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    1. Scariest Sleep Paralysis. LD

      by , 01-08-2019 at 02:10 AM (Come on, let's go for great nightlife adventures)
      I was lying on my bed and fell asleep:

      I wake up but can't move and I start to panic. There is someone on the right of the bed trying to roll me over to do something, I try hard to wake up but it doesn't work, so I start screaming my brother's name to come help me wake up, but he isn't coming. I try to calm down and close my eyes to fall asleep, but instead I woke up.
      lucid , nightmare
    2. 18-12-31 Nuclear Meltdown

      by , 12-31-2018 at 04:53 PM
      I was on vacation with what I think were a bunch of classmates. It must have been over ten years ago. It was at the farm we used to stay at with my family. Suddenly, I noticed a bizarre ray of light on the horizon. It stretched from the ground all the way into the sky. I was like 'oh, no' as ran closer to have a better look. I thought it was a nuclear attack. But then, someone behind me yelled that it was a nuclear meltdown of a power plant. The alarm sirens went off, loud enough to be heard for miles. Everyone got into a panic and ran for their cars to get as far away from the site as possible. So did I. Oddly, I was driving the purple Opel Astra Break my family used to drive in the late 90s/early '00s.
    3. Logs 1335 - 1337

      by , 12-26-2018 at 07:58 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Spoiler for Log 1335 - Street Flight Chase Awareness and Other Assorted Stories:

      Created Monday 24 December 2018

      Two LDs and a bunch of scraps.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching one of my brothers play Sonic (3) and Knuckles. Skip to Sandopolis Zone Act 2. The background transitions to blue crystal, somewhat like in Lava Reef.

      At home. A old friend showed up to visit. He was in prison jumpers, and was being escorted by guards. He showed me gameplay footage of a 3D Mortal Kombat game, supposedly released in 2013. I asked questions about it, which he thought had obvious answers. Thought him kinda a jerk for that.

      Dream 1 - Suicide School

      The visuals were blurred. I was rushing through a school's hallways. I was almost late for my next class. Actually, I felt I was already doing so poorly, with no way of recovering grades. No idea why I bothered. Anyway, I shouted "Tiid Klo Ul!", stopping time long enough to barely make it.

      Skip ahead. While leaving class, I realized I forgot a book of mine. So, I commanded it to float to my hand.

      Reloop a few times. Later in the hallways, I saw a chilling sight: figures hanging from the ceiling. Many were kids, and a few were characters from kids shows, like Elmo and several other Sesame Street puppets. All of them had paper sheets on their faces, which themselves had small smiley faces printed on them. There were a few victims that were plainly alive, and even one or two were still only preparing their suicide. However, I did nothing to help them, and in fact just passed them by, only mildly perturbed. Looking back, such lack of conscience is... disturbing...

      Skip ahead to another set of corridors. An art teacher and her students were setting up a big paper mache display. Contents included huts about 5'5'' tall. Cartoon animals were plopped behind roofs, appearing as if they were climbing on. Something about this creeped me out. Maybe the creatures' expressions? Dunno.

      Things get unclear. Not sure how this ended.

      Scrap Group 2
      In a room in an unknown facility. Below me, an ethereal message box appeared. There were blurbs of a "Grass Titan" attacking people, yet ironically, it was described as being friendly. Later, the Titan barged through. It appeared as a stumpy 20ft humanoid made of grass. Besides a feminine shape, it lacked other distinguishing qualities. The creature snatched a hapless guy, and carried him off. It initially seemed fond of him. But, messages indicated the man was being torn alive out of sight. By the time I went to investigate, I found only his battered remains. So much for being friendly...

      Repeated clips of the infamous "Press X to Shaun" glitch from Heavy Rain.

      Dream 2 - Street Flight Chase Awareness

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was free-falling from the sky at daytime. About a minute in, control panels sprung up around me, like a plane's cockpit. Fancied this was a giant robot. All of this equipment vanished half a minute later.

      I landed on a city's streets, where I finally realized the dream. Suddenly, a futuristic, chrome colored cop car chased me down. I flew backwards, barely keeping ten feet ahead. I then found myself in the back seat of a moving vehicle. Anyway, I fired a golden energy blast to the sky. The projectile then split itself, and rained down in the path of the police cruiser. That's the end of that.

      I turned my attention to the driver, to find it was actually my guide, E, in her naga form. Made me wonder how she could drive like that, but oh well.

      The dream collapsed soon after. DEILD two minutes later.

      Dream 3 - Cold Dawn Pool

      The visuals were a bit dim. DEILD transition in bed. I overhear housemates arguing about something in the kitchen. I go there, but didn't find anyone. Instead, I noticed the walls were colored blue, green, and red, respectively.

      Hand rub. I fly out the window. Suddenly, I found myself elevated over a huge pool surrounded by forestry, cloudy dawn sky above. This setting "reminded" me of a dream (actually a false memory) I had earlier. Anyway, I try breathing ice, but all I really saw was vapor, as if I were in the cold.

      The dream collapsed soon after.
      Spoiler for Log 1336 - Power Sites, Car Trunk, MSH, and Demonic Ward Scraps:

      Created Tuesday 25 December 2018

      Just fragments, though I got close a few times.

      Scrap Group 1
      Something about loitering around in random locales, of which were said to give wealth and power to those that waited long enough.

      False awakening in the truck of a vehicle.

      Playing a Marvel fighting game, likely Marvel Super Heroes. I used Magneto. First fight was against Iron-Man. I was zoning too much for my own good, not helped that Iron-Man's projectiles were much faster than usual.

      False awakening in the floor of an unknown apartment room. I was imagining various scenes, when E appeared beside me. She shifted between various monstrous and demonic forms. It felt as if she was warding me from danger.
      Spoiler for Log 1337 - Clumsy Babysitting Unexpected Guest Polluted Storm Swim Bridge and Near Accident Fragments:

      Created Wednesday 26 December 2018

      Just fragments. At least my back pain mostly subsided. Now I just need to get focused again...

      Scrap Group 1
      Something about taking care of babies. One of them fall on their head on tiled flooring, yet they remain perfectly fine.

      Mom's boss unexpectedly visits home.

      At a hotel with family. Later, Vegeta appears out of nowhere in a small, hovering vehicle. He has me and my brother, Chaz, go with him to do some unknown tasks. Vegeta drops us off at an empty, exceedingly long bridge, stormy skies above. My bro and I walked through the road for a bit, when he suddenly jumped into polluted waters below. He claimed it would be faster that way. I followed suit. After a while, we stop at an inlet to dry up, only to go for a swim yet again. Eventually, we arrive in a city.

      Riding around in a highway at daytime. Chaz was there, and my other brother, Sebastian was driving. The road was very crowded. Other drivers get impatient. A few of them even make change dangerous lane changes into opposing traffic, almost getting us into an accident.

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    4. 12/12

      by , 12-12-2018 at 04:41 PM
      Note: This one was quite violent. This is out of the norm for me, but seeing as there is some unusually intense drama playing out in my life right now (a major disagreement with my partner), I guess this is sort of a reflection or a catharsis. Still, it was unsettling.

      Dream: In the far backcountry with a few other people. At least three others. I don't know who these people are. Myself and one other are antagonists in this plot, although my participation in the events that unfold is limited and hesitant.
      We are in what might be part of a state or national park. There is a large clearing of about 6-8 acres. Most of it is flat, but on one end, it slopes up and rises about 20 feet, has a sharper incline that rises another 3 feet, and then it levels again, and the upper 1/2 acre is level and it contains the road access. Myself and the others drive into this lot and park in a light, military-grade 4x4. We bring the others out of the truck and push them towards and down the hill. They are fearful. The other antagonist is immersed in haranguing and intimidating them. At some point during this escalation I begin to distance myself and hide behind the steeper incline at the top of the hill. I watched as he lobbed explosive spray cans and they landed on the victims, who burned and died.

      This morning (IWL) my partner was getting ready for work and I really wanted to speak to him or hug him or something, but instead I had fallen asleep and had several consecutive false awakenings that involved me laying in bed and chit-chatting with him in a neutral way.

      Fragment: a campus. Rainstorm. Seeing a friend through a window. Trying to get some documents printed. In the library, somebody is trying to come on to me and they don't listen or stop despite my dissent.
    5. Oh No!

      by , 12-01-2018 at 03:37 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)

      Dreamed I was watching a video of Jamie talking to me, or we are video chatting. She was really upset and crying. I think she said she missed me and was regretful about something. I wish I could really recall more of conversation in dreams. She seemed upset and like she wanted something from me? But I can't recall what. Wish i knew how to help.


      First I'm walking my dog through some park. I get over a hill and see lots of people with their dogs. Great... now I have to go back. But my dog is suddenly off leash and he runs towards the other dogs. My dog Runs up to a racoon on it's hind legs and is wearing a trench coat and then punches my dog...

      Dream fast forwards on a suburban street where I am chasing after someone who looks like my brother taunting me. I chase him onto a school bus and someone knocks me on the ground. Then I see four or five people who look like my brother peering over me. They taunt and laugh at me. They say they have real plans for someone I know. (jamie?) and they say there's nothing I can do about it. Then they get off the bus laughing.

      FA, and now I'm on a greyhound bus. I become lucid right away as everything feels light. I still have the other dream fresh in my mind so I know i must get out of there. I begin walking into the aisle. I will myself to wake up because i want to warn jamie. But when i wake up i remember we aren't talking. Damn.
    6. Trying to write down dreams again.

      by , 11-27-2018 at 07:18 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      October dreams.


      A dream from Jamie's perspective, she's driving in a car by didsbury and saying to herself, "I won't talk to Rob unless he sends me another message."

      more Jamie dreams

      I'm outside my house at night walking with Dara. Jamie is behind us and she looks super mad. In another dream I am sitting on a couch with some girl and not sure who and Jamie pries the top of the dream apart and peers in, she has a very dull and disappointed look on her face

      Some days later I dream me and her are in front of some papers and we are planning where to live?

      I'm in some weird shop and some youtuber I hate is there but in this dream we seem to be friends. I become lucid and spend the rest of the dream trying to convince him it's a dream.


      This was a crazy night.

      dream 1: I was hanging with jamie and we seemed to be on okay terms. We were sitting under a water bridge or something when some woman with wings flies up to me. She starts flirting with me and puts something over my head and i just laugh. I get a mirror out and it turns out the girl put a mask on me that makes my face look like my face but plastic. I pull the mask thingy off but it comes off as some mesh leggings. I look over to Jamie who seems to have changed her face to someone unrecognizable. OMG I just realized why she was so mean in the next dreams.

      Dream 2: I'm having an awkward meeting with my dad. We decide to go to some restaurant but all the tables and chairs are in uncomfortable positions.

      FA, In a basement I think Jamie is there and some other people. I'm sitting on a couch and I find a small picture of an evil looking woman with brown hair. I feel a demonic presence attached to this picture. The picture jumps out of my hands and I try to catch it. It lets out a small laugh as I chase it all over the couch then I notice it's left a small trail behind of shit. All over the couch. I frantically try to clean it up and almost throw up. When Done, I look for the picture again.

      FA, in the same basement on a couch. People are there and I ask them If they remember the dream we just had? The one with the demon causing all sorts of trouble? Everyone looks at me like I've gone insane? I look to the couch and Jamie is there staring into my brother's eyes like she is in love and they are whispering something i can't hear. I get up from the couch and say, "Are you two getting into something here?". My brother shakes his head ,"no". He gets ups from the couch and leaves. I notice his friend richard there at the other couch. Jamie says, "Robert don't".

      "You know what pisses me off?" I say. As My brother moves away Jamie falls backwards on the couch. Her mouth a big ,"O", of surprise as in ,"How dare you look at me this way?" And she moves her arms to cover her breasts which I can't see anyway because she's wearing a dress that covers them. but what she doesn't realize is that by falling backwards the bottom of her dress is up, and not only is she not wearing anything underneath, but I can also see everything.

      I ignore that, and keep going. "It's that after all these years you're still not really my friend." Jamie scrunches her forehead, a look, which I've seen before when she's about to disagree with me. My memory fades here.

      next few days:

      Dreams of Jamie taper off, but I remember some fragments.


      Dream of the school we usually dream at. Jamie is sitting there on the curb and she is saying, "You're not going to hit me with that are you?" I look down and I am holding some sort of Disc or plate... "No," I say, "Why would I do that?"

      Then the next day I have a fragment where She is smiling at me and we seem to be on good terms.

      Bjork Dreams

      One where I find Bjork in the gymnasium of the school. She says she wrote a song for me. She plays it and it's good. i wonder If I'll be able to remember the melody. Sadly i don't.

      Other dream was I was flying around a large abandoned city. I heard Bjork singing a melody. I began singing the same melody after she stopped. I flew up to her and she was floating in the air with some man. She asked if it was me who was just singing her song? I forget what answer I give and I just fly off.

      Other non lucids

      In one dream i am at my house? or someone else's. And I go outside and see a Big dragon roaming around. I hide and people I seem to know keep driving by on ATVs Asuka is in one and she said The girls have taken the remaining dybbuk boxes and have put them away safely. I explain that won't get the demons out of Jamie's inner world. She said it's a start.


      A dream where I can see Data trying to get into Jamie's inner world. I think I am watching on a screen. He comes to a shield he can't get past. He plants explosives at the base and it blows a tunnel underneath. At this point Data is so clear he looks exactly like the TV character. I usually never see him like that. He keeps tunneling with his phaser or something. He keeps saying what he is doing and what he is going to try, but it sounds too technical. At this point I think I'm watching a lost episode of Star trek. Some giant tendril rises from underneath him it looks like it's connected to something from the movie tremors. It begins pulling Data under and he still keeps talking just louder. Eventually his head falls off and everything fades to black.

      Jesus is being creepy again

      i woke up in the middle of the night and thought to myself ,"will I ever see Jamie again?" I fall into a dream vision and see Jesus with a big goofy grin on his face. He is pointing at the gates of heaven where a bright light is obscuring what's behind the gates. "You'll see her there!!!" Jesus booms without moving his mouth.

      What about before then?

      Semi lucid

      Dreamed I was walking somewhere in the wilderness at night. I discovered I could float if I pawed the air a bit. I had to find a washroom So I came across a familiar door that went under a hill. I knew it was a place under construction and late night people might be working so I floated in through the top of the door way which was very tall. Inside was a place with fresh drywall and there was a guy mixing mud loudly so I floated above him. He didn't notice. At the end of the hall was a large room maybe for a kitchen or living room. There was another hallway so I took that one and spotted another worker where i knew the washroom was. I floated above him too and went in the doorway. i did my business in the room. When i left one of the workers spotted me so i flew fast out the entrance door.


      Dreamed I was with some of my co workers in a large room that seemed filled with water. Only we could breathe under it. One girl was still ina sybmarine or something but it was really small. A floated up to her friend and smiled at her.

      Concert surprise

      Dream about some youtuber guy. We were at a music hall or something where a party was going on. We discovered we could do some really crazy dream parkour as the gravity seemed light. He found some markings high up that said if he could follow the parkour course in the hall three times, A well known rock band would show up. I watched him do the parkour sequence 3 times. On the last try he was struggling with it. He managed to do it right and suddenly a band i never heard of showed up and started to play or something.


      Various dreams of martial arts training. In one i'm being trained in a kung fu form by some chinese guy. He claims he is teaching me tiger and Crane, but the sequence i show him is different than what he is teaching. In another dream i am in a simulation where I am training with a wooden sword. A guy goes to stab me with his right sword and take mine and try to stab his right arm to deflect. The trainer says I'm not doing what he showed me. He asks again what should I do when someone swings with his right from that angle? I just say I have to be faster. The trainer shakes his head. In another dream i am practicing the form with a coworker. We go through a sequence and she says she doesn't like that particular pose.


      I kept dreaming of getting messages from Jamie on Facebook, but they were all mean.

      Dream flash about seeing Jamie at a stadium with her own trainer? She looks like an anime girl and has a green bandana. She looks very angry but also determined. I wonder why I am there? Was I training for this? Or were we supposed to dream battle? i never got a conclusion to this.

      Basement 1

      This is after Raven telling me she remembered putting up a shield in someone's inner world. I'm wandering a basement when I run into a woman with long dark hair. She also has dark skin and pulls me into a bedroom. We start kissing. Not sure who this was.

      Basement 2

      I'm in Jamie's basement and I am wandering around. I go into a room where I feel a dark presence. I feel a presence possess me and i feel really dark like when i'm in SP. I go up to some people and ask them if I seem different. No body seems to notice anything but then my voice changes.

      Basement 3

      I'm in the basement but find extra rooms where there's people in there with a long scenario to kill me. I Run into Asuka and data and they both say Jamie is nowhere to be found, but that this place is crawling with Demons, so we decide to leave.

      Basement 4

      I enter the basement again the next day but get trapped and held down by hoodlums. An evil looking woman emerges and gives and evil smile. she says I'll never get back in here again.

      Jesus again

      I'm at the Dream highschool that me and Jamie use as a neutral ground to hang out in dreams. It's only me and her in class and Jesus is the teacher. He hands us a large book and says this is what we are to study for our assignment. I leaf through and there's a bunch of sci-ency and spiritual technobabble. One chapter catches my eye it says something about Jamie being suicidal? I look at Jamie but she's almost leaving the classroom. I stop her and say we should study. She says she knows it all and repeats all the terms in the book back to me except for the last one. She then leaves. Then i think she didn't want to talk about that last subject.

      Jamie tries to contact me

      A dream of talking on a computer screen with jamie. She says she misses the dreams and she can't find me. I say I can't get to her house since her shield went up and I got kicked out by some some woman.

      phone call

      I'm at home and Asuka hands me the phone and says it's from Jamie. I barely hear Jamie when I burst into tears and then I ask her why she hasn't called me in years and why now of all times? then I wake up.


      I am in the Dark Tower World with Jamie we are walking with roland in a huge desert. IT's so windy that Roland is wearing some large archaic goggles to protect his eyes from the dust. I guess we were telling him about our friendship because he suddenly seems perplexed and then almost mad. He barks at us, "Why don't you two just contact one another?" and turns his head away in disapproval. I start to say I did attempt contact but then I woke up.

      The Rose

      I am at the corner of Second and Forty-Sixth in a vacant lot in New York standing over a Rose. IT's The Rose from the Dark Tower novels. Jamie is talking to me either in my head or through an earpiece for some reason we think this can get me back into her inner world. She asks me If I'm at the rose? We seem to making a coordinated effort or something. I am greatly transfixed by the rose. "Yes I am at the rose." I say. "...I'm always at the rose..." Then I wake up. Well I guess I screwed that one up.

      Lucid 1

      I become Lucid in my house when I discover gravity is light. I can't think of any plans so i look into a mirror. I don't try to change my image but the reflection starts smiling at me and looks evil. It fades out shortly after.

      Lucid 2

      I become lucid in a movie theater when I float up. I leave the theater and look for someone. I wind up in the projection room and my vision starts to go dark. I keep saying ,"Computer: lights" a few times until I see the light is on finallyI seem very determined to do something. I enter a place with seating tables where people are eating and I spot an old co worker Daniel. I go up to him and tell him it's a dream. He doesn't seem to care much but after I keep talking he looks somewhat interested.

      "If you're wondering who I am," I say, "I might be your subconscious!" But I screw up the word:
      subconscious. I briefly fall back into SP and I am struggling to talk because I can feel my physical jaw is mostly numb. I snap back into the dream. "I'm sorry i meant: subconscious. I can't talk sometimes..." Dan just shrugs. Then I clue into what I need him for: He has to get into Jamie's inner world to take her shields down because I am not allowed. I have to try to convince him. "We are going to use your dreams to build your confidence... With GIRLS!" Dan then perks up a bit and seems more interested and almost smiles, which is strange for him. "For this next mission," I continue," You are going to get to practice with a very SPECIAL girl!" Jamie's voice booms into my head. "Robert... REALLY?" she sounds really annoyed. But Dan agrees. I pull up my watch with a display and see Asuka and Data behind two separate screens. Asuka says, "Im planting a homing device on him now!". Data is at a display with a keyboard and his fingers are moving at blinding speed. He says, "Locking onto him now and Transporting." then I wake up.

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    7. Alternate Timeline (time-dilated dream)

      by , 11-11-2018 at 04:55 PM
      Note: For Privacy reasons, I will leave out the dates and some of the details.

      I find myself in an unusual world, it felt surreal, but I'm not a stranger to this kind of experiences. I didn't have a body. I was a floating point of consciousness. It seemed everything was made up of pieces of reflections. It's hard to explain. I ask my guide where I was and I hear her voice in my mind - "The Fractal World" and she explains it interconnects different realities. I was fully lucid all this time. I decide to go into the past and try to save Kana. I didn't focus on a time, I just wanted to be taken to a time that will ideally help me save her. One of the fractals pulsates. I go towards it and all of a sudden the world collapses and I wake up in my bed.

      I was groggy. I do a reality check half-heartedly and confirm it's not a dream. I look around sleepily and was surprised to see I was in my old bedroom, the one I shared with Kana. I look to my side and she was lying there awake looking at me curiously. I become wide awake. She looked so frail. I grab the phone and look the day, it was the day she was taken to Casualty (ER)! I try all possible reality checks multiple times and none of it shows I'm dreaming. I have had time-dilated dreams that are so realistic that reality checks become unreliable.

      Kana says weakly that it's not a dream. She says that when she finds me doing reality checks repeatedly. I feel her temperature and she was chillingly cold as if there was no life left in her... exactly like it was that day. I didn't care if it was a dream or not at this point. I am not going to let it happen again. I insist we go to ER right away and this time we go to another hospital. The hospital we were going didn't have our best interests. Something I didn't know back then. I had my own health problems leaving me sort of crippled, but I fought through it despite the pain.

      The hospital we were going to were unprepared to treat her from day 1, so instead of letting her survive and seek treatment elsewhere, they kept making her go for tests day after day without telling us what's up. It only became clear after she passed away that they were unprepared to treat her condition. So, essentially they were milking us of any money we had until she died instead of letting us go get treated elsewhere. They even refused to admit her in a room saying they were full. It came up later that they didn't admit her because they couldn't treat her. It was easier for them to have her die outside their hospital. So, long story short, not only did they not save her, they made her suffer a lot by having her do the same expensive tests over and over. However, what actually killed her was not her condition... it was septic shock from a procedure they did without anesthesia in ICU without consulting anyone or asking for Kana's own consent. Not only it was traumatic for her to endure the pain with no sedatives, the area got infected from contaminated equipment leading to all her organs shutting down. They didn't even do resuscitation when she flatlined a day later the proedure saying there was little they could do even if they revived her. She managed to hang on for around 1 day after the procedure saying she doesn't think she's going to make it but didn't want to leave without talking to me. That night, they didn't let me stay beside her holding her hand as she wanted. They said they don't allow "visitors" after visiting hours. Next time I was called in it was to let me know she has passed away. During her last moments, we had given her tests and scans to another bigger hospital which was quite a bit farther away. They said they were well-equipped to treat her, but now it's too dangerous to move her because her body was shutting down from septic shock. They were furious why we didn't bring her there before the procedure with contaminated equipment. It was still safe to move her before they did that precedure which pretty much sealed her fate.

      So, in this dream reality, I wanted to make a difference. I knew how it'll play out if we go into the same hospital. There is still a chance to save her if she doesn't get contaminated. I try to get Kana up from bed, she had no energy. She says she was too weak to go anywhere. I ask her to do it for me and she gives in. I manage to take her to the big hospital. I'll skip over the details. Few days pass. The flow of time was realistic. She was under treatment. She was in ICU for a day but got her own room when she was ready. She had some surgical procedures to treat her actual condition. The day she passed away comes and goes and she was still alive! I did reality checks every chance I got... it was still not a dream. I was happy, was I stuck in a reality where Kana survives? I was overjoyed. I go back to her room and tell her about this other reality where she doesn't make it. I give her a long hug and sit down beside her. She holds my hand tightly.

      Kana: "I'm sorry..."

      I look at her confused as tears fill up her eyes. The world around me distorts into fractals and I "wake up" in this reality, 3 years in the future, back in a world without Kana. I don't know what to make of it. Was it just a "dream" or did I experience a parellel reality where she survives?

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    8. Lucid enslavement

      by , 11-10-2018 at 12:51 AM
      this is dream I got my soul posses and I was stuck in a mental contraption and enslaved in a dream where it took me 4 months to wake up for a 15 min sleep paralysis time didn't exist I could only move around my house or go to the stores nothing more or nothing less yet I thought it was reality yet I couldn't control non of the outcome no matter how hard I try to attain lucidity when I gain consciousness in the dream state to jolt myself back to waking up I would wake in a false awakening where I can only get up from the bed and lay back on the bed so this took place for 24 hours I could only move from left to right
    9. eating poop dream

      by , 11-10-2018 at 12:30 AM
      I'm in my bed in still infamy where I slip in lucidity where I'm trapped in a bright white door there toilets everywhere with different color poop jus floating in the air I wake up in a dream where I'm eating a black texture with a brown feeling and and ridged bumps
      then I'm at a place where there different colorization of the messy stool then a plastic curtain rips open yellow brown red and green then I wake up
    10. Night Terrors - Sleep Paralysis?

      by , 11-05-2018 at 02:32 PM
      All night it's the same story. If I close my eyes I INSTANTLY fall asleep, but I remain in my room, like a false awakening that happens with no delay. The only reason I know i'm asleep is that I can immediately hear voices. Usually those of my roommate, one time it was Jake Paul (lol, I've never seen a video of his) and then for the last 10 or so it was the voice of a little british girl, standing behind me in my bedroom.

      The dreams didn't seem particularly hostile, just generally weird noises, the british girl would just seem to dictate my thoughts, so if I concentrated I could actually control what she said, but it didn't make it feel any less creepy, just sitting there in my bed listening to some random little girl. It was pretty scare knowing that at any moment the dream could go south very fast, so I would just repeatedly wake myself up to avoid that happening.

      It's 5 AM and I'm fuckin dead tired. Gonna watch friends for a while then try to sleep again.

      Maybe I ate too much cheese for dinner.
    11. Log 1278 - Flickering Sea Lights Awareness

      by , 10-28-2018 at 05:41 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 28 October 2018

      Got a DILD and some fragments. There's a lot more to the latter that I've forgotten.

      Scrap Group 1
      Wandering around an urban area at daytime. Several family members were around, including my sister and mom. We later stop by an old colonial era (seaside?) wall, complete with rows of cannons. Sis and I float up to the top for a better look. Suddenly, some invisible emergency occurs, causing massive casualties. To both our horrors, mom was one of the victims. My sister and I broke down and cried.

      Similar sightseeing as above, but at night time, and with 100% less tragedies.

      Dream 1 - Flickering Sea Lights Awareness

      The visuals were quite dim. I was in a beach during a stormy night. Several close and extended family members were around. It seemed we'd all intentionally gone out of our way to go during such a hazard for the sake of it. I ran through the waves, then began flying over them when they became especially rough, cutting right over the tides.

      Soon, I noticed faint lights flickering in the sea. This caused spontaneous awareness. As I looked closer, I discerned one of those lights were actually a street light jutting out of the water.

      Things started destabilizing. Staring closely at the lights helped, but only for about half a minute. Ditto for rubbing my hands. Without warning, I was dragged into deep water. I spun around, barely keeping both my face over the surface, and hold of the dream.

      Lucidity lost. It'd since become dawn. I trudged out of the deeper water towards the others. All of them were huddled on a round marble platform, which itself was partially submerged. I squeezed myself inside, but it became apparent we couldn't comfortably remain as such. And so, they decided to allot turns. With an almost troubling unanimity, someone else (my brother?) and I were relegated as one of the last to go on there.

      Not sure of anything else until the dream ended.

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    12. Dream - The Freak Light Show & Odd Shops & Just Look At Least

      by , 10-26-2018 at 10:49 AM
      Date of Dream: SUN 14 OCT - 2018

      Dream No. 452 - Separated Sections

      Dream 452 A - The Freak Light Show (Nightmare!)

      The dream started off with me saying goodbye to my grandma as she went over to the hospital for her specialist appointment. Meanwhile, I started to walk around my TAFE campus. At first, it just seemed like a normal day. I was in Building W where my accounting friends were and so I was going to say hello to a few people. I ended up going to one of the bathrooms and seeing one of the TAFE teachers, KHa, on bathroom duty? This isnít a kidsí school. Apparently for people whom she though were in the bathroom for too long, she would tell them to get out. She encouraged me to try and so I did. She didnít like the method I used though and so suggested I use a more harsh and demanding tone, so indeed, I demanded a man to get out of his cubicle.

      I was then outside and this stranger Asian man was talking to me but not in a good way. I forgot what he was saying but he was teasing me and bullying me. As I was walking away from him and across an open grassed area, I made mention of who my dream guides were, saying that my dream guides are Dreamy WB and 18-Volt. I then just had a few moments of thought to myself and wished that they were here to help me through all this kerfuffle.

      Later on in the dream, I was on the opposite side of the campus where Building A was. Thatís when I apparently was made conscious of some sort of warning that the world was coming to an end. There was going to be some lightning and the sun would be positioned completely out of place. Itís when I was right at the farthest end of the campus that all the weird events started to show. I was really worried and so thought I had to head back to Building W straight away for some shelter. On my way back though, the lightning got worse and worse. This wasnít thunder but rather it was some freak light show with all these psychedelic colours flashing and swirling around everywhere. With it was this really loud, uncomfortable zapping static noise. I was now absolutely scared and was starting to lose my mind.

      Just as building W was in sight, the sun started to move really quickly and the dream said it was going westwards. The light and noise was also really bad now as well, enough to make you have a fit. When I looked over at building W, the bricks were oddly a dark grey colour and the windows were also a creepy colour from the lights as well. As I was on the footpath right in-front of the building, I started to scream. I now actually felt like I was going to die and that my soul was about to leave my body. I also noticed that I was wearing a really bright red cardigan which I mentally signified as a colour of danger. After a massive episode of squealing, I woke up.

      Dream 452 B - Odd Shops

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my parents and I were driving to a distorted version of the suburbs close to the main city airport. We ended up stopping at some shops but weirdly, we drove into a skinny underground pedestrian passage with the car. Itís when we were underground that we got out of the car and then went on the skinny, distorted escalators into the main part of the shopping centre.

      There werenít many shops in this shopping centre but there was one stall in the middle of the mall that I was very interested in seeing; it had all the video plush toys like in real life game stores. My mum, dad and I continued walking through the mall and I wanted to have a look at more shops. My dad said we didnít have time though and that I could come back during the week with just mum. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 452 C - Just Look At Least

      I donít remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, my mum and I were at the local private hospital but I forgot what we were doing there. In real life, the hospital is 2 floors but in the dream it was 10 floors. Closer to the end of the dream, I was standing right in front of the door to an elevator and all my mum wanted me to do is look at it for a while and I cooperatively agreed. I thought to myself, ďI should tell 18-Volt about thisĒ. Thatís all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 452: Results (Competition #8)

      452 A

      Competition Night: 9
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      452 B
      Competition Night: 9
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      452 C
      Competition Night: 9
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 2.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 59.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 61.0
      non-lucid , nightmare
    13. October 22, 2018 Semi-Lucid, Non-Lucid, False Awakening, Nightmare

      by , 10-22-2018 at 07:31 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      Earlier yesterday I took a nap. I became aware that I was dreaming but I wasn't really in control. The scene in front of my was flickering. It turned into this weird structure like the one from Interstellar with the bookcases but instead of bookcases it was the blue sky and the clouds. It looked like the same sort of image or block of space was going off in a bunch of different directions around me. I felt very high but the dream collapsed.

      I haven't had a nightmare that freaked me out in a long time until this morning. The dream was back at my house from when I was a kid and my parents were still married. There were things that happened earlier in the dream, but I started to remember when I was inside what looked like our garage. My father was narrating the dream. He was telling me about something that had happened in my past, something dark. I was myself now but watching my child self playing in the garage. There were these white strings that had bounced on the ground and were attached to something away from my view. My dad was explaining that I had discovered something, or something evil had discovered me. As he explains it, the object attached to the strings comes into view as my child self picks it up. I don't know the significance of it but it's this bell that looks similar to the liberty bell with a crack in it and a piece missing but it's small enough to hold in my hands. My child self becomes extremely terrified. I can hear my dad's voice get bitter. I'm freaking out now. The story is that two spirits took me that day up into the sky for hundreds of years. One spirit is a dead woman dressed in a gown whose colors are negative. I couldn't see the other spirit, but something was telling me the spirit I couldn't see was much powerful than the woman spirit and was controlling the entire situation. They took me up into the sky where there was an old floating house. It was weird because I could vaguely remember that I had been there before. My dad was so distraught telling me they took me up there for hundreds of years but for them it only lasted a blink of a second. I was just finding all of this out now.

      I woke up in a false awakening in my dad's old house. I ran to the door with my mom on the phone, I was asking her if it was real. She couldn't answer which told me it had been real. The door was locked and I was frantically trying to open it because I could feel the spirit behind me. I burst through and ran downstairs to see my dad in the kitchen. I walked over to him crying and wrapped my arms around him.

      I woke up in another false awakening, this time in my current room. Because my closet door was open, it made a tall giant dark figure in the corner of my eye. I was in sleep paralysis. At first, the shadow wasn't doing anything, but then I thought it might move and it became evil. The thing just flew at my face and was hovering there. I was stuck in a flinch terrified. This lasted a few moments before the evil thing made a lunge at my face and I woke up this time for real.

      Eventually, I went back to bed and had this dream that Donald Trump was about to do something entertaining yet destructive to the entire world, like a giant show that would lead to some sort of bad thing happening. I was with another person, I think maybe my mom, living this story of two agents who were going to stop Trump. I had been caught by a secret agent who brought me into a room. Trump ordered me to get beat up or something. The agent had taken off his belt and had hit me and was planning to kill me. Trump all of the sudden flew at the agent and knocked him out. Turns out Trump was my mom in disguise. We get out of that room and sort of ninja jump over a pond away from bad guys.

      I'm now in this pool surrounded by buildings with a few of my friends from college including lauren and there were a few kids I didn't recognize. Someone whispers for me to flip over a floating device she's on but she gets off. Moo tells us there's not a lot of time left for us to stop Trump and the only way to get there is through this amusement park. He tells us to jump on this roller coaster on the second to back left seat because there is this really strange robot that sits in the seat with you or something. Moo Owen and I jump into the station and get into the carts before other people can. They just seem to let it happen and get back in line. Most of us are in the back cart. I look up and see Moo's on the other side of the train next to this cowgirl robot and I realize that's where we were supposed to get in. The ride starts and we hang on. It starts to go up a hill as I ask Owen when we should be getting off. Moo yells that we need to get off at the next slow part. The train takes a few turns and then starts going up another hill. We jump onto another rollercoaster track which is made of what looks and feels like brushes for shoes or maybe horses. I'm struggling to get a grip and finally start gaining some traction. Someone yells that we need to get ready to surf. The rollercoaster takes a dip downwards and we start standing up surfing on this rollercoaster down a hill. In front of us is this wide alley with buildings on both sides that contain rides and rollercoasters coming out of the buildings. The idea is that we need to jump from ride to ride in order to get through and stop Trump's plan. The dream collapses.

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    14. Find the one without a mask

      by , 10-13-2018 at 11:05 PM
      Find the one without a mask

      There were a lot of people everywhere, they were all around my age. So in their early 20s basically. What I noticed was that they all had animal masks on, covering their faces. The masks looked really terrifying and I couldn’t help but to feel very uncomfortable when looking around. The swine mask seemed very popular which also happened to be the most scary one. I was the only one without any mask and therefore felt very scared and alone. As I kept looking around, I noticed a guy standing in a corner staring down at the ground, without a mask. Suddenly I felt so relieved and walked up to him to say hello. When I came closer I saw that it was Jay. He was really shy and as he spoke, I could easily tell english wasn’t his first language but I already knew about that. He even tried to speak spanish but it went hilariously wrong and I couldn’t help but to laugh. I told him that he could sit down since he seemed so nervous because of the other people with the masks. He smiled and we kept talking.

      Note: Jay is from a Kpop group, iKON.

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    15. A painfully sharp situation

      by , 10-04-2018 at 08:35 PM
      A painfully sharp situation

      I remember trying to walk down the stairs in the extremely dirty house. We were supposed to move out so there were things all over the place. Tables, shelves and even on the floor. It was hard to get to the kitchen but I managed and started to search for my sewing kit. When I found it I accidently dropped the plastic thing that had all the needles so them fell to the floor. I tried to pick them up but noticed that my hand was starting to hurt. As I stared at it I could see all these needles going trough my skin. I must had at least twenty that pierced my hand and fingers. Iím terrified of needles so I tried to stay calm and pick them out one by one. It hurt soooo much when I did it and kind of wanted to give up since it was so frickiní painful! I kid you not, I wanted to scream, cry and die because the pain was so intense.
      When I managed to get them all out and just doing my best to cope with it, Jay from iKON runs in with a bowling ball. He was all excited and told me with a shy smile that he really wanted to play. I glanced at him like: YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING MEÖ ;___;
      But I agreed and was just right behind him when the dream kind of faded awayÖ

      Note: When I woke up I thought the pain would contuine or at least give me an explanation of the pain but my hand was feeling alright. Confusing, huh?
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