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    1. Beyond the Locked Steel Door

      by , Today at 05:52 AM
      Morning of April 23, 2018. Monday.

      While lying in our bed early this morning, I enter light sleep paralysis, which automatically brings me joy, a sense of well-being, and enhanced senses, though there is no imagery. I try to will the rising sensation I usually get upon focusing on this state, which usually begins with a tingling all over my body and an eventual sense of floating. This occurs and I feel weightless. I am aware of Zsuzsanna on my left. I try again. A second wave of tingling pleasure fills me.

      Believing I am at least partly awake now (but still in a vivid dream state), I see a few random comic strip panels as if floating above me, facing downward. I read some words and word patterns, most of which are the typical gibberish, but the letters are very clear. One end panel says “TWIN” and below that, “TWN”. Another end panel begins with “Dream interpretation is misrepresentation…”.

      I believe I am talking to Zsuzsanna about what I had seen, though my eyes are closed for a time. There is a real awakening of which quickly falls back into a false awakening. I seem to be in the Stadcor Street backyard (where we have not lived in years) in late morning, even though it also seems we are inside our present home in bed in semidarkness. (Being aware of two different lighting schemes simultaneously is not that common in my dreams, though it is basically just another aspect of bilocation caused by the conscious self identity being in the dream state.) I still believe that a part of me is awake enough to communicate with Zsuzsanna. A tingling moves through my body again and there is also a flashing. My hand is flashing as well. There is a very intense enhanced awareness. However, looking at the sky, I see a Klingon Bird-of-Prey hovering over the house and a 1950s flying saucer farther to the left. I laugh at my inability to realize that I had not stayed awake during this time. I then wake for a short time for real. My sexuality seems exponentially increased. I am going to have to play around and take advantage of the dream state for a little longer.

      Still in very pleasant light sleep paralysis, I decide to augment the state again and hold my conscious self awareness intact as much as I can. I am then in the bedroom on Barolin Street (where we have not lived since 2008 - the house no longer there in reality). I deliberately become incorporeal for a time and decide to try a typical door experiment. I move through the house toward the front door, which is now a large locked steel vault door. I fly as fast as I can will myself to, headed straight to it. As I know it is a dream, and what the door represents (a liminal space barrier between different levels of consciousness and unconsciousness), I realize that one of two events will happen. Either I will wake upon reaching the door, or I will enter an even higher state of apex lucidity by phasing through it. The latter happens. Time seems to slow down and I phase through the door, enjoying the event. I marvel at the beauty of the event and my enhanced clarity of mind.

      After phasing through the steel door, I find myself in front of an unfamiliar house late at night, looking back at the other side of the door. From here, I decide to walk and also to bring about daylight.

      I reach an area with about ten people to my left, mostly sitting along the side of the road. Most of them are partly undressed. It might be some sort of family gathering. Being in apex lucidity, the dream characters are a bit “off” and “glitchy”. I am looking for Zsuzsanna or a reasonable facsimile of her. I see a girl sitting on an embankment but realize that it is not her. I notice that all of the people have small areas of odd patchy and scaly darker skin. This may be a RAS hybrid of snake (the core RAS modulation factor) and personification.

      The preconscious (as an unknown male of about thirty) takes form and walks toward me and I am very annoyed, as I do not want to wake up yet. I immediately split him in two with the power of my thoughts and the sides fall in opposite directions. His partner comes over and seems upset. She looks down at the ground and seems unsure of what to say. I decide to will the pieces back together and walk off to another area.

      I summon a sexual encounter. It seems to be a version of Zsuzsanna at first, but soon turns out not to be. She is wearing a cat costume. Unfortunately, she also expects me to interact with her virtual pet first, that she pulls out of a cloth bag, which is little more than a Fleshlight with a toy stuffed cat sewn around it. This greatly annoys me and I go elsewhere. (Otherwise, a cat is an emergent consciousness factor, though remains on the preconscious side of the door of liminal space.)

      The people in this new area, half open building, half outdoors, are now taking on a more realistic appearance. Girls walk through a hall in a building of an unknown purpose. I am not sure if it is meant to be a college, hospital, train station, or all of the above. I summon Zsuzsanna and we indulge in pleasure, though I do not undress her. I go through the motions of undoing my pants (which is very strange as I am not dressed in reality and my faux conscious self model should know this). My manhood phases into her (through her clothes) as she leans back against the edge of a wall where a large room is to the left and the hall is to the right and we move together for several minutes. I have zero interest in the people walking around, though they do not regard us anyway. As I wake, I am holding Zsuzsanna close.

    2. Log 1088 - Dark and Light Dream Series and Other Assorted Stories

      by , Today at 03:18 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 22 April 2018

      Got a few LDs to note today. There's some important details that have been lost while I was recalling some of these.

      Dream 1 - Dark and Light Dream Series

      Scene 1 - Something's Up with f.lux
      The visuals were blurred. I falsely awaken in bed. As a housemate was supposedly up and about, I assumed it was already morning. Disappointed, I get up to write notes in my laptop. Noticed f.lux wasn't running, which did raise suspicions a bit. Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - Fell Serenity
      The visuals were blurred. Another false awakening in bed, only with lucidity. I felt tired, so I waited for a transition. Suddenly, a strange being appears from below, a rather tall demoness, her skin alabaster and hair slate. She takes me on her lap, then held me in an embrace. This felt quite serene... well, until she started biting down on my throat. It wasn't painful, but still kinda distracting, if oddly comforting.

      I try keeping focused for the next two minutes, but eventually drift off. Unknown transition.

      Scene 3 - Brief Mall Assault
      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was in a busy mall. I float around all over the place, passing a bathroom, then entering a parking lot. There, I was ambushed a hostile (unknown, likely forgotten). To retaliate, I rained down a bunch of energy beams, all while floating well away from their reach.

      Unknown transition. There was a brief scene about a video game review. Then, another transition.

      Scene 4 - Aura of Light and Dark
      The visuals were dimmer. I was in the living room of an unknown apartment of small home, the constructions made of dark wood. Got lucid again, somehow. To anchor myself, I charge an aura. This seemed to require a lot more effort than usual, up to forcing it out through tensing up and screaming. Initially yellow in color, I then willed the aura into a purple color, all to see my 'dark side'.

      Things deteriorated. I woke up briefly, then DEILDed into another scene.

      Scene 5 - April 2018 TOTM Bonus Task and Some Other Stuff
      The visuals were slightly blurred, but got clearer with time. Another false awakening, with lucidity from the start. I walked out the front door, then launched myself to the cloudy dawn sky above. Along the way, I made repeated utterances for time to dilate, with inconclusive results. Things deteriorate into an overcast void while I was crossing through a nimbus. I hurried my ascension, before finally, I made it up to the blue.

      Far below, and partially obscured from the clouds, was a large tropical island. Certain patterns could be made in areas bare of foliage, but I couldn't make sense of it. I think to explore there, but hesitated when I remembered not getting a TOTM done in a while. Of the tasks, I could only recall synesthesia. So, I point to the clouds, and 'sap' the white color out of them, so to speak. I then drink the resulting inky light. Well, part of it, anyway, as it tasted unbearably iron-y and bitter, probably even toxic.

      I ignore the island in favor of a personal task: finding the Backyard. Thought the best place to look was up in space. I tried flying higher up. But, upon reaching the stratosphere, I was barred from going further by an unseen force. Repeated tries at crashing through proved ineffective. Such frustration went on until I woke up and out of the dream loop.

      Dream 2 - At The Backyard's Entrance?

      The visuals were quite dim and blurred. I was standing at my backyard during the dead of night. The ground was bare of the usual decorative stones and plant life, replaced with drab earth. All of such made me quickly realize the dream.

      Again, I tried taking off into space. I managed a hundred stories in a single bound, but found it exceedingly difficult to stay aloft. So, I then boosted my launch with silvery energy beams. Although I could sustain these projectile, they didn't seem to get me any higher, at best just slowing my subsequent descents. Still, I kept at it. In time, I 'bounced' higher and higher with each jump. Eventually, I also added my shooting energy from my feet. This gave just the right push to finally blast off.

      Ah, sailing the cosmos again, going at such speed to pass by stars in seconds. It's always a wondrous experience. But, I was too preoccupied to appreciate the sight for long. After a bit of searching, I spotted an unusual object, what appeared as a giant, golden holographic clock. Various hoops were aligned around its circumfrances, possibly more clocks in their own right. Was this what I was looking for? I made my way towards it, but oddly, I couldn't get any closer. I even tried flying backwards, to no effect.

      Kinda lost focus from that point. Unknown transition. Some non-lucid scene with clips of a supposed new Mortal Kombat game, of which had Sol Badguy (known only as Mr. Badguy) as a playable character. Don't recall anything else until I woke up.

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    3. Random/Blue Emerald

      by , Today at 12:01 AM
      Splash of Pink

      I was inside a classroom feeling like i was 5. I had been put on timeout for some reason. As i looked in front of me a large picture book appeared and charlie brown began to read different objects on the book with a narrative to it. I didn't recall what he said though.

      Next I was normal again and looking at a dry eraser board in the classroom. Suddenly someone threw a splash of pink color at it. I was like "what the heck?". Than got up and picked up a pink lip stick that was on the board under the liquid and began to use it. After that i turned and left the classroom.

      Blue Rice

      I was walking with my dad in the street when he pointed out a bowl of rice on the floor. I picked it up and began to eat it because i was hungry but than i noticed blue paint was subtley in it. "Could it be poison?" I thought but in the end i disregarded it because i was hungry. Afterwards my dad pointed out sushi as well but i couldn't find it.

      Fast forward and I'm now in front of a house i thought was mine but it looked simple, stretched and the front was different. I wanted to go inside but my mom appeared and i forgot what happened next.

      Aggressive Dcs

      I was like 15 years old in this dream and was walking up a hill when i noticed the bus passing by. I wanted to take it but i decided to take my phone out to message someone. That's when a tall slender guy wearing a turtle neck passed me by telling his friend what the password to get into my internet network was.(It wasn't my real password or name)He said the name and the password was TrulyP. I got mad because i felt they were stalkers that could compromise the saftey of my family.

      His friend crossed the street in his orange sweater so i took the opportunity to try and take his phone away. "I can change my password but what if they try to do something bad before than. I can call 911 but than they'll get away"is what i thought until i shouted for him to delete my info. I was able to take away his phone but i hesitated cause i felt he could cause me harm.

      He wrestled with me for a bit till the dream changed to a fusion of my home and his home. I felt he had the upper hand here now and looked at his phone to see a icon called gunscopy. He tried programming the gun to shoot me so i fearfully ran behind the door like a idiot. I just wanted to go home now.

      When he shot me i became semi lucid cause i was unharmed and his form changed. I chopped his wrist angrily with my hand for attempting to hurt me for no reason and told him it would only make me stronger. He followed along in a non aggressive manner after that.


      I appeared in a big apartment building that had been hit by a hurricane. There were a lot of broken toys, mostly red outside. I walked inside unsure of what or who would appear. There was a lady and a little boy who entered. Than another little boy followed. I moved into the hall instead of staying at the entrance area.

      The walls were now gold instead of white and the carpet was red. A group of dream characters barged in crazily. I continued till i found a bedroom where a girl was mixing a bowl of cake batter. There was a tape on the bowl that said 1932. "What date is that?" I asked. She replied "1982". It switched to that number than i looked somewhere else and it ended there.

      Swift Portal To Dawn

      I was thinking of someone guiding me to Dawn. First I was in a white void than i was in what seemed like a cave where the wind blew heavily. I was pushed to a scene where small brown creatures popped up happyily but than i arrived at the end of the cave where a blue rectangular emerald necklace hung in the middle of the wall.

      After thinking of Dawn more i was whisked away to a room that looked like my current room but there was a mattress instead of my bed.
      Dawn was present and asked me what i wanted. I didn't really know what i wanted to do now so i asked for a hug. He hugged me tight and i thought about how it feels like a real hug. Than i woke up. I forgot about the palace at the time>. <

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    4. This Must Have Been Kafka’s Bank; Old Acquaintance

      by , Yesterday at 11:09 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      It seems I’ve gone to a bank to figure out why I can’t get my checking account hooked up with Paypal. They’ve given me a form to fill out—I’m sitting at a large table with a few other customers scattered around it while a female employee stands behind a desk at one end of the room.

      But the form is proving quite frustrating. All the questions are so unclear that I keep having to call the woman over to explain what information it’s asking me for. And it seems that a lot of what it’s asking for is other people’s information—relatives, friends, people who would be able to do a particular thing for me.

      I call the woman over to explain yet another question—it claims to be questions 4 through 10, although it seems to be a simple yes or no question. What’s this one asking me for? She tells me that one doesn’t actually count for anything, and I can write anything I want there. Well, fine then. I write: “yes?/no!” below it. The woman seems a little dubious. But if it doesn’t matter, then presumably it doesn’t have to make sense. Besides, I say, how often do you get the chance to answer a question like that? And she seems to accept that.

      I had hoped to have this matter settled today, but since I’m going to have to get in touch with so many people to get the information I need to fill the form out, it looks like it’s going to drag out for a while longer. But then it dawns on me: this thing is making me think about the ways I’m connected with other people. Could it be that that’s what this was really about?

      Later that night, in a different dream, I’m going to a place like a big department store with a group of people. A lot happened in this one, but in the only part I can remember well, we have all met up at a café that's part of some larger space. We sit at a couple small, round tables to one side of the counter. There are some nice-looking pastries on display, but I don’t recall anyone actually ordering food.

      I was hoping to sit next to Katya, but she ended up at the other table, and other people sat down there before I could move over. Instead, I seem to be sitting beside an old schoolmate, someone I haven’t seen or even thought about since we were both 10. We talk about life back then. She mentions a particular boy, saying she remembers I had a lot of classes in common with him. I can’t remember whether I did or not. It’s not something I would have taken note of. I say that I remember having a lot of classes in common with another boy, though. She doesn’t remember who he is at first. But then she says, “Oh, the one with the naked fairy dream?” This is referring to the dream records that are displayed here in this café. It seems they were collected by Judge what’s-his-face from some of the students back then as part of some project—maybe like a public display of kids’ artwork, like you see sometimes— and by some massive coincidence, they ended up here, where we are.

      I have my bouzouki in my lap, in its case. I’m thinking of taking it out and playing it. It would have nothing whatsoever to do with anything that happened in the past, and that would be nice.

    5. Jail sentence

      by , Yesterday at 09:33 PM (Exterminate)
      I was convicted of a sex crime and dealt 3 weeks in prison based on flimsy charges and an unfair trial (Just a dream, nothing like this happened irl). The dream started right as I arrived at my cell. My mother was tearfully accompanying me to my cell and she lingered for a bit before the staff made her leave. It wasn't really a prison, and it wasn't really a jail. It looked and felt more like a mental institution to me. My cell was located right behind the front office of the building, behind a bulletproof glass and the front desk employee. The cell was fairly large, with an open door to the other cells, a bathtub, and a chair. Quite unusual indeed. The floors were carpet and the only wall was padded. The was a few children in the area, as well as a few elderly folk, and one or two people in their forties who seemed to be checked out of reality. The kids were playing, the old folk were chatting away as old friends, and I was sitting in a chair moping about how unfair the trial was, and how I didn't even get to change my clothes. I was only going to be here for 3 weeks, but I so didn't deserve to be here. I thought I'd focus on my dreams during this time and dream of the freedom that was soon to come.

      A few days passed, and a good friend of mine decided to visit. I don't know him in my waking life, but we sure knew each other in this dream. He was a black man with a goatee and dreadlocks. He was very kind and honest, and he had a passion for music. He agreed that the trial was not just, and he wanted me to know it by singing me a song he had written about me. He started with some beatboxing, and I tried to talk him out of it. His singing would surely get the two of us in trouble for disturbing the environment. As he started the song I stopped protesting. He sang a familiar tune, but it is not one I recognize whilst awake. However, he had the words changed to reflect my situation and used my name in the chorus, so that was neat. As expected though, he did get caught and was evicted by the staff. He was banned from the building for a total of 3 weeks plus fines for "damages" and "crimes."

      I reflected on what had happened, while sitting again in my chair moping about my life (how depressing..). Those aforementioned kids mentioned earlier started taking and playing with some toys I had sitting on a table in front of me. I protested at first, but then realized I really didn't need them anymore and I let them have the toys. Fast forward to an evening that I am not sure is that one or a later one. I was alone in my cell. Everyone else was asleep, nobody was near. I was soaking in the bathtub still in my clothes. The water was draining, and I looked to my right to see my dog lying next to the tub. I thought it quite peculiar that they let me have my dog with me in prison. The tub then changed appearance. The side of the tub became the back of a sofa. The dog had then gotten soaked by the draining water from the tub, and then made a scene that caused the staff to come check out what was going on. I was afraid my dog had caused me to get a longer sentence, but after some explaining they seemed to buy the idea that it wasn't my fault.

      Fast forward to the next morning, where my dogs were no longer present and a nurse brought me a small bowl. I first thought it was a bowl full of meds that was being passed to everyone, but before I could really question it the nurse stuck something in my mouth and pressed it against my gums. It had a very distinct taste. I asked the nurse what it was, and what purpose it served as I tried to keep it pressed against my gums. She said it was just a ginger lolipop to act as a breath mint since my breath really smelled...I knew the taste was familiar! I didn't protest to the bad breath and explained to her my poor dental hygiene is an issue that builds on itself. If you aren't in the habit, then your teeth start to rot, then it hurts to get in the habit until you get the teeth worked on, which in turn hurts and costs money, etc.

      The scene shifted to another evening. It shouldn't be long now before my sentence would be over I thought, as I sought out a bathroom to relieve myself. The other prisoners, or patients as it seemed, were all getting ready for a dinner that was being served in the other room. The thought came across my mind that maybe my sentence was not 3 weeks and maybe this wasn't a prison at all. Maybe it really was a psych ward and I would be trapped here for the foreseeable future. I quickly dismissed the thought until I heard a ruckus from the other room. There was a discussion on television between Billy Graham and another person of importance about my particular situation. It got quite heated and very political, and somehow it escalated all the way to the United Nations. I walked out of the bathroom and when I went outside it was a different building I was in. There was 3 stories and it was very open with many windows. I took a seat at a long conference table as I listened to those in the room discussing the situation. The original patients were all gone now, and I was surrounded by people in business suits. Someone had declared that this issue was to be taken seriously, and to defend against those who would argue in the negative. A group of assassins entered the building and I associated them with the group Talon from Overwatch. A fight broke out and I saw a massive Roadhog appear by me to protect me. He had to have been at least 8 feet in stature, and very wide. He was so realistic I was paralyzed in awe. He used his hook to grab hold of an enemy and I woke up.
    6. finally a dream.

      by , Yesterday at 06:07 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Earlier these weeks only had a couple jamie dreams. In one i was wandering around toronto looking for her. In another i was playing a chopin waltz on piano and she was nearby. Others were kind of too personal to post.

      Not without my dog.

      A dream of going on a giant boat ship. I realized i didn't have my dog with me. The dream rewound and I was in a house with my dog. I ran around looking for his leash. I go on the ship before it left but somehow my dog got left behind again. I went to the captain's deck and told them to go back for my dog. The guy said ,"yeah yeah."

      It rewound again and i got my dog on the ship and we took off.
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    7. DJ & Drawings

      by , Yesterday at 04:36 PM
      This is my PDF version with the drawings in-line. Otherwise the drawings will be at the end of the post.
      2018-04-22 dreams and drawings.pdf

      Round 1 of Dreams
      The first time I woke up I just remembered a little bit. One was something of a lucid dream cycle and they mentioned the Lucid Saint. It wasn’t refering to the podcast but it made me think of it. Also there was something in my sister’s
      room but I couldn’t remember any more.
      Round 2 of Dreams
      These got a little more dreams going on. I remember my friend had 4 hero sandwiches. He offered me some. I didn’t
      want one because I had already had dinner. Even though I felt hungry I would rather wait until breakfast.
      I remember talking to him about how he was going to teach foam rolling. He was wondering if he should speak in the “I” or “You”
      Position, something that always confuses me. When I put on my sun glasses, my vision got a lot clearer.
      I had an app on my phone. He told me the code was 1-2-2-2-2-2-… And more 2’s, to get a special app. So I typed that in but it was
      hard to press the touch screen.
      We had an audio book playing with a heavy bass instrumental. Some women upstairs wanted us to turn it down so we turned off the instrumental part. I’m not sure if there
      was anything else in that dream.
      Round 3 of dreams
      There was something with a bee type of thing that scared me.
      This was a long one. I dreamed that we had to go on a trip. But we were taking a short bus ride home. My friend was
      throwing a pill around and picking it up.
      I remember I was talking to someone about Astral Projecting. And to go if it feels safe but not to go if it doesn’t. Then I dreamed of my body going to sleep paralysis and being unsure if it was safe or not. But a
      light flickered in the loft that seemed paranormal. That was when I knew it was a dream. But I didn’t know it was a dream within a dream!
      So then a female fell or jumped down from the ceiling and onto my friend.
      At first this scared me. But it turned out okay.
      I woke up from that dream but it was still a dream when I woke up. Another friend was there and he had a girlfriend. She had black hair with a big red dyed part and wore denim.
      My friend went in the other room and she talked about how I don’t need to be some iron man. I kind of knew what she meant. Then we went out onto the roof. It overlooked water.
      I got the feeling she might be a smoker. So I hinted, “I give points to help people
      quit smoking.” I said this as a way to gauge her reaction as if she smoked or not. Worried that if she was a smoker, it would be a problem that she came around. I didn’t know it was a dream any more.
      It turned out she was a smoker. My friend came
      out. They were sitting together in a sky light. I started to tell my friend she smokes. He said that’s not okay. I felt relieved that he wouldn’t condone her smoking.
      Then she started to try to kiss him. I felt like this was a way of her trying to
      manipulate him to get him to change his mind. I felt threatened by this so I kept saying, “Don’t listen to her! She is an evil, manipulative addict! She is just trying to manipulate you!”
      Her eyes began to glow red. I didn’t know it was a dream, so I was so
      surprised at this. “Look! Her eyes are even turning red!” And they did. First just the pupils but then her whole eyes. I tried to draw a picture but it was too scary. Her teeth got sharp and her face morphed a little, like Monster Form of Frieza almost. Like a venus fly trap mouth.
      I was sure I had talked my friend out of having her over. But then she began to come towards me. She slowly inched towards me
      and I backed away. She was holding some writing utensils. It seemed like she was going to stab me with them. I thought of going to hide behind the door.
      It turned out to be such a fearful dream that I consider it my first official nightmare in a while. I have
      a high thresh hold for what I consider a night mare but this was truly one. In fact even while I was awake and recording the dream, I felt like I could see her face in my mind. I felt like if I opened my eyes, she would actually be there in my physical room.
      Round 4 of Dreams
      It took a little while to fall asleep. I had some sniffles developing. But I had a dream that ended with this green candle wax man holding a green candle. He lit the candle, and began to melt along with the candle.
      I couldn’t remember the parts of the dream before that.
      A dream flash happened where two kids in green
      coats were flying towards me. With their backs facing me. I got startled and woke up.
      Empty hoodie: I was at the mall. There was something about getting ice cream before they closed the metal gate thing. I got locked into a jail cell thing.
      I might have got lucid but I didn’t put this in my L D count because I’m not sure if I was. I saw myself in a mirror. I had on a brown hoodie. But where my head and hands should have been, I had only a black void.
      I squeezed out from between the jail cell bars and a friend carried me upstairs.
      Stop Smoking/ High fence arboretum: In this dream I was walking through the part of the arboretum near the mulch piles. I actually smelled smoke. I rarely have a sense of smell in dreams but in this one, I did. The fences were high picket fences, not there in waking life. I didn’t know it
      was a dream though. I looked around to see what trail it was coming from. Up around the bend? Behind me? To the left?
      I yelled out stop smoking twice and heard a cough. It was from behind me. A guy with a dog. He yelled back, “It’s a disease!” I tried to run away. Then I woke up with a startle. Lots of emotionally intense dreams tonight.
      Round 5 of Dreams
      My sister asked me to do the dishes. So I helped her out with those.
      There was a commercial of a guy in a foreign zoo. I felt a sense of dream de ja vu. I felt surprised at how long the commercial went. That’s what was funny
      about it. It took up so much time. The guy joked around with some animals. Then he stood on a log and put his arms overhead like a bear. And some bears imitated him.
      Baby commercial:
      There was a commercial with a woman and a baby.
      Then another woman sang a song about how other people can have their issues but you can be free of yours. In a nice yodely voice.
      I had a little false awakening after that. The commercial draems were
      funny because I felt like I saw them before.
      I got more details on my voice recorder but this was just off the top of my head. What I notice is more of the dreams from my final
      sleep cycles tend to be the ones that I remember easily the next day and can draw drawings from. The earlier dreams I don’t remember until I listen to them (more often).

      vitamin B-6-bee-thing.jpgvitamin B-6-dream-trail-map.jpgvitamin B-6-faceless-hoodie.jpgvitamin B-6-green-wax-man.jpg
    8. Day 66 --> Day 72: Bleh--er--Blah

      by , Yesterday at 04:13 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Nothing much happened for the first three days (Day 66 to 68). Being suddenly woken up in the morning really screws with my recall.

      Day 69:

      Fell asleep at: 11:00 PM

      Woke up at: 6:40 AM

      Dream 72: Cut Finger

      For some reason I can't quite explain, I reached for the knife and cut myself on my finger. It was a searing, burning pain. God, I hated it.

      Dream 73: Falling Deeper Into Sleep

      In my bedroom, nighttime. The lamp is on and the TV has been turned off. I hop right into bed after turning the lamp off. A maelstrom of random and incoherent thoughts swirled around me when I was near sleep, but I can't really remember any of it.

      Dream 74: Chameleo-guin

      This one was a bit random.

      So, a penguin is trying to avoid capture by four robots (One of which is a walking trash can). First he hid in a filing cabinet, with the trash can bot walking by him, and then he hid inside of a picture frame, disguising himself as a dove. Once the robots went past, he decamouflaged himself and hopped out of the picture frame. One of the robots finds him and sets off an alarm letting the others know he's there.

      Then the dream ended.

      Day 70:

      Nothing much to report.

      Day 71:

      Fell asleep at: 11:40 PM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 75: Yer Me Best Mates

      The dream centered around me (A sort of omnipotent force in the dream) trying to save a pirate ship from a bundle of dynamite that was placed on the ship. I couldn't for the life of me find the explosive. And when I did, I discovered it wasn't a stick of dynamite after all, but a modern-day explosive, so splashing seawater onto it wasn't going to make it any better.

      I then switched to first person POV. The rest of the pirate crew was solemnly watching the night sky, almost in horrid anticipation of when the bomb was going to explode. One of the pirates was even playing music on a guitar. It was oddly relaxing, but we knew the end was coming.

      Day 72:

      Fell asleep at: 12:00 AM

      Woke up at: 9:00 AM

      Dream 76: Yet another failed RC

      I'm pacing around the parking lot in front of the band hall, trying to do reality checks. I do the nose plug RC and breathe in some air from it, but ultimately disregard it. I do the finger through palm RC, but that didn't work at all.

      I also remember stumbling into the locker room, but then immediately walking back out.

      After all that I end up in my sister's car along with my brother. He talks to her about some award he got, and I immediately tune him out.
      non-lucid , memorable
    9. Contest of the Month in April 2018

      by , Yesterday at 03:29 PM
      April 20, 21
      WBTb : 2
      NLD 2 1/2

      TOTAL COMP 37 1/2

      Dream highlights: 'teen camp' doing Projects with sticks and glue 'peanut butter icecreams' kyanite earrings. At fair looking for water found chocolate cake and orange juice.
    10. Contest of the Month in April 2018

      by , Yesterday at 03:25 PM
      April 18, April 19

      NLD 2 1/2

      Total comp: 35
      Dream highlights : birthday party disco, glass figurines, buying new house, super grassy area, Concert singer was naked, eurolines busses, was hammock in back off bus.
    11. Contest of the Month in April 2018

      by , Yesterday at 03:24 PM
      April 16 April 17

      WBTB 2
      NLD 6 1/2

      Comp Total 32 1/2

      Dream highlights: cuddling with guy in bed, broke a Picture frame, sister had a baby on floor, baby started drinking beer with straw. Kids birthday party. Getting physical with big African man , i was a guy (?) In fancy apartment drinking wine from jug with straw. At old job.
    12. Contest of the Month in April 2018

      by , Yesterday at 03:23 PM
      OMG somehow my counting is so ridiculously off , friday the 13th should obviously have been the 13th night ...
      april 14th april 15 th
      NLD 3
      WBTB 1

      COMP TOTAL 24

      Dream highlights: was in a boat somebody was angry with me and blew up boat :-( In library looking for specific book, elevators unbalanced. In bed trying too Wake up hubby, 'get up were Always missing out' .
    13. Contest of the Month in April 2018

      by , Yesterday at 03:04 PM
      night 11,12 thursday, friday
      NLDs 3
      frags 3
      wbtb 1
      night total = 7
      COMP TOTAL = 20

      Dreamhighlights: Gordon Ramsay Was my dentist, watching fireworks. Inside evil haunted house, stuff was moving on walls weird noises, was getting scared saw friend downstairs getting old. On bicycle too mountain village, inside friendly Place, somebody gave me their number it was 75232316, (googled when i woke up it is wago INPUT OUTPUT system, neverheard off Before ?? ) bridge going back home was changed.
    14. Contest of the Month in April 2018

      by , Yesterday at 03:03 PM
      night 9,10 tuesday wednesday

      NLD 3

      Total Comp 13

      Dreamhighlights: doing school Project, visiting aunt, sorting clothes, trying to get someones attention.
    15. Contest of the Month in April 2018

      by , Yesterday at 03:02 PM
      night 7,8 sunday, monday
      NLD 2 1/2

      Total comp 10

      Dreamhighlights; Old friend was dreaming about b4 time, robbing bank // going too Church painting eggs singing.
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