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    1. i had lots and lots of dreams

      by , Yesterday at 06:51 PM
      This is my DJ entry in PDF. Its 31 pages but thats due to spacing/size/lots of images. I wanted to post it as PDF so all the images and formatting would be already embedded since I accidentally messed up the BBcode things.

      2018-04-25 - Dreams and Pictures.pdf

      If anyone wants to read it but wants something other than PDF please let me know.
    2. I caught a dream figure shape shifting! And had an "dream donut"

      by , 04-24-2018 at 07:23 PM
      Here is my DJ in pdf format. The illustrations are contained in this version:

      2018-04-24 - dreams.pdf

      Here it is in regular text (without my illustrations though... don't wanna miss those )

      Round 1 of Dreams

      I recorded these dreams on my voice recorder. I remember being in my room at my old house and then going out the window. I couldn’t get back in through the kitchen because I hadn’t removed the screen. There were two little kids on bikes across the road. They went to go somewhere.

      Then there was something about wanting to go to a pool. I was walking through a hallway eating tuna from a can. Then I wanted to go to a pool.

      The dream time jumped back to 2:45 P M or so and suddenly the pool was closed? Kind of hard to explain. So I was mad.

      Then I was at a cash register and trying to get into the pool still. Something about rolls of quarters. While I was still doing my transaction, a woman tried to get to the register. I was like wait I’m not done yet.

      There were a few more things on my voice recorder.

      Round 2 of Dreams
      I had RLS so I got up to bike and stretch in the dark. Then I went back to bed and had 3 REM cycles before I dream journaled again. I chose to stay still because I thought I’d remember it all. I didn’t remember every bit but by the end of the 3 REM cycles, I had a good percentage.

      REM cycle 2-a

      My memory of this one started with my friend. And he asked me to watch something as he went in the bathroom.

      Then there was a vitamin powder jar. I became lucid some how and asked a woman there if I could eat the last of the powder.

      I woke up and thought those through. One more dream flash of a building.

      Eventually got lucid in another dream which was with me and 3 friends in a study room. I was lucid again and telling everyone how I had won a game against my friend (S) in a previous lucid dream. (S) was the one next to me.

      As Looked at him, he shape shifted into ( C ). I almost didn’t notice!

      Then I was like… “Wait! (S) just shape shifted into ( C )! I caught you this time!” because usually people will shape shift and I will have no clue. I tried to will him to transform back to (S) but he just stared at me blankly. I started losing my voice. I tried to stay lucid but I woke up.

      There was one more dream flash of a man wading through a lake.

      REM Cycle 2-b

      I dreamed in this one. I initially remembered it. But by the time I went to record, it was gone from my mind. I regretted that.

      What had happened was I began to dream about an Asian woman. It was like we were dating or getting to know each other in the dream. I felt connected to her as time went on.

      I remember remembering it at the time. But not when I finally recorded.

      REM Cycle 2-c

      There was a bunch of earlier parts to this dream chain. Especially involving the Asian woman. But just vague memories by the time I got to record them. This dream chain went on and on.

      I remembered a Pokémon game where there was an elephant character (like Musshi) but he was a Pokémon trainer.

      Then I remember being on a computer with a big screen next to me. Not lucid yet. Going to look something up on the computer while the Asian woman was up. Then she came back. I wanted to hide what I had looked up but the screen froze.

      A blonde woman appeared and said something about how “I have to think about addiction in many different states of conciousness for it to finally sink in.” I understood what she meant.

      I woke from that hoping to dream chain and apologize to my “dream girlfriend”.

      I did a dream chain where I went out of body. I got up, not sure if I had gotten up physically. (It turned out I hadn’t.) I went to try using my computer. It was in the same place as my physical computer. Eventually I popped back into bed.

      That was one thing from the TV.

      I went out of body again. It looked like the sun was up. (I wasn’t in my physical body but thought I was again.) I popped back into bed suddenly.

      Up out of body again. This time a car appeared to the left of my bed. Now its more of a dream.

      I drove the car down a stair case and a hall way and out a door. Willing it to fit through the narrow space. Then I drove around the road. I was lucid. So I put out my hand and stopped cars at will. It was kind of fun.

      That dream ended but I hadn’t woke up yet. I was in a grocery store. “Oh, another dream,” I thought. “I have had enough. I will just close my eyes and be in my bed,” I thought, as I looked at a little cartoon thingy. An older woman walked by me.

      But JUST before I closed my eyes… To my right, on the counter… A TRAY OF DONUTS APPEARED. I was like, “WAIT!! DON’T WAKE UP YET!!!” And some how the dream lasted long enough for my to go grab a donut.

      I chose a tan colored one, thinking it was like a coffee or cinnamon flavor. There were all sorts of colors donuts with various sprinkles.

      A guy walked by me and grabbed a piece of donut. Ripped it right off the donut in my hand! He was like, “Wasn’t that weird? That I just did that?” But I was lucid. So I was like, “No, not at all, bro! Come on, let me buy you a coffee!”

      Another woman walked by. I was like, “Hey, let me buy you an ice cream shake!” And ice cream shakes appeared on the counter. She kept walking LOL.

      I totally forgot to apologize to my “dream girlfriend”.

      I woke up back in bed but still not done dreaming. Went out of body again. This time it was kind of dim. There was a creature there.

      At first it scared me. Bound to run into something that scares me when crossing dimensional barriers. But I decided to embrace it some how. I woke up before anything else happened.

      Then I was in my bed… but it was still a dream! (I didn’t know it then). There was light coming in, and the sound of rain drops. I stayed still and tried to remember the dream, not knowing I was still in a dream!

      When I woke up in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness it was not raining and I knew that the rain drops had been a dream.


      I didn’t really feel like typing these but I’m glad I did. Some days I don’t feel as motivated to type them. Other days it is effortless.
    3. Playing along with the dreams

      by , 04-23-2018 at 04:04 PM
      Here is a copy of my dreams with images in line (as a pdf)

      2018-04-23 - DJ with images.pdf

      Here is just the text from the dreams (without the drawlings)

      Round 1 of Dreams

      There was something with some people on a raft earlier in the dream.

      There was something really cool I couldn’t put into words about a powerful being.

      I remembered my sister drawing smiley faces in my Nana’s back yard.

      One had the top of the circle curled over like on the left. The others had different versions of a lowercase U like on the right.

      She also drew a lizard. It said, “My name is dinner.”

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I had a dream of being at the Arboretum.

      Then I left the arboretum. And drove kind of crazily. I pulled out across 4 lanes and in front of a truck going the other direction.

      Then I also backed into a building and it got smashed. But then I rewinded it somehow. I don’t think I was lucid. Eventually the dream shifted.

      Then I was with these people telling lucid dream stories. I didn’t know it was a dream. There was something about waiting for a shower.

      I had to solder something or do some kind of machine work that created a smell. When the other people got back they complained. We were out doors but I still put a fan on to blow the smell away.

      Then I was taking out the garbage too because I felt bad about the smell. I overhead one of the rich people talking about eating lint from the couch. Or licking it. I think they were trying to get me to lick the couch lint.

      Then I was at a mall. I had boxers on but not pants. I was holding my tan khaki pants and looking for a place to put them on.

      There was a thing about needing to consult with agents from the bank. They were waiting around on some couches for people to come do their appointments.

      I found a mall computer and started filling in the form. It seemed like it would be easier that way.

      I remember seeing that in my dream. I had to confirm my information. Then they detected I was at a computer and came to me.

      They wanted me to pay them 1500 dollars a year for my bank account. I was thinking how I will probably have to change banks. I really needed the bathroom so I had to desperately seek a bathroom before I could finish my form and have an appointment. I was afraid to leave my personal information up on the mall computer.

      I walked by these dog cages looking for a place to go to the bathroom. Then there was a hairy school bus outside.

      I said, “Nice hairy bus!” And a guy poked his head out of the window. “Thanks!” Said the guy.

      Then I went left and it seemed like I was in the back of a haunted house. My high school gym teacher was at the bottom of some steps. I passed through there, thinking he wouldn’t let me. But he was fine with it. Seeing high school teachers is a dream sign.

      Then I saw a woman who I went to college with. I asked her if she would go with me on a date. She said, “Give me a day, a date, a time, and a place!” But I didn’t have one. I thought, oops, was I supposed to?

      Then I woke up. I was thinking if I could ask for her number, and call her when I think of a “day, date, time and place”. Then I realized it was a dream and began recalling it.

      I drifted back to sleep one more time and had a dream of being by this house outside. To the left was a stream. I was on the phone with my friend, talking about some stuff. I was also walking around peeing.

      I woke up in my bed again and thought I had wet the bed for sure. However I didn’t want to move because then I might dislodge the dream. So I stayed still and thought it through. It turned out I hadn’t wet the bed. Thank FHQWHGADS!

      Round 3 of dreams

      I fell asleep pretty consciously this time. One dream flash was of a tan beverage and nutrition facts.

      Woke up briefly.

      dreamed I worked in a restaurant.

      Woke up briefly.

      Dreamed I was in college. And thinking of going to audit a class on dreams. Then I was in a class on dreams. The teacher was giving a lecture. Some guys next to me did something funny like hijacking the lecture.

      Then I was shuffling blue books with a woman from the class. She spoke very softly and I could barely hear her.

      Then I had a false awakening that it was around 7 A M. And there was tons of noise. I went to look if my Dad was home. He wasn’t but there was a big red truck out front. In the back yard they had all this equipment going. They were laying out sod. I got mad because it distracted me from my dream recall.

      Woke up briefly, glad it had just been a dream.

      Then I dreamed of being at my old house’s kitchen with some food. I sat on some pine needles outside. There was glass in the pine needles so I went to put my shoes on. There was food in my shoes. I ate the food and then realized that was probably not the cleanest. I felt kind of sick.

      Woke up briefly again, glad it was just a dream. I decided to hold all the dreams in my head and stay still, to keep dream chaining.

      This was where I started to get lucid in them. I dreamed of these cartoon characters. And I dreamed I had a camera that could take pictures from my dreams. And I would see them when I woke up. So I got really excited about that.

      Woke up briefly again…

      Then I was walking towards an empty playground. There was a retainer (for teeth) on a slide thing that reminded me of mine. I figured a kid had left it there. When I looked back it was in a blue case. I tried to move it somewhere safer for the time being.

      Then I looked out onto the neighborhood for some people to tell. A mom was at the door as her daughter left for school. I walked up to them.

      The daughter said, “You can’t punch me any more!” The mom had purple under her eyes. I was like, “Uh oh. Good thing I’m here to distract the mom a little.” I told them about the retainer.

      The Mom pulled the door knob and the whole door came off. She put the door to the side like it was weightless. That plus the dream chaining got me lucid. But I decided to finish what I had set out to do before I had become lucid.

      The daughter left and the mom went to look toward the empty playground. Then I woke up.

      Laid there recalling the dream until one more started.

      I was working in a Restaurant Again. My job was a bus boy but instead of a pitcher of water, I had a pitcher of tan bean soup stuff. One of the pitchers was made out of a taco shell.

      So I carried the beans out and poured them in people’s cups. One couple said “Charles, more beans please!” I gradually realized this was a dream, especially from having dreamed of it earlier.

      I decided to play along. I said, “Okay, so I just pour the beans in your cup, right?” They looked like almonds.

      Round 4 of dreams

      One vague dream

      Went back to sleep hoping for dream chain

      Woke up not remembering any other dreams


      My dream recall and lucidity are improving again. I thought they took a little dip for a few days.
    4. DJ & Drawings

      by , 04-22-2018 at 04:36 PM
      This is my PDF version with the drawings in-line. Otherwise the drawings will be at the end of the post.
      2018-04-22 dreams and drawings.pdf

      Round 1 of Dreams
      The first time I woke up I just remembered a little bit. One was something of a lucid dream cycle and they mentioned the Lucid Saint. It wasn’t refering to the podcast but it made me think of it. Also there was something in my sister’s
      room but I couldn’t remember any more.
      Round 2 of Dreams
      These got a little more dreams going on. I remember my friend had 4 hero sandwiches. He offered me some. I didn’t
      want one because I had already had dinner. Even though I felt hungry I would rather wait until breakfast.
      I remember talking to him about how he was going to teach foam rolling. He was wondering if he should speak in the “I” or “You”
      Position, something that always confuses me. When I put on my sun glasses, my vision got a lot clearer.
      I had an app on my phone. He told me the code was 1-2-2-2-2-2-… And more 2’s, to get a special app. So I typed that in but it was
      hard to press the touch screen.
      We had an audio book playing with a heavy bass instrumental. Some women upstairs wanted us to turn it down so we turned off the instrumental part. I’m not sure if there
      was anything else in that dream.
      Round 3 of dreams
      There was something with a bee type of thing that scared me.
      This was a long one. I dreamed that we had to go on a trip. But we were taking a short bus ride home. My friend was
      throwing a pill around and picking it up.
      I remember I was talking to someone about Astral Projecting. And to go if it feels safe but not to go if it doesn’t. Then I dreamed of my body going to sleep paralysis and being unsure if it was safe or not. But a
      light flickered in the loft that seemed paranormal. That was when I knew it was a dream. But I didn’t know it was a dream within a dream!
      So then a female fell or jumped down from the ceiling and onto my friend.
      At first this scared me. But it turned out okay.
      I woke up from that dream but it was still a dream when I woke up. Another friend was there and he had a girlfriend. She had black hair with a big red dyed part and wore denim.
      My friend went in the other room and she talked about how I don’t need to be some iron man. I kind of knew what she meant. Then we went out onto the roof. It overlooked water.
      I got the feeling she might be a smoker. So I hinted, “I give points to help people
      quit smoking.” I said this as a way to gauge her reaction as if she smoked or not. Worried that if she was a smoker, it would be a problem that she came around. I didn’t know it was a dream any more.
      It turned out she was a smoker. My friend came
      out. They were sitting together in a sky light. I started to tell my friend she smokes. He said that’s not okay. I felt relieved that he wouldn’t condone her smoking.
      Then she started to try to kiss him. I felt like this was a way of her trying to
      manipulate him to get him to change his mind. I felt threatened by this so I kept saying, “Don’t listen to her! She is an evil, manipulative addict! She is just trying to manipulate you!”
      Her eyes began to glow red. I didn’t know it was a dream, so I was so
      surprised at this. “Look! Her eyes are even turning red!” And they did. First just the pupils but then her whole eyes. I tried to draw a picture but it was too scary. Her teeth got sharp and her face morphed a little, like Monster Form of Frieza almost. Like a venus fly trap mouth.
      I was sure I had talked my friend out of having her over. But then she began to come towards me. She slowly inched towards me
      and I backed away. She was holding some writing utensils. It seemed like she was going to stab me with them. I thought of going to hide behind the door.
      It turned out to be such a fearful dream that I consider it my first official nightmare in a while. I have
      a high thresh hold for what I consider a night mare but this was truly one. In fact even while I was awake and recording the dream, I felt like I could see her face in my mind. I felt like if I opened my eyes, she would actually be there in my physical room.
      Round 4 of Dreams
      It took a little while to fall asleep. I had some sniffles developing. But I had a dream that ended with this green candle wax man holding a green candle. He lit the candle, and began to melt along with the candle.
      I couldn’t remember the parts of the dream before that.
      A dream flash happened where two kids in green
      coats were flying towards me. With their backs facing me. I got startled and woke up.
      Empty hoodie: I was at the mall. There was something about getting ice cream before they closed the metal gate thing. I got locked into a jail cell thing.
      I might have got lucid but I didn’t put this in my L D count because I’m not sure if I was. I saw myself in a mirror. I had on a brown hoodie. But where my head and hands should have been, I had only a black void.
      I squeezed out from between the jail cell bars and a friend carried me upstairs.
      Stop Smoking/ High fence arboretum: In this dream I was walking through the part of the arboretum near the mulch piles. I actually smelled smoke. I rarely have a sense of smell in dreams but in this one, I did. The fences were high picket fences, not there in waking life. I didn’t know it
      was a dream though. I looked around to see what trail it was coming from. Up around the bend? Behind me? To the left?
      I yelled out stop smoking twice and heard a cough. It was from behind me. A guy with a dog. He yelled back, “It’s a disease!” I tried to run away. Then I woke up with a startle. Lots of emotionally intense dreams tonight.
      Round 5 of Dreams
      My sister asked me to do the dishes. So I helped her out with those.
      There was a commercial of a guy in a foreign zoo. I felt a sense of dream de ja vu. I felt surprised at how long the commercial went. That’s what was funny
      about it. It took up so much time. The guy joked around with some animals. Then he stood on a log and put his arms overhead like a bear. And some bears imitated him.
      Baby commercial:
      There was a commercial with a woman and a baby.
      Then another woman sang a song about how other people can have their issues but you can be free of yours. In a nice yodely voice.
      I had a little false awakening after that. The commercial draems were
      funny because I felt like I saw them before.
      I got more details on my voice recorder but this was just off the top of my head. What I notice is more of the dreams from my final
      sleep cycles tend to be the ones that I remember easily the next day and can draw drawings from. The earlier dreams I don’t remember until I listen to them (more often).

      vitamin B-6-bee-thing.jpgvitamin B-6-dream-trail-map.jpgvitamin B-6-faceless-hoodie.jpgvitamin B-6-green-wax-man.jpg
    5. Police officers, a robber, and morgan freeman?

      by , 04-21-2018 at 07:49 PM (Exterminate)
      The earliest scene I recall was of a group of 4 police officers reporting to a scene of another officer about to jump off a tall building. The officers were all walking with one hand on their belts and the other ready to grab their gun. The officer on the building fell off the building head first and died on impact. It looked like he was forced off instead of jumping by choice.

      I then recall the police showing up at my door. The house was actually one I lived in about 6 years ago. It was a trailer home with a storage unit. The officer told me I needed to come with them, as there appears to have been a robbery at our location. Another officer stayed with my family to brief them on the situation. I checked our storage unit and sure enough it was broken in and cleaned out. The cop gave me a firearm and a short safety lesson on how to use it. I already have gone through gun safety before, so he wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. I get in his car and the dream scene shifts to when we get to the location of the suspected robber. It appears to be a walmart parking lot. The first thing I notice is an ambulance with its siren on and lights shining, pulling away from the store entrance and driving away toward a hospital. The police officer tells be to open the trunk and put on a bullet-proof vest. I oblige, and start putting it on. It feels very heavy. Its a pea green vest that is put on like a button-up shirt. The officer notices a big white van that appears to belong to the robber. We start walking toward it, but it drives away before we get to it. The officer gets all dejected and calls the mission failed. The dream ends as he tells me to hand over the gun as the suspect got away.

      I get the feeling that I need to record this interesting dream, so I pull out a recorder and repeat what happened into it. I was dictating the dream in a weird middle eastern accent, meanwhile my mother gave me some reading material on lucid dreaming to check out. I wasn't interested in what she gave me as it was more related to dream interpretation. (This whole section is closely related to my waking life. I just bought 4 lucid dreaming books and this is the first night I have decided to record my dreams first on a voice recorder.)

      I recall another dream involving a comedian who looked like Morgan Freeman, but sounded like someone completely different. I wish I could recall the voice to say who it sounded like, but that is something that will remain a mystery it seems. He first told a story of a man who was covered in thick reddish-brown hair. It was like an animal with its rough texture. I dunno what point he was trying to make, but he segwayed it into how we need to be more loving and tolerant toward those who look and sound different to us.
    6. Gyeongbokgung palace and hanbok

      by , 04-21-2018 at 03:04 PM
      Note for members of DawnEye11's shared dream experiment: I know that it is still Saturday morning over here and you may not have successfully attempted the experiment yet. Be warned that this dream contains accurate details about Gyeongbokgung palace, as well as other details such as the symbol I chose.

      Before this dream started, I woke up remembering that I had woke up in the middle of the night writing down an awesome dream in the notes on my phone, so I wouldn't forget. Apparently though, it was a false awakening because when I woke up this morning and checked my phone there was no such note. ㅜㅜ I had focused so much and tried so hard to participate in the shared dream experiment but I hadn't even remembered any of my dreams, except for the false awakening I suppose. I went back to sleep and did a WILD as a last ditch effort. Maybe I should try WILDs more often, they seem to work better for me than DILDs.

      I recognized my surroundings as I stood on the sidewalk of a busy 6-lane street in the midst of skyscrapers. I had been here before, and I was sure I was near to Gyeongbokgung palace as I had focused on it for my WILD and I was pretty sure I knew the way from the street I was on. It reminded me of how busy a city with ten million people can be. It was a nice sunny day, probably early fall. There were a lot of cars and a lot of people walking the sidewalks. As I made my way around the block I saw the main gate to Gyeongbokgung palace in the distance across the street. Before I got there I noticed a hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) rental store on my left. It is common for tourists, especially women, to rent hanbok as they tour Gyeongbokrung palace. I had always wanted to try it on but had never done so. I walked into the store and said "한복 하나 입고 싶어요" (I want to try on a hanbok).

      A middle-aged Korean man behind the counter asked me, his hand lifted to a rack with several different colored dresses, "어떤 게 마음에 들어요?" (Which one do you like?). I chose a hanbok with a blue top and red bottom. He handed it to me, and without asking me for money simply let me leave with it on. I changed into the hanbok. It didn't come with shoes, so I was wearing sneakers underneath the dress. It didn't look too weird, though, since hanbok is a full-length dress.

      Quite a conspiracy...-.jpg
      This is a basic idea of what it looked like but the top was blue instead of green.

      So I crossed the street seeing several tourists and approached Gyeongbokgung palace. At this point the dream started to fade, but as I was lucid I held onto the dream and focused on the palace to root myself in the dream. I walked through the main gate and found myself in the front courtyard. In the middle of the front courtyard I found daises growing in the middle of the courtyard. That was strange since the ground of the courtyard is pretty boring looking uncultivated dirt. I walked through the gate to the left as I heard drums, because I knew that the guards did the march reenactment over there (although they do go through the main courtyard as well). The drum sounds were loud and perfectly synchronized, it was rather impressive. Usually the guards are all wearing different brightly colored uniforms, but in my dream they all wore purple for some reason.

      I started to lose lucidity at this point, and I don't remember much of the rest of the dream, but eventually I visited the museum and looked at exhibits such as the king's meal. I love Korean food so this made me hungry. There were many foods represented by the fake set up in the museum, but what I really craved was the king's rice and stew.

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    7. Long dream

      by , 04-21-2018 at 09:11 AM
      Part 1:
      Normal day, Im in the very nice virtual reality game where everything looks amazing, its in an apartment with other people and you can hold everything, the physics just work.

      The game is called game of the unknow or something and I keep telling the other guys how good everything looks for a vr game and they keep telling me to shut my mouth. When I look to the left I can see the window in the real world and every now and then someone cycles by.

      Back in the game, I dont know what the game is about but Ill find out soon enough. I grab some cash and it just looks so real and physics amazing.

      I enter some more rooms and from now there are mannequins in every room some even holding knives. And
      After a couple more rooms I understood the game. And it happened. The mannequins turned into people and started attacking I quickly evaded a knife strike, took the knife and stabbed someone then took a knife from someones throat and got an axe by killing another.

      Its now 1v1 Im up against this giant dude with an axe attached to a knife. I keep blocking the strikes with my axe but keep getting pushed further in a kitchen where a teammate stabs him from behind,.

      Part 2:
      We take the run. We get in a car and drive away. Were safe after a while of driving and everyones calm and Im asking myself some things about lucid dreaming and CLICK, I realise Im in a dream. I fly out of the car and over the mountains like really just feeling the wind on my body amazing. It was morelike really far big jumps at first. After a while I came to a farm, some mix between zoo and farm and japanese. I ly on this porch and enjoy the evening and wanted to see the sunset.
      Part 3:
      I look to the left again again and see theres little girls running around. I take of my headset and Im moved 5 meters from where I started the vr. Its eve again and it seems to be christmass.

      I go outside and see theres a christmass place with statues of jezus and stuff next to my house. And everyone was having fun. It was snowing aswell.

      The girls seemed to know me but I didnt know them and they took me somewhere in the back with a small ladder in a small room where they asked me to go trough a door to go to "The circel" but I refused because they had this look that wanted to lock me up.

      When I went back out there was a girl discussing with me about making a language by using only 4 letters in each word.p

      Part 4:
      Im back home all of a sudden but I dont notice. Theres some girls from my class and some cousins theres at my computer theyre watching anime and discussing some things about a ceetaint video.
      Part 5:
      Im in the mall looking for some products and theres thid black girl I asked to show me something. She said I couldnt buy it tho so I wanted to steal it. I put it in my pocket and she guided me out till at roght at the entrance she asked to give it back and I ran.

      The mall was ontop of a hill in the alpe and I started gliding on my shoes like skiis and there was this guy from the mall chasing me. We did some jumps and I landed on his back. It was some sort of game and a voice said combo or something. Then a big wooden plate came under us and we skiid on that too.

      Part 6 ("continues" part 4)
      Im in this room that with 1 big table and some chairs. Theres this older guy and a teen. Im with the girls from back home and the older guy asks me to sit down. He gives me a plate and chops some chicken and gives it to me with some sauce. The girl said she had something to tell. She said she was the girl from the video and showed us the clip. "My" girls went crazy.

      Part 7:
      I wake up and have that amazing feeling after an amazing dream so I go on my phone and tell hormoz about my amazing dream.

      I wake up amazed that that last bit was a false awakening and enhanced the feeling of the amazing dream.
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    8. Log 1085 - X and the Demon Hospital

      by , 04-20-2018 at 03:23 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Thursday 19 April 2018

      Dream 1 - X and the Demon Hospital

      The visuals were dim and blurred, but clarify over time. I falsely awaken in bed. Somehow, I was already aware. I roll off the bed, only to awaken. DEILD back in. This repeats three times before I'm fully anchored to the dream.

      I float outside the house to a much different environment. In place of my neighborhood was the wide cement courtyard and walkways of a building complex. Circular steps lead to a ditch below, of which contained a large fountain. It was a somewhat busy night, given the number of passerby's around.

      On a whim, I charged energy as per Megaman X, from which I could shoot out X-Busters through right-handed punches. Then, I tried imagining my being clad in his upgraded armor, but only got his base equipment. Still, not bad. In any case, I could now shoot projectiles with each of my hands, and with far more explosive charges to boot. This trial run was soon cut short by a swarm of hostile bystanders, no doubt angry over my recklessness. I wasn't planning on hurting anyone (purposefully, anyway), so I fled to a nearby building.

      Now, I was in a hospital, rushing from the lobby and into the furthest room in the most apparent hallway. On a desk, I found reports of a nefarious plot. Turned out the people there were in pursuit of something called a 'death formula'. This research partially involved binding demons as unwilling subjects. The "Big Pharma Conspiracy" ain't got nothin' on this!

      Suddenly, a number of guards burst into the scene. I managed to hide under the table in the nick of time. Just as quickly as they arrived, they'd left. From what I gathered, some other (non-medical) alert had the staff preoccupied, forcing a lockdown to the facility. Curious, I snuck around to find out more.

      Eventually, while searching a conference room, I was forced to hide under a table, lest some passing guards spotted me. That's when I saw one of the demons, or rather, a demoness, a statuesque woman with gleaming obsidian skin. It seemed these demons were invisible to most people, given the lack of reaction from the guards at the present one. The spirit approached one of the men, then literally paralyzed him through an an affectionate kiss. That was a good time as any to run.

      Lost lucidity after that. Things get unclear. There was something about playing an RTS with a supposedly underpowered cave-man faction. Then, something of my getting in a dialogue with an unnaturally intelligent little girl on the topic of hereditary traits, and their effects on an individual's place in society. Don't recall anything else until the dream ended.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching a Halloween episode of the Simpsons. Homer, Carl, and Moe were being chased around by a pack of ghouls, one of which looked very similar to Moe himself. When cornered, the ghouls revealed that they were simply going to offer some gourmet food. After everyone ate, the monsters noted having fattening the men up for a real meal. Cue horrified screams while fading to black.

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      lucid , non-lucid , false awakening , dream fragment
    9. Little to none DILD

      by , 04-19-2018 at 03:09 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      A dream ends and I am lying in my bed looking towards the ceiling, it is night with no lights. My eyes feel heavy and tired and I feel like I have little energy to get up. I am already lucid despite the fact that my room looks completely intact. I decided should I just stay in this bed and wake up eventually. Or should I get up and see what I could find. I eventually decide to get up because of curiosity. As I am up from the bed I notice a few things wrong that confirm my lucidity.

      My body feels deformed in some way as if I have a broken arm or one of my legs can not move so well. As I am walking in a sluggish manner I try to phase through my front door since opening the knob would be too difficult of a task. I am unsuccessful. I walk my way to the window and tried to phase through it but it smacks me like a solid rock. I look around and figure I should just go back to my bed.

      That's when my body started moving on it's own. I tried to resist the the uncontrollable movements my body was doing this but it's like it had a mind of it's own. That's when something made me lift up and thrown towards one of the walls in my room. I could feel a lot of pain as my body began to merge with the wall. My bones felt like they were being ripped out of my skin once in contact with the concrete of my room.

      I don't know if I had fully merge with the wall as I had woken up from the experience.
    10. Imani 4 DILDS

      by , 04-18-2018 at 08:27 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      A dream scene ends of me and my father waiting in a room with a group of people. The new scene appears and it is me at a store, appears to be a clothing store. I look through a few in the section I am in. I notice a book that seems to be a part of the bible. I read some of it verse and brought it back to where I had originally pick it up. I then notice I was around a lot of baby clothes for children.

      I look around the corner where I heard a group of people talking. When I saw them I notice one person that means something to me. It was my cousin. She appeared different, as if she had gain a lot more weight recently. When I observe further as I notice her picking up baby clothes, it became apparent that she is pregnant. I continue browsing in till my path cross with her.

      I simply smiled and waved while walking away. I then decided to look for clothes that I could wear since I needed some new ones. That is when the dream scene change again in to my room. I had assume I was awake as it identical in every way, it was night with no lights on. But something was feeling off to me, I decided to ignore it. As I sat up from my bed something happened to me that I don't know how to explain. I felt like I lost control of my surroundings. I was standing up at the front door of my room.

      That's when I heard screams , it felt piercing and loud. It was a girl voice screaming in pain. I started looking around my room asking what's going on. That's when I started pacing my room to see if there was a way I could find her. For some reason information was toss in to my head against my will, that told me this girl I am hearing is my daughter. Even though I do not have children.

      There was such a desperate urge to help this person, that I started screaming when I kept hearing her. That's when I finally woke up, I was slightly breathing hard and clutch my covers. I was wondering why my dreams were a bit tense lately. Then some DC mentally answered my own question by saying some dreams are bad/ I ask mentally in my head is there a way where I can always have good dreams? He said unfortunately dreams are always good and bad depending on the individual.

      I was going to ask why in till I became lucid on sensing something was wrong. A voice began mentally speaking to me saying , so you have now seen apart of my inner world. Now you see how scary it can be when you will now have to suffer and I will be coming back. Once I heard this I told her no don't bother me anymore. No do not do this. The dream scene change again to me waking up in my bed. It was another false awakening. I got up out of my bed as I was finish sleeping. As I stood up on the floor that's when the feeling hit me again.

      I became lucid and was beginning to see another person in 3rd person and yet I could still see through my own self as if I was in 1st person. I notice someone running aimlessly in grey. Then I completely was back in 1st person with this intense fear around me. The shocking screams began again and I couldn't help but panic to try to find this girl that was in so much suffering. I kept looking around in my room and started saying this can't be happening to me. That's when my window turned in to a grey realm. I ran in there as I continue to follow the loud screams.

      However the grey realm only led me back to my room to where I couldn't see anything. I began to scream as I hear the screams of the girl and my own echoing endlessly. It made my head go numb after hearing that after constantly screaming I open my front door and bang on my father door. His door was lock which is not normal for him as he usually leaves it unlock. I began yelling him to open up the door and that I was being attack by someone. I could hear his television set come on as the door opened.

      I told him I needed his help and I was beginning to talk to him about what was going on. I wake up. This time I think I am really awake and the first thing I do is open my door to get to my father and to explain to him what is happening. I began knocking on his door again as it opened. His TV once again came on and he was not in a good mood. I told him something is wrong and that I was being attacked by some person. He doesn't care and tells me to leave me alone and ask me do you know how early it is.

      I look at the time and see that it is 2:02 AM . I told him he still has plenty of time to rest. He gets angry and tells me he is done helping me. That's when I found myself waking in my bed again. No I said, I was already lucid and yelled why are you doing this to me? That's when something on my bed sprang around like a spider. A woman out of no where appeared sitting in front of me on my bed with red hair. A voice told me in unintelligible words that it was angry with me. I knew it was anger because of how intense the sensation was around me. I began saying I am sorry for what I have done.

      It began showing me images and a vision that I would understand. I knew what the issue was now and said I was sorry. But it didn't matter I could tell nothing I was saying was getting through to her. Whatever this thing was. That's when I woke up again from my bed. I was already lucid and the same terrifying scenario happened again and again. I couldn't stop screaming and I remember falling to the floor which somehow made me continue falling endlessly further down. My head felt so much confusion that I didn't know what to do or think anymore.

      I didn't know when I had waken up or if I was awake all this time. My eyes were just staring at the ceiling. It was like I had been in a trance. I place my hand on my head, my head felt empty as if nothing was in it. I sat up to check the time and could see it is 2:02 AM. I am sorry.
    11. I asked a dream figure if they remembered what happened in the dream so far!

      by , 04-14-2018 at 05:38 PM
      Round 1 of Dreams


      The first part I remembered was this You Tube kind of thing where people could post up their own videos. I had thought of a way to name my own videos. There was a woman with brown hair who had come up with a way to get people to think they had to pay her to post a video on her channel. I realized it was a scam and posted my videos myself, without having to pay her.


      I was at a bar with my Mom and Dad and some other people. My Mom and Dad were not really together but they were still splitting a drink. So my Mom would come along and pour some more of my Dad’s drink into her cup. It was a yellowish kind of alcohol. My Mom was with another guy I think. Then one of them started pouring some of the alcohol in my glass. I did this rap like, “Yo! You ain’t pourin no alcohol in my cup, yo! What are you thinking?”



      There was some idea in the dream about how its good to dream but then it helps to meditate during the day. They explained it in a way I never heard before. I can’t quite remember it now.


      I tried to hide the lap top in the fridges in the food store aisle.


      There was more to this part, but I can only remember it vaguely. But there were two boss guys. I was telling them, “You’re the Big Cheese. You’re the Big Cheese.” I wonder what else happened. Some kind of argument or something.


      There was a guy telling me how in the olden days, they put pellets <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>> so it made a clicking noise. But they don’t do it any more. I think I was mad about the inhumane ness of it.


      Something about consulting a guy about a job. They gave me a job and paid me some money ahead of time, just to start. I was like, “That gives me good incentive, so thanks!”


      I had to do animations. My plan was just to get something off google images. Then get an animated mouth, that would move with the speech. I wonder if that exists. Like a computer program that moves a mouth along with speech. Then I could just paste that moving mouth over the google image, and I’d have a little animation thing. But then I started to realize such a computer program might not exist, and I might fail at this assignment.


      There was this thing in this rock circle valley place. An elder was saying how if someone does something in their term on one planet, that causes destruction, then if they go and do the same thing on the next planet (without learning from their mistake) in the same term of power, then… That’s frowned upon. It showed <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>> and a dorm <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>> with some people around there.


      There was another part that was really vague or conceptual. I remember feeling like it repeated. It had to do with recording the above dreams within the dream and knowing I could find it in waking life. Like really believing that was possible. I don’t think it was a Lucid, Dream though. But there was something about patterns. I couldn’t really explain it once I woke up.

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I biked and stretched in the dark before going back to bed, hoping to ensure that I’d sleep. I made an attempt at Wake Initiated Lucid Dream which got me to sleep but didn’t get me to a dream. I remember it felt like forever I was laying there trying to stay still. And I was making it, little by little. But then I got the “big rollover signal”. That was really, really uncomfortable, but I realized, it, too, would pass. And it did. But I didn’t remember any dreams when I woke up from the sleep. Maybe something about dreaming about dream recall?

      Couldn’t Sleep

      It’s about 4:38 A M now and I couldn’t sleep since probably 1 or 2 when I woke up from the above dreams. I tried biking and stretching in the dark, meditating, and eventually gave up on sleep, and came to the computer. To type the dreams so far and type some older dreams in a neater format. Now I feel sleepy again and hopefully I get a round of two of dreams.

      Round 3 of Dreams

      Eventually, I did get back to sleep. I forgot earlier parts of this but it turned out to be an interesting and unexpectedly dark Lucid, Dream chain.


      The earliest part I remember is some of my old friends were standing in a circle, wearing Navy Blue. They excluded me from the circle. <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>>I guess we fought a little but I’m not sure.


      I was in my bed for a moment, then in this class room. <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>> was being mean to me. I chose to retailiate. I actually knew it was a dream at this point. <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>>Then I realized everyone else there would gang up on me. I felt real fear of them actually causing me dream pain. I put my fingers on my forehead and did an instant transmission. It popped me back into my bed for a moment.


      Then the dream popped me into this big whirl pool of cold, cold water. I remember feeling the cold. It was swirling me all around. I couldn’t get any closer to the edges because it was pulling me towards the middle. Attempting to swim to the sides ended me up with swimming in place at best. There were these platforms I was hoping to be able to get onto for safety. Eventually I appeared back in my bed for a moment.


      Then the dream popped me into this place with lots of people from before. I was flying. I still knew it was a dream. I thought <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>> was coming but it turned out to be <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>> who was also excluding me earlier. Then I saw a female dream figure. She was very pretty but her face was fuzzy and blue. Maybe kind of like Avatar. I think her eyes were yellowish. I went up to her and said, “Do you remember what happened in my first Lucid, Dream from earlier? Please help me!” I really thought that she would actually tell me what had happened. She replied, “I don’t know if I can help.” And then preceded to tell me something else. Then I told her she was so beautiful! <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>>

      Left out

      I continued to appear back in bed then pop back into the dream a few times. Each time, I was like, “yep, still dreaming.”

      Then I was around all these people from high school and college again. The women there were really well dressed, and looked to be paired up with other guys there. I still knew it was a dream. I was thinking to myself, “Wait, how is this MY dream, and yet I’m the odd one out? I should be like the alpha male.” I started trying to say that to everyone but I realized, it might not be MY dream. However, I did express that I felt like no one thinks I’m cool, or that I felt un cool.


      I walked through the area some more and saw babies laying in a bed. They were crying, and cuddling with other babies. I was surprised that the babies were sort of cuddling instead of the parent holding the baby. Then I tried to hold some of the babies. But a baby came up from behind me! And started to choke me. I couldn’t breathe! I started to try and fight in, panicking a little bit. I still knew it was a dream, but didn’t seem to have much dream control.


      I appeared back in my physical bed. I sat up a bit in my “non physical” body, feeling sleep paralysis. I opened my dream eyes but didn’t want to! I didn’t want to see what I expected to see. Even though I was lucid, I was still not up for it. I felt very overpowered by the dream thus far.

      I looked toward my desk and saw the air kind of twist and bend like something was about to appear there. Something scary. I closed my dream eyes and just relaxed though. That seemed to help. I rolled out of body, falling onto the floor. Then it ended.

      (After I woke up, I realized that if there was some entity coming for me, and I rolled out of body, it might have possessed my body. But I am still here, in my body, the next morning. There is no other entity in my body.)


      I appeared in a kitchen. It was a different kitchen than <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>> but I justified it by making a story that we had moved. So I didn’t know it was a dream anymore. But I was still conscious, so it was like a false awakening. I was near a fridge, eating pizza. The cheese was falling off the pizza or something. I thought I had woken up into Physical Matter Waking Consciousness, but still expected a “hallucination” to come get me.


      I remember trying to dream journal. But this app kept making noise. When I tried to pause it, it wouldn’t pause. It was like an app for a workout because if I pressed the pause button, it would resume in a few minutes. It appeared that this was its programming. To resume playing after a few seconds of being paused. Duration depended how many times pause was pressed. So when I double pressed it, it was 10 seconds. I tried to press the stop button, a little square, but nothing seemed to work. I thought of just putting the phone volume down manually so I could record my dream.

      My Dad was in the kitchen part, too.


      I re appeared in my bed again and thought the dream chain was over. But no! There was one more. I dreamed I was eating pizza. I had two slices, one stuffed slice, with crust on both sides. It was like a 10 inch slice but very thin. The other piece was like normal size but the cheese was missing! This reminded me of the previous dream. But I didn’t know it was a dream at the time. I took a bit of one of them. It tasted good. The big slice was on the table a little and I was afraid it would get dirty. I woke up from that dream still chewing with my physical mouth! Then like, “Oh, I’m in bed now!”


      It took some time for me to think through those and record. After getting insomnia, I was really drowsy. But I guess I recalled a good amount.
      Round 5 of Dreams

      Fields and waves

      I was in a class setting that reminded me of fields and waves. The professor was teaching something. I thought it was boring. There was something that reminded me of the cartoon, “Dexter’s Lab.” It involved a serrated clamp going to an electronic device. And then it was like “Jacking In” From megaman Battle Network. Kind of surreal or abstract.


      <<SECRETZ0RZ!!>>Overall Notes

      I am just practicing grading my dreams like in competitions, so, here was what I would have got tonight:

      3 dreams recalled, 3 points.
      First Dream Induced Lucid Dream, 10 points.
      Lucid, Dream Chain, 2 Points.
      WBTB, 2 Points.
      Interact with DC, 2 Points.
      Ask for advice, 5 points (asked for help in recalling dream).
      Fly, 5 points.
      Instant Transmission, 10 Points (to escape people in class beating me up).

      Total = 39 Points.
    12. I wasn't sure if it was a dream or if I had died!

      by , 04-13-2018 at 07:01 PM
      Round 1 of Dreams

      I woke up from my first round of sleep pretty groggy. It seemed like I dreamed a lot.


      I walked across this bridge. It was day time. Then I was walking through this woods kind of place. I kept walking into spider webs. I remember really freaking out. I walked into one, and then as I ran the other way, I ran into another. They were little webs but right at eye level. I remember frantically brushing my hair to try to get any spiders off me. I remember it feeling very vivid. I definitely thought it was the physical world.


      I remember feeling really trapped. I couldn’t get between any trees because I would have to walk through another spider web. But there were no sticks on the ground to make myself a path. I thought of calling someone to bring a stick and help me out. The feeling or emotion of it was very intense. I felt really trapped and scared. Almost like claustrophobia.
      <Personal Info>Wrist

      There was something about someone saying to put a rock on your wrist. But when they demonstrated it, they had it more up the palm of their hand. It had to do with <Personal Info>


      There was a part with a Dog at a camp ground. We all had camp sites. Someone was saying how <Personal Info> would smoke early in the morning, and then everyone near by would have to smell it. Also, the dog would go towards the smoke, or noise, if there was noise. I wonder if these were Non REM dreams or REM dreams. So we had to hold the dog in place so it didn’t go anywhere dangerous.

      <Personal Info>

      My friends Dad was in this one part. I was scrolling through my web site for a service I offered in the dream context. My friends Dad was asking when I wanted to get together. Wednesday or Saturday? I said those days worked for me but that’s when <Personal Info>would be away. I had the sense of charging him for my visit. But then I felt bad about it because he was my friend. But then I realized I charged him 300 dollars, (in the dream context), for wedding services. Plus, I needed the money, (in the dream context). It was some kind of audio service I provided.


      One scene had all these bodybuilders flexing. They were doing lat spreads and tricep poses and all sorts of bodybuilding poses. <Personal Info>It looked like they were getting ready to all have a bodybuilding competition. One bodybuilder near the kitchen got a big bulging balloon thing coming out of his chest. The other bodybuilders were being mean to him about it.

      <Personal Info>

      There was also a seemingly related part in which Frieza was fighting a Saiyan type of character. The Saiyan blocked with his knee. It seemed like the fighters had separated to prepare for continued fighting in a more formal way.


      I was talking to <Personal Info> about setting up some kind of ritual. Well, the dream did something really “trippy”. I remember being with other people in the dream and then something really “trippy” happened. (I really wanted to remember what exactly the “trippy” thing was upon awakening but could not recover the detail.) After that, <Personal Info> wanted to do more “tripping”.

      We had this book to use for a ritual. He wanted to lay down and have me administer several doses of psychedelics to him over the course of time, while he didn’t move.


      There was a format to some information we had to fill out. “something slash something slash something”. The “somethings” were Something and not just “something”. For the first column, I wanted to write, in parenthesis, “Not something too strict.” I remember being in the <Personal Info>school bus drive way. I also wrote that “My Psychedelic trip is abandonment”, referring to the various internal chemicals released when I experience feelings of abandonment. Also that I didn’t need drugs because I have cool dreams.


      So he was set up on this table with orbs around it. From a top down perspective I saw an orb at the head and foot of the table. The rest of the orbs were along the right side. Eight orbs in total, with various designs. I had to center the orb at one end of the table. I still wasn’t planning on actually administering drugs to him though. There was a window.


      <Personal Info> or the dream itself said something like, resentment needs to be cultivated in order to feed a certain spirit. And it mentioned the words “Satan” and “God”.

      <Personal Info>
      Round 2 of Dreams

      <Personal Info>
      <Personal Info>


      I was in <Personal Info>class. I walked in while it was going on. Also something about an Italian teacher or history lesson. But this class was apparently an Lucid, Dream discussion group! <Personal Info> asked the class who would like to discuss Lucid, Dreaming next. There were a lot of students. Everyone raised their hand. The teacher picked me to go after the next person. I asked if I could wait and just listen for a little while since I just got there. I had so much to say about Lucid, Dreaming. My own experiences as well as tutorial kind of stuff or philosophizing. But I wasn’t sure where to start. I felt like I had something to offer the group though.


      I remember walking up and down a hall way, thinking of what to say about Lucid, Dreaming. I walked one way and all the doors were open. When I turned around it was like someone had shut them behind me. But I could easily open them when I walked back that way. Some part of it was muxed with a shore line of a beach. A man had a giant float or dock thing. Was there a boat?


      Okay so then I was in the back seat of a convertible. Two women were in the back seat with me and then my friend <Personal Info> was driving. I asked him if I should just climb to the front, in case he wanted me to go around. So he said it was okay to climb. I remember the seats were black with white lacing. We were going out to eat, but I didn’t have my tooth brush. I imagined this would be uncomfortable when I went to put my retainer in later but I would have to make it work. Maybe I could buy a tooth brush while we were out.


      I had an electronic device, like a music player. I panicked when I saw how low on battery it had gotten. I was looking for a Samsung charger. I remember looking at the shape of it to see if it would go in. The wire was in black casing.


      I dreamed that I was laying in bed. Someone had been saying something about sleep. And that there would be no point in using a drug, because that would just bring them down. So, I was laying there in a bed, in the dark. It was oriented differently than my physical bed. I heard my Dad showering in the upstairs shower. I figured I would have to use the downstairs shower at the same time and hope there was enough hot water for both. Then a little alarm started to go off. It was saying, “It’s 5:45! It’s 5:45!” I don’t think it was 5:45 in waking life. But I was like, “Wait, I didn’t set an alarm.” And I became aware it was a dream. <Personal Info>I was only lucid for a brief time, then forgot it was a dream. But so I laid there and looked at my phone. It was a thinner phone than usual. I could tell the menus weren’t the same. This phone had a drop down menu like my computer. I knew if the phone alarm went off again, it was definitely a dream. And it did. It said, “It’s 5:53! It’s 5:53!”


      One of the apps that came up was a dual screen app on a live stream. It looked like a Nintendo D S screen. The guy was talking about how he would read to everyone. And he was soliciting donations. I had a hard time figuring out how to close it. The colors were bright and vivid. I remember the color green. I think the kid had like a brown afro. I think the app was called Deep Listening.

      Sleep Paralysis

      As I laid there in the dream bed, I was afraid I would get sleep paralysis. I was hearing some voices too. But this was actually within a dream already.
      <Personal Info><Personal Info>

      I decided to get up and look around or walk around. At this point I had forgotten it was a dream. I heard <Personal Info> talking about how he hadn’t gotten enough sleep. And that’s just how he lived. He was making a song in a high pitched singing voice, saying that he was “delusional” and “confusional”. I was surprised because that didn’t seem like his usual personality. But as I walked on, I realized that it would be good to get to know people one grade below me and one grade above me. This would give me a full sense of all the range of everyones personalities.


      I got to a cafeteria where <Personal Info> was hurrying to get ready for the day. He was rushing to cook some white rice with pink beans mixed in. Also there was some brown sugar syrup added to it. He had it in a big pot, stirring it. He asked me if it was cooked enough. I wanted to say, “You should really cook it all the way. If you have any doubt as to its done ness, then cook it more, or else you won’t digest it.” But I held back because I don’t think he would listen due to being in such a rush. He wanted to make some kind of pancakes out of it. He kept taking big bites of it as he cooked it, and spilling everywhere.


      <Personal Info> came in and asked for some food. <Personal Info>gave her a giant pink bean that was enough food for one person in itself. The cafeteria shelf things were silver.

      <Personal Info>


      I had a dream of trying to record all those dreams. Then I woke up surprised I didn’t really record them. <Personal Info>Round 3 of Dreams

      I had one short dream of trying to push a recliner chair up the stairs. I wasn’t really able to. Someone else was there in the living room. They were making fun of me for not being able to move it up the stairs. And it seemed easy for them to move it. So I acted out a spectacle of having exaggerated difficulty as a joke.

      I remembered the phrase, “Dreaming isn’t just about being strength,” or “dreaming isn’t just about needing strength,” Something like that. I’m not sure why I woke up from such a short dream. But I just went back to sleep.

      <Personal Info>

      Round 4 of Dreams

      This was a really long and interesting dream. Just as an overall synopsis, I dreamed that I was in a crazy car ride, and the next thing I knew, in some vivid, hyper realistic location. I instantly knew the new place was a dream, but even within that dream, I still thought the car ride had been waking life. Interesting effect. It made me wonder if I had been in a car accident and died, or if I was now on morphine in the hospital. So now I will tell the full story.


      First my sister and I were in my Dad’s shop. We had left the house around 10 A M and would be out until around 5 P M. I’m sure there were more dream details about this whole context.

      Someone needed my Dad’s help. It was something with a heat or drill press. But he was a little too busy at the moment.


      My sister and I went out to the car to go home. Maybe my sister was drawing. The drivers side and passenger sides were reversed. When I went to open the drivers side door, it was a front compartment ahead of the actual drivers seat, with a handle. I remember looking at it, a little surprised, but I justified the condition.

      Our car was covered in little green spots. Like it had been spritzed with green spinach juice. Another car was ahead of us, which had also been spritzed. I justified that as well with dream logic.


      I drove down the road and found the brakes not to be working. “We should really bring this back to the shop for Dad to have a look,” I said. But it had been such a long day, that I just wanted to get home. Every time I went to use the brakes, the car took forever to stop, and I almost hit something. My sister was saying it was stressing her out too much.

      I frantically searched for a place to pull over, and found a shoulder.

      I remember looking at the E Brake. It was an off white color. I considered using it but was afraid to burn something out. My sister had a steering wheel on her said. Wait, wasn’t I driving? She asked me if she should press a button on the steering wheel to help it stop. I said no that probably wasn’t it.

      A white car pulled by us slowly. I thought it was my Dad because it was a white subaru. But my sister didn’t roll down her window. The driver sped up again, and the car was clearly different, because it had a big square back compartment instead of the curved kind of hatch back. I think it was covered in green specks too.

      Eventually I pulled out again. I didn’t check before I pulled out, and realized I could have pulled out in front of a car, and got my sister hit. So that was lucky, but, okay, gotta be careful.

      Driving on some more, it felt like I was floating up to the ceiling of the car a little. I couldn’t reach the silver brake pedal. Luckily I got to it just in time to not rear end a black car ahead of us with a white thing there.


      It was 5 P M in the dream, so there was a lot of traffic, and I didn’t know the way home. <Personal Info> suggested there were multiple ways home. <Personal Info> looked really congested with traffic. I got towards the <PERSONAL INFO> and saw an exit sign for Exit 54. And then some more exit signs, but it seemed to jump to Exit 28 or something like that.


      I drove from the service road, across the grass, onto the exit ramp, across the grass, and across the highway, going perpendicular to traffic. I was so scared and had no clue why I was doing it. That was the last thing I remembered, until…


      The next thing I knew, I was looking at a Goomba, walking along a floor. It was very vivid. There was also a yellow koopa shell like the ones that flash multiple colors. I realized it was a dream, or at least, not Physical Matter Waking Consciousness. But I didn’t know the previous scenes had been a dream. So I wondered what had happened. Did I die? Did I get knocked out, and put on morphine in the hospital? Was my sister okay? I really thought that.

      I remember looking around that floor. There were some escalators. I remember some green panels with writing, like a list. I remember looking at it and starting to strain to remember it. Then I was like, “I will just try to enjoy myself. Then I will remember what I remember when the time comes.” I’m not sure if there was anything else upstairs. It seemed there were some missing pieces in my memory.


      I walked down some stairs. It seemed like other people were going to a wake down there. There was a platform between the stair cases with 5 people on it. The woman in the middle was wearing light blue. She was small, maybe 4 or 5 feet tall, but had a belly.

      I told myself not to ask, in case I was wrong. But I did it. “Hi! Are you pregnant?” “No, I just haven’t been going to the gym,” She replied. Ah! I felt so bad. “Oh, I’m so sorry…” “Just kidding! I’m pregnant!” that was really funny.

      She asked me for help. Then I was like, oh, great. They are standing on the steps to solicit donations. But I said yes, I would help, because it seemed no one else would.

      The woman gave me a tray of food to bring downstairs. It was to help her market her product. Again, she exceeded my expectations. The food was chocolate covered rice krispy treats, which also contained mac and cheese. They had a box with it that said, “Don’t go to a wake without Mack.” I started to picture the wake downstairs as a place where they had a lot of great food! So I took those downstairs.

      Missing Pieces

      I forgot some parts between that part and then up until the next part. There was definitely some eventfulness but I had no memory of it. I know I was lucid though. I think I talked with dream figures and had a good experience. But it shows that no matter how cool the Lucid, Dream is its really almost like It never happened if I forgot it.

      <Personal Info>


      <Personal Info>

      So then I felt the dream start to fade. I grabbed one of the rice krispy treats and started to eat it. It tasted milky and sweet. The dream almost faded but I made a good save.


      I got to this little area with small circular tables. One heavier woman with dark hair was sitting with her back to me. And another woman was at a table to the right. They were watching a T V I think, and talking. I think I ate some more dream food or did something else special. Then I saw a big glass rectangular window along one of the walls. I flew out through it, passing like a ghost through the glass, did a loop, and went back in. The field was full of green grass and it was daytime. The women said, “People always fly through that window.” As if they didn’t understand. <Personal Info>


      I noticed they might need help cleaning up the place. So I thought of offering to help. There were some little puddles of water on the blue floor. I used mind power to make them evaporate. That was kind of cool.


      Then I noticed this little cup of cocoa powder on the cafeteria line that had been there all along. I wanted to eat some. But I wanted a utensil. I considered grabbing some with my fingers, but would rather have had a utensil. So I tried to make one appear using summoning. However, it wouldn’t appear in my hand. I heard the dream tell me something like, “There is no spoon.”


      I still knew it was a dream. I saw a woman nearby. She had dark hair. I told her I was having trouble making a spoon appear. I considered asking her to show me to a dream school but didn’t quite get to it. She started looking a little bit past me, towards where the cocoa was. She was saying how the spoon was on fire now. (Upon awakening, I realized, she must have made a spoon appear, but I didn’t look. I didn’t think, “Wait, what spoon?” Until I woke up.)

      It looked like she was looking directly at her magic’s target. In my head, I was thinking, that’s all wrong. She has to do magic behind her. (Maybe she was making a spoon appear for me.)


      Then she flipped her hair and suddenly she was wearing a red bathing suit top, with some yellow designs on it. She leaned into one of the cafeteria service stations, with her head beneath the window cover thing. Wanting to be at eye level with her, I also leaned in. She began to tell me a story. I forgot the details of it, but I just made eye contact with her, and listened. A head band appeared on her head with some gold pirate insignias. But she was a good pirate, if anything. I still knew it was a dream. Or at least not Physical Matter Waking Consciousness.

      Tears started to come to my eyes. I wanted to stop her and ask, “do you know where we are? Are we dead? Are we going to be here forever?” As soon as I thought that, it was like we both knew, even though she went on talking. It felt like it went without saying.


      Then the dream ended and I was back in my physical bed. Okay, so it was all a dream, after all. It seemed like kind of a sudden ending. I guess I started to take for granted that it would last forever.


      <Personal Info>
      I felt amazed at the experience of this dream. But still kind of sad at the parts I forgot.

      Round 5 of Dreams

      <Personal Info>I didn’t remember any dreams from this round of sleep.

      Round 6 of Dreams

      I didn’t expect to fall asleep one last time, but I did.

      <Personal Info>


      This is funny because this morning was actually garbage day. I dreamed I was with the neighbors in their drive way. They had this big electric thing they were throwing out. They said it was supposed to become a transformer. It looked fuzzy and black.


      I dreamed of someone laying out the Harry Potter books from a stack in the cabinet. They were comparing them to another long series of novels. I remember the first two books seeming accurate. And expecting the last one to be Prisoner of Azkaban. Slytherin and Griffindor may have been mentioned.

      <Personal Info>


      I almost didn’t realize that had been a dream.

      Overall Notes

      I tried grading myself as if it were a competition, and got about 47 points. I wanted to get used to the grading system so it would be easier to participate in the next competition. <Personal Info>
    13. Opening my dream eyes really wide increased vividness and brightness. Pseudo-recurring dream figure.

      by , 04-11-2018 at 08:20 PM
      As I went to bed, I remembered to set an intention to think of my dreams the next time I wake up.

      Round 1 of Dreams

      When I woke up, I had a thought or two before remembering to practice dream recall. That really surprised me, but luckily, I was able to catch it soon enough to get a lot of dream details.


      An old man was supposed to go to jail, or be in jail. He was working so hard that he would collapse. I was telling the prison officers that he was up every morning at 6:30, taking a shower. I wanted to sort of vouch for him, or put in a good word for him. <Personal Info>


      At first I was running on a track with <Personal Info>. I wondered what the point of it was. It seemed urgent to help the old man from jail. Then I was carrying something with <Personal Info>. We each had to get one side of it. He had to walk backwards, while I walked forwards. At one point he began to smoke a cigarette. I asked him to please hold off on that until we were done, and he complied. I remember vaguely wondering where the smell was. He was only a few feet away, but I smelled nothing. I explained it away as just the wind.

      I offered to trade places with him, so he didn’t have to be the one walking backwards the entire time. That felt like a nice thing to do. He was nice about not smoking near me so I wanted to be nice to him in return.

      T V Series?

      I remember we got to our destination. And I was looking to see if a T V series was available. I don’t remember that much about it.

      Music Class

      There was something with this music teacher guy video. He had a video up that was promoted as the “class I really need”. I wasn’t going to be able to just listen to it on the fly. I would have to sit and watch the video since the video was part of it. <Personal Info>

      The singing lesson extended to a big group singing lesson. <Personal Info> from the show was actually the teacher. I remember thinking, wow, she took her career a lot further by doing this singing lesson thing.

      <Personal Info>Joke

      I had a joke with a friend that reminded me of the sense of humor I had with <Personal Info>We wouldn’t say anything except a few key words to each other. <Personal Info>The whole thing had a sense of humor to it. It was like a child hood memory of having a sleep over where we laughed a lot.

      There was also something about insecurity or comforting someone who felt insecure.

      <Personal Info>

      I had a recurring dream sign of a woman named <Personal Info> who, in the context of the dream, was my girlfriend. In the context of the dream, I was totally immersed in this relationship, and I was very happy to be with her. So anyway, it started at the end of Round 1 of Dreams. I was setting up our room. I remember putting on bed sheets and comforters of alternating colors. There were some shelves around the room. I was also in the process of hanging up a tooth brush and tooth paste holder on our wall. It reminded me of one of those canvas 3 ring binder pencil pack things, only it was equilateral with nine equal compartments. I needed a drill to drill it into the wall.

      I remember within this dream it felt like we lived together and had a relationship. I was telling someone else, or imagining telling them, how much I loved her. I was looking forward to living with her <Personal Info>Notes

      In many of my dreams, its way beyond one notable dream sign. The whole thing is just so dream like. There is a whole context that is totally new, but I am immersed in it as if it is waking life. But the main dream signs from this round were seeing a nearby cigarette, and not smelling smoke. And then I had a moment of pre lucidity that I explained away. Then there is the general dream sign of seeing people I don’t usually see in waking life, <Personal Info>. Other than that the whole situation would have to be a dream sign and that’s very advanced for me.

      <Personal Info>Round 2 of Dreams

      I woke up from one long set of dreams, thought them through, and fell back asleep. By the time I woke from the second, I hadn’t forgotten the first segment though. That’s lucky! I wanted to lay there and think them through because I felt like I wasn’t done recalling them.


      I dreamed I was parking my car outside somewhere to eat. It was near a beach. I was trying to find a light. Outside the door of my car I had these Magic the Gathering or Pokémon cards. I didn’t record this properly last night, so I’m not sure if there were more details.


      I dreamed of being at a store, looking for tooth paste. <Personal Info> and other people worked there. I couldn’t find it. Some people started smoking indoors. (Dream sign). I got mad and ran to another department. This department didn’t have the right toothpase. It had expensive samples but I wanted the kind in the other department. I was getting tired, and mad that this was holding me up. The woman working there mocked me by saying, “he really needs his note books. He really needs his note books.” I raised my voice and demanded they take me to the tooth paste. I think that was the final dream from the first time I woke up. I woke up thought through them and fell asleep before recording, thinking if I stay still a little longer, I’ll get one more detail. Oops!

      Missing Piece

      I wanted to make a note that there was at least one part I could vaguely sense had happened, but nothing in detail. Maybe something with an older man teaching me something. Green grass and a blue sky. But not sure beyond that.


      This part was really vivid. I felt like I was involved somehow. Perhaps on the phone with the guard earlier. Then it showed there being one guard left manning the monitor room. He was supposed to watch the camera screens, but got tired. The dream showed the security guard falling to sleep. He told himself nothing would happen. Nothing ever happens.

      Then, a horned devil thing came up out of the screen right in front of him! I am not sure if he woke up right away or not. The devil thing was an off white or green color with tall orange ish horns. It came up out of the monitor head first and went past the guard, out into the hall. The guard transformed into a blue blob and followed the devil out once he realized what had happened.

      It became kind of abstract. As the devil thing went up the stairs, it said, “Inhale, Hale”. I think it was a play on words, since “Inhale” as in “breathe in” sounds like “in hell” a little bit. So instead of “ex hale” which could sound like “ex hell” he said “Hell”. I thought that was kind of silly. Something about the guard reminded me of Sponge Bob, maybe Barnacle Man.


      I was driving somewhere with my Dad and my sister. I had more gangster rap music to listen to. Only this time, I was trying to adjust the volume of certain parts of the music. During certain parts of the song, I would turn up the volume. So I figured I might as well just go into Audacity and edit the song myself. While listening to the music, I was in the car, going somewhere with my Dad and Sister.

      Cement Path

      We got out of the car and my Dad showed us around these path ways. They were made of light grey cement but there was also a lot of orange tape, due to construction. I remember the paths extending much longer than I thought they would. Eventually, we reached a square of cement that was sectioned off with orange tape. It was cracked and looked like it might cave in. Dad made a point to step on it with one foot. It gave way a little bit. I was really afraid it would totally cave in. If I think about it now, it’s a very dream like situation, since this place doesn’t exist in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness to my knowledge. And my Sister is upstate in waking life. But I didn’t know it was a dream.


      I remember laying in bed, in the dark, but in a dream. I know it was a dream because my bed was oriented more like my old <Personal Info> bedroom. I was messing with my voice recorder as if to record a dream. But at the same time thinking how happy I am to be with <Personal Info> in a relationship now. <Personal Info>Mall

      I was in a bathroom at the mall, near where the Panera would be in the local mall. It had a glass wall though. Anyway I was going to the bathroom. And I had in mind that I was meeting <Personal Info> here. Then these two little kids came into the bathroom, right while I was about to go. I quickly covered up and tried to tell them, hey, I’m still going here! But then I decided they could go and I would finish after. <Personal Info>(Any time I am in the bathroom, and anyone else comes in, that’s usually a dream sign. That would definitely be very rare in waking life.) So I said the kids could go, and left the bathroom. <Personal Info>

      When I got outside, I met the kids parents. They were asking if anyone had a football to put under the kids necks, so they could lay on their front and watch a movie. I thought about what was in my car, and couldn’t think of any. Sorry!

      <Personal Info>

      A little bit down the hallway, I met an African American fellow who I thought could be a rapper. I was asking him about some of his rap lyrics. <Personal Info>I was pressuring him to talk about his past, but he didn’t want to. Then he became <Personal Info> without me noticing. (Shape shifting people = dream sign). He showed me his business card for Dicks Sporting Goods. It was green with light green around the words. There was a sale, 55 dollars for some kind of employee outfit there. <Personal Info>Stairs

      I am not sure exactly where this scene fits, but there was a weird corridor that zig zagged and went up and down stairs excessively for no reason. I remember being really mad that someone would build that, instead of just building a straight line. I guess that would be a qualitative kind of dream sign. Something seeming not to be logical.


      I was explaining to <Personal Info> how <Personal Info>was my girlfriend now. <Personal Info> wanted to go out to get lunch but I didn’t have the time due to my relationship. I explained how I liked just living a simple life with <Personal Info> and not going out much. <Personal Info>Surprise

      In the next scene I was in a store with some other people from my fraternity. There was one guy wearing letters. He was mad at another guy who wouldn’t quit smoking. He kept karate chopping his neck and putting him in an arm bar. Even I was surprised at how the guy didn’t let up. I think he was trying to help the other quit smoking though. At one point he got really fed up and pulled out a gun! I was surprised at this and thought of intervening. But it was too late. The guy pulled the trigger. But, this was a real surprise to everyone! It turned out to be a fake gun. Instead of a hole at the end, it had a hanger thing. That was a real moment of suspense right there.

      Fake Gun

      Then the guy took us to a fake gun store. He was saying how all the newbies make the same mistake. There were lots of fake guns all around. <Personal Info>


      I slipped into one more dream as I was recalling all of the above dreams. It was of holding a jewel encrusted pen. It was dark on the grip but had white or yellowish jewels poking out. It reminded me of one of the beams that try to crush Mario in the games.


      When I woke from these and realized there was a recurring theme, I resolved to notice it in the next dream, and become lucid. I was hoping <Personal Info> would be a complex dream figure and I could try to get to know her. My main goal was just to have a conversation with her. But she wasn’t there in the dreams after that.

      Round 3 of Dreams

      I sensed that I had a lot of energy before going back to sleep. So I did my yoga and cycling in the dark for a while until I felt good and tired. When I laid back down to sleep, I could feel myself dropping in. I got through some early parts of a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream attempt but ended up falling fully asleep first.

      Dream Flashes

      I had a couple different dream flashes. I didn’t record these because it would break my whole attempt at getting to a full dream.

      Light Bulb

      There was a light bulb crawling with bug legs in one of the dream flashes. It startled me because it was very buggy.


      Okay, so this was interesting. I dreamed it was a sunny morning, and I had gotten up from some sleep. I was doing a stretching routine before going back to bed to attempt one more lucid, dream. I thought it might be too bright out, but figured I’d fall back asleep. I was doing an I T Band stretch in a squat position that surprised me but made sense when I thought about it. I could really feel the stretches in the dream. So I dreamed that I did this whole workout and then went to sleep, and had the subsequent dreams “within” that dream. When I woke up and realized the sun wasn’t even up yet, in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness, it was quite surprising.


      When the dreams really started, I dreamed I was in a pizzeria. A guy had left without paying, with food in his hand. I think it was a mistake. The police came to catch him. I remember sitting at a table with his food on the side of the table, hanging off the edge. Some other people came in the room and started a meeting or something. I was like, oops, sorry, I’m in the wrong place. I think I also mentioned how the guy was short on time.


      Then I dreamed of walking out of the lower part of <Personal Info>. I walked by 2 vans. At first, I was afraid they were smoking. One guy held a panel up to his face but it wasn’t a cigarette. I ran by anyway, in case they smoked. I overheard one of the guys saying how he was straining and straining to think of a memory, but getting nothing. I considered stopping to reassure him, but continued anyway. This is not a location I would be in too often, so it could be a locational dream sign.


      I guess I went inside a building or the dream just shifted. To where I was walking through a room with a red pokey carpet. I remember walking up a big spiral stair case that went around the room. Then another dusty white stone room that looked under construction.


      Half way up those white stairs I realized I was dreaming. It wasn’t anything in particular. Just a spontaneous realization. The funny thing was, I felt like I had just entered that moment of the dream through Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming but actually it was a Dream Induced Lucid Dream.

      My first thought was that it was a chance to test my lucid ability! I expected a giant dragon head to appear from the ground and face me as I stood on the stair case, but nothing happened.

      I realized it was dark, and wanted it to be brighter. So I tried to will it to be brighter. What worked was opening my eyes really wide. When I opened my (dream) eyes as wide as I could, the dream got really vivid and bright. The white stair case seemed to move to the left, and become straight. I could see chipped off pieces of white stone, and dust. I continued up the stair case.


      At the top of the stairs, I got into this really vivid class room thing. I was the only one there. I rememer really vivid green. I saw the word Garcia in big scrabble letters. There were mirrors and some playground equipment.


      The thought entered my mind that I might have a really prolonged and stable dream. So I got ready to just explore this room. I resolved to stay only in this room and explore everything as closely as possible.

      Nope! I lost control of my dream body and floated up through the white ceiling as if nothing was there.


      I passed through two more rooms. I think only briefly before I woke up. I was so sure it would be a stable dream and I’d have no need for stabilization techniques but that wasn’t the case. I woke up.


      When I awoke from these, I was pretty excited about becoming Lucid in the Dream. But the thing was that I was so confused by the pre-dream false awakening that I took time to try to figure out what really happened. And my memory of the last two rooms totally vanished! I think my visits were only brief anyway, but still. One room was reddish. I don’t think I had control of my dream body the rest of the time, but I knew I was dreaming. The dream just floated me around through walls and stuff which is still fun.

      Round 4 of Dreams

      Almost done typing!


      There was a mayor guy at the top of my stairs. Some people were gathering for a meeting again. He had a cigarette in his mouth but it was only dimly lit. I could barely see an ember, but still, that wasn’t gonna fly, not in my house! (I missed the dream sign of a cigarette not smelling like anything again.)

      Luckily there were rules and he wasn’t allowed to do that. I took it from him and put it out on the ground.

      In the meeting, the idea was for everyone to write what they wanted to happen in the town. And then turn in the writing and let go of the outcome.


      In another part I was laying on my front, with my face hanging off the edge of the steps, close to my Dad’s room in the upstairs hallway.


      I woke up from a dream that my disc tip stylus, was stuck in my mouth. Then I was like, woah, it was just a dream.


      Good dreams. I got up around 7:30 in the morning. Finished typing 3,948 words by 3 in the afternoon. <Personal Info>
    14. Someone in the dream showed me he could do a finger palm test, too!

      by , 04-10-2018 at 09:46 PM

      There was a Pokémon game with a cheat code to start the game with one of three legendaries. One was Ice, the other was Flying, and the third was (?). The cheat code enabled the player to also have the game scan for type match ups and choose the legendary with the most type advantages for that particular game. I was surprised to hear about the scanning feature. It reminded me of the Randomizer. I was hearing this information by a shore line.


      I was at <<perosnal info>> and my sister was saying how my whole life should revolve around her, because she needs me to drive her places. However I was unable to do so at the time. Then, I found myself driving to <<perosnal info>> anyway, wondering why I didn’t just take her along. It was cold outside. I had the heat on full blast, but it didn’t seem to be enough. I realized the back windows were open. That would do it! It was also raining. I decided to roll up the back windows to preserve the heat, even though I thought there wouldn’t be any ventilation. The heat knob had 3 settings, for “0”, “1” and “2”. It was night time when I drove. I saw three school buses drive by. This might be from passing by a crowd of school buses yesterday. I wondered where they were going, and why I was driving. But I was on <<perosnal info>> heading towards the school.

      Setting up Classroom

      When I got to the school, I went to a class room. It was getting ready for some kind of big assembly thing. There were some arguments and other conversations I couldn’t remember in detail. They were trying to arrange all the groups in circles of chairs. I explained to the teacher <<perosnal info>>how there were too many people to distribute the seating arrangement that way. I had a book in my hand as I talked. I was saying how we all need to sit in rows, packed together much more densely, than all spread out in big circles. Either that, or we would need to use some of the other class rooms. She understood and got to arranging it differently. I felt like I did a good deed.

      My text book had information about an organism that could be symbiotic with humans, giving energy to them. I was trying to tell the teacher about it. There was a little illustration. It seemed like an invertebrate or wormy kind of thing. The text book seemed old. The pages weren’t perfectly flat along the edge, they were uneven or bumpy, like old fashioned books.

      Gift for <<perosnal info>>

      <<perosnal info>> appreciated my input so much that she told me I could get a gift to give to <<perosnal info>>. I wasn’t getting along well with <<perosnal info>>so, I hesitated. I figured if she wasn’t there, I could pick up the gift, and then give it to her without much interaction. But she was there, right where the gifts were. She was wearing yellow and the rest of the place was very yellow. I turned around, not willing to go into that situation.


      I headed for the rest room, thinking I might give <<perosnal info>> the gift later, when she wasn’t there. On my way to the rest room, a blonde haired woman called out to me, telling me not to smoke. I replied, holding up my finger as body language, “I am the last person you would ever need to tell that to! I invented the no smoking rules!” She was with a guy in a grey shirt. They seemed to be a couple. <<perosnal info>>

      Floppy Disk

      The guy gave me a floppy disk. It was to copy to my computer. I said I would take it to my computer, in the other room, copy the information, and bring it back to him. I was also updating and adding new files to the disk for him. There was something aboug a searchable database. Some files had different suffixes. Something made me think of a “searchable database of dream memories”.


      Well, that was round 1 of dreams. My recall was as good as ever for the first round of dreams. Like last night, I stretched and did some light indoor cycling (in the dark) before going back to bed, so I’d be sure to fall asleep. For the last 2 nights this has saved me from insomnia. I also took my 100mcg of Huperzine-A for the second night before laying back down.

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I fell asleep for these using the 5 senses meditations. It feels good to “drop in” and achieve relaxation. I haven’t been able to do that until recently.

      Z dot E X E

      There was something about a computer program called Z dot E X E. I saw some code where the “variables” were defined within the program. It was a searching program. There was something about searching for “2,000 User Group”. They were doing a study on something with computers, how they affected people.

      Nana’s Dining Room

      Something about a holiday meal at my Nana’s. <<perosnal info>>


      It was dark out, even at 10:30 A M. I didn’t register this as a dream sign. But what it made me think of upon awakening was, what if there were days when it was dark as night time, even during the day? I was trying to get an air pump for my basketball. The batteries wouldn’t work in my T I 84 calculator, but then I remembered I had the grey one I could try. My Dad was supposed to help me, but he had to go help my Uncle instead.

      <<perosnal info>>
      Nana’s Driveway

      This might have been here, but I wrote it earlier. I don’t think it was in both dreams. I was looking for my T I 84 calculator in Nana’s driveway, batteries didn’t work, etc. My Dad was going to help, but then remembered that <<perosnal info>> had wanted to go camping. I imagined that he helped fix my previous calculator by reprogramming it at work with the default program. The way I recorded it was hard to tell when it was.

      Wrong Way

      I was driving around a town somewhere. It was day time. I had some gangster rap music on my phone, playing from a Youtube channel. (I don’t really listen to that now but used to growing up.) I felt myself getting distracted by the music as I drove. Then I was driving down what appeared to be a one way street. I reached a point where the road ended and there was a cement or grey stone staircase. Oops! I guess that was just a sidewalk. Well, it sure looked like a road. There might have been some signs on the sides of the road I didn’t notice.

      It was too narrow to do a 3 point turn so I would have to back out. With the music still on, I began to do this. Then I realized the music would be too distracting for this complex of a driving manuever, and turned it off. I couldn’t reach the brake pedal. I looked down and the pedals were much further away. I got kind of freaked out. I forgot if anything else happened or it just shifted from this to the next scene.

      Religious People

      There were some religious people, trying to convert others to their religion. I remember seeing the cover of their books. It had a gold diamond made of 4 diamonds kind of thing. I felt like they were imposing their beliefs on others. They acted like it was their religion that was the absolute truth. I wanted to get them to understand that their religion was just “their truth”. But if everyone collectively believed in… And I found an Aqua Green colored pencil on the table to use as an example. If everyone believed in this aqua green colored pencil, then that would become the belief system. I felt kind of mean in saying it that way. I wasn’t trying to get them to believe in the Aqua Green colored pencil, just that they should let me believe in whatever I want, and they can go on believing whatever they want. (Unless their beliefs… Involve having to change my beliefs.)


      The next context was that it was my birthday. From the same table I had just been explaining about the Aqua Green thing at, I was then eating some celebratory kind of food with people. There were some various people from high school there. <<perosnal info>>First I was eating some kind of cinnamon thing. I was aware that this contained gluten and sugar, but figured that it was my birthday, so it was alright. I didn’t know it was a dream. I finished my drink. Someone told me I should go get more of the “red drink”. It was a catering style so I could have however much I wanted. They said I should eat and drink a lot so whoever paid for it all got their money’s worth.

      I remember when the Birthday Cake got to the table. It was a chocolate cake with frosting. And some candles in the middle. Everyone waited around for me to make a birthday wish. Its funny because I haven’t experienced a birthday like this in years. So it was cool to have a dream about it. Even though my birthday is way off in the future! I remember thinking, that I will have to get back on my diet soon. But also being surprised that the foods hadn’t triggered a total binge.


      Everyone had paints at their table. Like a plastic tray of paints. The people behind us took our paints. So I turned around to take them back but accidentally took theirs. So then I had to switch them again. One of the girls at the table used the paint.


      After that I guess the party ended. We were all heading out. <<perosnal info>>Bathroom

      I went back inside because I needed the bathroom. The building had been closed, and it asked me for a code, but I went right in anyway. It was announcing something as I went in. I remember the big doors. <<perosnal info>>I decided not to use the bathroom yet because it was not too long until I’d be home.


      Outside the building, more people were arriving for classes. One girl was talking about how she had a lot of tea, but her brain still wasn’t “working”. I had stopped near by there to adjust something. I thought of telling her that she might need choline since I recently learned about acetylcholine. But I decided not to. I got involved in conversation with some of the students arriving, but eventually realized that the bus was waiting for me. I was holding all those people up. So I hurried up to catch up with them.

      Weird Thing

      I had a micro awakening where I was thinking about something. It might have been about a dream. But then I experienced this “switch” just flick and then all my thoughts vanished. That’s happened before. I think there are sudden transitions between a dream like state of semi consciousness to more awakeness and I can’t think of what I was just thinking about. So it was kind of weird but I went back to sleep.

      Round… 3? 4? Of dreams

      First I was driving around to go to <<PEROSNAL INFO>>. There were these houses under construction. I remember seeing how they were with all the new boards there. Maybe surprised to see construction there. Also I saw a workout scene of <<perosnal info>> doing some workouts and all this grunting. Those were the earlier parts.

      Name Calling

      I was sleeping in a room at my Nana’s. I woke up and found that it was around 8 A M in dream world time. <<perosnal info>>My Aunt <<perosnal info>>, Nana and Uncle <<perosnal info>>were in my room, talking. I was like, “What are you doing here?!” And mad at them. They said they were trying to help me. I was like, “Get out!” <<perosnal info>>Eventually my Uncle and Nana left. But <<perosnal info>>was still there. She started teasing me. She called me an interesting name. <<perosnal info>>Mirror

      It turned out my Aunt was making a cry for help or attention and I tried to help her. Then I was looking in a mirror. I had become aware it was a dream, and I began showing her my face in the mirror. My head and face were way different than waking life. I had one of those pear shaped faces like in cartoons. And I only had one eye. I was like, “Look, see? I only have one eye!” But I was really the one astonished. Then I looked again and instead of one eye being in the center, I had one eye on the left side of my face. So I used my right hand and “pulled open” another eye. So then I had two.

      Family History

      The dream got very interesting because it flashed a very vivid scene of family history, almost all at once. It showed a young black haired woman and a young red brown haired man who seemed to be <<perosnal info>>. Then it showed a heavier woman at the head of the table who was in her 50’s or 60’s. I thought that was <<perosnal info>>. Nana seemed to be to her right. Nana was young, too. I really felt like the dream was showing me the family history but upon awakening I wasn’t sure if my Aunt and Uncle knew each other that young. Then more family dysfunction ensued.

      Chaotic Dinner

      I was sitting at the other head of the table, which surprised me. First I wasn’t using the silverware the same as everyone else, so they chided me about that. My Aunt told me if I didn’t use the silverware right, I would spill some soup, which someone would then slip on. She said they would crack their head open! I was like, there is more than one way to use silverware. I felt angry. There was also talk of seat cushions. I felt my seat was not cushioned. Then I saw one on the floor nearby. When I looked at my chair, there appeared to be a cushion already on it, but I touched it, and it was like it had no material to it. It went straight through to the chair. At another point, someone had cooked with my spinach. I was like, what a mess!

      At one point someone took my food, and I was like “What the F?!” Then someone commented on my “foul language”. I was like “MY foul LANGUAGE? Look at everyone’s foul BEHAVIOR!! Just because you can’t hear it…” Needless to say I was very frustrated with everyone.


      But at the same time I knew it was a dream. I guess it was semi lucid. I remember having several conversations with the dream figures, and even thinking of them as a way to prolong the dream. But I couldn’t remember details of the conversations upon awakening. <<perosnal info>>appeared.

      I can do that, too!

      I remember coming to my senses again and thinking, well, I am in a dream, and I guess I should try to do something more fun. More people started arriving. More people my age I guess. There had been a younger guy and his girlfriend sitting in the corner of the room. I turned to them again because I had an idea. <<perosnal info>>I said to the guy, “Look what I can do!” And put my right pointer finger through my left hand. It kind of hurt. But it went through very clearly. His reaction really surprised me! He said, “I can do that, too!” And put his finger through his palm. Wow! He said it kind of hurt him too.
      I wondered if he was another lucid dreamer.

      Girl Comment

      The girl who had been sitting near the guy made another abstract comment. She said that I should “circumcize my lips”. I guess this would mean just having my lips removed so I have only skin there. After that the dream ended. I think it was so abstract that I was startled awake.

      Round 4 of Dreams
      <<perosnal info>>

      I remembered <<perosnal info>> riding a bike over something. He tried to do a jump and fell. There was something like, <<perosnal info>>, woo hoo! And then another thing with trying to dream journal but I was standing outside <<perosnal info>>. Something with my sister, too. And then the part with my orange glasses, and a thicker pair of circular glasses. Someone wanted my orange glasses maybe.

      Last round of dreams

      I was thinking through the dreams. As soon as I flicked the recorder and said, “Something with a video game designer”, my mind went totally blank. That was so weird. <<perosnal info>>The only detail that popped back into mind was of <<perosnal info>> asking me about a community college course I was taking (in the dream context). I said I wasn’t going, and wasn’t really taking it that seriously. He was like, “What?!” and trying to push me to take the class more seriously.


      Overall I had good dream recall and a good experience of being lucid in that one dream. I hope it continues building in subsequent nights. I wonder if the mid night yoga will stick as a routine. It’s better that I do that for a half hour, and fall back asleep easily, than if I lay in bed, restless, and have 3 hours of insomnia!

      I made another D J drawing video. This ones a little shorter. It didn’t seem like there was much to draw today.
    15. Fingerpalm tests worked!

      by , 04-09-2018 at 10:32 PM
      Round 1 of Dreams

      There was something with a woman who had a beard. <<personal info>>There was a part where <<personal info>> was rapping at the front door of <<personal info>>. I remember being pretty impressed by his lyrics. I told him they were good rhymes, and that I could never rap like that. Especially because I would be too nervous. Then I gave everyone these graph paper notebooks to use as log books. Some had little bits written in some of the squares but most were empty. I remember the blue graph paper lines.

      Then there was this thing where a woman was attacking me and some other people. I had a job at the school to clear the snow. I was shoveling the school drive way, thinking that the snow really needs to be shoveled now, before it hardens up and becomes more difficult to shovel later on. I remember seeing a line in the snow where I had dug out the snow so far.

      Then I had a job in the locker rooms, to collect people’s towels. There was a Hispanic man who didn’t want to give back his towel, for me to wash it. There was this idea of A V G, C V G and S V G but I forgot what they pertained to. Something to do with my job.

      The woman seemed to be attacking me. I was scared. She was quite fierce! She was mad because she wanted me to “Change”. Due to her intimidation, I was like, “Okay! I’ll do whatever you want!” And she kissed me on the lips. So then I was in a daze from having received a kiss.

      In this daze, I was sitting with my Aunt <<personal info>> and Nana. I had the sense Nana was smoking, so I kept my distance, to avoid second hand smoke. But it seemed like that’s what the woman wanted me to change. Stop being so mad about the smoke smell. I guess I felt less angry at that moment. <<personal info>>was also there.

      I woke up from those and thought them through. My recall was pretty good for the first round of dreams. It was around 1 or 2 A M when I woke up from them. Because I have laid in bed for hours without sleeping the last few nights, after waking up at this time, I didn’t go right back to bed. I kept the lights off, but I did a really intensive stretching or “yoga” routine. I made sure to stay up until I was exhausted. Then, I fell asleep more easily, probably around 3 A M. Much better than laying there with insomnia until 4 or 5 A M.

      Round 2 of Dreams

      Due in part to the stretching, I fell asleep more consciously. I dreamed that I was in my Nana’s room, as if it were my own bedroom. The lights were on in the room, but it was dark outside. <<personal info>>I experienced going to sleep within the dream, but I wasn’t lucid yet. The lights must have gone off on their own. I experienced laying on my right side, which I was laying on physically, only in the dream, I was on my Nana’s couch. I thought to myself that I should sleep the other way, too, as if I never sleep on my left side. When I woke up, I remembered that I usually sleep equally on both sides, but it was just the way the couch was. <<personal info>>came into the room, but I pretended to be fully asleep. I remember moving a little. I also remember they were singing a birthday song to <<personal info>>.

      I guess I dreamed from the couch within that dream that I was in my Nana’s back yard, at night time. I didn’t notice the sudden teleportation. I looked at a walk way and it was raining. The walk way was brown. It had some puddles, and I didn’t want to get my feet wet. I felt the rain drops. I wondered if this might be a dream. It was something about the way the light reflected on the puddles that caught my eye.

      Suddenly, I floated up into the air! I didn’t really intend to do this, but it’s an interesting way to find out if I’m dreaming. I can attempt to levitate. Once I know how it feels to successfully levitate in a dream, I can mimic that attempt when I’m in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness, and it becomes a kind of state test. But this time it almost happened on its own. I was very surprised!

      Once I got up above the tree tops, I noticed the dream was fading. I was like, wait, look at your hands! So I looked at my hands. There was a little extra segment on my right pointer finger or pinky. I held my hands up against the night sky and just saw the silhouettes mainly. It looked like I had all ten fingers total. I tried to eat one of my fingers, because who knows what could happen! I felt my finger in my mouth but there wasn’t really any taste or pain. So, I gave up on that. I thought it would be funny if my whole body would be made of food, and then I could just eat my whole body in the dream… L O L.

      I remembered that I was sleeping on my Nana’s couch. (I didn’t realize THAT had been a dream. In other words I was lucid of the dream within the dream being a dream… But I wasn’t lucid of the initial dream having been a dream! HA!) I thought to check if I could see my sleeping body through the window. I looked at the window, ready to head towards it.

      Then I started falling to the ground. I was about to stop my fall when I realized, maybe the ground isn’t solid. So I just let myself fall full speed at the ground, diagonally as I was going. I felt no impact. I kind of went through the ground like a ghost, at first, but the dream materialized me above the ground’s surface. I don’t think it was ready to create a whole center of the earth thing.

      <<personal info>>Round 3 of Dreams:

      My earliest memory of these dreams was being on a beach. There was this crab monster head thing up on a door. I felt like I was in a video game. I went around the building and underneath, to a secret door. It felt like a “secret area” of the game. I remember the water brushing up on shore. What weirded me out was that I looked back at the door where the monster had been, and found it to be just a door! So I assumed the monster had come to life, and was walking around.

      There was more detail there, but by the time I woke up, I couldn’t remember.

      So then, I had a false awakening. <<personal info>>was reading my note book. The entry happened to be about “Baby back ribs” which I haven’t written about since a dream many months ago. Something about the whole situation seemed dream like to me, what with the panic feelings of someone reading my note book, and not remembering writing about baby back ribs. So, I did a finger palm test. It poked through a little. I was like, is this Physical Matter Waking Consciousness? Because It only poked through a little more than it would in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness. I might have told <<personal info>>it was a dream.

      Then I was trying to go #1. <<personal info>>I remember hearing a song that said, “This is my dream.” It sounded like it was coming from ear buds, turned all the way up, from a distance. Like when you hear people walk by with their ear buds blaring, and it sounds tinny. That was the exact sound my dream recreated.

      Round 4 of Dreams:

      Earlier in this dream, I was at my Nana’s pool. At first, I was swimming in the pool. Then I got out for a moment. When I turned around to go back in, half the water had already been drained. That was fast. I saw the leaves floating at the bottom. My Dad was draining it. I had been thinking of a wireless phone head set to use underwater. I also dreamed about Winnie the Pooh. Or doing a dream journal entry where I looked up Winnie the Pooh and copy pasted it into my dream journal. But this relates to the water because the internet page was halfway under water some how.

      I remember my Mom, Nana and <<personal info>>fighting. My Mom was like, “don’t act like you don’t have any problems! Don’t mention that person right now!” My Dad said that his main concern was that us kids were okay. My Aunt was defending my Nana, saying that my Mom had the same things she accused my Nana of.

      I was in the downstairs bathroom by the pool. <<personal info>>When I used the sink, there was this little grey connector, similar to the receptacle for the Wii Motes that get stuck on to the T V. That was in place of the faucet. It was magnetized there. When I pulled it off, I saw that it was not connected to anything. However, it still made a stream of water. I questioned it, but using dream logic, I figured that they must have invented some kind of compressed water.

      I also remember something about being on these docks. There were two towers coming up from the water. One was shorter than I thought. There were birds flying around on them. <<personal info>>I had a sense that I would never reach the top of the towers.

      These dreams ended in a false awakening in my Nana’s living room. <<personal info>>was there. We were all sleeping on mattresses around the floor. I started to “wake up”, but into the bed within this dream. It was the same sleeping position as my actual, physical body. As I woke up and got ready to record my dream, <<personal info>>body slammed me. I was mainly afraid my phone had broken. When I searched for my phone some more, I couldn’t find the thing. I think <<personal info>>had crushed it. I asked him if he knew where it was, beginning to panic over forgetting my dream. I found a phone the same length as my Samsung Galaxy, but instead of a rectangle, it was a square. It had a heavy duty iPhone style case. He said he crushed my phone. I asked if I could at least have the Sim Card (thinking of my old dream journal entries) but he refused. I grabbed another Samsung Galaxy sized phone. It had the same kind of black case, but I thought this one might be mine, due to the size. However, it had a green slider button on the bottom that mine doesn’t.

      After some more moments of panic, I realized this might be a dream. Well, that would be a relief, because it would mean that my dream journal wasn’t lost. A finger palm test confirmed that it was a dream!

      I told <<personal info>>the great news. “Hey, it’s a dream! And guess what? I’m going to tell you about my dream so far!” I figured this would help my dream recall. But then I decided to use more dream power, so I summoned a bunch of people. <<personal info>>When I woke from those, I was able to think through them pretty well.

      There was also something about everyone shushing each other as we fell asleep.

      After this there was a super mario world level which showed a Control Coin Box. I looked up a link to the sound effect if anyone wants to hear it:


      Round 5 of Dreams:

      I’m just going to write the rest short hand because I’m almost at the end of the day already. Big frying pan. Sausage. Left a note on it. Mom trying to help someone. Talking about stocks. <<personal info>>Pokémon game. Got the Level 100 opponent down to half health. Super mario world fiery level. Ducking through Griddles. Concert thing. Women cheering on. Friend in green and black plaid. <<personal info>>Talk of craigs list jobs. Woman gets $60 assignment. Walking around near a building. Thinking of Lucid, Dream but not lucid.


      I had to do the rest as short hand because if I had to write any more today, my head would explode. Choline bitartrate powder initially tastes like lemonade but delivers an after taste of bad eggs. I will just get pills next time. The dreams are in full in my voice recorder. Some times I just can’t type them all. Stressing out over every single detail created a negative feedback loop last time around that made it become bad to dream because the more I dreamed, the more I had to type. So I have to just chillax this time around. I wrote over 2,500 words today which is a lot.

      I also made another drawing video, but I don't expect anyone to watch the whole drawing video AND read all this.
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