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    1. 24th Jan 2013 Mixed Videogame

      by , 01-24-2013 at 07:20 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I was playing some game, the first level was happening from first person perspective, the location was some cave and there was lava and some sort of castle, it ended on some sort of elevator(barely remember anything).
      The second level was 2D platformer and it was dependant on how fast 1st level was completed as well as a few other conditions related to stealth. Location was some sort of underground base area. I was replaying level a few times and the enemies in the first few areas were either some guards in black uniform or some small deformed mutants of two types, ones didn't had legs and were rolling around others had foot almost as big as their bodies and were jumping around. Either way there was cutscene in the middle of the level, again dependant on how 1st level was completed. If first part of level had guards then the cutscene was about some scientist going insane and turning everyone excluding player character and including himself into mutants, otherwise the cutscene was about collecting some data from computer and then being interrupted by mutated scientist. In both cases mutant scientist ran away into the second half of the level. It was filled with same mutants as the variant of first half, except there were also some triangle shaped mutants that could merge with the foot mutants creating something that looked like very distorted/mutated version of kirby. The level ended with the elevator similar to the first one.
      The third level and the levels later on were shmup levels, with the third level being dependant on the something from second level. The gameplay and player character looked like ones in shmup called Akashicverse, while background was similar to Dodonpachi Daioujou and most of enemies looked like built from virtual shapes similar to Warning Forever, except they were different colors. One of variations of the level had player weapon buffed with some additional yellow shots, that i in dream thought were dodonpachi-like. Dream was skipping levels beyond level 3.
      After completion of the game i was looking through resources and code of it for a while, and then i managed to do some edits. So next time i reached level 2 i was playing as the insane scientist! After the cutscene of mutation i moved him to the right and combined him with the triangle shaped mutant. Then i was having fun with that new thing. Dream ended shortly afterwards.

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