream state indicator, representing my subliminal, that is, non-lucid, awareness of being asleep in bed). I do not consider the impossible scene change. Now, the Cessna had crashed just beyond the windows of the southwest bedroom (despite the original implication).

      We are looking out the windows to the south (in what would otherwise have been the side yard between this house and the neighbors’, though there are no discernible houses past this point in my dream) and I see that the small airplane had apparently crashed into a car carrier, ending up between the cab and a now upside-down pickup truck which faces the windows and is atop the airplane. I consider how it had just missed “my” house (again, despite the same faraway event as originally rendered). Additionally, the airplane is right-side up, yet also facing the windows, which makes no sense as it is implied the Cessna had crashed in between the cab and pickup truck atop the car carrier, so technically should be facing away from the windows. I try to see if the pilot is present anywhere, but I do not see him.

      I talk about the accident, but an unfamiliar girl disagrees with me on how it happened. This does not set about enough RAS modulation (as I do not become annoyed), and as a result, rather than waking, my dream shifts into another odd scenario (though not a false awakening).

      I am in a public place, though this is ambiguous, as it eventually seems to be implied as a room in a private residence. My mother is walking around (and my dream self has no memory of her death in waking life). There are a few bags around which apparently belong to my mother. Some bags contain several unusual clothes, others have small pieces of cloth. There is the idea of sewing random pieces of cloth on some of the clothes. Zsuzsanna is now present and my conscious self identity begins to emerge during the final waking stage.

      The final event relates to me picking up a very colorful and bizarre pair of pants. It features a sketchy human couple, male and female, on each leg, integrated into a complex heraldic shield. There is a floral motif down each leg. I then start to hear a song, where a male is singing about “the girl wearing pants with pants about her pants”, the second “pants” referring to heavy breathing.

    13. Imani 4 DILDS

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:27 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      A dream scene ends of me and my father waiting in a room with a group of people. The new scene appears and it is me at a store, appears to be a clothing store. I look through a few in the section I am in. I notice a book that seems to be a part of the bible. I read some of it verse and brought it back to where I had originally pick it up. I then notice I was around a lot of baby clothes for children.

      I look around the corner where I heard a group of people talking. When I saw them I notice one person that means something to me. It was my cousin. She appeared different, as if she had gain a lot more weight recently. When I observe further as I notice her picking up baby clothes, it became apparent that she is pregnant. I continue browsing in till my path cross with her.

      I simply smiled and waved while walking away. I then decided to look for clothes that I could wear since I needed some new ones. That is when the dream scene change again in to my room. I had assume I was awake as it identical in every way, it was night with no lights on. But something was feeling off to me, I decided to ignore it. As I sat up from my bed something happened to me that I don't know how to explain. I felt like I lost control of my surroundings. I was standing up at the front door of my room.

      That's when I heard screams , it felt piercing and loud. It was a girl voice screaming in pain. I started looking around my room asking what's going on. That's when I started pacing my room to see if there was a way I could find her. For some reason information was toss in to my head against my will, that told me this girl I am hearing is my daughter. Even though I do not have children.

      There was such a desperate urge to help this person, that I started screaming when I kept hearing her. That's when I finally woke up, I was slightly breathing hard and clutch my covers. I was wondering why my dreams were a bit tense lately. Then some DC mentally answered my own question by saying some dreams are bad/ I ask mentally in my head is there a way where I can always have good dreams? He said unfortunately dreams are always good and bad depending on the individual.

      I was going to ask why in till I became lucid on sensing something was wrong. A voice began mentally speaking to me saying , so you have now seen apart of my inner world. Now you see how scary it can be when you will now have to suffer and I will be coming back. Once I heard this I told her no don't bother me anymore. No do not do this. The dream scene change again to me waking up in my bed. It was another false awakening. I got up out of my bed as I was finish sleeping. As I stood up on the floor that's when the feeling hit me again.

      I became lucid and was beginning to see another person in 3rd person and yet I could still see through my own self as if I was in 1st person. I notice someone running aimlessly in grey. Then I completely was back in 1st person with this intense fear around me. The shocking screams began again and I couldn't help but panic to try to find this girl that was in so much suffering. I kept looking around in my room and started saying this can't be happening to me. That's when my window turned in to a grey realm. I ran in there as I continue to follow the loud screams.

      However the grey realm only led me back to my room to where I couldn't see anything. I began to scream as I hear the screams of the girl and my own echoing endlessly. It made my head go numb after hearing that after constantly screaming I open my front door and bang on my father door. His door was lock which is not normal for him as he usually leaves it unlock. I began yelling him to open up the door and that I was being attack by someone. I could hear his television set come on as the door opened.

      I told him I needed his help and I was beginning to talk to him about what was going on. I wake up. This time I think I am really awake and the first thing I do is open my door to get to my father and to explain to him what is happening. I began knocking on his door again as it opened. His TV once again came on and he was not in a good mood. I told him something is wrong and that I was being attacked by some person. He doesn't care and tells me to leave me alone and ask me do you know how early it is.

      I look at the time and see that it is 2:02 AM . I told him he still has plenty of time to rest. He gets angry and tells me he is done helping me. That's when I found myself waking in my bed again. No I said, I was already lucid and yelled why are you doing this to me? That's when something on my bed sprang around like a spider. A woman out of no where appeared sitting in front of me on my bed with red hair. A voice told me in unintelligible words that it was angry with me. I knew it was anger because of how intense the sensation was around me. I began saying I am sorry for what I have done.

      It began showing me images and a vision that I would understand. I knew what the issue was now and said I was sorry. But it didn't matter I could tell nothing I was saying was getting through to her. Whatever this thing was. That's when I woke up again from my bed. I was already lucid and the same terrifying scenario happened again and again. I couldn't stop screaming and I remember falling to the floor which somehow made me continue falling endlessly further down. My head felt so much confusion that I didn't know what to do or think anymore.

      I didn't know when I had waken up or if I was awake all this time. My eyes were just staring at the ceiling. It was like I had been in a trance. I place my hand on my head, my head felt empty as if nothing was in it. I sat up to check the time and could see it is 2:02 AM. I am sorry.
    14. Dream - My Typical Parents

      by , 04-18-2018 at 03:18 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 18 APR - 2018

      Dream No. 312 - My Typical Parents

      I only remember a small portion of this dream. From where I do remember, I was at my house, near the dining room but I forgot what I was doing specifically. My parents were planning the so called “family structure”, especially for me and my brother, mostly focusing on punishments and rewards. My dad had brainstormed some things onto piece of paper, including a lot of abbreviations. I was suspicious about what my dad was doing and so I kept watching over him and I was also annoyed at what he was doing because my brother and I aren't little children anymore.

      At one point, he planned to call my mum over to see what she thought of the “family structure”. Rather than calling out for her across the room, he called her on the mobile phone right when she was standing nearby! That's what got me really ticked off and I was now whispering something to myself like “Who does that?! You waste the credit when you could have just as easily spoke to get her. This family structure thing is an evil incentive... This is all mental! You're a mental case! I've got to report this to Dreamy WB before things get out of hand”. Just as I'm walking towards my bedroom to write on some paper of my own; the dream ends.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      Dream 312: Competition Results

      Competition Night: 17
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Estimated Length of Dream (Lucid Only): N/A
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 0.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 9.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 9.5
    15. Did NPB then woke up

      by , 04-17-2018 at 10:28 PM
      Last night I had some cool dreams. I got them all on my voice recorder. But what I will type.

      is that I dreamed my hair had been cut. Then I regretted it. And, within the dream, hoped I was dreaming.

      In another part, I was in a movie theater. I did a finger palm test that didn't go through. But remembered to do a nose pinch breathe, which did go through. It was exciting when I breathed in through a pinched nose.
      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
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