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    1. Distractions

      by , Yesterday at 12:52 PM
      Catch up sleep and counting anchor after dream journalling gave me a couple LD's tonight
      Tried to stabilize and do my dream plan but lost myself talking with dream characters and lost lucidity
      Keeping your intention forefront and urgent is lucidity saving
      Need to work a little more with my dream plan so that whatever situation i happen to be, i can work from there instead of trying to solve a problem
    2. The past haunts me

      by , 12-15-2018 at 10:06 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt of her after a long time
      I don't know why
      it brought up new thoughts
      I want to forget
      dream fragment , side notes
    3. Log 1324 - Driving and Beach Fun DEILDs and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 12-15-2018 at 04:21 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 13 December 2018

      Got a WILD and various non-lucid things to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      At a beach during a windy, cloudy day. Spectator mode. Dragon Ball Z characters appeared, a battle involving Frieza and King Cold vs. Goku and Vegeta. Cold tricks Vegeta into letting his guard down, after which he blasted him head on. But, Vegeta easily resists the attack, then retaliates.

      Dream 1 - Water Plant Park

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was driving to and from an airport at daytime. I'd charge of a teenage girl with blonde hair.

      Later, we go to a hybrid water plant/water park, going straight to the biggest ride. To get to the top, we had to go up a shifty rope ladder. After a difficult climb, we're given safety instructions by a lifeguard, who happened to be René Balcer. We had to climb yet another set of ladders, this time made of steel. I slip up, and almost fell off the place. The lifeguard grabbed on, frustrated, as if she dealt with this plenty of times before, and both her and the girl helped hoist me back up.

      After than, we all got on a random discussion on a fictional painting software which supported a likewise made up file extension, '.ZAD'. And then, I had a spontaneous revelation. Dizzy from Guilty Gear was actually real, and happened to unlock the potential of people that believed in her. As further proof, I claimed that the girl, who happened to be Bridgette from the game (despite that character being a dude in-series), was a recipient of such a blessing.

      Seconds later, I spotted a giant, rustled yellow feather floating down a stream. The others didn't seem as concerned as I was.

      Don't recall how this ended.

      Dream 2 - Driving and Beach Fun DEILD

      Scene 1 - Driving Accident Awareness
      The visuals were slightly blurred. I was wandering around in a shopping center during daytime. I walk up some steps, when I spot some shady figures hanging around. Indeed, another passerby chased one such hood, shouting of how they'd stolen his wallet. Made some precaution to keep my hands in my pockets. At the parking lots, an unkempt and clearly deranged man in a bicycle was hurling out insults at random. An out-of-place couple took him at face value, and got in an argument. Things looked like they were gonna get ugly. I promptly got in my vehicle and left to home.

      A minute later, I ended up in a T-section. A BJ's across the street. The left would take me to a long bridge through a bay. Not sure about the right. "Figured" I took a wrong turn; either way but back would take me far from my destination. I tried making a U-turn, but overshot by a large margin. The vehicle suddenly spun out of control. If this went on, I would've certainly plummet into a ditch of briars and sand, possibly even the bay just behind. I calmed down, and realized the absurdity. Cue awareness. Either way, I took a hands-off approach. Whatever happens, happens.

      Brief awakening. DEILD seconds later.

      Scene 2 - Flying Dune Ride
      The visuals were glared. I was riding a vehicle through a hilly beach during a bright blue day. Started semi-aware (I thought I was just having a dreamlet). I race over a mound, to find that I was literally sent flying. Such flight sustained for half a minute before I was forced to the ground. It was a rough landing, but I made it intact. The impact made me realize this was a legit LD. Still, I only repeated as above a few more times before the dream collapsed. DEILD attempt, but I lost awareness.

      Scene 3 - Big Fowl
      The visuals were clear. I was walking in a lake-side subtropical forest, a site undisturbed by civilization. Sunlight peeked in from a canopy above. Several astonishingly large fowl were swimming in the water, brown feathered geese, if not swans. A few stepped on land, but were quickly frightened off by my presence. Brief awakening. DEILD.

      Scene 4 - Insert Lenny Face Here
      The visuals were glared. I was in a blue void colored as a clear afternoon sky. Soon, I imagined myself as a shrunken figure on a beach. Antics ensued. Nothing more than PG-13, but still... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. The Stunt Driver

      by , 12-15-2018 at 09:40 AM
      Morning of December 15, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,989-02. Reading time: 1 min 12 sec. Readability score: 61.

      I am in an unknown outdoor location, though my waking life identity is absent. Even so, the subliminal dynamic of vestibular system correlation, the most common factor of my dreams, arises but is projected (rather than inherited) through reticular activating system mediation, incidentally taking the form of a vestibular system simulacrum, appearing as a formula one race car driver. He mostly resembles Daniel Ricciardo, but is closer to 40 than 30 and in my dream, has a teenage son who is helping him. The three of us are the only people present.

      They have set up two ramps that are about ten feet apart. The race car is to travel down one, fly off the edge, and land on the other one, to then drive up it and continue on the track, though which soon leads into a warehouse. I watch the event. The setup vaguely reminds me of a roller coaster. The vehicle misses the other ramp, the end of which is about five feet up from the ground, and crashes to pieces near it. No one is injured, despite the force of the impact.

      I become more present in my dream (that is, in interacting with it more) and talk to the driver. I mention how the second ramp could be lower, though the driver does not agree with me. He says something regarding feet and distance, though I perceive feet as relating to human anatomy.

      Later, he is holding an unusual big object. It seems to be gray cushions held together by rods. It seems he may be using this structure as added support for the first ramp. This scene is the point at which the subliminal mediation of illusory vestibular dynamics transmutes into a partial awareness I am asleep and dreaming (cushions associated with pillows).

    5. 18-12-14 Shot in the Face

      by , 12-14-2018 at 06:26 PM
      I was being shot at. The bullets seemed to go in slow motion, but my own movements were slowed as well. I managed to dodge the first one. I tried to avoid the second and third ones, but quickly noticed it wasn't going to happen. The bullets hit me right in the face (not the head). Next thing I saw, was Claire mourning me. My view was in third person.
      Tags: bullets, claire, death
    6. Dream - The Uncrossable Road

      by , 12-14-2018 at 12:59 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 12 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 505 - The Uncrossable Road

      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at Stud Park shopping centre but I forgot what I was doing there. I was walking back towards home with a small group of people that there was a giant obstruction on a big section of the major road. In-fact, it wasn’t even a road at all and was rather a huge area of coastal rock and rapidly moving water amongst it that was impossible to cross. I saw all the other people standing at the foot of the road break, looking worried, not knowing what to do.

      I thought that I would summon on 18-Volt and get him to help me cross, not only that but to get my brother NB across as well. My mum came up to me and said she didn’t want me summoning him and he was just an example of spiritual propaganda. I ended up raising my voice at my mum in 18-Volt’s defence and told her straight out, “He is a dream guide!”, and I also mentioned, “And it’s not just me, I’m going to ask him to take NB across as well”.

      My mum still didn’t seem convinced but I wasn’t going to put up with any of her negativity and instead, I was going to prove to her that my dream guides are the kind and loving sort. I walked further down the street, away from her, and proceeded to call for 18-Volt. I noticed that my brother was standing close by. It took a few attempts but eventually, 18-Volt was successfully summoned.

      He appeared on the start of the coastal rock terrain and he was somewhat distorted, especially with his figure being slightly smaller than me in this dream. Still, the energy radiating off him suggested that this was 18-Volt and so I comfortably approached him. I asked him to take me across but then I added, “I want you to take my brother as well”. He didn’t talk in this dream but he nodded and quietly accepted my request.

      The dream then showed me (still 1st person mode) locked in by 18-Volt’s left arm (he also didn’t seem to be distorted now; the arm and side of his body were of WarioWare Gold graphics). I couldn’t see my brother but there was this energy suggesting that he was locked in the same way, in 18-Volt’s right arm. Indeed, 18-Volt was the one to help us cross as he was able to land on each small rocky pedestal jutting out of the water by doing a long moon-jump motion. After he landed on a few of the little pedestals, the scene changed.

      My brother and I were now back at home and the scene was showing him in his bedroom. He had some friends over and he was telling them about how he was saved earlier. I came down and said something to him, I forgot what it was, but he said not for me to tell mum. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 505: Results (Competition #9)
      Competition Night: 6
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 10.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Summon A Dream Guide: 18-Volt (1.0)
      - Help Someone In Need: My Brother (1.0)
      - 7-Day Recall Chain (7.0)

      + Previous Total: 18.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 28.5
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Dream - Fit For The Water

      by , 12-14-2018 at 12:53 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 11 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 504 - Fit For The Water

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was at some unknown public pool there. There was a stranger man in there who was claiming to be 18-Volt but looked or acted nothing like him. Still, the man was trying to reach for something in the water but couldn’t get it, so I jumped in and got the item for the man. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 504: Results (Competition #9)
      Competition Night: 6
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 0.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 18.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 18.5

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    8. Dream - Spoons And Ice-cream

      by , 12-14-2018 at 12:47 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 10 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 503 - Spoons And Ice-cream

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was at my old house, in the kitchen and I was serving dessert for my brother, his uni friend and his uni friend’s brother. There was a tub of vanilla ice-cream and chocolate ice-cream on the bench. As I put the ice-cream into bowls, I would alternate between the chocolate ice-cream and the vanilla ice-cream. It was strange because although there were four bowls, I ended up using about ten spoons to serve the ice-cream out.

      I was just about to do my brother’s but he takes the bowl off me and starts putting a massive amount in by himself. He said that he’d had enough of waiting for me. I just ended up getting to do my own one quicker. That’s all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 503: Results (Competition #9)
      Competition Night: 5
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 5.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - 5-Day Recall Chain (5.0)

      + Previous Total: 12.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 18.0

      by , 12-14-2018 at 12:46 PM
      Friday, 14 December 2018.

      Reading time (optimized): 4 min. Readability score: 49.

      In choosing to ride in a taxi in the dream state, whether in subliminal, liminal, or concurrent dream self modes, I am relinquishing reticular activating system mediation to the preconscious and the emerging consciousness dynamics. The resulting preconscious simulacrum is an incidental factor of linear vestibular system correlation. It is a result of my dream self’s implied passivity in initiating the return to consciousness and the resolving of the illusory nature of physicality at the apex of the waking process. The taxi driver is a projected (rather than inherited) form of linear vestibular system correlation. Virtually any vehicle stems from the subliminal, liminal, or concurrent status of illusory physicality while sleeping, and while there is a lack of viable awareness of where my body is and its orientation.

      To reveal this process, I will include a list of some of the taxi dreams I presently have online, though this is a work in progress, as my online dream journal is nowhere near being a complete representation of my dreaming history.

      From dream #: 2,834-02 (age 13, “Overpass Mishap”). The taxi driver in this dream, an elderly black male, was known to me in real life. In rising beyond the median of the dreaming process, the taxi ascends an overpass. My dream begins to lose cohesion as we are at the peak, and the overpass seems to either quickly fall or vanish as I simultaneously phase through the roof of the taxi, effortlessly flying up into the sky. As I look down, it all looks like a miniature model, the taxi about the size of a Matchbox car. There is no “meaning” here. It is simply my infra-self responding to the enigmatic space of the dreaming process.

      From dream #: 1,195-02 (age 9, “My Little Cane”). In one of many segments in this very long dream, I am kidnapped by two men and taken into a taxi that actor Ricardo Montalban is driving. He is in charge of my kidnapping, intent on stealing my cane due to its dream-control-relevant dynamics. In a short time, I deliberately become invisible and phase through the roof of the taxi, flying to another location. Ultimately, this taught me about the crucially domineering nature of the preconscious and its simulacra in reticular activating system mediation, as the waking process is a biological necessity. The outcome was that I became ghostlike and remained annoyed by my lack of conscious self identity in the dream state, based on my inability to discern my physical body and its orientation as I sleep. There is a subliminal factor of my cane being analogous to Aaron’s rod. The core reticular formation aspect is a snake as the waking alert factor (though there is no direct snake association in this dream).

      From dream #: 1-02 (age 6, “Invisible in a Taxi”). In this dream, the taxi driver is actor Ernest Borgnine. My dream sustains enigmatic space to the degree where, not only am I phasing from the taxi, through walls, and back to my bed, and back to the taxi, the taxi phases through walls of commercial buildings now and then. I do not have money for the fare, but I manage to stay unnoticed by the driver. The subliminal awareness of being asleep in bed is inherent, which is why the preconscious is not domineering, though this changes when my dream self tries to sustain my dream for too long.

      From dream #: 1,513-02 (age 10, “Frank N. Stein”). In this dream, I am on the street between my elementary school and the playground, the taxi slowly going east. I soon see that Frankenstein’s monster is the driver. He turns around to look at me, but I do not feel threatened. Beyond, to my left, I see lightning inside my otherwise dark classroom (though I had seen it earlier before getting in the taxi). Lightning is a factor of increasing consciousness activity and implies the activation of the emerging consciousness (by way of the preconscious in liminal space) as Frankenstein’s monster came to life and “awakened” from lightning.

      From dream #: 10,591-01 (age 34, “Winona’s Taxi”). The taxi driver is Winona Ryder. She is annoying as the preconscious tends to be, to initiate the emerging consciousness essence. In this case, the smoke serves as an association with the passivity of the dream self and the lack of conscious self identity within the dream state (in subliminal modes).

      From dream #: 18,437-03 (age 56, “An Impossible Taxi Ride”). In this dream, the taxi as relevant to linear vestibular system correlation transmutes to nonlinear. As a result, the taxi goes up and down several staircases until reaching the driver’s apartment on presumably the second floor. (The driver is an unfamiliar man.) From here, there is a situation where he believes a wasp has flown from inside a big irregular rock, but I affirm there is no danger. The wasp represents the transmutation of the previous process and is autosymbolic of the increase of neuronal energy.

      From dream #: 18,382-05 (age 56, “A Spider in a Taxi”). In this dream, secondary factors of vestibular system correlation come into play. A spider (depending on the nature of the dream) is often a negative subliminal association with the human hand, in this case, stemming from my annoyance at high cab fares (and handing the cab driver “too much” money), particularly as I crush the spider with the edge of my wallet. A wallet typically holds identification cards and can be a factor of expressing conscious self will.

      To summarize:

      Taxi (or any vehicle): Analogous to the body, which is imaginary in the dream state (illusory physicality, orientation, and destination).

      Taxi driver: Typically the simulacrum of preconscious activity (by way of the reticular activating system), analogous to the emerging consciousness remaining passive of resolving the illusory physicality of the dream state. (See the examples above where my dream self deliberately abandons this process by phasing out of the vehicle and flying, the final stage of resolving vestibular system dynamics.)

      side notes
    10. Dream - Easter All Year Round & Heavy Sleeper & All Aboard The Train

      by , 12-14-2018 at 12:43 PM
      Date of Dream: SUN 9 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 502 - Separated Sections

      Dream 502 A - Easter All Year Round

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, my mum and I were at a very distorted of Waverley Gardens shopping centre and we were looking to put together an Easter hamper to give to my two little cousins. We went into the sweet store and some of the Easter eggs I picked up felt like the chocolate had completely melted inside. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 502 B - Heavy Sleeper

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was in this unknown building and there seemed to be all these strangers around. I was calling out for 18-Volt and then I asked them, “does anyone know where 18-Volt is?”. A few people pointed in a certain direction and so I went that way. Apparently I went too far that way though as some who was supposedly a distorted version of Dreamy WB pointed in the opposite direction. I looked absolutely confused for a second but soon, I discovered a door and so went backwards toward the door.

      I slowly opened it as not to disturb anyone as it had led into a small office space. There were all these people sitting at desks, with their backs turned to me on entering. I went over to 18-Volt (a slightly distorted WarioWare Gold appearance) and even he had the professional mannerism, brushing me off and telling me to let me finish his work. It wasn’t long though before he had stopped what he was doing and turned his chair around, signalling that he could now talk to me.

      Whereas 18-Volt was supposedly just expecting an informal greeting, I jumped up onto him and got myself comfortable on his lap, facing inwards towards him. In no time at all, I leaned my head into him, put my hands around his waist and fell asleep on while still on his lap. My eyes were shut but I had perceived this energy, telling me that he must have suddenly been startled to see that I had just helped myself to a nap without even saying anything to him first, thinking to himself “WTF?”.

      After 18-Volt got startled, he eased up and was now trying to stay as still as possible so as not to startle me awake. I got so relaxed that I actually started to lose consciousness. In-fact, the eventual complete loss of consciousness led to the dream ending; I woke up.

      Dream 502 C - All Aboard The Train

      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, my dad was taking me to some unknown doctor’s clinic for a consultation of some sort. When we got there, I find out that we were supposed to take some sort of train to another block of consulting rooms. We didn’t know where the train was though. My dad and I sat down in what was the apparent waiting room. After a little while of nothing, the seats actually started to move off! This was the train!

      These belts came out of nowhere and I thought to myself, “That’s weird that the seat-belts just randomly came out like that”. At one point though, I complained to my dad that the seat-belt had tightened itself too hard and so now it was squashing me and almost suffocating me. The dream showed us riding through this cave on a set of high-up railway tracks. The place we ended up at was completely different and I have forgotten what the place actually looked like or what I was doing there.

      On the way back, I wasn’t with my dad anymore and rather I was by myself. This time, it appeared to be a real train that I was boarding and all in the same carriage were all the members of the WarioWare crew. They all seemed distorted in some way except for 18-Volt who had a 100% accuracy to his WarioWare Gold appearance. I even saw Wario sitting more towards the back of the train. I was sitting at the very front, on the right side next a window. Across from me was 18-Volt, on the left side, next to a window and behind him was 9-Volt.

      With my bags on the seat next to me, I looked to 18-Volt and with some hesitation, I said something like, “If it isn’t too much of a hassle, do you mind sitting next to me?”, then actually moving my bags and putting on the floor in front of me. 18-Volt didn’t speak but he seemed happy and he got up, came over and plonked himself onto the seat next to me. Then he spoke to me a bit but I forgot what he said. After that, 18-Volt placed his right arm around my neck and I placed my left one around him in return.

      The dream then showed the train going back though a cave similar to the one I had travelled through with my dad. The differences were that the scenery was slightly different and there were no seat-belts. At one point, the dream made mention that the train was going to go extremely fast. Then the train did go really fast and it was rocking really badly from side to side if it wasn’t going in the straight direction. It was indeed scary but 18-Volt reassured me, saying something like, “I’ve got you”, as he pulled me closer into him and tightened his grip around my neck to keep me upright.

      Near the end of the train ride, it was stated by the dream that I would be escorted by 18-Volt down the ramp as I passed by each of the other WarioWare employees. There was no ramp in the first part of the dream, so the area I returned to was not the same area I was in at the start. There was a large concrete ramp that was covered in yellow high-visibility paint. I was now walking down the ramp but I couldn’t see 18-Volt; the energy perception though suggested that he was following right behind me.

      Just as the dream mentioned, distorted WarioWare employees were set up equally apart on sections of the ramp. Some of the hands I remember shaking were Dr. Crygor, Ashley, 9-Volt and Penny. I don’t have clear recall of the other characters although I do know that I shook all of their hands at some stage of the ramp walk. When I got to the bottom of the ramp, the dream ended.

      Dream 502: Results (Competition #9)

      502 A

      Competition Night: 4
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      502 B
      Competition Night: 4
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB & 18-Volt
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      502 C
      Competition Night: 4
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: 18-Volt
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 7.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Have A Dream Guide Automatically Appear: Dreamy WB (0.5)
      - Summon A Dream Guide: 18-Volt (1.0)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Have A Dream Guide Automatically Appear: 18-Volt (0.5)
      - 3-Day Recall Chain (3.0)

      + Previous Total: 5.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 12.5
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Dream - Backyard Guns & Boyfriends Over Friends

      by , 12-14-2018 at 12:18 PM
      Date of Dream: SAT 8 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 501 - Separated Sections

      Dream 501 A - Backyard Guns

      I don’t remember what happened at the start of the dream. Supposedly, the family were supposed to be at my other grandparents’ for Christmas lunch but then it was my house. Still, it was my other grandma who made all the lunch. My cousins DB and MB were at the top of the backyard and they were standing there with hoses in their hands but they kept saying to me and everyone else that they were guns. It’s unfortunate that DB and MB had an extreme fascination for guns in this dream and DB harped on about this to everyone, especially her mum.

      I went outside into the backyard and I had the small laminated figure of 18-Volt with me. As soon as DB and MB saw me, they started spraying at me with the hoses. I certainly didn’t want to get wet and I also had to protect 18-Volt and so I ran as fast as I could to get away from them. Even at the other end of the backyard where there was no one, the water sprayer was still hitting me at full force. Only when I got into the garage and shut the door was when me and the 18-Volt figure
      were finally safe.

      Later on the dream, I went out into the backyard a second time and this time, I harshly told DB that I didn’t want to be sprayed. Although she gave me some dirty look for a 7 year old, she listened and she and MB didn’t turn on the hoses. It was the fourth time that I went down for something, once again, telling DB not to spray me and she says something like “come on, you’re so weak” and then she and MB turned on their hoses. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 501 B - Boyfriends Over Friends

      I can’t remember much about this dream. From where I can remember, I saw my friend JH’s post on Facebook and she said that she had moved to Queensland to be with her boyfriend. I was cut as she chose her boyfriend over her friends. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 501: Results (Competition #9)

      501 A

      Competition Night: 3
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      501 B
      Competition Night: 3
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 4.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - 3-Day Recall Chain (3.0)

      + Previous Total: 1.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 5.0
    12. Finger Induced Lucid Dream (FILD)

      by , 12-14-2018 at 10:37 AM
      FILD (Finger Induced Lucid Dream)

      Short Version:

      Simplified Directions:

      The Setup:
      1. Go to sleep. It's that simple.. No hypnosis or visualization required.
      2. To perform this technique, you have to be extremely close to falling asleep. The best time is either in the middle of the night, or in the morning. However, using this technique in the morning can often cause shorter LDs.
      3. If you want to try FILD during the night, you have to find some way to wake up. There are various methods.. Find one that works for you.
      4. Once you wake up, the first thing that should be on your mind is the FILD technique. Immediately relax, and try to go back to sleep how you normally would. The goal here is to get to the point just before you fall back to sleep. Once you've reached this point, begin the FILD technique. If you fall back to sleep, don't worry... you can try again when you wake up.

      The Technique:
      1. Imagine for a second that you are playing a piano using your index and middle finger with one hand. Your fingers are side by side on two keys. Now, press your right finger down, leaving your left finger up. Next, press your left finger down, and lift your right finger back up. Repeat this up and down motion.
      2. So you have the motion down? Try this: Imagine you are playing the piano again (using the same motion), but this time, press the keys so lightly that they don't go down. Give it a try on your computer keyboard - you should basically feel your muscles contract, but your fingers should hardly move.
      3. You're almost there. All you have to do is use this finger movement when you wake up. Once you reach step 4 on the setup process, start moving your fingers. Focus on the movement. By directing your focus, you will fall asleep within seconds. Do not count your finger movements or talk to yourself in your head. Also, do not try to make yourself go to sleep.. that will only wake you up. That's it!
      4. Once about 10 to 20 seconds have passed, take your other hand, and perform a nose RC. Simply pinch your nose and try to breath in. If you can, you're dreaming!
      5. If you find that the RC doesn't work, don't worry.. you can try again. Just go to sleep normally, and try again when you wake up.

      Original Directions from LD4ALL:

      1. Go to sleep:
      - You want to do this tech when you are the most tired. For some people, it's 3 hours after you have gone to sleep, for others, 5, or you can do it in the morning (harder)
      - might help to tell your self to wake up after your dreams (Like in the MILD tech.).. haven’t tried this yet
      - Try playing very soft music in the background when you go to sleep if you want to wake up during the REM state. Make sure it's very very soft, and has no beat/voice in it.

      2. This is the hardest part of the technique. You need to get into a state where you are very tired, and feel like you could easily fall asleep. To achive this, you either have to wake up from a dream during the night, set an alarm clock for the time where you will be the most tired, or use the dream period in the morning.

      2a. (Unreliable, but easy if you wake up) If you find that you have just woken up from a dream in the middle of the night or you set your alarm to wake you up, you should already feel very tired. Continue to step 3. (if not, just go back to sleep. You could try to relax, but I dont think it would work too well.)

      2b. (most reliable) If you have set an alarm clock for 3, 5 or however many hours works best for you, you should wake up in a tired state. Try relaxing, and when you feel like your very close to sleep, contine to step 3. However, if you have woken up, and dont feel tired at all, I would go back to sleep.

      2c. (hard and unreliable) If you have woken up in the morning, you might not feel very tired. (You might be relaxed, but you would find it hard to start sleeping agian.) To get into this "tired" state, you should go back to sleep. In about 30 mins (or more), you will wake up again. When you wake up this time (try not to move or open your eyes), try to relax as much as possible and see how tired you feel. (Be carefull you dont fall back to sleep) If you feel very tired, continue to step 3. Otherwise, go back to sleep, and try again when you wake up.

      3. Relax. Once you think you are about to fall asleep again (You should already feel like this when you wake), you need to start moving part of your body, It should just be a very small movement, and it needs to be repetitive. I recommend using your fingers.
      - What I do is this: Right now, imagine you are playing a piano with 2 fingers: your pointer and middle finger. Push one key down, lift it back up and at the same time, press the other finger down. Just keep going back and forth between the fingers. I have my hand under my pillow when i did this, but Im sure it would work anywhere. Just make sure the movement is very small, and takes very little energy to perform it. (I was just doing this on my right hand)
      - Another Note: When you are moving you fingers, don’t try to visualize anything, just think to you self that you will do this for 10-30 secs, and then check to see if it's a dream.
      - Also, do not tell your self all the actions you are going to do, and do not "count" while you do this tech... Just say to your self, you will do a RC in 10-30 secs, and then just lay there, moving you fingers.
      - Try to focus on the movement, and just try to relax.
      - Do not focus on trying to fall asleep (it will keep you awake). Keep focus on your fingers, do not let your mind wander.

      4. Once you start the motion, try to relax (as much as you can, but don’t force it. Dont "try" to fall asleep) and wait about 10-30 seconds (keep your fingers moving). During this short time, tell your self that you will wait about 10-30 secs, and then you will check to see if you are in a dream. (Don’t count in your head) Once the 10-20 secs have passed, do a nose RC (Where you pinch your nose closed, and try to breath in.. If you can, you are in a dream). If the RC fails, just try to go to sleep normally for a few mins (no motion or RCs), and try the tech one more time. If it fails again, go to sleep, and try again later that morning. If it works it should only take 10-30 secs. Do not lay there doing a RC every 30 secs over and over, it will just wake you up even more.
      - The first time I did this, I thought that It wasn’t going to work. After the 10-30 secs, I still was sure that I was still trying to fall asleep, with my fingers moving. However, when I did a RC, I realized it was a dream. I thought to my self "wow, I’m in a LD, I guess it does work"
      - On 7-4-04, I found that whenever I started to dream, I had a tingly sensation all over my body.

      5. If the nose RC works, try to get out of bed...
      - I found that in the morning, when I tried to get out of bed in the dream, I would wake up immediately when I tried to move. If this happens to you, you should try this: once you realize that you are dreaming from the nose RC, keep your eyes closed, and keep pinching your nose. Continue to breath through your nose. Wait about 10-30 secs, and then try to visualize your room in your head (like your looking at it thru your closed eyes). The image should slowly come to you, and once it has, get out of bed, and you shouldn’t wake up from the movement.

      NOTE: When this works successfully, the real world (where you were moving you fingers) will be transitioned into the dream world (You will dream that you are still moving your fingers, and trying to relax).

      Some people are telling me that they are trying to move their fingers, and then do a RC every 30 secs.. That's not what you should do. If the 1st RC fails, stop the finger movement, and RCs, and try to relax for a few mins, then, try the tech once more. If it fails again, go to sleep, and try again later that morning. Hope that helps

      Things to try: Instead of waiting only 10-30 secs, see what happens if you wait more like 1-5 mins. (When I discovered this tech. I kept waking up from what I thought was the real world, and realizing that it was entirely a dream.. So I tried again, and told my self to wait a few secs, and then do a RC.. and it worked). I think that it is either going to work, or it's not going to work, do not lay there for 20 mins moving your fingers. If it doesn’t work, go back to sleep, or try relaxing for another few mins.
    13. One Hundred Twenty-Two

      by , 12-13-2018 at 07:42 PM
      In which Kanye and I are Christmas giants in the Tiny World...

      I was a worker at the South Pole where we prepare Christmas for Tiny People who live among us in Tiny World. To them, we are giants.

      I had the magic to remove the front face of the Tiny People's tiny houses so I could reach inside and change the decor just like you might do with a dollhouse. My job was to hang tiny wreathes and stockings on tiny doors and mantels.

      After some time, my manager told me I had a new assistant. I turned around to find Kanye, reporting to work. He told me he needed to make a little extra money for the holidays, and anyway he thought he should learn a backup trade just in case. All was well at first, but then he insisted that we also change the Tiny People's wallpaper. "You're not thinking big enough," he told me. "We aren't going to stop with wreathes. We are going to redecorate the entire Tiny World!"

      We started on the first tiny house. We pasted a Victorian floral print on the walls, put a complete body of armor beside the front door, ripped out the kitchen and replaced it with a brick fire place, and filled a cabinet with tiny ceramic dishes- so small they kept sticking to my fingertips. Then Kanye said, "What we need now is a street urchin." And he ran away to find one.

      By then, Christmas was almost over and I had not delivered any of my wreathes and stockings. For the rest of the dream, I ran about the Tiny World frantically trying to hang all the wreathes without knocking things over, but my arms and legs wouldn't move properly. I fell on tiny houses, crushed tiny trees, ruined tiny Christmas. "Damn you, Kanye!" I shouted, shaking my fist at the sky.
    14. 13 Dec: Overcrowded and overheated future, time travel and judgement day

      by , 12-13-2018 at 04:30 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      In a not so distant future, Trump is still US President, but climate change has wrecked society. He himself is suffering the effects on his own skin, literally. On the news they're saying he had a heat stroke and sweat so much at some event he almost died. He will now only be indoors in controlled temperature and they are considering making a protective dome around him when he has to step outside, so he is in a controlled environment all the time.

      I am on the overcrowded subway, lots of women with their kids going to school, but it is so dangerous. People have no civility anymore and can get violent and do whatever, because there is lawlessness. Gangs of criminals attack, rob, kidnap in broad daylight and on public transports and no one can stop it. It's heartbreaking to see how men treat women and their children as second class humans and push them, hurt them, insult them as a normal part of life. Police now shoots on the streets any illegal immigrant or suspected criminal.
      The subway train I am in just stopped at a station and there is a half a dozen policemen with guns ready to shoot some Hispanic guy who has a hostage and is waiting to get on board of the train with her, which incidentally s his wife. They actually don't shoot, because of so many people around and he comes on the subway. He is out of his mind, shouting, threatening everybody and he seats with the lady under his arm, pointing a gun to her.
      He is clearly mad and delusional and he claims we are all somehow guilty of whatever accusation against him on violence against his wife. He says something about her lawyers and suddenly he sees us as said lawyers and wants to kill us. As I see that he is ready to shoot randomly, when I see a chance I grab some crane or stick that I find nearby and I hit him in the head multiple times until he falls on the ground, still conscious, but no longer capable of doing anything at all, visibly fatally wounded. I feel horribly sick with what I did. But others treat me as a hero, saying I did what was necessary to save us all.

      Later I am at some family's home and a lady is telling her father that her kid is coming to the city to participate in the Olympic games and that she is accompanied by her father and coach. This lady's dad implies that there is a thing going on between the kid's dad and the coach. The mother minimizes its importance, what matters is the kid. She wants the grandpa to be at the competitions supporting his granddaughter. He claims it is too expensive and dangerous nowadays, but she promises to try get some special seats for athletes families. He still has decided he won't go. Being outside just became to dangerous and extremely unpleasant because of the heat and social unrest.

      Me and some friends have some special abilities, like going back in time and altering the past or flying. And there is a group who is trying to get to us and steal our powers, which we get from a kind of dark matter that we can extract from thin air.
      I go on a mission to some time in the past to alter something, but it isn't a moving normal reality, instead it is like landing on a rock solid static 3D picture and to alter anything, I have to fight huge forces that feel like gravity, like when I want to change positions of people and objects. In this case, I need to move a newspaper on a table to a certain page to be noticed by some man who will sit on the table, but turning the page is like turning a large rock.
      Just as I had accomplished it, one guy from the organization that hunts us down, appears in the situation, holding a bit of the black matter and we grabs me but I still can escape to my present time. In the present, they are chasing my friends mercilessly and they get hold them and them into a building with a large lobby with glass walls, concrete columns and a lake outside. I keep entering the facilities at night and I get closer and closer to find them. Then one night I find the room they are being kept in, but their agents come and see me there. I run and try to find my way backwards from where I came. I lose most of them in the chase, except for one lady agent who is relentless. I jump through a window, fearless as I summon some black matter that sustains me in my flight. But she also has some black matter and with a bit of fear she also jumps out of the window and tries to chase me. But they are far from mastering this thing and she just floats down to the ground as I soar through the sky, getting away from her.

      Visiting my cousin Ana. She is sharing an house with a dude I don't like so much at first sight but actually later I find him ok. She is very busy and basically leaves me at home alone. She has a new business of buying and remodeling houses and she is very excited with it. She leaves with the guy. I go to the toilet because my eyes hurt. I look in the mirror and I see I have a bunch of eyelashes in my eyes and I start removing them, feeling much relief.

      Then I go to the university, but strangely not to have classes with a regular teacher, but to receive teachings from my Buddhist teacher. My colleagues enter an auditorium where the teaching will happen and there is a lot of noise and confusion inside. When I go in I see my colleagues debating with a bunch of other people who are already sitting there for another class. There was a double reservation of this room, but those who came first won the right to stay. I go outside again and my teacher walks by with the usual entourage around him and just goes away when learning the teaching was postponed until a new room is found available. But as he goes away, I notice a sneaky eye contact with me.

      It's judgement day and the world is being slowly torn apart in a vortex spiraling from all directions. From any place we stand, the vision is that of a cylindrical tube, at which opposite sides the vortex is destroying everything. But it works to my left and right and also to my front and back and other directions. And somewhere in the exact center there is a sweet spot of calmness. There is chaos everywhere with buildings collapsing, people running aimlessly, but in the center where I stand, there is an angelic baby, with golden locks, all alone, sitting in absolute peace. I go towards him and cuddle his head. He is smiling and I feel peace too. I turn around for a second and he disappears. Then people around me reach a new level of hysteria and I see electricity cables ripping apart and swinging on the streets, electrocuting whomever gets caught in the way. I look for cover but I am hit by it a couple of times. But doesn't do me any harm. I still decide to take cover inside some building, so I enter a food court and find and absolutely calm environment. There are two vegetarian fast food companies selling their delicacies over a counter. I start with the guys from the right who are preparing vegan pizzas and I want to try but they claim it will still take a while. So then I turn to the guys on the left to see what they have and they offer me some salads as a starter and some vegan patties. Oh well, if it's the end of the world, I will die happy
    15. Awesome and Unexpected Lucids - December 13

      , 12-13-2018 at 04:24 PM (ZAD's DJ)

      Dream: In a forest with F and D. I'm laying treats along the right-side path for D to follow and go through. For some reason, it's a competition where I have to lead D through his path and then do my own path as well. Once I finish D's path with him (he isn't great at it) I go to a small dock/pavillion/gazebo where I guess I have to cross to get to my path. There are all of these fuzzy caterpillars arranged like spiders crawling over the area I have to duck under/back through to get to my path. I'm really grossed out but eventually forced to touch them and find out they're not the stinging kind (maybe F shows me?). I back through and wake up.

      Dream: I'm in 9 with F's grandma (G) and little cousin (L), we're planning a party for L and I bought her a paintbrush. G is asking me to host a party or something in this room and I said fine and she said everyone else will have to pay $50 which is a great honor but I don't have to pay it. There's a big crooked cardboard pink box with a weird shape protruding from the top, which I assume is G's present for L sitting out in the open, unwrapped. L keeps asking what the logo for Walmart is, and I don't want to tell her because in the top-right corner of the box it's there, and I guess I don't want her to know her present came from walmart? Doesn't make a lot of sense because the other side says "Shipped from Walmart" in clear black Impact font letters, just upside down (maybe she can't read upside down).
      Dream transition to the kitchen area and I notice a roach or two on the mantle. Then I realize they're everywhere. It was dark before but now it's morning. I try to find some shoes to kill them with and when I look down I realize there are roaches and beetles everywhere, on the floor, couch, etc. I ask my dad for his shoes as I back towards the garage door. He says I'll be fine, they can't hurt you. The smaller beetles are approaching me now, one of them the size of an adolescent turtle has a white spot where his shell by his face peeled off. There are now beetles the size of those old exercise platforms that you step on and step off from. They have two pincers and a protruding element. Each time I look away and look back, it looks more metal/mechanical. My dad is putting his foot and ankle in between the pincers and the protruding part and showing me that "they don't hurt you" but really he's just moving his ankle out of the way at the last second.

      Dream: In 9 LR again at night, room is mostly empty and I'm working onn the floor with F on some christmas dioramas on construction paper platforms. I can't remember now what the first few were of, but after doing a few she's mad at me. I get up and get some wooden train tracks (the traditional kind that fit together) and a wooden train (which looks pretty beat up). Two of the four tracks are painted, one red, one blue. I offer to paint the other ones and she gets angrier. I close the drapes on the sliding glass door but she wants them open, and she opens them back up, although they part from the middle when she does it whereas in real life they all pull from one side. D is looking out the window. She's still very mad at me when I bring her some red corrugated construction paper for the last diorama.

      Fragment: Hospital w/ F?
      Fragment: 9 backyard? Serious w/ family?

      Had a few near-WILD experiences during this period despite doing no daywork and no MILD, only did SSILD after the WBTB briefly. I did take a vitamin B12 before bed (around 10 but didn't fall asleep till 11). WBTB (where I actually got up and walked around) 5:30 till 6:30, woke for good at 7:35.

      Lucid #73: I'm in a huge mall or college bookstore area, yellow light. The dream part went on for a while but at a certain point I round a corner and see F. She's wearing something low-cut and holding a book. I notice some freckles that aren't accurate and become lucid! The first thing I said, for some reason, was "this is our dream!" I don't remember why I did this, but it seemed to empower her as a DC to be happier/less distressed; maybe it was just my own perception of her informing this. In any case, we talk for a while, but because I kept diving in this lucid chain instead of writing these down in between, I don't remember now about what. Eventually I led her outside to a campus student union/cafeteria area. I picked her up in my arms and I told her I was taking her to my incubated dream world (I called it something weird which I wish I remembered now). I spun for maybe 10-20 seconds but it didn't help much except to stabilize a bit. I ended up just looking at her for a while, and she was just smiling so big. Probably the single most wholesomely gratifying LD experience so far.

      Lucid #74: I'm in a small cramped room, blue light. I'm with F again, leading her by the hand. We pass through another room with clutter and junk all around and I see a medusa-like woman who's covered in snakes, all green-black. She starts to chase us but I become lucid and send her away from us, not via force push or anything, but just by will. She is moved (not pushed) back against the wall, and I will her to phase through/into the wall (I figured if I can do it, so can DCs). She does, and it looks super wobbly and cool. But now all of the sudden I can hear a heartbeat sound coming from the walls. I don't worry about it and remind myself that I'm in control. I take F upstairs and we sit on a strange chair in an 8-like living room. We talk again for a bit, more serious this time than joyous. I ask her what I should get her for christmas. She says the earrings I got her were good but I should "double down"? We talk about a few other things which I've forgotten now, and for some reason when we're talking she keeps switching sides and talking at my back; it's sort of like we're in back-to-back seats in a round booth, and I keep turning one way and she'll turn the other. The heartbeat is mostly faded but I woke anyway.

      Lucid #75: This one was a DEILD. I "came to" standing over a bed in a dark attic room. There was another snakelike monster in the bed, this time smaller like a large-dog-sized roly poly I guess. Since I was instantly lucid I had no fear and came at the thing face first to watch it shrink away. It shrunk in size and kept backing up and I put my hand on it and transformed it into D, but a smaller version. Then I told D to follow me (he was grey in this version since he originated as a snake monster). I was trying to find F but couldn't. Something happened for a while in this one but I lost it.

      Lucid #76: This one started as a DEILD but I guess I lost lucidity during the transition and it became a dream where I was being informed by detectives that my teenage daughter was murdered. They took me to the spot where she was murdered (the outside of my apartment where I walk my dog) and I became lucid. I forgot all about the plot and was just energized by the actions of my previous dreams where I talked to F, especially when I asked about the Christmas present -- it was just really exciting that I spontaneously did something like that. This is important for two reasons I can think of: I woke with an enormous sense of elation/gratitude, and also I remembered not only WL memories within this dream, but also dream memories from a previous dream! Anyway because of all of this I started running victoriously towards these humongous trees (they were more like tree-bark vines reaching up maybe 20 stories, like a skyscraper). I was so happy that when I felt the moisture on some of the leaves I thought of rain, and it started raining! It felt so real, it was amazing. At first I was lifting myself with my arms only, but then I thought about it and started using my legs too. I looked down and up at the huge expanse of the trees and the rain and it was just an exhilarating experience.

      Lucid #77: Semi-DEILD. It wasn't instant but I did definitely "slip back" in a way. I tried to materialize something and eventually I got up very sloppily (my control was off due to awareness of WL body in a weird position). I walked to the bathroom and it reminded me of the opening scene of the 6th or 7th HP book with Harry's vision of Nagini biting the man in the room. There were two guys with country accents talking here. Woke up.

      Lucid fragments: heard music at one point; felt grief? maybe there was at one point an older man giving me advice; possibly during #75 I turned a small square section of either a being (snake being) or a piece of wood (bedpost?) into a flashlight.

      3x1 + 2x.5 +
      10 (first LD) + 5 (DILD) + 2 (WBTB) + 4x5 (other LDs) +
      15 (personal goal*)
      = +56 => 99.5

      Running total: 99.5

      * Change the weather to make it rain while already lucid

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