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    False Awakening

    1. June 8, 2023 1:17 pm

      by , Yesterday at 12:29 PM
      I've been very sleep deprived from work as well as having dreamless nights lately, took a short nap during my lunch break.

      I dreamed that I was in my bed, trying to fall asleep when I suddenly realised that my room became bigger, the wall next to my bed was moved a few meters further. There's a darkskin girl with me in the room and my roommate shows up back from the barbershop with bright white skin and light grey curly hair and a beard like an ancient philospher statue. It made the three of us laugh out so loud I felt my brain throbbing.

      I knew I was dreaming and walked into my bed to try and wake up, noticing the dept of my surprisingly big room as well as my unrecognisable roommate flash between odd and normal like flickering lights. I suddenly thought about that Joey Bada$$ interview where he talked about astral projecting at that moment, but I knew that I had to get back to work soon. I was, however still dreaming even though the dream was literally me lying in my bed.

      I then briefly wake up and doze off again dreaming that I'm traveling to the Friedrichstraße station, but I was naked and my clothes were in a storage locker in w different train station. This time I knew I was dreaming and woke up, just relaxing in my bed before the alarm went off.
    2. Comp Night 6 - Woke Up a Lot

      by , Yesterday at 01:14 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      Slept at 11:10, earlier than usual because I was tired. Actually, I'm still tired.


      Dream #1 (Non-Lucid):
      I was in S's house messing around with a girl my age, who was apparently my Japanese tutor. S's mom at some point was holding a razor doing something dangerous, but S took it away from her. Their interactions were very much like a parent-child role reversal. I(?) went up to the bathroom to do something, and their mom said, "It's definitely not the bathroom." [I have no idea what that meant or what was going on here, memories and notes are both vague.]

      Later the Japanese tutor pushed me into "my" chair (one among many) and shoved the back of it, sending me flying down a hallway. It rolled like a wheely-chair despite having no wheels and I was facing backwards. I held on tight to the seat and the dream went into third person until I hit a towel and came to a stop.

      The tutor recorded it all but messed up the editing, even though it was live? In the beginning we hadn't liked each other very much and all my awkward jokes flopped, but by this point we were best buddies. The camera zoomed in on each chair, upon which the "before and after" of different aspects of our relationship were displayed.


      Yeah, this dream made no sense. Woke up at 3:31, remembering nothing and tempted to go back to sleep without trying. But I pulled myself together and ended up remembering these two fragments—point-wise, they're the same as a full non-lucid dream.


      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      My mom was hosting a dinner party in our backyard, which looked more like J&L's backyard. The house was way bigger than it is IWL, and one of the guests was our neighbor Diana. I was dealing with a troublesome situation involving an animal(?) named Candy, but I can't recall the details.

      I texted J and S in a group chat, asking S when we would meet up, since yesterday they said we had to talk [true]. They didn't answer, and J suddenly sent a "Happy birthday!" message. S did the same, adding a party emoji. I checked the date on my phone and sure enough, it really was my birthday.

      I wasn't surprised, but a gloomy mood overtook me and I started complaining about how, on top of dealing with this Candy fiasco, I had to find out that no one remembers my birthday—not even me. It was a bit hard to type because my phone kept glitching, but even IWL that's normal.

      My mom came inside to grab some tablecloths for the party. I looked at her with a deep frown, the kind a child makes before bursting into tears. I didn't even know what age I was turning, but I couldn't believe she forgot my birthday. [This would never happen in reality unless she got dementia or something.]

      "What? Why do you look like that? You're on electronics too much," she said, and I started crying. "Oh, guess it's not that then."

      She went back outside without asking what the problem was. But a few seconds later, I heard her let out a terrible wail. I knew she'd realized and went out to see if she would apologize. She was hunched over on the ground, but when I went up to her, she raised her head and smiled. "You thought I forgot your birthday? Don't be silly."

      Startled by the change in attitude, I said, "Stop lying."

      It was already 3:30 in the afternoon, so if she truly hadn't forgotten, what was she planning to do? And why had she been despairing just a moment ago? There's no way she could remember yet not acknowledge it. Still she insisted, and although some doubts crept in, I refused to believe her.

      Abruptly woke at 4:11; WBTB.

      Dream #3 (Non-Lucid):
      There was a group of horses talking to each other, awkward and relatable, practicing Japanese with flashcards. They took out the kanji for month/moon, but on closer inspection it became the kanji for rain. On even closer inspection, it didn't look quite right.

      Next thing I remember is being in my room, looking at an imitation painting I made of the horses. One of them was biting the other's tail, and there was a dragon on its saddle. A stone tower loomed in the distance, and two more dragons were piled on top of it. The painting was able to move like a live photo. I thought it was very futuristic.

      I had a false awakening in which I wrote down the dream, and after that I had another false awakening in which I did the same thing!
      When I woke up for real at 5:11 I was confused and lay there for a while trying to figure out what had happened. Forgot much of the dream, but the FAs actually helped me recall the details of the horse part.

      Dream #4 (Non-Lucid):
      Andrew Tate was dating a teenage boy. I saw a video on TikTok of them kissing. The caption read, "He's even a pedo now!" There was a child next to the two of them so I worried about the implications of this.

      After the kiss the (teen) kid walked away blushing. He was wearing a Hunter x Hunter shirt, and on it Killua was blushing too. I wondered if the video was fake because it's weird for non-anime people to blush like that, and the matching shirt seemed unrealistic.

      Sudden false awakening. I debated whether or not I should write down the dream, deciding to do it later since it was almost 6:15. I went over it in my head and thought, Even though it's short, it's not a fragment because that was the whole dream. So that'll be one point.

      My brothers N and Z were both awake. Z was in my bed with headphones on, watching something on his phone. I lay down and covered my ears with a blanket because N was being annoying, but when I put the cloth over my ears, I heard loud piano music and singing. It was definitely a cover of a PowaPowa-P song, not sure which one. Even though the singer's voice was shaking and too-loud and full of voice cracks, I didn't mind because I was fascinated by the hallucination. If I pressed too hard and covered my ear canals, I couldn't hear anything, and eventually the sounds stopped altogether.

      I told Z about it and he told me to shut up and stop talking to him, not meanly though. I kicked him and we both kind of laughed. I announced that I needed to pee and since it was 6:14, I figured it would be fine to get up now. I climbed down from the bed, gathered my clothes, and headed to the bathroom. But for some reason, N was about to walk in first.

      What the heck? He's in middle school, he doesn't need to get up yet. Bet he just wants to go on the computer. I told him to stop, and he backed away from the bathroom as if repelled. Behind me, I heard my 6:15 alarm going off. Oh yeah, I forgot to disable it.

      I turned back to do that…
      and woke up to my real 6:15 alarm going off. Kinda crazy!

      I may have forgotten a dream in between the third and fourth, but maybe I'm just confused. I'm disappointed in myself for missing so many dream signs, I even questioned my surroundings multiple times. But what can ya do...


      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream (x4) - 4 points
      Dragons Theme - 5 points
      (3 comments - 1 point)
      Tonight's sum: 10 points
      Previous sum: 70 points

      Comp total: 80 points

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      memorable , non-lucid , false awakening
    3. Su23Comp06: Food fragments and fake WILD

      by , 06-07-2023 at 02:34 PM

      Color Code
      Dark Green = Lucid
      Brown = Partially Lucid
      Anything else is nonlucid

      • Sleep quality: strange... currently a lot of central/east North America is getting smoke from wildfires in Quebec and we are in one of the "red zones" - the air is smokey and smells like fire, it burned my nose and throat being outside. So all the windows are closed and the room was pretty stuffy. I feel I had trouble waking up and distinguishing when I was or was not still dreaming/sleeping.
      • Sleep time(s): 11:30PM - 3:45AM, 4:15AM - 5:30AM. 6:00AM - 7:15AM
      • Before bed activity: went on DreamViews and flipped through some of the challenge thread and dream journals to keep that in the top of my mind.
      • Goals or intentions: have a lucid dream to continue the competition, in particular continue on my three-step task (which appeared tonight, but only in my nonlucid dreams!)

      Almonds and other fragments[1]
      • Awakening time: 3:45AM
      • Level of detail: fragments
      • Lucidity: nonlucid
      • General mood: confused

      Food class

      I'm in California in the woods with a small hiking group, led by a guide or instructor. The guide asks each of their group what animal they would like to be. I'm thinking "butterfly," it doesn't feel quite right but I can't think of anything else. Before I can speak the guide says, "Harlequin, you will be a moth." Close enough.*

      Later we are in a small cabin and the guide is leading some sort of food-assembling class. Everyone is responsible for a different dish, though I forget what they are now. I have to unfold a white paper napkin that is embossed with phrases in English. I think maybe we are not speaking English in the class, because this napkin with the phrases is like a novelty from another country.

      Two of the foods I have are a bag of string beans and a bag of toasted almonds, both of which I sample. The almonds are delicious with a kind of savory flavoring on them.

      Mass emails

      D. is complaining that her inbox is full because she's still getting emails from our high school and new students are spamming people with mass emails introducing themselves. I wonder why she's getting them, and if that's normal.

      One student who introduces himself has "slight" Down's syndrome because his mother had it too but his father did not. There's a special name for it and his email is tagged digitally with that name, like an inbox category.


      It's an overcast day and I'm driving to the supermarket. My backpack is on the floor of the passenger seat and I lean over as I'm driving, unzipping and reaching into the front pocket with my right hand to make sure I remembered to put my wallet in there.

      The intersection I come to is kind of like [one in my neighborhood] (the angle, the underpass under the railroad tracks). However, it's surrounded by trees and greenery instead of the industrial area, and the one road curves sharply away into the tall trees. The railroad bridge is also extremely tall and massive, made of gray stones. The opening for cars remains quite small though.

      I have to make a left to go under the bridge. I want to tun the radio on, but I hear sirens coming, and don't want a cop to see me "distracted driving." The police car comes from out of the tunnel, and to my dismay makes a U-turn and sets up a roadblock in the tunnel. Cars are coming down the road and forming a traffic jam. I make a right instead, then a sharp left that I think might take me around the roadblock. It leads through a little neighborhood and past a fenced-in park with a playground, but the only outlet goes right to the front of the traffic jam, not letting me around. The cop is shaking his head at all the stupid people who try this "shortcut."

      False WILD
      • Awakening time: 5:30AM
      • Before the dream: got up to the bathroom, tried to focus more on being present and active in my next dreams to remember better. Went through the "possible scenarios" to reassure myself that any way would be fine (I mean like, I could have a lucid dream. Or not. Or not even remember a dream. Or not even fully fall asleep).
      • Level of detail: detailed
      • Lucidity: #nonlucid (probably more than half the dream) to #lucid (DILD I think?) to #partiallucid (small segment)
      • General mood: avoidant

      Crime and Punishment[2]

      There is an old stone apartment building on a hill between two streets that meet in a V. The lawn is contained in/atop high concrete walls and there are many concrete steps to get up to the building. In the street directly in front there is a plaza where people can sit, and I live on the other side of this in another building.

      In the evening, I watch a woman with dark curly hair in a purple sweatshirt and sweatpants getting food with a famous actor** and some others. The woman is trying to pay while the others are there. When they leave, the actor tells her, "Look, I know you can't even afford your car payments most months. So really, I got this." He hands the money back to her, she smiles and leaves.

      Morning comes, and now I'm more active in the dream.

      I know (in the way that the narrator of a novel knows) that a man who lives in the old stone apartment building murdered his old landlady, like Raskol'nikov. I also am compelled to go into this apartment to get a jacket (not sure if it was a jacket, some kind of dark cloth). I really don't want to do this. I know he's murdered her just last night, and I'll be the first to find the scene of the crime. As I'm going up the stairs, I think "Raskol'nikov wanted to be caught" and that is part of why I'm sure I will see it, but I want no part of it.

      Inside, I see dark wood stairs and flooring and yellow walls, with morning sun coming through the front windows of the building. The hallways and apartments actually seem quite spacious and well-lit.

      I go into the room as little as possible to grab the jacket, probably using an impossibly long reach to just grab it by sticking my arm through the partially open door. Without seeing anything else, I run down stairs and out.

      On the front terrace, it seems the landlady's pets know what has happened. Her cat is there freaking out. There is also a huge menacing rat on the street that seems to think I am the criminal. It is jumping and about to charge up the outdoor stairs at me. I jump off the side, over the high retaining wall down to the sidewalk. Unharmed, I head back toward my home building.

      False WILD[4]

      I feel myself in my own bed falling asleep.*** When I realize I'm falling asleep, I quickly run through my mantra about being grounded and aware, and feel myself transition into a dream in which I'm laying in bed. The room is pitch black, I can only faintly see the walls. My body floats up and around the room, still horizontal, drifting into the alcove over the desk.[5]

      I make my way back to the bed, and realize I'm wearing a shirt but no pants or underwear. I call for A. but there is no answer. So I figure I should first escape from this room.

      I remember one of the competition tasks is to fully phase through a solid object, and head for the ceiling. I have a little moment of doubt since this was an "advanced" task and I wonder what the difficulty could be. I also remember that I have to keep my eyes open. I see the beams and wires in the floor as I pass through, then when I'm in the attic the floor becomes semi-transparent, like in a building simulator. I go up through the roof and when I see the black night sky... it turns back into the blue walls of my bedroom. I try again, going through the wall at the front of the house, same deal. I finally succeed going through the wall over the head of the bed.[6]

      Floating above the ground, I see trees in the distance ahead of a setting sun, but everything is blurry. Out loud I say FOCUS and they become more clear and I can see people among the trees. It's Abraham Lincoln, Bill Clinton, and a bunch of other past US presidents, dressed up like schoolboys in red V-neck sweaters and slacks, giggling and holding hands as they walk through the sunny forest. Everything is in like an AI art anime style and it's like their adult heads are put on boys' bodies. Then there's a freeze frame and the title BATTLE ROYALE appears in golden block letters on the bottom of the "screen." I laugh and say "never mind," kind of amused and kind of disappointed that this is what I focused on.

      False awakening with cat

      I hear the cat crying downstairs, then my dad bringing her into my room, talking to her, and I'm pulled back into the room again. I still feel like I'm half-dreaming though, and I can return to my lucid dream if he gets out of here quickly enough. But he doesn't, he starts trying to tell a funny story about an old man, and he's talking very loudly. I say "Be quiet! Don't come into my room in the middle of the night!" more loudly than I would in waking life.

      Now I think he's fully woken me up, but I'm going to try returning to the dream. I take a sip of water,
      and something in the way it instantly cools my mouth, throat, and lungs makes me realize at once I've been dreaming this whole time.

      Then I wake up for real.

      Mixed greens and other fragments[3]
      • Awakening time: 7:15AM
      • Before the dream: I felt I might fall asleep and have a lucid dream, so I pushed my alarm back to not disturb that. I did some little stretches/movements to try and calm myself (my heart rate down).
      • Level of detail: fragments
      • Lucidity: nonlucid
      • General mood: troubled

      Unknown date

      I'm riding in the passenger seat of dad's car on the highway on a sunny afternoon. I suddenly remember I had an appointment to bring my own car to the dealer (in waking life, I have an appointment this week for them to check out a safety recall). I'm telling dad and frantically asking him what day it is, because I can't remember at all.****

      Jack Johnson

      I'm on a trip and sharing a king-size bed with X. in a guest room somewhere. There are two speakers in the room and X. plays Jack Johnson all night to drown out noise from the other room. I ask if he can stop the music because it's making me anxious. Mom is also there. They say I shouldn't be anxious with the kind of music I listen to. I tell them yes but I don't listen to black metal all night long when I'm sleeping and waking up.

      Broccoli dominoes

      X. and I are going to play dominoes but instead of bones we have to use pieces from a head of broccoli. We have some I cut up, but there's also some other broccoli that someone else wants to add. When I reach over across the room to get it I drop some, and I'm worried because I think it will throw off the balance of different colors of pips.

      Salad mix

      I'm at dad's kitchen sink. He hands me a plastic clamshell container of a salad mix (the kind that is usually pre-washed) and asks if I can wash it. There is lettuce in it as well as chopped red onions and some dried fruit and/or nuts. I think it's weird but try washing it anyway. I fill the container with water and try to use the lid to keep the salad from coming out when I dump the water. Some comes out anyway, in particular most of the onions, and I hope he won't notice that I'm having to scoop all that out of the drain. Then I see he also threw in a little plastic container of bleu cheese on top, and I got water in it, which is disgusting.

      Side Notes

      *The other day my friend was saying something like humans just exist to have sex and die and I was like "no, that's butterflies."

      **It would make sense if the actor resembled James Marsden, as we've been watching that Jury Duty show.

      ***When I woke up, I genuinely thought this was a WILD. The one thing that gave me pause was it felt like the "end of the line" (end of my sleep cycle) while the dream felt too short for that. When I checked the clock, the timing also didn't seem to match up. I was just going to attribute it to some weird time dilation until suddenly the thought CRIME AND PUNISHMENT popped into my head.

      ****I think I may have actually awoken briefly here, because I remember panicking a bit about missing the appointment, then being in bed knowing that it's only Wednesday, and making an effort to calm myself down. Really not knowing the day should have been a lucid dream trigger though...

      Summer Competition 2023
      [1] Remember 2+ fragments from same dream - 1 point
      [2] Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
      [3] Remember 2+ fragments from same dream - 1 point
      [4] First DILD of the Night - 10 points
      //Again, not clear whether to classify it as DILD, but it was the first and only LD of the night so there shouldn't be a problem with scoring//
      [5] Fly - 5 points
      [6] Fully Phase through Big Solid Object - 10 points

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    4. Comp Night 4 - A Very Confusing Lucid

      by , 06-06-2023 at 02:55 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      Y'know, I really love these podcasts with CanisLucidus and OpheliaBlue. They always seem to say the most useful things right when I need to hear it... even if they said it years ago.
      Anyway, on to the dreams

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      A girl was on the subway, heading for Japan. She was confused about Chinese versus Japanese pronunciation. Someone abruptly stopped her at 3:30 to ask a question.

      That's all. Ironically, I woke up at 3:30. Logged the entry and went to sleep, attempting WILD as usual. I used CanisLucidus's "99, I'm dreaming, 98, I'm dreaming" method this time.

      Dream #2 (Non-Lucid):
      Spoiler for suicide:

      There was an immediate scene change. Now I was not even in the dream, but the "camera" was on a guy wearing a turtle shell, and he said to me, "So, you're trying to WILD? Just give it up." We both became simultaneously alarmed by his words. "I mean, no, no, never mind.... I don't know anymore, you schmuck."


      I woke up at 4:21. After recording the dream, I lay awake for at least 35 minutes, doubting if I would be able to get back to sleep at all. But I was thinking of LDing and WILD the whole time, and eventually I drifted off.


      Dream #3 (Lucid):
      Where do I even start? The order of this dream is so scrambled... I'll try my best.

      I was on a spaceship, in a small room with my mom and a cabinet of spices. Lucid from the get-go, I remembered my first three-step task: flying! I jumped up and hovered in the air, being careful not to fly through the ceiling in case the dream blacked out.

      Wriggling in midair, I bragged to my mom, "This is a dream! This is a dream!"

      She clapped and praised me
      , yet at the same time, I heard her shrieking at me to do my work. It was weird, but the image of her in that room was super vivid. I remember being amazed and hoping I didn't wake up.
      Then I had a false awakening.

      I attempted WILD by imagining my mom as she was before, and she kind of "booted up," but in the end it failed. So I went to sleep normally
      and the next thing I remember is being in my living room, lucid again. I pushed my brother aside and jumped into and through the front door, trying to teleport. I emerged in total blackness.*

      At first I assumed I had woken up, but then I thought,
      Wait, what if this is the "void" CanisLucidus mentioned? Remembering how he hailed it as an effective teleportation tool, I tried to summon up a scenery. Grainy graphics resembling the ATNRPG logo popped up.** (I started playing it yesterday.) There were four letters instead of six, and they kept changing, most of them somewhat Greek-looking. I wasn't surprised; I was glad for the typical dream sign.

      I entered what I for some reason believed to be a WILD transition. I was in the woods in front of a stream, mentally comparing it to its real life counterpart. This one had more greenery, and the trees were packed more densely. A kid from my ESS class appeared, floating face-down in the river. (I was reminded of Dazai from BSD.) But he wasn't completely limp, rather suspending his waist over the water while keeping his head submerged.

      My friend A was with me and we pulled him out, despite his struggles. "Can't you see I'm trying to die here?" he snapped.

      "You should do a better job of it then," I said coldly. "Besides, we'll get in big trouble if we're caught turning a blind eye."

      He pushed us away and even started throwing punches. A was distressed but I figured it was a good opportunity to solidify the dream. Unfortunately, I couldn't feel anything.

      Don't remember the end of the scene, maybe it was another FA+false DEILD.

      I was on a spaceship again, literally on top of it, mostly non-lucid. My body was a mechanical bunny, and making it walk was quite difficult. A little astronaut was with me, and we had to avoid these moving concrete traffic barriers; touching them would be fatal. (On some level it was a video game.)

      He opened a door for us but I somehow entered the wrong one. I came across a device with the ability to change the background of my alarm clock. I was like, "Oh wow, I never knew that my alarm clock background could change!" (I was a little bit lucid since I assumed it would change it in real life.)

      A selection of anime-style backgrounds filled the screen. I scrolled through the various themes, among them Irisu Syndrome, Yume Nikki, generic night skies, et cetera. I was going to choose the first, but I couldn't buy it because I needed 30 "tickets" and owned none.

      How am I supposed to get tickets? Never heard of 'em, I thought grumpily. I accidentally pressed a button but canceled it by hitting "esc." I think it also teleported me to the correct door and sent me through.

      I was lucid again, more than before, walking through the spaceship's hallway with a bunch of people. I decided to go with the flow and follow them, wondering if they would take me anywhere important. We went through one of those futuristic, automatic, semi-circle-shaped doors into a room I didn't pay enough attention to to remember.

      I thought of the competition, under the impression that this was its own separate dream, unaware of the false DEILDs. I said hello to a reporter lady and she happily greeted me back. Then I tried to push my finger through my palm but it didn't work at all, so I looked at my hands instead. Totally normal. For a moment I assumed it was because the dream was so stable, but perhaps I was just being cocky. I looked closer and bam, suddenly I only had three short fingers on each hand! It was so creepy I actually said "Eek!" and shook them out. I looked away and in my peripheral vision saw them return to normal.

      I worried the repulsion would wake me up, so I distracted myself by flying. It was unusually difficult; I had to kick myself into the air and flail around to stay afloat.

      "Stop that," the reporter scolded. I did, and she led me over to a marked circle on the ground, asking me some questions I didn't listen to nor answer.

      I wracked my brain for the memory of my next three-step task, but nothing came up. Again I worried about waking up, and maybe the dream dissolved, or I had an FA, but this is the next scene I remember:

      My memories of this part are particularly fuzzy, and I wasn't even in it. There was a play going on (in the same spaceship I believe) but a couple actors had been abducted—a gay boy and a pretty blond girl. An image of the latter flashed across the screen, anime style, of course. Short wavy hair, long eyelashes, a floppy hat, and a white sundress.

      Someone said, "Oh, I knew that gay guy was going to get abducted someday."

      "Well, I knew that girl was going to get abducted someday," someone else put in. [The visuals were very bad.] "[Name], you should have watched her better."

      [Name] was a teenage boy who probably had a crush on the blond girl. "I thought it would be creepy to watch her too much..." he mumbled.

      They were about to set out on a rescue mission, but before they did, I woke up for real at 5:36. There was a sort of hypnopompic transition into wakening, similar to the turtle guy but less vivid. A monk was facing the "camera" and talking about lucid dreaming. I don't remember what he said.


      The reason the order of everything is so confused in my brain is because I didn't write it down right away. When I first awoke, I still believed all those false awakenings were actual DEILDs, and I tried to do another one. But after a while I realized that this time was different than the others and I needed to hurry and write down the dream, or I would forget.

      Anyway, this is my first LD of the competition! YAY! Maybe I'll draw some pics for it tomorrow.

      Edit: Pics!

      WBTB - 2 points
      Remember a Non-Lucid Fragment - ½ point
      Remember a Full Non-Lucid Dream - 1 point
      WILD - 10 points
      Fly + First Chosen Task - 10 points
      Interact with a Dream Character - 2 points
      *Does this count as Fully Phase through Big Solid Object if I lost lucidity afterwards? - TBD (Edit: Yep, 10 points)
      **Is this Advanced Summoning? - TBD (Edit: Nope)
      Reality Check / Stabilization - 1 point
      Tonight's sum: 26.5 (Edit: 36.5)
      Previous sum: 25 points

      Comp total: 51.5 points (Edit: 61.5 points)

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      non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , dream fragment , lucid
    5. Su23Comp04: short LD's in my bedroom

      by , 06-05-2023 at 01:58 PM

      Color Code
      Dark Green = Lucid
      Brown = Partially Lucid
      Anything else is nonlucid

      • Sleep quality: alright, had some trouble falling asleep and also just felt ready to get up with less than seven hours sleep.
      • Sleep time(s): 12:00AM - 4:15AM, 5:00AM - 5:45AM, 6:00 or 6:15AM - 7:00AM
      • Before bed activity: was falling asleep downstairs watching tv then of course felt more awake in bed (classic old person move). As I laid in bed, I tried to focus on clearing my mind and my intention to remember my dreams.
      • Goals or intentions: At some points throughout the day I would think "I look forward to having a lucid dream tonight." If I was lucid, I intended to try working the DreamViews summer competition three step tasks since I hadn't done so yet.

      In bed with Typhon
      • Awakening time: 5:45AM
      • Before the dream: I remembered nothing about the previous dream when I woke a little after 4, thinking it was pretty late, I made a mental note to check the DreamViews competition rules of what to do when you have no dream to report. I got up briefly and saw the full moon blazing through the blinds. Strangely, I heard a group of people outside, not too far away, yelling (it was actual people because I heard talking at different volumes, it wasn't like foxes screaming). Lying in bed I didn't feel drowsy at all. Actually I felt extremely horny. But I realized I should really try to get some sleep. I changed my focus from remembering dreams at all to just sleeping, reassuring myself "there's still plenty of time until morning, and even if it doesn't work now it's okay, I can even take a nap in the afternoon." I think I was kind of remembering working overnight jobs and how even getting four peaceful hours of sleep is much better than that.
      • Level of detail: #detailed
      • Lucidity: #nonlucid (very briefly) to #lucid (DILD)
      • General mood: exhilarated

      I'm lying in bed, not sleeping.* Dad calls me to go out to help on an overnight job. I get up and I'm about to go, then stop myself like "fuck that, I want to try sleeping a bit more." I lie down again, but on the opposite side from usual. The blinds are up and the moonlight through the windows is bright, otherwise the sky is pitch black.

      All of a sudden, Masha runs away, and I see/feel something moving fast under my covers. I feel a presence and know that I'm dreaming and Typhon is there.[1] I'm happy to see him, as I was remembering that previous dream before sleeping. We are holding each other again and there is more movement than the last time - we are floating and twisting around the room, I feel the movement of the sheets and blanket. Though I don't see him, I do keep some vision this time, see the outlines of furniture and walls in the dark bedroom from different angles. The angles are changing almost kaleidoscopically, with one of us simultaneously before and behind the other. And this time there is no penetration, just stimulation. I feel his face blindly with my left hand - his lips which catch under my fingers, his cheek, his closed eyelid and eyebrow. I run my fingers through his chin-length hair. Under my hand his head seems to shrink in size, like a doll's head.

      Then I realize, "wait I should stop, I can just be horny when I'm awake anyway, let's try some dreaming-things." I defocus my eyes more and see a faint outline of white chairs appear in the center of my bed, but they dissipate. Then I try making a rhyming spell (which I forget now) to enter a dream. I feel myself floating, lifted by my ankles, to be dropped down headfirst into the dream.

      Then the garbage truck and train horn wake me up.

      Brief neighborhood excursion
      • Awakening time: 7:00AM
      • Before the dream: I was pretty annoyed about the trucks, though I was pleasantly surprised to have at least some kind of lucid dream even though it was interrupted. I considered just getting up but decided to lay down for a few minutes more. I was thinking some nonsense thought about moving from my left brain to my right brain, but another truck came down the street so I was trying to hold onto the thought while "retreating" from all the noise and I think that's when I fell asleep.
      • Level of detail: #detailed
      • Lucidity: #lucid (WILD)
      • General mood: calm

      I'm in my bedroom with the windows fully open on a sunny morning.[2] I get up easily** and walk around the room a bit. I want to go somewhere or see something dream-like, so I try summoning a dream character then a scene by saying rhymes and opening the closet doors. However, it doesn't work, it's just my closet. Thinking I might not have much time, I decide to just work on staying calm and stable, and maybe the three-step task for the competition.

      I decide to go out on foot. However, I have the feeling going through the house might be a bad idea. I go to the front window, open it, and lift the screen, then slide onto the roof and down to the edge. I repeat to myself a few times, "I will float gently down," then close my eyes and jump off the edge. Closing my eyes was not a good idea - at first I start falling too fast and too long for this not-very-high roof. I see the back of my waking-life eyelids, but return to the dream by "retreating."***[3] When I come back, I'm falling more slowly. First my fingertips touch the rough concrete walk, then I gently land, crouching on my feet.

      The neighborhood looks pretty much as it does in waking life. I got some of the tree types wrong, and there are people walking in the street, but otherwise nothing seems unusual. Cars and garbage trucks are passing in the street every so often. The morning light looks almost like the light before or after a thunder storm, when the sky is bruised gray but there is strong golden sunlight coming at an angle. The kind of light where you might see a rainbow. Overall the scene feels very peaceful and quiet, with the sounds muted. The air is cool and pleasant.

      The first part of my three-step task is becoming invulnerable. I say to myself a few times, "I am invulnerable, I can get hit by this car" and try to step in front of different vehicles on my street, but they all swerve out of the way. I cross the street and walk to the corner at the bottom of the hill. There's a pine tree by the blue house there that is not there in waking life, and a family with children is walking by in the street. I decide to try flying a bit since falling wasn't so bad. Again by talking to myself, I float gently up through the tree branches, and look down at the street and around at the neighborhood.[4] I don't go very high, maybe about the height of the top of the hill or the trees. I'm impressed by how my brain can store or construct all these different views of my neighborhood and how detailed they are. I float back down gently. Somewhere in this rise and fall, I saw the back of my eyelids again, but again was able to retreat back into my dream-eyes.

      I walk up to the top of the hill by the four-way stop, repeating my invulnerability mantra. I remember how people like to speed around here and see a few of those, but by the time I get up they're gone. I do manage to catch a guy making a left in a red hatchback, jumping in front of him. He hits me and it doesn't hurt, I just kind of get pushed down the road. But he's also going less than 25 miles per hour, so I'm not sure that counts for the task.[5]

      My vision fades for the last time and I wake up, this time I'm not successful at returning.

      Side Notes

      Before I got up, I was thinking how these dreams are not very exciting, but I think it's good lucid dreaming practice for me. The whole reason I chose invulnerability as the first step of the three-step task for the competition was how often I find myself in chase scenes, and I had none of that. I didn't see anything really out of the ordinary, but my visualization is so much stronger and different than while awake, even on mundane things. I do wish the first wasn't interrupted because it did feel like I was on the brink of a full scene change, but oh well, that will be next time.

      Also... I got into a WILD by accident. I thought I could never do that on purpose even. So that is cool to know.

      *On DreamViews the other day Meiseki quoted me writing "false non-awakening" and I was like huh, on second thought that phrase does not mean what I wanted it to mean! I think actually non-awakening would be like continuing sleeping, this is like I dream I'm in bed and never fell asleep at all. Maybe "false sleeplessness" is better.

      **Other times I've had trouble getting up in dreams. I don't know what was different this time. Maybe I just didn't think about it?

      ***Hopefully I don't forget how to do this, but I will try describing it. It's like I can either go forward or backward. Forward is how I would focus in waking life, working my eyes to see something in the distance better. Instead I go backward, like I'm giving up my eyes, and taking my consciousness out of my forehead completely.

      Summer Competition 2023

      [1] First DILD of the Night - 10 points
      [2] First WILD of the Night - 10 points
      [3] Reality Check / Stabilization - 1 point
      [4] Fly or Change Gravity (depending on interpretation, it's one of those) - 5 points
      [5] MAYBE? Gain Invulnerability - 5 points
    6. 6/04/23

      by , 06-05-2023 at 06:03 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      Gun Game

      Firearm situation with teams of people against each other
      I am with friends it is very tense like an action sequence
      Arming myself with various weapons and matching clips/ammo
      Have long x-ray scope I can snipe with, on some random rifle
      Take out two of the other team on the rooftop of the opposite building
      One enemy is in our building
      He casually walks through the door of our hotel room wearing a silver vest and smiling, he looks like liev schreiber
      I unload both clips of the auto pistols I have that look like pez dispensers
      He seems fairly unaffected and I instantly think he's cheating
      He shoots me a bunch with his auto but they feel like bbs or airsoft pellets while saying he messed me up really bad
      He has also stolen several pairs of my colored glasses and pulls them off his hip and hands them to me, I note they are colours I don't normally don't have like white and several brighter shades of green
      (Note: I hardly play fps games and do not own a firearm)


      I am in a dark large house on the second floor that has banisters wrapping the walls covered in fancy paintings
      A toddler maybe 4 or 5 runs at me shouting a play name for me "Nooooowwwwiiiiieeeee!" and they hug me like they are glad to see me after some long time. I say thanks I really needed that and the dream fades

      White Carpet

      The room becomes a very nice house
      I arrive out front of a very open all-glass wall seated in a rock wall with the front door wide open
      I realize I just woke up on the driveway with my head on my pillow
      There is a man who looks like Anthony Fauci sitting in a small round car that looks like a jetsons car with wheels, he is watching me stand up slowly
      I pretend to be ready to work, so I wave as I carry my pillow inside
      The foyer is all glass and opens to an ultra-wide stairwell leading down into their home
      The wife is in a flurry is getting ready to leave for work
      I tell them the service guy is here because I don't know what work I'm doing
      Now realize I am doing contracting work for a friend
      Long open floor concept spreading three of four rooms across and she wants all the white carpet ripped out
      I say no problem as she leaves for work
      I go outside to call Chris to double-check he's coming with the truck
      I am transported to the work warehouse and I'm hanging onto the back of the truck while talking to two other female employees
      One is obscured by a forklift
      We are back in front of the house
      The woman is finally leaving the driveway
      It is a very ritzy neighborhood and I see other fancy cars driving by
      For some reason, I ask her if the Bidens live up here
      I go back inside and start ripping the carpet up
      It is double layered and I realize it will take twice as long
      It's also double-sided with a black suede flowers pattern on the underside
      I now notice there is a difference of off-whites between the carpet in the kitchen and the carpet in the middle room as I haphazardly start to rip it up with a pair of scissors I found
      Realize I don't have any of my tools or kneepads and it's going to be a long day

      WBTB- Drank some blue lotus stamen tea, awake around 30-40 min
      Dream is nonsensical and a mishmash of the previous locations and people I interacted with. Did not get it written down

      Fragment of trying to journal my dream on my phone with little success
      Continually delete what I typed and tried several times to just get a single word to input correctly
      The dream fades and I wake up realizing I never journaled my dream
    7. Night of Saturday 6/3/23 (Comp Night 3)

      by , 06-04-2023 at 09:27 PM (Dreamlog)
      Before WBTB

      Russian Ride
      I'm traveling internationally and I don't speak the language where I am at. I'm getting off a train or bus looking for the airport. I see another bus leaving and I wave my arms and chase it, yelling for it to stop. It does. I try to ask the driver where the airport is and he tells me (in English) that the bus is full. It clearly isn't. I wonder if there is some law saying there must be X number of open seats. Regardless, I stay on the bus and he doesn't kick me off. I make my way to the back of the bus. It resembles the CATA bus system from back home. In the back car is a girl with one leg. Short hair, kinda "bad-girl type". She has khaki pants on, and the missing leg has it tied to cover the stump. I sit next to her and ask for help. She's friendly.

      Some time later we are back at her apartment. It's a big studio, kinda messy with paint and art all over the place. I realize that I'm a girl, and that she may be gay. I get the impression she might have been coming onto me.

      Later I'm running from Russian agents. I'm running through an apartment complex, entering and leaving through doors/windows. I'm really high up. When I go outside I'm sidling on just-big-enough edges to not fall. I don't know why they are chasing me. I eventually make my way down from the tall complex and make it to the ground but I haven't shook them.

      I'm in a down-town Chinatown type area at night. There is a big crowd of people and I'm trying to use them to escape from the Russian agents. I'm at a bar with two floors open to the outside. There are some TVs running with couches set in front of them. There are some dark corners I can hide in. I try out a few and crouch down, but I decide that none of them are good enough and keep moving. Then I stand up face-to-face with one of the agents. He looks like Dr. Brenner from Stranger Things.

      Running again. This time it was short. I ended up in a stone building on a grassy hill, hiding underground. But they've just found me. There is the leader (Dr. Brenner) and two thug-types. They are going to torture me for information. I tell them I've only killed one time, and I wasn't sure if it was me or my uncle who pulled them trigger. I guess I was trying to intimidate them. It doesn't work. They casually talk to me about something and then without warning Dr. Brenner shoots my right ear off with a pistol.

      I cry out in pain (S hears me and tries to shake me awake). It doesn't hurt as much as I expected it would. They tell me that they will shoot off the other ear if I don't comply.

      I wake up and tell S I am OK.

      After WBTB

      W Aged Up
      I'm at my Grandma P's house in the bedroom sleeping on the bed. I've slept in later than everybody else. I roll over and see some old drawings I made in my childhood on the wall. My grandma will have decided to have kept them. They are hyper realistic and drawn in pencil. Somehow, they are holographic. I think to myself that maybe I should get back into art.

      W, my brother's son who is due in September, bursts into the room with his friend, Ian. He's four years old. I can't tell who is who and I feel bad about it. But now I know it is because W isn't born yet. One of them has buck teeth. I follow them around the house and then one kid is missing. I find W/Ian eating dish cleaning tablets under sink. Standard kid behavior I guess

      Lucid Fragment
      I'm in a large mall, reminiscent of one from an old marching band trip from high school. I do a nose reality check and realize I'm dreaming. I double take...crap! I was dreaming that whole time before with W! I think to myself that step one is to find my DG...but my lucidity slips and I wander off.

      Medium workout early in day
      Big dinner
      2 drinks of alcohol
      Stayed up late
      6hr/30m WBTB
      Yuschak Primary Trigger (8Mg Galantamine, 250Mg Choline Bitartrate)

      My theory on what happened here...sleep cycle issues. Instead of jumping into the same sleep cycle I was just in, I jumped into the beginning of a later one. I stayed up until about 2:30am playing Zelda and then set an alarm for 8:30am...so about 6 hours after sleep. I know that 5h45m has been a good target for me, so I was experimenting with a larger time to test and see if it can be improved. One problem though is that I didn't have an established wake-sleep rhythm. Plus, I stayed up longer than the typical 15m during the WBTB. I planned slightly longer at 20m but it was more like 30m. I don't think the alcohol will have mattered much because of the later timing, but it could have played a part. Lesson learned: Next time, have an established sleep rhythm. Gonna say data inconclusive about 6h/20m WBTB setup.

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    8. Summer Competition Night 3

      by , 06-04-2023 at 06:04 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      Robes Summoning Attempt Four (WILD) 06.04.2023

      I realize how quickly I am falling asleep after my WBTB so I do a nose pinch RC and confirm my WILD worked. I get out of bed and have a hard time stabilizing.

      I summon my robes of Anorak and try pulling up a HUD but without luck. I destabilize and DEILD. Again I try the robes. It DEILD many times and get discouraged.

      I try taking out my phone wnd calling Juliana. She anawers and gives me some encouragement. I try pulling uo the HUD and it works! I tap the search bar abd say "Juliana's Cottage' and snap my fingers and then I am there.

      I go through the door and Juliana is there. I feel tired because of all the DEILDe so all we do is talk for the rest of the dream.

      Update 5:45 PM! This is Juliana. I suddenly remembered my memories of my perspective of the dream. I was sittimg in my cottage in the dark. I don't know why I didn't light the fireplace. I waited for half an hour and then Monkey showed up we talked but I don't remember what we talked about.

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    9. Summer comp 3

      by , 06-04-2023 at 05:39 PM
      Don’t remember the context of this one, but I realized I was dreaming (+10 for DILD), and then everything started to fade for no reason.
      So, I quickly did something to reform the dream so it didn’t completely go, and it ended up becoming an FA when it was reformed, so I lost lucidity, thinking I missed my opportunity.
      But I walked into the living room of my house, and did an RC quickly (+1 for RC / Stabilization), which made me realize I was dreaming again.
      I then walked out to the front yard with no footwear on, then onto the road.
      I was thinking of burrowing into the ground and completely phasing through it for the three-step task, but unfortunately I woke up right before that.

      For a very long time while I was awake (+2 for WBTB), I tried hard to remember the context to me getting lucid in that dream, but I couldn’t. I eventually just gave up, wrote it down, and returned to sleep.

      I was playing some ULTRAKILL, and I quickly realized I was dreaming (+5 for subsequent DILD). I was in the middle of fighting a malicious face, an enemy which can fire a hitscan laser.
      The malicious face’s laser can be deflected if you throw a coin right at the beam (this is called a chargeback).
      So since it was a dream, I thought I would go for some chargebacks on it. I tried backflipping while throwing a coin, but the coin missed the laser and I almost got shot.
      I think I woke up a little bit after that.

      I was in the middle of falling asleep, when I regained consciousness and realized I could form a dream really quick with WILD, so I focused on random imagery that kept popping in my head, and it worked. (+10 for WILD)
      I entered a dream in my living room. With haste, I moved to the porch, and tried to plan what to do. But once again, I woke up before doing anything.

      Man I really have lucid length issues huh? I really needa fix that.
    10. Summer comp, day 1

      by , 06-02-2023 at 07:30 PM
      My dreams were all over the place in terms of recall. Only remembering the last couple scenes from them.

      First thing I remember is finding screenshots of several people I know online saying horrendous things. I don't remember what these things were.
      After a memory gap, the very next thing I remember was being in this aquatic area, where I questioned why exactly I was there.. Then I woke into an FA, of course.
      When I was in the FA, instead of checking if I was still dreaming, I decided to recall everything so I can journal it.
      Then I woke up for real.

      I remember getting delivered 'ETWOLD 2' in the mail. I immediately went to go read it in my bedroom.
      When I opened to the first page, I couldn't read any of the words properly, dream-brain issue.
      Got into an FA after that, where I finally figured out it was really weird to ever think there'd actually be a sequel to ETWOLD.
      Drifted back into a regular dream plot, at my house.
      An old friend of mine (that no longer lives in the area) was riding a bike down the dirt road.
      Memory gap.
      I was at a foreign location in some town, heading into a building. A dog followed me in, then I got kicked onto the ground by someone.
      The dog promptly dove for my neck and ripped my throat out, wow.
      Then I quickly drifted back awake, quite unphased by it all.

      I was in a foreign building. There was various individuals from my old school, and maybe some family members.
      I don't really remember what happened here, though.

      Dream 1: +0.5
      Dream 2: +1
      Dream 3: +0.5
      WBTB: +2
    11. Su23Comp01: Through the Lighthouse

      by , 06-02-2023 at 02:03 PM

      • Sleep quality: pretty good. It was nice and cool and breezy. I woke up earlier than I wanted, getting less than 6 hours sleep total, but didn't feel I could fall asleep again (maybe because I was used to getting this little sleep over the trip? I think I kind of psyched myself out not wanting to forget details of my dream, and knowing my alarm was coming in less than an hour too). I just laid in bed for an hour and let thoughts run through my head. So I'm kind of tired now and hope to go to bed earlier tonight. But also thankful to wake up and go to sleep somewhere peaceful.
      • Sleep time(s): 11:30PM-(?)-3:45AM, 4:15AM-5:45AM [Sleep was interrupted some time in there by unusually loud sirens.]
      • Before bed activity: took a shower, checked DreamViews to remind myself of the Summer Competition tasks, did some stretches and tried to calm my thoughts.
      • Goals or intentions: My main goal was to remember a full dream, since I hadn't really done so while away. I thought it would be nice to try and become lucid for the Competition but I was careful not to emphasize this to myself too much, since it might mess with my main goal if I got too excited or fixated.

      Through the Lighthouse
      • Awakening time: 5:45AM
      • Before the dream: When I woke at 3:45AM, I didn't remember any dreams, but I made a note in my phone to keep up the habit. As I went to the bathroom and got some water, I tried to keep redirecting my thoughts from "oh shit I don't even remember anything and it's already almost 4" to "I have plenty of time to sleep and I don't HAVE to remember anything anyway." When I laid down, I focused on //why// I should remember my dreams rather than just telling myself to remember them - that dreams are important to me for my emotions and memories, that I can easily remember my dreams (and know when I'm dreaming) as long as I am grounded and active in them. When I started thinking about other waking life stuff, I kind of "retreated" from it (like I'm in my head and I'm stepping back away from my eyeballs, is how I can describe it) and went back to those thoughts to fall asleep.
      • Level of detail: #detailed
      • Lucidity: #lucid (DILD)
      • General mood: many strong emotions, mainly fear and admiration

      False non-awakening with broccoli

      I'm eating Chinese broccoli at a table with some other people, and I drop some on a red blanket that I have on my lap. (There are conversations that I don't remember now). I curl up on a couch with the blanket to get some sleep, and I want to throw it to the side and take a clean one (the white cat blanket that we have), I'm too tired to wash it now and I'll deal with it later, but it feels like an irresponsible thing to do.

      Dad comes in - this is his house (does not resemble his waking-life house at all). He asks if I want to watch a movie with him and T. I check the clock and it's 9:30AM. I tell him no thanks, "I've been awake since 3:45AM and got really bad sleep all week, I really just want to rest in a quiet place." I start to tell him //why// I want so much to rest in a quiet place instead of with a movie on (because of all the people talking in the house on the trip last week non-stop), but then I see L. behind him in a kitchen and I don't want to seem ungrateful to her so I cut myself short.

      False awakening & public bathroom

      I wake up and start to write down my dream with the broccoli and dad. I check the time and it's 11:33AM. I close my eyes and think "No way, that's too late to have slept" then ask out loud "Is it really 11:33?" (I'm sure it's not and I'm dreaming). A dream-character confirms the time. When I open my eyes I'm in a public bathroom, laying down on a formica counter. Even though I'm sure I'm dreaming, I figure it's good practice to do a reality check so I push my feet against the metal bathroom stall wall next to me, expecting it to bend, but it stays firm. Oh well. I didn't really need the RC.

      My vision kind of fades and I almost see the back of my eyelids but my vision returns (this happens throughout the dream, I lost track of how many times. At some points I feel my body in bed but push through until I can only feel the sensations from my dream-body). [1]

      Lighthouse room

      Now I'm in a dim room with reddish walls and a high ceiling. In the center, there is a round table, and on top of the table there is a black and white lighthouse that is maybe 6 or 7 feet tall. I keep returning to this room as a central point throughout the dream.

      I can't decide what to work on as far as goals, so I try summoning a guide (with thoughts). Instead, I feel a negative presence in the room, at least two people who want to chase me. They also won't leave throughout the dream, I'll call them the (corrupt) dream-police.


      There is a bit of a chase - I always have trouble remembering these kind of scenes since they flash through so many things and are high stress. I feel things are turning bad, though, and I want a reset.

      So, I call out KALI, kind of like a petition to tear everything down and start over.[3]

      I see myself sitting up in bed, with my face lit up. Except I have my hair in two braids rather than one as usual. The scene is in a cartoony or graphic style. I'm scared, especially scared to look into my own eyes, it seems like a dangerous thing to do.

      I call KALI again and my "self" changes to a black dragon with eighteen heads.[4] The light becomes stronger until I can't see.

      Then it's the back of my eyelids, then when I float back into the dream it's the lighthouse room again.

      Pigs in a barn

      The dream police are still in the room. So I float myself over the top of the lighthouse,[2] ask to go SOMEWHERE SAFE and drop down through the lighthouse.

      I am now in a barn with sawdust on the floor. Tiny figurines of pigs wearing clothing sit in rows of chairs in the center of the room, and around all four walls. I laugh because they're adorable. As I look around more, I see humans mixed in as well, wearing similar outfits to the pigs.

      One dream character is speaking to another, criticizing his choice of outfit - "If I'm dressing up as a pig, I need to have pink curly hair."

      The longer I stay the less cozy it feels, the lighting seems to become colder and I'm bothered by barely anyone or anything moving.* I start to float up and out of the lighthouse again. Then halfway through, I wonder if I should have maybe tried to interact with one of the dream characters. I go back down and see Brian, a guy from some of my Russian literature classes at college. I try and go talk to him but he doesn't move at all. Then I remember and say out loud, "Oh right, you're just here because I saw you when I was cleaning out my contact book before" (I was doing that the evening before while awake). I leave again.

      Final chase

      When I get back to the lighthouse room, I try summoning a guide again. I kind of feel him with me, behind me and to my right, but can't see him. The dream police are there and chasing us again.

      Again, the flash of scenes is unclear. At one point I try bringing us into the woods to crawl into the hollow of a tree. However, I can't find a break in the tree-bark. Then we are in a garage, and one of the dream-police has weapons. I try to shield myself by bringing a forcefield out from the center of my body, but I can't tell whether it works or not - the guy is not deterred, at the same time I'm not hurt, just vexed. I try to make him disappear by turning away from him, but he stays.

      I let go of lucidity a bit, and watch as some people pack into a car into the garage and have a conversation. I feel I will be waking up soon, and just roll with it, getting back a bit of lucidity but stopping trying to control things.

      Forest and stream

      I feel myself falling through darkness. Then a shift and I am floating horizontally, backwards, under a cover of beautiful trees away from the bright yellow sun setting over a field. It is beautiful and I want to stay, but I keep floating away. Back behind the trees I see just blackness, and I'm scared again, but go through it.

      I come to a stream, one bank on a green grassy field and the other covered in trees. I feel a presence with me, again a person that I don't see.

      I see people wading in the stream, with friends and with dogs, and one group has a boombox playing an acoustic country (old style, not like country pop) version of the Christmas carol "Hark the Herald Angels Sing," despite it being clearly summertime. I don't mind the music. I start wading up the stream myself, and I'm just sobbing like a maniac because it's so beautiful. The water is very shallow, flowing over gray and gold pebbles, and throughout the stream I see fallen cut flowers - red, yellow, and other colors.

      I notice the bottoms of my pant legs are getting wet - I briefly think, it's ok, this is a dream, they aren't really getting wet at all, then I remember/decide that I do like splashing around and getting wet, whether it's awake or dreaming. I'm enjoying the feeling of the cool water on my feet and legs.

      Near the top of the stream, I see another dream. It starts to go past a building, then there is a beach boardwalk, and three dream characters hanging out there - they are young country musicians, one looking like a 1960s Dolly Parton, the others are a woman named Arlo and a man named Frog. But I feel I've been dreaming for hours (not really the case I found out) and it's time to wake up instead of going into another, so I float up and back into bed. My eyes are actually wet when I wake up.

      Side Notes

      *My sleeping mind being based and redpilled, safety is overrated and only for pigs.

      This dream seemed more difficult to remember than my previous lucid dreams (not that I've had many. Maybe because I'm still pretty disoriented from traveling?

      Summer Competition 2023

      First DILD of the Night - 10 points
      [1] Reality Check / Stabilization - 1 point
      [2] Fly / Telekinesis / Change Gravity, should count for one of those depending on your definition - 5 points
      [3] Basic Summoning or maybe just Unspecified Dream Control - 5 points
      [4] Theme: Dragons - 5 points

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    12. Mini-lucid away from home

      by , 06-01-2023 at 11:37 PM

      • Sleep quality: sleeping in the office again. As with previous nights, not great - not much time, hot and stuffy in the room, but I was pleased that I was actually able to fall back asleep this morning for once!
      • Sleep time(s): somewhere in 12:00AM-6:00AM, then 7:00AM-8:00AM
      • Before bed activity: earlier in the night I went to the cemetary with M. and X., when we got back J. taught me how to play a Puerto Rican card game which is very like an Italian game I know - everyone else was too tired to play and we were up late.
      • Goals or intentions: still given up on setting any during the trip.

      Various Fragments
      • Awakening time: 6:00AM
      • Level of detail: #fragment
      • Lucidity: #nonlucid
      • General mood: none

      Ocean and wedding

      I float out of an old stone mansion into the air over a gray ocean. I'm flying up and down and skimming the waves. I realize I'm naked and other people are there - I think my hair should be enough to cover my chest but I "make" myself underwear for the bottom.

      I float to an enclosure like a large version of the chicken coop, filled with people who are there for someone's wedding. Instead of dirt/dust, it's filled with rocks, and naturally carved steps lead down into the enclosure. A.S. and R. are there.

      Inside, there is a tall structure of wooden decks connected with metal ladders, and I am climbing with some others, trying to find the highest point.

      I had gifted someone a picture book about a city-state (I forget the name, but I remember the silhouette was shaped kind of like Maryland) and I point out where they can find some specific piece of information they wanted.

      Cars and monster

      I'm walking with a group on a rocky woods trail covered with snow, with houses fairly close together (like a suburb) on either side. We're knocking on doors looking for replacement car parts because some of ours were stolen.*

      One of our group is a strange creature that looks like a Troll doll dressed up as Daphne from the Scooby Doo cartoons. I see her in a clearing, and shut my eyes as the Creature from the Black Lagoon jumps out from behind a stand of grass to grab her.**

      Later, I'm making budgets with B. using crayons. I pick out a teal crayon and a pinkish one called AQUAMARINE RED.


      I just remembered this in the car on the trip home.

      I'm walking down the street in the town I'm visiting with my knife blade flipped out. Then I remember that they have ambiguous laws about carrying knives and think I'd better put it away, but I have trouble closing it.

      I only realized this memory was a dream when I remembered I didn't bring my knife with me on the trip at all.

      Birds and loud lucid
      • Awakening time: 8:00AM
      • Before the dream: got up to use the bathroom, for once did not get jumped by the big dog (only the cat), said hi to J. who was leaving, laid back down on the bed and tried to remember more of the fragments. I decided to just write down some keywords in my phone, even thought I was too tired to type them out in detail, and tried to reflect on them to reassure myself that my ability to recall dreams wasn't totally lost. I heard everyone getting up and talking and stuck my pillow over my head to muffle them a bit... and though it wasn't my intention I drifted off while doing this. They were talking loudly as usual, the dogs were barking, and the baby was also out playing for at least part of the time.
      • Level of detail: I'll say #detailed since I cut it short myself
      • Lucidity: #lucid (DILD)
      • General mood: on edge

      Packing and birds

      I'm in the dining room at L. and M.'s packing up my suitcase and getting ready to leave. L. calls me into their bedroom to grab the comforters we brought since she just washed them.** I take one from her and there are two more on her bed - I'm not sure which is ours. I lift one up and say "this one must be yours, since it's too heavy for me."

      When I go back out their house doesn't look like any house I know in waking life. There is a square deck made of pale tan wood, looking out on a gray leafless forest. Two sides of the deck are enclosed by glass walls of the house. It is a sunny day. M. calls me to one glass wall to look at the birds. "You see that one with the round body?" At first I see nothing, then I see a hummingbird's wings and body, but floating in separate places, not lined up. It's a brown bird with colorful spots. I think the misalignment is just that my eyes are crossed because I'm not wearing any glasses, and manage to turn my head so that the bird's head and body are attached right.

      M. gets my attention again - "Look over at that one with the curved beak." I see it - "The woodcock!" It's actually in the house, on top of a bookshelf against the other glass wall, and it's with another animal (a frog?)

      False awakening on futon

      I wake up on the futon in the office, just like when I went to sleep except it's dark like the middle of the night with the lamp on. I'm happy about the bird dream because it's the first dream I've had all week that feels really like one of "my" dreams and not just a fragmented scramble of the day, and I'm excited to write it down. I try making notes on my iPad but people talking keep interrupting me.

      I notice that it's an absurdly frustrating situation, and realize I must be dreaming. To confirm, I turn my iPad screen into a mirror.

      I try manipulating the scene a bit - I go over to A. on the futon next to me, but he's laying upside down and his skin is unusually dark. I go back to where I was sleeping, and make a dark window at the head of the bed to drive through.

      BUT I have second thoughts. First of all, I can hear everyone talking loudly in the next room, which makes it really hard for me to concentrate on what I want to do and how to do it. I also remember that I fell asleep with the pillow over my head and the air is stuffy, so I'm concerned about breathing. So I'm kind of debating, excited to be lucid but also feeling like it's not the best time. In the end, I decide to quit while I'm ahead and wake up.

      Side Notes

      *At dinner there was a conversation about stolen muscle cars.

      **My nephews were talking about the Creature earlier.

      ***In waking life, we did not bring any blankets of our own on this trip (just sheets and towels).

      I never really thought before about how my senses go into my dreams. I knew obviously about getting woken by loud noises, but this time it was like I could hear the constant conversation outside even while I was asleep. I'm sure it was also top of mind, because all week I've been falling asleep against the night-owls outside talking and waking up to the early-birds talking again so I'm in "fight or flight" with just wanting a quiet place to sleep. So even though I didn't do any interesting dream control I learned more about how important it is to have a quiet and undisturbed place.

      Note for DreamViews: I will be transferring my notes about my dreams for the past weeks from my phone to my computer dream journal over the next few days, but won't fill them in here because it looks like I can't add entries on previous days and they're not interesting enough to spam. I have been away visiting my family and sleeping in some odd places. At one point, there were 12 people staying in the same (small) house, so it's been quite chaotic (in a good way!) and not conducive for dreams - not only did I have trouble sleeping, things were usually pretty loud when I woke up which made recalling and making notes more difficult as well! I also had alcohol on a few nights which is unusual for me, but I can't tell whether that messed with my dreaming any more than the rest of the situation did.

      I also want to say, that traveling definitely affected my dreams. Because I was in weird situations and seeing unusual things all day long, a lot of stimulation. I often tried to notice things that seemed "dream-like," like really frustrating situations or weird written signs or sights. It feels to me like, because so much was happening, my sleeping mind didn't have much time to reflect as usual, and was just scrambling through processing the events of each day. I can link most of what I saw in my dreams to things that happened that day, which is not typical for me.

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    13. WILD Transition and Teleportation!

      by , 05-27-2023 at 02:00 AM (MeiSEKAI)
      I was complaining yesterday, but today I rejoice, for I had an EPIC lucid dream! I reached the 30-minute mark of this podcast, right in the middle of their teleportation discussion. Slept at 11:30.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      I wanted to refresh myself on the major and minor chords of piano for a summer program I'm enrolled in. I searched it up and found a forum similar to Dreamviews. Someone had posted a YouTube video explaining the chords, and other people were sharing their own specialties below.


      The way I woke up was very interesting. I was mostly unconscious, in a half-dream state, when I thought, No wait, I need to wake up! and my eyes flew open. Not sure if I checked the time before or after writing down this fragment, but it was 4:58. I lay back down and after 5-10 minutes of getting comfortable, I started a WILD transition.

      Now, I am not sure when it went from lucid daydreaming to actually being in the dream. Luckily I use the same green for both LDDing and semi-lucids, so it works out. But up until the blue, I really thought I was just daydreaming! (I now believe I was fully dreaming the majority of the time.)


      Dream #2 (Lucid Daydream/Semi-Lucid; Lucid):
      This is a dream.

      That is the mantra I repeated each time I caught myself daydreaming. The first concrete scene I remember is someone explaining how every time Kagome from Inuyasha returns to the modern era, the feudal era ends! Rather than them existing simultaneously, she travels through time to the future, where everyone from the feudal era is long dead. As proof, they mentioned the episode where a Shikon Jewel shard was embedded in a tree in the modern era. The jewel only shattered into shards after Kagome's first visit, so clearly what happens there is the direct past of the modern era.

      The scenery came into focus. Kagome was standing in the yard of her shrine-house, and a boy was explaining the above to her. He proposed that there might even be evidence of her from that time in this world. She quickly shot that idea down, but then he brought out a life-sized cardboard cutout of herself (apparently from the Feudal Era) and propped it in front of her.

      Kagome's jaw dropped to the floor in shock, and she circled around the cutout, holding its hands and straightening up so she would be taller than it. Then they forgot about it and went to a restaurant.

      I sat with them in a booth, thinking about telling someone how I distinguish between lucid daydreams and actual dreams. In a lucid daydream, I'm still aware of my WL body and can't see or feel anything clearly, but the plot is as random and elaborate as a proper dream... [Kind of ironic now that I can't tell.]

      Kagome was telling the boy that gakuran uniforms were required for everyone in her old middle school. (She was a high schooler in this dream, wearing her usual seifuku.) I had never heard of that before, and the guy was confused as well. "Required?" he asked.

      "Yeah," she confirmed, then stood up and left, presumably to get food.

      "Guess she likes wearing a skirt now, though," he said to me.

      "Yeah, well, it makes sense." I spoke with the affectionate tone one uses when they know a friend well. "I can just hear her voice in my head: 'I don't want to wear pants! A sailor uniform is way cuter!'"

      He asked what I would choose, and I replied, "Gakuran, obviously."

      "Huh," he said. I wasn't sure what to make of that, but then the "daydream" ended and moved on to the next.

      My brother Z, best friend S, and I were in a hotel room S had booked for us. I didn't question it because I was still repeating the "this is a dream" mantra in my head. It was a nice, expensive-looking room. A bunk bed was pressed against the wall, and although S and a bunch of bags were on the top bunk, it was apparently mine. Z got the bottom bunk (which was concealed by an intricately designed blanket-curtain), and S got the regular bed next to us.

      Eventually my brother and S left and I was alone in the room. I'm not sure about the order of events after this, but I'll try to arrange them in a way that makes sense.

      I went to the bathroom and did my business, for some reason deciding to throw my dirty toilet paper in the trash can. [IWL I find that disgusting.] For a moment I got confused over whether it was really a trash can, since there was soap(?) in it as well. But then I saw a pile of TP and pushed it aside to dispose of mine, revolted that I had to touch it. I hurried to the sink, wondering why they had to make it so confusing.

      Still, this place is so nice, I thought as I washed my hands. The faucet handles were the indented, circular type, and underneath the clear surface of the left knob was a casual pink color. Everything was so homey and comfortable, from the lighting to the furniture. There was even a couch in there! I wondered how S could possibly afford this, then reminded myself it was a dream.

      Suddenly Shippo, Miroku, and Inuyasha appeared. Shippo was talking about how weird it was when Inuyasha flirted with him (he was possessed by a flea in that episode), but the reason he found it weird was either because he was a fox or a boy. Both Miroku and I were thinking, It's weirder because you're a child...

      I told them it was okay because Inuyasha was brainwashed by a flea at the time and wasn't actually addressing Shippo. Some other stuff happened that I don't remember clearly; I think I touched Inuyasha's face and clothes to immerse myself/stabilize.

      I somehow ended up in a place that looked like my living room but was still part of the hotel. There was a really muscular guy sitting in my chair. When he leaned forward I sat down behind him, though I wasn't sure why. He got offended and grabbed me, body-slamming me on the couch. I struggled to escape, but it was hopeless.

      Luckily he transformed into a giant cob of corn. The weight on my chest reminded me of how some people describe sleep paralysis, and since I still thought I was daydreaming, I assumed the feeling originated from my physical body. I couldn't figure out why though, as I have been sleeping on my back for years and long gotten used to it. Nonetheless I tried to ignore it; I didn't want to give up the WILD.

      I managed to roll the corn off of me and fell to my knees on the floor. Everything had become dark and unclear, so I stared at the coffee table, the couch, and a tissue box to re-stabilize. I wanted to hurry and transition into a full-fledged lucid dream, so I held the tissue box in my hands and tried to make it three-dimensional. It only worked a little.

      Next thing I remember is sitting in the hotel lobby, clarity no longer an issue. There was a TV fixtured to the wall, displaying previews of Pinocchio-P songs. One of them was a creepy vampire-person bearing their fangs, and I worried it would seep into my dreams and give me my first nightmare in years. I turned away from the screen.

      Then I had a false awakening in my bed, the same painful pressure from before weighing on my chest. Actually, it was worse this time—I could hardly breathe.

      I struggled to sit up, telling myself without much hope, It's okay, this is a dream, this is still a dream.
      I did a nose-plug reality check and it worked effortlessly! It was so unambiguous that there was no question about it: I was (properly) dreaming!

      Wasting no time, I climbed down from my bed and left the room, glancing at N on my way out. I tried to immerse myself in the scene but my vision became patchy, so I focused instead on my destination. I had run through my goals very quickly in my head and settled on snowboarding. I went down the stairs and headed for the front door, gravity so light that I might as well have been walking on the moon! I grinned from ear to ear 'cause it felt so cool.

      I wrapped my hand around the handle and thought, Beyond this door is a snowy mountain, the same one I went snowboarding at in middle school. I remembered CanisLucidus's words and tried to imagine it in as much detail as possible. When I opened the door, though, it was only my neighborhood... except blanketed in snow and decorated with Christmas lights! Pretty awesome, but not what I wanted. (I wondered briefly if it would be cold but didn't want to waste time finding a jacket or boots.) I closed the door, intending to try again, but the wood had become glass. I doubted the technique would work if I could see what was outside, so I accepted my fate and exited the house.

      After walking a short distance, barefoot yet not cold at all, I looked to my left and saw the snowy mountain right there! Complete with a ski-lift and everything! I sprinted to the top oddly quickly and saw that there were a bunch of kids snowboarding already. It appeared to be a competition, and reminded me of the LDing comp in less than a week.

      The kids' stuff was scattered around in the snow, so I stole a snowboard out of a bag labeled "Olivia." It was light blue and on the small side but whatever. I looked around for socks and shoes, since I didn't think it was a good idea to strap myself in barefoot. I spotted a fuzzy pink pair of socks, but they were a bit thin and, frankly, ugly...

      A little blond girl ran up to me, eyes sparking with excitement. "We're making some awesome socks over there! Wanna see?"

      How useful, I thought. I smiled at her and said sure. She took me to her parents and I kind of forgot about the socks. The dad pointed to two other children and said, "This is her brother, and this is her identical twin sister."

      The twin was a lot darker-skinned than the first girl, I guess because the mom was white and the dad was black. [I know that's not how identical twins work… 99.9% of the time.]
      Without warning, I woke up.


      The clock read 5:28, so taking into account my time spent getting comfortable, I was only asleep for 20-ish minutes, same as yesterday. I was shocked because it felt like at least an hour! But I couldn't go back to sleep because I spent the rest of my time writing. (Wish I could use my phone... sigh.)

      Anyway, this does count as teleportation, right? It's similar to the closet method, after all. Either way, IT WAS SO COOL!!!

      Some sketches of the dream scenes:
      Why do you believe in God?-img_20230526_205130150.jpg
      (P.S. I have noticed when hovering over pics on my DJ, that they are named after random threads like "What is the nature of will?" and "The Unknown Dreamer" and "HALLOWE'EN". Does it appear that way for anyone else? I wonder what this one will be called.)
      (Edit: It's "Why do you believe in God?" LMAO)

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    14. 20th Lucid Dream

      by , 05-25-2023 at 10:30 PM (MeiSEKAI)
      Last night I listened to 15 minutes of this podcast before going to sleep at 11:20.

      Dream #1 (Fragment, Non-Lucid):
      All I remember is that there was this whole thing at school about taking a break from cheering by playing Hearts. My dad was especially hung up about it. Later, I was at my house and Z said he ran "10 miles yesterday," followed by N saying he ran one.


      That's it. It's sad because I have the sense this was a ginormous dream, and also because I didn't wake up till 5:30. I jotted the dream down and poorly did SSILD till I fell back asleep at 5:40-ish.


      Dream #2 (Lucid; FA; Non-Lucid):
      I can barely read my handwriting for this but I'll try! The main character was a guy in his late twenties, and his companion was a girl who could've been anywhere from 19-24. They were in my house, but in different rooms. She was "off-screen" in the bedroom, and he was in the bathroom with the lights turned off. He was perched on top of the door and holding his breath, hiding from a monster coming up the stairs.

      Not sure how that scene transitioned into this one, but the monster was now in the bedroom about to kill the girl. MC ran in and knocked it off of her. I can't recall its appearance, only that it was big and dark... maybe wearing a tophat and bowtie? Anyway, the monster turned on him, trying to poke his eyes out.

      MC held it off but was starting to feel a little nervous now, so he said in a silly voice, "Why do they always go for the eyes?!" [They had fought multiple monsters before this; not sure if they were false memories or not.]

      His attempt to lighten the mood worked. The monster backed off and became friendlier, though MC could feel it was still a threat. It gave him a watch and headed toward the exit, saying something neither MC nor I (as the nonexistent observer) could make out. Right before it left, though, the words "come to that place later and meet me" could be heard. MC agreed, but I don't know if he really meant it.

      Later he turned into a child, except it was only an illusion. (Not sure how it worked.) He really wanted to be a kid again. I was now a character in the dream, viewed from third person, following him through a library. On either side of us were windows revealing kids playing with blocks and toys and each other. He wanted to join them, but he couldn't because he was an adult. I think I asked him something, but he didn't reply.

      We came to what looked like a mall play area. The unspoken rule that adults weren't allowed was less heavy here, but it would still have been odd. I asked another question and he said he just wanted to pet the cat. Sure enough, at the end of the room, on a stool, was a black cat. He pet it with his tiny hands. I could tell he wanted to give off an air of childish innocence, and I faintly felt a mix of disgust, pity, and affection.

      Then something happened and he bolted out of the library, planning on running away from home. I took his place (as in, I was dealing with his situation, but in my body) and he disappeared. This world was more technologically advanced and I knew the chances of me escaping were slim.

      I climbed on top of a wall and somehow knew this was Washington DC.
      Then out of nowhere, I realized I was dreaming. "Right, that's right, I was trying to have a lucid dream!"

      My first instinct was to slow down and stabilize before doing anything. I felt the wall with my hands and feet, looking out at the city and the night sky, and wow, it looked so real! Until I looked back down and everything got blurry, that is. I tried not to worry about the half-blind problem, but I couldn't help it, and although it didn't happen, the dream still faded and
      I woke up.

      It was a false awakening. I checked the time and it was past 10:00. Huh...? Do we not have school today? Well, that's good, I'll try to have another lucid dream then. I thought that and went back to sleep.

      The scene switched. I was now preparing for some competition at school. The purpose of it was to give "losers" another chance, whatever that meant. But even non-losers had to participate! I was apparently a non-loser in this dream and questioning why I had to go, whining at the top of the stairs about how it's not fair.

      The tone of my voice ticked my dad off and he started yelling an "explanation" at me from downstairs. I don't remember my reaction, I just went into the bathroom and
      woke up for real.


      It was 6:02 when I woke up, so this dream was only 20 minutes long. Still... WHY ARE ALL MY LUCIDS LATELY SO SHORT?! And low-level as well... hopefully things improve over the weekend.
    15. Military school fragment and badly-exited lucid

      by , 05-24-2023 at 03:17 PM

      • Sleep quality: bad! I'm feeling very emotional and fragile. I think part of it might be anticipating how badly I'll sleep next week when I'm away? So it's too much pressure to get rest now so I absolutely cannot sleep? I hate it.
      • Sleep time(s): 10:00PM - 3:15AM, 6:30AM - 7:30AM
      • Before bed activity: drawing (working on animation) and listening to electronic music playlist
      • Goals or intentions: just to get a full night's sleep (failed)

      Military school
      • Awakening time: 3:15AM
      • Level of detail: fragment
      • Lucidity: nonlucid
      • General mood: detached

      When I think of the first parts of this dream, they disappear, I remember only the end. I was "in" some parts but it was mostly like watching a movie.

      There is a private school associated with the US military as well as with a book publisher.

      Administrators, from the military, are trying to rehabilitate Saddam Hussein's image. They're doing this by associating him with some particular missiles and distancing him from others.

      I see people eating in a large hall with a high dark unfinished ceiling, like an armory building. The floor is yellowish while the ceiling is black. There is a huge kitchen in the back, so it's also a cafeteria. It's crowded with both adults and younger people, and their voices echo. There is a kind of evacuation, where everyone has to get into tents. In order to enter a tent, they have to present a cake. I see one man assemble a fake cake with his lunch, like a stack of salad and cole slaw. The guards aren't buying it, and they argue with him.

      At some point I'm packing board games into a bag.

      Later I'm watching a procession on a curved road. I'm on the phone with T. telling him that I don't like pepperoni or fermented foods and he's acting shocked - "not even French pickles?! They are so fresh and green!"

      Next, I'm watching scenes unfold in the school library, where the people who work with the book publisher are headquartered. This company publishes new editions of Lord of the Rings. There is one sneaky author, though, who always tries to pass his work off as LOTR, in order to get more clout or readers or whatever. So he puts his books in a fake LOTR cover sheet. He writes about either military history or real estate though.

      I hear the publisher say that he's getting craftier. Now he's even imitating the writing style, punctuation, and typesetting of LOTR, just with his own boring subject matter. I see the publisher tearing the spine of the manuscript with a letter knife.

      There is a dimmer back room of the library, with blue carpeting and walls and shelves of dark wood. The librarian who works hear is in the habit of psychoanalyzing professors. One male professor was drugged and wakes up in the library - I hear him sarcastically say "thanks a lot Orestes" in a high-pitched voice.

      There's a flashback to a female professor in the library, who looks like one I work with. The librarian is telling her she's "Type A personality," which I sense has a worse meaning in the dream than in the waking life. She starts telling him about how she's training her small dog with the "tubes" left over from her deceased larger dog.

      Back to the "present," the male professor is asking the librarian what book the female professor stole - it is urgent, "Think! Think!" he says. She is going to use the book to poison people at the school.

      Suddenly they start talking about the school harbormaster instead. She is an ex-Marine named Sank U. Addict. I see her on the beach, she looks like a stereotypical woman from the Bronx (and I think like one of the artists on the electronic playlist I was listening to before going to bed). They're saying how ironic it is that she works here, because she's pretty "rough around the edges" and this is a posh private school.

      Blue, yellow, red
      • Awakening time: 7:30AM
      • Before the dream: I tried falling asleep after noting my dream around 3:30AM. First a really annoying bird came to the tree right by the window and was singing for an hour or two (this sounds like a nightmare, but I was awake). I tossed and turned for that time, then got up and worked on drawing and listening to Katatonia around 5:30AM. Then could not take it anymore and started sobbing uncontrollably to "Evidence." Then went and collapsed in tears in the bathroom. Finally managed to fall asleep around 6:30AM in spite of hearing others getting up and getting ready for work.
      • Level of detail: fragment
      • Lucidity: lucid
      • General mood: out of it

      Mom comes into my room where I'm sleeping to say goodbye. I try to tell her I'm sleeping but I can barely talk, a blanket is blocking my mouth. I realize I'm dreaming and my legs start moving side to side like a pendulum - this makes me wonder if I'm awake, because it feels very realistic with the sheets and blankets, I even have to push a pillow aside. But I know I'm dreaming.

      It's like a wall is missing in the bedroom, and without lifting my head I can see on the horizon three rectangular buildings. I name the colors as they glow - "blue, yellow, red" and when I see the red building I go back into a dream.

      However, then I think I really should wake up to say goodbye, so I push myself back up.* I see mom standing at the foot of my bed again wearing a pink dress. She's talking about how her boss needs her to paint something on her break today, and they don't have the budget for an intern, so she has to do it herself. I start to tell her that she shouldn't do it, it's not that important, then remember I wanted to go a layer further up and actually be awake.

      I finally wake up to the sound of the garage door closing, and everyone's left anyone, so my little plan didn't go through. I tried DEILD by imagining the buildings again, but couldn't get it quite right, and felt really stiff and needed to stretch and roll over. I tried laying in bed for an hour and a half longer, but couldn't fall asleep. I had both visual, auditory, and other hallucinations, but kept instinctively thinking "not real" and jumping awake. I am so tired.

      Side Notes

      *I have... many regrets about this. Why did I have this instinct when I was finally asleep?
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