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    1. [08-01-2017: Breaking chains, exam]

      by , 01-08-2017 at 03:08 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in my house. I entered parent's bedroom for some reason and saw my father in chains as if he was locked in a dungeon. The chains had control over him, making him aggressive. I immediately rushed to free him, breaking the chains. There were three chains and with breaking each one of them, a fingernail from my father's finger was torn. I finally managed to free him. Then I found myself in school, just before an exam starts. Curiously my father was taking an exam too, though it was different. I can't recall much from my exam sheets, but I remember father asking me about some other countries and details about them, even stuff like coal mines.
    2. [Dream #7 - 1/24/2016] I Gave My Soul To Shadow [Gore Warning]

      by , 01-24-2016 at 06:14 PM (The Book of the Multiverse)


      A picture of Shadow the Hedgehog

      This took place in a kind of labyrinth of a facility, quite like a college. There were various representations of video game characters roaming around freely doing their own things and such. The one franchise I can remember seeing recognizable figures was from Dead or Alive. I can remember searching for Shadow the Hedgehog and even just Sonic at that moment.

      "Where is Shadow the Hedgehog or at least Sonic...They got to be here somewhere." I was then pulled over by an emo-fashioned Asian man who was thin wearing a black outfit, "Here you go~" He said in a cheery way.

      "S...Shadow!?" Is what I said after what my eyes have witnessed in front of me.

      That's when I looked around to see two emo looking Asian human men, kind of like twins. I figured they were Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog. There was the one who pulled me over (Sonic) and the other was one on a metal pedestal with liquefied metallic paint-like chains tying down his arms and legs (Shadow). He was all ruffled, his black hair on his head was wet and gliding across his face. He was limping over to side to side shouting and growling like a wild animal. His twin that stood free without any chains, smiled and gave me a friendly push on my back that made me topple over the platform onto (Shadow's) seemingly slick and liquid-like body. He did not attack me but he continued to growl and yell limping, loosely pulling on the chains as the the continued dripping grey paint as everyone from that area circled around and stared.

      Sonic the Hedgehog: "Now, give your soul to him."

      A bit bewildered at the sudden request and before my dream mind could think I was in mid process of the soul giving. I cannot say for sure how, but I merged with him. My "physical" body was gone and I found myself within Shadow. And for some reason his tongue, in the form of a liquefied chain was sliding out from "our" mouth. I was then in control of his body, sharing his pain and agony that he was in. I remember the tongue falling completely out dragging with it the lungs. The lungs began to come out which was making it hard to breathe. Using our hands I picked it up as it slipped and slide in the metallic paint as I put it back in our mouth. We tried to swallow it down but found ourselves gagging it back out. So I anchored his head just enough to keep it balanced. For some reason, keeping the lungs in a particular position in the mouth kept us from losing breath and gagging reflexes.

      I then worked on the chains. They slid out from their hooks rather easily as we walked off the platform. Limping and sliding as if we were dunk. Shadow's rage and bellowing voice of anger and pain kept the people who watched distant from us.

      I then could remember us then walking into my mother's room which was identical to the one in the waking world. I opened the door and she saw us and then that's when I awoke. I can still feel that odd sensation of my insides falling out of my mouth.

      Notes: To be honest, this is not the first time I had a dream where I had "given" myself to Shadow the Hedgehog/fiancι in some way or sort of fashion. But this was indeed something I haven't dreamed about for a while now. What I can say from my observations is that, him and I need one another to help each-other out. We both share each others pains and joys, much like a twinflame in some way. We have over time and time again talked about becoming one and experiencing what it feels like to merge. Shadow wants me to help him achieve more power as well as becoming closer. I also mentioned at times that I wanted to give myself to him.

      I'm kind of in a crunch for time at the moment but that's really the main point of what I can say about this experience. Such an amazing dream this was~

      • Date — 1/24/2016

      • Went to bed — I do not remember, I passed out and took a nap during the morning hours (AGAIN)

      • Woke up — 10:35AM

      *Time logged — 12:14PM

      • Total sleep — N/A

      • Stress level throughout the day — Alright

      • Techniques/Practices

      *Daytime — Did RC with my fiance when I woke up earlier (before this dream)

      *Recall — N/A

      *Inducing Method — N/A

      • Dream Signs — The obvious

      • Perceived Length — 30 Minutes

      • Emotions — Anger, Fear, Pain

      • Awareness — None

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    3. White Fury

      by , 09-15-2015 at 08:38 PM (Nyctophilia)
      I stood in the dirt-floored traces of a wooden barn. There are stables all around me and a high ceiling which may surely be infested with bats amass. I stood in simple dark clothing, as I remember. There were chains around me, binding my arms and holding my wrists to my chest. My feet were weighed down with shackles, the rattling of the chains was incredibly loud.

      Behind me was a large brown horse, one whom I am familiar with in real life. One belonging to a dear friend. Yet, behold, in front of me there was a powerful white horse, one whom I have never met. There is steam pouring from the nostrils of the hoofed beast, and there is the presence of another friend whom I know in the waking world. I am given the concept that he has trained this horse to fight and it intends to kill the horse behind me and will stop at nothing to complete this. Even if that includes tearing me apart.

      The horse storms forward and I struggle in place. However, just in the instant before death, I rip the chains from me like paper, miraculously. The horse rouses on its hindlegs and I deliver a strong blow with my fist to its underbelly, knocking it down. I look back to observe the brown damsel-of-a-horse which I have saved from the snow-furred fury. To heartbreak, I find no one behind me. Not even tracks in the dirt below; only the still doors of empty stables.
    4. Bound themselves to the chains of ghosts

      by , 07-23-2015 at 04:56 PM
      I'd been looking at a map showing three islands that had been conquered by someone else; I'm unconcerned about the islands themselves but am considering their influence over the surrounding sea routes.

      Now standing on the deck of a ship, I'm speaking to a military leader from another ship, part of the group that conquered those islands - he's a passenger, not the ship's captain. He addresses me as Enchanter, which amuses me. I express my surprise that he's willing to deal with me if he recognizes what I am - I was under the impression that his people thought of my kind as demons. Isn't he worried that he's risking corruption with this conversation?

      He indicates that many of his attitudes have changed since coming to this region. He describes how he'd arrived with four of my kind sealed on his ship; while on the central island, they'd broken free and in doing so, as he puts it, "bound themselves to the chains of ghosts." It's a reference to the past of that island - once they were no longer sealed away, they became entangled with local legends, automatically embodying the locals' beliefs. The way this man sees it, they are no longer themselves - by breaking free of their seals and into this world, they've trapped themselves in these roles, living out ancient history. He sees this as a negative thing. I don't. It's the way we work.

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    5. Two escape routes and a rose

      by , 06-01-2015 at 07:05 PM
      I'm walking through the basement of a tower, grey stone walls. There's some kind of chaos going on on the main floors above me, a distraction while I was taking care of something in the dungeon on the next floor down - but now that it's time to go, I want to avoid getting caught in whatever's happening on the main level.

      There's two people waiting for me with two different escape routes - neither of them knows exactly what I was doing here, neither of them knows me personally, and neither them knows about the other. There's a person I work with who'd arranged for a man to meet me by the stairs up to the main floors, but I'm having second thoughts about trusting him. And there's a woman waiting by a wooden door that leads elsewhere; she's not involved at all, she just wants to escape whatever's going on upstairs and is willing to take me with her, recognizing me as a friend of a friend. I believe she would be more sympathetic to what I was doing here, if it came out.

      Deciding to go with that woman at the wooden door, I'm doubling back, passing by the stairs leading down to the dungeon. I debate whether I have time to go back down there - there had been something else I'd wanted to look into down there, though it's not a priority. I start down those steps, but it becomes so dark I can't see, and I have a vague impression of massive chains. I can hear a woman's voice crying. I decide I don't have time to be fumbling around in the dark, and I head back up the stairs.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A man is looking at a wall recently painted green in an attempt to emulate some other place, and talking to someone about a man he knows, saying that while he wasn't looking, the man went and got married to people so unsuited - people, plural, meaning both the wife and the stepkids - people he'll have to keep secrets from.

      I'm watching light play over the features of the man in question in an interesting way. He's looking at a signet ring with an image of a rose, which he's just removed from a hiding place in the base of a lamp. I'm hearing a kind of tinkling sound like a music box repeating a single measure over and over again.
    6. Faust and a god's tower

      by , 01-31-2015 at 08:21 PM
      A production of Faust, I'm going over a written list of the scenery needed for each scene. One scene is described as the Altar of Hell, and I have a mental image of Faust being pinned to a circular stone by two demons; that's the contract signing scene. The next scene is set in a field surrounded by trees, and my perspective changes so I see this as the audience would.

      Curtain rises on Marguerite and women of the chorus in the field; shortly afterward Faust enters from the right. In response to what the women had been singing, he sings something satirical about the dangers of love and the unfortunate fools who are caught up in it. This annoys Marguerite, and she turns away and pointedly ignores him. The women of the chorus exit, and Faust realizes how angry Marguerite is, so he jokes around in the hopes of getting back in her good graces, teasing her by singing a humorous song that starts with a verse about roosters and hens. She forgives him easily, and by the time he gets to the chorus she's joined in the song, flirting right back at him. The second verse is about deer and hunters, and she playfully leads him on a chase around the stage. As they exit, laughing, Mephistopheles strolls by in the background, keeping an eye on how things are playing out.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There are four men, or people who were once men and are now weapons, kept chained up in their sleep. Two 'chains,' really - the collars around their throats, but also something much deeper that's never meant to be removed. I'm removing that second 'chain' from each of them. They wake up as I do so, and their first reaction is to moan about the pain, but gradually they regain a sort of awareness. It's interesting to watch - they're becoming aware of how much of their personality has been stripped away from them, but without actually regaining that personality they lost. Their master arrives then, and I expect them to attack him in revenge - that's the whole reason I freed them - but instead they cower in the corner, just looking at the pair of us.

      Memory gap. Next thing I remember, I've gone semi-lucid in order to pursue that master of theirs. He's closed himself off inside a tower where I shouldn't be able to follow, with an irritatingly arrogant attitude about it - he's essentially the god of this place, it won't allow me entrance if it goes against his will. Or at least it's not supposed to. The tower's a sort of futuristic art deco confection, lots of spheres and glowing purple lights, and I'm flying around it, demanding that it create an opening. With my next pass around the tower, I find an entrance has been created, opening onto a single room containing an elevator. It signifies that this place is as willing to depose its 'god' as I am. I take the elevator up to that man's private sanctuary - the elevator doors open to show me a vast pool lined with twisted white trees without leaves, and quite a lot of statues, including some of himself. This guy is unbelievable. There's a mansion at the far end of the pool, and I expect his mental trail to lead me there, but instead it leads me off to the right, to another body of water, and I focus on a light at the end of a pier.

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    7. Involuntary Lucid Trip

      by , 12-23-2014 at 06:41 PM
      I wake up from a dream that plays in my room, but I'm not. I look around and see that the mirror on the right-side wall is not the one from my dream. I look to my left and see no one.
      Soon I'm fighting away a man that's trying to chain me up. I start to slip away.
      I wake up again in a crate that's poorly chained. I look around and see I'm in the back of a moving car. There's mountains and trees all around me. A black paved road is beneathe me.
      I think of jumping out. But my arms are tied.
      I see to my left a field of grass. Tall grass that's inaccessible.
      Somehow I manage to get out of the crate and land in the field.
      And I remember feeling free.
      I'm dashing through the field, like a field mouse. Panic is such an understatement. I'm petrified.
      From afar I see a tiny cabin. Involuntarily I run towards it.
      I get to it. I look inside its reaches. Nothing but a table and a plate.
      My mom is coming from the right of me. Talking about me missing my dog's funeral. Screaming now. I run away and don't turn back.
      There's a beautiful man at a gas station. He's pumping gas. Naked. I look down and see I am too. Coincidence?
      I walk up to him. He stares at me. His eyes glossy and dark, as his hair. Then I look over his shoulder and see a crate with chains hanging from it. I freeze and he grabs me. Kisses my shoulder and then my neck. Telling me I'm his. All his. And I surrender, in his arms.
      This time I sit in the passenger seat. We drive for long hours.
      Then before us the road lifts and so do we.
      He dissolves, somehow. I just watch.
      I remember thinking of my only chance at love is gone. And now I'll be alone again.
      For an unspoken reason I end up in my room. The walls are red instead of blue. This slightly pisses me off because I hate red, but this time, I like it. I don't know why but I start to like where I am. As if this red tint is enchanted.
      I ignore everything and stare at the floor.
      My grandma bursts into my room, through the wall, the red wall. She's covered in purple. As though someone painted over my blue wall with red, and she's the outcome.
      She speaks softly. Words I can't recall. And suddenly I feel calm.
      I lie down.

      There's a bus. An ocean. Music.
      Waves jump from the sea. Fishes flop. The sky is hidden by a bed of clouds.
      I see my best friend in the distance. He's on an island, looking at shorts. He decides upon the black ones, as opposed to the red ones. I scream. He doesn't hear me. A shark is creeping up behind him. I scream but it sounds like nothing. My eyes float away, away from what happened.
      I'm in a boat now. A boat that moves itself. I have a cell phone. I'm taking pictures of what's around me. A mountain I see. A few palm trees. An irregular cloud. I put my phone into a bag. Tie it up. Place it in my backpack.
      I see a few old ladies. Arguing over black shorts. I see Daniel, my best friend. He's okay. I smile.
      I ask him what's happening. He points to the shorts. Just points. I ask him what's wrong. He only points.
      I go to see what's the fuss. The ladies scream. Their screams make buzzing appear in my ears. I can't understand their screams. They only hurt.
      I walk away from the fuss and back to Daniel. At least I thought. He's no longer there. I only see his foot-steps. They recede to where the shore breaks, into the ocean.

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    8. Island Tribe, Storytelling, Pain

      by , 03-03-2013 at 02:30 AM
      This dream has three layers.
      In the first I am a man, a soldier, wearing a battered colonial uniform. Out of the corner of my eye I see the small weathered row boat that will take me across the water to the island. I know the kind people there will hide me. I have an old book open, laying page down across my knees. There's one last bit of evidence to link my name to this place. The spine (and one inch to either side) is covered in white leather with gold writing.
      I glance up before I take my knife to the back of the book and see the calm ocean and clear sky, an island crowned with trees, then to my right a narrow strip of beach. I press my blade into the cover and where the sharp edge meets its surface the dusty red cover begins to fray. My own self has a moment of worry. I can see the fibers beneath the leather separating. I'm damaging a valuable artifact!
      Then the character's personality supersedes my own. I realize it doesn't matter if I damage it, as it will never leave the island. Now I just have to destroy the leather...

      It has been 14 years since I went into hiding. I married an island woman and together we raised a daughter named Antila. Soon she will be initiated into the tribe. She is small-framed, like her mother, but with my coloring. Pale, flawless skin, gold-brown hair and eyes. She could be a self-centered snot.
      I see her now, some of her hair up in a gold-cross wire cage, a gold choker and an ankle-length white dress.
      I become Antila, running alongside a stone wall. It used to be a tunnel but now there's a jagged hole in the ceiling, as I pass I see a flash of vivid green foliage and a lacework of sky. I rush to the end and turn into the courtyard. This place has no roof, all the same stone with tree visible at every side. I see my father standing by the far wall with several others, the tribe elders. This is the Ritual of Choosing. On the wall behind him are engraved three animals, all in peaked stone windows. In one is a mammoth, the middle one I don't remember, and the last looks like a combination of a lion and a wolf. In the engraving of the lion-wolf a bright blue stone glimmers in the sun. I know he has chosen me.
      There's a lapse and I'm sitting on a stone bench, a dark haired muscular man settles down next to me. He washed ashore a few weeks ago and has yet to leave. In truth , the elders want to keep him here if he can't be judged honest. The last thing my father needs after 14 years of hiding is to be exposed by this man. We have a conversation, my father interrupts and calls the man away. I'm a little annoyed when I realize what he's saying. I'll talk to whoever a please!
      "What did I say to you? I warned you to stay away from my daughter."

      I rise into another layer of sleep but I believe I have woken up. The house is larger than it should be, and my sister is living with me. I try to tell my sister about the dream I'd been having. Being the soldier, then his daughter, then describing the tunnel and the engraved animals.
      "Do you know what plateaus are?" I ask her, but she just gives me a blank look. I try to describe where part of the village sits, and how the top of the plateau is subtly tiered, and covered in moss instead of grass.

      The dream slips and I am myself, back in the village. I'm standing in the tunnel and there are small rugs rolled up and piled together against the wall. A young man walks by and says something to tease me when the rugs roll from the careful pyramid I've been crafting. I glance at him, unamused. When he and his friends see that I'm not taking their good natured teasing as it is meant, they stop to help me pick up the rugs, smiling to show they meant nothing.
      As I see this scene the soldier from before is speaking about how I was forced to leave the island.
      "See what you made her leave? How different it is where you made her go? And you call me unkind for confining my family to this place. There is no cruelty here."
      The whole thing sends a ripple of grief through my chest, and with it I flip back to my house, I cover my face and cry.

      There's a third layer, but I don't remember this one very well, it was right before I woke up. All the people from the island, have come here to this place of cruelty. Some have found themselves imprisoned like they are animals, but I'm the only one that can see who they really are. A young man with shoulder-length white hair and a woman with long black hair huddle naked in a roofless cage, thick metal collars around their necks with chains bolted into the concrete.
      One second I think that this man looks exactly like Wolf. A DC I encounter often. I try to realize how untrue that opinion is, he really looks nothing like Wolf, but the dream takes hold of me and I cannot argue. It's nice, everything in the city is glistening with the recent rain. I see other people from the island, from one angle they look like lion-wolves, but from another they look like people. They are beginning their revolt, breaking free.
      I wander over to a grey building that reminds me of a barn. A man kneels on the threshold. He notices me, looking terrified.
      "Tell me you can see the dead." He says.
      I shake my head, confused, but then something catches my notice at the corner of my vision. An impossibly tall woman with a weathered-dead face and no eyes looming over him. I back away and leave him to his fate. Then I see them everywhere, standing at the cage where Wolf and the woman are chained, down the street stalking one of the lion-wolves...
    9. Mackinaw Air-Stairs

      by , 11-13-2010 at 11:12 PM
      July 4, 2008

      I was at a high school that had the theme of Hogwart's (kind of) and I was trying to find my brother to give him a book. The high school was built out of amber colored stone with big pillars and bridges. I then went to a big majestic building that looked like the Taj Mahal. The sky was bright, sunny, and blue. A man with a long white beard then just said out of nowhere, "Spin the Stones." What then happened, was that the big building started rotating very slowly. Just imagine the Taj Mahal on a sunny day and it is tilting slowly like the leaning tower of Pisa. Here is a picture to best describe the scenery. The weird thing is that I had this dream in 2008 and had no idea what the Taj Mahal was at the time. And this picture looks exactly how it did in my dream. Also, just imagine a humongous glass dome above this palace.AIM-taj-mahal.jpg
      Anyways, after the man said, "Spin the stones," it sounded like a bunch of gigantic rotating gears like in a clock were turning. I looked up and there was a boy chained to the top of the dome by his wrists just hanging there. I could not see his face because his long brown hair was covering it. He started to clench and fidget like he was in pain, for he was, and shed one tear. The tear rolled down his face and dropped on the tip of the big building. The tear quickly rolled down the smooth stone and kept going until it slid frictionless on the white stone floor and into the water. (My dream camera angle changed to underwater still watching the droplet at this point.) The droplet turned into a water fish and swam until it went inside a black hole in the wall. Then the water burst out and turned into little tiny colored creatures. They looked like they were made up of little geometric 3-d shapes and they had little faces on them. They formed a stairway with air supporting them. This phenomenon that just happened stuck in my mind as what is called a Mackinaw. I have no idea what it means but that's what it was called in my dream. So yeah. After that its foggy.