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    1. I tried to reach out , LD

      by , 12-21-2018 at 10:03 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      At morning I was really cozy in bed ,so I thought I'll just attempt a wild and try to find that sweet point of balance between consciousness and relaxation...
      And somehow I found that goldilocks zone of WILD.
      I observed that when I fall asleep it feels like if my eyeballs get under a gentle pressure ,and it feels like I'm focusing into the far horizon of space... and thats when things start to form, and then suddenly I found myself in an empty room.
      The dream was lackey still butI didnt care, I called out for N ...repeated her name a few times , thought of her, and then the dream dissolved and I floated up into this kinda fog, void...and started to see a picture...of a room, a messy one, and a door infront opening to another room...and then something else I don't remember... And then I found myself again in an empty house, I went out and found myself in a suburban neighborhood situationed on the lower part of a hill, mountain.
      It looked nice , but it was made of the same kind of buildings that are in my neighborhood so I realized that I'm still in my dream... and then I woke up
    2. The past haunts me

      by , 12-15-2018 at 10:06 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I dreamt of her after a long time
      I don't know why
      it brought up new thoughts
      I want to forget
      dream fragment , side notes

      by , 12-14-2018 at 12:46 PM
      Friday, 14 December 2018.

      Reading time (optimized): 4 min. Readability score: 49.

      In choosing to ride in a taxi in the dream state, whether in subliminal, liminal, or concurrent dream self modes, I am relinquishing reticular activating system mediation to the preconscious and the emerging consciousness dynamics. The resulting preconscious simulacrum is an incidental factor of linear vestibular system correlation. It is a result of my dream self’s implied passivity in initiating the return to consciousness and the resolving of the illusory nature of physicality at the apex of the waking process. The taxi driver is a projected (rather than inherited) form of linear vestibular system correlation. Virtually any vehicle stems from the subliminal, liminal, or concurrent status of illusory physicality while sleeping, and while there is a lack of viable awareness of where my body is and its orientation.

      To reveal this process, I will include a list of some of the taxi dreams I presently have online, though this is a work in progress, as my online dream journal is nowhere near being a complete representation of my dreaming history.

      From dream #: 2,834-02 (age 13, “Overpass Mishap”). The taxi driver in this dream, an elderly black male, was known to me in real life. In rising beyond the median of the dreaming process, the taxi ascends an overpass. My dream begins to lose cohesion as we are at the peak, and the overpass seems to either quickly fall or vanish as I simultaneously phase through the roof of the taxi, effortlessly flying up into the sky. As I look down, it all looks like a miniature model, the taxi about the size of a Matchbox car. There is no “meaning” here. It is simply my infra-self responding to the enigmatic space of the dreaming process.

      From dream #: 1,195-02 (age 9, “My Little Cane”). In one of many segments in this very long dream, I am kidnapped by two men and taken into a taxi that actor Ricardo Montalban is driving. He is in charge of my kidnapping, intent on stealing my cane due to its dream-control-relevant dynamics. In a short time, I deliberately become invisible and phase through the roof of the taxi, flying to another location. Ultimately, this taught me about the crucially domineering nature of the preconscious and its simulacra in reticular activating system mediation, as the waking process is a biological necessity. The outcome was that I became ghostlike and remained annoyed by my lack of conscious self identity in the dream state, based on my inability to discern my physical body and its orientation as I sleep. There is a subliminal factor of my cane being analogous to Aaron’s rod. The core reticular formation aspect is a snake as the waking alert factor (though there is no direct snake association in this dream).

      From dream #: 1-02 (age 6, “Invisible in a Taxi”). In this dream, the taxi driver is actor Ernest Borgnine. My dream sustains enigmatic space to the degree where, not only am I phasing from the taxi, through walls, and back to my bed, and back to the taxi, the taxi phases through walls of commercial buildings now and then. I do not have money for the fare, but I manage to stay unnoticed by the driver. The subliminal awareness of being asleep in bed is inherent, which is why the preconscious is not domineering, though this changes when my dream self tries to sustain my dream for too long.

      From dream #: 1,513-02 (age 10, “Frank N. Stein”). In this dream, I am on the street between my elementary school and the playground, the taxi slowly going east. I soon see that Frankenstein’s monster is the driver. He turns around to look at me, but I do not feel threatened. Beyond, to my left, I see lightning inside my otherwise dark classroom (though I had seen it earlier before getting in the taxi). Lightning is a factor of increasing consciousness activity and implies the activation of the emerging consciousness (by way of the preconscious in liminal space) as Frankenstein’s monster came to life and “awakened” from lightning.

      From dream #: 10,591-01 (age 34, “Winona’s Taxi”). The taxi driver is Winona Ryder. She is annoying as the preconscious tends to be, to initiate the emerging consciousness essence. In this case, the smoke serves as an association with the passivity of the dream self and the lack of conscious self identity within the dream state (in subliminal modes).

      From dream #: 18,437-03 (age 56, “An Impossible Taxi Ride”). In this dream, the taxi as relevant to linear vestibular system correlation transmutes to nonlinear. As a result, the taxi goes up and down several staircases until reaching the driver’s apartment on presumably the second floor. (The driver is an unfamiliar man.) From here, there is a situation where he believes a wasp has flown from inside a big irregular rock, but I affirm there is no danger. The wasp represents the transmutation of the previous process and is autosymbolic of the increase of neuronal energy.

      From dream #: 18,382-05 (age 56, “A Spider in a Taxi”). In this dream, secondary factors of vestibular system correlation come into play. A spider (depending on the nature of the dream) is often a negative subliminal association with the human hand, in this case, stemming from my annoyance at high cab fares (and handing the cab driver “too much” money), particularly as I crush the spider with the edge of my wallet. A wallet typically holds identification cards and can be a factor of expressing conscious self will.

      To summarize:

      Taxi (or any vehicle): Analogous to the body, which is imaginary in the dream state (illusory physicality, orientation, and destination).

      Taxi driver: Typically the simulacrum of preconscious activity (by way of the reticular activating system), analogous to the emerging consciousness remaining passive of resolving the illusory physicality of the dream state. (See the examples above where my dream self deliberately abandons this process by phasing out of the vehicle and flying, the final stage of resolving vestibular system dynamics.)

      side notes
    4. Twice lucid again lolz

      by , 12-12-2018 at 06:17 AM
      I got lucid twice tonight. I have been a bit stressed out all day, so I honestly thought I would just pass out when I went to bed. But on the contrary, I hit the lucid jackpot twice tonight. Again it was DILDs coming in clutch. You know I find them a bit like rolling the dice (up to chance if you catch onto the dream or not). Buuuuuttttt they seem more and more reliable lol. Well, both times I got lucid, it was by RCing in a dream bed. The first dream I was about to go to bed in a camp area, and the second dream I was about to go to bed in a hotel.
      I honestly forgot 90% of the first lucid dream, since I went straight back to sleep after it lol.... But the second lucid dream was vivid as fuck, and a couple of minutes long. The coolest thing was, that in the second lucid dream, I hit my head on a wall, real hard. And I expected to wake up, but I didn't. Then I thought to myself that the pain I felt, felt like it would in waking life. Interesting. The content of the dreams don't matter...
      But on a side note, whenever I ask dream characters for help, they seem to help me out lol. I like that hehe.

      Well.... Dilds saving the day(night) again 🤣
    5. 2018-12-11 Biblical surgery and alien eviction - communication with stomach

      by , 12-11-2018 at 10:45 PM
      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions

      2018-12-11 Biblical surgery and alien eviction leads through death to a search for stronger communication with my stomach, realised through talking to a white horse/camel.

      This entry will be written in Danish as I intend to use it in therapy.

      Drømmen starter med at jeg ser et opslag på Facebook. Dette er et som Casper Møller har delt og er et billede og en tekst af 1:1 revelations (kan ikke huske navnet) med en mand der ligger på en mellemting mellem en sarkofag og et operationsbord. Det har en meget stærkt tema om Lucifer, hans fald og periodiske genopstandelse før Jesus vender tilbage. Billedet er også en video og jeg klikker på den og en stemme går i gang med at læse teksten op.

      Mens teksten læses op suges jeg ind I scenariet. Jeg bliver til en dæmonisk skikkelse, der ligner en klassisk grå alien fra diverse film. Det er mig der opererer på manden der ligger på bordet. Der er en forholdsvis ondskabsfuld stemning, som dog skifter I løbet af forløbet. På en eller anden måde stopper den her alien/jeg op og får ændret situationen og gennemfører ikke operationen. Faktisk kommer en anden alien ind I billedet og ser ud til at glæde sig til at deltage, men den første begynder at slå sig selv I stykker og på grund af et eller andet han har lavet på operationsbordet betyder det at den nye tilkommer også begynder at gå I stykker.

      Dette får dem begge til at flygte. De flygter ud af lange og smukke gange, der er rødlige og har et royalt udseende, og mens de flygter ses der billeder af maget muskuløse mænd og kentauere der bliver vækket – på en eller anden måde med fornyet gejst på grund af rumvæsnernes flugt – og jager rumvæsnerne ud.

      Scenariet skifter hurtigt til at se paladset udenfor. Det virker til at finde sted på en anden planet, men det er lyst og det ser meget æstetisk og majestætisk ud. Ud fra det sted hvor den lange gang ville være kommer nu et gylden sfærisk fartøj, som er rumvæsnernes. Det beskyder byen under det med nogle gyldne laser stråler, men besvares så rigeligt af byens blå laser stråler og forsvinder til sidst.

      Der skippes.

      Jeg ligger udenfor ved en svømmepøl, jeg ved blot at jeg ligger og der er en fornemmelse af at ting “stopper”. Dette finder sted et par gange. Vejret er grålig og det virker til at det trækker op til regn, selvom det har en sydlandsk feriestemning over sig. Der sidder fire mennesker foran mig, hvor en af dem er min mor. Muligvis min kusine, min far og en fjerde ubekendt. Min mor fortæller.

      “Nåh, han er i gang med hans døds-process” og insinuerer at det bare skal have lov til at fortsætte.

      Jeg er meget forvirret hver gang jeg vågner og det er svært helt at beskrive hvad der sker. Min bevidsthed fortætter ligesom og jeg føler mig stadig som mig selv, men det er som om der er noget der stopper og som om at det hele stivner til og jeg falder ind I mig selv.

      Da det er ved at være overstået vender min mor sig imod mig og krammer mig, på en kvælende og klam måde, som gør at jeg bliver nødt til at skubbe hende væk. Hun spørger mig: “Du gennemgik din døds-process, det var meget spændende, hvor mange gange døde du?” hvortil jeg svarer “Det ved jeg ikke helt, måske 3-5”.

      Da jeg svarer dette er vi nu indenfor I et hotel, med et meget ru gulv med små sten der har en gummiagtig karakter at gå på. Det hele er meget blåligt og jeg siger. “Jeg ved ikke helt hvor jeg er, det er enormt forvirrende det hele, det eneste jeg kan se er at jeg er I et blåt hotel, jeg aner ikke hvorfor eller hvor lang tid vi har været her.” Jeg kan ikke huske om min mor rent faktisk spørger mig om jeg kan huske mit værelsesnummer, men jeg siger I hvert fald “jeg bor på værelse 422”, hvortil min søster og mor griner en smule og en af dem siger: “Nej du bor på værelse 527”.

      Jeg føler mig ikke stødt over deres latter, men finder en trappe jeg kan gå op af der kan tage mig til mit værelse. Den første trappe går ikke højt nok op, mens den anden faktisk går højt nok op og også indikerer at mit værelse ligger lige rundt om hjørnet. Problemet er blot at der er en glasplade der fungerer som et bord lige overfor trappen I hjørnet der blokkerer, eller I det mindste gør det enormt besværligt og måske endda lidt farligt, min vej. Endvidere når jeg kigger hen til venstre I retningen af mit værelse kan jeg se at vejen er spæret af en glasdør og bagved dem står der nogle lamper der indikerer at den vej er brugt som et hyggehjørne og vil gøre det hele endnu mere besværligt. Så jeg vælger i stedet at gå ned igen.

      Jeg går udenfor og har min madras med som jeg normalt sover på. Den skal børstes af og det går op for mig at der er nogle eller en person(er) der ofte går over den og efterlader en masse sand på den, så den skal rystes. Jeg kan også mærke en smule irritation omkring det, men ved ikke helt hvem det er.

      Herefter skifter scenen til at jeg nu ligger på min madras på mit værelse I hovedgård, som det ser ud. Kaiseren – eller I hvert fald en mørk skikkelse med hans energi – kommer ind og giver mig en dåse danskvand. Jeg åbner den og begynder ivrigt at drikke da jeg er super tørstig. Kaiseren siger “Pas på med at drikke for meget, det kan være giftigt”. Jeg drikker – lidt trodsigt – halvdelen af dåsen hurtigt, og sætter den fra mig og siger “Det gør ikke noget det gør ikke noget for mig det her” og kan mærke at jeg stadig er ekstremt tørstig og tør om munden.

      Jeg hopper ud af sengen og går ud af en dør og befinder mig nu I en baggård. Der er en have-lignende stemning, det er lidt mørkt og der står en palme I midten af græsset. En ældre kvinde med kort krøllet gråt hår og store runde briller – mens jeg skriver dette kommer en tredje association ind – som minder om min Moster og Kirsten, min terapeut, men også en klient jeg har – Lotte.

      Hun siger “Dennis du bliver nødt til at forbinde dig med din mave, den kan nok være lidt svær at komme I kontakt med fordi du putter så meget lort I den.” Jeg svarer: “Jamen det lyder mega fedt, jeg vil vildt gerne I mere kontakt med min mave” og tænker straks på de nylige spændinger, smerter og ukendte emotionelle påvirkninger jeg har oplevet.

      Jeg begynder at blive lucid her da jeg begynder at kalde “Mave! Mave!” hvor den kvindelige figur stopper op og siger: “Du skal følge vinden, hvis du vil finde hvad du søger”. Hun får implicit fortalt at jeg blot skal finde den retning hvor der er direkte modvind hvis jeg vil etablere kontakt til min mave igen.

      Jeg er vildt begejstret for dette trick og kan mærke at jeg kan bruge det I fremtidige drømme også. Jeg drejer mig rundt – imod uret – og finder ud af at der hvor vinden blæser mig lige I fjæset er der en lille sti imellem to bygninger der leder ud til vejen. Jeg begynder at gå derhen og ser en strandpromenade, som minder om den jeg har været på så mange gange I Thailand, og mens jeg går råber jeg “Mave!” gentagen.

      Jeg ser en Raptor gå forbi udenfor og bliver en smule skeptisk. Jeg snupper en kort pause og fortsætter så. Nu kommer jeg ud og kan se ned på vejen – jer er pludselig I et hotelværelse – og der går en masse spændende mennesker, dyr og andre objekter jeg kunne interagere med dernede.

      Jeg råber igen “Mave!” og ser til venstre, hvor der går en T-Rex, som jeg jo har historie med, og træder et skridt tilbage. Jeg står nu I et relativt lille og mørkt hotelværelse, foran vinduet der er firkantet og med klart sol lys skinnende igennem. Jeg beslutter mig for at hvis det er T-Rexen jeg skal snakke med for at komme I kontakt med min mave, så må det være sådan det er u-anset hvor bange jeg måtte være for det.

      Så jeg træder ud på taget og ser pludselig at der er længere ned end jeg havde regnet med. Jeg bliver lidt bange for bare at hoppe ud I det, så sætter mig ned I lotus stilling indtil jeg begynder at svæve ned. Jeg kan mærke på vej derned at der er lidt meget fart på, det er nok til at hjertet lige slår et ekstra slag uden jeg er bange for at slå mig. Dog fornemmer jeg at jeg har mistet overblikket så meget at den vej jeg gerne ville ned på med de mange dyr og mennesker ikke vil være der, fordi jeg har mistet mit fokus. Jeg tænker dog også at det ikke vil gøre noget.

      Da jeg endelig lander ser jeg at den vej jeg var på er væk. Den jeg står på er mindre befærdet og det er pludselig blevet nat, men det er faktisk stadig den samme strandpromenade. Jeg tænker at de nok skal gå og råber igen “Mave!” og spinner mellem 270 og 360 grader rundt om mig selv imod urets retning.

      Her ser jeg en stor hvid hingst komme løbende og mens jeg råber “Mave!” begynder den at ride hen imod mig. Jeg spørger den om den er min mave og I det jeg gør det bliver den til en hvid kamel, med tre pukler, hvor den forreste af de 3 er delt I 2, selvom det ser sundt og raskt ud, som om den egentlig blot bærer en genetisk mutation der giver den denne tredje to-delte pukkel.

      Den svarer at den er min mave og jeg knæler for den, hvilket den svarer med at lægge dens venstre hov på mit tredje øje. Derefter skifter den til at blive en venlig og varm 44-årig mand, med kort gråt hår. Jeg spørger “Hvad skal jeg gøre for at komme I bedre kontakt med dig” og han svarer “Din mormor kom til at trykke en lille knogle I stykker hernede (inde I højre hofteskål, hvor psoas løber) da du var 3 år gammel, det var ikke med vilje, men det kan man også se på billeder.” Der er en implicit besked der handler om at denne skade/traume ikke har været kendt og at noget kropsterapi kan have forværret det, men også at der ligger noget derfra der stadig rumsterer. Jeg svarer “Ah, jamen jeg har jo også fået scannet indersiden af mine hofter, så der vil man kunne se det?” han svarer “Jaaa, jooo.” med en tudelig intonering om at det ikke er helt rigtigt, men at det heller ikke er helt ved siden af.

      Drømmen Ender og jeg vågner med en meget rolig, afslappet og rar fornemmelse I kroppen. Det var tidligt, men jeg stod op og fik mediteret med min mave som fokus, fik lavet yoga, danset og TRE og fik mig noget morgenmad og følte mig godt tilpas.

      Non-lucid – NoteslucidInterpretationwake/dream visuals/visions
    6. 2018-12-08 Holotropic Breathwork - Lucifer, Heaven, Golden Child

      by , 12-11-2018 at 10:42 PM
      2018-12-08 The following is a description of a very powerful visionary experience during holotropic breath-work.

      One sentence title: Travelling as pure child of light from the centre of creation, the beginning of time, over North American bull riding shaman to see what we are saving, culminating in seeing myself as Lucifer, then taking his place so he can go to heaven, falling to earth discarding demonic baggage.

      The entry will be written in Danish as I intend to explore it further in therapy.

      Jeg starter med at lægge mig godt til rette, jeg ser frem til den her session og er ikke bange, men mærker at jeg næsten bliver høj, måske på grund af den lidt intense dans jeg har givet mig I kast med forinden.

      Det første der sker er visuelt. Jeg ser en række tørrede sår hen over min skallede isse, som jeg piller I en smule og som opstår simultant med en række bekymringer omkring Mai, hvilket efterfølges af en række tanker omkring den energi jeg bruger på at bekymre mig hende og hendes foretagener (jeg kan ikke huske om jeg her tænker på at flytte eller om jeg beslutter dette I løbet af den næste dags ceremoni hvor jeg ligger alene I køkkenet).

      Det næste element er at jeg oplever – uden at det bliver visuelt – at jeg ligesom bliver løftet op og at himlens porte bliver åbnet for mig, uden at der dog kommer noget ud eller jeg kommer ind el.

      Det næste er en længerevarende oplevelse af at se og mærke mig selv som et sammenfoldet barn lavet af lys, som rejser igennem et stjerneløst mørke, hvor lys og mørke er ligeligt fordelt og overlappende, som I både altopslugende og totalt gennemtrængende oven I, men også ved siden af hinanden.
      Denne rejse ændrer karakter en smule til at den starter fra galaksens centrum, som også er punktet for begyndelsen af tid og jeg ridder på den forreste bølge af stjerner mod Jorden. Her kommer jeg forbi et vista af en slette I nordamaerika og jeg får fornemmelsen af en bison okse, der muligvis riddes af en shaman. Der er en klar besked om at det er det her livet handler om og at det er det vi forsøger at redde. Samtidig oplever jeg en enorm fornemmelse af at jeg er kommet hertil langvejsfra for at rydde op I min families historik.

      Her begynder jeg at ryste ret så kraftigt, samtidig med at jeg skriger og græder et klage-skrig jeg ikke har hørt før. Jeg ser et billede af planeten samtidig og oplever at vi deler smerten og at oprydningen handler om det.

      Jeg bruger en del tid på at græde snot og skrige på den måde. I løbet af denne meget emotionelle og kropslige process mærker jeg virkelig også min krop ryste og blive varm.

      Da jeg på et tidspunkt sætter mig op, eller rettere forceret ved at en guide blidt har lagt en hånd på mit bryst der har skabt en voldsom reaktion, opdager jeg at lænet fårover har jeg enten fået mine vinger klippet af eller de bliver klippet af mens jeg sidder der. Herefter oplever jeg at jeg kan gro nye vinger, men disse enten af phønix eller fugle karakter og sprede dem ud over rummet.

      Det sidste, men måske mest intense scenarie er at jeg igen ser det gyldne barn siddende foran mig, men denne gang med sorte vinger. Jeg ved at det er mig selv jeg ser på, jeg ved det er djævlen. Jeg trækker mig en smule tilbage, men tænker jeg skal nok se på det så beder en bøn til Michael og Jesus om beskyttelse og lader visionen udfolde sig. Jeg bliver til Lucifer, men samtidig sker der det at jeg igen ser himlens porte åbne sig foran mig og jeg ser hvordan Lucifer bliver lukket ind, mens jeg falder bagover med sorte vinger på ryggen – jeg har taget hans plads. Da jeg rammer jorden er det som om vingerne eller noget dæmonisk fortsætter med at falde. Nu ser jeg mig igen som det gyldne barn og at jeg hvis jeg fokuserer 100% ind I kroppen ikke blot har hele jorden og kosmos som legeplads, men flere forskellige dimmensioner også.

      Her stopper vissionen.
    7. Lucid - that random dild coming in handy

      by , 12-09-2018 at 08:08 AM
      Well I got lucid again. The dream was very vivid, and the feeling of it was very "real", just like I want it. Since I started up my lucid dreamning training agin (abut a month ish ago) I have had about 10 lucid dreams. Which I think is pretty decent, since 4 years ago when I was practicing lucid dreaming, I barely got lucid, and had a hard time stabilizing and controlling the dream. I guess I have come pretty far (compared to then). I feel like I get lucid a decent amount, so it's been easier for me to work with the stuff I wanted to. For an example one of my "lifetime goals" was just to do some physical training in a dream, and experiment with this. I already have been able to fulfill that goal lolz so that's nice. I will def come back to the physical training in dream, when my dream control, stability and lucid frequency (haha the amount I get lucid) gets better. Only a matter of time I guess?
      Well this lucid was the random dild I dislike. Normally I don't like these since the induction technique I feel is just like rolling dice. Either you are lucky or you aren't... well tonight I got lucky lol. And it felt good. It actually felt like this technique can have some consistency to it.
      Dream: I ant totally remember the dream, since I feel like I used up all my memory on remembering all the details of the lucid part, and trying to deild back into the lucid dream after I woke up... well I def remember I got lucid.
      Me and 2 friends from my climbing gym just got of a train, and onto the train station. I don't remember the city we were in. But I remember it definitely was not Scandinavia or Asia lol. We walked over a 2 laned road, and as we were walking a car came speeding by. We started running instead of walking, and barely made it across the road. While taking the last step across the road, I got very aware of everything. It was like everything kinda slowed down, and I had time to think and feel my body and surroundings. (I often do this in waking life to RC. I mean the focus and feeling part). While feeling my body I noticed how I jumped over the curb and gently landed on the soles of my feet on the sidewalk. I could feel the impact on my soles, and it felt "real". I Odis the nose plug RC and damn... i was dreaming! I looked in front of me, and my friend was standing there, all happy since we made it across the road without being run over lol. (I have always had problems with summoning stuff. People, items and surroundings, I have always had trouble controlling). It's always been a goal to summon/say hi to a friends in my dreams. But I have never been able to summon them, or go to a place where they were... so this time, I was aware of my past failings, and wanted to try something new, which I had tried once before in a dream. I asked my friend in the dream, if he knew where my other friend were. He looked around and pointed to a house nearby, and told me my friend was in there. He lead the way. We walked into this old house, and went up a flight of stairs and into a room upstairs. And sure enough my friend was there lol! We talked about training, as we always do lol. And my friends answers were pretty fking profound lol. I got exited about or conversation lol, and woke up!
      I didn't move as I woke up, since I wanted to deild back into the dream and continue the dream where it left off. I tried for some time, but I was too exited to fall back asleep.... dang. I def need to hear what these dream characters have to say haha.

      Well the way I got lucid wasn't as rng as it used to. Normally something strange happens, or dream characters talk about dreams, before I question my awareness. But this time I questioned my awareness just by myself. This is a step in the right direction I think. And a step towards making dilds more consistent and on MY terms.

      Nice! If you can't so the dream control (summoning friends or whatever) just let the dream characters so the work for you lol.
    8. Dream - Amateur Gamer Boy

      by , 12-08-2018 at 07:55 AM
      Date of Dream: FRI 7 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 500 - Amateur Gamer Boy

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, there was this boy that was at my house and he classified himself a gamer; he was a very young kid. Something happened but I forgot what it was and so I called out for 18-Volt. He did appear in a very weird way, he was not 18-Volt at all but was rather… Some toy house? Additionally, whenever 18-Volt’s presence was with me, the dream would give me the sensation as if it wanted to wake me up. This happened a few times and so eventually, I slowed down the rate at which I requested 18-Volt. That’s all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 500: Results (Competition #9)
      Competition Night:
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 0.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 0.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 1.0

      This is my 500th dream that I've recorded... This deserves something special. Here are some unique drawings that have never been posted before and what's really special... A physical reveal of Dreamy WB!

      Pic 1: Dreamy WB & Karla - A variation on the scenery in Dream No. 265

      Pic 2: Murray & Karla - How dream 261 A ended, with me asleep with Murray. The lights are on in this pic so we can see the scene better.

      Pic 3: 18-Volt & Karla - Inspired by Dream 415 A how 18-Volt was sitting in the armchair and writing all those notes.

      Pic 4: Group shot!! Dreamy WB's hand on 18-Volt's back is a reference to how she instructed him in the first couple of weeks of his dream guide service.

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    9. Dream - Distorted Teacher

      by , 12-08-2018 at 07:26 AM
      Date of Dream: THU 6 DEC - 2018

      Dream No. 499 - Distorted Teacher

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was in my old primary and the environment was really distorted. At one stage, I came across one of the teachers, Mrs N, and she looked very distorted. She mentioned something to me about how the current year 11s are doing what I did when I was year 10. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Competition #9 (2018) - Housekeeping Details:

      Dream Guides (Worth 10 points if lucidly summoned):
      1. Dreamy WB/Miss T
      2. Murray
      3. 18-Volt

      Emergency Team (Can act as dream guides but are only 5 points if lucidly summoned):
      1. Sly
      2. Bentley
      3. 9-Volt

      Scoring Template...
      Competition Night:
      Lucid or Non-Lucid:
      Dream Guide:
      Emergency Team:
      Eligible For Competition points:

      Points Calculator...
      Points For This Entry:
      Calculation Details:
      Total Accumulated Points:

      Dream Measurement Criteria:
      Non-Lucid Fragment = 2 or less paragraphs
      Full Non-Lucid Dream = 3 or more paragraphs

      Competition #9 - Personal Goals
      Old - Provide an instance of guidance to 9-Volt
      Old - Physically witness Sneaky Gamer yourself
      Old - Encounter 18-Volt without any headset or glasses
      Old - Have a dream in Diamond City
      Old - Discover where Dreamy WB lives; do I live with her?
      Old - On lap travel, have Dreamy WB travel faster than a car
      New - Have another attempt at elevator exposure practise with 18-Volt
      New - Have all 3 dream guide team members in one dream
      New - Have Dreamy WB or 18-Volt take you to see your deceased grandfather
      New - Start the dream off with a dream guide already present
      New - Witness lap travel on 18-Volt's lap

      Dream 499: Results (Competition #9)
      Competition Night: 1
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 0.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 0.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 0.5

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    10. Lucid twice again??

      by , 12-04-2018 at 11:07 AM
      Sooooooo, last night was pretty wild. I'm still popping B6 every day, and meditating a decent amount (maybe once a day). Well, falling asleep I kept lucidity on my mind, and hoped for the random dild... You know I don't like depending on dilds.... I woke up at 12pm, that's 2 hours after I went to bed. And I was decently awake. I felt like I was getting sick. My throat was sore af, and every time I inhaled and exhaled, my throat would bother me. I tried wilding. And honestly I have always struggled with this induction technique.. well tonight was different!!!! As I was falling back asleep, I kept focusing on the slight bother in my throat. I kept breathing calmly and focused on making awareness and focusing on my breath. The bothersome feeling in my throat was suddenly gone. I couldn't move, and it felt like a blanket in the form of sleep itself was slowly put over my entire body. It felt like SP. So I took the opportunity to transition into a dream!! I "forced" myself to sit up in my bed (it felt almost impossible to do). I RCed, and I was in a dream!!!! I got up and walked towards the door to the entrance hall. My dog was laying i front of the door. He got up as I approached the door. As he walked past me I graced my hand through his fur. He felt just like in waking life lol. I went into the entrance hall, the lights were off. I flipped the switch but the lights didn't turn on. I jumped up to the lightbulb and snapped my fingers to make it light up. It didn't lol. I walked into the next room, and found my brother and his family sleeping. They were also sleeping in two other rooms lol. I felt like I was waking up from the dream. I woke up.

      Good dream!!! VERY VIVID!!!! the gravity was a bit off , but all in all it was good. But short. Ohh well I wilded!!!!! I'll try to keep this feeling in my memory, so I might be able to do it once again 👍👍

      Later that night I had trouble falling back asleep. But eventually I did fall asleep. I had a VERY VIVID dream. The dream content is irrelevant. But the fact that I was semi lucid is not!!! Well... The entire dream I knew I was dreaming. And a dream character also had realised she was dreaming... I even talked to some dream characters about this dream, and that I had been in this dream for at least 20 minutes. But I was never REALLY lucid. It was a weird feeling.... A feeling of lucidity and forgetfullness at the same time.... I woke up...

      Productive night!!!! Good to have a wild, but a bit frustrating to only be semi lucid in the other dream.... Let's make it happen tomorrow night
    11. A vivid af lucid dream

      by , 12-02-2018 at 06:08 PM
      Notes: sooo I haven't gotten lucid for some time now, even though I thought I was coming closer and closer to a more consistent induction technique other than dild..... well tonight I got lucid using dild.... a lucid dream I said a lucid dream I guess lol

      Dream: the dream kinda started out in a climbing gym. I had been working (route setting) for the competition that was taking place in the gym. I remember a ton of my friends participating in the competition.
      Some time later, I find my self in a car. I was driving towards a town or something. (In real life i often RC while in my car , since I spend a lot of time driving. I often also think about what I would do if the RC would work some time lol). I RCed, since that what I normally do in my car. I didn't think much of the result of the RC. Ohh wait, didn't that RC just work??? I tried again and felt the air going through my nose (I did the nose plug RC). i got lucid!! (In waking life, I often thought that if I got lucid while driving, I would fly through the windshield or crash the car on purpose, just for the lolz) I though about flying, but didn't want to lol. So I parked the car. I actually just pulled the handbrake in the middle of the road hehe. I opened the car door and noticed I had my seatbelt on.i tried phasing through it. But it didn't work, so I just clicked my self out lol. I kept reminding myself that this was a dream, and rced a couple of times. I walked a minute or 2, towards this big house. (In my previous lucid dreams, the gravity has been weird, however in this one it was just as in waking life. Nice). I opened the front door of the house I was walking towards, and saw a big mirror in the entrance. I looked into the mirror to get a glimpse of my own reflection. I was wearing some kind of post apocalyptic clothes. And also I was wearing a fly mask / gas mask thing, and glasses. I couldn't feel all these head accessories on my face, so I just lolled and went into the next room. There were 2 dream characters in there. A woman with blond hair, and a girl with brown skin and hair. I said hi, and they said hi back. I went upstairs. And I woke up.......
      I rolled over on my left side, picked up my pen and dream journal and wanted to write down the lucid dream I just had. But I couldn't remember the dream I had had before the lucid dream. Wait.... the dream before my lucid dream, was SOOOOO vivid. I should be able to remember that dream lol... I woke up, rolled over on my left side, picked up my dream journal and wanted to write the lucid dream I just had... WAIT.... didn't I just do this??? Hahahha the FA got me good this time....

      Normally I tend to catch on to the FAs... but this time I didn't lol.
    12. Trying to write down dreams again.

      by , 11-27-2018 at 07:18 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      October dreams.


      A dream from Jamie's perspective, she's driving in a car by didsbury and saying to herself, "I won't talk to Rob unless he sends me another message."

      more Jamie dreams

      I'm outside my house at night walking with Dara. Jamie is behind us and she looks super mad. In another dream I am sitting on a couch with some girl and not sure who and Jamie pries the top of the dream apart and peers in, she has a very dull and disappointed look on her face

      Some days later I dream me and her are in front of some papers and we are planning where to live?

      I'm in some weird shop and some youtuber I hate is there but in this dream we seem to be friends. I become lucid and spend the rest of the dream trying to convince him it's a dream.


      This was a crazy night.

      dream 1: I was hanging with jamie and we seemed to be on okay terms. We were sitting under a water bridge or something when some woman with wings flies up to me. She starts flirting with me and puts something over my head and i just laugh. I get a mirror out and it turns out the girl put a mask on me that makes my face look like my face but plastic. I pull the mask thingy off but it comes off as some mesh leggings. I look over to Jamie who seems to have changed her face to someone unrecognizable. OMG I just realized why she was so mean in the next dreams.

      Dream 2: I'm having an awkward meeting with my dad. We decide to go to some restaurant but all the tables and chairs are in uncomfortable positions.

      FA, In a basement I think Jamie is there and some other people. I'm sitting on a couch and I find a small picture of an evil looking woman with brown hair. I feel a demonic presence attached to this picture. The picture jumps out of my hands and I try to catch it. It lets out a small laugh as I chase it all over the couch then I notice it's left a small trail behind of shit. All over the couch. I frantically try to clean it up and almost throw up. When Done, I look for the picture again.

      FA, in the same basement on a couch. People are there and I ask them If they remember the dream we just had? The one with the demon causing all sorts of trouble? Everyone looks at me like I've gone insane? I look to the couch and Jamie is there staring into my brother's eyes like she is in love and they are whispering something i can't hear. I get up from the couch and say, "Are you two getting into something here?". My brother shakes his head ,"no". He gets ups from the couch and leaves. I notice his friend richard there at the other couch. Jamie says, "Robert don't".

      "You know what pisses me off?" I say. As My brother moves away Jamie falls backwards on the couch. Her mouth a big ,"O", of surprise as in ,"How dare you look at me this way?" And she moves her arms to cover her breasts which I can't see anyway because she's wearing a dress that covers them. but what she doesn't realize is that by falling backwards the bottom of her dress is up, and not only is she not wearing anything underneath, but I can also see everything.

      I ignore that, and keep going. "It's that after all these years you're still not really my friend." Jamie scrunches her forehead, a look, which I've seen before when she's about to disagree with me. My memory fades here.

      next few days:

      Dreams of Jamie taper off, but I remember some fragments.


      Dream of the school we usually dream at. Jamie is sitting there on the curb and she is saying, "You're not going to hit me with that are you?" I look down and I am holding some sort of Disc or plate... "No," I say, "Why would I do that?"

      Then the next day I have a fragment where She is smiling at me and we seem to be on good terms.

      Bjork Dreams

      One where I find Bjork in the gymnasium of the school. She says she wrote a song for me. She plays it and it's good. i wonder If I'll be able to remember the melody. Sadly i don't.

      Other dream was I was flying around a large abandoned city. I heard Bjork singing a melody. I began singing the same melody after she stopped. I flew up to her and she was floating in the air with some man. She asked if it was me who was just singing her song? I forget what answer I give and I just fly off.

      Other non lucids

      In one dream i am at my house? or someone else's. And I go outside and see a Big dragon roaming around. I hide and people I seem to know keep driving by on ATVs Asuka is in one and she said The girls have taken the remaining dybbuk boxes and have put them away safely. I explain that won't get the demons out of Jamie's inner world. She said it's a start.


      A dream where I can see Data trying to get into Jamie's inner world. I think I am watching on a screen. He comes to a shield he can't get past. He plants explosives at the base and it blows a tunnel underneath. At this point Data is so clear he looks exactly like the TV character. I usually never see him like that. He keeps tunneling with his phaser or something. He keeps saying what he is doing and what he is going to try, but it sounds too technical. At this point I think I'm watching a lost episode of Star trek. Some giant tendril rises from underneath him it looks like it's connected to something from the movie tremors. It begins pulling Data under and he still keeps talking just louder. Eventually his head falls off and everything fades to black.

      Jesus is being creepy again

      i woke up in the middle of the night and thought to myself ,"will I ever see Jamie again?" I fall into a dream vision and see Jesus with a big goofy grin on his face. He is pointing at the gates of heaven where a bright light is obscuring what's behind the gates. "You'll see her there!!!" Jesus booms without moving his mouth.

      What about before then?

      Semi lucid

      Dreamed I was walking somewhere in the wilderness at night. I discovered I could float if I pawed the air a bit. I had to find a washroom So I came across a familiar door that went under a hill. I knew it was a place under construction and late night people might be working so I floated in through the top of the door way which was very tall. Inside was a place with fresh drywall and there was a guy mixing mud loudly so I floated above him. He didn't notice. At the end of the hall was a large room maybe for a kitchen or living room. There was another hallway so I took that one and spotted another worker where i knew the washroom was. I floated above him too and went in the doorway. i did my business in the room. When i left one of the workers spotted me so i flew fast out the entrance door.


      Dreamed I was with some of my co workers in a large room that seemed filled with water. Only we could breathe under it. One girl was still ina sybmarine or something but it was really small. A floated up to her friend and smiled at her.

      Concert surprise

      Dream about some youtuber guy. We were at a music hall or something where a party was going on. We discovered we could do some really crazy dream parkour as the gravity seemed light. He found some markings high up that said if he could follow the parkour course in the hall three times, A well known rock band would show up. I watched him do the parkour sequence 3 times. On the last try he was struggling with it. He managed to do it right and suddenly a band i never heard of showed up and started to play or something.


      Various dreams of martial arts training. In one i'm being trained in a kung fu form by some chinese guy. He claims he is teaching me tiger and Crane, but the sequence i show him is different than what he is teaching. In another dream i am in a simulation where I am training with a wooden sword. A guy goes to stab me with his right sword and take mine and try to stab his right arm to deflect. The trainer says I'm not doing what he showed me. He asks again what should I do when someone swings with his right from that angle? I just say I have to be faster. The trainer shakes his head. In another dream i am practicing the form with a coworker. We go through a sequence and she says she doesn't like that particular pose.


      I kept dreaming of getting messages from Jamie on Facebook, but they were all mean.

      Dream flash about seeing Jamie at a stadium with her own trainer? She looks like an anime girl and has a green bandana. She looks very angry but also determined. I wonder why I am there? Was I training for this? Or were we supposed to dream battle? i never got a conclusion to this.

      Basement 1

      This is after Raven telling me she remembered putting up a shield in someone's inner world. I'm wandering a basement when I run into a woman with long dark hair. She also has dark skin and pulls me into a bedroom. We start kissing. Not sure who this was.

      Basement 2

      I'm in Jamie's basement and I am wandering around. I go into a room where I feel a dark presence. I feel a presence possess me and i feel really dark like when i'm in SP. I go up to some people and ask them if I seem different. No body seems to notice anything but then my voice changes.

      Basement 3

      I'm in the basement but find extra rooms where there's people in there with a long scenario to kill me. I Run into Asuka and data and they both say Jamie is nowhere to be found, but that this place is crawling with Demons, so we decide to leave.

      Basement 4

      I enter the basement again the next day but get trapped and held down by hoodlums. An evil looking woman emerges and gives and evil smile. she says I'll never get back in here again.

      Jesus again

      I'm at the Dream highschool that me and Jamie use as a neutral ground to hang out in dreams. It's only me and her in class and Jesus is the teacher. He hands us a large book and says this is what we are to study for our assignment. I leaf through and there's a bunch of sci-ency and spiritual technobabble. One chapter catches my eye it says something about Jamie being suicidal? I look at Jamie but she's almost leaving the classroom. I stop her and say we should study. She says she knows it all and repeats all the terms in the book back to me except for the last one. She then leaves. Then i think she didn't want to talk about that last subject.

      Jamie tries to contact me

      A dream of talking on a computer screen with jamie. She says she misses the dreams and she can't find me. I say I can't get to her house since her shield went up and I got kicked out by some some woman.

      phone call

      I'm at home and Asuka hands me the phone and says it's from Jamie. I barely hear Jamie when I burst into tears and then I ask her why she hasn't called me in years and why now of all times? then I wake up.


      I am in the Dark Tower World with Jamie we are walking with roland in a huge desert. IT's so windy that Roland is wearing some large archaic goggles to protect his eyes from the dust. I guess we were telling him about our friendship because he suddenly seems perplexed and then almost mad. He barks at us, "Why don't you two just contact one another?" and turns his head away in disapproval. I start to say I did attempt contact but then I woke up.

      The Rose

      I am at the corner of Second and Forty-Sixth in a vacant lot in New York standing over a Rose. IT's The Rose from the Dark Tower novels. Jamie is talking to me either in my head or through an earpiece for some reason we think this can get me back into her inner world. She asks me If I'm at the rose? We seem to making a coordinated effort or something. I am greatly transfixed by the rose. "Yes I am at the rose." I say. "...I'm always at the rose..." Then I wake up. Well I guess I screwed that one up.

      Lucid 1

      I become Lucid in my house when I discover gravity is light. I can't think of any plans so i look into a mirror. I don't try to change my image but the reflection starts smiling at me and looks evil. It fades out shortly after.

      Lucid 2

      I become lucid in a movie theater when I float up. I leave the theater and look for someone. I wind up in the projection room and my vision starts to go dark. I keep saying ,"Computer: lights" a few times until I see the light is on finallyI seem very determined to do something. I enter a place with seating tables where people are eating and I spot an old co worker Daniel. I go up to him and tell him it's a dream. He doesn't seem to care much but after I keep talking he looks somewhat interested.

      "If you're wondering who I am," I say, "I might be your subconscious!" But I screw up the word:
      subconscious. I briefly fall back into SP and I am struggling to talk because I can feel my physical jaw is mostly numb. I snap back into the dream. "I'm sorry i meant: subconscious. I can't talk sometimes..." Dan just shrugs. Then I clue into what I need him for: He has to get into Jamie's inner world to take her shields down because I am not allowed. I have to try to convince him. "We are going to use your dreams to build your confidence... With GIRLS!" Dan then perks up a bit and seems more interested and almost smiles, which is strange for him. "For this next mission," I continue," You are going to get to practice with a very SPECIAL girl!" Jamie's voice booms into my head. "Robert... REALLY?" she sounds really annoyed. But Dan agrees. I pull up my watch with a display and see Asuka and Data behind two separate screens. Asuka says, "Im planting a homing device on him now!". Data is at a display with a keyboard and his fingers are moving at blinding speed. He says, "Locking onto him now and Transporting." then I wake up.

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    13. Recap of Recent Lucids I Forgot to Post/Count - Mid November

      , 11-26-2018 at 11:55 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      As of 11-15: 50 since August.

      11-17 (+1)
      I'm in a huge indoor-outdoor area. It's the size of a football field, and I'm on a mezzanine-like structure. It looks like rock shelf as floor for the mezzanine all around, but also kind of perfect like a shopping mall (hard to describe). The whole area is overgrown with plant life, dirt, and rocks, and there is junk (think American Pickers and/or a garage sale or old barn). It also sort of feels like a hill/cliff I climbed on during my last vacation. I don't know what's below on the "ground floor"--maybe a small body of water/pond? I climb around a corner and see a large twisted black metal wire structure which I understand to be a pulpit. The first 8-10 feet are twisted into a very small spiral staircase, and the rest is twisted into a rectangular pulpit face with a cross shape twisted on top. My cousin climbs up the staircase and pulls himself to the top, looking like he's about to preach. I become lucid and instantly lose eyesight. I sping to clear it up and begin to feel wakefulness pulling at me. I try to remember something I read hear once about "resisting the path to waking" and it works. I keep spinning and yell "lights!" and suddenly my vision comes back. All I can see past my small corner of the mezzanine is a huge sunset-colored mushroom cloud and sky going in all directions. I believe the lucid went on for a bit longer but I didn't write any more down in my DJ.

      11-18 (+1)
      At a wedding, lucid pretty briefly. Had some familiar faces show up.

      11-21 (+3)
      See post "Couple of Lucids - November 21"

      11-22 (+2)
      See post "Some Cool Lucids - November 22"

      11-25 (+4)
      4-lucid-long dream chain. Each time, I would "wake up" in the kitchen of 9 and become lucid almost instantly. Then I would exit out to the back porch and do a couple of things for 1-2 minutes, and then "wake up" into the next one. Things I did:
      Flew to the top of a non-existant tree in the corner of the yard, then ran along an extremely long wooden structure, ninja-style. Again with these crazy disproportionately huge structures.
      Walked outside again, saw my dad and passed him by since I was lucid. Decided to fly again and flew to the top of the tree again, but didn't go the same direction (the tree was in the same place, but the wooden structure wasn't) so instead I flew out towards my neighbors' houses and had a nice windy flight past some real life and dream memories (some of it was the way the neighbors (or previous neighbors) had their houses set up when I was a kid, some was from in-depth past dreams that I had forgotten all about*).
      Walked out onto the porch and tried to spin-teleport to my incubated dream location, even closed my dream-eyes which usually dooms me if the teleport doesn't work, but this time simply nothing happened. I was able to salvage the lucid though, and did some summoning/object manipulation which was fun.
      Had another brief one in which I lost it quite quickly and tried to do counting method to stabilize, but lost.

      As of 11-26: 61 since August. I'm really excited to have gotten this far!
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    14. Lucid from FA

      by , 11-25-2018 at 09:37 AM
      Notes: tonight was pretty great. I had about 5 really vivid dreams, including a FA where I got lucid. After starting popping some B6 vitamins, the vividness of my dreams realy seems to have increased. Might be the B6 working, or it might be random I dunno. I know I'm gonna keep popping em 🤣

      Dream: I remember waking up from a dream. My wife was still laying in bed, but she acted a bit weird. Ohh well I got up to go to the bathroom. As I was passing the front door, I saw I wasnt locked. I remember I locked the door before going to bed, so I RCed. I instantly got lucid! Well that was easy I thought to myself 🤣 I went into the living room and wanted to walk through the window, so I could get outside. I kinda got stuck in the window hehehe..... . My wife (in real life) turned around in bed, and she bumped into me, so I woke up......

      Dang it!!! The lucid dream felt soooo vivid. And it felt really stable too. And also, the gravity in the dream seemed normal. That would have been fun to work with.. ohh well, I'll get em tomorrow.
    15. Lucid again !! Yaaaas

      by , 11-22-2018 at 08:11 AM
      I have been recognizing the dream state a bit easier than usual. My dream self kinda randomly tells myself that this is a dream and it feels like a dream.
      Tonight this same thing happened 👍
      Notes: I have been popping B6 vitamins these last couple of days. Meditating every day. During the day I'm focusing of the feeling of the awake world, so I would be able to distinguish it from the dream world.
      This night I was beat from work, so I fell asleep just wanting to sleep. So no mantras no intension no nothing. However i still got lucid 💪

      Dream: the dream was decently long. The way I got lucid was decently interesting. The dreams villain, a Dracula looking guy, went around killing a bunch of people on the city I was in. I randomly bumped into the guy, but knew he couldn't hurt me since this was just a dream. I got lucid. The Dracula guy slashed his knife at me.i stepped back a couple of steps, and put my hand on his shoulder, and told him to leave me alone, and go do his thing some other place. He looked confused, but took my advice and turned around and walked away. I noticed that the gravity was a bit more like normal gravity. I tried flying, but it was more like floating. While in the air, I tried shooting webs. It worked and swung to the nearest building. I wanted to test, yet again, if I was able to do my finger strength training. I did a couple of hangs on the building edge. I started feeling the pump, and then stopped. NICE!!! I might be able to work with this!!
      The building I was hanging from, didn't have a roof.itwas more like a scouting tower than an actual building. I noticed there being a bunch of text on the walls of this tower. Can't remember the text but it said something about a children's shooting that had happened in the city. The tower was loaded with sooo many firearms. Suddenly I heard some of the citizens yell at me, that I was the shooter from back then, and that I was naked? I looked at my body, and sure enough, I was naked..... The dream characters started chasing me down. I swing away from the tower, towards some trees and a beach. While mid swing, a Spiderman like character surprised me from behind. I dodged his attack and shot my webs at him and kinda whipped him / slammed him into the ground. While escaping I lost lucidity and woke up

      Yet again me getting to emersed in the dream content and waking up. When will I learn???
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