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    1. Morning Nap WILDs 6/11/2018

      by , Today at 10:21 PM
      I keep WILDing up out of the chair I'm napping in. The first few times are kinda like FAs: sort of unaware then becoming more lucid. I begin to WILD on purpose while holding the compliment task in mind.

      I stand up, make eye contact with my grandmother, and ask her if I'm dreaming. I don't remember her answer. I do the nose-pinch RC several times before thinking about who to compliment. I consider telling my grandmother that I respect her, but decide to compliment my three year old daughter instead. I turn to her and say enthusiastically, "You're so cute!" I smile at her and she grins big and sits down on the floor, being all silly and wiggly.

      Satisfied with completing the task, I decide to go out the front door. I unlock it and open up both the inner door and the glass door before emerging into the bright sunlight. I want to fly, so I attempt to. I get a bit scared and drift back down involuntarily. I try again, going higher, but fall again, faster this time. I hit the ground rather hard, expecting pain but fortunately receiving none.
      lucid , task of the month
    2. 18-06-23 Moon

      by , Today at 06:08 PM
      So there's this huge building on the moon, except it's on a water ocean. Inside the structure, me and another person (a girl?) are fighting a kind of shapeshifting monster that likes taking the form of people. Nor Pennywise for a change, yay! I think I shot him with a sniper rifle when it was about to shoot the girl. In the end, the massive building (and I mean massive) exploded. The view cut to a control room back on Earth, where multiple Men in Black watched the building explode. An alarm blared, and a level 6 emergency was declared on the moon. Then it cut back to the building, which simply vanished. I saw the building wasn't really 'in' the ocean, but rather hovered over it using giant drone-like propellers. As the building vanished, the propellers stopped working and plunged into the ocean. We were swimming now, and reached a tropical island. We found some friendly natives, who helped us. Then some other weird stuff happened, like the chief was wearing a nose like a clown nose, but made from a hollowed-out nut. The chief then vanished as well, leaving us with his stuff.
    3. 460 Words--Machine Gun Kelly

      by , Today at 03:55 PM
      Dream 1: I have this strange semi-automatic gun and feel like this has happened before. There is this building full of people that I have to shoot, even the kids I shoot all the adults and about a third of the kids before I run out of bullets. Everyone breathes a collective sigh, and I am glad that I can't shoot any more of the kids. As I run away from the building, this guy with a gun sees me and tells me to lie down, but I pretend I didn't hear, and sit down with my hands on my hand. He continues around a tree and when he isn't looking, I dash away, only to run into the hands of his son, who points his own gun at me. FSH I have the guy's sun's gun now and shoot him, although I don't think it did anything. The scene jumps and I am on the corner of Stanford and Del Clair by the park, and the man is following me again, but without a gun, and I have a plastic toy gun that I keep shooting at him, but is empty. FSH

      Dream 2:
      My friend and I are playing a prank, maybe on Slade, but he needs to stay downstairs while I go upstairs, get some stuff, and do a bait prank. I go through a door and enter into a swimming pool, that is being drained or has a waterfall. I get onto this dolphin boat and paddle, making sure not to fall down the waterfall, even though someone asks me if I want to. I paddle across the pool, but the dolphin thing keeps getting heavier and lower in the water. I reach and island in the pool, grab something from it and go back to shore but the dolphin is so far under I am up to my neck while sitting on it. I would dive off and swim to shore, but I am worried that I might get stuck the dolphin upside down, so I ask someone to help me, and maybe Wynd does something so that I am fine. I then exit the swimming pool and am in the closet thing at the top of the stairs. The current knot on the rope is way to loose and done wrong, so I make a slip-knot to put on the door handle. FSH Slade and I are downstairs at the buildings reception area, and these two guys don't like us and try to make life hard for us. Telling us we will have 50% of our time in correction and 90% doing whatever it is that we do.

    4. 2,432 words

      by , Today at 03:34 PM
      I went to bed pretty early, and probably slept by 8 or 8:30.


      Round 1 of dreams. I think a noise woke me up after only an hour or two of sleep. There might have been some vague memories that I forgot. Being woken up around then actually kind of helps because I won't need the bathroom as much after waking from round 2 of dreams. Although I'd still like to sleep in a sound proof enclosure.


      Round 2 of dreams.

      I couldn't remember all the way back to the beginning. But, I do remember being at my college house. Then I remember being at 24. My dad was working on some kind of bathroom thing.

      I remember the toilet hadn't been working for a few days. I was really hoping it would work soon. There was a wooden wicker basket I had to take out by the shed and dump out. There were ants crawling on the stuff in it. I didn't want to harm the ants when I dumped them out.

      Then it kind of transitioned to where we were in the field to the side of the football field. My dad was driving a pick up truck and I was in the passenger seat. There was a football game going on. He drove around behind the bleachers. "Are you sure you're supposed to drive here?" I asked him. "Won't it disrupt the game?" My main concern was that his head lights would shine on the field and distract the players.

      He told me it was allowed and kept driving. It made sense because I'm sure other trucks would have to drive around there some how.

      When we got to the entrance to the football field, I wasn't in the truck any more. The dream kind of shifted again. D T was there. He told me the coach wanted me to go in and play. 'Huh?' I thought. 'I don't even know what position they're talking about!' But I didn't want to tell them that! So I figured it was "full back".

      First, I was the center, and snapped the ball. I think... But then I was the full back and got the ball. I don't know if it happened in the dream or I just day-dreamed it, but I ran 70 yards or so to a touch down. First I just bowled through some of their defensive players and then ran down the field roaring.

      I thought of how I had gotten 100 dollars. And how G A would probably pay me 500 dollars for such a good play. Before playing, I remember thinking how I had hoped they wouldn't call me in. I didn't want to get hit!

      After that, I was in the touch down zone, so i just walked off the field. I figured I was done. D T said I was still supposed to be in the game. So, I went back in.

      I noticed a woman on the bleachers and wanted to talk to her. Then someone else began to talk to her before I got there, so I just kept walking. When I got to where the game was going on, no one was playing foot ball any more.

      A bunch of people were walking down the field towards us. Everyone was fully clothed except one woman who had on a black bathing suit. She said that we should all race up the field, to where the drive way was. It would be about 600 yards.

      We all started to run. P B was to my right. I pushed myself up over the 5 foot fence with my arms. P B was right next to me, and his arm bumped into mine as we pressed over, but we both still made it.

      Once we got to the end of the field, M C was saying something I forgot. Something "tough" I think. Instead of another black fence there, there was a glass wall with a glass door. I needed the bathroom, so I went out of the glass door to find one.

      When I got out there, it was more like the outside of a restaurant. I looked for a place to go to the bathroom.

      After I went to the bathroom I was missing my ex girlfriend. I thought about how to get her to come back into my life. Some how this translated into walking along the top of some cabinets or clothing store display racks.

      On each corner, there was a white bracket, shaped kind of like the outline of a harp. I pulled one off the wall and walked around with it. The bracket thing was my idea for asking E to come back into my life.

      As I walked around with the bracket thing on top of the various cabinet things, I realized they probably got me on camera, tearing it out of the wall. I decided to bring it back.

      When I tried to put it back on the wall, it fell off. Also, it knocked down all the shirts from the display case. There was just a row of navy blue shirts hanging there. It was a dark brown display case. 'Oh no! I will lose my job now!' I thought. 'Maybe they will just see it as learning time.'

      I began to hang up all the shirts. but then, they became pairs of socks. I remember grey and orange ones, and white ones. Something M, a woman from the phone bridge, said, came to my mind. Something about not being too harsh or something.

      I didn't wake up directly from the dream. Instead there seemed to be a "blank" phase in between or where I had some random thoughts before realizing it was dream recalling time. Still a lot came back to me.

      RBFA and re-remembered later.


      Round 3 of dreams.

      I think I dreamed of a football thing again. Maybe I fell asleep while thinking about that part.

      After that there was a context about needing to evacuate the place where I live. Lots of people were getting on planes. I realized it might be viable for me to just drive.

      At one point, I remember downloading a bunch of music. They were some kind of hip hop songs.

      There was also something with mobsters. R, from a Wednesday meeting, was one of the mobster boss guys. He was Italian and had the kind of hair style. The mobster thing played a role in the evacuation thing.

      I remember walking by the beach. Hurrying along, trying to get to my car to drive away, something like that. The water was coming up, and it was windy.

      I came to a person's property on the beach. There were fences made from posts and long metal bars. I accidentally pulled one of the metal bars off when trying to cross their lawn.

      They came out of their door right as I was crossing, probably trying to evacuate, too. "Sorry about your fence!" I said. I figured it would have been destroyed anyway, by whatever we were evacuating from. They weren't upset about the fence.

      I forgot any middle parts there. but I remember being in an auditorium. There was a kid who was somewhat heavy. He was standing near an older man, I guess his father, inside his father's coat. He looked kind of like an owl.

      Then I remember R was there as we left the auditorium. There was a little table with sandwiches on whole wheat bread. And two types of mustard. One in a bottle with a screw-on lid and the other in a squeeze bottle. With a red label. I tried squirting some mustard but I think only the water came out.

      I think that was the part I woke up from. I let myself do an RBFA and re-remembered it later.


      Round 5 of dreams.

      I don't think I got up and moved after round 4, so there was more continuity. The mobster theme continued. I think the evacuation theme continued a little bit, too.

      Something about nana's drive way. And nana getting a new place to live. That surprised me in the dream. I forgot why.

      Something with a free e-book by S M. One of the chapters contained a quiz. It was chapter 15 or something like that. I forgot the title. Anyway, as I read it, the quiz got covered by a big black rectangle. So I couldn't see it any more.

      It turned out that I would have to e-mail him to get the quiz and answers un-locked. 'Oh no!' I thought. 'I didn't pay for the book.' But then I realized it was a free e-book. So I went to go e-mail him. I was in the kitchen at 24.

      I remember being out front of a library, similar to my local library. There was a rock and some logs I was arranging. They were painted red and white. I was thinking about a hero who had helped me.

      I had written some papers. There were yellow pictures on them. I had printed them but never gone to retrieve the printings. Eventually, one of the librarian women mentioned it in a conversation, so I went inside to get them.

      I remember a black limousine. R was in it, and a woman. Both wearing black. There was a black purse thing on one of the seats. They talked about how they always had someone to take care of the kids.

      I went inside and talked about meditation. Someone walked by and recommended a meditation style that reminded me of Hinduism. I think he gave me an object, too.

      Then another guy walked by and said something like, "Be more of an adult." I felt those toxic shame buttons being pressed and kicked him down the stairs! Wow. As he fell down the stairs, I saw an audio wave form of his bones cracking and him going, "Ow!"

      Just as I expected, the police came. I went outside. But then, I was seeing myself from another person's perspective. The person who had done that was on hands and knees out front of the library door. A police officer slapped his face, which didn't seem right to me.

      The guy on his hands and knees was about to be punished, it seemed, when a woman appeared. She was like a motivational author. She had an inspirational book. The name of it was similar to Winston Churchill, but not quite. The cover of the book was gold and shiny. She said something about "cheesy" and "milky". She had grey hair.

      As she sat near the guy and read, it seemed to bring peace to everyone. Eventually we all moved back inside.

      Then we were in an auditorium thing. There were people in the front. There was someone like Michael Weston from Burn Notice up there. It was showing how people were getting hired for jobs like "lawn mower" but really they were cover-ups for the actual mobster activities they were doing.

      There was an Asian guy. He said something about how he needs a sleeping pill. I said something like, "Just wait, and you will sleep naturally!" He paused for a moment, then continued walking to go find a sleeping pill. I guess he didn't want to sleep naturally!

      There were some people in the auditorium talking. When I squinted, I could see gold religious symbols over their heads. One guy was saying how he was very "selfless". He was wearing an orange shirt and a small tie. Then he decided to give up "selflessness" and told us all how his family was fighting a lot. Then left.

      They called all the kids up to turn in their pin things. A little girl walked up the auditorium, to the back, where I was, to walk out. She had on a little egg-shaped pin that said the word "Obey". I wanted to say, "You don't have to obey!" But missed my chance.

      Walking through a hall way thing, I heard a guy saying how he had worked on himself a lot. Learning to lucid dream and stuff like that. And now he wanted to help others.

      As I walked through the hall and towards the front of the auditorium on the other side, I realized I could jump, fly and do flips. I did a bunch of jumps and flips to show everyone. I'm not sure if I was lucid though. But I did some cool tricks. The kids were on stage giving their pins back.

      I remember something about a grocery store. They offered a 5 minute hair cut for 5 dollars that anyone could get on the way out.

      The last thing I remember is that there were kids up a little later into the evening doing school stuff. Some game with a circle thing. The parents were saying that the kids should go to bed now, and wait until tomorrow to resume the game.

      I woke up and recalled those. I stayed in bed a while, but didn't get back to sleep. So eventually I got up and started the day. It was around 6:30 A M.

      First I made an outline of the dreams. Then typed them out in full.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. TP around

      by , Today at 12:05 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt that I found a glitch in reality, and I could teleport anywhere by calling a certain number , saying the location , and then waiting and then I popped up in the city.
      I thought to myself that I could pop up anywhere, but I choosed not to because fbi or some other guys would catch me and take me out .
    6. Not Quite Forgery

      by , Today at 10:34 AM
      Morning of June 20, 2018. Wednesday.

      I am in an unfamiliar residence of which is implied to be our present home. A few members of my family had been looking through old letters and postcards. Although I read some of them, I only recall the writing on the last postcard I read, which is a mix of printed letters and handwriting.

      The message reads, “I am looking forward to that time when we will be able to determine whether or not we are in Bedlam”.

      The letter B of “Bedlam” is in fancy cursive and in uppercase. It has two extra curved lines that sweep back from the top and bottom.

      For some reason, I practice copying that person’s writing. I am not sure who had written or sent the postcard. Our oldest daughter seems both amused and amazed at my talent in copying the other person’s writing almost exactly. Music is playing from seemingly nowhere, of which I do not consider as being unusual.

      I cheerfully say, “Do you know how hard it is to make that kind of a ‘B’?”

      It does not take much intelligence to see the dream state indicator of which is “Bed” of “Bedlam”. This is a lucid trigger that did not activate and is a reference to determining whether one is asleep in bed. (I have experienced many such dreams over the years.) Louder and clearer music “from nowhere” near the end of a dream is common. It sometimes seems analogous to the ending theme of a movie.

    7. Dream - A Grand Reveal & Someone Could Be Stealing & Destructive Wario

      by , Today at 05:08 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 23 JUN - 2018

      Dream No. 359 - Separated Sections

      Dream 359 A - A Grand Reveal
      I don't remember much of this dream. From where I can remember, my mum and I were back at The Glen Shopping Centre. Just as in real life, the shopping centre is undergoing a big renovation. My mum was surprised to see another area open early and said that she thought it would be better if they opened one big section after a while, rather than opening small corridors more frequently. We walked down the new corridor and saw that they opened a Harris Scarfe store, it was massive compared to the ones in real life.

      We ended up going inside the store and I said to my mum, “This store has the exact same layout as Parkmore” (Parkmore does not have a Harris Scarfe in real life). The first section we were in had pet supplies as well as gardening supplies. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 359 B - Someone Could Be Stealing
      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at some completely unknown area in someone's house. The host family was some strict Indian family that I didn't like the ways of. The mum had done something but I forgot what it was exactly. I said to her something along the lines of, “Take some time to think about your actions and how it will supposedly make others feel”.

      In the next scene, I was in some doctor's office but the doctor was actually and weirdly Miss Cu. from primary school. Along with a small group of people, we were undertaking some sort of stress test and if we didn't get past a certain level, we had to go straight home and couldn't participate in any real life social activities. She then held a massive weight on each of us in which we had to survive for at least ten seconds. Luckily, I survived and she said I was secured a spot in the next level.

      The next scene took place in some obscure area that was neither a shop, office, school, or house. It looked to me like the inside of a movie theatre foyer. There was a little girl there which I had given myself responsibility over but I forgot what she was doing specifically. Other people started to come and play with the little girl as well. And then this man in the area made an announcement. The little girl had to start asking questions as if to see if anyone was going to steal something. The first question she asks generated a weird reaction on one man's face and he was indeed stuttering like he had something to hide.

      The events of the scene started getting really rowdy and messy and so he demanded that everybody left the little girl. I pretended to leave as well and so the girl was sitting by herself in the middle of the floor but when everyone was gone, I came back. I knelt down next to the little girl and said to her, “I forgot to bring my purse, did you bring yours?”. She said yes and showed me the purse. I answered to her, “Oh good, at least someone here's organised. All throughout this scene in the dream, I felt an energy as if though I was in Dreamy WB's position and the little girl was in mine.

      Dream 359 C - Destructive Wario
      I don't remember much of this dream. From where I can remember, I was in my bedroom, under the sheets of my bed. I was surrounded by multiple Mario and Luigi plush toys in my bed, trying to get a hold of all of them at once. I then looked into the direction of the drawers under the mirror I saw a small Wario action figure lying on the floor. I also looked up to the shelves where the alarm clock was and there I saw an action figure of Waluigi, he had the utmost skinniest twig-like arms ever that I thought if I even hold him, I would just break those arms off.

      Eventually, I got out of bed and went to the Wario action figure but weird things were starting to happen; it's almost as if Wario was starting to come alive. Just like in a previous dream, Wario was starting to grow in size. His facial expression suggested that he was purposefully intending to harm me. At first, his growth rate was harmless but soon, he was getting too big to fit in my bedroom and I was terrified. I had to shove him out of there as fast as I could and eventually, throw him out of the whole house. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In accordance to the "shared dreaming experiment" proceed on locating the moon (Achieved? No)

      Dream 359: Results (Competition #4)

      359 A
      Competition Night: 22
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      359 B
      Competition Night: 22
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: Me
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      359 C
      Competition Night: 22
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 5.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Be A Dream Guide Yourself (2.0)
      - Help Someone In Need (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 87.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 92.0
    8. Orange Glitter Knight 6/10/2018

      by , Today at 02:33 AM
      The sun is setting and I am on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean on one of the main decks in the midst of a milling crowd of people. We're not on top of the ship but there is still a beautiful view through long openings on both sides. I hang out with several different friends from different times of my life at different parts of the boat. We drink at a bar with good drinks and really chill vacation vibes, walk around on the top deck chatting and enjoying the view, and gather in an auditorium for some kind of show we never actually see. My first crush is there most of the time and we have fun flirting cheekily with each other. Sometime during all of this I become semi-lucid and remember the task to compliment someone but never do it.

      Later that night when it's pitch black outside and almost everyone is back in their rooms sleeping something goes wrong with the ship. Nothing noticable happens and there are no announcements or warnings, I just somehow know that something has messed up. A feeling of unease comes over me and I enter my crisis state of mind and become focused on doing what I need to to escape.

      I enter some sort of emergency hatch on the wall which leads to a small corridor that runs along the outside of the ship's hull. It's some kind of slide system that leads down to where everyone is gathering to deal with the problem. There are small windows that show the blackness outside and there is water rapidly flowing along the floor like a water slide. The walls are white with a horizontal blue stripe near the bottom and little vents and things all along them. I let myself be pushed down the bumpy slide by the current. It isn't very steep so it's not very fast either. The passageway becomes smaller and my uneasiness increases as I reach a corner. The current is stronger now and it pins me against the wall. My foot is resting on a grate in the floor and suddenly becomes burning hot so I move it up against the wall where it immediately gets freezing cold. I attempt to push myself out of the corner and further down the slide.

      I'm suddenly lucid due to the building stress and I calm down significantly. I choose to let go of reality, knowing it isn't "real". I kind of "push" with my will and the scene dissipates into smaller and smaller spheres which float up and away from me into the black void.

      A bright sunny scene quickly appears around me. I'm in a small yard between the backs of some old brick buildings in a town. The buildings are painted different colors. I'm standing on a low wood platform with partial railing and a narrow boardwalk leading away between the buildings. The grass is overgrown and pretty, having fluffy weeds and vines that cling to the railing. I feel warm.

      A knight in full armor is galloping around the outside of the platform on a nondescript brown horse. There is barely room for them. The knight's armor covers their entire body and is bright orange with silver glitter throughout and a seemingly plastic texture.

      I recall the compliment task and I say to the knight, "You're so pretty!" I do not recall getting a response. I remember thinking I'd finished the task and that I should wake up. I walk down the sidewalk along a main street and attempt to wake myself using my "sitting up motion while feeling my body with expectation and intent" method.
      This may or may not have worked; I can't recall because I went back to sleep several times.
      lucid , task of the month
    9. Angels as stars; God - prepare for the end; Gold

      , Today at 02:15 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I have had some pretty interesting dreams in last week or two, and I wonder if it's because of the pain and muscle relaxant meds I have been taking at night.

      This one was quite long, had an evolved story line with me interacting with bunch of people. Unfortunately all I remember now is this end of the dream:

      I'm talking to a young child on a balcony of a large house, which is outside of the city. The mood is somber, but not without hope. Child's mom had died, and as we are looking at the night sky, we see stars rising up from the horizon. One by one, they go up. We both know those are the souls, one of them is his mom's. We see them now as ghost figures, that change into shooting stars going up fast, until they disappear. I say "goodby mom" to the child, to let him know, that was his mom.

      It was such an unusual dream, totally different from the theme of my usual dreams.

      Prepare for the end.
      This one was on tuesday. It was also very long and detailed. I did a lot of thinking and reasoning.

      So, a statue of God appeared in the skies. Everybody saw it and it was an omen for bad times to come. They all started to prepare for apocalypse or some other cataclysm. I was a bit defiant and I asked the statue a question, not expecting an answer. I asked "what should we do now" ( as in he got us all worried but I knew nothing will happen). The statue looked toward me and said "prepare for the end".

      That freaked me out a bit, but I was still keeping my cool. But I was a bit scared. As I was walking down the street, a huge comet shaped shooting star came from the right, going towards the left on the skies. The front was made up from roman candles. I said "yeah, nice roman candles" in a tone, that meant I figured out this was just a hoax. I expected someone to let everybody know that indeed, it was all just a hoax. But somehow I knew there is some strange force behind all that.

      Looking for gold
      I just remember the last part, although this was the most recent dream.
      I'm out in the sand, with my family, looking for gold. I realize I have to look at the ground certain way, to see the gold shine. Then I find a few flakes of gold.
      memorable , non-lucid
    10. Logs 1148 - 1150

      by , Today at 12:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Just been getting scraps all week...

      Log 1148 - Wrong School Pledge, Public Murder, and Buffed Up Woman Scraps
      Created Wednesday 20 June 2018

      Scrap Group 1
      I'm in a Japanese school as a foreign exchange student. Even so, the beginning of class had the American pledge of allegiance.

      Driving around town with Thore (a cousin's husband) and some supposed unknown acquaintance. There were various near accidents. Later, I stop at a public restroom. The sinks had bars of soap instead of the foam/liquid stuff. I kept dropping one of them. For whatever reason, I was going around pantless, and yet, I didn't seem to care. Then, in that same place, Thore is haggling with some guy there. Things turn ugly, the two fight, and the latter guy gets murdered. I panic, distraught that I was somehow involved.

      Driving around a highway at night. I was taking a lady home. As time went on, the woman got increasingly bulked up.

      Log 1149 - Long Lunchroom Line and Multiplayer Cataclysm Scraps
      Created Thursday 21 June 2018

      Scrap Group 1
      In a highschool. I'm waiting in a long queue for mealtime, which stretched all the way out from a large tube in an upper level and to the courtyard. It started raining, causing me and most others to break the line and make a rush upstairs. Had a bit of trouble climbing up said tube, until I "remembered" that I could fly. Cut to the lunchroom. The line expanded all the way towards bridges above me. I floated up to the highest one. Mom then appeared. She said something distracting, making me "slip" and fall onto some unsuspecting people, half of whom fell off the bridge in turn.

      In an unknown apartment room. My brother, Nikola, was there. We argue about something. Later, we play a multiplayer version of Cataclysm. Despite the obvious ASCII display, I could feel whatever my character did at times. Anyway, my brother had no idea what to do. I had him follow me to the outskirts of a city. Just then, a 'Super Ant Zombie Scientist' (a made up creature in dream) slammed me away, though it did no damage. I ran off, and told Nikola to do the same. Unfortunately, he got killed off.

      Log 1150 - Decker Pillow Tower and Cruel Gods Scraps
      Created Friday 22 June 2018

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing that Decker roguelike.

      Climbing on a gigantic pillow fort, as if I'm a kid. Nikola was there. I was alerted about someone stealing my identity (SSI, specifically), uspetting me greatly. That Nikola cracks some belligerent jokes didn't help either. In response, I tossed him out of the tower. He weeped in pain, for he'd broken a few fingers. Mom and dad appeared to chastise me.

      Watching some Hawaiin dark fantasy movie. Giant gods were causing trouble for native islanders, if not disasters.
      dream fragment
    11. DJ#351: Prizes

      by , Yesterday at 10:55 PM (BlairBros' Adventures)
      Fragment: I won a backpack with some prizes inside, including some boxing gloves, a basketball and other exercise paraphernalia.
    12. 8th Grade History

      by , Yesterday at 04:45 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      During the summer, I tend to have very imaginative dreams, but they are often hard to remember. Starting the first night of summer break on the fifth of June, this began happening. Last night, I took two tablets of a dietary supplement containing Choline, a chemical naturally found in the brain that is responsible for cognitive functioning. Choline helped me remember the so-called "summer dream" as I would any other dream.

      Me and a few other friends went to a planet that my 8th grade history teacher inhabited. Once we got to his classroom, which was literally just his desk and a shelf with his belongings on it, we had found that he had turned into a baby just to mess with us. Once he turned back, I was given the task of monitoring the planet and I went a little power crazy. The planet was small, so when I fined a person his house and all of his money, he ran away and came back around in less than two seconds, only to realize he could totally afford the fine. I then saw Sans and Papyrus from Undertale and that gave me an idea. I went to my friends and started a large project with them. We then went back to earth to continue it. There was one part where we were all taking a piss and as we all know, on the can is literally the best place to have ideas. I then had a false awakening and woke up in my dream at around 4:30 AM. I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the first four words of my dream log down with a thick-tipped black marker in big font that took up ~60% of the first line. As soon as I woke up, I lost any memory of the second part of my dream where we went to earth to work on the project. When I was writing it down in the dream, however, I had full memory of what had happened.
    13. 47 Words--DIY Kill Your Brother

      by , Yesterday at 03:28 PM
      Dream 1: RBFA FSH OTTOTT Something about this leader communist guy and the prisoners in this jail cell surround him and he gets a little roughed up, but then he says that whoever touches him will get 10yrs in prison, everyone but me backs off. FSH

      Notes: So... I went to bed, zombie awakened after 1.4 hours and turned unplugged my alarm. Then, at around 5 o'clock, Saxon opened the door to the garage, and I woke up. He then proceeded to tell me to get up and talk to me and poke me until he left about 5-10 minutes later. Meanwhile, I had managed to recall between loud bursts and painful pokes, a few key words I hope would help me remember when I woke up again. Then, I went back to sleep but was woken up when Saxon proclaimed that I srsly needed to see something about the sprinklers and it was very serious. He also told Canyon who got up and saw it was actually some ants he wanted her to see and woke me up again telling me that. I went back to sleep again and woke up around 7:40 when Saxon went in the garage again, and by that time, I only remembered a few keywords for Dream 1.

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    14. 1,197 words

      by , Yesterday at 01:56 PM
      I went to bed pretty early, and tried to take processing time. But, my recall wasn’t as high as I expected. 1,197 words and 0 lucids.


      Round 1 of Dreams.

      I had only slept for an hour or two, but I think a noise woke me up. I remember a bar code thing inside an envelope, maybe. Like the things people scan into their phones. There was some other stuff before it that faded before I could think of it.


      Round 2 of Dreams.

      I think I recalled some dreams from this one but didn't re-remember them the next time I woke up. (RBFA)


      Round 3 of Dreams.

      I remember G and I were scared of something under water. We were at a beach or near some docks. It was either a crab or a fish thing.

      I remember being in my current room, and the window was propped open. It looked like it had fallen out of alignment a little. A guy was in my room talking to my neighbors. I was thinking the older neighbors still lived there, who smoked, so I wanted the window sealed shut. I tried to put in some plastic to seal it.

      I remember going to give a set of colored pencils and markers back to my Aunt C. When I left my room, I saw someone reprimanding a woman for smoking and telling her to put that out. I didn't smell anything. I grabbed her pack of cigarettes. It was a red pack of Pall Mall with white letters. It only had 2-3 poison sticks left. I smashed the box on the ground and smooshed it with my foot. It felt good but then I was afraid I'd get in trouble. Well, I never got in trouble. Guess I did the right thing!

      RBFA and re-remembered.


      Round 4 of Dreams.

      I remember something with the bathroom at a religious store. Something about one being cleaned so the other had to be for everyone. Single person bathrooms anyway. I went in and something about other people using the bathroom after me.

      There may have been something with a pool. Or my sister. I remember some parts but not in detail.

      There was an African American guy named "John" (no waking life counterpart) who had been eating some pasta. He one one square of pasta left on his plate. I messed it up some how and tried to put it back into place, before he returned. The pasta had split into several pieces though so I couldn't put it back into a perfect square. I even put a cleaning wipe over part of it. I also wondered why he just left it out for such a long time.

      When he got back, I tried to tell him what i had done to his pasta! He didn't seem to mind. I still felt kinda bad.

      Then I followed "John" around the building. There were lots of stairs. He seemed to have some magic powers. I am not sure if I got lucid.

      I don't know if I got lucid, but I remember asking "John", "Can we manifest a bunch of dream food?" He seemed interested in that. He reminded me of C R. But I don't remember food appearing until later.

      I do remember being outside a religious thing. People were doing really intense kinds of pull-ups on a trapeze thing. I looked and they had giant arms. I also remember a woman eating a whole cake. But something about how the cake was a little past expiration.

      I might have woken up and done an RBFA between these. Not sure if they were separate rounds of dreams or not.


      Round 5 of dreams. (Maybe?)

      I remember being on a green hill with some trees. It was sunny out. All I remember about it was I was thinking, 'I am not going to go to war. I am not going to the military.' I wonder why I felt pressure to go to the military.

      I remember being in a dorm room with a few other people. "John" was still involved in these dreams. It was a Sunday. I had waited all week to do my homework which was due the following day. Monday. So I was going to have to go to the library and do all my homework.

      I was sitting on the edge of a bed and a woman was to my left. There was a religious guy accross the room from us, saying how we all needed to read his religious text book, and mentioning religious names. Something about a youth group. The woman next to me used a word for it that I forgot, but she was saying how he shouldn't pressure others to join his religion. I agreed.

      I remember seeing a hammer coated in gold on a chair. As I turned to my right and saw another woman doing her home work. The religious guy was still talking but I tried to just ignore him. Kind of acting like it wasn't happening. The woman was doing some kind of room-layout chart. I guess our home work was to design a room layout. "Want to go to the library?" I asked. "Sure," she said.

      We started packing up to go. I remember the room layout papers. And the color red. And a binder. Something about fitting 30 people in one bed.

      This was when "John" returned. He said something that I forgot.

      There were some older people, maybe teachers. One said that he hypnotizes people. The group of teachers stood in a line on stage, holding one ice cream cone in each hand. Some ice cream cones had lots of ice cream and some were empty. I remember looking at the empty ice cream cones in one teacher's hands, confused. They told us all to lick our spoons so I remember doing that. One woman's spoon looked like it turned into blue candy.

      The last thing I remember is a bunch of marinara, pouring out of a pipe.

      I recalled what I could of those and then got up. I always try to see if I will sleep any more as I re-play all the night's dreams in my mind. Then there comes a point where I figure I'm not gonna sleep any more, and I get up.

      One thing I haven't done recently is listen to my older dream journal entries, so I'm gonna do some more of that, and see if it brings my recall back up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    15. Changing the Lion of Coalescence into my Wife Zsuzsanna

      by , Yesterday at 11:55 AM
      Morning of December 3, 2016. Saturday.

      In the hour before dawn, I find myself in an unfamiliar setting. It is a parking lot of which may be that of a restaurant. A 1969 bronze green Land Rover Series IIA Station Wagon is the only vehicle present in the semi-darkness. Areas beyond the parking lot and building remain indiscernible.

      Two unknown Caucasian males of about forty, wearing sage safari jackets, are attempting to coax two male lions into the back of their Land Rover. My dream self does not consider how foolhardy or unlikely this is, including the probable lack of space for the lions inside their vehicle. I do not feel threatened by the presence of the lions.

      Over time, one of the men somehow manages to get one of the lions into the Land Rover and onto the back seat. A short time passes and I no longer see the man. The other lion is eventually behind the Land Rover. I begin to get the impression that a lion will swallow the remaining man, which may have been the fate of the other man. I begin to feel somewhat wary but not in immediate danger. The other man is standing near the back of the Land Rover and I am viewing the scene from the front of the Land Rover, to its right side.

      Just as the lion that is still outside the Land Rover seems to consider perhaps killing or swallowing the man, non-lucid dream control begins…

      The male lion transforms into my wife Zsuzsanna. She is wearing a long white flowing gown. The man seems to disappear as Zsuzsanna approaches me to give me a hug. Joyful coalescence is the waking factor.

      My dream is clearly explained here in a more detailed resupplementation (rewritten on Friday, 22 June 2018):

      The outcome of this dream is that the reticular activating system modulation factor (the lion) transforms into the emergent consciousness factor (my wife Zsuzsanna) because of non-lucid dream control (because of my advanced understanding of the dream state since early childhood). A lion’s essence in the dream state is an autosymbolic composite of two factors. The main factor is coalescence. (This means that I see a lion as having the potential to swallow my illusory dream self back into whole consciousness). The lesser factor, as with a domestic cat, is being “witness” to the dream state and the nature of liminal space. You will see the same autosymbolic processing factors in hundreds of my online entries, but always unique.

      The parking lot setting is a common form of autosymbolism for a specific level of consciousness during the waking transition as a result of subliminal association with the physical body being inactive while asleep. (In contrast, moving vehicles represent a liminal awareness of vestibular system correlation concerning the physical body while asleep.) The Land Rover is an autosymbolic association with my physical body, as most singular vehicles are in dreams. Ultimately, the parking lot’s autosymbolic nature lacks the more defined anticipatory factor of the waking process and suggests a subliminal desire for returning to deeper sleep (and as such, serves as ultradian rhythm autosymbolism).

      These are the layered causes of this dream:

      The television series “Daktari”, which originally aired from 1966 to 1969.

      Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion, from the aforementioned “Daktari” series. (I was sometimes called “Clarence, the Cross-Eyed Lion” in elementary school. This was solely because my middle name is Clarence.)

      Early childhood dreams of my dream girl in a flowing white gown, originally influenced by “Isle of the Dead”, a 1945 Boris Karloff horror film, certain scenes of which fascinated me in a romantic sense, rather than frightening me, at age four.

      Erin Moran, as in the aforementioned “Daktari” series, resembled my real-life schoolmate, friend, and neighbor, Brenda. My first known euphoric waking transition, also the result of a hug, featured Brenda in the final scene. This astounded me and, because I was only eight at the time, I did not know what it was biologically until a few years later. Brenda was also validated as the prescient stand-in for my wife Zsuzsanna when my dream girl was not more efficiently rendered (that is, looking and sounding exactly like Zsuzsanna before we knew of each other in waking life).

      “The Sleeping Gypsy”, an 1897 oil painting by French Naïve artist Henri Rousseau. Rousseau described his painting as follows: “A wandering Negress, a mandolin player, lies with her jar beside her (a vase with drinking water), overcome by fatigue in a deep sleep. A lion chances to pass by, picks up her scent yet does not devour her. There is a moonlight effect, very poetic.”

      In decoding my dream, the autosymbolic dreaming and waking processes reveal the following sequence: Brief contemplation of “Daktari”, my childhood dream of hugging Brenda, subliminal awareness of being asleep, emerging awareness of my conscious self identity and that I am sleeping with Zsuzsanna, liminal recall of “The Sleeping Gypsy” mixed with romantic non-lucid dream modulation related to “Isle of the Dead” (and its analogy to being in the dream state), liminal perception of my wife as a “sleeping gypsy” (as she is Hungarian Romani), and finally, transmutation of the lion of coalescence (being “swallowed” into waking consciousness) to euphoric coalescence (being hugged, which is a more positive analogy of being “swallowed”), which is otherwise of the same autosymbolic foundation.

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