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    False Awakening

    1. sleeping at my grandma's house

      by , 07-07-2019 at 02:21 PM
      Trying to sleep here was horrible. The trains woke me up in the middle of the night, so I tried to wild. But I'm not used to them at all. So I just decided to sleep. After a while I eventually did.

      Dream 1:my first dream was boring but weird so I'm going to do a quick description of it. I was on a toilet outside. imagine a portapotty but without doors. So instead of using the restroom, I'm trying to wild while on the toliet. eventually i get frustrated and go inside.

      Dream 2: I have a false awakening. (I've began to get better at catching those and I will eventually, I've been doing RC's everyday I wake up first thing. I haven't missed a day yet.)

      Dream 3: I am watching youtubers play minecraft. It was like a weird variant of survival games, but with a very big world. At first I'm watching markiplier, but then it switches over to a different youtuber. Most memorable part is when he falls off a cliff, and someone jumps after him and dies.

      fragment: I remember this dream being very story driven. It is about some people who are murderers, are trying to become gods. Well it buds into this romance of two people who don't want to kill each other. But one is brainwashed and starts trying to kill the other. the boy has to try and unbrainwash the girl. I was an observer. Like watching a movie. I had no part at all in this dream.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    2. A Ride to the Wilderness

      by , 07-04-2019 at 12:42 AM
      I'm in line with some friends to get on some kind of cool ride. From the looks of it, the ride is similar to a roller coaster. Right at the entrance to the ride, one friend gets a bloody nose. He asks for a tissue from the attendant. I ask for one as well since I feel like I need to blow something out. It feels like blood as I blow into the tissue so I quietly throw it into the trash. We finally make it on the ride and I get a front row seat. As the ride starts off we are suddenly in an open meadow surrounded by trees with many other people. We all have our backpacks off taking a break from hiking apparently. Some people have already started up again back along the trail. I tell my friends to grab my coat when they leave as I want to get ahead of everyone else. With my backpack on, I sprint along the trail, going down some steep parts until I catch up with the leaders. I continue to move ahead until I'm all by myself at what is to be our camping spot. I take a look around and move over to a table with some kind of jug on it. Just looking at the jug somehow makes me understand that I may be dreaming. I try to push my fingers through my hand with a little success but lose lucidity fast. I feel like I've woken up, but I'm still in the same spot. I lay down where I'm at to try and "fall back asleep", but my ears keep moving up and down with each breath I take which is distracting.
    3. some good recall this morning.

      by , 07-02-2019 at 11:18 PM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      partly lucid

      I was in a dream before but found myself suddenly in some bathroom with no recollection of how I got there. I became lucid but everything went to black instantly.

      Multi dreams

      I was working in some warehouse that was also a clothing store or something. I kept shifting around the dream in some places. I was confused. Suddenly I was entering the place with some guy. He accused me of hiding in his truck. which I remember that part. He left me at the store and I started to work again.

      FA, in the back of the guy's truck again. He got pissed at me and said ,"Not you again." then he had to drive me to the store AGAIN. This time he was mad and yelling. I was trying to explain to him that I have huge gaps in my memory and i have no idea how I got in his truck again. He dropped me off again and I went through a basement door. I turned a corner and went upstairs and ran into a co worker. She said i had been missing for hours but covered for me. I kept trying to explain that I have no idea How i got there and i have gaps in my memory but she wasn't hearing it.

      Suddenly I was with Xereniak walking down some street. I was trying to explain to him that I had no idea where i was or how I got there. He didn't seem like he was listening so I stopped. After a few minutes he said, "Yes, I wanna hear about the gaps in your memory." So, I started to explain. But then he saw something and flew over to a giant window and broke a tile of it. then he started editing the windows into shapes like he was in a game of fortnite. WTF. Recall ends.

      Nothing about Jamie for the past few days
    4. Memory Lane 2 DILD

      by , 07-01-2019 at 04:19 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I had 2 lucid dreams.
      Tags: cousin
      lucid , false awakening
    5. The Aeneid

      by , 06-30-2019 at 04:41 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I was trying to memorize the Aeneid for some reason. I opened up a Latin copy of it and flipped through some tedious introductory notes that sounded like they had been written in the Roman Empire but were really only a few years old before reaching the Latin text. I planned to translate each line as I read it, but I got bogged down trying to scan the first one, which I believed read "Arma virumque cano qui primo ex litoribus Troiae." Through dream-logic I was able to make up some nonsense about an "elision" between "primo" and "ex" that took out the m in "primo" as well because the Romans nasalized final m's (not true in this case). It also appeared that the editors of the text had made a monumental error and substituted "choiae" for "Troiae," and I began to doubt the accuracy of the copy.

      I awoke standing next to my bed with some kind of small blanket or scarf wrapped around my head and neck. I went to pull my underwear up, but it was too tight, prompting me to do a RC. Guess what happened next... Double vision! I tried to focus exclusively on my eyes and will each field of vision to move so that they aligned properly, but the scarf I was wearing made it difficult to see much. I pulled it off and noticed a bust in the shape of a jackal's head mounted on the wall where there is no such thing in WL. I decided to give up on the vision issue for a moment and try to make the bust come to life, but I didn't really believe it would, so it remained inert. I awoke shortly thereafter.
    6. It Is a Yonic Symbol!

      by , 06-29-2019 at 04:39 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I was on vacation for the past few days. I didn't expect to have any LD activity over that time, but I ended up unintentionally getting a strange DILD, which went as follows.

      I was watching a Looney Tunes-style cartoon about a... thing?... wearing an old-fashioned diving suit (very reminiscent of the Big Daddies from BioShock) that was menacing some animals that lived in the Arctic for some reason. The helmet, which was solid and did not actually contain anything, could open and close like Pac-Man's mouth, which the thing did a few times in order to laugh evilly. Eventually, a white seal, who looked very similar to the seals from the movie Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a Kiss, decided to "take down" the thing and climbed out of the ocean and up a sheer cliff in an impossible manner to where the thing was standing. The seal jumped at it and pulled it down into the ocean, where it presumably died.

      I awoke in my hotel room shortly after sunrise. The sun was streaming into the room through a roughly elliptical gap between the two curtains, and there was an empty bed to my left, but otherwise the room was unremarkable. I somehow remembered to do a noseplug RC and discovered to my surprise that I could still breathe. Immediately thereafter, I began seeing double (or perhaps triple) and simultaneously got the urge to turn myself into a girl once again. Knowing that that had ended poorly last time, I managed to ignore the urge and tried to stabilize the dream.

      I tried rubbing my hands along the covers of the bed I was in, but that did nothing to improve my vision. Rubbing them together was equally ineffective, and to make matters worse, an unknown force was now drawing me down into the gap between the two beds, which now seemed bottomless. Fortunately, I managed to pull the covers of the bed along with me so that they draped over the gap and stopped me from being pulled any further. From this angle, I looked back at the gap between the curtains and saw that it looked distinctly yonic, which prompted me to think (and possibly say) a few times: "It is a yonic symbol! It is a yonic symbol!"

      I soon realized that I had accidentally become fixated on the primal urge to transform into a girl, which I almost did without thinking before stopping myself just in time; the desire was beginning to warp the dream in order to draw my attention to it and force me to indulge it. I needed to act quickly in order to stabilize the dream, but I only remembered one more viable technique: spinning. I somehow managed to drag myself up onto the bed, stand up on it, and spin around a few times. This unfortunately caused me to wake up immediately.

      Paging Dr. Freud...

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      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening
    7. Fever dreams | [18.06.2019]

      by , 06-18-2019 at 04:13 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Side note: I was really sick when dreaming these and the dreams I get when I'm sick are often very vivid so I usually recall them easier than my other dreams. I seem to have forgotten a lot about these dreams, though.

      Slenderman survival w/ a friend
      I'm outside along with a friend. We own a mansion for shelter which is in the middle of the forest with paths leading around from the mansion through the forest. The next thing I remember is that we see static and start sprinting into any direction in the forest. As the static grows more intense, I remark that I don't want to play this 'game' anymore and that I don't like horror like this, before the slenderman popped out in front of me. I ran back towards the mansion, going in before my friend closes both doors, then swearing and quickly turning on the lights in the entrance hall. It's night now. We wait and I am scared of the fact that the slenderman can come out of the darkness and that the mansion is mostly dark.

      Next day, I go out wandering for some reason, before later on my way back hearing strong breathing coming closer. I don't know what it is, but luckily it's staying in the bushes for now. Shortly before the entrance to the mansion, my friend tells me that what I heard is something which has a generic male name which I don't remember.

      Skip to the monster running towards the house now. I run to the front door and quickly close it in third person view, using a cursor to close the doors. It's lagging so it's hard for me to hit the door, but I manage to do it, relieved as the breathing is right in front of the door but nothing came through. Though then I remember the side door left of me and also try to close that, but this time, it's lagging too much so I back away to a small table with a light on it. I think about going upstairs to hide, but it was too late. The breathing reveals itself to be a creepy dog-like creature which suddenly storms towards me, then I wake up. Soon after this, though, I fall asleep again. I don't remember the dream I got then, but when I woke up from that, I fell asleep once again and I remember that dream in many fragments.

      Fake lucidity, false awakening
      The next thing I remember is that I am in a strange place, a tiny bit of water seemingly flowing between two sidewalks, surrounded by brick walls running along very far. I do a reality check with my hand which doesn't work, so I try a nose reality check and I breathe through my pinched nose. Though, for some reason, I don't get lucid, I just dream about being lucid. I try controlling the dream, but nothing happened. Then I get a false awakening, before reentering the previous dream scene. I see another person who tells me something, while I try to control the dream again. I then end up in a sort of Subnautica scene, and then I don't remember anything else.
    8. I Wish... I Hadn't Done That

      by , 06-18-2019 at 04:34 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I am in a mall-like complex of stores and have somehow gained access to three wishes, which are to be granted by a magical swarm of talking bees. Since I have no capacity for rational thought, I waste the first two wishes on mundane items (a book and some kind of food). As I make my third and final wish, for a large amount of honey, I find myself thinking, "Why did I wish for that? This is a dream -- I could have wished for something far better!" Now lucid, I do a noseplug RC to confirm dreaming but forget to pause so I can rise beyond low-level lucidity, instead chasing after the swarm and trying to catch up with them before they get the honey so I can change my wish. At some point I lose lucidity.

      I somehow end up atop a large gray cliff face, beyond which is an infinitely deep black abyss. There are a number of people with me dressed in clothing reminiscent of Dragon Ball Z, and it seems I am to have a duel to the death with someone; whoever falls off the edge of the cliff loses. I win the duel (I forget whom it was against or how I won), but then another opponent wearing distinctively Van-like shoes spontaneously appears at the edge of the cliff and demands to duel with someone else. At this point I am on my hands and knees and fear that getting up may cause me to fall, so I ask someone behind me to grab my feet and pull me backwards. I raise my arms as I move and knock the new opponent off-balance, but he somehow manages to retain a hold on the cliff face. There were some short sticks painted red on one end and blue on the other end, but I forget what they were for.

      I wake up in bed and immediately notice that one of my teeth is loose. IWL there's a place in my mouth where two teeth partially overlap that I fear may one day force one of the teeth to fall out. As my tongue lightly brushes against it, it is yanked out of my mouth and falls into my hand. The tooth is surprisingly large, about the size of a sunflower seed. This whole ordeal is strange and a little frightening, so I do a noseplug RC -- but for some reason, I find I can't breathe! Must not be a dream, then... right? I call my mother into the room to break the news to her and say something about "measuring one of my teeth" before showing her the one that fell out. She points out that at least now I won't have to worry about it falling out anymore.

      At some point I find myself on the outskirts of a city before a huge abandoned fish-processing plant built out of brick and in the Greek Revival style. I want to explore it, but the city looks quite unsafe, and there could well be criminals hiding out in the ruins. I switch to being a DO and get some sweeping fly-through shots of the plant; my viewpoint travels through the arcade comprising its outer wall into a large courtyard with some pillars and fountains in it. As this is happening, I wake up.
    9. Recurring False Awakening

      by , 06-17-2019 at 04:33 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I had an inordinate deal of trouble getting to sleep last night... for some reason, I was insanely excited to LD, far beyond the motivation I normally feel, and so my heart was racing and I couldn't go to sleep. I tried every trick I knew -- reading, mentally reciting various text, meditating, random yoga poses, etc. -- but my body refused to relax in any way. I eventually fell asleep sometime around 4 AM, over four hours after I had gotten in bed.

      I awoke in my bed facing the wall and tried to turn around but found I couldn't move. I felt a strange burning/throbbing sensation in the back of my head. I was eventually able to turn my head painfully slowly towards the rest of my room, and after a minute or so, I was finally able (with considerable difficulty) to rise from my bed and walk towards the door to my room. Before I could reach the door, I "awoke" back in bed again. This repeated at least twenty times; in the dream I seemed to think that by the end I had been through the ordeal four hundred times at least.

      When I finally "woke up" for good within the dream, I found myself in a large single-room house with an assortment of relatives I barely ever see: my maternal grandparents, my uncle, and my old High School History Teacher (not a relative, but she was there for some reason). A few of my siblings were also there. We talked about some mundane topics for a few minutes. Then something happened involving a woman who had engaged in "activism" of some sort by making a video game about freeing animals from zoos. But this was all cut short when...

      I had the recurring FA again! It happened at least another ten times, all the way up to the possible seventy-six I believed had happened within the dream. On one of the FAs toward the end of the cycle, I grabbed hold of a chair in my room as I got up and knocked it over, hearing the loud sound it made as it hit the floor, and said to myself, "That's proof that I'm up for real this time!" It was not, since I rapidly went back to the FA. The worst part was that I didn't do even a single RC, owing to the dream-paralysis that made me unable to...
    10. Fake WILD, Real LD

      by , 06-15-2019 at 04:31 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I am at High School (where's my RC?!) on the second-to-last day of school. Band class has just ended and it's time for me to say goodbye to my longtime Band teacher. I walk up to him and try to shake his hand but find that my shirt sleeve is long and thin and that my hand is unusually moist, causing it to stick within the sleeve and making it nearly impossible to get my hand out far enough. IRL my hands are infamously bone-dry. I eventually manage and apologize for taking so long, but he dismisses the apology as unnecessary. Then someone starts playing "Jack in the Box" by Thomas S. Allen (piece written in 1900 -- I've listened to it a few times IWL) on a nearby piano.

      I leave the classroom thinking that it's the end of the school day while simultaneously heading towards French class because that's the next class I would normally have if the day weren't ending there. The fact that this is a contradiction escapes me, but I do get to thinking about what class I'll actually end the year on and find that it is Psychology. This thought was probably responsible for what happened next.

      I suddenly wake up sometime in the middle of the night -- though I think it might have been as late as 6:00 AM according to a dream-clock. I had set an intention before falling asleep at all to wake up at some point so I could try to WILD, and this seems to be my opportunity. I reposition myself in bed so that I'm the most relaxed I can possibly be, close my eyes, and wait for the HI, sort of getting sidetracked into SSILD somewhere along the way. The HI arrives startlingly quickly -- and soon my eyes are forced open as an unknown force pushes me involuntarily out of my bed, causing me to cry out in surprise, and dumps me on the floor. I somehow remember to do a noseplug RC just in case -- and it works!

      Now at this point I was only low-level lucid, and that was the most lucid I ever got. The dream immediately seemed unstable, so I felt the covers of my bed for a minute and it stabilized. However, my vision was still weirdly blurry and unfocused, a common attribute of the FAs I have in general -- I wear glasses IWL, and my brain probably thinks "I'm not wearing my glasses yet, so of course my vision must be blurry." Fortunately, my glasses were sitting on a table by my bed just as they usually are, so I put them on and the blurriness mostly subsided. The problem was that there was some sort of "tactical overlay" on the left lens of the glasses, and I started to think that a spy agency wanted me to do something. Would I follow the dream-narrative again and lose lucidity?

      Fortunately not -- I began to wonder if I could put my finger through the palm of my other hand, as is commonly suggested, and smacked them together at full speed expecting the finger to go through. It did not. I focused intently on the fact that my hand was now incorporeal and tried again. It still didn't work, but now I had trouble seeing my hands as well. Because my lucidity was so low, I couldn't actually remember any of my dream goals; instead, I stupidly decided to use my limited awareness to indulge a desire I've been trying very hard IWL to manage -- namely, to feel what being a girl would feel like. The main thrust behind this desire, so far as I've been able to determine, is autoerotic in nature.

      I was inexplicably naked now, which made my "task" easy. I pointed at a "certain part" of my body (the one that was doing all of the thinking at the moment) and willed it to collapse inwards, which it surprisingly did, but in an extremely slow and unrealistic "inverting" manner, leaving behind a cylindrical hole as it did so. This proved to be my downfall; the end of it rubbed against the interior of the hole as it moved inwards, arousing me sufficiently that I awoke for real, still very much aroused, at about 7:00 AM.

      The induction method was truly strange, but at least I was lucid... though it seems I'll have to work on achieving higher-level lucidity and remembering my dream goals before I can do much with that.
    11. Dream Miscellany

      by , 06-14-2019 at 04:28 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      The dream starts with me reading the "end" of the Book of Exodus (which in the dream has a short 31st chapter to finish it off). I learn something about the sons of Jacob that I forget now. I move on to reading the beginning of the next book, called "Judah" for some reason, but soon I somehow get to thinking of Adam and Eve, which rouses some memories of Paradise Lost (but here the dream grows hazy).

      The next thing I remember I was in a large "historical reenactment village" (much like Plimoth Plantation) inhabited entirely by talking animals. The animals looked totally normal and realistic; they just happened to be able to talk. I was on a "mission" to go around and get two signatures for a petition to force the village management to restore the ruins of a castle that lay on the outskirts of the area. I poked my head into a small "egg-production plant" made of barkless logs and inhabited by a family of squirrels, but they declined to sign.

      I eventually grew hopeless and left the village, which it turns out had been inside a large museum-like building with a large number of dinosaur fossils on display. The ruins of the castle were also an exhibit for some reason. I told my father of my inability to get enough signatures, and he said that he should have realized earlier that our own two signatures would be enough (this is a paraphrase of something Jesus said in John 8, which I read before falling asleep).

      The continuity breaks horribly at this point as I somehow climb a mountain ridge near the village from before and look down upon it. I can see a huge red church, which I somehow know is called "Chester," with a massive square clock tower reminiscent of Big Ben. I get the idea to build a road up here so that everyone can come see the village, so my mother and I immediately start digging a trench for the asphalt to be poured into. The only thing is we have to make it comply with various regulations, so I get out a computer of some sort and look up the specifications for a road.

      I find that we somehow managed to dig it in the correct shape, but that if I want to operate a radio station from the summit at the end of the road, I'm going to need to comply with further regulations. (No idea why I decided to pursue this thread.) The music played on the station must represent all twelve musical scales roughly evenly, and content must also fit the Even and Odd Numbers Act, which I clicked on for more information. Suddenly we were in a car driving down a road through a mountainous landscape listening to a voice on the radio explain the Act.

      The voice said that even numbers tend to be more "serious," while odd numbers are more "comedic." We were to pass a series of examples illustrating this fact. We first passed two girls sitting by the side of the road with boxes of condoms, offering to hand them out. This was the comedic number one, since one of the girls was holding a single lollipop as well. We then heard audio footage of two people chanting religiously. This was the serious number two. As the number three was announced, we had to drive through a shallow pond for some reason. This was the comedic number three. As the number four was announced, we had to drive through a slightly deeper pond that looked about to spill over the edge of a cliff and inundate the town below. This was the serious number four. I suggested to my mother that the town should dig a tunnel through the cliff face to safely drain the pond.

      After all that had happened, I somehow found myself on what I recognized as the "ocean floor." The sky/water/whatever was above and around us was pitch black, but the ground was faintly radiant and allowed me to see. I was playing a game in which I had to move a large amount of jetsam sitting in a pile into a specific shape, but much of it was far too heavy to move without being able to operate a car that was apparently still in working order but missing its keys. I encountered a talking fish who turned on a nearby TV and played a commercial he had acted in for the drink Muscle Milk; it had a poem-like jingle that I tried desperately to remember. Eventually, I found the keys to the car lying on the ground, but as I was about to turn it on, I had a FA.

      I quickly got up out of my bed (and forgot to do a RC!) I still remembered the poem at this point -- which was only four lines long -- and I went to type it up. However, my mother was in my room for some reason and claimed she needed to use my computer to look up the recipe for something (my little brother used to get mad whenever she needed to do this on the old family computer). I frantically said "I'll write it instead," pulled out a pencil and notepad from nowhere, and began to write; as I was writing, I awoke with no recollection of the poem.
      non-lucid , false awakening
    12. Chest Pain

      by , 06-13-2019 at 08:00 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was walking along side my cousin and was showing her around the area. My captain at work was behind me for some reason and told me to follow him as he had something important he wanted to show me. I look back to my cousin and wave bye to her as I told her to go back home. As I am following my captain we enter an abandon warehouse and I notice only one light was lit. This look wrong to me and I began to enter a flight or fight mode. That's when a man in a hoodie and wearing a protection glow vest came out from the shadows. He held two guns both in each of his arms. Pointed at me and my captain. I look around for an exit and ran. I bust down through one of the doors and jump off a building not sure where I would land. I woke up from a nightmare and found myself unable to move on my bed. I notice everything in my room was darker than normal. And my bed was at the end corner of the wall. My eyes look up at the ceiling and my mouth was then force open completely by an unknown force.I became lucid and I started trying to close my mouth to no avail. Then the blankets around my neck started tightening. It began to crush my throat and I felt myself having trouble to breathe. I began choking in till I woke up again.
    13. A lot of pressure DILD

      by , 05-22-2019 at 09:41 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I got out of bed and the strong urge to check under my bed occured. I check under my bed and say a man body underneath the dark corners of my bed. I felt shock and suddenly out of no where a hand comes and grabs my ankle and starts pushing inside the bed. The shock causes me to gain lucidity and I tell myself there's no way this can be really happening. So I tried to wake myself up but instead the dream scene changes. I still have lucidity and can see myself in a dark hallway where I saw on the wrote something about incest. I decided to run up the stairway and see no way to cross over. I then hear something behind my and decided to jump off a high point in the stair way to the bottom of the floor. Once I hit the bottom after feeling the gravity bring down. Everything went black and then I woke up and check my phone. My phone showed that the only friend I ever had deleted me and this caused me to feel a sense of dread. I then wake up again
    14. An Offer You Can Refuse

      by , 05-14-2019 at 04:10 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I awoke from a previous dream that I forget and was lying on my back in bed. I was looking at myself from several different perspectives; my viewpoint kept bouncing back and forth between my actual head and a point a few feet above and behind it. While I was "in my own head," I noticed something like a mass of shadow hovering just above and behind me. Once I became a DO again, I could see that this thing was a vaguely humanoid shape of darkness and appeared to be wearing a "spy hat" (that's the best way I can describe it).

      After a brief pause, my POV went back into my head and stayed there permanently. The thing then spoke to me in a deep but quiet voice and told me it was going to "bring me higher" and "show me great things." It proceeded to grab hold of my head and try to pull me upward, as though it were going to spirit me away on some sort of mystical journey. I was intensely curious as to what it was going to show me, but at the same time, I feared that it was somehow malevolent and planned to lure me into some kind of weird spiritual trap, so I resisted its pull.

      The thing kept pulling harder and harder, and it was very difficult to keep from being lifted up -- I began to feel as though it were pulling the soul right out of my head in an attempt to induce an OBE and force me to come with it. Eventually I managed to break free from its grasp, whereupon I got out of bed and tried to walk across the room to where my brother lay sleeping. The thing did not disappear; in fact, it continued to try to get me to come back by making me extremely tired, so that it was difficult to keep my eyes open wide enough to see. At long last I reached the other end of the room, my vision cleared, and it went away.
    15. Dreaming of Dreams of Dreams

      by , 05-07-2019 at 06:51 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 05-07

      Regular Dream -
      Semi-lucid Dream - Lucid Dream - Notes

      Note: I just has the longest and most epic dream I have had since forever! I took a melatonin pill last night to aid in recall and I have been reading dream journals here and thinking about dreams, and I think it is really helping! At least it did last night!

      I am at school. I am in a computer class and we are dividing up into groups. Allison is in the class, and a couple others that I know. I am wanting to be in Allisonís group but she ends up forming a group with others and I am left out, so I end up getting placed in a group where there is still room. I donít know anyone else in my group and I am not happy with it. Class lets out and we all leave class. I am upset and I avoid Allison, but a bit later we both end up at a pool that is at the school. I was going to get in the pool but Allison and her friends are there. We get into it, we have some pretty heated words, it ends up with both of us really pissed off at the other one and we part ways.

      Later on I go to bed. I start dreaming. I find myself walking down a path at night that looks like some kind of fantasy forest. There are over-sized mushrooms that I think look like fairy houses and there are strange lights glowing amongst the trees. I think this fantasy world is not real, I must be dreaming. I do a nose pinch RC and I can breathe while pinching my nose. I become lucid.

      I now remember the argument I had with Allison and I feel awful about it, I want to find her in this dream and make up. I continue down the path, now I am calling out to Allison, hoping I can find her in the dream and apologize for my part in our earlier argument. I want to say I got more upset about being in a different group than I should have and we canít all be in the same group so itís no big deal, I said things I shouldnít have. I get no answer, but I find a town. I fly over the town, calling Allison. There are people in the town looking up at me and pointing and talking. I keep flying and calling, looking for Allison.

      I fly over a larger city. I see a big display screen thatís showing the news. I get close enough to hear and I realize I am the news. The reporter is talking about the woman flying all over the place looking for her friend Allison and anyone with information should call in immediately. I keep flying and I see someone waving to signal me. I fly down and a woman says she saw Allison. I follow her to a theater that is dark and empty except for a few people. Allison is in one of the seats looking as upset as I feel. Her other friends are seated around her glaring at me. But they donít interfere when I go over and sit down beside Allison and apologize for getting so upset. We make up and have a friendly hug and then I wake up.

      But it was a false awakening. I wake up in bed and sit up. I start talking about the dream to record on my iPad that I have set up with a voice activated recorder. I record as much as I can remember and then I stop. I rub my sleepy eyes and then my itchy nose. Then I notice that even when I had my nose pinched almost shut while rubbing it I could still breathe freely. I do a full nose pinch RC and I find I can still breathe. But that canít beÖ am I still dreaming? I repeat the RC and become lucid as I realize I am still dreaming.

      I leave my room and I find my mom on the front porch of our house. She is just watching the birds around our bird feeder. I tell her that I am dreaming. She doesnít believe me but I tell her I can prove it by making us both fly. She decides to humor me and let me try. We walk over to the stairs and I help her into the air. We both fly away from our house. My mom is amazed and now believes me. I fly with her down over the city, though the city is much larger than the actual city of Tucson where we live. My mom looks at a billboard that shows an advertisement for a live action version of the anime series Voltron. She seems interested in that so I tell her I can give her a better preview than that. I fly with her over to a tall building and we land on the roof.

      Once we are on the roof I walk over near the edge and yell, ďVOLTRON!Ē The sound of my shout sounds like I just did a thuíum as done in Skyrim, it is extremely loud. And then the five lions arrive. The black, blue, green, red, and yellow lions fly in from different directions. I take my mom into the air again to get her the best possible view of the formation of Voltron. All five lions come together and Voltron is formed. The huge robot clearly has my mom impressed, which surprises me. I had never thought she would be interested in Voltron. I look at the advertisement billboard again. It lists the names of the pilots, but they arenít the same pilots as in the anime. I specifically notice that the pilot of the blue lion is different, though it is still a woman.

      As Voltron seems to be showing off I see something else going on. A giant robeast version of Freddy Krueger has arrived on the scene! I land on a building with my mom where we can see what is going on without being in danger. Voltron engages the robeast Freddy Krueger in battle. The fight goes for a bit, but then it looks like Voltron is losing! Voltron forms the Blazing Sword but Freddy knocks it aside! Freddy is laughing and knocks Voltron down into some buildings. Voltron isnít getting up.

      I tell my mom that maybe I have to stop Freddy because an actually dreamer has to do it, an element of the dream wonít be able to do it. I leave my mom and fly towards Freddy. I use my voice sounding like a thuíum again, but this time I say, ďI have the power!Ē I transform into something that looks like She-Ra from the old cartoon, but Iím too small! I repeat the thuíum ďI have the power!Ē several more times, growing larger with each repetition. Now I am equal to Freddy in size. I am ready to fight him now.

      I go over to engage Freddy in battle. We grapple for a bit, I push Freddy away from me and then fus him right in the face with one loud and powerful, ďFUS RO DAH!Ē Freddy flies backwards and crashes into a couple of buildings, landing not far from Voltron. I go over to the fallen Voltron and pick up the Blazing Sword. Freddy gets back up and comes at me, I fight him using the Blazing Sword as a single handed sword. I have him retreating, he is trying to block sword attacks with his finger knives and it isnít proving too effective.

      Now Freddy backs off a bit, he seems to be trying to connect to the dream around him with tentacles that look like those of the daedric prince Hermaeus Mora from the Elder Scrolls games, the tentacles are grabbing onto and boring into the dream world, changing it into a nightmare wherever the tentacles touch. I take flight and cut the tentacles with my blazing sword as quick as I can to keep him from transforming the dream. When I have cut all the tentacles I fus him again and this time while he is down I run the sword right through his chest where his heart should be. This time it works, and he lets out a loud cry of rage or pain or both before he turns to dust. I am looking at the huge pile of dust when I wake up to my catís meows. I am annoyed at my kitty because Iím afraid she will keep me from remembering the dream. I do a quick nose pinch RC to find I really am awake this time.
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