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    1. 14 Nov: Refugee camp in the mountains, trapped in astral plane, starving parakeet

      by , 11-14-2020 at 05:20 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid FA/AP

      I am in the mountains, heading to some camp with lots of kids. Zilla is there too and she organized a paper-chase game for the kids, inspired in Harry Potter and they are quite entertained following clues through paths in the mountains. But this is like a refugee camp, not a summer camp and we are on the move, running away from something dangerous.
      I get a surprise visit by Nighthawk and I am so happy to see him. We sit at the entrance of a tent and as we talk, we lean towards each other and I can't resist to kiss him. Then we embrace each other passionately. Things are heating up so we head inside. But then some bad guys with guns invade the camp and we all try to run to safer places, unsuccessfully. They've surrounded us and they snatch a kid and kill him. They say they'll keep coming and kill us all one by one. Then they leave and we all start mourning. I sob in deep despair.
      I wake up from the dream because of my crying, I feel like I am sobbing in RL. But instead of really waking up, I go through a false awakening and end up in the astral plane. I am in the bed at my room in the attic, it is dark and something is off. I sense dark presences and I start hearing a baby crying. It's disturbing and it doesn't stop. I get up and sit on the bed as I hear steps of someone coming. I hope it is Riverstone, so I call for him but I get no response. As I start feeling sheer terror, I start yelling as loud as I can, trying to be heard in RL or wake myself up. I realize no sound is actually coming out of my mouth in my RL body. I freak out for a bit because I feel trapped and unable to communicate or get out. Until I decide to calm down and ignore the fear and the baby crying. I slowly wake up.

      I am at my mom's with Riverstone, looking for some bird cages with different sizes that I know she has in the attic. We use it sometimes for rescue birds. I am shocked to find one tiny cage that only fits one bird standing, which has a parakeet inside. I can't understand how that is possible at all. These cages have been stored for at least a year. I rush to give water and a bit of kiwi to the poor bird and I can sense he is desperate. I can't wait to let him fly free in the room a little bit. He first falls on the bed as he is very weak but then manages to fly to the window and grab the metal frame of the window. I go get him to put him in a larger cage with food and water so he can recover, but he panics thinking I am going to trap him again in the tiny one. I also can feel all his bones and it is so afflictive.
    2. Dream - Roxas Is Crying & The Violent Bubble

      by , 10-28-2020 at 12:58 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 1 SEP - 2020

      Dream No. 728 - Separated Sections

      Dream 728 A - Roxas Is Crying

      I canít remember much about this dream. From what I can remember, I was in my backyard and Roxas appeared holographically in his Organisation XIII coat. As he was speaking to me though, he was crying, as if he was scared of me or what I was going to do with what he said. And then another person appeared and spoke to me, as if it was a clone of Roxas but then it wasnít, it seemed like a Ďparallelí version of him. Though I cannot remember what was said. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 728 B - The Violent Bubble

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, it seemed to be the evening and I was in my backyard. My mum was talking to the family about my dad having to go for some sort of x-ray, but that we had to disconnect the system link at our house because doing x-rays here would be dangerous. It seemed a complicated process, but I eventually I climbed high enough to disconnect the two wires by standing on some sort of box.

      We then went inside the house and I went into the bathroom to seemingly take a bath, though the dream didnít actually show me taking a bath. What I did do, however, was seemingly blow all these bubbles because I had water and also a bit of soap in my mouth. The first few bubbles were okay and they popped when I touched one. However, I blew one bubble, but when I touched it, it did not pop and this became odd.

      Firstly, it was odd, but then it became concerning as the bubble began to grow in size as well as change colour to a tone of light purple. Now it just kept growing and growing and I figured I had to pop it before if would fill up the space of the whole bathroom and consume me with it. No matter how hard I vigorously poked at it, the bubble had developed thick, gum-like skin and was not bursting. So I grabbed a large pin out of one of the drawers and ferociously stabbed the bubble. The bubble would temporarily deflate, but the purple skin meant the bubble would heal itself and continue to inflate.

      I was now horrified and was screaming at this overly-resistant, terrifying bubble. Eventually, the bubble inflated to a massive size and was about to consume me. I screamed as I woke up from this nightmare.

      Dream 728 A

      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 728 B
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Death threatening IT

      by , 10-21-2020 at 09:57 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm sitting on a bed with IT and we are talking about something. The wall to my right is a glass wall and I see the people and town walking outside. I talk about the trachea and how I could strangle him with a throwing tool I have in my hand. He seems afraid. I Keep on pushing him mentally and he becomes unstable. He goes on a rampage and throws himself under the bed. I am scared because I don't know where he might show up. I get confidence because I was able to scare him earlier. I walk of the bed and prepare to face him, thinking that I can beat him. He jumps me from under the bed with long nails, sharp teeth and his arms stretched out against me. I become lucid and try to wake myself up. He starts to tickle me and it is terrible. I wake up.

      Notes: In biology we talk about the different body parts that are active during respiration, the cell, digestion and circulation. I have a test on these subjects in two days and I am nervous and should have practiced more. In the dream I use biology as a weapon.
      Tags: scary
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Most disgusting thing I ever experienced. Rainy beach. Eggs. Marriage, weird dream transition.

      by , 10-20-2020 at 07:32 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I'm in a cellar. I'm being hunted and decide to hide in some kind of big container in a public bathroom. There comes a green slime monster and it jumps into the container and dissolves into some kind of hidious green mixture. My vision is changed to outside the container and I see the mixture is moving disgustingly. There comes a new creature in the bathroom. It is a large man without a shirt that looks brain dead. He jumps into the container and all his body contents are being pushed out from his behind until there is only a loose skin of him. His contents are not intestines as you would expect. It is diarrhea! I am inside this container but my vision is from above and I see the mixture blending with the green slime. My senses of disgust is almost making me puke and I feel horrible. But this is not the end. Monster after monster comes in and I have this afraid feeling at the same time I have this disgusted feeling. All the monsters jump in and dissolve into diarrhea and I am somehow counting how many things have jumped in and dissolved. I counted to ten. New fragment I am at a beach with Olivia, Stefan and Gabriel. We walk inside a big cabin and it is pouring rain outside. I look at the water and the big waves outside. Gabriel shows me some kind of cylinder device with many holes in the bottom. There are four clays with distinct coulors. Blue, yellow, red and green. Gabriel shows me how the clays start to rise from the holes and that I am like the red clay. The red clay is superior and rises over the other clays. He says that this is how the different clays impact on the greenhouse effect. I am proud over it and says that is the way I am (I did not think about it in the dream but there were four people in the room and four clays. Maybe each colour represented each one of us). Olivia changes the subject and we talk about going out swimming but I say it is too cold. I think in my head how warm it would have to be for me to go and swim. I start with 19 degrees celsius but end up at 25 degrees celsius.

      Notes: I felt a bit stomach sick yesterday evening which may have resulted in the disgusting dream. When I woke up I was afraid to go to the bathroom because of the disgusting dream which makes it to a nightmare too. Yesterday I did some math and showed my family how we could have saved more than 1 million kr (113 000 USD) by only eating egg each day for the past 16 years. I told them it is nutritious, cheap and better for the environment than red meat. I am fighting for the environment and doesn't know why the dream me acted as if I didn't care.

      I tell my family in the dining room that I am allergic to eggs but wonder if they will know I lie because I ate eggs last week.

      Notes: That was weird. Why would I ever lie about that? I talked about my allergies with my friends four days ago when we ate at a restaurant.

      I have accidentally married with someone I don't like in our bathroom at home. I think dad is there too. It is a double marriage because another pair is also there to marry. My newly wedded wife and I walk into my old room next to the eating room. We talk and my sense of despair disappears because she is not that bad. I walk into my mother's and father's room and there are some naked people in there and I become somewhat lucid. I feel on my face and wonder if this is a dream. I don't quite come there and the dream disappears.

      Notes: In physics yesterday I wondered about how many of the girls in my class I would be okey marrying to. I didn't think anyone had the same life goals as I have and that almost none of them would enjoy 80 years with me. I thought about how our everyday life would look like and that my religion affects a lot.

      I tried to WILD 03.25 (woke up naturally) and had some kind of weird experience. I had my thoughts and knew I existed. I wake up and remember a whole dream but I didn't remember falling asleep.
    5. Scary mind controlling aliens. Couple dance.

      by , 10-16-2020 at 07:56 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      I have some smaller friends who remind me of the Stranger Things company. Helene sends a message to me about aliens that have the ability to brainwash. Some of my smaller friends discuss whether we should try to build gear that can prevent mind control. They say that it is worth trying even if it does not work in the end. New fragment I copy paste the information Helene sent me and send it back to her because I want her to read the instructions. I talk with her over the phone too. She says that she has never seen that information earlier. We understand that Helene has been brainwashed and we prepare the gear. New fragment I sit on a rotatable circle platform with an iron helmet that is notably home made on my head with four other people. The one opposite to me also has a helmet but not the other two people. I start to spin the platform by using my feet against the ground. The smart one that is in charge of the operation says worried that the speed might be too high and that we might die. I keep on spinning and don't care about his statement. There are some of us guarding the door from the aliens. There is a platform from the ceiling were about five aliens stand on that is being lowered. I close my eyes because I think it is a movie and do not want to look on them because I don't like to see scary things on television. My closed eyes don't help me because I still see them. They are tall, green and slimy but has a normal face like humans. They reach the ground and start to walk against us. We spin faster and faster until the energy is full. There is a new platform that starts to rise and takes the aliens with it. The aliens are able to walk of the platform easily but they just stand there. The platform rises to the upper floor and an arm of one alien is trapped and cut of by the elevator. Nobody seems to care. The upper floor is very close to our floor and we decide to run away. I suddenly have very slippery heels and it is almost impossible to move in them. Stefan F is helping me to move. There is an alien that helps us and Stefan says that there is only one double agent. I tell him that we can't be sure and that there may be more. There is a staircase we come to and Stefan walks one way and I walk the other. I don't want to leave him but see that the two different paths we chose led to the same destination only that mine was shorter.

      Notes: This was a nightmare and I was scared when I walked to the bathroom in the night. I saw a movie on netflix that Helene tipsed us to watch. We talk about brain control in the english lessons. That feeling when you can't run in a dream is so frustrating.

      I wake up 03.20 and wrote down the alien dream. I try to WILD and have a very positive mind that I will succeed. I am able to keep my focus but the itches are bombarding me. It's impossible to relax and I decide to sleep. I had some confusing FA too.

      It is some kind of Bolliad and I sit by a table with Diego. There are tables placed in the middle of the room and there are some youths dancing couple dance around us. I see some girls that look lonely that I want to cheer up by dancing with them but I decide not to. The youths that are dancing want to group dance instead but there is a young leader (about 20 years old) that encourages them to keep on dancing in pairs. I look for William and is sad when I remember that he is too old to be there. There are two old sister missionaries (about 70 years old) that talk about all the cakes on the table in front of me. There is a big cake that they want the recipe to.

      Had a dream about dad and something too.

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      nightmare , false awakening , non-lucid
    6. A wild at beginning of sleep turning into SP horror

      by , 10-14-2020 at 05:48 PM
      I did my tech, which translate me directly into the Lucid dream, what happen to the theory of no Rem at beginning of the night, I got too excited and fall apart.

      I do it again and achieve second LD, but it was very bizarre. I got myself standing in front of a building at night, it looked like a Bank and the next moment a guy a attacked me, we fight, for some reason I had a gun attached on my belt, I shot him. I got over his dead body, in that moment someone knocked me down, I lost consciousness (everything become black) but the dream didn't fall apart.

      I woke up on the ground face down, I couldn't move, it's like I have been tied up. Two man were arguing what to do with me, the first wanted to kill me, but the second wanted me as a hostage, I only could see their feets. The first man bring me up and clenched his fist on my throat, he said he will kill me for killing his brother, the sensation of him grabbing my throat was very real and painful. I couldn't move at all and I couldn't scream, I had no control of the scene, it was so bizarre real, I just closed my eyes and wished to wake up, after two seconds I really woke up.

      Damn, that SP terror was just too wrong, I slept for the rest of the night.
      lucid , nightmare
    7. OBE Shadow Demon

      by , 10-12-2020 at 03:18 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #541- DEILD approx 2am

      I don't remember the first part but I have FA. There are double windows at the foot of the bed and wife is on wrong side. The windows are open and a cool breeze is blowing in. It feels nice and I am relaxed and content to just lay there.

      I "Fall back to sleep" I am in a room but it kind of dark. There is a white ceiling fan. I start to feel a little scared of the dark so I go to turn on the light. The pull chain feels like its not clicking the switch but it also feels like the chain is stretchy. Something clicks and there is only a small spot of light on the ceiling fan where the light kit should be but its missing. I pull another chain and the fan blades start but they warp and make odd sounds. I can feel the breeze from it and I feel like the blade will get me so I turn away.

      I have another FA back in the odd bedroom with double windows. This time the breeze is much stronger and the curtains are blowing out. I think this must be why I dreamed about the ceiling fan. I hear distant crack of thunder and see a flash of lighting then I hear the sound of gentle rain. I think its good we are getting rain since its been so dry. I consider closing the windows in case we get wet but the breeze and sound of the storm is so nice I decide to wait.

      I wake for real this time but I feel so still and relaxed that I go for DEILD. After a few seconds vibrations start. I consider sitting up but I feel unsure if I am totally in yet so I decide to roll. For some reason that feels like that safer bet. I feel the stretch and the familiar separation then softly hit the floor. As a type of RC I decide to jump and test gravity. I open my eyes and spring up with my feet hard. I raise up to the ceiling and gently float down. It's a cool effect so I do it one more time.

      Suddenly there are flashes of light and I see this strange demonic shadow thing on the wall. It flickers in and out of existence and moves rapidly back and forth. My throat closes up with fear and I gasp. I start to panic but I decide to try to calm this down a bit. I stand my ground in a defensive stance and say, "NO! No you stop it."
      Maybe my heart was racing too much or me saying stop it was taken as stop everything but, I am suddenly back in bed wide awake. I think to do a nose plug RC before making an entry on my phone DJ.
    8. Walking, snow, woods, dad is idiot. Guitar man. Among us. Wake up in hospital. Discord, transsexual.

      by , 10-06-2020 at 08:00 AM (DJ of lucid goals and how it goes)
      Notes: I tried one of my longest WILDs 22.30-23.25. I got some very light dreams about people standing in front of me and some eyes. I think they were HH and not light dreams actually.

      I'm walking in a snowy forest. My backpack is heavy and is hurting my shoulders. I'm walking and walking and I don't know to where I am walking. We reach a cliff and it's no longer winter. Dad wants us (me, dad and my brother) to jump of the 10 meter high cliff into the water. Me and my brother doesn't want to. Dad grabs my brother and starts to carry him while he runs unto the edge of the cliff. Dad makes a really long jump but doesn't make it to the edge of the cliff. For some reason he throws my brother over the edge before he lands on the ground. Dad lands on the cliff while my brother falls down the cliff. I scream at dad telling him that he is an idiot. He doesn't care much and says that he can fix it. My brother is really angry and can swim here (He can't swim IRL). Dad jumps in the water to save my brother but ends up pushing him down almost two meters when he lands on him while swimming to him. I am so angry at dad because it feels as if he wants to hurt my brother. Dad is calling grandpa and talks with speaker on. We listen to the conversation while being mad at dad.

      Notes: My brother is having a tough time and is screaming a lot now. Dad is always going to him and trying to talk to him even tough my brother doesn't want to.

      I'm watching a screen. There is a man that is talking english about how to be a better guitarist. He takes his guitar and says that you have to practice to play only using pull offs and hammer ons. He counts down on swedish and starts playing some really good music only using pull offs and hammer ons with his left hand.

      Notes: I got some inspiration from this dream IRL.

      I'm playing Among Us but everyone has a heart over them. You are able to give other people hearts during the game to those you don't think are impostors. I think to myself how I would want to win as an impostor and get a heart from everyone.

      Notes: I played some Among Us with my cousins yesterday.

      I woke up 04.00 and wrote down the dreams above this.

      I wake up in a hospital and I am shocked. I have panic in my voice and asks where I am and why I am here. A doctor and mom come to me and say that it's alright. Mom says that they are here to operate my warts away (They use the swedish word for warts but they are talking about my birth marks). I don't have a shirt on me and the doctor shows me where I have different birthmarks I have never seen before (I took a look under my shirt now IRL just to be sure I didn't have the birthmarks the doctor showed to me and I didn't have them). He takes a laser and do some weird patterns on my stomach that is supposed to help the operation. New part. We are in SturkŲ and I have got a big belt over my stomach, about 15 cm width. It has shining lights on the inside that are placed over my birthmarks that are supposed to take them away. White lights on the front and red on the back. I turn it on and the lights really hurt in a way I have never felt before. It is like a burning chemical feeling about it. I walk around and it turns out that the belt actually isn't secured that good on my stomach. It falls down and the lights don't hit my birthmarks anymore. I walk around for a long time. New part. I'm at home and some of my cousins are also there. Jonathan is nagging about how he wants to play a game to his mother. The belt is still there and is hurting. During some periods I go to a sofa and can't move because it hurts so much. The pain goes in waves. New part. I'm walking in city with mom and the belt is still on. I look on my stomach and see how some kind of fluid is coming from the birthmarks. I touch the fluid with my finger and inspect it. I see how the birthmarks are starting to disappear. I think about mom's cousin L who has operated some of her birthmarks. I ask mom if it is not wrong to operate birthmarks. If no one would operate away birthmarks no one would look down on people with birthmarks and no one would have to suffer like I have done. Mom's answer has to do with that the world can't change and that we have to adapt. She is not happy with the world but says that I have to suffer because the world is bad.

      Notes: I talked with mom about L and her operations for some years ago and havn't thought about them for a long time. Dad uses some kind of laser to cure his patients sometimes. I usually don't feel pain in my dreams. The white lights on the front and red lights on the back has to do with car lights. I study for the driving license theory test now.

      I'm on discord and I see a gif with a girl that is transformed to a man. There is some kind of vacuum cleaner that sucks her breasts out from her. My view comes inside the gif and I see the woman that is now a man but still has a woman's face. She raises up from a operation table with some hospital men around her. She walks out. I become the operated person and wonder what I should do this beautiful morning now when I have changed gender. I am outside my school walking up the street to Centrum. I am aimlessly walking the streets and just enjoy that I am free.

      Notes: When I was a kid I wanted to be a girl and sometimes walked in a princess outfit. My name in Among Us is Miss Pink and the persons I play with often refer to me as she.

      Notes: That was an eventful night. The dream about my birthmarks was really long and most of the time I was just idling and feeling pain.
    9. 29 Sep: False memories (hopefully) and a lucid

      by , 09-29-2020 at 07:27 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      I have been having some weird dreams that feel like deep buried memories, but probably are false memories or at least I hope so.

      I am a kid and my parents are fighting and mom leaves temporarily to sort something out. I freak out and call for my mom. My dad is upset and does not understand why chose her over him. He claims he is the provider, the one who takes care of me. He also says that I am lazy like my mother and he is totally disappointed how I turned out and turned on him.

      My father calls me to his bedroom on waking up. I go to the side of his bed and his behavior is quite improper with me. I run away and hide from him. He gets up and makes threats so I get out of my hiding place. I leave the house and find a hideout in the basement of the building. (It does not look at all like my parents apartment building, but there was indeed a door under the staircase on ground floor, where only a child could get inside and this one is quite similar.) With some help I plan a trip to Nepal to where my mother run away.

      I have an experience that feels more like astral projection than a dream. I think I fell asleep lucid and I start seeing some wild place at dusk, with trees and stone walls at the side of the roads, a few cars passing. It doesn't feel like a lucid dream, more like I am remote viewing or astral projecting to a real place. I hover down the road until I see a small town. I check several landmarks looking for names that I might recall on waking up, like the name of the school, but I forget all. Can only remember the school had a man's name, composed of two words and last name ended in "„o". Something, maybe a shop, was called "Atmosfera". Then I feel that I start losing touch and just drift into a norrnal dream based on the previous images. It is now morning in this town and several small shops are opening, Tourists are coming, kids going to school. I see a small cafť run by an old lady who makes homemade breakfast with a variety of artisanal bread and jams and I have to go inside. I spot a tiny tiny white kitten behind the costumers at the counter and I go grab him before someone steps over the baby. I look for momma cat who is hiding under some furniture where she is feeding the rest of her babies. They are covered in fleas that jump on me. One of the yellow cats has cancer in his ears. I plan to rescue them somehow.
    10. Log 1966 - Senseless Head Cake and Fish

      by , 09-16-2020 at 04:59 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 15 September 2020

      Finally, another LD loop. I even got a TOTM for the effort.

      Spoiler for Quite long:

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      lucid , nightmare , dream fragment , task of the month
    11. Dream about my mother refusing to get rid of my father's stuff

      by , 09-13-2020 at 04:28 PM
      I had a dream last night that seemed to be set in the current time. When the dream started, my sister and I were in my momís house and were taking stuff that had belong to my father that my mom had been hanging onto out of the house and loading it into the back of a pick-up truck that had been rented from U-Haul. We were working on cleaning-out closets that in current waking life are still full of stuff that belonged to him as well as going through dressers and pulling out clothes that could be donated to charity. My mom was in the house while we were taking stuff out of the truck, but wasnít helping us with taking things out to the truck and sometimes would intercept me or my sister and question why we were getting rid of things rather than keeping them at her house. We kept trying to explain to her that it would be best to donate whatever we were carrying out at the time so that someone in need could use them rather than having them collect dust in the house. Most of them time, we were able to convince mom it was for the best to put the stuff in the truck to be donated rather than to hang onto it, but there was some stuff that mom was adamant that we hang onto.

      Eventually, me and my sister had the bed of the truck loaded as full as it could be and were ready to take the load to a local charity to donate it. When we told mom that the truck was full of stuff, she told us to go ahead and get in the truck and that she would be out in a few minutes.

      My sister and I then walked out of momís house to the new pick-up truck that had the U-Haul logo on it. When we got to the passenger side door, I opened it up and then stood off to the side so my sister could get in first. She didnít take the hint and stood by the back of the truck. When I pointed to the bench seat, she told me it was her day to choose her seat and she wanted the window so I needed to sit in the middle. I get in the truck and put the grey lap and shoulder belt on and then my sister gets and buckled-up after closing her door.

      Me and my sister then spend a long time in the cab of the truck waiting for mom to come out and drive us to take the stuff to donate. While we are waiting, my sister starts talking about our father and then starts trying to get me to share my feelings and talk about how I am doing dealing with things. I really do not want to talk about this as it is still too soon. As she keeps talking about this, her breath keeps getting worse and worse and is really overpowering and unpleasant to smell. I keep trying to change the subject, but she is fixated on talking about this so I am stuck listening to her talk about this and having to smell her breath. I stop responding to her, but she keep trying to get me to share my feelings and I keep having to smell her breath.

      Eventually, we see mom walking out of the house and towards the truck. Rather than going to the driver side and getting I, she makes a beeline to the bed of the truck and starts going through the stuff that my sister and I have loaded in the bed while we sit in the cab and wait for her to get in. I see her take a handful of stuff from the bed of the truck back into the house. She does this several more times. Since the truck has electric windows, my sister and I cannot roll them down to try to stop mom and are stuck watching her take stuff we had loaded into the truck back into the house. While mom is doing this, my sister stops fixating on getting me to share my feelings on our fathers passing and we start taking about how frustrated we both are that it is so difficult getting mom to let go of anything. As we keep talking, my sisters breath no-longer smells really bad and I am able to have a conversation with her without even noticing it. The wait also doesnít seem as bad as it did earlier in the dream since we are talking though things I find important.

      While we are still talking, my sister elbows me and tells me mom is locking up the house and about to get into the truck and we need to stop talking about her. I then turn my head and see mom walking towards the cab of the truck and then unlocking and opening the driver side door. She then sits down in the driver seat on my left side and then closes her door.

      While mom is working on getting the mirrorís adjusted, she accuses my sister and I of trying to get rid of some of our fatherís stuff without asking her permission. As she keeps complaining to use, I notice her breath is even worse than my sisters was earlier in the dream. Mom keeps voicing her displeasure to use for several more minutes after she has the mirrors adjusted.

      Eventually, she is done with her lecture and turns the key to start the truck. The battery sounds really weak and after a few cranks is completely dead. We all 3 get out of the truck and then mom decides this is some kind of sign that she is not supposed to get rid of dadís stuff and tells my sister and I to take everything back into the house and put it where we found it. Both me and my sister have a really defeated feeling know that all of our work to go through our fatherís stuff and get it donated to those who could use it was all for nothing and we now have to waste our time putting everything back in the house. I woke up from this dream while me and my sister were trying to talk mom into letting us donate some of the stuff that none of us would ever need and mom being insistent that we put it back where we found it.

      I think this dream was definitely related to some real life frustration I am feeling with my mother hording all of my fathers stuff and refusing to deal with donating it to those who could really use it, especially in the current time when there are so many people in need.
    12. Dream - Locked In A Classroom & The Little Floating Citrus

      by , 08-27-2020 at 01:57 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 12 AUG - 2020

      Dream No. 712 - Separated Sections

      Dream 712 A - Locked In A Classroom (Nightmare!)
      I donít remember how this dream started. From where I do remember, I was the grounds of the primary school near my house; which was completely distorted in the dream and looked nothing like the real thing. Not in the hall, but rather in a massive classroom, they were holding a whole school assembly which I went to check out. The older year levels were towards the back of the room and the younger year levels were towards the front, with teachers scattered all around the room.

      At first, I decided to join the older year levels, but after a while, I decided to move to the front of the room where the younger year levels were. More specifically, I decided to see the Prep students. I ended up talking to a group of the girls and I canít remember what was said be we ended up being friends. Though one of the teachers then caught my attention; for the wrong reasons. First of all, she looked suss because she had tattoos all over her and she was also were a black spaghetti strap camisole which was totally inappropriate dress code for a teacher.

      The dream then showed her talking to her class, which included some of the little girls I was talking to before. She was supposedly teaching them how to behave socially. She then told one of the girls to hug one of the boys in a certain way, as if to hold onto him even without consent. On the face of it, looked innocent, but I knew the teacher had ulterior motives. I got her attention and told her that her behaviour was an insinuation of grooming as well as something else.

      Only when I lectured the teacher to tell her she was doing the wrong thing, she got angry and started to nearly cuss me out. She was now also barking orders at her students so as to override me, but they were not listening to her. All the little girls I had spoken to before, had gotten a red card from the teacher, meaning that they would be going to the principalís office. In no time at all, the principal came into the room and took the girls away; I was shocked. I told the principal that he was a phoney and fake but that didnít seem to do anything and the man went off with the girls.

      I then went to another teacher in the room who I was thought was more rational than the ones I had spoken to and I told her my reasons as to how I knew the guy was just posing as the principal but wasnít actually the specified principle. I told her that in my Ďaudití, I asked a specific question; I have forgotten the rest of the explanation. The evil teacher wasnít finished; the girls were dealt with but I still wasnít.

      The room was now seemingly empty but there was no lingering threatÖ Or was there? The door opens, and the maintenance man comes in, giving an evil, unhinged smirk, and he said something like ďopen the blinds and then youíll be getting lots of sunshineĒ. I knew, he was insinuating that I wasnít allowed outside; and then he locked me in the room! Realising that I would be trapped forever with no way out, I screamed and woke up.

      Dream 712 B - The Little Floating Citrus

      I donít remember how the dream started. From where I remember, I was due to go down what the dream referred to as an obstacle course. However, it was just a long, huge, muddy outdoor track. However, I realised that some bits were completely darkened and so was the sky above it, like I would enter into black voided areas where I wouldnít be able to see anything. However, this little orange, calling itself the Citric King appeared and was floating above me, acting as a light. It looked more like a little kumquat to me. I realised; this thing was posing as a dream guide in this dream.

      At the end of the track, I thanked ĎCitric Kingí and it went away. I was just about to celebrate my accomplishments when the dream made me aware that I in-fact had more to go; I was not finished, this was just a break. However, I was going to be helped by someone different. Riku walked in (in his KH3 appearance) and briefly hugged me. He then put his arm around me as he escorted me through the mud and then through the long sections of black void.

      Making it through another section and to another break, Riku then also left me. I came to the realisation that with each section, I would be helped by a different dream guide, going backwards in the dream guide timeline. Though it wasnít 18-Volt that came (IRL he is before Riku in the timeline); a dream showed a sub-scene and Murray from the Sly Cooper series came walking towards where I was (IRL, Murray is before 18-Volt in the timeline; so 18-Volt was skipped over). However, before Murray got to me, the dream ended and I woke up.

      Dream 712 A
      Dream Guide: None
      Lucid?: No

      Dream 712 B
      Dream Guide: Citric King, Murray & Riku
      Lucid?: No
      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. 3 odd dreams volunteering at a festival with a socially awkward teen girl

      by , 08-25-2020 at 04:34 AM
      I had a series of three really strange dreams last night where I volunteering at my city’s fall street festival where I have been in charge of the beer tents the past few years, and was dealing with a really socially awkward and annoying teenage girl who wanted to volunteer with me. I did not know the girl or her parents in my waking life, but they all looked like an odd family that was sitting a table away from me and my girlfriend when we went out to dinner on Friday. The dream takes place in a time where COVID is a not problem. In real life, we made the difficult decision to cancel this years festival last week and I spent a lot of time this weekend e-mailing all of our vendors to let them know the festival isn’t happening.

      When the first dream started, I was walking into the downtown hotel where we have our headquarters for the festival every year. I walk through the revolving door into the lobby and saw one of my friends who handles volunteer manpower talking to a couple and their teenage daughter who was in a volunteer shirt. I could see her pointing towards me and then quickly walked towards me followed by the couple and their daughter. When she got to me, she introduced me to the couple and their daughter Jenny. The couple told me they go to church with one of my co-workers. I had remembered my co-worker had told me to be on the lookout for a girl from her church who was planning on volunteering at the festival and relayed that to them and thanked her for volunteering. While they were telling me how much they like my co-worker, my friend walked away to go back to her post in the lobby.

      As I continued to talk with them, I got a pretty strong feeling that something was off with Jenny. She was awkwardly tall and thin and had really long dark blonde hair that was pulled into a pony tail and tried to hide behind her parents while they talked to me. She really didn’t say much, while her parents did all of the talking and told me this was her first time volunteering and they were so glad they found me and were glad I could keep an eye on her. I asked if they were volunteering too and they told me they had other plans and only Jenny was volunteering today. They thanked me again and told Jenny to find me if she needed any help and then both shook my hand before turning and walking out the door.

      With her parents gone, Jenny suddenly started to open-up although it was painful trying to talk with her. She kept wanting to talk about my co-worked and asked me all sorts of questions about her. It was like she was stuck in a loop and that was all she knew to talk about. I tried to change the subject by asking where she wanted to help today so I could take her to the right person, and she said she wanted to help me which I knew wasn’t a good idea since I was running beer sales and she was a minor.

      I walked towards the ballroom to get a cup of coffee and to try to find someone to hand Jenny off to and she was right on my heels the entire time. Whenever I would talk to someone, I would feel her standing behind me and breathing on my neck. I tried to find someone who could use her help, but everyone seemed to have plenty of help.

      Eventually I told Jenny I had to go get my golf cart out of the garage and make my rounds. I suggested she get something to eat or drink and meet some other volunteers and then I would check in on her later. She didn’t say anything or try to argue, but as I walked out of the ball room and towards the lobby, I felt a presence following me and turned around to see her following a few feet behind me. When I got to the parking garage and pushed the button for the elevator, I turned around and she was standing right behind me. I decided to take the high road since she and her parents were friends with my co-worker and asked if she wanted to go with me. She then had a really big smile and nodded yes.

      After a few more minutes of waiting for an elevator and repeatedly pushing the button, Jenny tapped me on the shoulder and pointed towards to door to the stairs and meekly asked if we should take the stairs instead. I told her the golf cars were on the 6th floor and she said she would be fine with that. She then opened a door and she and I walked through it.

      Instead of the normal staircase at that parking deck, there as a spiral staircase. As we got to the second floor, I saw the other staircase off to the side, but there were no way to get off. We kept climbing up the spiral staircase and when we got to the 6th floor, I could see the golf carts parked but there was no way to access the floor from the spiral staircase. I know the parking garage only had 8 levels, so we kept climbing. When we got to the 8th floor, there was nowhere to get off the staircase and when I looked-up it just kept going. I asked Jenny if she would see how many more floors until there was a way out and she said sure and seemed happy to be able to help with something.

      I waited on the 8th floor and looked-up and saw Jenny disappearing out of view. Eventually, I heard her yell down and tell me that she was at floor 25 and still hadn’t found a way off the staircase. I shouted up that we should go back down to the first floor and I started walking down as I heard her meekly say ok. When I was at the second floor, I heard her catching-up to me. When we got to the first floor, I discovered there was no way off the spiral staircase even though that is where we had entered. Jenny offered to go down a few floors to try to find a way out and I told her that would be great. I stayed on the first floor while she started descending the staircase looking for an exit. I can remember looking both up and down and the staircase went as far as I could see in either direction. I would up form this dream in a panic as Jenny was yelling up to me that she still hadn’t found a way out. Right before walking up, I remember thinking I was going to loose my balance and fall down the bottomless staircase.

      When I fell back asleep, I had my second dream. In this dream, I was driving my cargo cart checking on how set-up was going at all of the beer tents and Jenny was riding with me. She seemed to be soaking-in all of the surrounding as I drove and kept telling me how much fun she was having riding around with me. She kept asking me about what other things I volunteer with and asking if there were things she could do to help. She mentioned that her parents were now going to let her volunteer some. I was not happy that I hadn’t been able to pawn her off on someone yet and was ready for a break. She was about to drive me crazy.

      I tried to get her interested in helping somewhere else by driving by other parts of the festival set-up where I thought she may be able to help and may enjoy but she didn’t seem to have any interest helping anywhere else or getting off of my cargo cart. A few times when I stopped at a beer tent, I would tell her she had to stay in the cargo cart and then would spend some extra time talking with the volunteers hoping she would get bored. I also gave some people rides on my cart hoping she would be uncomfortable being squished between me and someone else and decide she wanted to do something else but it didn’t work. She would just try to have really awkward conversations with the other passenger which were really painful for me to have to hear.

      After a while, Jenny asked me if she could try out driving the cargo cart. I asked her how old she was and she said 16. I figured she had some experience driving in the past, so when we were in an area without a lot of traffic I told her she could try out driving the car. It was a horrible mistake. She was a terrible driver and it was terrifying riding with her. She kept driving on and off of the sidewalk, making really sharp turns where I was afraid I was going to fall-out, and going down hills way to fast.

      I asked her if she had taken drivers ed, and she told me this was the first time she had ever driven anything. She told me that her parents wouldn’t let her drive or even take drivers ed because they did not think it was necessary.

      I woke-up from this dream when she was barreling down a steep hill heading towards a retaining wall. I was yelling for her to stop and when I woke-up I was reaching over and grabbing the wheel trying to steer us away from the retaining wall so we didn’t fall down and get hurt, I woke-up in a panic thinking she was about to drive us over the wall.

      After falling back asleep, I had my 3rd and final dream about her and the festival. When this dream started, I was in the bathroom at the hotel and was enjoying some time away from Jenny. As I walked out of the bathroom and towards the ballroom to get another cup of coffee, I looked out the windows and saw her sitting all by herself in the cab of a really old half ton GMC Truck with our city’s logo on the doors. I knew that truck would be going to the city maintenance yard to get sandbags and figured she had been recruited for that and I would get a nice long break from her.

      As I was walking back to my golf cart parked out front, my friend that had first introduced me to Jenny and her parents stopped me and said thank you. I asked for what and she said that Jenny had told her that I would be happy to go to the maintenance yard to help load-up the sandbags. I tried to tell her that I was happy to let her have Jenny help with that but that I had stuff I needed to do. She then told me that Jenny really looked-up to me and didn’t think she would be comfortable if I didn’t go with her. She told me the guy from the city was running late and suggested I go ahead and wait in the truck with Jenny so we would be ready to go when he got here.

      I talked with her for a few more minutes about things I would need help with at the beer tents as I finished my cup of coffee. I then went to re-fill my cup and talked with some people as I slowly walked towards the old truck parked in front of the hotel.

      When I got in the truck, I sat down in the passenger seat next to Jenny who was in the middle straddling the stick shift. She told me she had never gotten to ride in a big truck before and was looking forward to it. As we waited for the guy from the city, she was taking in all of the surroundings of the truck cab and talking about how exciting it would be to ride in it. I couldn’t understand why a 16 year old girl was so excited about riding in a crappy of half ton tuck.

      As we continued to wait for the driver, Jenny started to warm-up more and started telling me more about herself and her family. I learned that she was an only child and has always been homeschooled by her mom; that her parents don’t let he get out much and do stuff with other teens; and that they are going to let her volunteer some now that she is 16. As she told me more about herself, I had a better understanding of why she was acting the way she was but was also not sure how much longer I could deal with her. I also knew I needed to deal with things at the beer tents and hoped the driver would get here soon.

      While we were still waiting for the driver, Jenny asked me how late I was working tonight. I told her the beer tents would have last call at 10 and then hopefully I could leave by 11. She got a really big smile on her face when I said that and then asked if she could borrow my phone to call her parents. I guess she saw I had a puzzled look on my face because she then told me her parents wouldn’t let her have her own phone. I then handed my phone to her. She quickly called her dad and told him I needed her to stay and help until 10 and asked if she could. I then heard her say that was no problem if they would be at a movie, that I could drive her home when I got done.

      I woke-up from this dream as the driver was walking towards to truck knowing that I was not going to get a break from her the rest of the day. I felt really trapped and hampered knowing that I would have to keeping an eye on her and not able to have any fun.

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    14. some carzy dreams

      by , 08-17-2020 at 07:14 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      She showed up once. Found myself on a couch with her and she wasn't looking at me or talking to me. She eventually got and left without saying a word. Yeah, our dream friendship has gone pretty downhill over the last few months . I have pretty much given up hope I'll ever hear from her again. Sounds like whatever hope was left in her is pretty much gone also. I feel it.


      Walked into my living room and saw my dogs head on the ground with his face twitching. I was shocked at that site and ran into my bedroom and my dog's severed head was there also. This time as well as twitching there was blood all over the floor. I went into the next room and asked my aunt what happened to my dog. She had a crazy laugh and said, "Well, He just looked so depressed I just decided to cut off his head! HAHAHA."

      Car Crash.

      Was walking around with riya from work outside ina field. We somehow ooka ride from someone. At a strange turnpike He lost control and the van slid into a super deep ditch. We hung on the edge for a second, and i said, "That's far down we're going to die." The driver said, "No we won't."

      We fell in and no one was hurt. I got out of the van and riya followed me. I realized i left my gloves in the vand and went back for them. Back at the van a board in the van was pushing upward. I lifted the board up and a small dog got out. I found gloves that weren't mine and ruffled through things until I found the right kind. Riya was behind me talking. We left the scene and wound up back in the same field.

      In the field I passed a blond woman with poofy hair. But she had really weird colours to her...
    15. Nightmare fragment, normal fragment | [29.07.2020]

      by , 07-29-2020 at 04:50 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Disturbing occurrences in a hospital
      I am in hospital, in the room I was when I was last there because of my diabetes. I am afraid of someone or something who is also in the hospital. It seems to sort of be a person, and everyone is oblivious of it's true nature. I am very afraid of even seeing it, something is very disturbing about it and I want nothing to do with it. People keep wanting to show me pictures, but I avoid them. I feel uncomfortable and just want to watch TV but I get confused because there are constantly clones of TV channels.

      Laptop fragment
      My father tells me to charge my laptop, but I get frustrated that he seems to always decide things such as that.

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