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    1. 18-06-12 It, Terrifying Dream

      by , 06-19-2018 at 05:53 PM
      A long dream of being haunted by 'It', otherwise known as Pennywise. I knew I was sleeping and tried to sleep through it, but whenever I tried I was overcome by this feeling of intense dread. At the end I was dragged under water by Pennywise in its clown form. It swam off with me as its mouth transformed into this fucked-up shape (full of teeth). I felt okay with this as I felt this was a sacrifice and others would live.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. Dreaming of home invasion

      by , 06-14-2018 at 02:38 AM
      I have had 3 ongoing nightmares of home invaders. They don't exactly get a chance to harm me because I have trained my dream consciousness to fight off attackers. Either ninja swords or shotguns, I get the job done. For the first time though, I forced an attacker to tell me their name...and the person said their name was "Christine Young". I don't know anyone by that name, but I sure as hell should them which way the door was. Dream invasion aint cool.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    3. Nightmare number 999

      by , 05-30-2018 at 03:46 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I or my mom was driving a car somewhere. Then we got struck by a lightning. Mom stopped the car and then I woke up.
    4. Dull inducement

      by , 05-26-2018 at 09:03 PM
      so these dreams is I'm always staring at girls then I get the nerve wrecking pinch that makes me want to do something else then about a hour a later I want to stare at girls again then when I recall it only last 8 to eleven minutes every time I have this dream
    5. Dream Poem!!!

      by , 05-13-2018 at 05:45 PM
      A scary elephant came into my room.
      I was scared and felt alot of doom.
      I knelt by my bed and asked for help.
      It was not sleep paralysis so I could yelp.
      The scary elephant whispered "roger that".
      I woke up in my bed laying flat.
      It turned out it had just been REM sleep.
      And now I had a new dream memory to keep.

      (doo doo chh, doo doo doo chh)

      In another dream I found some flowerbeds.
      But instead of dirt, there were reptile heads.
      I could see they had a lot of thirst.
      And if they got thirsty that would be the worst!
      So I flew to Wal Mart in 5 minutes flat.
      Got a gallon of water and gave them that.
      I was just glad that they were alive.
      Those reptiples almost did not survvei.

      (doo doo chh, doo doo doo chh)

      I got lucid in another part and saw myself flying.
      Surprised to get lucid cause I wasn't even trying.
      It was a clone of my physical appearance.
      I tried to stabilize and give the dream some clearness.
      Because I had been dreaming a while,
      I thought I'd take a more conservative style.
      I asked my clone, "Want to recall what we dreamt today?"
      But my clone wasn't interested and flew away!!!

      (doo doo chss, doo doo doo chss)

      And before I end this conversation,
      I also want to mention my false awake-nin'
      I found I had a golden retreiver dog!
      I pet him and then went to find my dream log.
      This was after I tried to astro-project...
      And I did neglect- to have reality-checked!
      My land line rang and played a pop song.
      But I was in my dreaming mind and nothing seemed "wrong"!!!

      (doodely doo doo ch ch ch ch)

      My last verse will be about this class,
      I heard while I was cleaning a thing made, of green glass-
      The teacher said, "What if, when you were a kid,
      Everyone showed you love, no matter what you said or did?"
      The rest of the class cheered with enthusiasm.
      The other dream details must have fell in a chasm.
      Those wise words will stick with me.
      I remember the dream also had a tree.

      (the end!)

    6. False Replica Reflections

      by , 05-11-2018 at 08:03 AM
      so this is a dream theory that when one perceives there imagery In dreams and reflects lights in the darkness of seeing human and conscious awareness in dream thinking demons angels monsters are all your subconscious creations so when dreaming in nightmare in ld its your mind trying to fathom how you perceive your own after life in a game played when your eyes are closed so when closing your eyes and meeting dream characters and having view and conversation when sleeping being that your mind makes a deep desire to replicate and create images in your own being and waking life seeing images and reflection of the scary monster the most ruthless demons the most exotic angels and having conversation with other human dreamers in a sense of imagery your mind wakes up in a dream a you seeing other images that aren't your image sometimes I'm not sure if someone has just a standing in a mirror point of view of seeing their lives unfold so when your mind contracts the darkness to reflect the light you make up being in the darkness in moments notice while trying to wake for daily activities in your own pre-set mind games and conscious fathoming
    7. Launching of a Man, Accompanied by Voracious Copulation

      by , 05-09-2018 at 04:50 AM
      There was an event to take place in a huge event center, which appeared to me as a sort of pleasant hybrid of a baseball and football stadium. This event was to be the launching of a man from a cannon into a great trampoline, which subsequently would result in him flying off into oblivion (This is what we as spectators were to expect, anyway). I, simply just another innocent bystander among many, viewed this event from behind large glass windows. It was like we were in a private box, but it was on the same level as the ground level of the stadium.

      I stood there among what i suppose were executives, people in charge of the event. I was accompanied by a couple attractive girls, blondes, who bore a resemblance to several girls from two of my IRL college courses. We were all excitedly awaiting the launch...

      After the launch occurred, the old man bounced off the trampoline in a rather anticlimactic manner. He only managed to gain a few feet, and we all had expected him to fly much further than this. I felt disappointment, and a kind of sick recognition of an unfulfilled general aura.

      PLease Some one Do you think you can help....-screen-shot-2018-04-27-1.39.25-pm.jpg Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.39.25 PM.jpg 
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Name:	Screen Shot 2018-04-27 at 1.39.25 PM.jpg 
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      Then, much to my disturbance, the girls beside me went out onto the field and started fucking some of the executives who had been viewing the launch. It was a ludicrous and raucous display, and it gave me a sinking feeling. Afterwards, the girls came back inside; one of them was apologizing to me it seemed, and attempting to console me, though i did not outwardly express my disgust at the disturbing display. She was kind, though, and it was almost as if her consolation negated her previous sexual misconduct. We walked together, and i somehow gained a solace about the situation.

      There was much more to this dream, but this is what i remember.
    8. this isn't a dream

      by , 05-03-2018 at 03:23 AM
      apparently i haven't been on here since Before I Left For College
      oh boy have things changed

      a lot of my experiences since i started college have shaped my dream life into something far different than it used to be. more and more often i find myself both dwelling on the past and jumping far into the future. because of a rough first couple of years at university i had long periods of short, sharp nightmares that come back to me sometimes even now. because of a lot of soul-searching and self-reflection many of my dreams deal with fears i have only recently realized i have. because of an abusive relationship my dreams sometimes bring me back to a time and mindset i am still trying hard to overcome.

      i am so different now, and seeing my posts from so long ago i can't help smiling at who i was before. i'm like, twenty years old. i turn twenty one in two weeks, but sometimes i feel pretty ancient. my dream journey is beginning again, and this time it is with purpose. initially my interest was just that; an interest. now i think i would like to utilize my dreams in order to overcome my fears. i haven't been vigilant about reality checking, or about dream journals, or about anything non-academic, to be honest, but i think that this new dream goal is important and will help in my efforts to begin living a healthier life, mentally, emotionally, and physically. wish me luck.
    9. That look of eyes five inches a part

      by , 04-30-2018 at 06:51 AM
      I found myself in a huge convention center, it seemed. And to my surprise, the place sort of circled around a large domain where the space needle was being constructed, though it was black. I met this woman, and everyone presumed she had an attitude about her that made her cold, unapproachable, and seemingly ill-tempered. I chose to ignore these elements and sat down with her at a picnic table, still inside this convention center. This woman's disposition was an absolute amalgamation of several personas of multiple strippers.

      Laburnout theory-screen-shot-2018-04-29-4.24.21-am.jpgClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 4.24.21 AM.jpg 
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Name:	Screen Shot 2018-04-29 at 4.24.21 AM.jpg 
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      I'm so stupidly foggy as to other dream aspects, but I was at one point conversing with my mother about something lifelike.

      Additionally, my friend Matt was at my house, and he felt the need to watch television on our big screen downstairs. He gathered together a jumbled mess of extension cords, and sought the assistance of my father to garner a means to watch his program. When i met him at the foot of the stairs, I asked why he needed to do this, and he responded with "I didn't want you to give me that look of eyes five inches apart!"

    10. My first FILD ever. During a nap! :)

      by , 04-27-2018 at 03:50 PM
      So, this is my second Dream Journal post today, because I ended up going back to sleep later that morning for a nap. First I slept on my back after doing some meditation. I had some dreams but didn’t remem bird them.

      All the Channels

      I remember I was typing on my lap top. Typing dreams I guess. Typing away on there. There was some audio that kept coming on. Maybe a sports broadcast.

      My Dad kept coming in my room and setting up a T V. it was a big T V. My room was a lot bigger, too. “Now we can watch all the channels!” said he, excitedly.


      There was one scene where I was kind of on our back deck. And I saw the back yard neighbors window open. It was black. But the mom was out there and some kids.

      I was behind some wall kind of thing. I felt the need to hide. Not sure why. Maybe I realized it was fine and I could get up. But I remember really really hoping they wouldn’t see me!

      More Lap Top

      Funny I would dream of my Lap Top a lot. I was typing more on my lap top. I REM ember that the blue headset wire had pulled out. In waking life this causes my computer to blue screen so I was like, oops. Maybe I don’t need it in because I hadn’t been listening to anything.

      I remember I was at a podium this time. Maybe more audio kept coming on. I think someone was telling me they did something for me.

      I remember tilting the screen to get the words to appear better. As if there was a glare. The screen was red orange with black text like when f.lux is on a high setting.

      Forgotten parts

      I thought there might have been a part at my Nana’s room or something. I tried to store some details in my head but later, after the FILD, found I had forgotten at least some.


      I started to get some vibrational sensations like I might Dream Exit Induced Lucid, Dream. I tried to amplify the ringing but it didn’t go anywhere yet.

      As I did this I realized I might forget the previous dreams. I told myself I formed a strong enough memory.

      Finger Induced Lucid, Dream

      Yeah! So Then I randomly got the idea to try Finger Induced Lucid, Dream. I think it was the fingers on my left hand I started to twitch. I felt something happen I never felt before.

      It was hard to describe. I will have to pay more attention to it in future attempts. But something like a bright light in my head. And some sensations.

      Twitching my 2 fingers felt different too. They started to move super fast because I was probably twitching my dream fingers.

      Back in bed

      I was back in bed. Or so I thought. I figured the Finger Induced Lucid, Dream had done nothing. But then I noticed another sports broadcast playing. That wouldn’t be playing in my room since I didn’t leave it on. And no one was home. So I felt like taking a little chance that I was in the dream world.

      I’ve heard of this before. During Wake Initiated Lucid Dream for example. Someone being in their bed, and it seems like its their physical bed, so they’re afraid to move. But really it’s a dream and if they open their eyes its going to be a dream.

      Snow?! In my Room?!

      I started to feel snow fall on me. This seemed normal at first. (LOL) I opened my mouth and let it fall on my tongue. Yep, snow.

      Then that also made me think this might be a dream. So I decided to roll onto my back at least and take a peek.

      Getting Up

      First I was on my back. My low back felt stuck to the bed but everything else could move.

      I got to where I was still stuck on my lower back, but I had fallen onto the floor. Or teleported there. I still wasn’t totally sure it was a dream. Maybe I was just getting up.

      I willed myself to stand. It was kind of like flying a little, more than using legs and arms to get up.

      I still had my eye mask on within the dream. I had to remove a few layers of cloth until I could see. They kept appearing once I removed the previous one.


      One thing I noticed was the objects in my room kept going invisible. My room was laid out like waking life. Shelf in same place. Desk and lap top in similar place. Even my Dream Journal chair in same place.

      Even my dream body would blink into invisibility, then become visible again. I noticed this when trying to check my hands to verify it was a dream. I had a hard time believing that I hadn’t just gotten up out of bed physically.

      This will prove it!

      I eventually found my lap top and opened it. There was a VLC kind of icon on the task bar, but more to the left than in waking life.

      I tried to open a note pad file. My goal was to type myself something and then see if it was there later. But the more I noticed the difference in the computer, I was already sure it was a dream.

      Morphing Keyboard

      What really sealed the deal was the key board. It was smaller and had more tape on it. Also I remember looking at the letter “D”. It was like where “W” in waking life. But I did the good old double check letters and the “D” became an “S”. The rest of the letters morphed, too.

      Popped Back

      I thought of checking out the window or something but the dream didn’t seem that stable. Everything was going invisible and stuff.

      After I was looking at the key board more I thought, “You know how I will know it’s a dream? That thing will happen where my consciousness pops back into my body in bed. So that’s how I’ll know.” And then that happened.


      I was really excited to get my first Finger Induced Lucid, Dream! It was hard to believe since I never entered a dream that way. But I guess the Finger Induced Lucid, Dream teleported me into a dream. Very cool.

      Thanks for reading!
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    11. Disturbing toys

      by , 04-24-2018 at 07:32 AM
      Walking around Camden canals though it seemed like it was in the 60s or something.
      In a house with big circular bay windows, letting in lots of light, we were opening presents. They were very clever scientific toys (or were they?). One solved a puzzle itself by magnetically fixing to the correct part. There were lots of presents each bigger than the last when unwrapped but the same tiny piece of paper to start with, they magically got bigger, although it was meant to be scientific mechanism.
      There were mice that scurried everywhere eating things, can I toy mice eat?
      Then last was a boy who appeared large with brown short hair ,after unfolding the wrapping paper a few times, there he was. His mouth, as with the mouth opened and closed. He went after the mice Oo. Among the big brown leather chairs he hunted and CHOMPED the mice up in his mouth Aaaaah!! One of us tried to turn him off by opening his mouth but he bit them. I was to scared to. But the thought of him chomping the bones of those poor mice!
      The room was becoming full of what I thought were mice droppings, which I remarked upon. They turned out to be grass seeds growing into little stalks of wheat everywhere, in the sunlight.
      We went outside, me and two others back to the market. We were in a shopping centre at the bottom of an escalator. When I noticed them hanging back, I was talking about the boy and noticed an expression on their faces.
      He was a fake, not a toy but a real live boy! they had tricked me. I was in a fury from having been tricked, and having thought all sorts of weird things. I had been made to feel stupid. I flew up into the sky but was followed by one of them with dark hair and dark bushy eyebrows. As he didn't go I got out a revolver and fired at him. This didn't work he mealy fell back a bit then came up through thick cloud towards me. I then poured fire onto him and engulfed him in flames. This didn't stop him either so I flew higher and higher until he couldn't follow me any more.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    12. A Cute Hand Sized Creature

      by , 04-23-2018 at 06:54 PM
      A girl who seemed like DreamyWB was present.She was wearing shorts and a white shirt. Her hair was in a bun. So it was probably just a dream partly influenced by what i read of her and not her fully formed character. The scene she was in was pretty unexpected too.

      This dream got really weird but here goes. I was in a unknown house but it felt like mine. I was trying to change but my mom kept popping up. This annoyed me enough that I hid behind the shower curtains. When I got out and walked in the hall my dad came up the me and wanted to say something but there was water leaking from his head. Enough that it filled up the room a bit. I became lucid somewhat after observing his leaking head.”What could this mean?” I thought. When it stopped I asked if he was okay. He said he was fine so we walked to the living room.

      There I heard a commotion coming from the window and looked out to see a little girl and other dcs surrounded by light. They were talking to each other about how they were looking forward to coming inside. I told them they could but just when they came in there was a large rumble and an explosion occurred on the ceiling that caused broken glass to fly in all directions. I got cut a bit but disregarded it and looked towards the stairs to investigate what had occurred.

      There was an evil villain present,I heard his voice, but I couldn’t see him. As I searched for him I was handed a small orange mouse that than changed to a yellow hand size pikachu with blue cheeks and ears instead of black. It hopped off my hand and I began to follow it until It grew super large. It began attacking the house I was in, following the orders of the unseen villain. I didn’t think I would have to fight it so after getting across some obstacles I began to talk to the creature,telling it that it was being used but it didn’t have to be bound by selfish orders, that it could be free doing what deep inside it knew felt right.

      The creature/pikachu thing than shrunk back down to hand size but now it looked more like a bunny to me. I picked it up,kissed it and rubbed my cheek against its soft fur, telling it that it would be okay now. I opened a room door to see if I could find the villain after that but only saw count Olaf from a series of unfortunate events.He only seemed like a substitute for the villain though.

      The dream than shifted after that and I was watching a vivid scene unfold. A girl who I thought was DreamyWB was with her family doing the laundry outside on the house deck. Suddenly a large tall man came with a guy family member of hers and greeted them. He mentioned how the laundry they were carrying looked heavy and he offered to help her. She accepted the help but than the guy complimented her eyes. Almost like he was flirting with her without trying to get the attention of her family. She thanked him than complimented him back saying that he had beautiful eyes and teeth. (As they kept talking I noticed she had bits of almonds in her teeth though so I used dream control to keep it from getting awkward)This flirting moment stopped though when the other guy told him to carry the basket in and that they would go buy something together. This disappointed him so he admitted that he wanted to spend time with her while helping.
      They joked about this in a friendly manner than the scene shifted.

      It was now night time and I was in a apartment where a little girl stood next to a doll house. The girl who I thought was possibly DreamyWB was present as well. I was about to follow them(Didn’t recall to introduce myself, I wasn’t sure if it was her so perhaps that didn’t matter)but than we heard a subtle helicopter sound. When it got louder I felt it focus on me and than it began shooting lit up colorful buildings outside. Other buildings collapsed because the energy couldn’t travel to the buildings properly. Something about this dream felt wrong even though I could handle it so I tried to put intent to wake up.

      I ended up in what seemed like sleep paralysis cause I couldn’t move.What was even more odd was that I felt a hand on my head. After waiting a bit I took the hand gently and put it to the side. The hand had a pink purplish flower bracelet on its wrist but the rest of the form wasn’t visible.” Could this figure be symbolizing my fear of death?” I thought. The hand than vanished and I watched as the same type of flowers from the bracelet appeared as transparent images but with the stems. When it disappeared I woke up for real feeling kind of disturbed but It was still an okay dream.

      Notes:I also thought it could symbolize my fear of death because before i went to sleep i read something that scared me somewhat.

      (Pic Does Not Belong To Me)
      lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    13. DJ & Drawings

      by , 04-22-2018 at 04:36 PM
      This is my PDF version with the drawings in-line. Otherwise the drawings will be at the end of the post.
      2018-04-22 dreams and drawings.pdf

      Round 1 of Dreams
      The first time I woke up I just remembered a little bit. One was something of a lucid dream cycle and they mentioned the Lucid Saint. It wasn’t refering to the podcast but it made me think of it. Also there was something in my sister’s
      room but I couldn’t remember any more.
      Round 2 of Dreams
      These got a little more dreams going on. I remember my friend had 4 hero sandwiches. He offered me some. I didn’t
      want one because I had already had dinner. Even though I felt hungry I would rather wait until breakfast.
      I remember talking to him about how he was going to teach foam rolling. He was wondering if he should speak in the “I” or “You”
      Position, something that always confuses me. When I put on my sun glasses, my vision got a lot clearer.
      I had an app on my phone. He told me the code was 1-2-2-2-2-2-… And more 2’s, to get a special app. So I typed that in but it was
      hard to press the touch screen.
      We had an audio book playing with a heavy bass instrumental. Some women upstairs wanted us to turn it down so we turned off the instrumental part. I’m not sure if there
      was anything else in that dream.
      Round 3 of dreams
      There was something with a bee type of thing that scared me.
      This was a long one. I dreamed that we had to go on a trip. But we were taking a short bus ride home. My friend was
      throwing a pill around and picking it up.
      I remember I was talking to someone about Astral Projecting. And to go if it feels safe but not to go if it doesn’t. Then I dreamed of my body going to sleep paralysis and being unsure if it was safe or not. But a
      light flickered in the loft that seemed paranormal. That was when I knew it was a dream. But I didn’t know it was a dream within a dream!
      So then a female fell or jumped down from the ceiling and onto my friend.
      At first this scared me. But it turned out okay.
      I woke up from that dream but it was still a dream when I woke up. Another friend was there and he had a girlfriend. She had black hair with a big red dyed part and wore denim.
      My friend went in the other room and she talked about how I don’t need to be some iron man. I kind of knew what she meant. Then we went out onto the roof. It overlooked water.
      I got the feeling she might be a smoker. So I hinted, “I give points to help people
      quit smoking.” I said this as a way to gauge her reaction as if she smoked or not. Worried that if she was a smoker, it would be a problem that she came around. I didn’t know it was a dream any more.
      It turned out she was a smoker. My friend came
      out. They were sitting together in a sky light. I started to tell my friend she smokes. He said that’s not okay. I felt relieved that he wouldn’t condone her smoking.
      Then she started to try to kiss him. I felt like this was a way of her trying to
      manipulate him to get him to change his mind. I felt threatened by this so I kept saying, “Don’t listen to her! She is an evil, manipulative addict! She is just trying to manipulate you!”
      Her eyes began to glow red. I didn’t know it was a dream, so I was so
      surprised at this. “Look! Her eyes are even turning red!” And they did. First just the pupils but then her whole eyes. I tried to draw a picture but it was too scary. Her teeth got sharp and her face morphed a little, like Monster Form of Frieza almost. Like a venus fly trap mouth.
      I was sure I had talked my friend out of having her over. But then she began to come towards me. She slowly inched towards me
      and I backed away. She was holding some writing utensils. It seemed like she was going to stab me with them. I thought of going to hide behind the door.
      It turned out to be such a fearful dream that I consider it my first official nightmare in a while. I have
      a high thresh hold for what I consider a night mare but this was truly one. In fact even while I was awake and recording the dream, I felt like I could see her face in my mind. I felt like if I opened my eyes, she would actually be there in my physical room.
      Round 4 of Dreams
      It took a little while to fall asleep. I had some sniffles developing. But I had a dream that ended with this green candle wax man holding a green candle. He lit the candle, and began to melt along with the candle.
      I couldn’t remember the parts of the dream before that.
      A dream flash happened where two kids in green
      coats were flying towards me. With their backs facing me. I got startled and woke up.
      Empty hoodie: I was at the mall. There was something about getting ice cream before they closed the metal gate thing. I got locked into a jail cell thing.
      I might have got lucid but I didn’t put this in my L D count because I’m not sure if I was. I saw myself in a mirror. I had on a brown hoodie. But where my head and hands should have been, I had only a black void.
      I squeezed out from between the jail cell bars and a friend carried me upstairs.
      Stop Smoking/ High fence arboretum: In this dream I was walking through the part of the arboretum near the mulch piles. I actually smelled smoke. I rarely have a sense of smell in dreams but in this one, I did. The fences were high picket fences, not there in waking life. I didn’t know it
      was a dream though. I looked around to see what trail it was coming from. Up around the bend? Behind me? To the left?
      I yelled out stop smoking twice and heard a cough. It was from behind me. A guy with a dog. He yelled back, “It’s a disease!” I tried to run away. Then I woke up with a startle. Lots of emotionally intense dreams tonight.
      Round 5 of Dreams
      My sister asked me to do the dishes. So I helped her out with those.
      There was a commercial of a guy in a foreign zoo. I felt a sense of dream de ja vu. I felt surprised at how long the commercial went. That’s what was funny
      about it. It took up so much time. The guy joked around with some animals. Then he stood on a log and put his arms overhead like a bear. And some bears imitated him.
      Baby commercial:
      There was a commercial with a woman and a baby.
      Then another woman sang a song about how other people can have their issues but you can be free of yours. In a nice yodely voice.
      I had a little false awakening after that. The commercial draems were
      funny because I felt like I saw them before.
      I got more details on my voice recorder but this was just off the top of my head. What I notice is more of the dreams from my final
      sleep cycles tend to be the ones that I remember easily the next day and can draw drawings from. The earlier dreams I don’t remember until I listen to them (more often).

      vitamin B-6-bee-thing.jpgvitamin B-6-dream-trail-map.jpgvitamin B-6-faceless-hoodie.jpgvitamin B-6-green-wax-man.jpg
    14. 3 years later -- updates, astral projection, perhaps

      by , 04-20-2018 at 04:56 PM
      Many of these previous entries have been big marking points of my first experiences with lucid dreaming, vibrations, and other important phenomenon whose name I do not know.


      Since then, I have had lucid dreams randomly throughout the years. I have randomly felt these strong vibrations during the night... I haven't had "nightmares" in which I've felt scared; though maaaybe a couple for ~2 seconds before waking up. Now that I can wake myself up or stop things, nightmares feel nearly impossible. That is, until recently.

      I am coming to the end of my semester abroad, but prior to leaving to come here, I talked to someone about astral projection and read a bit more about it. I tried a couple times before leaving and felt potential successes, so I downloaded a little "Guide to Hermetics" (perhaps one that was recommended) before I came. Busy for most of the semester and preoccupied with getting my shit together, I didn't think about any of this stuff much at all. But, once in a while I would.... Once or twice, I thought, maybe tonight I will try to astral project. Then, what previously seemed to be a random feeling of vibrations that would strike when I was least expecting it, would occur that night. (The only time it didn't was when I was incredibly tired and had no reason to say or think of it (imo).)

      Including last night, that makes ~3 times during this semester having some feeling of AP or whatever is happening (I have no idea, really).

      1. (after saying to myself, maybe try to AP tonight) Vibrations -> up-up --> feel like i am going upwards past this room. I make myself smile widely throughout it even though I am not feeling my best in general. I am excited, there is a doll, perhaps? Strange, wonder where I am and why I'm in this area. Windows, different house for sure, kind of fancy and large with high-ceilings and walls that I just keep going up and up in. I don't know if I stop on purpose or not, don't remember.

      was so funny that I could just do that! just like when I say to myself, I'm going to wake up at 7 tomorrow morning, and then I wake up at that time, hardly on purpose (just think it without imagining it would actually happen just from that).

      2. (recently). I am hardly trying. Vibrations, but I am almost pulled through them with no effort on my own. This is not good.... It feels like I'm being pulled up and things are moving fast. The energy feels negative, maybe completely or just partially because I'm paranoid because of some discord server stuff (joined a group which seems to be into a lot of this stuff + strange stuff I don't know about). In either case, I know I am not feeling trying to control anything or deal with this (not in mood) and I make myself wake up. First time hardly works (make myself wake up, close my eyes and I'm back, practically), so the next time I go from laying on my back to my side. This worked!

      3. Last night (though I forget quite a bit already). Not sure if I thought about it prior to it happening again, but I think I did a little bit. Later, during the night, I woke up from my dream slightly. I knew *this was it!* and closed my eyes immediately and thought to myself to lift up like before. I met the wall of vibrations and, after a bit, surpassed it. However, I thought this and made this decision in a split second of time - I did not consider it much. So was I really ready? Did I really want to do this now? I don't know.
      In any case, though....again, I went up. I don't remember how much control I had but it was definitely not a large amount. I was, however, more awake than the last time, and it didn't feel half as "negative".

      It did, however, feel a bit negative, though not right away.

      So as I went up, I was surprised to see that I was again inside a tall house with large windows, kind of fancy. This time it was not as dark and blue-tinted (like the first time with the doll), but it seemed like it was sunset-time-y. At one point I saw people sitting at round tables, I believe? Maybe a man (white man, balding, glasses, suit -- but this is probably just in my head, it was so vague and faint, everything, and he was not important at all; his description just helps describe the sort of vibe of the place).

      I passed more things, I think, or at least felt and saw more than just this, but I can't remember. This was definitely the longest I have been in this "place" in one complete, consistent bout of time, and I felt that I could remain in it for a long amount of time. I knew I wasn't in the correct mindset, however, and did not feel great about it all, so I began to feel like I should leave.

      Leaving to try to wake up felt similar to trying to wake up during sleep paralysis, though on the "other side" of things. That same barricade was there, it seemed, keeping me in that side as there is keeping me on the other side (that I must "go through" to get there). Part of me trying to wake up was likely propelled by some fear of negative things or not being able to make myself wake up, spurred by trying to move slightly (into my waking body's direction) and being met with such a strong barrier.
      It's all very interesting and I don't understand it, but I would like to!

      I really had to push myself awake (to this awake state, it felt like), and eventually did that. Then slept on my side as I had learned from the last time, and it was all fine. I wanted to write about it..since it was dark could only use my phone, but after I got ready to write (type) I must have closed my eyes for a second and fallen asleep again. I was exhausted. Woke up with my phone next to my head, and have been thinking about this entire event throughout the day today.

      There is definitely a lot to explore.
    15. Imani 4 DILDS

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:27 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      A dream scene ends of me and my father waiting in a room with a group of people. The new scene appears and it is me at a store, appears to be a clothing store. I look through a few in the section I am in. I notice a book that seems to be a part of the bible. I read some of it verse and brought it back to where I had originally pick it up. I then notice I was around a lot of baby clothes for children.

      I look around the corner where I heard a group of people talking. When I saw them I notice one person that means something to me. It was my cousin. She appeared different, as if she had gain a lot more weight recently. When I observe further as I notice her picking up baby clothes, it became apparent that she is pregnant. I continue browsing in till my path cross with her.

      I simply smiled and waved while walking away. I then decided to look for clothes that I could wear since I needed some new ones. That is when the dream scene change again in to my room. I had assume I was awake as it identical in every way, it was night with no lights on. But something was feeling off to me, I decided to ignore it. As I sat up from my bed something happened to me that I don't know how to explain. I felt like I lost control of my surroundings. I was standing up at the front door of my room.

      That's when I heard screams , it felt piercing and loud. It was a girl voice screaming in pain. I started looking around my room asking what's going on. That's when I started pacing my room to see if there was a way I could find her. For some reason information was toss in to my head against my will, that told me this girl I am hearing is my daughter. Even though I do not have children.

      There was such a desperate urge to help this person, that I started screaming when I kept hearing her. That's when I finally woke up, I was slightly breathing hard and clutch my covers. I was wondering why my dreams were a bit tense lately. Then some DC mentally answered my own question by saying some dreams are bad/ I ask mentally in my head is there a way where I can always have good dreams? He said unfortunately dreams are always good and bad depending on the individual.

      I was going to ask why in till I became lucid on sensing something was wrong. A voice began mentally speaking to me saying , so you have now seen apart of my inner world. Now you see how scary it can be when you will now have to suffer and I will be coming back. Once I heard this I told her no don't bother me anymore. No do not do this. The dream scene change again to me waking up in my bed. It was another false awakening. I got up out of my bed as I was finish sleeping. As I stood up on the floor that's when the feeling hit me again.

      I became lucid and was beginning to see another person in 3rd person and yet I could still see through my own self as if I was in 1st person. I notice someone running aimlessly in grey. Then I completely was back in 1st person with this intense fear around me. The shocking screams began again and I couldn't help but panic to try to find this girl that was in so much suffering. I kept looking around in my room and started saying this can't be happening to me. That's when my window turned in to a grey realm. I ran in there as I continue to follow the loud screams.

      However the grey realm only led me back to my room to where I couldn't see anything. I began to scream as I hear the screams of the girl and my own echoing endlessly. It made my head go numb after hearing that after constantly screaming I open my front door and bang on my father door. His door was lock which is not normal for him as he usually leaves it unlock. I began yelling him to open up the door and that I was being attack by someone. I could hear his television set come on as the door opened.

      I told him I needed his help and I was beginning to talk to him about what was going on. I wake up. This time I think I am really awake and the first thing I do is open my door to get to my father and to explain to him what is happening. I began knocking on his door again as it opened. His TV once again came on and he was not in a good mood. I told him something is wrong and that I was being attacked by some person. He doesn't care and tells me to leave me alone and ask me do you know how early it is.

      I look at the time and see that it is 2:02 AM . I told him he still has plenty of time to rest. He gets angry and tells me he is done helping me. That's when I found myself waking in my bed again. No I said, I was already lucid and yelled why are you doing this to me? That's when something on my bed sprang around like a spider. A woman out of no where appeared sitting in front of me on my bed with red hair. A voice told me in unintelligible words that it was angry with me. I knew it was anger because of how intense the sensation was around me. I began saying I am sorry for what I have done.

      It began showing me images and a vision that I would understand. I knew what the issue was now and said I was sorry. But it didn't matter I could tell nothing I was saying was getting through to her. Whatever this thing was. That's when I woke up again from my bed. I was already lucid and the same terrifying scenario happened again and again. I couldn't stop screaming and I remember falling to the floor which somehow made me continue falling endlessly further down. My head felt so much confusion that I didn't know what to do or think anymore.

      I didn't know when I had waken up or if I was awake all this time. My eyes were just staring at the ceiling. It was like I had been in a trance. I place my hand on my head, my head felt empty as if nothing was in it. I sat up to check the time and could see it is 2:02 AM. I am sorry.
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