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    1. Lucid: Fish in air, dream character, lots of flying

      by , 08-02-2014 at 10:52 AM
      After a WBTB with only a vague fragment about work from before, I went back to bed.

      I woke up and it appeared that while I was sleeping my husband set up this great wooden train track for the kids as a surprise, and it was well received only my younger son was there to ooh and ah. My husband had also used Christmas lights, awesome. He said to open the shutter to where my orchids were to see more lights there. I opened and there were no lights, but it was amazing how many critters had come out over night: there were slugs and millipedes among my orchids and I was fascinated not concerned. Then I saw the large fish swimming through the air among the orchids, and I thought in wonder. "I am dreaming!" I tried to put my finger through my palm to RC, and as I tried but did not complete the RC I watched and the fish then faded into thin air, but so did my dream.

      I was awake, but I thought no problem, I can DEILD right back.

      I thought it failed, and so I considered myself awake when I found myself outside a house I considered my own in this dream. It was a dark night. I was excited about having had a lucid, so I danced outside with joy. I think this is when I realized I was dreaming, but I may have it confused. I remember that sometime in this dream I transformed dark into light very bright light but I do not recall whether this was here or later. I reached the front door, and there was this woman there who wanted to talk to me. I knew she was not real, so I was not concerned when she held on to my arm and started talking. I said "Dream character, begone." and I held out a palm of my hand toward her face as I said it. But instead of being gone she started chirping like a bird and transformed into a young man still holding onto my arm. I did not want to stay with him though, so I started flying. As I flew the landscape transformed underneath me. I flew above an ocean, and then above a town (I now recall the town looked kind of like made out of blocks). First I flew myself, but then I discovered a flying carpet underneath me. I was fine with that. I know some of the flight was at high speed but then I slowed down to enjoy the sights.

      I woke up and my husband wanted to talk to me, and I said not now I need to find my phone to record this awesome lucid dream. He was nice enough to leave the room, but my younger son came in and wanted something from me. I was searching for my phone in vain and getting more and more frustrated. Finally found the phone.

      And that's when I actually woke up. I double checked this time with a reality check. Ah it was not another false awakening! My husband was asleep, and I found my phone without trouble in reality this time. I wrote the lucid down. It was an awesome lucid and very vivid. Part of me wonders whether I forgot anything that happened after the flying carpet - I think there may have been a bit more to this lucid. But I am not going to let that worry me. Yay, lucid!

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