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    1. Entry five

      by , Today at 06:03 PM
      I partially succeeded last night, I was able to take slight control of a dream before I woke up. I remember only one dream for the most part, but only a small portion. I was talking to someone (I know who the person is, but I'd rather not say), and headed upstairs to a wash room. It was a small, tiled room. The sink and other things such as the shower were also white, and I feel the walls were pink..there was a small shelf in front of the toilet that contained flowers, spray, and magazines. The shower curtain was white, and I recall turning the water on to presumably take a bath.

      I notice I am waking briefly or having false awakenings, because I sleep in an eye mask and I can see when I wake up. I don't realize I am still asleep when this happens, yet.
    2. Spider versus Spider

      by , Today at 04:03 PM
      Morning of June 13, 2021. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,900-04. 2 min 20 sec read.

      After letting go of attention to post-hypnagogic navigation (lucid in every sleep cycle long before I ever heard the term), typical residual factors eventually become the foundation of a new dream. Often, staircases emerge from a wall and drop like a Murphy bed to correlate with my transitioning vestibular phasing response. (This process occurs after my first dream of walking and losing my footing with rapid falling, and in another dream signifying my loss of mobility of my arms - sometimes with another dream character dropping something. The third correlation typically displays REM atonia indicators such as a statue or sleep simulacrum as the corresponding feature in this dream.)

      I become aware I am an unknown woman in a sheer white nightgown sleeping with her body draped over an outdoor staircase in daylight. I am also a giant tarantula about the size of a person. It is an ambiguous dual perception, though I am more focused as the spider on the woman’s left. I am still both. The building is on stumps with open space underneath, and its outdoor staircase is about five steps, leading to an open doorway into a large empty room with a wooden floor. There is a vague essence of the Arcadia, Florida school grounds in the 1960s, but with no correlation with its waking-life appearance.

      I consider what I should do. I am not focused enough to viably navigate my present status, but I recall the dynamics of ASMR and summoning content to stimulate my emotions. I try to create another giant tarantula.

      Another giant tarantula (protoconsciousness) appears. Its legs are as big as tree trunks as I hear its loud steps. It is exponentially larger than my tarantula form. It is so big that I only see its legs at times. Although it continues to walk past the part of the building I am near, I anticipate it will look through a different doorway (about 20 feet away), perpendicular to the entrance I am near, and it does. Even so, both my sleeping woman form and my spider form are below the doorway’s line of sight. (In this dreaming experience, I forget that waking a sleep simulacrum sometimes vivifies a dream.)

      The giant tarantula speaks in a human voice, “You may be asleep now, but will you be asleep at this time tomorrow?” He is speaking to both my forms. I could pull the woman down the steps, and we could both go under the building and remain there for a time, but I decide not to do this. I do not feel much emotion as it is more like a surreal game.

      I decide to leave my sleep simulacrum and run at an angle toward a beach. It feels strange running on my eight legs. I notice a long pipe that is open on its end, but I consider it might be too small to navigate.

      The other giant tarantula keeps going in a direction away from me and is no longer in the area.

      Now there is a duck hunter at a distance who shoots at me with a rifle with no effect. I consider I will be able to walk on water over the ocean. I think if the other tarantula returns, he will be too big to follow me. Additionally, the man has no boat.

      I become annoyed by the duck hunter continuously shooting at me. I shoot small missiles at him from my eyes (REM ocular response) without any effect as my dream fades.

    3. Entry four

      by , Today at 03:05 AM
      I wasn't able to get lucid, and I only remember tidbits of my dream. I was in a bush in the front lawn of my late fathers house, hiding from something. I suddenly popped into the back of his truck as it drove down the road. That's all I can remember.

      I will attempt tonight as I am quite tired.
    4. cclxxxiv.

      by , Yesterday at 11:39 AM
      12th June 2021


      At a supermarket, buying some things I think in the frozen food aisles.

      Unfortunately can't recall more than that anymore.
    5. Entry three

      by , Yesterday at 06:30 AM
      I was able to have multiple lucid dreams last night! I fell asleep, then awoke some time later and started thinking of the last dream I could recall, then imagined I was back in that dream. It was incredibly fast and seamless, as I never noticed I fell asleep- I was able take control very quickly.

      I flew around, and experimented on physically changing what I looked like. I could turn 'on' sensations such as touch and smell, and go through solid walls if I wished. I really hope I can achieve this again tonight, how amazing!
    6. cclxxxiii. Listening from the bathroom

      by , 06-11-2021 at 07:00 PM
      11th June 2021

      Some in-line notes, in brackets.


      I'm in the bathroom at the old home. I'm having a wee or something, I think I'm fully naked (probably since I sleep that way and if I got up for the bathroom, it would be the case anyway). I notably recall that the light is on (but there is no reason for it not to be and the situation seems normal enough).

      I hear the front door opening and notably I hear T's voice and a male stranger. I deduce they are friends and hear them come into the house. I'm aware of it being quite late and so I find it a bit odd. I can sort of see through the wall, mentally, getting an idea of where they are. T either comes up to the bathroom door to talk to me or I called. We talk about something but I cannot remember what and I feel pressed to put some clothes on to get out of the bathroom, maybe to find out more?

      The feeling I have around the stranger is mostly that of suspicion, I think because of the late time. I think about going back to my bedroom and possibly imagine it visually.
    7. Hissing Can ..

      by , 06-11-2021 at 10:03 AM
      Dream From June 1 '14:
      apparently the location is Levi's living room.
      i'm looking in the direction of his backyard.
      the driveway windows would be to my left.
      there is a spray can on the floor on the living room.
      not sure that i physically remove it myself or whether i see it get removed.
      well, the can is "hissing" like that of a flat tyre.
      the can hasnt been used to spray anything, so i don't know what the go is with the hissing.
      thats rather odd.
      the can is taken, by someone, or so it appears, from inside, to the backyard.
      and the can being taken outside, is repeated more than once.
      the can is upright, on the floor, and then positioned upright outside.
      the blinds in the living room could be open, and the light could be on.
      unless there is sunlight coming in, through the blinds.
      as for outside, when the can is out there, the time could be dusk.
      and i can see the sunset, through the trees in the backyard.
      or, over the roof, of the house behind Levi's.
      the hiss inside, is either one long one, or its some short hisses.
      upon outside, the hissing stops.
      and then it appears inside again, before being taken out, as a repeat.

      any comments or questions ?
    8. Entry two

      by , 06-11-2021 at 06:20 AM
      I had multiple dreams last night.

      The first dream took place in apartment complex. It was quite large, some of the buildings were a white stucco while some others were a tudor style. Time in the dream seemed to bounce between daytime and the evening, but I didn't notice at the time. I'm not exactly sure what I was doing at the start, I think I was inside, and went out because there was a very loud alarm going off. I was with some people I didn't recognize, but in my dream I knew they were my friends.

      The air was incredibly smokey, and I could smelled charred wood. The building we had just exited was on fire, with thick black smoke billowing out of the windows. I didn't feel scared, mostly curious. We spotted a large crowd of people at the front of the complex, so we started walking over to join them. All of the buildings were on fire, thinking back on it I'm surprised we could see so clearly and breathe so well. Dream logic, I guess. We make it over to the very loud crowd, and I notice the building in front of me had traveling pink flames all over it. A random neighbor (I assume) said something about the apartments across the street, so I glance over at them and they are completely charred, as if they were already on fire. My dream ends here.

      Dream two

      This dream was much more light hearted, and delicious. I'm at a convention center in a mall, and the interior is filled with circular tables draped with white tablecloths. Each table has a large plate in the center, each with it's own kind of dessert. Being me, I am ecstatic about this. I glance at the main buffet, which is loaded up with what seemed to be meats, dumplings, and all sorts of savory things. My main focus, however, is finding the perfect dessert. One table in particular quickly catches my eye, it has a plate with 2 very large cake slices. The size of my head large. I didn't think it was strange they were decorated for Christmas at all. The first cake had cut out geometric fondant pieces in light green and red, with edible bulbs. The second looked more like a large slice of pie, and had a dark red exterior.

      A waiter came over and helped me move it onto my plate, which it easily dwarfed. It had a very nice cardamom smell, with a hint of mint. I was incredibly excited to eat this cake. I referred to it as a pie in the dream, so maybe it was a giant pie piece? I'm not sure. Dream logic. Anyway, I am about to tuck in to this cake when I am suddenly teleported outside to a picnic table, where I am sitting with- my moms late cat, Sugar. Sugar passed away over 5 years ago, but she looked very young and fluffy like she was young again. I told Sugar to stay, I was going go get my cake which didn't teleport with me. As I'm walking back inside, I see a homeless man excitedly ask about the cat, and start sprinting over to her. I rush back to Sugar, as I am worried he will take her- I wake up at this point.
    9. 10 June - From a semi-lucid dream to lucid

      by , 06-10-2021 at 11:48 PM
      comment dream semi-lucid lucid

      The dream before the lucid parts wasn’t much coherent, my settings and my companions were very changeable, so I simplified it slightly, I am using the word companions instead of being specific and I am starting from a point from which I remember the dream reasonably well but it was actually longer.

      We were inside a building and we wanted to go outside to look for Karin, who was some kind of magical creature, maybe a fairy. She went out and didn't come back for a long time.
      I went outside and my companions came with me. There were gardens around us and it was dark, and we walked through the gardens and there were flowers, but Karin was nowhere to be found.
      Then we walked on the lawn around the building and there were soldiers walking towards us. They had the division number written on them - 100something. I knew their general and I remembered that I was in the 80th Division. But I didn't want to approach them because they would certainly want to know the details and I didn't remember the details. They walked past us and ignored us.

      Then I explained to my companions that it is our presence - that with our presence and attention this world grows stronger and becomes more detailed and real, that it is like the shadows in Amber and we travel through them like the princes of Amber... but I stopped because I understood that they didn't know Amber and my comparison or explanation didn't mean anything to them.
      Anyway, we should find Karin quickly and get out of here because more and more things are going to be happening around here. I also told them that it was fascinating how I remembered being in the 80th division, but that I was a little sad that it was actually a false memory.

      Then we were at some greenhouse or walled garden and I think we found Karin there and she came with us, or it stopped mattering.
      We were back in the building, now there were soldiers and infrastructure. We arranged at the window of a female clerk to hear us in a closed room. I also wanted her to arrange for me to talk to the general in private, as I was still feeling emotional about my membership in the division.

      We were in the room with her, me and two companions, there was someone there with her too, sitting across the table from us. I turned off the light and it was morning twilight and I said, "How about we make our own light" to my companions. "Or would that get everyone in this building on their feet?" In the sense that I wanted to make it clear that we were magicians, but again, not to stir up the whole building.
      I cast the Lux spell and so did my companions. I remembered that it didn't work in my recent LD (9 May) and now it didn't work either, my palm was empty. But there was something there, or was it just my imagination? I looked closely and there was a small light, the size of a pinhead. I tried to focus on it to make it bigger, but it seemed to be trying to escape my focused gaze. It glowed brighter for a moment, then I lost it for a second, and then it reappeared and was a cluster of little balls. It was still trying to move and escape. I physically grabbed it in my hand, it had a feel like plasticine, and tried to combine all the little balls into one bigger ball.

      At that moment I realized "I am lucid" and said it out loud.
      I was also immediately intrigued by the transition from semi-lucidity to lucidity. I debated whether to continue the dream story, but I figured I'd had enough of it (it was a good dream!) and it was time to do something else.
      So I was deciding where to go and what to do and I was tempted by something to do with water and remembered that my plan for Prague involved water, so Prague it was. Standing in front of the door, I quickly visualized the towers of the city and opened the door.
      Behind the door was still the corridor, but it looked different and the building was set up for an event related to my hobby activity (and related to Prague).
      I walked down the corridor further, to the left was the exit to the outside, straight ahead the corridor continued. I wanted to go outside, but on the corner between the turn and the continuation of the corridor was a lobby separated from the stairs leading outside by a glass wall, and I saw a table and a couple on it.
      Spoiler for sexual:

      - I really liked the Amber analogy. I've been recently reading a lot about dream control and dreams formation and this is how my brain connected things together. BTW I recently met Corwin of Amber in a non-lucid dream, I would love to meet him lucid one day.
      - Going lucid in this dream - the "I am lucid" as "I've always known this is a dream but now I noticed that I know and can do something with it". Like when you do something and then stop and ask yourselves "what am I doing" and remember that you wanted to do something else. Like being there the whole time but stopping being distracted. Very smooth transition into lucidity.
      - Regarding the lucid dream sex: I always wake up quickly. I know some people say it is about expectations but it is not - I used to wake up from dream sex before I even knew what lucid dreams are and before reading anything about them online. I wake up simply from physical arousal, sometimes even into an orgasm (not this time). In both lucid and non-lucid dreams, I wake up after a similar time, which isn't realistic to the progress of the sexual intercourse in the dream (20-30 seconds of foreplay, usually). I don't mind, I still like it.
    10. Roofless House, And Boat ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:30 PM
      Dream From May 19 '14:
      the setting is that of a rectangular shaped house, which i am in.
      its parallel to what i think is Evans Street, opposite where Kane N lived.
      i'm inside, facing the Evans Street/Mitchell Street corner.
      what i notice, is that the ceiling looks like its night time, so no moon, only stars.
      so does that mean i can see the sky, without there being a roof on this house?
      well that is interesting.
      whether that should be strange or not, i don't know.
      that means, this house is in darkness (not negative), although thats not entirely true.
      there are some lights on.
      i'm in what looks like a kitchen (the Westdale one?) and i see a traffic light sitting on the bench, near the laundry door.
      i go past it and see the yellow light.
      the green, and the red light may not be on.
      so, i leave the kitchen and go into another room.
      although i'm already there, i think ive been invited to a party.
      there are fairy lights on the walls, along the skirting boards near the floor.
      only a few of the lights are on.
      although i don't see anyone, in person, i think jie is here.
      possibly my lady, and a few other people as well.
      i think a party is about to start, or happen.
      there doesn't appear to be any drugs, alcohol, other such substances.
      from the kitchen, i go into another room, which i noticed earlier.
      then i try to go into another room.
      there is a stained glass door in the hallway/walkway, that i walk through
      so, i decide to leave, because i'm agitated or uncomfortable, because of what i think is about to happen.
      ironically, i don't stay to see what happens; maybe i should've.
      there isn't a negative vibe.
      maybe i am just being insecure, for no reason.
      then outside, i, walking, when i stop at the Evans/Mitchell Street intersection.
      i look up Mitchell Street, from at the corner.
      although i can't i could still visit the old house.
      strangely enough, i see to my left, facing the Mitchell Street park, and parked on the corner of the hobby farm, on a boat trailer is a boat.
      its a boat, with windows at the front, which are on the side of the side of it.
      there is a piece of paper on one window, on the right hand side, as i look to my left, at it.
      it still night time, and a street light is on, above the boat.
      thats another irony as there is no pole there; there is an exposed corner gutter, which i don't think has been covered, as yet.
      the trailer is parked on gravel on the edge of Evans Street, with the jockey wheel near the gutter at the corner.
      i though the piece of a4 paper, which is plain, white and horizontal, was a "for sale" sign, for the boat, or not for the boat.
      in hindsight, i don't recall seeing any such writing on the piece of paper.
      there could be a frilly red coloured border around the edge of the piece of paper.
      the top half of the boat is white; is it fibreglass?
      the bottom half is wood (brown) or something.
      am only walking past boat, and not jogging.
      did i see the boat earlier in the dream, or do i think i did, when i didn't see, or was there a reference to the boat earlier in the dream?
      it seems familiar, and i dunno why.
      it was a spoken reference nor a written reference.

      any comments or questions ?
    11. Swimming Won By Me ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:26 PM
      Dream From May 11 '14:
      the setting is that of a swimming pool.
      its 100 metres long, and 25 metres wide.
      not sure the pool is indoor, or whether its outdoor, which means there may or may not be lights on.
      the pool maybe an olympic one, or that of a suburban complex.
      so, i'm either gonna be in a race, or am about to do laps for my own interest.
      can see the lane ropes at the surface of the water.
      initially, i don't see myself doing any swimming.
      and, apparently there are other people here as well.
      i know there are other people, because, for what is my final lap, i stand up at one end, which could be the shallow end, and decide to walk to the other end, rather quickly.
      i do that, to "win".
      so it must be that i have done at least one lap before i do that.
      then, as i walk on the surface of the water, below me, in the water, is a woman.
      it seems i have stepped on her, to walk past her.
      its only when she grabs hold of my right heel, that i know she is there.
      when she grabs me, i hear her let out a groan, like a sigh.
      and because of that, bubble may make it to the surface.
      so, i get to the other end, where the starting blocks are.
      one of the officials, is there to greet me.
      what i don't do, is stand there and celebrate my win, because i'm not so sure i have actually won.
      so i clench my fists, as though happy, and have a modest celebration.
      then that same woman, stands in front of me, and tells me what she said when i stepped on and over her.
      she starts to, or is about to say what it was, but she doesn't utter the words to me.
      maybe she wants to.
      is she my lady?
      despite standing right in front of me, and so closely, she is a blur.
      or i can see her face, but its not clear to me, or i don't recognise her.

      any comments or questions ?
    12. The 2019 Cricket World Cup Score ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:19 PM
      Dream From June 14 '19:
      There is no footage for this.
      The vibe of this dream is that of an arcade game.
      Australia wins the 2019 Cricket World Cup using rego plates ....
      and based on the 2015 World Cup score, they beat India or new Zealand in the 2019 final.

      any questions or comments ?
    13. Excuse Me ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:17 PM
      Dream From June 28 '19:
      it is daytime.
      the location is a small country town, of about 10,000 people.
      or, its the suburb of a larger city (probably not, though not entirely likely).
      not that its important for me to do so, but i am looking for a public library, to get access to the internet.
      i walk along one street, which is two way (single lane each way), and get to a corner.
      the corner is part of a + intersection.
      there is a woman walking as well, whom, when i get to the intersection, i try to stay away from, by a couple of footsteps.
      i cross over to halfway, to a median strip (whatever it is).
      she goes whichever direction, and i keep going straight ahead, possibly in front of her.
      there has to be a library somewhere in this town.
      then i get to another intersection.
      i do see the street to my left.
      it could be just a side street, from off a long street/road, which isn't a + intersection.
      at the corner, she is to my right.
      i keep a gap of one step from her.
      i see her, the left side of her.
      she is wearing a long sleeved grey tee.
      she looks a little bit Asian, not that she is.
      i don't look around to my right, to look for any vehicles turning left, into this side street.
      i let her go first, to cross the road.
      so she steps onto the bitumen, and walks away, to my left, up a slightly inclined street.
      she is about two metres from me, when i call out to her and say "excuse me".
      i say it again "excuse me" but of course, she is ignores me.
      due to the upward incline, i see her lean forward slightly, to walk up the street.
      i was hoping she would turn around so i could ask her where the library is.
      good for her, i'll it find myself.
      so i keep walking straight ahead.
      i get to an area, of what appear to be a kerbless road, and an old looking church building (with a triangular roof).
      its a small building, with a small yard.
      there is a small chainlink fence around it.
      it looks to have been converted into a small library.
      i only see the building, from a few metres away, and don't enter it.
      then the dream ends.

      any questions, or comments ?
    14. Terminology Used As A Person's Name ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 12:02 PM
      Dream From June 2 '21:
      Seeing a 2 sentence paragraph at the top of an upright a4 piece of paper.
      There is a word at the end of the paragraph, being the second line.
      The word is one that would be used in a health insurance document, as terminology.
      And, apparently it can also be used as a persons name.
      Unfortunately i don't see the word, nor do i know for sure what it is.
      The word could be like that of Ashley.
    15. Raffle Ticket (105) ..

      by , 06-10-2021 at 11:58 AM
      Dream From July 17 '19:
      it is daytime.
      am sitting on my weights bench in the garage (at nelson street).
      i am looking out, to my right.
      in my hand/s is a raffle ticket.
      looking to my right, a tallish bald man, steps onto the driveway.
      he calls my ticket, which is red 105.
      its a circle, and with red dots in it (like that of the dimple things on my foam roller).
      i stand up, and then step out to him.
      i ask him is is a red circle with red dots (in the circle).
      yes it is.
      strangely, he tells me its his last day (supposedly for selling raffle tickets)
      then he hands me the other half of my ticket (from the book), with 2 or 3 other tickets under it (one is yellow and the other i don't know).
      i think he does that, so i have it for my own collection.
      and then he leaves.
      as i step back to the garage, i look inside the driveway window of the room 3 bedroom, or that of my room.
      not much to see.
      maybe i can finally move out.
      so, i've won something, but prize is not known, as no prize was given to me.

      any questions or comments ?
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