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    1. Wolfito closure.

      by , Today at 07:50 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Sunday June 4th 2023

      Ah, Wolfito.

      I am home looking for something to eat. Become lucid while doing so and continue eating like normal and then go to the garden, teleport to another world and prepare to start having fun. Not much can be found here, but there are a few places that are deserted and about to be destroyed by the pass of time so teleport over there.

      The house is red, but now looks pink due to time. There is a big hole on its side, so it looks like only half the house was built in place and the other half was made to look cutely at the hole.

      No other houses around, I go over there and prepare to make it so it wonít fall, and then make the grass below stronger. While doing so realize something is weird, its like I am being watched, but by whom?

      Donít mind it much since its not showing up and just jump down once I am done and start exploring the big hole. Its at least twice the size of the house.

      Not much happens before I end up waking up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am going to the garden, become lucid and teleport back to where I was at before. This time itís a bit later at night and there are some people in the place coming and going. They seem happy its no longer moving around like before and seem to be happy to also bring some materials from outside.

      Prepare to leave when they spot me and go inside to tell someone they saw me; just jump out of the hole and run somewhere else.

      They donít see me anymore; just move and transform in consciousness and start watching like that. In terms of species, humanity is no longer the dominant specie in this world and there is only a few small cities.

      From what I understand humans finally learnt their problem and, in this planet, at least they are trying to live a good life with nature so am ok with them and donít plan to kill them.

      Keep looking, find a few parks for watching nature. There is one in a forest and one in a city that leads to a beach. Most people donít really care about the creatures roaming and mostly about being in a peaceful place. I like it so pretend to stay here for another dream or so.

      First thing first though, humans are having trouble protecting other life forms while staying alive but now they are too afraid to do anything else and donít want to focus on themselves so give them a hand.

      Move to the top of a building and regain my body, like to use powers more this way. Place my hands in front of me and reaching out to the distance and make it so the plants around will bear better fruit for humans and monkeys in general while also making it so that the places that are still up become stronger and decay slower, donít want their houses dying too quickly, since I calculated around 20 or so years only before complete decay.

      Once I am done prepare to go sight seeing but wake up.

      Back to sleep.

      I am looking around, become lucid while walking and realize I am in the same place as before, cool! Donít have to teleport again.

      Anyways just start walking towards a few stands, purchase but donít know what type of coin they are using. It seems coins are no longer a thing and instead they ask you to please provide food from outside.

      So get out of thin air a basket of fruits and provide them to the locals.

      They are super happy and tell me if I want to stay with them at an inn.

      Everything is so rundown, how do they manage to have inns?

      When they bring me to the place, finally realize that rather than an inn, they have 4 or 5 buildings completely set up to allow surviving humans out in the wild to come here and start living with them.

      I get more baskets and provide them to the guys, tell them I know where they grow and make a place where there is LOTs of it.

      Make it so the plants start growing as I get to know people; only 10 rooms have been occupied so far in this place and people are losing hope of more humans reaching but they believe some other cities might still be out there. They have even set up communications and what not.

      I did scan the planet, but not much in terms of humans is left and most will die before reaching here. Maybe another 50, and that is going to only use one building, the other 4 will be for the growing population.

      Not much is done besides showing me around the building, where to cook food, where to go to the bathroom and what not. The building is set up for an amusement park and as such the bathrooms are connected, there is male and female ones and there is a part for showering. Feels like I will need to use it so wake myself up since its coming from outside this time.

      Back to sleep.

      I am home looking at the cell phone, mine is heavier than normal so become lucid off of that and teleport back to the other planet.

      The people there were nice and I keep going around with them, they show me the location still and I ask them to please bring me somewhere else.

      They invite me to go eat with them at a place on the outskirts and then I feel it againÖ someone is watching me, or something similar?

      Tell the guys that the food is amazing and that I need to go to the bathroom just to seeÖ the wolf man from before? I will call him Wolfito since I donít know his name. How did he find me?

      He starts running towards me and I just phase through the walls and end up at the other side and the guy just kind ofÖ breaks through them.

      Damn it! This place is good and I donít find many of these! Become a mass of consciousness and restore the buildings then move around. The guy starts following me and I want him out of the city, since he seems to be mostly pursuing me.

      Use Scan and apparently, he realizes this, but isnít very good at hiding why he wants to find me; apparently, he still remembers the fight from yesterday and believes I ran from him; this belief is reinforced right now due to him realizing that I ran away thinking that I am actually afraid and wants to hurt me. He disappears all of a sudden and again I feel like I need to go to the bathroom so just take the chance.

      Back to sleep.

      Am walking around a forest. Become lucid and start wondering where I am, use Scan. Oh yeah same location as before.

      So now I am wondering if I should move somewhere else or just stay there, given that the guy is trying to kill me and destroying things around. Maybe I should just kill him but his persistence is kind of cute and not sure if I want to kill him or not.

      The guy shows up againÖ gosh canít he leave me alone?

      He destroys a few trees which I regrow and keeps on attacking me. He realizes the trees are back and that I am protecting them so he destroys even more and it gets annoying.

      Finally while he is trying to create a huge fireball jump on his back, kick him out of the way and make the ground grow around him while flying towards the buildings and becoming a mass of consciousness.

      Can feel the intent of Wolfito to destroy the buildings since he lost signal of me there so just regain a body inside the building where I was hiding at and go to the bathroom, take a pee and then go outside as I sense him coming towards meÖ damn you Wolfito.

      He is coming at top speed so start flying out of the way and end up waking up instead.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in a big hole. Become lucid while in there and decide I should probably go to the middle of the ocean, in that part where I scanned before and there is no life.

      Prepare to do so and start flying when I get tackled by Wolfito.

      Now that I take a good look at him, he is wearing a blue hoodie and jeans; we turn around like crazy mid air and end up crashing not too far from the city. I prepare to leave again when he makes some type of barrier around the city, which also cancels out air.

      DAMN! The people here donít have any type of powers and will die. Prepare to destroy the barrier when he touches me in the chest and sends me flying with some kind of kinetic energy attack. I am sent flying back against a few buildings so just phase through them, become a consciousness and try to hold Wolfito down.

      He somehow manages to slip through, breaks through the buildings and some of them are falling down.

      Rebuild them as he comes to me and regain a body. I really need to teach this kid a lesson, he keeps thinking I am easy prey. Right now standing below a building that is like a school place, there is huge walking places in front of office-like rooms that people use to live in a family at a time.

      He finally comes down at me from above. Repair the ceiling thingy as he crashes down on me, we break down concrete and the guy attempts to punch me, why when he has claws?

      I grab his punch, turn around and smash him against the ground gently.

      He crashes down and as he does the guy grabs my leg and also smashes me against the ground then a micro blackhole generates above me which starts to warp space and light around us.

      I grab it and collapse it quickly then place my hand on his face and slam him against the ground a few times.

      The guy finally attempts to claw at me and I just fly towards the barrier, break it and leave the place when he reaches out to me and tries to collect energy for a real black hole.

      Alright, he is going off of limits I donít want this place destroyed.

      Teleport in front of him, grab him by the stomach and drag him around with his skill, fly FTL and reach out to a few galaxies from where we are.

      When we stop, Wolfito seems uber confused and nearly pukes. I tap his head and collapse the energy, he looks even more confused and he flies back, gasps a bit for air and then stops caring as he starts gathering energy on his palms.

      I raise my arm and make the totality of the universe stop for a second and gather its energy above him in a giant pole of light. He finally stops, looking completely amazed and then drops his stance and just look at me ďJustÖ who are you?Ē he asks me ďWhy are you pursuing me?Ē I ask him, he points at me saying I invaded his dream first. His what?

      Does this kid believe I am in his dream? Ask him just that and he says yes, then says he is confused because since the time he saw me, his dreams are more like reality.

      I ask him again if this is his dream and he says he is not sure. So grab him by the collar and fly him back, this time he does puke. We stopped at the water park part of the city. Let time move forwards again and he is confused.

      Tell him his hoodie looks good and then tell him I wasnít running, I was avoiding him since this place is good.

      Tell him this is actually on my space and he is the one coming in, and also that I donít believe him he is a real guy.

      He turns back human and adjusts his clothes, they are a bit big for him now that he is back to human; the guy has greenish eyes and cute short hair, but nowhere near a wolf like he presented himself.

      Pat him in the head and he gets mad, asks me not to do that and also wants me to give him my real information so he can contact me once he wakes up ďI suck at names Wolfito, and you probably wonít rememberĒ tell him, he insists, says he wants to know more about me.

      Tell him to move out of the way and the guy starts following meÖ this is bad, bridge effect? WHICH reminds me I should probably stop using pheromones like I always do so stop that before the guy gets the wrong idea.

      When I turn around he is super happy about the water place and asks me if I dream often in this city ďFirst time on this planet, but this universe is mineĒ tell him, he seems surprised and says dreams can be so much more than he originally thought.

      ďPlease give me your informationĒ he says again ďNoĒ reply quickly and prepare to leave, then he says cute guys always say thatÖ this brat. Ask him how old is he, 20, 19? He says 25 and then kisses me, so push him aside.

      He says its ok for me to call him Wolfito then says his name which I forget and tell him that, I will forget about his name and just remember our convo. Then he says he will talk more about himself.

      The guy starts to piss me off so finally tell him my online name ďIf you want to find me, look through discord dreaming channels, look for HukifĒ tell him, he says the name a few more times and prepare to leave the guy behind when he rushes towards me.

      Prepare to tell him off again when I realize his taken his hoodie off and wants me to go with him to swimÖ no. Damn, the guy looks good without the hoodie, but still no. Tell him I will be waking up in like 10 mins or so and he starts talking about himself.

      He tells me where he lives, which isnít exactly far from where I am located at, he also says he doesnít quite looks like this in the waking world and describes himself better.

      From what he says the difference isnít big, I avoid talking about myself besides repeating that he can look for Hukif online and that if he is an actual real person and can find me, I will invite him to a date but see it doubtful.

      I donít like where this is going, he is getting to close to me and I keep telling him that he should not be there with me and that I actually donít want to be with him, that I was meaning to enjoy the place.

      He says he will be waking up soon and then grabs me and places me against the wall to kiss me. So push him again, this time itís a bit harder and I donít want to push him so hard he will break the city againÖ gah. Just use TK this time and take him off of me then tell him to just look for Hukif and then he disappears. GOSH annoying kid.

      Since I am already here, walk around and eat some stuff while watching the creatures, some very cool Octopi like animals that I like and some fruits that grow only in salt water that are unlike anything I had ever seen. Have some more fun before waking up.
    2. Wolfito meeting.

      by , Today at 07:50 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Saturday June 3rd 2023

      Hello good Sir.

      I am talking to someone on the phone, become lucid while doing so and decide I will be leaving the room.

      Once outside wonder what to do now, fly for a bit and then teleport to another planet. I reach somewhere that is close to a mountain and prepare to go down except that it looks barren. A volcan?

      I get closer and sure enough it actually is a volcan. Get down to the lava and start walking on top of it, since there seems to be a cave at the on there side and flying would be awkward in this small space.

      Once I reach, find a cute little rock in the middle of the volcan site and some people in there, dead. Did they get caught in the explosion? But its not hot here, what happened? From what I can tell examining the atmosphere, it seems like the place was filled with venomous gas and people couldnít survive.

      Examine a bit the rocks around us and just clean the air, as there seems to be other non human animals close by, make them healthier and resurrect one of the dead ones and slowly take them out with TK while flying out the place and then reach out outside of the forest. Wake up not much longer after that.

      Back to sleep.

      Its super early in the morning, and I am feeling a bit tired. Start going outside and get some water but become lucid while doing so; this water is far too heavy.

      I remember about the last place and want to go back and check that everything is still good since the volcano was still active.

      Once I reach the place its going off again and its stronger this time, too strong for most creatures to move out of the way. Just contain the explosion with TK and make it slower with time control until the creatures in the place can fully escape. Once I am done fly down and let the lava keep like normal. A few humans come by and attempt to do crazy stuff, a missile comes flying by so teleport on top of it and eat the thing before it makes things worse. Also set up a barrier before I wake up again, due to dumb humans maybe making things worse.

      Back to sleep.

      I am online talking to some people, become lucid while doing so and get curious about the net of this world. So just go online and start talking to people in a few discord servers.

      Find a few ones about LD and also find one with members I recognize from the waking world, so talk to them and try to hint them at getting lucid.

      It gets complicated but a few realize this is actually a dream world and then things go crazy.

      People start abusing stuff as if they were staff which I find stupidÖ just create a virus that hacks directly onto their world and makes them unable to keep being annoying, then just shut down the internet on the whole planet before teleporting somewhere else.

      I arrive to a location in the middle of a mountain range and fall slowly towards a big city, wake up before reaching and donít even bother to do anything since it was tiresome talking so much online for a dream.

      Back to sleep.

      I am home going over to the bathroom. Become lucid while doing so andÖ oh yeah, teleport back to the other planet.

      Once I am there start walking around the streets, not much to see neither much to do and I am just going around sight seeing for as far as I can.

      That is until people start closing down things around us because it is late and I am told that a room to stay on is needed.

      Use scan to check the currency of this planet and then use creation to make materials out of it and make the local coins then move over to a big building, enter it and pay my rent for a night.

      Things seem fine in the hotel for the most part and I take my sweet time in the bathroom taking a shower and going to pee, even if itís a dream showering always feels nice.

      Get out and then hear knocking on the door. I thought it was too late for anyone to be working? Maybe staff does work late here who knows.

      Go open the door and then get met by two girls and one guy who all stare down at me since currently just went out of the bathroom and wearing a towel and sandalsÖ oh sorry. Close the door, dry myself with magic and then teleport clothes on top, open the door after like 3 mins to make it believable and ask them how I can help.

      They show me a bottle of win and want to go insideÖ is it rude if I say no? Let them in and ask them to take off their shoes since I am not wearing any and donít trust strangers.

      They comply thinking itís a cultural thing and then come in, make some remarks about me being half naked before, we drink a bit and they tell me all about their lifeÖ why? I try to ignore them and prepare to go to bed so tell them off, but they say its too early. Stupid humans, just use mind control and make them leave but then the wine kicks in and I need to go pee, so just do that.

      Back to sleep.

      I am in bed, become lucid while trying to get up and hit my toe with the nightstand thingy next to beds, which breaks it down. People get startled because of this andÖ why is there people next to me?

      They tell me apparently I fell quickly due to the alcohol and mention that they put me to bed, and why is it that everyone is sharing bed with me?

      They got drunk too from what I can gather, and I am not liking this conversation. Make them stay in bed while I am about to leave and then something hits the bottom of the hotel.

      It starts to shake and the surprise makes the other three guys break out of their trance so I just rewind time and stop the giant rock of fire coming at us with TK, then go over the edge of the wall and teleport outside just to see some kind of creature casting a second shot.

      Teleport in front of it, look up at it and see its arms are preparing to shot another meteor-like thing. Grab it with my hand and crush it with TK then send the thing flying down and just prepare to leave when something strange happens; everything around me starts to crumble and I donít mean the place, but reality itself.

      Use a few skills that prevent the usage of causality against me and then things go back to normal after a very loud click happens.

      Quickly look for the source and find some kind of creature outside of the galaxy doing it. Fly towards it and then prepare to engage in combat when I wake upÖ

      Back to sleep.

      I am on the computer. Become lucid while talking to Naiya and then realize I have not visited her in a long time. Should I do it today? Probably not, been sleeping poorly and donít want things to get messy. So instead of trying to teleport over to her start talking to people in another server.

      Not much is done, since I am trying to learn mechanics about things I have never done before in waking life and get lost in technical stuff and donít even know if I can apply it upon waking up.

      Try to read something on biology instead, which goes a bit better but also get confused on some terms that I know can look up after waking up.

      Once I am done reading teleport back to the other planet I was on before, but this time outside of it, what was the creature that tried to breach causality to reach me?

      Canít find it quick enough for me not to wake up again so end up just losing sight of it.

      Back to sleep.

      I am sitting, eyes closed. Canít open them for some reason, try to do it frantically and while doing so realize my eyelids are super heavy, that also allows me to become lucid and gain enough strength to open my eyes.

      Once I have them open realize that I am actually in space. Teleport back to the planet I was on before and prepare to use large scale Scan to look for the creature when the star of this system starts to shine around, itís too bright.

      I cover my eyes and start the Scan then find the creature and as I do so a few people come to me.

      The first one is a man in his 30ís charging at me, stab him in the chest and toss him aside as I feel a woman coming from above, she gets crushed by hyper gravity as I keep walking forward and then start flying.

      As I fly, am met by another guy who is actually more of a wolf person, whom is trying to shot something at me. By this point in time have located the creature from before so just teleport out of its way and on top of the head of the creature.

      The things tail comes at if as if a stinger and I grab it then open my mouth and shot it down with some energy. Surprisingly that does not kill the creature and instead it just gets angry.

      It was big enough that I fit completely on its head, like a giant crocodile. Punch it and the thing gets sent out onto space, then it does something that gives me a slight headache and can see the guy from before. I believe he is trying to locate me. Just get to the creature and kill it before I wake up.
    3. Forests are good.

      by , Today at 07:49 AM (The world of Lyseno)
      Friday June 2nd 2023

      Oh, how I like these places.

      I am home, looking for something to do. Become lucid and then start to work on finding something interesting to do. Teleport over to another planet and fly down to the ground.

      End up in a forest, so start walking around. There is not much to do but I like forests so donít mind it. Keep on walking, jump from time to time between trees, find a small fruit so eat it and it tastes terrible.

      Just keep going and rest on the place.

      Back to sleep.

      Am walking around the house, become lucid and just teleport over to the planet from before.

      The night is coming and along with it a mist, so it makes it hard to see. Prepare to make it go away when see some eyes on the distance that lunge at me, it is some kind of snake. Grab its head and get pushed back. Once I land back again on my feet place the head of the snake down, its head is as big as a cow damn! Once I place it down just toss it to the side and keep walking.

      The snake comes again at me so just stop it with TK and teleport to the tree tops. Its too big to climb trees and it seems like most creatures hide from it; the snake seems to enjoy eating humans because it keeps looking for me using its tongue.

      Just make my smell that of a putrid plant, which makes it go away quickly once I do that, there we go. Just enjoy my view on the place.

      Back to sleep.

      Reading something about family online, become lucid and teleport to the planet from before. Still the same location as before, but it is morning now and the snake is gone.

      Some people are coming over and they are preparing to hunt, with weapons at hand, some with bows and some with guns.

      They point at small animals that am guessing are too small for the snake.

      I like the forest too much so when the arrows and guns get shot just run to them and grab them then place them next to the people. They are confused since they canít see me until they realize all the stuff, they are shooting is appearing next to them.

      Now the issue is instead of leaving they decide to shot moreÖ stop everything with TK, break a few bones so they canít shot nor run and let them just stay there for the snake once it comes out at night while I keep exploring and having fun.
    4. 6/04/23

      by , Today at 06:03 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      Gun Game

      Firearm situation with teams of people against each other
      I am with friends it is very tense like an action sequence
      Arming myself with various weapons and matching clips/ammo
      Have long x-ray scope I can snipe with, on some random rifle
      Take out two of the other team on the rooftop of the opposite building
      One enemy is in our building
      He casually walks through the door of our hotel room wearing a silver vest and smiling, he looks like liev schreiber
      I unload both clips of the auto pistols I have that look like pez dispensers
      He seems fairly unaffected and I instantly think he's cheating
      He shoots me a bunch with his auto but they feel like bbs or airsoft pellets while saying he messed me up really bad
      He has also stolen several pairs of my colored glasses and pulls them off his hip and hands them to me, I note they are colours I don't normally don't have like white and several brighter shades of green
      (Note: I hardly play fps games and do not own a firearm)


      I am in a dark large house on the second floor that has banisters wrapping the walls covered in fancy paintings
      A toddler maybe 4 or 5 runs at me shouting a play name for me "Nooooowwwwiiiiieeeee!" and they hug me like they are glad to see me after some long time. I say thanks I really needed that and the dream fades

      White Carpet

      The room becomes a very nice house
      I arrive out front of a very open all-glass wall seated in a rock wall with the front door wide open
      I realize I just woke up on the driveway with my head on my pillow
      There is a man who looks like Anthony Fauci sitting in a small round car that looks like a jetsons car with wheels, he is watching me stand up slowly
      I pretend to be ready to work, so I wave as I carry my pillow inside
      The foyer is all glass and opens to an ultra-wide stairwell leading down into their home
      The wife is in a flurry is getting ready to leave for work
      I tell them the service guy is here because I don't know what work I'm doing
      Now realize I am doing contracting work for a friend
      Long open floor concept spreading three of four rooms across and she wants all the white carpet ripped out
      I say no problem as she leaves for work
      I go outside to call Chris to double-check he's coming with the truck
      I am transported to the work warehouse and I'm hanging onto the back of the truck while talking to two other female employees
      One is obscured by a forklift
      We are back in front of the house
      The woman is finally leaving the driveway
      It is a very ritzy neighborhood and I see other fancy cars driving by
      For some reason, I ask her if the Bidens live up here
      I go back inside and start ripping the carpet up
      It is double layered and I realize it will take twice as long
      It's also double-sided with a black suede flowers pattern on the underside
      I now notice there is a difference of off-whites between the carpet in the kitchen and the carpet in the middle room as I haphazardly start to rip it up with a pair of scissors I found
      Realize I don't have any of my tools or kneepads and it's going to be a long day

      WBTB- Drank some blue lotus stamen tea, awake around 30-40 min
      Dream is nonsensical and a mishmash of the previous locations and people I interacted with. Did not get it written down

      Fragment of trying to journal my dream on my phone with little success
      Continually delete what I typed and tried several times to just get a single word to input correctly
      The dream fades and I wake up realizing I never journaled my dream
    5. Very brief realization

      by , Today at 02:36 AM
      I was in a mall driving for some reason. I realized I was dreaming and then the walls began to close in on me as I drove around the mall. Then everything went dark and I began to feel myself waking up. I attempted to stabilize for around 10 seconds before I suddenly awoke.

      (I'm not sure if this has enough substance to count as a DILD for the competition or not, but either way I figured I'd write it down.)
    6. Competition Night 3

      by , Yesterday at 10:25 PM

      Backrooms (1 point)

      I donít know where the first part belongs, but I feel as though it might go along with this dream. Iíll put it here and count this as one dream:

      ...Possibly being chased. I might be with someone else, and we get into an elevator. I need to go to the 6th floor, but push a few other buttons by mistake first...

      ...Walking through the University. I open a door that leads to a hallway. It doesnít look familiar, and actually it looks to me like something from the Backrooms. The hallway is long, painted yellow, and doesnít have any doors or openings on either side until the opposite end. As I walk down, I can see that it opens into a larger space, sort of like the upper floor of a mall. It kind of looks like there are stairs or an escalator leading down, and those backless "bench" things that they put in places like that. I start thinking about Entities, and decide to go back. Heading back to the door, I imagine something coming after me, and when I get to the other side and shut the door I imagine taking out a gun and pointing it at the door. I either imagine something coming through at this point, or something actually does, and I shoot it/them (or imagine that I do)...

      Carp Fishing (1 point)

      People are fishing along the bank of some body of water. There is a big splashing, and someone starts reeling in a large fish. ďItís probably a carpĒ, someone says, and sure enough it is. Itís about 3 or 4 feet long, at least. The other two people fishing (one of them is me now) also have large carps on their lines. I see one of the other two guys get the hook out of his fishís mouth. Looking at mine, it appears that the hook has caught on a gill or something. Looking closer, it appears that the hook is actually deep in the fishís stomach, with some line in there too. My Dad is there, and we donít think we can get the hook out. We might just have to cut the line. I think we should kill the fish, since it would be cruel to make it live with a hook in its stomach.

      Too Many Fingers (1 point)

      In a parking lot in an area about 2 hours from where I am currently. Iím walking to my truck, trying to think of where I am, exactly. I donít really know for sure, but I speculate that it is the town of Martins Ferry. I look across the street, and there are a couple large-ish buildings. One of them is a pharmacy. For some reason, when I get to my vehicle I decide to do a reality check and count the fingers on my left hand. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. That doesnít seem right. I try again, and this time I actually seem to have extra fingers. Awareness that this is a dream dawns on me as I either wake up or lose the dream (not sure I would count this as a lucid dream for the sake of the competition).


      (1) I go down to a room in a basement, above a lower level of the basement. It is kind of dark both places, but it seems to me that I should start cleaning up the one room by at least moving an empty bookcase downstairs. (0.5 points)

      (2) In a class. The instructor, Dr. A- is walking around the classroom holding a cookie in front of studentsí faces to show them something. As he holds it in front of me, I take a bite, thinking it would be funny. He doesnít seem to notice until he gets back to the front of the class. (0.5 points)

      (3) Some people are loading large bags of gold coins, either into or out of the back of a vehicle. They seem to be loaded or unloaded by a crane. I jokingly suggest that I should take one of the coins, since there are so many and nobody would notice. There might be some driving that happens after this...(0.5 points)
    7. Comp Night 3 - The Cannibal and His Blind Daughter

      by , Yesterday at 10:07 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      Huzzah for creative titles Slept at 11:20.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I don't remember this dream very well, but I wrote it down in my journal. Someone was doing reality checks by inspecting dragons' teeth and identifying their type. They explained to the citizens of a city how they were able to do so, and I have a vivid image of a severed, roughed-up fang. I was shocked when I woke up and it was only 1:30.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      I was in a manor with an ugly boy that everyone hated, looking at his family portraits. There was one for each child (and there were a lot of children), held either by the mom or the dad. He was the firstborn, but his picture was the only one where the parent was not smiling.

      I felt bad for him so when he started poking my shoulders I allowed it, despite their oversensitivity. The borderline-painful sensation was distinct and quite realistic. I remember breathing a sigh of relief when he started poking my neck instead.

      Insert transition here, I was now at a carnival with J and she wanted me to play a game she'd played herself as a child. You had to buy a glove with these fancy buttons on it, then attach it to a machine to play. It was a boring and simple game, but J and I obtained a glowing orange orb and did something cool with it, so it was fine.

      A man and his kid came over to us and tried to steal the glove. There was a brief struggle but I think he eventually got it. It cast a spell on him that made him grow with each terrible "command" he followed through with. By the last one, I had taken on the role of an observer (I believed I was watching an anime) and was able to input the command myself. I wanted to make it sound fancy but it was difficult to use my brain, so in the end I typed, "He will have a complete and utter loss of respect for human life."

      Momo from The Executioner and Her Way of Life was there, and she cried, "No, at least don't go that far!"

      The man was at this point the size of a large tree, holding a rollercoaster in one hand. He started lifting people out one by one and eating them, periodically smashing the bottom into the ground and breaking a few people's skulls. Everyone was screaming and you could hear bones cracking, and I remember thinking, Wow, this show is pretty gruesome. But I was invested. On some level it felt like I was making him do this.

      He picked up a small boy, and as he squirmed in his fist, the man hesitated. It felt like he broke free of my control as he suddenly burst into tears like a child, throwing the boy onto a nearby building and shouting, "Mou shiranai!" ("I don't know/care anymore!")

      Into his voice recorder he shouted "Hayai!" ("fast") and sprinted away. He was being hunted down for his crimes, so Momo told him to come up with an alias. He decided on "Kouga," which confused me because I was (suddenly) under the impression that he was Inuyasha, and I thought, Don't you hate Koga? Why would you want to be called that?

      As he ran, with intense concentration, he was able to form a teleportation portal and jump through. It led to a mostly empty but beautiful garden. His daughter was there, a blind girl of about 5 years. He plopped down at the base of a tree and she leaned against him, and in Japanese he said, "Daddy is really dangerous right now."

      Also in Japanese, she responded, "I disagree. The place where Daddy is, is the safest place."

      It was extremely difficult to hear her, but the word she was using for "place" was oba instead of bashou. I was like, Huh? Is that another way to say it?

      He told her to listen to the tape on the voice recorder, and she did. He was saying hayai/hayaku over and over, getting angrier and angrier with each one. I was wondering if it was okay for him to show this to a child so small, and then she got to the last one, which he shouted so vitriolically that she flinched away.

      She asked why he was so angry but got no answer. She replayed the tape and this time meowing could be heard after the first or second "hayai." The dad started to get annoyed at how many times she was repeating it, and I worried he would attack her, but there was no real danger of that. He was going to restrain his annoyance and ignore it.

      The kid finally stopped and pouted, jealous that he was hanging out with someone else. [The meowing was Momo.] She stood up and patted him down, searching for soft pink pigtails, though she wouldn't have been able to see the pink due to her blindness.

      That's where that scene ended. I don't know when this happened, but sometime in the same dream I was at school and had missed my [true] AP test on Monday. My mom was there yelling at me about it, but I didn't care too much.

      Woke up at 6:57, poorly attempted WILD, and went back to sleep.

      Dream #3 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      There was something about an injured arm, but I can't even read the rest of my notes except the word "levels."

      My alarm woke me up at 8:15 and I couldn't go back to sleep after that because I had to go somewhere. A shame, since I was quite tired.


      WBTB - 2 points
      Non-Lucid Dream Fragment (x2) - 1 point
      Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
      Dragons Theme - 5 points
      Tonight's sum: 9 points
      Previous sum: 15 points

      (3 comments - 1 point)
      Total: 25 points

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    8. Night of Saturday 6/3/23 (Comp Night 3)

      by , Yesterday at 09:27 PM (Dreamlog)
      Before WBTB

      Russian Ride
      I'm traveling internationally and I don't speak the language where I am at. I'm getting off a train or bus looking for the airport. I see another bus leaving and I wave my arms and chase it, yelling for it to stop. It does. I try to ask the driver where the airport is and he tells me (in English) that the bus is full. It clearly isn't. I wonder if there is some law saying there must be X number of open seats. Regardless, I stay on the bus and he doesn't kick me off. I make my way to the back of the bus. It resembles the CATA bus system from back home. In the back car is a girl with one leg. Short hair, kinda "bad-girl type". She has khaki pants on, and the missing leg has it tied to cover the stump. I sit next to her and ask for help. She's friendly.

      Some time later we are back at her apartment. It's a big studio, kinda messy with paint and art all over the place. I realize that I'm a girl, and that she may be gay. I get the impression she might have been coming onto me.

      Later I'm running from Russian agents. I'm running through an apartment complex, entering and leaving through doors/windows. I'm really high up. When I go outside I'm sidling on just-big-enough edges to not fall. I don't know why they are chasing me. I eventually make my way down from the tall complex and make it to the ground but I haven't shook them.

      I'm in a down-town Chinatown type area at night. There is a big crowd of people and I'm trying to use them to escape from the Russian agents. I'm at a bar with two floors open to the outside. There are some TVs running with couches set in front of them. There are some dark corners I can hide in. I try out a few and crouch down, but I decide that none of them are good enough and keep moving. Then I stand up face-to-face with one of the agents. He looks like Dr. Brenner from Stranger Things.

      Running again. This time it was short. I ended up in a stone building on a grassy hill, hiding underground. But they've just found me. There is the leader (Dr. Brenner) and two thug-types. They are going to torture me for information. I tell them I've only killed one time, and I wasn't sure if it was me or my uncle who pulled them trigger. I guess I was trying to intimidate them. It doesn't work. They casually talk to me about something and then without warning Dr. Brenner shoots my right ear off with a pistol.

      I cry out in pain (S hears me and tries to shake me awake). It doesn't hurt as much as I expected it would. They tell me that they will shoot off the other ear if I don't comply.

      I wake up and tell S I am OK.

      After WBTB

      W Aged Up
      I'm at my Grandma P's house in the bedroom sleeping on the bed. I've slept in later than everybody else. I roll over and see some old drawings I made in my childhood on the wall. My grandma will have decided to have kept them. They are hyper realistic and drawn in pencil. Somehow, they are holographic. I think to myself that maybe I should get back into art.

      W, my brother's son who is due in September, bursts into the room with his friend, Ian. He's four years old. I can't tell who is who and I feel bad about it. But now I know it is because W isn't born yet. One of them has buck teeth. I follow them around the house and then one kid is missing. I find W/Ian eating dish cleaning tablets under sink. Standard kid behavior I guess

      Lucid Fragment
      I'm in a large mall, reminiscent of one from an old marching band trip from high school. I do a nose reality check and realize I'm dreaming. I double take...crap! I was dreaming that whole time before with W! I think to myself that step one is to find my DG...but my lucidity slips and I wander off.

      Medium workout early in day
      Big dinner
      2 drinks of alcohol
      Stayed up late
      6hr/30m WBTB
      Yuschak Primary Trigger (8Mg Galantamine, 250Mg Choline Bitartrate)

      My theory on what happened here...sleep cycle issues. Instead of jumping into the same sleep cycle I was just in, I jumped into the beginning of a later one. I stayed up until about 2:30am playing Zelda and then set an alarm for 8:30am...so about 6 hours after sleep. I know that 5h45m has been a good target for me, so I was experimenting with a larger time to test and see if it can be improved. One problem though is that I didn't have an established wake-sleep rhythm. Plus, I stayed up longer than the typical 15m during the WBTB. I planned slightly longer at 20m but it was more like 30m. I don't think the alcohol will have mattered much because of the later timing, but it could have played a part. Lesson learned: Next time, have an established sleep rhythm. Gonna say data inconclusive about 6h/20m WBTB setup.

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    9. Comp Night 4

      by , Yesterday at 07:19 PM
      Rather depressing one. Gonna give it my all tonight, I have to do it this time

      Dream 1: Someone gave ATNRPG a negative review on steam, Because of a lack of reviews, this gave the game a mixed rating. I tried to fix it but accidentally deleted the whole review system.. Spent forever trying to get it back up and some woman yelled at me that I was wasting too much time. I explained the struggles of the gaming industry and she went back down.
    10. Summer Competition Night 3

      by , Yesterday at 06:04 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Robes Summoning Attempt Four (WILD) 06.04.2023

      I realize how quickly I am falling asleep after my WBTB so I do a nose pinch RC and confirm my WILD worked. I get out of bed and have a hard time stabilizing.

      I summon my robes of Anorak and try pulling up a HUD but without luck. I destabilize and DEILD. Again I try the robes. It DEILD many times and get discouraged.

      I try taking out my phone wnd calling Juliana. She anawers and gives me some encouragement. I try pulling uo the HUD and it works! I tap the search bar abd say "Juliana's Cottage' and snap my fingers and then I am there.

      I go through the door and Juliana is there. I feel tired because of all the DEILDe so all we do is talk for the rest of the dream.

      Update 5:45 PM! This is Juliana. I suddenly remembered my memories of my perspective of the dream. I was sittimg in my cottage in the dark. I don't know why I didn't light the fireplace. I waited for half an hour and then Monkey showed up we talked but I don't remember what we talked about.

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    11. Summer comp 3

      by , Yesterday at 05:39 PM
      Donít remember the context of this one, but I realized I was dreaming (+10 for DILD), and then everything started to fade for no reason.
      So, I quickly did something to reform the dream so it didnít completely go, and it ended up becoming an FA when it was reformed, so I lost lucidity, thinking I missed my opportunity.
      But I walked into the living room of my house, and did an RC quickly (+1 for RC / Stabilization), which made me realize I was dreaming again.
      I then walked out to the front yard with no footwear on, then onto the road.
      I was thinking of burrowing into the ground and completely phasing through it for the three-step task, but unfortunately I woke up right before that.

      For a very long time while I was awake (+2 for WBTB), I tried hard to remember the context to me getting lucid in that dream, but I couldnít. I eventually just gave up, wrote it down, and returned to sleep.

      I was playing some ULTRAKILL, and I quickly realized I was dreaming (+5 for subsequent DILD). I was in the middle of fighting a malicious face, an enemy which can fire a hitscan laser.
      The malicious faceís laser can be deflected if you throw a coin right at the beam (this is called a chargeback).
      So since it was a dream, I thought I would go for some chargebacks on it. I tried backflipping while throwing a coin, but the coin missed the laser and I almost got shot.
      I think I woke up a little bit after that.

      I was in the middle of falling asleep, when I regained consciousness and realized I could form a dream really quick with WILD, so I focused on random imagery that kept popping in my head, and it worked. (+10 for WILD)
      I entered a dream in my living room. With haste, I moved to the porch, and tried to plan what to do. But once again, I woke up before doing anything.

      Man I really have lucid length issues huh? I really needa fix that.
    12. Night of Friday 6/2/23

      by , Yesterday at 04:37 PM (Dreamlog)
      Stayed up too late playing Zelda. No recall. Boooooooo.
      side notes
    13. Su23Comp03: Nonlucid fragments - travel and false memories

      by , Yesterday at 04:12 PM

      • Sleep quality: fine, I got a normal amount of sleep or even more than usual, but I think due to geting to bed later than normal I feel kind of out of it or tired this morning.
      • Sleep time(s): 1:00AM - 4:30AM, 5:00AM - 7:30AM, 7:45AM-8:45AM
      • Before bed activity: was watching a movie from the 1960s. The plot and the acting were mediocre, but it was the kind of thing hard to look away because of the strange costumes and situation, just thinking how much the world has changed and how once this must have been the "cutting edge" and what was fashionable. Listened to a little bit of Opthalamia in bed before passing out.
      • Goals or intentions: I thought it would be nice to have better recall and lucid dream again for the challenge but was too tired to productively focus on anything.

      Building a neighborhood*
      • Awakening time: 4:30AM
      • Level of detail: fragment
      • Lucidity: nonlucid
      • General mood: upset and emotional but then more curious

      Destroyed banjo

      X's car is parked in the street outside of mom's house, and I'm helping him pack up the trunk with mom's fiance. There are a few heavier suitcases and I have my banjo. X also has a banjo. It's in a case, but I can tell from the weight that it's probably a four-string banjo with no resonator. Evidently, mom's fiance gave this to X as a gift.

      I'm trying to pack things up slowly and carefully, putting the heavier items on the bottom. On the other hand mom's fiance is in a rush and throwing things into the trunk with no regard. He breaks X's banjo, then goes on smashing it until it's completely destroyed.

      Mom joins us and we are driving somewhere. I'm very upset and trying to explain to mom what happened, it's not just the destroyed banjo that bothers me but his attitude toward it. However, she's siding with him and they don't think anything is wrong.

      Street construction

      We continue driving. Both X and I want to get out of there. I think X is planning to go to an amusement park with some friends, and I consider going but think there won't be a place for me. Instead, I think I should spend the night at R's. I now have the feeling we are teenagers and I'm going to hide out at his house.

      As we drive, I decide where the streets should go in my mind to build R's neighborhood. I don't get it right at first, but as I correct myself the vision changes and we are driving through it. However, mom's fiance won't stop the car for me to get out. As we are driving up a steep incline, I open the door and roll out onto the street. I stay calm, and everything happens slowly and easily - I tumble out, then get my balance to stand and walk down the hill. I hear/see the others in the car saying "wow, she's not just rolling down the hill, she's walking!" and then they are gone.

      The neighborhood and house I've constructed are strange. The rows of streets remind me of aisles in a supermarket, so it becomes partially a supermarket. R's house is somehow part of the neighborhood and simultaneously the neighborhood itself, so it's like both inside and outside.

      Friends and neighbors

      I arrive in R's house, and there is a group of people there, including A, and some of T's friends.

      Though surprised, I'm happy to see A but also very emotional and crying. I'm telling him that I'm there to spend the night at R's. He seems jealous and/or confused, so I'm trying to explain to him that R is gay and also R and I are teenagers so chronologically this is before A and I even met.

      There's a plastic box divided into at least six sections, each with a pair of glasses. They belong to our ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. I'm trying them on, but all the ones I try are too small for me and/or the prescription is wrong.

      I experience false memories of growing up in this neighborhood with R, I suppose I'm telling them to A. In one of the houses whose backyard faces his, there is a family (either Italian or Indian) whose daughters would go out rollerblading topless. The town authorities decided that it was their right to do so, and shut down the street at certain times so they could go out without people coming and staring.

      One of R's next-door neighbors is an Eastern European man who is openly abusive to his family. After reflecting on his story A and I decide he's irredeemable. We twist wires into a noose and hang him, trying to make it look like suicide.

      Then, because like I said the house/neighborhood is a supermarket, I go back through the freezer section and hide on the loading dock (this part of the dream is kind of in third person). I think the police should be coming soon, and I see flashing police lights through the front glass of the supermarket. I wait awhile and come out front and tell the officer I was just out getting some peace and quiet and have no idea what happened.

      • Awakening time: 7:30AM
      • Before the dream: tried reaffirming "I remember my dreams because it's easy/natural for me" and visualizing myself remembering as much of a dream as possible.
      • Level of detail: fragment
      • Lucidity: nonlucid
      • General mood: confused, flustered

      I'm in California with A and our families as well as some unfamiliar people. The house is pretty tight, it has concrete floors and wooden furniture/cabinets. The downstairs rooms are squeezed on either side of a central staircase.

      Some of the California people I don't know send him to drive to a special supermarket in Colorado to get sushi and ice for a party. He calls me on the way and we have what feels like a pretty long conversation (which I don't remember now). I'm talking on the phone with my mom sitting at the kitchen table. When I hang up I say "I love you" and she thinks I'm talking to her then realizes on the phone, and I have the feeling of being "found out," somewhat nervous, like she'll tell me we just started dating and it's too soon.

      Later I'm upstairs and someone else is on the phone with their mother. I'm going downstairs, and the mother hears my steps and the stairs creaking, and asks frantically "who's leaving? Where are they going?"

      Down in the kitchen A has returned. I have a false memory of him telling me that "paint water" is a cure for many physical and mental illnesses, and his mom always tries to push it on him but won't drink it herself. I see her now washing different-colored paint out of palettes and into bottles in a sink. It blends into gray water with little flecks of colors. He's trying to convince her to drink some.

      Games and desert motel
      • Awakening time: 8:45AM
      • Before the dream: had to run downstairs to use the bathroom, then focused again on "remembering my dreams is easy" because "I'm grounded/solid/active in my dreams" and thought of the possibility of being lucid. However, I fell asleep again very quickly. At first I didn't even realize I'd fallen asleep again until I noticed the strange thought from the dream-end in my head.
      • Level of detail: fragment
      • Lucidity: nonlucid
      • General mood: concerned, happier towards end

      Video games

      I'm playing video games with X. It's an unfamiliar black controller with two joysticks and four buttons around the left joystick are named V B J K.

      First we are playing a game where we make a character move around an environment that looks like a cave or a castle dungeon, mostly brown and rocky. There is a limited time for the character to collect as many coins as possible by running through them. However, you can add time by running through cats with have an amount of time (in seconds) floating above their head. To help the player, the cats with higher amounts of time wear crowns, and the more time they have the more fancy and celestial-looking their crown is.

      X is telling me which of the V B J K buttons to press, but I keep accidentally hitting the wrong one and sending us back to the game menu. X is getting annoyed but saying "at least my progress is saved, you almost erased it." There was something about him getting to take out a boss in the next level, I remember the boss being something like an 1800s man in black coattails driving a black horse and carriage filled with firewood. I'm annoyed at myself too for messing up the buttons and nervous to hit the wrong one and erase his progress.

      The scene changes to a different game, where I'm no longer observing a character but instead in full-body. We're in an SUV about to go to the Tappan Zee bridge (in the dream it looks more like the Throgs Neck or something, a single span with one or two lanes each direction and a concrete central barrier, but I think it's Tappan Zee because I see road signs for 87 and 9W).

      I'm in the front passenger seat, and I'll have to take over driving. We're at a red light. I realize I'm barefoot and my sandals are on the floor, and I take time ot carefully put them on. The light turns green and I feel stupid because I realize I should have first gotten into the driver seat. Now the car is moving and I have to crawl over the central console while trying to steer, and then reach the gas pedal. It's even harder because we're at a place where the thruway south branches off from north, and I almost lead us on the wrong turn.

      From my sloppy driving the car crashes (slowly) into the central barrier of the bridge. When this happens, I see a pop-up that tells me I have more tries left so I feel like I "dodged a bullet" and clear the menu quickly to start driving again, hoping no one noticed my bad moves.

      Desert motel

      I'm at a motel in the desert with a group of people I don't recognize. The ground is orange with blowing sand and the sky is twilight gray. There is highway with a median and two lanes going in either direction. It is implied that the motel is on either side of the highway and the office is in the median. We're staying in the part on the west side of the highway.

      At some point we are out sitting at a picnic table. We're looking at the Instagram of a young woman in the group. Another woman is telling me it's suspicious that she's friends with a certain guy. His name is Jack Scherter and I try to search him online. I spell his name wrong because I get the Latin alphabet mixed up with the Cyrillic alphabet (writing something like Werter), and I only get one search result, a hate-post on a musician's blog. The blogger writes that the guy sold vape/tobacco products targeting musicians, and also that he is strongly anti-vaccine, and all musicians hate him. The woman I'm with tells me he's now like an internet personality and uses the pseudonym Jack Squirt and imports random products. I'm trying to think if I know him, and I'm concerned for the young woman.

      Later we were on the east side of the highway, and crossing back to our side. I see a man in an SUV making a left turn and I think we speak through the windshield. I also think earlier I had said something about Victor.

      As we're crossing I hear from the office that V is looking for it. I say "Oh no, not him!" (playfully) because I'm thinking of V the cat. But instead, when he arrives at the parking lot where we are hanging out, I see it's V the person, and I'm actually quite happy to see him. We have Chinese takeout in the parking lot, I think it is beef sauteed with broccoli. V asks what I ordered but I can't answer because I'm chewing and I feel broccoli stuck in my teeth.

      Side Notes

      Today, I remembered only fragments. However, recalling them seemed much easier than past nights. They bubbled to the surface immediately when I awoke, which I hadn't experienced in many nights. Next to work more on remembering the full dream, if possible. I think I should focus more clearly on my intention to be solid/grounded/aware in dreams, because for me I think this contributes to both better recall and lucidity, the two go hand in hand.

      *This dream was fully nonlucid, but it was mainly first person, and I had the distinct sense of deciding what should happen or what I expected to happen. It was interesting.
    14. Summer Comp Night 3: Chinglewang

      by , Yesterday at 04:03 PM (Lucid Time!)
      NLD 1:

      Some dream that seemed very in line with kerbal space program. I was trying to design a viable aircraft that kept crashing with the ability to manipulate it on the runway before starting. I remember having odd cylindrical parts attached to the aircraft and rearranging them before being imposed into a passenger seat inside on the right side of the aircraft. Each time it would crash on or shortly after taking off and the dream would reset. I remember trying out different configurations and components trying to find ones that would work.

      NLD 2:

      I was visited by a demon called 'Chinglewang' who showed up with a knock on my front door. He was a small fat creature, who looked sort of like the little ogre from soul eater. His outfit was interesting. He had a purple and gold leopard print suit, pants and hat. He might have worn a necktie, but he had more bling around his neck than a D-list rapper. I distinctly remember on each finger of his little red hand he had rings with comically large gemstones and the two front breast pockets of his coat lined with hundred dollar bills.

      He wanted to play a game. It was basically the guessing game with cups where you put something under the cup and then someone moves the cups around really fast and then you try to figure out which cup its under. He explained the rules saying that I could bet any amount of money I wanted. That each time I won, my winnings from him would double. Then I could either cash out or play again to double once more. But if I lost, I would lose everything and have to play again. He took out like a plastic minecraft diamond as the 'pe an set up the game at the table trying to convince me to play it.

      I repeatedly refused to play, pointing out that he was a demon and probably had mind control or something that would result in me losing all my money. I grew irritated with him and went to my room to retrieve a sword. (I think this was a reference to a visualization I did with Madmonkey, and I think I was close to getting lucid here.) I started threatening him with the sword and he took the hint and left.
    15. Summer Competition 2023 04.06.23

      by , Yesterday at 11:17 AM
      I was afraid like yesterday - today I will have problem with sleeping because I went to bed at circa 3am LT and it passed 2-3h untill I drift off. But good ending happening (sometimes)

      Dream (DF) 1#
      I dont remember this dream very well, only some pieces:
      On the begin I remember my dream looked like GTA (IV or V). I had some shooting with cops and I went from outside to interior of building. In the end part of dream I saw something like HoI4 game. I saw "battle" between my and enemi tank divisions. My division won the battle but it lost entire ammo supply and organization and I started to think my template of division suck.

      Dream (DILD) 2#

      Non-LD part
      My friend sent me to buy some food for our party. Some chips, alcohol etc. I started to count money he gave me and I return for more money then I went to shop. For some reason my dream changed scenery. It was just random moment - no after passing door nor rotate behind my backs. It looks like I have hole in memory bc I was walk forward to shop and my dream just changed. Now I was on my bike with half empty beer can. I wanted to drink some of beer but in last moment I saw police car passing me so I abandoned that idea (In my country drinking in public is illegal. And still I was on bike ) but police just passed me and nothing happened.
      I parked my bike on car park and passed 4-5 cops. "What happened here? What is going on?" I asked myself. I saw one policeman is pumping something like industrial hosepipe. I ignored that fact and just entered to market. For some reason my other friend respawned with me (I don't know him from real life. Just random NPC). We walk through supermarket corridor and stopped at kebab kiosk to buy some fastfood. I checked the prices
      -What the fuck, why evrything here is so expensive?!
      -Because customers are buying it anyways
      I was really hungry, my friend also. He ordered "rollo kebab hamburger". I ordered traditional polish cutlet in bread roll. After few moment cashier said:
      -Here is your order
      -That cutlet looks awfully. And where is roll? I ordered cutlet in bread roll
      -No rolls for you!
      The cashier started making new order and he went to backroom. After few moments he come back
      -My manager said everything will be prepare good but I cannot promise that he dont use his ass to mix your kebab sauce
      After that I just make sure the cashier started my order and I just left the place without paying. He was calling me for money but I just ignore him

      Lucid part
      Scenery of dream changed. Now I was with my childhood friend outside. I started to think that something is wrong. That isn't the place where I should to be. I check where I am and I made reality check - it's dream. My friend told to me
      -Lets go that way - he pointed direction with his finder
      -No, no let go that way - I pointed my direction
      -Nah, my way is better
      -Okay then. See ya!
      And I just flew away My friend was scared and I just flew away from him. It's was my fist time when I flying in LD with full control. The felling was so nice. And I can feel nice fresh wind on my face when I was flying forward. And the view of my city was wonderful. I decide to land on roof of the high building. I wanted this because it was abstract for me - just random flying person standing on the roof. In the meantime I trying to recall my three-step-goal but I failed. "Anyway - this is LD and I have fun! I dont care about step goals" I though.
      When I was trying to land on the roof I recognize I have problem with that. So I decided to just fell down from circa 3-4m. I didint feel any pain and It was something new for me. In normal condition mistakes in my dreams are painfully. Anyway I reach my roof and again I look for my city view.
      My friend respawned near to me. I saw his happy smile. He was proud of me.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
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