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    1. Grandma pirates

      by , Today at 12:42 PM
      Recall was not the best, was tired.

      About things somehow all working out.

      Incubated by a thought the night before.

      driving a car with kids, going somewhere. Likely downtown t.

      I haven't gone there in a long time. Likely connected to previous dream.

      Dreamed about game wc3 at first. Eventually encountered pirates along a hall. Engage them.

      Incubated from: playing game, had too much time from polyphasic. Pirate likely by the icon of a dv member after replying to post before sleep.

      I tried to record my DJ really hard in the dream. Was in dream bed. Exhausted. I did manage to write it. I think I was in the old house #34. I went to basement looking for something. I found my grandmother who is deceased. Just hang with her a while. There's a doorbell and I'm expecting a package from Amazon the mailman hands me the package.

      Incubated by :
      I think my grandma died while I lived in that house.
      Trying to record DJ hard... I think i can put the energy to better use. Perhaps to rc, or aware/mindful would be definitely lucid.
      Amazon, ordered something from Amazon. Also wanted to buy something. Was a little disappointed when I realized I didn't order anything to get delivered lol.


      Incubation period almost instant still. What would be the best thing to incubate for Ld?

      Master that "feeling"
    2. The dead and flying in the void

      by , Yesterday at 06:40 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #527 DILD

      I am in some church service. I feel so tired and dosing off. I feel I am holding someoneís hand. I think itís my wife. I open my eyes and see my FIL reaching across my wife and holding my hand. Heís smirking. I remember heís dead but I think I must be half dreaming. The next thing I know I wake up and the service is over. I still feel out of it and can hardly open my eyes to see where I am going. I see my dead grandmother following me. I know she is dead but again I think I am half dreaming or hallucinating. After a moment, I stop and hug her knowing people must see me hugging someone invisible like sheís a ghost. In the parking lot some people finally notice I am having a hard time and start asking me whatís wrong. I say I donít know I think maybe I need to see a doctor. I wake up.

      Later, I dream that I am running an electrical test on a wire harness from but I am hooking up the washer and dryer at my house somehow. I walk away because I need some alligator clips. I am at work now and I run into Ryan. I get pissed because heís installed some extra software on the computer and I have no idea what I am looking at. I think about going to IT but I just decide to leave. I wake up.

      Some fragment about how I am able to fly and hover easily. It feels natural. Just a thing I can do.

      I wake up determined to get lucid as I watch HI. After some time, I notice I am on a skateboard and have stopped to look at a loose bolt on the trucks. I realize I am in a dream and I float away. I fly high in the sky and see some blue sky and clouds but the dream turns mostly dark. I donít get caught up on the lack of visuals. Instead, I enjoy the physical sensation of flying. At one point it feels like I am swimming super-fast in water. I laugh and deeply enjoy it for as long as it lasts. Suddenly I feel the chemical change in my head. I know I am waking up. I try to hold on. I get a visual of my shoes where I left them in the hallway. I wake up.
      Tags: dead, fil, flying, nanny
    3. Polyphasic

      by , Yesterday at 02:40 AM
      I decided to go polyphasic. I'm keeping up my practices with all due diligence.

      My sleep was naturally leaning towards polyphasic lately and the harder I tried to resist the more it swayed apart. I had signs? To go polyphasic.

      Only had 1-2 dream due to reduced sleep time. Rem should come faster and sleep should become better, with more lucidity.

      First sleep i had was around 11-1? Had a tiny dream. Second sleep I tried to take a 90 min nap, however was awake. Or perhaps aware but body asleep in sws. I meditated before that nap and i did feel rested after 70 minutes. Just was conscious 99% of time. Likely lucid if it was rem. Second nap Das 20 min, did not sleep. But by the third one 20mim I did some hard work and I was exhausted. Slept quite well, however perhaps could have slept more.

      If the polyphasic succeeds that's cool. And even if i fail it'll correct the sleep pattern like before.

      I was on a computer. It was an all in one sort of pc. Google was collecting personal data from everyone and this time it wasn't anonymous data. You had to opt out of it manually. I was doing that and after I finished, the computer was really hard to use. The background was in black while the font was in tiny dark blue. Neigh impossible to read.

      +perhaps dream related to a random YouTube video I watched regarding history of hacking Nintendo console etc
      End dream

      I need a new productive or inspiring (also fun ) hobby with the extra time. I recall last time I gave up on uberman because I had too much time. I will sleep more than uberman this time though. Well it'll all work out. I'll do what's best for me.

      I'm awake in my dreams.

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    4. Wondrous Cruise Liner

      by , 04-21-2019 at 03:58 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Haven't had anything worth sharing/not too personal to post in quite some time...

      Spoiler for Wordy, as usual:

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      non-lucid , dream fragment , lucid
    5. omni zombie sony

      by , 04-21-2019 at 02:35 AM
      The first dream consisted of me researching omnilucidity. It was pretty much mostly me reading/writing my DJ or some LD articles and such. lol

      End dream

      Mom somehow became the president of USA. We were under attack by zombies and a bunch of people (about 40) were all staying under a fortified small place. It had some lockers and whatnot and it was generally safe. I guess it just looked like a gym locker room. I had some books in my locker. But people left or were forced to leave one by one because they weren't patient enough and this kept going for a while until there were about 4 of us left.

      We were now under attack by a fat middle aged man zombie. I was looking for a weapon and I told the girl beside me that shovels were awesome. So we grab some shovels from one of the lockers and I shove the shovel against the zombie. He's pretty powerful and and stuff even while looking pretty unfit. He had some skills, parrying my attacks with his shovel. After the fight I my mom is missing. 3 of us left.

      This dream lasted an afternoon or a day.

      End dream

      Sony the company, is getting back to its feet and buying back its company shares and getting back some company land or something from another competitor company, I think it was konami or namco or something, but not nintendo.

      The thing that we got back was like a lake or a river or something. It had one of those old fashioned boat trip things where you would be served delicious food and wine, etc while boating along the river with its views.

      I am tagging along a shareholder or one of the founders of the company into that competitor's highrise as we are looking to meet with the CEO. We are waiting at an office or maybe it was the secretary. The secretary... I believe was an older woman in 50's with grey hair and she was chubby. We got through her and went into the conference. They were brainstorming an idea for a new product or something in the board room. Meanwhile we just casually stroll through and just give them some bentos - lunchboxes that we had in hand and just begin just hanging out with them, while waiting for the CEO.

      Replay scene. The above scene replays once, everything is slightly different. But overall the same plot and things. This time we are heading into the CEO's office and have a meeting with him. We meet up and have some food and whatnot. Just casually chatting along and things. We decided to leave and say our goodbyes.

      Heading down via the escalators now. Many floors down. I think I accidentally ate a chicken butt or something that had a very strong turmeric taste that made me

      Lasted 2 afternoons I guess



      Well, dreams scenarios were painted by what I did during the wake period in between sleep I think.
      -incubation period short as always

      I'm getting dream of myself trying to be omnilucid.... lol. I guess it needs to be modified a little. Need to just BE OMNILUCID.

      I have no idea what the zombie movie came from. Perhaps its one of those zombie films I watched when I was 4 or something. I recall I had a scary zombie nightmare when I was around 6 that was super vivid. Where my relatives, friends, all became zombies and were chasing me down. I was protecting a candle from them I think.

      I'm tempted to try polyphasic sleep again. But should I? I know that uberman is a guarantees lucid dreams... It works from my experience. But it's just way too much time. Is there something better?
      Show me the path to-

    6. Super AI Milk

      by , 04-20-2019 at 01:00 AM
      I was heading down the long pathway down the large hill. It was a path I took as a child attending a certain elementry school while in Japan. The path was about 8 km. I was heading down this path with myself and two other kids. The two kids were the grandchildren of some music and artists people. We headed towards the school.

      After getting there I was in a classroom. I think I had trouble writing out the character specified by a teacher. It was the character for "east." MA. The teacher was talking down on me. I reprimand the teacher, telling him how they'd have similar trouble if they were to learn english.

      Anyways I have makeup on or something. It's way too much and orange/yellow themed. It's too drying and a DC tells me that it's bad for your skin. Also told by DC to moisturize.

      -likely memories of the pathways
      maybe dream telling me to moisturize

      I am doing a team sports. Kind of like soccer. I am a talented young boy who is playing that sport. But I do not show my true abilities since there is someone who is suppose to be the ace to I try to make them shine instead. We lose though. There is a hulky stud on the team I'm suppose to be in love with. He is mad that I am being emotional and not analytical in the sport. We play a couple more matches. Loses.

      MA transition

      So me and the guy we are trying to get away or something. It's like everyone else is an enemy. Everyone is trying to rid of eachother of sorts. I forget what exactly but we could absorb talents or knowledge with something. So we do.

      I am transferred into the body of a cat and we escape from the mob.We are going through long pathways that's kind of like the 2nd floor of a small. We absorb stuff from stores and whatnot. Eventually Does it become 3rd person? Strange stuff were absorbed and the MCs become like zombies. Just wanting to eat icecream. After eating icecream, they'd get a brain freeze, then eat icecream again,, then freeze... etc

      -memory of like a mall, perhaps team activities, sports, gaming team.


      Trouble recalling. About a man who creates clay children. Children made of clay.


      I am in a scientific lab. It's a large lab that could fit a hundred researchers and I'm one of the scientists there or something. The team leader is trying to figure out a way to improve the lab, to take it to the next level. He orders a super power supply thing that would power up an AI or Super computer that can take usto the next level. However there is trouble running it. Itt would take the power of the whole city or something to make it run.

      So I head out, going around the research building looking for a way to improve the situation with couple of others from the team. We do this for a while and look around rooms that kind of look like rooms from school.

      One friend, Alison, wants to buy some used supplys, equipments tools and etc... To move and use. I agree to help her and I want one of the equipments too, I think it'lll help our lab. So we begin moving the equipments.

      We move the equipments 3 times since the dream replays the scene 3 times. Perhaps we failed couple of times. But on one of the times, there was a evil fat and ugly blond guy. I just tell Alison he stole something from her and she kicks his butt. Lol. Sweet.

      But anyways we are still moving the equpment. What I'm moving is a somewhat antiquated electrical system or old computer that is about the size of a large bookshelf. We are moving the stuff through the building and putting them into different rooms throughout to each person who wanted them and eventually I get back to my lab.

      I'm moving the thing back to my staion and I see something marvellous. Large piping that could withstand the power supply going up into the supercomputer. Did it finally manage to solve the problem? It did. The super AI created a sort of milk, it had created it from stuff it had on hand and said it's the solution. No one dared to drink it though.

      So I went ahead and drank it. It tasted like milk, at first. But eventually it began tasting very metallic and battery like. It had an electrical tingle that numbed my tongue. It was so cool.

      DV Members as Animals-document-20-apr-2019-03_10_3.jpg

      After drinking the milk I transformed! I was magical. Lol. Maybe was researched.

      -memories of rooms in school, some people,
      -magical milk!

      Last couple of days I had some feeling of something big coming. A big change.

      I am noticing I am becoming more verbal in my dreams.

      I partook magical milk of omnilucidity! I am now magical!

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    7. Buddhist temple AP

      by , 04-19-2019 at 05:49 AM
      Training in Buddhist temple x2

      I was attending the buddhist temple to train to be a monk. I've given up on my worldly materials and whatnot and changed into the monk robe. I washeading into the depths of the temple and there was a large pillar or something that I had to climb and I did. But I was stuck in the high altitude and no one would help me! I was furious and I wnted to quit begin a monk.

      I was heading back to the reception office to find my clothes and money. I began getting tense once I wore my regular clothes though. I was looking for my $20k, they took it! I'm asking them for my money but eventually my mom and a few acquaintances show up. THey tell me that I've changed and that there's an aura or something around me. I head into 3rd person POV and see that this indeed was true.

      I had a halo of warm comforting light that surrounded my head, body and etc. So maybe it's not all BS. I take off the clothing I had and go back with only the robe. Tensions gone. I realized that I felt better.

      WTF? This is dejavu. Years and years ago.

      I am heading into the bathroom, change room area. That sort of look like the changerooms of gyms. I'm going there because there was a nun/main kind of lady who was trying to guide me. So I was following her to the area to change. I find another monk, he was a stout guy, darker skin. He also had a nun following him. He tells me to follow him so I did. We head outside and towards a river or lake. There are couple of small tones that are floating down the way. He tells me to follow him and swiftly he hops onto the stones and to the other side. I copy him and do it even better! He is impressed. We go through a series of rivers like this for my training.

      Wake/Change scene

      This time I'm or 3rd person MC, is a fat monk. Pretty round and the abdominal blob had blob on top. Been slacking on the training for the past 2 years and hadn't taken things seriously. As I/he head back towards the changeroom there ia a commotion going on an two boys are afflicted with something sinister. They were afflicted with sort of sexual deviancy parasite. Infact they were not kids, they were in their twenties but the parasite had affected them and made them not grow. So I/he pull out the parasites with the chi or something and they come out of the nose or ears. Huzzah!.

      -perhaps facing my fear or heights in dream, glowed after.


      Failed ap heard kids playing likely in dream.

      I was having the sensation of beginning of an AP. I was focusing on the vibrations as it began getting stronger and I focused on it. Perahps ther was a little doubt in my heart of I was unsettled. But I began to hear children playing outside and was a little distracted or irritated and took me off my concentration. I failed the AP

      However there were no children. It was likely the sound of AP/Dream. Perhaps I've already succeeded and the frustration feeling had caused a frustration.

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    8. Leveling up - Limbo

      , 04-19-2019 at 05:08 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm sitting in a chair in my new office. 2 other people are sitting there as well. One is someone I know, the other one, female, is an employee who worked there for a while. She tells me that in my chair used to sit one of the smartest people of the planet. I ask her "he must have told you the secret of life, why we are here, or what is this place?" She giggled and said yes. I went on asking, if this is for real, as in real life, or something else. She said "yeah, something else, we are in Limbo. I understood that as we are "neither here, nor there. We are in between."

      Next thing I know, I'm entering a large, industrial elevator. Some people I know change their minds and get off, but I stay. We are going up, to 7. floor. I'm thinking in my mind "level up, go up". Thinking that I'm on a journey higher up spiritually. I hear a voice saying to all of us, that there maybe things up there we will not understand, but it's ok, just go with it. I get off the elevator, and everybody there has big muscles and they are flexing them. In a middle there is a fighting rink, people are chanting "ka-ra-te".

      Somewhere during this time, I thought I understood the message and tried to "level up spiritually". I was thinking "go up, level up" and I started to feel strong head vibrations and a buzz of the transition. But then I felt the strong need to know where is my bed and where is the door to my place and that took me out of the transition. : (
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Hotel

      by , 04-19-2019 at 02:18 AM
      Nothing much, just remember myself being in a hotel's bathroom, what's interesting that I have never been in that hotel in real life, and yesterday too I had a dream about place where I have never been including some long and thin snake into which I was assured my sister had transformed and I tried to bring her back by squeezing the snake!

      Anyway, it is now quite clear to me that PLACE is the best category for me to look forward as a dream sign for MILD technique.
      dream fragment , side notes
    10. F

      by , 04-19-2019 at 01:41 AM
      My dad was mad at me because I didn't tell my mom to pick me up at the correct place. She drove to pick me up but it was a dead end so she had to turn around. My dad and I got into a fight. He unleashed a mac miller song about junkie zombies on me and i was grabbed by a blue zombie. But i clenched my body and the zombie poofed into dust.

      Worked event in a theater. Natalie asked me to put my phone on silent. I was sitting down in the theater. She wanted to talk. I was worried it was about me laying down on the job earlier.

      In the brush with strangers who communed at the same place each night to discuss there problems.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    11. Make me better

      by , 04-18-2019 at 03:12 AM
      3-4nld.I was so despondent. So dejected, so discouraged, disheartened, despaired. I thought I didn't get any lucidity 2 days in a row. Well turns out it was only 1 day. But still I felt like giving up. I know I'm getting better, but I wish it was easier and simpler.

      Why can't it be more straightforward. If I needed to do tree pose for an hr straight everyday for lucidity I will do that. If I had to do a thousand jumping jacks then well ill do that too. But what am I suppose to do? I just want it to be easy! I just want it to be easy...

      But I do know the mistakes I made last night. I browsed on the phone too much. I was browsing for a reusable notepad to write down DJ in also himalayan pink salt. Although I meditated quite a bit, I was also exhausted and I probably didn't have the mental clarity in the dream.

      I don't know! I wish I could more easily gauge my progress. I just want to know that my efforts are not in vain. I just want to know that I'm doing it right.

      I just wish my dream will light the path for me... Yeah I know, lay still, I'm getting there but. I just want to know what to do, what to focus on...

      Do I do grc all day? If that will work I can do that.

      Do I focus on MILD and shadow work throughout that? I can do that.

      Do I visualize or incubate the dream I want? I can do that.

      But i just want to know... What to focus on...

      Someone or something guide me... I'm crying for help.

      Light the way, show me a sign
      Dry my tears face my fears
      Left or right ill make it alright
      As long as I got the goal in sight

      The despair in my heart dances wickedly
      Yet I will conquer it definitely
      Left but only clarity
      Practice always sincerely

      Just when... Right when I was about to give up...

      Magic happened because I kept going.

      Make me better than ever before.

      Yay! Now super-omnilucidity!

      Always super-omnilucid dreamer


      Dream about a dragon and something FA into another dream.


      Dream about a crime scene investigated by the police. I'm being unfairly accused, speak up get on with my way. I find the culprit on the top floor of the building. Looks like the tall square library. He's staying in this building and is like a hotel. He had some weapons and drugs laying around. I grab a missile launcher and launch it at him. And I leave the building.

      I'm waking by the river or lake, as I walk away from the building. There is a zombie, kind of an immortal thing thats just hard to kill. I had some drugs from the building and therew it. the zombie just entertained itself endlessly with it. I get away and something about the mafia happens.


      I dream that I'm at a kind gaming tournament. The rooms are like a bowling ball alley without the bowling stuff. I find myself taking care of baby moon. People are targeting the baby and I am running away with the baby. I must keep him alive!


      Always easily omnilucid

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    12. A photo in the temple

      by , 04-17-2019 at 07:16 AM
      I saw a photo in a temple, it was put there by my uncle apparently, it was strange it looked as if he was treating the whole thing as his own, I didn't like it but couldn't say a word as it's none of my business. I took it to see and forgetting where exactly I took it from had a bad time remembering and putting it back. I went on and wrote on the ceiling my handmark, to let people know that I contributed to the place somehow, but then it looked as if I was dishonoring the place so I tried to remove the sign, but wasn't very successful.

      Whole thing was about being confused what's going on and what I am doing about it.
    13. Unbreakable car

      by , 04-17-2019 at 07:10 AM
      I am driving after my cousins car on an empty road, suddenly I am reeling away, I don't know why but the car now is on the roadside and I see some road posts but didn't notice in time to do something so I went over them and then... nothing I was continuing to drive, after a while we arrived at a weird car wash so I looked at tires and everything was whole and perfect, I wondered at it, but somehow it wasn't for me enough to ask if I am dreaming! ((
      Tags: driving
    14. Worm on the table

      by , 04-17-2019 at 07:05 AM
      I am eating something with meats and suddenly I get the idea that strings of it look like worms, and ... one of such start to move on front on me, on the table, I am scared to death because I am still eating a portion so I start taking it out from my mouth and those too start to move and a moment after I am looking at rain worms.

      It's heavily raining out there, maybe that gave me association. Also worms is one of my biggest fears in life.
      Tags: scared, worms
      non-lucid , side notes
    15. Few fun gamey dreams, good shadowwork

      by , 04-17-2019 at 04:44 AM
      pretty fun dreams. Likely many trace memories of long ago. Some recent. Caused likely by ngf. 4-5 days or afternoon? Rem rebound perhaps. Did good shadow work. Time to level up.

      Making snowman


      At a computer lab. I'm playing wc3 tournament or something. There are the big Chinese pros and my hot keys stop working. Call the guys over to fix.

      D lu
      Zombies in subways fighting them off. Meet a nice little girl she might be important part of subconscious feel close to her. I am lucid. I embrace her. There is a guy he approaches us. Get a little excited, worried about waking.

      The little girl might be part of me.

      Wake into FA. In subway waiting or on train. I'm a mess, false dream memory that I fell asleep here. Guy across tells me I got something on my face. Wipes.

      I meet some cool guy we hang around for an afternoon. We meet young king of a desert country. We hangout and I try to make him some sausages. He loves it but I think it can get better. Tells him to come back again nex time ill make better sausage.

      Fear of waking put me in FA. Just relax.


      I'm a character from a game, d2. I had modded items and they were bugged after patch.
      Something about scary plants that grew in desert, had to fight against them.

      Could be homeland of the king from last Dream. Memory of games long ago.

      I am traveling with my mom in car. It's downtown and the traffic is bad. I think about using a portal and how that would be much faster.

      Maybe just memories of how bad traffic is in downtown areas.

      Back to plot about desert plants i guess. I find a shrine, meet a light goddess(or spirit) of sorts. Who is granting me blessings.

      I go around to defeat orcs and other corrupted creatures.

      I discover a dungeon or hidden entrance. It is a shrine of a dark goddess. I suppose Sister of the other one. She gives me dark power. Realizes I have the other blessing and is ok with working together despite differences.

      I go to the light goddess and she is furious. Crimson with anger that I'm working with the dark. Dark one was nicer.


      Light and dark. Yin and yang. I wanted to learn about yin Yang fusion so could be incubated.

      Perhaps feelings about people who preach goodness without the actions


      Relax. I guess I didn't wake. But

      Try to be more aware just as awake. FA was too realistic visually though.

      Shadow work was super today. Expecting super results.


      Trying meditating sitting on bed.

      Always do shadow work.

      Always omnilucid!
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