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    1. 25-05-25 Telling Classroom of DCs they're DCs

      by , 05-26-2024 at 09:17 PM
      I'm in a narrow street of a major city. There are small restaurants everywhere. Sushi, pizza, street food generally. I think I already had a degree of lucidity because I remember seeing the foods advertised, thinking "that's a lot of calories", and also thinking I could eat it without consequence because this was a dream anyway. At one point I approached a place that sold candy. I decided to use mind control to force the DC shop owner to hand me a particular piece of candy from the counter. At first, he refused my command, incredulous that I would even make such a demand for free candy. I repeated the command, louder this time. I repeated it again and again like a mantra, until my voice became booming and deafening, and the DC was forced into obeying.

      In the next scene I found myself in what I think was a classroom. The scene had shifted without my input so clearly my lucidity and control weren't 100% and I was still mostly along for the ride. I think I was the teacher. The students, all sat in their seats facing me, were in their late teens. I started telling them that this was a dream. I went into detail. This was my dream, they were my DCs, figments/aspects of my subconscious, and if I were to wake up they would cease to exist. I told them that they were created in my image, just the way I was created in God's. Some demanded evidence. I demonstrated my powers by sticking my arm into a wall. Then, walking into a classroom wall (phasing), moving behind some of them, sticking my arm out of the wall, and tapping them on the shoulder. That surprised them! Their reactions to my "lesson" were interesting. Some went into denial. Some became visibly depressed, as they seemed to accept something they'd always known but chose to repress. Tragically, their fears of nonexistence came true as I eventually woke up, and their very existence became nothing more than a vague memory to me.
    2. Another short lucid

      by , 05-02-2024 at 01:22 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      First night.


      I was walking at night in a sketchy area of a large city. I just remember walking past a bunch of people with hoodies on. I entered a gas station to get a coffee. I walked past a guy but couldn't find the coffee machine. So I grabbed some random things... Unleavened bread? Wtf. Someone must have fell asleep listening to a reading of Exodus, and it wasn't me. And I grabbed slushie and some bananas and put it all in a blender. The other customer in the store was looking at me funny. I couldn't turn the blender on.

      I went to the counter and Jamie was working the counter. She said something to me about this gorgeous guy she knew who used to have a PS2. Um okay. Was she pulling a jealousy move on me? Or was she talking about me. I'm not gorgeous, but I did own a PS2... Dream fades.

      Next night had no recall. Woke up at 3:30 am and couldn't get back to sleep.

      Last night:

      I was in a large castle like building with large windows. I kept looking out the windows and seeing many impossible things. Thing like: lots of tornadoes but not hurting anyone, many people walking down a path with colorful cone hats, and various horses.

      This made me lucid. I jumped up and floated to confirm lucidity. I landed by a doorway. I wanted to find Jamie again. Everything seemed really stable and solid so I decided to try Hukif's time dilation method again. As soon as I put my hand down on the ground, everything just faded to black... Damn. Maybe I should try something else.


      I was in a chicken barn with Jamie. She said to me, "I want you to put it in my ***, Robert." (I will not publicly post what is going in where.) Then she pulls out a chicken from behind her back and is pointing it's ass end at me like a gun. She then says, "Are you chicken?" When she says, "chicken." She squeezes the chicken and and egg flies at me. She then chases me around the barn repeating the question and shooting eggs at me.


      Just a flash of Jamie at a stove with a frying pan on one burner and boiling water on the other. We are just playfully talking while she cooks something.


      Audio only dream. I hear a demon accusing Jamie of something. But forget what...
      memorable , lucid , non-lucid
    3. Comp Night 12

      by , 04-11-2024 at 01:59 AM
      April 10th, 2024

      Fragment 1

      Soap or candle in bathroom. At my grandparentís (on my Dadís side) house, I think? In a bathroom, I think. Someone wants me to fill a bucket with water for class or something.

      Dream 1: Pirates, Buffet, and Lucidity

      Robert Newton (ďBobĒ Newton, I call him in the dream) or someone like him giving me advice. I think itís advice on being a pirate. This includes not eating too much or too much seafood because it can make one chubby. Itís a temptation for pirates, apparently, and he himself is kind of chubby. He leaves, and I walk out to his car (?) with him. It feels kind of emotional, as though we had become friends. I walk back in to the building where we were, and go to the buffet table. I realize that he had warned about not eating too much, but I feel like he wouldnít mind me eating some of this free food. I become lucid spontaneously, apparently. I realize that I should eat something for points. I pick up a piece of cake or a frosted brownie and eat a bite of it. Then I do a reality check to be sure that Iím lucid (in case I had some doubt, I guess). I look at my left hand. Counting the fingers is difficult, and as I look I see that my fingers are kind of dark colored and sparkly, as though they were made of night and stars. Somewhere around here I lose the dream.

      Dream 2: Camping and Post Office

      Iím camping outside. I have a sort of a shelter beneath a leaning tree trunk, and am using a tent or a tarp (or maybe just a blanket) to try to shelter myself from the rain. There is also a cat girl walking around. She looks a lot like a cat, but also somehow seems human. She might be a human cosplaying as a cat, or something. She walks near me and I pet her. I try to make room for her to join me under my shelter. She says something about not coming out here as often as she did when she was younger.

      I go into a post office to pick up something that is supposed to have been mailed to me. The post office looks like something out of an old western movie on the inside. I stand in a line with some other people, but it seems like the line isnít moving. After a while, I realize that Iím in the wrong line. I go to the proper line. While Iím at the counter, someone working there says something about being in St. Augustine. A bunch of people in the room all correct him at the same time telling him he is in C--.

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    4. Comp Night 3: Another lucid restroom, and some other things

      by , 04-01-2024 at 03:38 PM
      Fragment 1: Sinking Boat

      Something about a small boat Ė maybe a toy boat Ė that breaks through some ice and sinks into some water. I think I try to retrieve it.

      Fragment 2: Hillside and TV

      Walking up and down a hill. Something about television. Lilly Munster is there, on TV maybe. Also ďmy momĒ, who doesnít look like my Mom.

      Dream 1: Lab and Bathroom (Lucid)

      In the lab. Dr. Bó (I think) and I talk about my progress. He wants us to cover our faces with masks, or at least with some kind of material. I go to ďmy roomĒ, or maybe my office, to try to find a t-shirt I can use. There is something about finding Easter eggs, and looking inside of them but putting them back for the kids or something. Then there is some glassware (beakers and test tubes, etc.) that I want to break. Getting back to the lab, I accidentally swallow what was in one of the test tubes. People are running tests, and I feel like I am falling behind.

      hel me out-_1d726744-7083-48f4-b0fa-85222f45a0af.jpg

      I go into a bathroom. It is very large, and extends for quite a distance. I wonder if the other end is the womenís section. This reminds me of a recurring dream. I try counting my fingers, and have trouble. I try again a time or two, and maybe do a nose pinch RC, eventually realizing that this must be a dream. I levitate up into a corner next to a window, and then come back down. My lucidity is either a little low here, or I lose it and start dreaming that Iím lucid without really being lucid. Anyway, it seems to me that I still think I need to get back to the lab. But I want to try flying back. There is something about not wanting to try it and failing while some people are watching...

      Somewhere there was something else about a small bathroom, and wanting to use it while making the people around (some sort of office suite or something) think that Iím one of them. It is very small, and the door doesnít close all the way.

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    5. Comp Night 1: Lucid, 2 out of 3 Steps Completed

      by , 03-30-2024 at 03:04 PM
      Asleep around midnight. Awake around 6:00-6:30, having trouble getting back to sleep.

      Fragment 1: Lurkers

      Something about the game Lurkers.io. Trying to carry a bomb from the right side of the screen to the left.

      Asleep again some time after 7:00, Iím guessing.

      Fragment 2: Lab Work

      In the lab, doing something.

      Bathroom Lucid (Lucid)

      Some things about robots. Someone activated a sort of attack/defense robot, and there is something going on with it. Then someone is talking about a time when a creepy child-looking entity showed up and was at his elbow.

      Later, we are walking along with an android, that says it has to use the bathroom. It is carrying around a large glass flask of some liquid, which it wants to go empty in a restroom. We get to where we were going, and the robot goes downstairs to where a restroom is. I decide that I want to go too, and follow him. The restroom is possibly one that I had visited before (or dreamed that I had), but it is now the future and Iím looking to see what changes have been made.

      OMFGz0rs t3h greys, they are coming!!!!111one-_5c169c1c-924f-4718-8d4b-40072e02d20e.jpg

      Around this point, I also seem to be aware that Iím dreaming, but itís one of those dreams where I seem to have just been kind of vaguely assuming it was a dream Ė almost like dreaming that I knew it was a dream instead of actually being lucid. However, when I find a stall in a restroom, I actually become lucid. I remember the 3-step task. First, I do a reality check/stabilization by looking at my hand and counting the fingers. Not surprisingly, I have trouble counting. I think about using the bathroom, but then I realize that that would be a waste of lucid dreaming time since I can use the bathroom when Iím awake. I start walking out of the bathroom, and remember the second of the three step task: eat/drink something. It doesnít really matter what, since itís a dream, so I look around for something that I can try to eat. I think I try some small cardboard or plastic box at first, but have a little trouble. Then I find a small plastic pouch, which I might ďwillĒ into containing a sort of soapy liquid inside. I bite into this and swallow some of the liquid. Surprisingly, it seems to have a strong and a terrible taste, making me gag and want to vomit. Iím a bit worried that I didnít fully swallow it though, so I choke down another swallow.

      I think I might lose my lucidity around here somewhere. I find myself walking back from somewhere, outside now. I remember having had a lucid dream, but I think I'm awake. At another point I think Iím going back to a bathroom. There is some strange guy around crying about something Ė he is looking for help, but doesnít seem to be quite normal. I want to go hide in the bathroom.

      Something about going into the mouth of a large fish. There is some sort of TV show Ė hosted by Jerry Lewis, apparently. But this might just be a documentary about the show. Inside the fishís mouth is a small auditorium.

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    6. Short lucid, testing things out

      by , 01-14-2024 at 11:05 PM (Nef's dream journal)
      I had a lucid dream. It was fairly vivid.
      I was in the middle of a dream when it started to shift and I realized whats up. Then It shifted and now I was infront of my house, late evening. It was getting dark, I looked around asking questions for some reason.
      I looked back, the buildings looked a bit different as I expected, I couldnt see clearly.
      Anyhow, I tried to manipulate the dream and tested this invisible keyboard, cause I theorized that associations are the best sources to manipulate dreams, but it didnt work, I wanted to make it daytime again I think.
      Then I tried to fix my vision, it was like I had no glasses on, so I tried another association, I imagined there is a focuser on the side of my head, and turned it and I almost got a good focus, but then it also stopped working and reverted to glassless focus.
      And then I woke up.

      So I theorized that associations are the best sources to manipulate dreams. Which partly worked, the first attempt didnt, then the second one kinda did, but then it stopped working.
      I'd like to look more into it, come up with new experiments.
      lucid , side notes
    7. Lucid Library (DV Winter Competition Night 7)

      by , 01-14-2024 at 06:42 PM (The book of mars)
      WBTB, back to sleep...

      I enter a dream. I'm at a library, in a city, maybe Seattle? There's guards who pat me down, but then let some others in. Why? Oh, they're regulars.
      I go in. I'm walking the shelves when I remember books! Books is a dream sign - yes! Is this a faint visualization? No, it's a dream!
      I look to the shelves, so excited, and pull a big book out. Large format. It's a symbology book, all the symbols from some ancient culture. Fuck yeah. Each symbol is created using two or three stick-like figures, but someone has gone in and used pencil to make them all doing obscene things like smoking and fucking. OK then. I put it back; the shelf was ILLs.
      I'll go upstairs to the fiction section. I have an idea that this library is an amalgam of two that I know IWL, maybe Seattle and somewhere else, but this is a false dream memory really.
      The place is super busy. Lots of folks, and seems like a class of kids as well. I look around, trying to find exactly what I want. Cool short stories. But where's the fiction? So much garbage, non fiction, Christan-themed children's books (though the cover was so cool in memoryÖ) I'm low lucid, because I would be delving into any of this had I my full memory. Oh, well.
      I find a tiny shelf of some fiction on an end cap. One of the books is an old mystery writer short story collection, but a massive gilded cicada has bored a hole in each book. I yell "Staff? Any staff?!" and someone comes over with a black knit cap on. (Again, low level lucid, or I'd have loved to speak to any of the many DCs here..) I tell him about the books. He seems like he's seen this before and thanks me.
      Something about Chase being here.
      Tags: books, library, lucid
    8. Winter Competition 2024 Night Five

      by , 01-11-2024 at 08:34 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up for a WBTB and took 4mg galantamine and 300 mg Alpha-GPC.

      Winter Competition 2024 Five (MILD) 01.11.2024

      I spontaneously become lucid and start flying. I remember there is a competition and that I need to do my three step task. While flying I reach behind my back and grab something. I pull forward a small lemon. I take a bite out of it and it isn't very flavorful. I then put my hand forward like Superman and fly super fast. I hear the air rushing past my ears. Now I remember my personal goal is to take off a VR headset that is simulating the dream. I reach up and feel a vr headset that is much smaller than current waking life products. I take it off and... nothing happens. My view is replaced with the same view from before. Huh.

      I fly down to a city and get caught up in a dream plot that I have mostly forgotten now.
    9. Sleep Paralysis Subway Train

      by , 01-11-2024 at 04:55 PM
      This dream was from 3 nights ago.

      I boarded a subway with sectioned rooms big enough for one or two people. Each room was empty with just a handrail.

      I stood inside, waited for the doors to close, and felt the train move. Stood there for what felt like a few minutes, thinking it was a bit odd that my dream wasnít changing. I can normally sense the motion of my dreams and things change around me.

      Something felt off.

      Then I felt something wash over my spine (the sensation I get with SP). I noticed a presence in the room and looked up. There was something nonhuman hanging on the handrail above me. I didnít want to see it, so I blocked it from my mind with a blur effect as soon as I realized it was there.

      itís been a while since Iíve been scared like this, normally these don't get under my skin. I attempted to wake myself up, but did an FA into a room that looked nothing like my bedroom. I recognized it as a dream, but played along with it until I started feeling the sensation again of SP again and saw the creature coming back for more.

      Woke myself up for real that time.

      I kept accidentally DEILDing back in several times after that, though, and having waking hallucinations.

      So eventually, I got up and walked around to wake myself up enough to stop the DEILDs.

      Iím so glad this isnít common for me any more. I used to go into SP multiple times per week and the experiences were a lot worse (this wasn't too bad). Once it would start, I would get stuck in endless DEILD chains.

      The dream control skills Iíve picked up from this community make a world of difference. I didnít lose sleep or experience any panic like I used to. Pretty great improvement.
    10. Winter Competition 2024 One Naps

      by , 01-08-2024 at 01:37 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I took a nap and had more ludis.

      Winter Competition 2024 One - Nap One (DILD) 01.07.2024

      I think I wake up but it is a false awakening. Normally my false awakenings are at my childhood home at night but this one is my current bedroom during the day. I was planning on starting dating in a few months but in the dream I feel like making a Bumble account right away for some reason. I find myself staggering because gravity is all sorts of off. I do a reality check and confirm it's lucid. I am really suprised and remember my goal is simply to take off the VR headset. I reach up to my head and try but I can't feel one or force one to be there. I think it's because I didn't bother willing there to be one before trying. I wake up.

      It is super hard to get out of bed. I sit up and do another nose pinch RC and it is still a dream. I am always in awe of how really flase awakenings feel. I sit up in bed and try swiping up the VR hud from my left wrist but nothing happens. I say, "Clara", the name of my AI assistant and she doesn't respond. These things never seem to work as well in FAs as they do in other lucid dreams.

      I wake up into two more FAs before my real life eyes open and I am awake.

      Winter Competition 2024 One - Nap Two (DILD) 01.07.2024

      I am in a Dungeons and Dragons lucid dream. I don't remember the beginning of it. We defeat some hard enemies but one of our people gets cursed and becomes a powerful Oath Breaker Paladin or something he kills everyone, me last and I respawn inside my childhood home. It is dark. Familiar teritory. I know he is outside ready to chop me in half again. I have a bunch of D&D minis that I turn into full size fighters that I send outside. I hear them all get defeated and then the paladin comes inside and kills me for me to go back in time and start over. I send more and more minitures at him each time. The last time I send 8 powerful constructs after him and notice the house is getting surrounded by drow and vampires. "Even more trouble!", I think when I wake up.
    11. Winter Competition 2024 One

      by , 01-07-2024 at 04:58 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I had a lot more dreams than this but I only remember the part where I was most lucid.

      Winter Competition 2024 One (DILD) 01.07.2024

      I am lucid and flying over a futuristic city. I have to find a kitten that went missing. I fly down to one of the tops of the buildings and found it hiding. I pick it up and then interact with some DCs. Unfortunately I can't remember much more than that.
    12. Juliana Vs JadeGreen One

      by , 12-06-2023 at 05:34 PM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I woke up at 5:00 AM to WBTB and took AlphaGPC and Galantamine. My recall of the dream isn't perfect because I had a couple hours of dreams after this dream was over.

      Juliana Vs JadeGreen One (MILD) 12.06.2023

      I am in a dream that is based on The Last of Us. The dream starts out with the beginning of the outbreak and gets to the point where there are survivors living in small walled-off communities. I remmeber part of the dream I was fighting a zombie with a can of beans, trying vainly to crush his skull in. Later on, it is a nice sunny day and I am outside the wall. There are no zombies around and I become lucid spontaneously from my MILD and supplements. I fly up in the air before thinking about my goals. It feels good to fly again because it has been a while. Then I remember I was supposed to spectate Jay and Hade sparring. I fly back down and find them in the road. I tell them to get ready and say, "Jay, take out your wand." She does and I say, "3, 2, 1, Fight!"

      Hade fires up his jets (although the fire is invisible for some reason.) and Jay starts the somatic components to cast a spell. Hade closes the short distance and sumersaults in the air so he can kick Jay's wand out of her hand. Hre wand goes flying and he follows up with a kick to her center of mass.

      I remmeber Manei should be here so I turn around and Manei is there. I give her a hug and turn around to see the fight is over and Hade won. I talked with Jay a bit after this but I can't remember what we said or what happens next.
    13. Elminster and Strangespace

      by , 12-04-2023 at 01:29 AM (The Dream Adventures of MadMonkey)
      I took a nap and had this dream! I wish I could remember more of it.

      Elminster and Strangespace (DILD) 12.03.2023

      I don't remember how this dream started or how I became lucid but I am moving into a new apartment and know it's a dream. I must have summoned Elminster (Elminster is one of my tulpas. This is the second time he has shown up in a dream!) or he showed up because I was talking to him. Later on, we went to the grocery store together to get ice cream. I lose lucidity while waiting for a woman to get out of the way for El and me to get our ice cream. After she is gone I am amazed that I can see him so clearly next to me. I am talking to him out loud and know that no one else can see him so I must look crazy. I wake up for a bit.

      I quickly fall back asleep into a dream. I am in my new apartment with friends I don't recognize and we are playing D&D. I am DMing and the party gets trapped in a demi plane that might have been one in my setting called Strangespace. It was a maze of interconnecting rooms that sometimes loops back on itself in impossible ways and is filled with monsters. Suddenly, I found myself actually living out the life of a character in the game instead of sitting around a table. We are so scared and are trying to escape.

      We finally make it far enough away from where we started to find other "friendly" humanoids. They strike a deal with us to show us the way out. Ultimately we fail to follow up on the deal and have to go to court to defend ourselves. Then I wake up again.
    14. Family Photo Album

      by , 11-05-2023 at 03:49 AM
      I always loved going back to old memories through dreams. To recreate my childhood home and the white-painted window sill with the little chips of wood in it. How it opened horizontally. To remember the shape of the bathroom rug, and that heater lamp in the corner by the floor. To use one of those old bulky televisions from the 1990s, hooked up to Broadband satellite with Nickelodeon on channel 300.

      It's incredible the things we consciously forgot. We have a treasure trove of seemingly forgotten memories inside of us. As a dreamer, I take full advantage of my access to them. One of my favorite pastimes is to eat food I used to enjoy in the past that can no longer be bought. The spring rolls from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in 2014, the sweetened condensed coffee and chicken saute from another, saag and rice from the first Indian takeout I ever went to. It was amazing. I've never had anything like it since, and may never again—except literally any night I please.

      Ah, but last night wasn't pleasant. I dreamed I found an old family album. It's one I've never seen before, and it occured to me that this dream album contained all my missing photos (any that I want it to contain). That's why it looked new. It was just for this.
      There's a lot of family memories I'll never be able to relive—old photos that are gone, copies of my mom's songs...
      So I thought now's the opportunity. I can get back some of those memories.
      I'll never lose them. I may never again hear the recordings of her voice or see her smiling face during waking, but I'll always have this album in my dream home to look at any time I want to remember her again.

      I couldn't...
      Just sat there sobbing in my miserable dream.
      My SO woke me up, says I was acting distressed in my sleep.

      Well, this entry took a turn for the sad. Whoops.
      lucid , nightmare , memorable
    15. AI memories

      by , 09-01-2023 at 03:10 PM
      I am in a hotel or store and I put a photo of myself into a machine. It was a large machine looked almost like on of those old ATM machines in the bank built into the wall. It printed out a portrait of myself but it was blurred and not completely printed on the one side of my face. Then it printed out a few more photos of myself. It was only when I saw the photos I noticed I had two small braids in my hair one on either side of my temples. I wanted to redo the photo not only because I didnít like my hair but because it didínt print out correctly. There were two nice women working in there and I told them the machine wasnít working properly. They were closing the hotel/shop I was in. I sat on a lobby couch and we started chatting and talking about life a bit. I then look on my iPad and the machine had sent a video. I clicked play and it was a video of my 20/30 something self talking. I looked very put together and I liked it. It continued playing memories. I thought ďWow, how nice this is!Ē Then it was a memory of me on a talk show and a women came out on stage that I had not seen in many years an old friend. I gave her a big hug. Someone handed us these aprons they were super cute and we put them on. I started thinking " waitÖ I remember those aprons my friend Laraina made them for me and two small matching ones for my daughters when they were little about 10 years ago, I didnít get them on a talk show"! Then I started realizing that the memories I was watching were all pieces of my life reorganizing into a different context and not how it truly happened. I suddenly remembered AI and reading something about allowing AI into my computer to help with daily tasks such as typing, responding to emails, and organizing photos. As the movie continued there was a chase scene that appeared to be from some action scene. I didnít recognize the actors
      but the what they were saying were phrases I had used and maybe posted online at some point. The audio was decently from my real life interactions but the two men and the scene I did not recognize.
      It was at this point I realized I was lucid. I was suddenly in the building I was watching the chase scene happening in. I started looking around the building it was very barren. There were white doors I opened one and there was a strange looking toilet. Only the toilet in a very small rectangular white room. I opened the lid and it was clean and empty. Then I was going to the next door when I woke up.
      In WL I went down stairs to make coffee and I turned on Youtube and the first thing that popped up was Sky New Australia Interviews ďfree-thinkingĒ AI.
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