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    1. kick yourself in the ass and you get rewarded

      by , 08-10-2018 at 10:10 PM
      so after quite some time with no lucids and to lazy to do proper night work i kicked myself and wanted to do some totms so after around 5h of sleep i stood up even tho every fiber in my body was like "go back to sleep man.." but i stood up meditated for like 20-30 min and then back to bad on my back setting intention and goals then earplugs and eyemask because it was loud in the house and falling asleep.
      3 LD was the result

      -i am in the bathroom looking on a clock 11:45.... way to late, not possible and how can i read the clock anyways its dark. i do a nosepinch and lucid. i am happy, phase into the hallway. everything is super dark and the visuals are bad but i just start running and move my hands more than necessary and suddenly visuals are back. i remember instantly my goals to do the totms so i run to a building and enter thru a door expecting to be on the roof of a high building but i just enter the building i look for another door but i find an elevator. convenient i think and enter telling it to go up by voice command. i get out and find myself on a parking deck with a roof over me. i remember that i want to cross my eyes and so i do. it works immediately with no effort i also do it by look at a finger that comes closer to my nose but actually its not necessary. i run to the fence at the end of the building and look down. not as high as i hoped but good enough i jump down and try to be as passive as possible. i accelerate to the ground but i feel i should accelerate faster than i do, like i get slowed down for some reason... i crash into the concrete and its pretty loud but i dont feel any pain. i get up and continue i want to fly but i have some problems getting higher so i jump from level to level. wake up?
      -i am somewhere on a party or in south america? i think of a girl i dont like to much i see another girl going around the corner [the evening before a friend wrote something about her] so i follow her i find her in a small dark room. i take her and we have a little sexy time. but after some time i get bored and i leave her behind. a voice from the off says something like " ah finally you learned it/managed to get detached from it"
      -i show someone how i make fire in the hand. first a liquid arise in my hand and then i turn it on. but the fire is weak and blue. i pour some of the liquid on the ground and throw a fireball on it but not to much happen....
      -i phase thru the ceilings a mix of flying and climbing and pushing thru, i find myself in some weird and colored rooms like for childs in a funny hospital or something? i try to fly in the room, i try different styles like ironman all is with not too much success. i look out for a jetpack it works shorty better but not good...i notice how i tense my body so i try to relax and concentrate on the goal where i want to get and not on the flying itself but i cant mange it...
      -i find myself on a public open space. i go to a girl and ask her if she can help me with flying she smiles and starts flying. i follow her and tell her flying that i have problem with height and speed. she tells me this is a luxury problem and i shouldn't mind but i say that i want to get better and see progress. we loose each other?
      - i phase into a bus? go to an older woman and with not too much words turn of her pants start rubbing her xxx and we have sex. i am positively surprised that her skin looks very young and elastic and her v... is mostly shaved expect a small part that is very short and white haired. we do it for some time but there is no climax
      -i actually want to get up but seem to fall asleep again in dream i want to clean my ears because of the earplugs. my roommate is on a bridge above me. we talk and i get lucid again. i start flying and fly low again not the best experience. i pass two buidlings. in the first one i hear music like there will be a concert soon i go to the second one and phase in a guy seems to hear me and he "hunts" me in circles between the living and the bedroom after some time he goes opposite direction and catches me but i hold him and then just leave with no trouble. i meet my brother?/someone i know up front and i tell him in the first building will be a concert so we go there and climb in thru the window. the woman that sits in the back room hears us [in the moment i woke up i had the name celine dion in the head. i googled her and the looks fits]. i ask her about the concert and she says there will be none. okay sad... she seems to have eyes in the back of her head... the hair is cut short at that positions... its a little weird. i remember the bonus totm and try to expand my sight by crossing my eyes so they kind of turn to the sides and then to the back but i cant go much further than i can in waking life.... i ask her if she can make me eyes in the back of my head like she has. she says something about tattoos and that she needs something for it or later or something? she ask me which kind of eyes, just eyes or also eyebrows or make up or something?! in the end i dont get them and move a little more in the room before i wake up for good
      -i ask a guy "if you should tell me something i shouldnt forget for sure, what would it be?" he answers "you should get yourself a fetish girl" aha i think... i go to another dude same question same answer...
      lucid , task of the month
    2. Advanced TOTM Completed: Liquid Color

      by , 07-29-2018 at 04:25 PM
      I become lucid and remember the task, ďCondense a color into a liquid, and drink it. Report the taste.Ē I look around for a good color to use. The walls are a deep red and I think about using that before I see a dark green Christmas ornament.
      burnout theory-46029c10-b5d7-4f70-a454-5cc954e2ee11.jpg
      I pick it up and throw it on the ground, smashing it into pieces. I sit next to it and use my hands to further pulverize it (itís not sharp at all) until itís a fine dust. I turn to a DC and ask them to get me a cup. They walk away, but I decide not to wait. I turn to my other side and see a DC holding a small cup. I take it and put the ornament powder inside. I will it to become liquid and drink it. Some of it is still powdery, but there are liquid parts. Itís sickly sweet and I donít enjoy it at all.

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      lucid , task of the month
    3. Handy Wine 7/13/2018

      by , 07-18-2018 at 01:51 AM
      A bunch of first and second year highschool students and I are standing in a room with blue and white tiled walls, florescent lighting and a concrete floor. There are windows in front of us and we're looking through them into a basketball gym. We are gathered here to ready ourselves for an event. The students all around me are mostly girls and are dressed in cheerleading outfits. I am wearing jeans and a grey shirt with the school's name and logo small on the chest.

      Two of the cheerleaders are talking to me and the energy in the room is nervous. I feel kind of like I'm a student too, but deep down I'm still aware of my actual waking life identity. The girls tell me that we aren't allowed to wear the school logo during this event and I get a little bit worried.

      A big male coach comes in, looking like a caricature of every mean grade-school coach ever, and yells at everyone to get ready. He gripes at me about my shirt and I respond by telling him I'm not enrolled here and that I'm 25 years old. He huffs and pouts away.

      I know that my friend J is in the bandstands and I go to sit with her. The basketball gym is cold and blue. The cheerleaders come out and begin their routine. After talking to J for a few seconds I leave through the main doors at the end of the room. It's like I'm going through backstage at a film set, with all sorts of staff and equipment sitting around anxiously focusing on the event. I push my way through, uncaring.

      The gym has transformed into a large movie theater when I come back and sit with J again. K and S are there too and we're all squished together on our part of the bench. J sits on my lap and we laugh. She's holding a baby who is apparently her little sister. K is holding another younger baby who is also J's sister. I am amazed by this because J's parents are septuagenarians and she is the youngest in waking life. Her mom bumbles around in a nearby corner which is stocked with toys, seeming tense and stressed.

      I look around and see that the movie screen and the the wall it was on are now gone, leaving a very large opening to the outside. The concrete floor gives way to rocks and and shallow fast-flowing water and stone walls come up at the sides forming a sort of grotto. Small groups of people are exploring the area. It is a beautiful and refreshing sight.

      I happily go exploring by myself. I come to a large rock bulging out of the water and bend over, looking for life. My sister KB walks up from behind me and is also looking, though less intently. I see different kinds of algae and some tiny fish.

      Suddenly I spot a baby frog. I try to catch it but it escapes. Another one appears and I successfully capture it in my hands. I feel it wiggle for a moment before I let it go. I look back into the water and see a magnificent salamander, about eight inches from tip to tip, almost completely translucent, and having two tails. It is swimming around very actively. I have a hard time catching it but I succeed. I show it excitedly to KB then decide I have to show it to J.

      I return to the bleachers carrying my prize carefully yet firmly and see that J is gone. I ask S and K where she went and they say they think she went to her room. We get her mom's attention and she agrees to lead me to the room. My sister, K and S all follow along.

      This place is now an event center combined with a hotel, kinda like a resort. We go up several floors and eventually arrive in a very small, old film-showing room with yellow fabric walls and old, dark wood furniture. The door to J's room is here, made of that same dark wood. Someone in our group complains about the location of the room and I think to myself that it's not that bad.

      J is there and she likes the salamander but is not very interested. Her brother is there now as well and they start acting incestual, flirting with each other, and I get really upset. I yell at them and fly away.

      I find myself standing in a small room made from the same materials as the film-showing room. I see a small ornament, maybe a brooch, on a small round table. It has numerous blue and green smooth stones in a tarnished gold setting.

      I am suddenly fully lucid and I remember the task to condense a color into a liquid and drink it. I think about using the small ornament but decide it has too many colors close together and it would be hard to single one out. I look around and see a long wooden box filled with dark, wine-colored apples. There is a blanket draped partially over them and I remove it, revealing some unidentifiable, slightly different colored fruit. I put the blanket back and prepare to extract the color from the apples. I notice there are a few bunches of similarly colored grapes among them.

      I reach out and pull the wine red color out into my right hand without touching the fruit. I had intended to materialize a cup for it to go into, but the liquid seems to have replaced the flesh of my hand, which is now wine colored up to the wrist where it stops at a hard line. When I withdraw my hand I can see it is slightly translucent and the liquid within it is sloshing back and forth a bit. I put my lips to my open palm and slurp the liquid out, watching as my hand becomes flesh again. The liquid is cool and tastes like fruit punch. I smack my lips, savoring it, and smile at its pleasantness.

      I fly off into an increasingly dark area down several corridors and begin to hear someone coming after me. It feels sinister. I fly faster into a dark bathroom and into one of the stall where I hide. The danger passes, having overlooked me.
      More occurs, but recall is almost nonexistent.
      lucid , task of the month
    4. Advanced TOTM Completed: Hand Clapping

      by , 07-05-2018 at 06:47 PM
      I'm walking around a house when I become aware that I'm dreaming. I remember the task, "Declare that clapping your hands always changes one fundamental rule of the world. Test it out until you have visible results."
      I give my declaration and begin clapping while continuing to walk. At first, nothing happens. Then, I notice that every time I move, a trail is left behind for a few seconds before disappearing. I continue clapping and find I can walk through objects with no resistance.
      I continue walking and walk into a bathroom and look into the mirror. Looking at my reflection, I begin losing lucidity as my appearance begins morphing into an increasingly frightening image.
      lucid , task of the month
    5. Morning Nap WILDs 6/11/2018

      by , 06-23-2018 at 10:21 PM
      I keep WILDing up out of the chair I'm napping in. The first few times are kinda like FAs: sort of unaware then becoming more lucid. I begin to WILD on purpose while holding the compliment task in mind.

      I stand up, make eye contact with my grandmother, and ask her if I'm dreaming. I don't remember her answer. I do the nose-pinch RC several times before thinking about who to compliment. I consider telling my grandmother that I respect her, but decide to compliment my three year old daughter instead. I turn to her and say enthusiastically, "You're so cute!" I smile at her and she grins big and sits down on the floor, being all silly and wiggly.

      Satisfied with completing the task, I decide to go out the front door. I unlock it and open up both the inner door and the glass door before emerging into the bright sunlight. I want to fly, so I attempt to. I get a bit scared and drift back down involuntarily. I try again, going higher, but fall again, faster this time. I hit the ground rather hard, expecting pain but fortunately receiving none.
      lucid , task of the month
    6. Orange Glitter Knight 6/10/2018

      by , 06-23-2018 at 02:33 AM
      The sun is setting and I am on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean on one of the main decks in the midst of a milling crowd of people. We're not on top of the ship but there is still a beautiful view through long openings on both sides. I hang out with several different friends from different times of my life at different parts of the boat. We drink at a bar with good drinks and really chill vacation vibes, walk around on the top deck chatting and enjoying the view, and gather in an auditorium for some kind of show we never actually see. My first crush is there most of the time and we have fun flirting cheekily with each other. Sometime during all of this I become semi-lucid and remember the task to compliment someone but never do it.

      Later that night when it's pitch black outside and almost everyone is back in their rooms sleeping something goes wrong with the ship. Nothing noticable happens and there are no announcements or warnings, I just somehow know that something has messed up. A feeling of unease comes over me and I enter my crisis state of mind and become focused on doing what I need to to escape.

      I enter some sort of emergency hatch on the wall which leads to a small corridor that runs along the outside of the ship's hull. It's some kind of slide system that leads down to where everyone is gathering to deal with the problem. There are small windows that show the blackness outside and there is water rapidly flowing along the floor like a water slide. The walls are white with a horizontal blue stripe near the bottom and little vents and things all along them. I let myself be pushed down the bumpy slide by the current. It isn't very steep so it's not very fast either. The passageway becomes smaller and my uneasiness increases as I reach a corner. The current is stronger now and it pins me against the wall. My foot is resting on a grate in the floor and suddenly becomes burning hot so I move it up against the wall where it immediately gets freezing cold. I attempt to push myself out of the corner and further down the slide.

      I'm suddenly lucid due to the building stress and I calm down significantly. I choose to let go of reality, knowing it isn't "real". I kind of "push" with my will and the scene dissipates into smaller and smaller spheres which float up and away from me into the black void.

      A bright sunny scene quickly appears around me. I'm in a small yard between the backs of some old brick buildings in a town. The buildings are painted different colors. I'm standing on a low wood platform with partial railing and a narrow boardwalk leading away between the buildings. The grass is overgrown and pretty, having fluffy weeds and vines that cling to the railing. I feel warm.

      A knight in full armor is galloping around the outside of the platform on a nondescript brown horse. There is barely room for them. The knight's armor covers their entire body and is bright orange with silver glitter throughout and a seemingly plastic texture.

      I recall the compliment task and I say to the knight, "You're so pretty!" I do not recall getting a response. I remember thinking I'd finished the task and that I should wake up. I walk down the sidewalk along a main street and attempt to wake myself using my "sitting up motion while feeling my body with expectation and intent" method.
      This may or may not have worked; I can't recall because I went back to sleep several times.
      lucid , task of the month
    7. Cycling | Spaceship in a void + LD | DEILD Basic TOTM and more | DEILD a man with a moth stand

      by , 06-11-2018 at 10:15 AM
      I've been trying to became lucid after last Wednesday, but these last days I've only recalled one or two normal dreams/night. Until today, when I finally became lucid. I got two normal dreams and three LDs. One dream was both. I also succeeded in a TOTM, the basic one about complimenting a DC. Here are my dreams:

      Normal dream 1: I am cycling in my neighbourhood. I'm using my phone to watch YouTube videos at the same time. I don't remember what I was watching. There is a forest by the road. I see boys my age/older. I cycle the same route over and over again. The dream is foggy?? and I can't remember it fully.

      Normal dream 2: I can't remember the start of the dream fully, but I was in some kind of ship and was in danger of bombs or something. We have to go to the deck or atleast somewhere up to escape the danger. I find my three cousins and my aunt from their room. The walls are red. I tell them that we need to go. My aunt and the oldest cousin come and my aunt is already rushing up. I tell my other younger cousins to hurry up. I'm scared of a bomb. They come and we go to the deck (different scene). I think that we're safe. We are in space/ a dark and purple void?? You can fall of easily, there's no fence or anything. It's hard to describe. I see another ship in the dark. I think we are going towards it. I realise that it's not safe after all, because that ship is our rival and whoever is commanding our ship wants to start fighting with it. The other ship has canyons. I almost go back inside to find a safer place. I don't want to fall into the void. I'm scared but calm myself by remindig that I can just wake up if something bad happens. I know it's a dream and became lucid.
      Lucid dream 1 (DILD): I don't do a RC. I try to teleport to a safer place by closing my eyes and thinking of another place. First I think of my neighbourhood but decide that I don't want to go there and switch to my school. I wake up accidentally.

      I stay still and imagine my school. Soon I'm inside a dream.
      Lucid dream 2 (DEILD): I'm in the school yard. There are lots of people with dogs. I'm a little above them for some reason. In the dream I think that they are there because of a dream I just had, but it's not actually true. I remember wanting to compliment a DC because I have thought a lot about it when awake. I say (in Finnish) "Your dogs are nice and cute. Be proud of them." I said it to the crowd and not one DC. At first they didn't react at all and I became worried, but then they said "Thank you", as if they were just one DC. Then want to stabilize the dream. I forgot to do it in the beginning. I touch the ground (I'm not above the DCs anymore). It's sand. I take some of it and brush my hands against each other. The quality of the dream is kinda good, but not as great as last Wednesday. I wish it was better. I remember reading about how you are more likely to recall the dream in the morning if you try to remember things from the waking life. Or something like that. I remember my whole name. I try to remember things about last week, because a YouTuber had said it would be impossible in a dream. I remember that last week was the first free week after school ending and that I ate certain food. I don't think I could have remembered the food thing while awake... Then I look at the sky. Another Youtuber had said that it should look like a painting and I wanted to prove (to myself??) that my sky was normal. Well the sky isn't a painting but there's a message. It looks like it's written by hand. I'm afraid that it's something creepy. It's in English even though I speak Finnish. It said "Hey I'm the one reading your diary. -You" or something. It's clearly a direct message from my subconsciusness...It isn't as creepy as I thought it would be. Instead I find it super cool. The U in "You" was unfinished. I wake up.

      I imagine the school again.
      Lucid dream 3 (DEILD): I'm closer to the actual school than last dream. I'm flying. There's a stand and an old man. The stand is about a moth. It has a forest backround and pictures. I'm scared that it's something dangerous or creepy. The man shows me the moth. It's a green moth until you flip it and it's a blue btterfly. In the pictures it's only a blue moth. It's big. I don't fly away because I'm losing lucidity. The man convinces me that the moth is harmless and I let it fly to my chest. I don't control the dream enough and the dream unstabilizes. I wake up.

      So those were my dreams last night. Now that I am awake I realised that the man in the last dream was in one of my nightmares... He had a stand (I hope it's the right word) in that dream too... That nightmare is in my DJ here if you're intrested. I need to talk to him next time I see him.

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    8. Eating Chocolate Cake

      by , 06-01-2018 at 01:24 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      02:40 AM
      Eating Chocolate Cake (Lucid)

      I am at a motel with my girlfriend and we heard banging of footsteps outside and go out to see whats going on. There is a huge swat team raiding on of the hotel rooms and a gun fight starting. I somehow have a gun now which I leave in a holster. I leave carefully with my girlfriend but we are stopped by some police officers and are taken to a table with a guy in a suit and tie for questions about how it went down. The strangeness of the situation makes me consider if it's a dream. This is enough to make me lucid even without RCing.

      I start out by telling the suit guy that I have a gun and putting it on the table. I then tell him to stop and think because this is a dream. He asks how that is possible so I prove it to him by pinching his nose for him. He believes me. I then remember my goal which is to complete the basic task of the month: eat chocolate cake. I reach behind me a whip out a slice on a small plate. It is a basic chocolate cake, not the chocolate mousse kind I hoped for but I give it a try. It is really good anyways! I think about moving on to my next goal but then realize I should have a lot more cake than just one slice since its a dream. I look away and look back and there is a full chocolate cake on the table. I eat it half of it one handful at a time and leave the rest on the table.

      Now, lets summon Juliana. I look and see the Millennium Falcon is around the corner though and run to that instead. Well that is interesting I think I want to explore that first. Maybe Juliana is in the cockpit anyways. I run in but loose some stability since the corridor leading to the cockipit is confusing.
      I loose most of lucidity and the next thing I know I am piloting the ship in 3d person like it's a video game. I am flying around a space station and docking with it. I wake up and know I have to write this dream down. I remember it pretty well but I feel close to the most tired I have ever been. It is 2:40 which means I am less than 3 hours into sleep. It takes me 20 minutes to wake up enough to fully type out notes on my phone and I fall asleep a couple times and I dream some more.

      I am on a cruise ship with my girlfriend. There is a show with a mentalist who also is a motivational speaker. I am sitting up front and when I say one thing to a guy near me the mentalist stops and gives me a look to try and say that I am being rude. I think this makes me a little semi lucid because it just felt weird he would be so dramatic about it. I barely made any noise. My girlfriend and I are chosen to be in the show. We get strapped into a amusement ride with us on rotating seats at the end of a pendulum. We have to answer questions and based on those questions while the ride is spinning and the mentalist will be able to read our minds. The ride gets going and its really a lot of Gs. I like the ride but man it just keeps spinning us non stop while he asks us questions. I actually start to get dizzy which rides usually don't do to me. I can't even focus on his questions. I tell my girlfriend I am going to phase through the seats and fly away. She says something, alarmed. I start to fly out of the seat and wake up again.

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      lucid , task of the month
    9. Dull inducement

      by , 05-26-2018 at 09:03 PM
      so these dreams is I'm always staring at girls then I get the nerve wrecking pinch that makes me want to do something else then about a hour a later I want to stare at girls again then when I recall it only last 8 to eleven minutes every time I have this dream
    10. Basic TOTMs Completed: DC Songs and Chocolate Cake

      by , 05-22-2018 at 02:00 AM

      I am lucid in the foyer of a house. I enter into the next room over where a DC is sitting at the computer. I ask them to sing me a song. They do and it sounds very familiar, although I donít think it exists in real life. The lyrics are sort of complicated and I canít remember any of them. I walk into the kitchen to ask another DC in the hopes that theyíd sing something I could remember when I woke up. I ask two more DCs. The first sings in Spanish and the second in English, but I canít remember any lyrics now that Iím awake. Then I remember the other basic ToTM, to eat chocolate cake. I donít remember how I get it (I either summon it or it was immediately handed to me), but I soon have a plate of chocolate cake in my hands and begin to eat it. It is very moist, more so than waking life cake.
      lucid , task of the month
    11. Advanced TOTM Completed: Flower Ice Cream

      by , 05-22-2018 at 01:55 AM

      I become lucid in a house. I walk through the closed front door into the front yard. It is winter and frost is covering everything (it is almost summer here). I remember the task to make a flower into ice cream. I walk around looking for flowers before finding dandelions, in both the yellow and fluffy white varieties. I pick one of the fluffy ones and begin walking back to the house with the idea of using something in the kitchen. Then I decide I donít want to walk that far (not to mention it would be pointless) so I instead begin to spin the flower while itís still in an upright position so the blurred bit looks like a cone shape. It soon becomes a real ice cream cone with ice cream in it. I taste this ďdandelion ice creamĒ and find it tastes very similar to mint, but has a slightly chalky aspect to it.

      Not sure what happens next, most likely I lose lucidity or the dream ends.
      lucid , task of the month
    12. Be kind and friendly to your DCīs and you will wake up with a good feeling

      by , 05-13-2018 at 10:06 PM
      recall a bit fuzzy because of several DEILDS (i always get problem with continuity and mix up parts...) maybe i need to narrate the dream more while lucid. but with this DEILDS its super relaxed, no worrys to wake up or anything... you just need to remember to do it xD and have some proper goals or awareness will sink with time...

      -some sexy time with a woman in a bus
      - i am with A and F, A is visiting F, we are in the living room. i go to the toilet and get lucid [dreamsign i try to train... in one of maybe 10 or 15 it triggers lucidity] i phase back through a door and into the room. i remember the TOTM and ask the two if they want to sing me something? maybe something from queen? they start smiling instantly and start put their arm on the shoulder of each other and start singing (i also hear the music?), i smile and am curious if they know the songtext because me in waking life never remember any songtext. in the moment i think about it they just start mumbling and humming like people who dont know the text... we all laugh [sadly i cant remember which queen song it was...] and i wake up/FA and DEILD
      -i walk with a girl, i do a Nosepinch to see if i am dreaming, RC fail but i am not in my bed so this must be a dream, we walk and talk i rub my hands and sing an affirmation [it was one with a cool melody but i also forgot :/] we walk around a corner and there is a band playing with drums and singing and all, its very cool, i go there and dance a little between people i recognize one of the singers as a friend i know. the floor is made out of fine gravel. some girls dance bare feet. i am smiling that the "dream" is doing this for me. my goal for this dream is to be nice to DCīs and have a proper talk without expectation, so i go around the corner into a room where a super cute girl is sleeping with a big smile, i try to wake her calmly but she is very drowsy so i put a pillow under her head and dont want to bother her and again wake up and DEILD
      -i am on a canoe (later it changes that i am swimming) and i have a basket with me on a leash, i paddle past two girls next to the river and ask them if they wanne join eating. they smile shyly and deny. i feel very good about beeing friendly to everyone without any demand or expectation. i meet ("my"?) girl in the water i am swimming now and tell her food is ready. i climb out of the water on a platform that seems to be a cafe, i look into the basket and its empty, i look away and expect there food to be and look again. i find some cookies i try and deeper in the basket is some chines food in the typical take away boxes. the owner of the cafe comes around and i ask if its a problem that we want to eat here. he changes into a rat, perspective is changing and i see a group of rats disappear in a hole... DEILD??
      -i ride a bike with a girl, i phase thru several objects while on the bike, we park our bike and i ask her if she would like to have a talk with me but she seems not to? i stay friendly and tell her its no problem

      another lucid in same night:
      -i try to phase not thru walls (this got second nature) but i want to phase with the ceiling, but instead of flying... i jump feet first... xD sometimes i manage to get high enough and push myself with arms thru the ceiling sometimes i "fall" down again and a floor deeper... after some time i decide its stupid and phase thru a wall but instead of seeing the next room i feel like stuck in between the wall and everything is white?
      after that only semilucid stuff with low awareness i am to lazy to type
      Tags: dcs, deild, friendly, phase
      lucid , task of the month
    13. False Replica Reflections

      by , 05-11-2018 at 08:03 AM
      so this is a dream theory that when one perceives there imagery In dreams and reflects lights in the darkness of seeing human and conscious awareness in dream thinking demons angels monsters are all your subconscious creations so when dreaming in nightmare in ld its your mind trying to fathom how you perceive your own after life in a game played when your eyes are closed so when closing your eyes and meeting dream characters and having view and conversation when sleeping being that your mind makes a deep desire to replicate and create images in your own being and waking life seeing images and reflection of the scary monster the most ruthless demons the most exotic angels and having conversation with other human dreamers in a sense of imagery your mind wakes up in a dream a you seeing other images that aren't your image sometimes I'm not sure if someone has just a standing in a mirror point of view of seeing their lives unfold so when your mind contracts the darkness to reflect the light you make up being in the darkness in moments notice while trying to wake for daily activities in your own pre-set mind games and conscious fathoming
    14. Log 1102 - Magical May 2018 Competition - Day 4

      by , 05-05-2018 at 09:38 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 05 May 2018

      Got a DILD to note. There were a whole bunch of other dreams, but a kind of discomfort made recollection difficult.

      Several intended and unintended WBTBs before this dream.

      Dream 1 - Magical May 2018 Competition

      Scene 1 - Inustrial Communal Place Brief Awareness
      The visuals were blurred. I was an unknown wide facility, metal plating covering much of its walls. There was someone chasing me, or at least someone I was avoiding. So, while floating around, I kept near the ceilings, occasionally phasing through the ducts up to higher levels. Later, I found my brother, Alvaro in some communal bedroom. Got briefly aware. Immediate transition.

      Scene 2 - Bare Diminutive Awareness
      The visuals were blurred. I was home, showering upstairs, dim twilight peeking in from the window. Noticed the bathroom looked absurdly spaceous, retriggering lucidity. I made my way downstairs to the lounge, where I shrunk myself, first down to 1 foot in height, then even smaller. I then looked around, expecting to find unknown DCs to mess around with. Things destabilized. Took a moment to rub hands and concentrate. Transition half a minute later.

      Scene 3 - May 2018 TOTM Advance Task I
      The visuals were clear. I was at the lounge again, only back to full size. I step outside, but not to my neighborhood. Instead, I found myself at the lounge area of a beachside resort. A vast, round wicker canopy covered the place, the surrounding walkways, and most of the nearby shops, and also concealed a clear blue sky above. Seeing passerby's got me worried of my apparel (or lack thereof, given the whole shower thing above). An unnecessary concern, as I found I was already wearing pool shorts, a dark blue tanktop, and running shoes.

      I started recalling the TOTMs, settling for the ice cream one. After some searching, I found a flower growing near an unkempt bush behind a trash can, the bloom akin to a deep violet trumpet creeper. Through telekinesis, I plucked the flower, and kept it hovering over my hand. I then tried changing it. Initially, it transformed into formless darkness, before finally settling into a large glass full of white ice cream. I ate a fingerful, but could taste and feel nothing, just a faint blandness. Both the food and environment were deteriorating. A half minute of concentration fixed as much. This time, the ice cream had a slightly yellowish tint. I took a dab, which felt much colder and a bit coarser than normal ice cream (more akin to the low fat/fat free variety, or frozen yogurt). As for the taste, it was plain vanilla flavored, followed by an oatmeal-ish aftertase.

      Couldn't think of much else better to do. So I floated around aimlessly. It took more effort than usual to get off the ground, let alone to keep balance, which I could only manage by waving my arms around like an oaf. Furthermore, I couldn't get much higher than a head above a nearby archway.

      The dream collapsed soon after. I tried DEILDing back in, but lost lucidity.

      Scene 4 - Where'd He Get My ID?
      The visuals were a bit blurred. This depicted the life of some young, lanky manager in a print shop. Through some crazy coincidence, his former boss from his old job, a stumpy guy with glasses, was now under his employ. Though a diligent worker, this ex-boss was also quite needy, demanding constant advice and oversight.

      I was later given the young manager's role. The stumpy guy started bothering me to trade personal contact info with each other, more than I was sure was needed, down to our driver's liscense ID numbers. This made me very suspicious of my current state. Well, that, and that I found my own ID in this this young guy's wallet. The dream ended before I could do much about that.

      Scrap Group 1
      Some guy is making douchebag comments. I put him on an Argentine Backbreaker hold, then tossed him aside when he started whimpering.

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    15. That look of eyes five inches a part

      by , 04-30-2018 at 06:51 AM
      I found myself in a huge convention center, it seemed. And to my surprise, the place sort of circled around a large domain where the space needle was being constructed, though it was black. I met this woman, and everyone presumed she had an attitude about her that made her cold, unapproachable, and seemingly ill-tempered. I chose to ignore these elements and sat down with her at a picnic table, still inside this convention center. This woman's disposition was an absolute amalgamation of several personas of multiple strippers.

      Laburnout theory-screen-shot-2018-04-29-4.24.21-am.jpgClick image for larger version. 

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      I'm so stupidly foggy as to other dream aspects, but I was at one point conversing with my mother about something lifelike.

      Additionally, my friend Matt was at my house, and he felt the need to watch television on our big screen downstairs. He gathered together a jumbled mess of extension cords, and sought the assistance of my father to garner a means to watch his program. When i met him at the foot of the stairs, I asked why he needed to do this, and he responded with "I didn't want you to give me that look of eyes five inches apart!"

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