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    1. Involuntary Lucid Trip

      by , 12-23-2014 at 06:41 PM
      I wake up from a dream that plays in my room, but I'm not. I look around and see that the mirror on the right-side wall is not the one from my dream. I look to my left and see no one.
      Soon I'm fighting away a man that's trying to chain me up. I start to slip away.
      I wake up again in a crate that's poorly chained. I look around and see I'm in the back of a moving car. There's mountains and trees all around me. A black paved road is beneathe me.
      I think of jumping out. But my arms are tied.
      I see to my left a field of grass. Tall grass that's inaccessible.
      Somehow I manage to get out of the crate and land in the field.
      And I remember feeling free.
      I'm dashing through the field, like a field mouse. Panic is such an understatement. I'm petrified.
      From afar I see a tiny cabin. Involuntarily I run towards it.
      I get to it. I look inside its reaches. Nothing but a table and a plate.
      My mom is coming from the right of me. Talking about me missing my dog's funeral. Screaming now. I run away and don't turn back.
      There's a beautiful man at a gas station. He's pumping gas. Naked. I look down and see I am too. Coincidence?
      I walk up to him. He stares at me. His eyes glossy and dark, as his hair. Then I look over his shoulder and see a crate with chains hanging from it. I freeze and he grabs me. Kisses my shoulder and then my neck. Telling me I'm his. All his. And I surrender, in his arms.
      This time I sit in the passenger seat. We drive for long hours.
      Then before us the road lifts and so do we.
      He dissolves, somehow. I just watch.
      I remember thinking of my only chance at love is gone. And now I'll be alone again.
      For an unspoken reason I end up in my room. The walls are red instead of blue. This slightly pisses me off because I hate red, but this time, I like it. I don't know why but I start to like where I am. As if this red tint is enchanted.
      I ignore everything and stare at the floor.
      My grandma bursts into my room, through the wall, the red wall. She's covered in purple. As though someone painted over my blue wall with red, and she's the outcome.
      She speaks softly. Words I can't recall. And suddenly I feel calm.
      I lie down.

      There's a bus. An ocean. Music.
      Waves jump from the sea. Fishes flop. The sky is hidden by a bed of clouds.
      I see my best friend in the distance. He's on an island, looking at shorts. He decides upon the black ones, as opposed to the red ones. I scream. He doesn't hear me. A shark is creeping up behind him. I scream but it sounds like nothing. My eyes float away, away from what happened.
      I'm in a boat now. A boat that moves itself. I have a cell phone. I'm taking pictures of what's around me. A mountain I see. A few palm trees. An irregular cloud. I put my phone into a bag. Tie it up. Place it in my backpack.
      I see a few old ladies. Arguing over black shorts. I see Daniel, my best friend. He's okay. I smile.
      I ask him what's happening. He points to the shorts. Just points. I ask him what's wrong. He only points.
      I go to see what's the fuss. The ladies scream. Their screams make buzzing appear in my ears. I can't understand their screams. They only hurt.
      I walk away from the fuss and back to Daniel. At least I thought. He's no longer there. I only see his foot-steps. They recede to where the shore breaks, into the ocean.

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