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    1. ToTM January - Basic I - 2019/01/08

      by , 01-08-2019 at 08:31 AM
      I was home and suddenly I hear my dad calling. I know this can't be because irl he just left for work. I realize this is a dream. I go to him and he just wants me to help my mom hang the laundry. Afterwards, I spot him sitting in a couch and ask him where he's from. "May, July 13, 11", he says. I say that he isn't my that because he shouldn't be here and that answer is ridiculous. Turns out it was Bowser in disguise. After some weird stuff I don't really remember I decide that I want to fly, using a broom, like one of the previous TotM. I am slightly successful and I wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    2. Silent Answers 1/6/2019

      by , 01-08-2019 at 06:30 AM
      I dozed off in a chair in the living room this morning and my grandma was talking to my daughter in another chair. I think her voice kept me aware as I drifted off, and I was able to slowly get up out of my body.
      I stand up and look at my grandma and daughter and think of the totm to ask where someone is from. I almost ask one of them but decide to move on. I walk very slowly towards the door. The air feels thick and filled with static electricity. I get sucked back into my physical body a few times before eventually making it to the glass door. My grandma squishes in front of me and opens it for me. I move awkwardly out into the sunlight.

      The landscape is enormous and clear of trees, allowing me a breathtaking view of rolling hills. There is a short tower or two that remind me of fire-watch towers. I walk out a little more and look around. I see my grandpa walking towards the end of the house wearing a really big bright red cowboy hat, the rest of his outfit morphing rapidly. I use intent, expectation and belief to will myself to zoom towards him, but he disappears around the edge before I can get there. I turn the corner and look where he has gone, now flying.

      It looks like the back of a stock yard. Bare dusty dirt flanks wooden plank walls and random sections of metal corral fence are standing around in various configurations. I see the entity, no longer my grandpa, disappear around a pile of equipment. I zoom down there. The person keeps morphing and running away as I follow them around trying to catch up. They change into a fantasy-style warrior woman with a long curved sword and she stops to practice her swordsmanship, doing a series of complicated moves. I am able to catch up to her and she lunges at me from the inside of a large corral.

      She tries to stab me with a long spear and I grab hold of it. She then tries to slash at me with her sidearm which is a short sword and I grab her wrist. She gets a desperate, fearful look on her face. I tell her to calm down and that I only want to ask her a nice simple question. My voice has no sound, like the rest of the dream so far. I can still vaguely hear my grandma's and daughter's voices in the waking world. I trust that the woman can hear me anyway and that it's just me who has a disconnect from the sound of the dream.

      The woman calms down enough to look me in the face and I ask her where she is from. She yells something silently and I try to watch her lips and discern what she is saying. It looks like maybe she is saying "España!!" But I can't be sure. It didn't feel like a solid enough answer to me.

      I get distracted for a bit and end up back in my waking body. I WILD back out and exit to the front porch in much the same way as before. This time my grandpa is there with about four other men. Two of them are yelling at each other, which I can't hear, and grabbing each other, almost throwing punches. I approach one of them and try to ask where he's from but he's too distracted by his fight.

      I follow the group about a hundred yards out onto the grass where we encounter some brown elephant-sized cow-like creatures which are standing around placidly. I approach a large beefy man with two heads. His eyes are bright orange-red and his heads slowly merge back into one. His faces, now his face, look very much like John Goodman, and he has shoulder length messy light-brown hair and an outfit of tattered olive green cloth. I ask where he's from and he yells an incoherent silent answer, so I ask him to write it down. I offer him a pen which has manifested immediately and a notepad that was harder to conjure and keeps trying to become my phone.

      He runs screaming into the soft side of one of the animals and I follow him, still holding pen & pad and trying to regain his attention. He is now very different in appearance. He's still beefy, but his face no longer resembles John Goodman, he looks clean, has short, slick black hair and wears a full pin-striped suit with a matching fedora. He turns to me roughly and takes the pen & pad. He starts by making dots and scribbles, using exaggerated movements. He keeps going and I eventually just take the pad back. As I look at it the words change extremely quickly. I blink my eyes and focus until I can see that they say "tu errryyghrregh". I immediately return to my body and struggle to wake up fully, almost making a false journal on my phone before succeeding.

      This silent dream state is new to me. I've never had that happen where I'm fully in a dream except for my hearing, which is still attuned to the waking world. After waking, my grandma said something to me that confirmed that what I had heard her say while I was in the dream was actually said in the waking world. Crazy.. Also I'm really pumped at how well I was able to exit my body. It's been a long time, so I'm glad my previous years of experience still held up. Confidence is key.

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    3. Logs 1345 and 1346

      by , 01-05-2019 at 01:47 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Spoiler for Log 1345 - Mad Warp to City:

      Created Thursday 03 January 2019

      Finally got some LDs. Let's see if I could keep this up without so much strain.

      Scrap Group 1
      At an unknown apartment room at night time. There's a lot of leftover food, including several boxes of various kinds of pizzas.

      WILD transition in bed. As I floated out the door, I got unwittingly shrunk. Things collapsed as soon as I left. DEILD attempt, but I got uncoscnious.

      A TF2 cartoon. Lots to this, but I've all but forgotten everything before waking up. DEILD attempt again, but I went unconscious again.

      In the living room at home. Mom, dad, and my brother were there. They start rambling on about annoying things. I got aware. Hand rub to confirm. I only walked to the lounge when things began destabilizing. Much like in the old Looney Tunes cartoons, darkness surrounded everything except a circular space ahead. I tried forcing it away with my hands, its texture and weight like heavy cloth. But, I couldn't keep from getting surrounded. Woke up. DEILD attempt. Took a few minutes before I saw results.

      Deep bout of hypnagogia. This started as a small green window spinning ahead. The vision expands to a ~36" panel. Kaleidoscopic patterns swirled in view. Eventually, neon words formed. There was a message, but I can't recall what it was. Warp into dream.

      Dream 1 - Mad Warp to City

      Scene 1 - Alien Madness
      The visuals were very blurred, but progressively got better. I was in a realm of pure, alien madness. The ground rippled into brown and dull blue colors, phasing between liquid and a solid, chitin-like substance. Tall mounds of like material surrounded me, seemingly getting closer or further with every step I took.

      Immediate warp.

      Scene 2 - TOTM January 2019 Basic Task I
      The visuals were a bit clearer. I was in the empty streets of a downtown area, right at the foot of vast skyscrapers, dawn light above. I flew upwards. It seemed I was bigger than normal. So, I shrunk down, if too far by going down to about a few inches in height. Anyway, with some effort, I phased through a window in the middle floors. I found myself in a busy fancy dining room. The people there initially appeared as CGI, but that was corrected in time. Either way, they were quickly alarmed at my sudden appearance (somehow seeing past my tiny form).

      I floated towards a particularly crowded table. Seated there were a motley group of well-to-do folk in their thirties, six of them women, and about two men, though the latter were quickly phased out quickly. While floating around them, I gave a simple greetings, and was given one in turn. As per the TOTM, I asked them all "Where are you from?" All but one unanimously blurted out "the UK!", (despite their obviously American accent) and chortled. The last one, a brown haired woman, quietly said "the Ukraine" with a nervous smile. I settled myself on the table, then tried and continue some small talk. Suddenly, one of the women took hold of me. This startled me right out of the dream.

      Spoiler for Log 1346 - Poisoned Fake:

      Created Friday 04 January 2019

      Got two DILDs and some fragments today. I've a feeling there were some other lucid scenes, but I seem to have forgotten them.

      Scrap Group 1
      Various more Shiren related dreams.

      In the downstairs bathroom. I felt very dizzy. Curious, I tried floating in a crosslegged position, but only managed to fall on my back. Still, not feeling any pain made me aware. Pity things destabilized in seconds.

      In the living room late at night.My nephew was up playing video games. In fact, not only was he playing a supposedly unreleased Bubsy game, but was doing so on a Game Cube. I almost figured out such absurdity.

      Dream 1 - Poisoned Fake

      Various unknown scenes before this point. The visuals were quite blurred. I was on a balcony outside of a fairly large house. Lucid. I shrunk myself down to a few inches. After sneaking through a half-open door, I found myself in a bedroom. A figure passed by, and planted themselves on a mattress. Momentary dream garbling and "lag" made them difficult to discern from my angle. I floated up to the ceiling, to find it was some boy.

      Suddenly, a woman with tanned skin and dark hair rushed in, and viciously battered the kid with a heavy book. She then dragged him into a closet, yelling at him as she continued her assault. If her words were to be believed, she was actually the kid's mother. Eventually, the beating stop. So too did the kid's screams...

      The madwoman addressed me by name. She seemed only slightly annoyed at my presence, barely reacting to my being a witness. I was wary, but I didn't say a thing. I only followed her out to another balcony indoors, hovering beside her shoulder. Down below, several people were hurrying out the front door, luggage in hand. One man called to the woman, warning that she'll miss her flight if she doesn't make haste.

      We returned to the bedroom. Cue a transparent betrayal. The woman immediately snatched me from the air. Her form then changed to that of another woman, younger than before, skin pale and hair ragged and brown. She monologued on and on about the many ways she could get rid of me. In the end, she settled on the obvious choice: by eating me alive.

      Well, I was prepared for this. In the blink of an eye, I became both incorporeal and invisible, then phased myself through her hands. Furthermore, I left a lifeless and, above all, toxic replica in my stead.

      The woman, none the wiser, plopped the clone in her mouth like candy. She took wicked joy in chewing the copy up and savoring it for as long as possible. It took over a minute before any serious symptoms occurred, starting with stomach pains, then a sudden fever, and then trouble breathing. The woman, for her part, tried purging, but by then it was too late. Falling over, she wheezed in agony, before she stopped breathing altogether.

      With that out of the way, I tried rematerializing, but couldn't. Reckoned the "clone" was my actual body, and that I needed to get it back. Disgusted, I phased into the woman's stomach to take back my remains. Good news was, this instantly restored my form intact. Bad news was, I was stuck inside a dead woman's stomach. Either way out would be unpleasant. I decided to take the, uh, oral exit. It was a tough climb, but at least I made it to the top much faster than expected.

      The second I clambered out her opened maw, the dream collapsed.

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      lucid , false awakening , dream fragment , task of the month
    4. Log 1304 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

      by , 11-24-2018 at 12:20 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 23 November 2018

      Got various things today, including a DILD.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing Dungeon Crawl - Stone Soup as a Deep Elf Conjurer of Vehumet, as usual. Noticed that the message log also included content from Dream Views' Discord chat. I got far enough to get 5th level spells as a gift. In this case, Bolt of Magma. Meh.

      Several dreams set in a familiar apartment suite. I was watching TV on a CRT screen.

      Vaguely recalled several brief lucid states, during which I floated around indoors each time.

      In a Victorian era city during daytime, the streets ominously empty. Later, I spotted a pale, brown haired adolescent girl running in panic. Someone was chasing after her, a long faced middle-aged man dressed in black. The girl gets cornered quickly. Outraged and terrified, she could do little but yell at him. As I listened, I realized that not only was this man her father, but that he was also responsible for a calamity that'd all but left humanity to the brink of extinction. I opted to step in at that moment.

      Playing one of the D&D arcade games with my brothers. I was using the Elf. We were fighting the Manticore in a darkened area. At first, I thought we were playing Tower of Doom. But, when I got KO'd, I was allowed to switch to the Magic-User, a character only found in Shadow over Mystara.

      Dream 1 - Earth-Splitting, Death-Breaking Wave

      The visuals were slightly blurred from glare. I was once again in the desolate streets of that above mentioned Victorian-era city, bright grey sky above. As before, the pale girl is running away from a pursuer. But this time, not only was the girl heading straight towards me, but she was also being chased by a different figure, someone inhumanly tall and concealed in a black robe.

      I again interposed myself between the two, ready to defend the youth. However, the pale girl, trembling in fear, pleaded that I should not engage the figure. In fact, she claimed that the cloaked figure before me was actually Death itself. Unphased, I aimed a punch straight to the face, only for my fist to phase right through the being's hood. Seems the girl wasn't mistakened. But, rather than fear, I was struck with lucidity.

      Death immediately retaliated with a drawn knife, attacking relentlessly. Doing so seemed to leave it with a tactile form, allowing me to redirect its arms, and thus, the blade, away from me. One bad lunge from its part left it exposed to grappling, whereupon I quickly tossed it skyward. I built energy from within, intending to fire at Death with such. But, it seemed the hooded ghost had instantly recovered, and was already diving down at me blade-first. As such, I chose to jump straight towards it instead.

      While ascending, I recalled the Earth-splitting task. With that in mind, I attacked the creature with a mighty chop. As before, this simply phased straight through its head. Death mocked me, boasting that my attacks were useless. I simply pointed behind it as I floated in place. In the distance, an endlessly long streak of energy arced towards the Earth, then cut straight through. Soon afterwards, the planet began splitting apart. Curiously enough, another planet Earth had been nested inside, appearing as if it were being viewed from above the planet's atmosphere. This, too cracked open to reveal yet another Earth, and repeated again, then once more, until finally, only the vastness of space could be seen between and past these bodies. Seconds later, Death convulsed in place, a thin line of glowing light slowly splitting it apart as well, before the spirit quietly faded into nothing.

      Various forgotten non-lucid transitions. Don't recall how this ended.

      Scrap Group 2
      Unknown dreams in a white void.

      Spoiler for Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin potential spoilers ahead:

      Attack on Titan related dream. Berthold and Armin were referencing a similar extinction event as above, only now, it pertained specifically to Marley killing off Eldians. Armin assumed it was for natural resources (especially fossil fuels). However, Berthold reveals that Eldians were themselves being converted into such resources, first by burying them alive, then exhuming them years later.

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    5. Log 1293 - Sky-dal Wave

      by , 11-13-2018 at 02:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 12 November 2018

      Got a DILD and some near-WILD REM Atonia states to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      Repeated states of REM Atonia, so noted by the sensation and sound of violent winds bearing down on me. I tried imagining the cause. This increased windpower dramatically, but otherwise did nothing else. I tried rubbing my hands, but could feel nothing of the sort. I barely nudged myself off my bed, only for an unrelated interruption to awake me.

      Dream 1 - Sky-dal Wave

      The visuals were a bit blurred, but clarified over time. I was riding in a van or SUV during a bright day. Several family members were there, though I couldn't distinguish either of them. Noticed we were by a local plaza, where we then turned towards one of the nearby condo complexes. Suddenly, I was shunted to the front seat, facing back. While figuring out what was going on, I began imagining random things. Seeing images of such floating ahead of me finally convinced me of the dream.

      I climbed out the sunroof, then launched myself skyward. As I was some nearing clouds, I remembered to conjure a tidal wave as part of the TOTMs. A single stroke was all it took to do as much, the wave rising all the way to the heavens before it dropped out of view. I continued onwards, but noticed there wasn't any noise. Voicing sound effects fixed that in time. Just for the sake of thoroughness, I decided to repeat the task. So, after swooping down towards an ocean, I called for another wave. The tides violently took such a form, if smaller than I intended. I leaped over it, only to find a truly colossal wave was charging towards me, its roars deafening. I barely corkscrewed over its crescent to safety.

      Next in mind was the world-splitting task. I blasted off out of Earth's atmosphere in an instant. Unfortunately, before I had time to notice, the dream destabilized, then collapsed.

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    6. Log 1291 - Moody Underground Run

      by , 11-11-2018 at 01:08 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 10 November 2018

      Got a FA/WILD/DEILD loop to note, along with some scraps.

      Scrap Group 1
      Various false awakenings, most in unfamiliar settings. One had a little girl huddling to me, like a scared daughter running to her parents' bedroom. I had no idea what to do. Another included a room with a small window behind me, the light of early dawn peeking in.

      Several brief DEILD transitions and lucid FA, each of which collapsed when I tried to move, and transitioned with one or two minutes of waking between them.

      Blind DEILD transition in bed. I rub my hands. In fact, I rubbed them so vigorously, that my palms burst into flames. The conflagration spread quickly, bright orange light flickering through my eyelids. Hurt like hell, but I somehow remained calm. Even so, I woke up a minute later.

      DEILD transition in bed. After some concentration, I summon my guide, E beside me. Fun ensued... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The dream eventually collapsed. DEILD transition two minutes after.

      Dream 1 - Moody Underground Run

      Blind LD transition in bed. I reach beside me, and, as expected, felt that my guide was already there, if completely nude. I seized her, then pulled us both through the mattress and into the Void. With the visuals now faint, I noted the startled expression on her face. I tried imagining a more scenic view, a forest under an aurora, but that didn't seem to happen.

      After seating E on my shoulders, I opted to simply run off to find such a destination. In time, an underground environment formed around me, a structure made of ruined concrete. My guide suddenly began panting heavily. Reckoned she was tired, despite me doing all the running for her. But as I looked up from the floor, I noticed rows figures around me, all females in bed robes, each suspended lifelessly in the air. Whether they were floating, or hanging from a noose, I did not know, nor did I want to find out. Despite the macabre view, I never stopped running, dodging below and between the stiff figures.

      In time, the structure narrowed into winding tunnels of dirt and loose stone, twisting to curved slopes. More women were huddled silently by the walls ahead of me, each alive, but gaunt and made helpless from despair. Perhaps to suit the mood, the World 4 theme from Eversion began sounding in the background. In any case, I continued more or less undaunted.

      Steadily, the environment began becoming clearer and brighter. So too, in a sense, did the structure. Dirt and rocks were slowly replaced with grated steel and smooth concrete, until eventually, the surroundings resembled an urban transit area (well, minus the actual trains and tracks, but I digress). What's more, the women around me appeared much healthier and were much more lively overall. Curiously, they each were also only dressed in less concealing bedclothes. Concurrently, the music subsided. Much of this view somewhat reminded me of one of my earliest recorded dreams. I glanced up expectingly at my guide, who only simpered back at me.

      It was only then that I noticed my strength slipping away. Each step now strained me greatly, and E's weight was finally bearing down on me. I could barely haul us both towards an emergency exit. But, the second I tried opening it, I immediately collapsed. So too did the dream.

      Scrap Group 2

      Something about being on a black haired giantess' head. I rope down a strand of her hair to get at eye level.

      Something about stopping a giantess from rampaging in a city.

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    7. Broom Flight to "The Hospital" 10/23/2018

      by , 10-24-2018 at 11:46 PM
      I have WILDed into a small bookstore with my grandparents who are talking about something they are planning to do. As they walk away, I go into another room in the opposite direction, hoping to separate from them.

      This new room is a small library that somewhat resembles the one from my old high school. It has white walls, a white floor and cheap bookshelves made of light-colored wood. There is a group of about eight people who are very different from each other. I join in their gossip and we laugh and joke with each other for a moment. One guy cheekily says to me that I can't kill him. I immediately demonstrate my lucid powers by pinching together my right thumb and forefinger while willing his neck to break. There is a loud snapping sound but his neck does not actually break. It was only a kind of "proof of ability". Everyone laughs, including him, because they know that I could have killed him but didn't. This isn't serious at all because we all know that this is dreamland.

      I feel even more lucid and powerful now and I walk on, into another area. There are very many people here, unique families of all different kinds. Most people are wearing dark colors, robes and capes even, and are seated at the numerous tables eating lunch. Some of the children have eyes of unnatural colors like red or purple. One blonde boy with red eyes also has fangs that I can see as he laughs, following another child back to the table where his parents are waiting. It is a very big room and there are counters along one side with display cases of different food. Workers are cashing people out and making food.

      I feel the random urge to remove my clothes, but the presence of children deters me. I start doing it anyway because the clothes feel extremely confining, but I leave on the underlying layers, including some kind of pinkish-nude leggings.

      I walk further and find myself in a smaller fancier dining room with black leather booths lining the walls. The aisle between the booths is very narrow. Most of the tables are piled with dirty plates and leftover food. There is a group of Asian businessmen in very nice suits. They are having a very serious meeting. I stand there looking down at the food on their table and I see something on their plates that looks like a green bell pepper stuffed with green pesto. I reach down and grab one, intending to try it because it looks good. I look closer, noticing the bell pepper more, then say aloud to myself, "I don't like these anyway," before throwing it casually over my shoulder. I walk a few more steps into the room as the businessmen kind of look at me in surprise. I turn around and cockily demand that they say something to me about it, in English. One man who is standing gestures to the one sitting nearest me, encouraging him to say something. I can't remember if he does or not. I leave the room the same way I came.

      To the left is the large cafeteria that I have already been in, and to the right is a lofty area with large glass doors leading outside. As I walk towards the doors I notice an Asian woman in business clothes standing next to them. She tells me to have a nice day and I thank her. I then remember the task of the month to ride a broom above the clouds.

      I look over in the corner near the doors expecting to see a broom. I see one propped there. It has a stick made of gold with an ornamental pointy tip and little stirrups on it just like in the Harry Potter movies. The stick is not perfectly straight, but crooked like the good ones in HP, and the broom head is clean white. I think it is beautiful and that it is made just for me. It is quite short though, only about two and a half feet long.

      I grab the broom and walk through the first set of doors. As I approach the second set, I will the broom to become longer and it visibly does so as I glance at it. It is still not as long as a standard HP broom, but close. I hop on before I reach the second set of doors and begin hovering immediately. I pull a door open with my left hand, holding the broom with my right, and fly out slowly and smoothly.

      There is a paved path of grey stone there and a mass of children wearing robes and holding books flows towards the doors, obviously excited to go in. They look like first-year Hogwarts students and I begin to hear some HP-like music softly playing. There is a tall statue in the small round courtyard ahead, illuminated by the bright sunny day. There are buildings all around on the other streets, older and smaller than the one I've just exited. There are some large oak trees around the far edge of the courtyard.

      I float up and out a little more and Ginny Weasley is suddenly there on her own broom, facing right at me. She has that fierce brave look on her face and I, startled, say loudly, "Hey Ginny!" She returns the greeting calmly before looking off to the left. I follow her gaze and see other students flying their brooms in a kind of loose swarm. One of them looks like Hermione Granger, but I only see her from behind.
      I head in the direction of the other flyers and Ginny follows me. I go higher, rising above the roofs of the nearby buildings.

      We fly around a corner or two before seeing some very large military airships of some kind landing on a wide highway. I think to myself that it's because I offended those Asian businessmen earlier. There is a loud brass hit in the music when we see the ships, and the soundtrack becomes more intense in general.

      Ron Weasley, Harry Potter and Hermione suddenly appear. Ron gives a quick casual greeting before they zoom under Ginny and I. We follow, all of us shooting across the cityscape, flying just above the tops of the buildings. There are freeways ahead, twisting and turning through each other.

      We attempt to go higher several times, under my direction, but it just doesn't work. It is as if the air becomes a treadmill when we try going up. Just as I'm about to give up, a random person, also on a broom, shows up and tells us that "the hospital" is above the clouds for those who need it. I feel so relieved.

      We are now able to zoom upwards, possibly because we have a more solid destination. I become fearful at the vastness of the sky, but keep going anyway. It gets darker until it is like night when we reach the cloud layer, which appears as a medium grey against the blackness. When we get close enough to touch the clouds, we begin to disintegrate and are sucked up through them as streams of particles. My vision goes black and then I'm in the hospital.

      It is a waiting room but doesn't resemble any that I've seen in waking life. This place is apparently some kind of high tech airship, maybe also a spaceship. The walls and floor flow together and are made of a greenish brass metal with lots of grooves and bumps. There are many people sitting around on the benches, all in a good mood, all wearing body suits of mainly white with varying colorful designs and decorations. There are a few small curving hallways leading to other rooms, and windows showing the sky beyond. Somehow I can't remember if it's bright blue sky or dark black night.

      I look over to my left and see the pilot of the vessel, a black woman. She lets her young son switch a lever for her and they smile lovingly at each other. Her hair is shorter than his, which is quite big and fluffy. I look around again and see another black mother with sleek hair up in a bun. She is leaning over and whispering something reassuring to her white son. He is about the same age as the other boy, eight or nine years old. This place feels so wonderful. Everyone is happy and working together for common goals.

      I realize that I still haven't seen the top of the clouds, so I allow myself to phase through the floor. I drop down quickly, briefly seeing the flat, smooth underside of the hospital ship and the tops of the clouds which are fluffy and somehow illuminated from within with a bright neon pink light. I do not know the source of this light. The sky is pitch black.

      I go blank for a moment before appearing in my step-grandparent's living room, standing and watching the hospital on the tv. It is day outside. Next to me is a tall thin man sitting in an egg-shaped chair, wearing a suit like the others, except its main color is navy blue and there are more decorations around the collar. He has reddish, very tanned skin, lots of brown freckles, fluffy greying hair and beautiful hazel green eyes. As I look at him he meets my gaze with an incredibly honest and knowing expression. We clasp hands and he smiles at me softly, so seemingly aware. I sustain eye contact, deepening the connection. It feels so good to connect. I realize then that he is me. He is a part of my mind, a part of my awareness. I begin to cry heavy tears of happiness and can't help but smile wide, almost grinning, almost sobbing uncontrollably.

      After a few moments we turn back to the screen and I see Jodie Foster with her hair pulled back in a sleek pony. She looks like she's in her late forties, maybe even fifty, and is wearing a mostly white suit with little or no decoration. She is alone in a small control room in the hospital ship. There is neon pink light radiating up from the floor and she is concentrating on what she is doing at her standing desk, a solid, light-grey rectangular pillar with an angled touch screen top.

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    8. Log 1269 - Rickety Tortoise Waterfall Slide

      by , 10-20-2018 at 02:54 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 19 October 2018

      Got a WILD/DEILD loop to note.

      Scrap Group 1
      Various WILD/DEILD chains. Most collapsed within seconds, often right after I floated out the . In one case, I'm dragged into a white void, where a female voice laughs at and taunts me. Another supposedly had a roach flying around my bedroom before I got up. I slowly spun in midair during the last one, until the dream collapsed again. DEILD transition two minutes later.

      Dream 1 - Rickety Tortoise Waterfall Slide

      The visuals were blurred. DEILD transition in bed. I float to the lounge, struggling to do so due to fatigue and dizziness. Had to take a moment to rub my hands and (ironic as it sounds) spin in place to stabilize the dream.

      With the competition and tasks in mind, I glance at the bureau nearby. Sure enough, the glass tortoise statue was there in its rightful place. With a touch, I brought it to life. Unlike the statue, this creature was small enough to fit on one of my outstretched hands, and was colored naturally instead of the vibrant patterns of its previous glass form. Moreover, the sclera and irides in its eyes were distinctly human-like. It otherwise behaved as any animal of its kind.

      I carried the tortoise off towards the living room, levitating it over my hand halfway through for the fun of it. That's when I saw an even larger tortoise was ahead, its shell alone at least 3-feet in diameter. It was struggling in vain to crawl out the glass sliding door. I similarly tried phasing past it, but even with 20 seconds of effort, I couldn't get through. So, I commanded the smaller tortoise to break it. The animal winded back out of view, then, while spinning, flung itself to the door. Despite the harsh impact, this proved ineffective. I resigned to just opening the dang thing, and actually managed to pull it off (quite surprising, given how that rarely ever worked before).

      Out I went, to find an impossible structure awaiting me: a massive, rickety tower held together by random junk. I fly myself instantly over clouds and to the top of the structure, if overshooting by a story or two. As per the TOTM, I start imagining a waterfall would await me below.

      Things warped. A tall, thin mountain had now replaced the junk tower. Everything now appeared "rendered" in blocky graphics similar to Minecraft. I almost got annoyed, but actually seeing a waterfall below, and hearing Leading Lights from Sonic Adventure, mollified me. I dived towards it, and allowed the water to carry me away. The first few seconds were a bit slow before momentum caught up. I fell into a sheer drop, only to collide chin-first on a rocky overhang. I was then launched away from the stream and into a narrow pit, tumbling around in pitch darkness for a bit before getting sent back outside into the waterfall. The descent continued for a few hundred feet more, until I abruptly crashed back-first onto jagged rocks. Though painless, the shock of the impact nonetheless knocked me out of the dream.

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    9. Log 1258 - Time Loco-Motion and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 10-09-2018 at 12:39 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 08 October 2018

      Lots of things to note today, including a DEILD. There are, however, a lot of details missing to the dream preceding said LD.

      Dream 1 - Great Hailstones

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was at home in the lounge at daytime. My sister, Nevena was nearby.

      Later, a powerful storm passed through, debris battering the house through its winds. But, when I looked closer, I realized it wasn't debris at all, but instead, thick chunks of hail. Quite fascinating, but dangerous. I warned Nevena to keep away from the windows. As if on cue, a great hailstone pounded right through the window, shattering it entirely.

      Several other visitors and family members showed up to see all the commotion. Among them was my brother, Boyd. I eagerly mentioned the near-prophetic caution I gave above. He, on the other hand, was more concerned of my having bad breath. Unlikely, as I distinctly recalled having brushed my teeth earlier (as in, right before I went to bed!). Pity I just let the thought pass.

      Anyway, we coordinate getting the shutters ready as a temporary seal to the then empty window frame. There was a lot of miscommunication as to who was to do what. In the end, my bro cleared the storage closet and retrieved everything himself, while I just stood around confused.

      Next was actually installing the shutters. There was, thankfully, no rainfall, and hail was sparse. Unfortunately, hailstones that did hit ground were now enormous. In fact, each seemed more as solid ice cylinders the size of tin cans than conventional hailstones.

      Details get unclear. Something about strangers hurrying at the door? Not sure how this ended.

      Dream 2 - Counter-Siren Song

      The visuals were bright but slightly blurred. I was working at my old job at the gas station during a sunny day.

      From the register, I spotted a sizable crowd forming at the lot beside the store. At the head was a peculiar woman, slim figured, and hair and robes both colored in vibrant shades of green and violet. She was drawing in the crowd with a wordless song, morose, yet haunting. But, as I discerned her inhuman tones, I realized she wasn't a woman at all, but rather a mythical siren. What's more, I also noticed that Boyd was among those that had been ensnared!

      For a moment, I was paralyzed in fear, before setting out reluctantly. I paced carefully outside to the corner, keeping just out of the creature's view. "Remembering" I had magic of my own, I soundlessly evoke a countersong (a made-up 80s rock tune, I think?). I then drew closer towards the enchanted crowd. Those nearest to me immediately snapped out of their trance. By good fortune, this included my bro. The rest, it seemed, needed more time.

      Sadly, time had run its course. I was out of juice. The siren, for her part, was infuriated at my meddling. She slowly approached me, and with a glare, she wordlessly commanded those enthralled to do the same. There was no way I could take her head on, even one on one; despite her waifish appearance, she had the strength to match any wild beast. I instructed Boyd and the others to flee and call for help. Just as well, I was planning to do the same anyway.

      The dream collapsed shortly after.

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering around in an urban area. Something about meeting Chipp Zanuff from Guilty Gear. We rescued people from a disaster. I used time control powers to help with such. DEILD transition to below.

      Dream 3 - Time Loco-Motion

      The visuals were clear. I was in an urban area, grey sky in view above the surrounding buildings. A set of elevated railways lined the nearest street, where a train passed by almost instantly. Both the TOTM and contest were fresh in mind. I reversed time, and watched as the whole train slowly moved backwards out of sight. With a wave of my hand, time flowed forward again. But now, various random objects replaced individual cars, including road vehicle frames, if not entire road vehicles themselves. All such components were completely scrambled and misaligned, yet tumbled along in sequence and without altering the entire train's movement at all.

      Next, I ran heedlessly in the the middle of traffic. Cue the sound of angry horns as vehicles veered away from me. By exhaling, I slowed down time. Concurrently, the air rippled around me, and the dream became without sound. I chased several vehicles, but found that, despite their slowed speed, I couldn't really keep up with them. Actually, I felt enervated all around.

      Just then, a terrible pileup was forming ahead of me. In fact, one or more of the vehicles were in the process of exploding. To save myself, I slowed time almost to the point of stopping. I then ran well ahead of the site of the accident.

      The dream collapsed shortly afterwards, and I woke up.

      Scrap Group 2
      At home. Mom was in the kitchen, while Nevena was doing karaoke in the living room. Oddly enough, she was singing to the tune of Holy Diver by Dio. I jubilantly joined in with her. Seems we both flubbed the lyrics at times.

      Something about watching Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy?

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    10. Log 1253 - Pit Descent, Cloud Ascent

      by , 10-03-2018 at 11:43 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 03 October 2018

      Got a decent LD to note (finally), along with some fragments.

      Scrap Group 1
      On a random (text-only) Discord channel. A woman geneticist complained about her domestic life, especially when it came to not having any children of her own. She admitted being so distraught by this, that she'd cloned her dead father, then adopted him. A major scandal ensued.

      Watching Adventure Time with my nephew. Princess Bubblegum had illegitimately acquired a magical artifact. This made her the target of a bipedal cat. Finn and Jake arrived to her aid. Chase sequence in a small room. As this occurred, a suspicious wolf detective was observing their moves while sipping tea. The cat gets captured, upon which Finn and co. relieve a small red journal from its person. The wolf finally confronted the group, demanding they hand over the booklet. Suddenly, the journal vanished.

      "Semi-lucid" (wasn't aware, but I unconsciously knew I was dreaming) in the void. I prance about in the darkness.

      Dream 1 - Pit Descent, Cloud Ascent

      Scene 1 - Down The Large Well
      WILD transition straight to the void. Like above, I take a moment to celebrate before I actually compose myself. After flying around for a bit, I find a sizable round cobblestone enclosure, a deep pit in its center. Kinda like an old well, but much larger. Also, I noticed my wearing the clothes I had on in Monday afternoon. Anyway, I fell down the hole, and waited out a transition, rubbing my hands for good measure.

      Scene 2 - Broom Ride Cloud Loop
      The visuals were a bit dim. I was floating over a mountainous badlands, a soft yellow dusk sky above. Spent a good minute sightseeing, when a dust storm approached from the east. So, I plowed right through.

      When the weather cleared, I found myself flying over a lifeless desert, pyramid in view ahead, and thick clouds covering much of the twilight sky. I dash up into a nimbus, which then reminded me of the like TOTM. I glanced down, and, as expected, found myself seated cross-legged on an old straw broom. Onwards I went, before finally getting to clear sky.

      Things looked a bit brighter. There didn't seem to be much else, just clouds below, and silver blue skies in the horizon. I looked up, only to find another set of clouds about a mile above. So, I charged through that as well, but, found myself arriving at a similar place. I took off once more, only now, I had a lot of trouble breathing through the clouds' heavy vapors. Things destabilized. I could barely make it to the top, when the dream collapsed.

      Scrap Group 2
      False awakening in an unknown home. I was late for school (not a concern nowadays), so I skipped showering. Cut to the school's courtyard. I'm flying around, racing to the cafeteria in hopes of making it in time for breakfast.

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    11. Strange ability Part 3: Animus Grid

      by , 10-01-2018 at 04:40 PM
      It's time for new portion of supernatural.

      I emptied my mind and lose the sense of my body and suddenly my mind was floating above my body. This time I use zoom out several times. I saw the roof of my house, then I'm little over my hometown, then over the country. Everything is in real time(aka clouds are moving, sun is shining). With the final zoom-out I heard some sort of electronic voice in the background "Accessing satellite grid.....granted......Animus system online"(sound of large machine powering up).

      Now I was able to see the whole planet from the orbit and can control everything with my mind. I rotate the planet around, like in google earth but in much greater details. I decided to go back in time and see the dinosaurs, so I reverse the earth rotation and speeded up. I could control the speed of reversing the time. At first, I do it more slowly like 100 years per second and increased to 1000 years/s after 20 seconds. I can't quite explain with words, what I saw. Whole countries dissapears in front of my eyes.

      In 10000 b.c I stopped for 30 seconds and zoom in to Africa and saw half naked people who chased a herd of Mammoths and hunting them. At zoom level of about 10000m over the ground, I started to reverse time again, but this time alot faster. I saw huge floodings and even continents moving around and shaping in different forms.

      Finally at 65 milion of years b.c, I zoom in to 500m and saw groups of dinosaurs running around, herbivorous and carnivorous alike. I saw the flying ones(i don't remember their name), bunch of raptors that was chasing after smaller dinos. Heard something in the background again "energy criticaly low.....Shutdown Imminent ", but I chose to ignore it. I saw a T-Rex fighting a Triceratops and zoom in very close. Lol the 3D movies were nothing before that, a dino fight in all his glory. At the end the T-Rex snap the neck of the Triceratops and there was alot of blood and gore, so I get disgusted from the sight. In this moment everything turned black in front of my vision and I heard "Animus system offline.....Emergency protocol activated". Lol like something snapped me in my body, so when I open my eyes, I was in my room again.

      What do you think about that? I was fully lucid the entire time and knew who I am.
      lucid , task of the month
    12. TOTM bubble bath

      by , 09-29-2018 at 02:21 PM
      So, this is the first time I completed a TOTM in the month it is supposed to happen :p.

      I was in the bathroom and saw the tub, remembering about TOTM bubble bath. Now, lucid I draw the bath. I remember that the bubbles are in the other room (not really), but am afraid that if I go into another room I will lose the ability to come back to this scenario. So, I get into the tub (I guess I am already naked) and use my bodywash as my bubble bath solution. I sit down and use my hands to swish the water to help the bubbles form. Then, I wait as the water is still flowing and I look up and to my right a waterfall is forming. I do a noseplug RC and know that I am still dreaming. Then I hear my husband snoring- now awake. So, yay!
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    13. Transforming Devil

      by , 08-22-2018 at 08:43 AM
      I close my eyes then start moving lucidly around my surrounding then I fall to my knees holding my stomach then grip the ground bashing the floor I scream I start to fall from the heavens then I wake up in lucidity murdering every virtual opponent I start crying as my tears start to fall I start transforming god starts worshipping me trying to banish me out of heaven until I see her again then I start moving slowly I bend down on one knee then lounge forward screaming I wake up laying in bed in darkness I close my eyes tighter my eye lids start to fall then I'm flying in the heavens looking at a vast eternity I see puppets and angels getting murder In my sight the there jus subconscious being I don't know if they really have a consciousness then I wake standing in mid air falling from my chest start bleeding then I'm falling in the ocean as I get buried under water in the ocean I wake up I close my eyes tighter then I'm in a seem less adventure where I'm in a burning forest where I stand in the wake of others persecuting me until I sleep again
    14. kick yourself in the ass and you get rewarded

      by , 08-10-2018 at 10:10 PM
      so after quite some time with no lucids and to lazy to do proper night work i kicked myself and wanted to do some totms so after around 5h of sleep i stood up even tho every fiber in my body was like "go back to sleep man.." but i stood up meditated for like 20-30 min and then back to bad on my back setting intention and goals then earplugs and eyemask because it was loud in the house and falling asleep.
      3 LD was the result

      -i am in the bathroom looking on a clock 11:45.... way to late, not possible and how can i read the clock anyways its dark. i do a nosepinch and lucid. i am happy, phase into the hallway. everything is super dark and the visuals are bad but i just start running and move my hands more than necessary and suddenly visuals are back. i remember instantly my goals to do the totms so i run to a building and enter thru a door expecting to be on the roof of a high building but i just enter the building i look for another door but i find an elevator. convenient i think and enter telling it to go up by voice command. i get out and find myself on a parking deck with a roof over me. i remember that i want to cross my eyes and so i do. it works immediately with no effort i also do it by look at a finger that comes closer to my nose but actually its not necessary. i run to the fence at the end of the building and look down. not as high as i hoped but good enough i jump down and try to be as passive as possible. i accelerate to the ground but i feel i should accelerate faster than i do, like i get slowed down for some reason... i crash into the concrete and its pretty loud but i dont feel any pain. i get up and continue i want to fly but i have some problems getting higher so i jump from level to level. wake up?
      -i am somewhere on a party or in south america? i think of a girl i dont like to much i see another girl going around the corner [the evening before a friend wrote something about her] so i follow her i find her in a small dark room. i take her and we have a little sexy time. but after some time i get bored and i leave her behind. a voice from the off says something like " ah finally you learned it/managed to get detached from it"
      -i show someone how i make fire in the hand. first a liquid arise in my hand and then i turn it on. but the fire is weak and blue. i pour some of the liquid on the ground and throw a fireball on it but not to much happen....
      -i phase thru the ceilings a mix of flying and climbing and pushing thru, i find myself in some weird and colored rooms like for childs in a funny hospital or something? i try to fly in the room, i try different styles like ironman all is with not too much success. i look out for a jetpack it works shorty better but not good...i notice how i tense my body so i try to relax and concentrate on the goal where i want to get and not on the flying itself but i cant mange it...
      -i find myself on a public open space. i go to a girl and ask her if she can help me with flying she smiles and starts flying. i follow her and tell her flying that i have problem with height and speed. she tells me this is a luxury problem and i shouldn't mind but i say that i want to get better and see progress. we loose each other?
      - i phase into a bus? go to an older woman and with not too much words turn of her pants start rubbing her xxx and we have sex. i am positively surprised that her skin looks very young and elastic and her v... is mostly shaved expect a small part that is very short and white haired. we do it for some time but there is no climax
      -i actually want to get up but seem to fall asleep again in dream i want to clean my ears because of the earplugs. my roommate is on a bridge above me. we talk and i get lucid again. i start flying and fly low again not the best experience. i pass two buidlings. in the first one i hear music like there will be a concert soon i go to the second one and phase in a guy seems to hear me and he "hunts" me in circles between the living and the bedroom after some time he goes opposite direction and catches me but i hold him and then just leave with no trouble. i meet my brother?/someone i know up front and i tell him in the first building will be a concert so we go there and climb in thru the window. the woman that sits in the back room hears us [in the moment i woke up i had the name celine dion in the head. i googled her and the looks fits]. i ask her about the concert and she says there will be none. okay sad... she seems to have eyes in the back of her head... the hair is cut short at that positions... its a little weird. i remember the bonus totm and try to expand my sight by crossing my eyes so they kind of turn to the sides and then to the back but i cant go much further than i can in waking life.... i ask her if she can make me eyes in the back of my head like she has. she says something about tattoos and that she needs something for it or later or something? she ask me which kind of eyes, just eyes or also eyebrows or make up or something?! in the end i dont get them and move a little more in the room before i wake up for good
      -i ask a guy "if you should tell me something i shouldnt forget for sure, what would it be?" he answers "you should get yourself a fetish girl" aha i think... i go to another dude same question same answer...
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    15. Advanced TOTM Completed: Liquid Color

      by , 07-29-2018 at 04:25 PM
      I become lucid and remember the task, “Condense a color into a liquid, and drink it. Report the taste.” I look around for a good color to use. The walls are a deep red and I think about using that before I see a dark green Christmas ornament.
      burnout theory-46029c10-b5d7-4f70-a454-5cc954e2ee11.jpg
      I pick it up and throw it on the ground, smashing it into pieces. I sit next to it and use my hands to further pulverize it (it’s not sharp at all) until it’s a fine dust. I turn to a DC and ask them to get me a cup. They walk away, but I decide not to wait. I turn to my other side and see a DC holding a small cup. I take it and put the ornament powder inside. I will it to become liquid and drink it. Some of it is still powdery, but there are liquid parts. It’s sickly sweet and I don’t enjoy it at all.

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